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Uh-huh. I'm Jay sleigh cop. And you're listening to masterpiece studio where the triumphant flourish Queen Victoria and her Royal consort Prince Albert have officially opened the great exhibition of eighteen fifty one. There were many who said this could not be done. But they didn't deserve the vision of one man. My husband. And his accomplice, sir. Henry Cole who understood that the nations of the world were ready that this festival of peace. And now, it is with the greatest pleasure that I declare the exhibition open after a stormy season of anger and anguish Alberton. Victoria seem to have resolved their simmering marital tensions only for the prince to collapse in the third season's final scene. Albert. Oh. Elbit? Looking back upon this season. Jenna Coleman had much to anticipate as her Queen Victoria, continued to grasp the limits per still young monarchy. Ultimately, she's full eleven was dainty and became the most powerful woman in the world and had to stunned in in a room and literally rule, and I think I think it's taken us so much to be taken seriously. Coleman joins us for the final podcast episode of this third year, Victoria, looking at the great exhibition self-imposed exile on the isle of white and a season of trouble and romance with the Royal couple and Victoria, creator head writer and executive producer daisy Goodwin. Returns for a final round fact or fiction. And this week we are joined by Victoria star. Jenna coleman. Welcome. Hi. How are you? Victoria starts off the season pregnant and surrounded not only by her brood. But also by pearls and diamonds while Europe succumbs to revolution. What is Victoria, believe herself to be safe from the uprisings that are occurring on the continent? I think she feels safe because I think it's beyond comprehension. I think since the age of around eleven twelve years old that she's been told she would be Queen of England her future path everything is mapped out for her. So the idea that that could no longer be the case that she could be overthrown she's seen and she sees by the man's dunning in front of her. I mean, it kind of shakes her identity to its core. So I think I think it's an identity crisis. I think the idea that she could just be overthrown by people is is beyond what she can think. On that note that does what happened to Louis Philippe into Feodor challenged. Her perceptions of people or her own responsibilities to them. I suppose what it does what she's never really been faced with is the idea that that we're all replaceable. And I suppose she's taken for granted a whole life that she is loved unsupported und- wanted and the idea that she. Paps might not be is is incredibly painful. I think for her. It was at times quite distressing to watch Victorian Albert's marriage deteriorate the season, how would you integrate their emotional arc this season? I think that definitely more disparate they begin behalves together, but they have just such different methods when it comes to the day, Chope and ruling and politics, and they're very different beings. And in a way, they kind of get further and further and further away from one another. I mean when we meet them back this series where we end of the Christmas special where they kind of acknowledged no longer children anymore. And then when we pick up here, the I think the sixth child is on its way that kind of about ten years into the marriage now things have changed. They all grownups his law of children. So I always the dynamics of them marriage. His has. Definitely changed. And it's a very different side to Victoria than we've seen before she's been angry in the past. But her fury here is really palpable. She's smashing bus. She's slapping Albert she's throwing wine in his face. Was it a refreshing change of pace to play Victoria with the sense of rage? I mean, I always think is really interesting because when I first began the series outside, but this doesn't feel like, Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, that we know from kind of very obviously from history from portrait's, and temperament I've always really look forward to is beginning at the age of eighteen when she was a lot more kind of romantic. I mean, she is romantic actually anything. She Victoria's coal. She always will be I think she's a romantic by nature again, which might go against. You know, people's kind of sense of her. I think she is I but always working more and more towards that kind of the Victoria that we know from Judi dench's, MRs Brown, and then late Victorian Abdul that Victoria is a lot more of a shorter kind of. Temper and doesn't have to really answer to anyone care. What people think can of always enjoyed playing pregnant for that reason because I feel like the fuses shorter. And I think she gets older it she becomes more and more and more that way Tempa definitely becomes pretty short which I love to play. I mean, this is an era of restraint and repression. I mean, what was it like filming those scenes were Victoria, does get more physical. Whether it's the wine in the face of the slop. Yeah, I have to say that for -nology had was very fun to smash you want the crime. Queen can I do that. When my own husband doesn't think the fact that I've been knowing golden contradicting yourself, the chinks they low down to the level of you people. But you are because integ- that most of people cannot even understand has been omitted. From coin you have no logic. It's liberating. And I think is interesting because it is in a period of not only is it appeared for straighten the job that she has the kind of the title, and what she was born into abound to is everything about is about restraint, and she is not a person who likes restraint much. So I think I always loved that kind of battle. I love Victoria's relationship this season with her children, especially with birdie and Vicky who blossomed into full characters of their own. How do you think victory approaches motherhood at this point, my initial ideas of Victoria with motherhood? You know, she's always been I'm big US about it. I think she's always fighting with the conflict of the natural instinct says she has of loving children immensely, but also the conflict of I've just got back to work a non pregnant again and physically have to go through this again is taking me away from my job. But people telling me, I am irrational and tired and. I want to be out riding, and I want to be free. And I want to be independent because I think that's what she's four entire life for since the Kensington system when she was very little. So is she's always battling with the big you ity of her own feelings towards had children. But it's only actually in later life that she really told them, you know, you ruined my first few years of marriage. And I thought you like a frog gun d-. You know, all of these kinds of things is when she gets older, the resentment comes out, and actually when you read diaries, I was really shocked because again, I was kind of looking forward to playing a mother is in, you know, so by nature so kind of available I suppose, but when you read a diaries, it's like every other sentence Burt he said this after made me laugh so much today because he did this and this and so and so lost a tooth. You know, these stories about children and the ladies read one of the books about from lady-in-waiting, laid different ladies. Waiting and they were saying how you know for the time. She spent a lot more time with the children than would usual women in the court so to speak. So again, I think it's another kind of misconception that she was not very friendly mother say, but I think that comes later in her life, Victoria, confronts. The nasty tutor, Mr. Cain. Oh. You see this to explain the method. Not to my mother is that a great reminder of her strength. Not just as a monarch. But as a parent as well. Yeah, I think so I mean everything about that kept the CNN just thinking lioness like lioness is kind of a soul about mother and cub, and you know, the moment you kind of messes. My children mate got him. That was very much the feeling that scene. It was it was the the mother lioness popping up straight into protection mode. Nothing to do with Queen complete an utter, mother nature. What I love to is that that sense of motherhood as you say this lioness applies not only to her own children. But to the nation at large. I think we see that most clearly when she decides to visit the hospital and see the cholera victims with her own is does she view herself as both Queen and mother to Britain. Yes, she does nothing. I'm right in saying they did call the mother of the nation. But it's also, you know, she was the Queen to be a mother which is remarkable considering you know, really not that long ago tool. I suppose it's like, you know, the Royal family unit few quarrel with them, and you go on the trials and tribulations of people would have seen, you know, pregnant again giving birth again. And you know, it was also remarkable that she didn't die in childbirth. Because that was the remember the percentage is all but that was really really high. So every time she triumphed and she had another child another child public kind of going through that with her. I suppose I think she felt very keenly very deeply transaction between her on the. Public fisher. Victoria, and the Royal family leave London for Osborne house on the isle of weight amid the chaos in the streets. A is this move such a painful retreat for her? I think she feels an cowardice and that she's turning back on her people, and she's giving up, and she's not remaining and everything in col- wants to to to run away to remain on to see it through and believe in her people, and she's advised not to and again, she's heavily pregnant, and ultimately has babe. And then kind of, you know, Hoste listen to her husband and be the mother and the wife in that moment and not the Queen. And I think that that sits very wrongly in her. And I think she deeply deeply resents that. I love the fact that Victoria, isn't a paragon of virtue. She's at times very painfully human such as when she puts away scared's letter unopened in episode does she do so out of a sense of betrayal or of self preservation. I think both. I think it's not wanting to acknowledge the truth in many ways, not not to see written down to see it in, you know, kind of put it in a drawer, literally put it in a drawer is not real. It's not there. She's she's hurting. And I think when Victoria huts she kind of hits out a lot on behaves pops nor in the most admirable way at times. But again that makes a lot more interesting to play. She's a reactive person first. And then she kind of has to deal the consequences of horizons. Her words, but again, it's the kind of the remove her arguments with Albert like she will say the worst things in the world to him, and he can kind of remain cold and calm, and then ultimately, she's the one banging on his door apologizing. I didn't mean an absorption, please. You know, she's just she's impulsive. There's a tremendous sense of kindness and love that Victoria shows her former dresser when you visit scared on her deathbed, I couldn't dream of greater honor. She says when scare it tells her she intends to name the baby after her was this is heartbreaking film as it as it is to watch. Yeah. It was really sat on many levels because of a see now, fighting relieving vitamin essence the beginning. You know such breeding characters in their own, right? And and kind of watch, you know, the blossoming and the beginnings of that relationship, and how that story ends was was really hot breaking. But I think in terms of Victoria in the scene as well. I think it really humanizes her in a way because to she can usually do something she can usually save the day. She can make an order. She can. Change the situation. And ultimately, she realizes the Queen faces cholera, she's asleep, powerless and meaningless on small, and she can't do anything and to be so impotent in a situation is. Awful, victoria. And I think it definitely is one of those puts the world into perspective for her. When no was on the podcasts. She told us that you'd given her rather beautiful and perfect going away present why was this the ideal going away gift for Nell? So I d- I found like a proper Frank Italy's cookbook, one of the real ones recipes in and an infant now, I got hooked kind of an until Victorian happen. I mean me and now always laugh about the fact that we never look each other in scenes because we always by the dressing table looking in the mirror, and it was like no actually valley like always talking through a mirror at each other while you're doing half. And it's always like, you know, you always get makeup in saying telling now what they can move and caught move with pins and all of that stuff. So I just thought it was a very fitting kind of could really and thank you. Perfect. Why is Victoria? So incensed by the paper's printing, the private sketches that she did is really interesting one. This is speech in the episode which kind of takes a back she kind of reverts back to and she I became Queen. Anne, everyone told her that she was young and two inexperienced little girl. And I think in a way is his little girl complex that she has within her which I think she probably always has hot because. I'm not she's four eleven and was dainty and became the most powerful woman in the world and had stunned in a room and literally rule, and I think it's taken her so much to be taken seriously and work and kind of fight for her position. So to see herself what she sees undermined. The people see the other side of her which is this is the Victoria as pure and simple mother, and you know, she's wearing an apron, and she doesn't look like a Queen. And I think she really feels that kind of damages this. This image that she has portrayed of herself in her kind of regardless in power and the diamonds, and the you know, Coombs and an old of those stuff that she's put around represent power to be taken seriously. She feels it suddenly like a pack of cards as old undone because you know, they see her they see the real hope which is mother, and I think really dummies herself confidence that I think that she says she's just going to see me as a woman now, this will be just a woman. One of my favorite scenes this season is the exquisite Georgian ball that Victoria throws nets six to celebrate Arthur's christening. What was it like filming this very elaborate costumed sequence? Oh my goodness. It was major. It was. I mean, I mean higher make such a blast on costume. I vote Sutton photos on my phone with like, you know, the Whigs went into saying like buds in the ships. That was like a whole whole model ship in in somebody's wick sounds bonkers. It was all pretty bunk is actually, but yeah, we could really go to town on this Georgia bu-but, the costumes were. So I mean hair make it was like three hours a day. So unbelievably heavy, and then we're doing the dunces in them as well. It was a lot of fun. I think it was about three and a half four days filming in in the costumes. Besides Albert the other big emotional spine of the season is the fraught dynamic between Victoria and her half sister fidora, what did you make of their relationship? The season is complicated. They have such complicated relationship. I think Victoria has a complicated relationship with anything. Anyone that belongs to Kensington had childhood is so part of everything that she does. And how she is. And how she responds to to life is impacted her so much, and I think Feodor was privy to what that life was. And she left left when when she was very young to get married. I think it feels like this so much love there. But the so much kind of resentment and suspicion that both jealous of each other in different ways, and is it's really complicated relationship. And I think it's full of kind of a lot of hurt mistrust. But love really, which is kind of what makes it even harder, but Feodor is very much the Iago of all of all series. And you know, she she has a knock she can make everybody kind of fall in love with her. And she's the best emotional manipulator and kind of finds her in into into trying the emotional reliance of Victorian than Alba and kind of drive a huge wedge between them. This week's episode Victoria, finally stands up to feel no evidence. The best for me. I know you think that I have everything. To have nothing. But there is one thing. I don't have. Sister, Victoria struggled with pudding her childhood behind her. Whether it's Conroy in the Kensington system or saying goodbye delayed sin. Is this confrontation with Feo the moment where she's finally able to free herself in a way that Feo can't from her past. I suppose many senses, I suppose, it's olive branch moment. Really? But she doesn't take it. So it's an interesting way, you know, it kind of leaves them up too. But it's it's it's definitely Victoria, offering an olive branch. And I feel like quite big deal coming from Victoria, because she doesn't really do that very often is her reaching out is kind of hosting a need you. And that so for someone who is stubbornly independent kind of a big deal before this next question. A brief word from our sponsors. Castles and cathedrals vineyards in vistas Viking dedicated to bringing the traveler closer to the destination along the great rivers of Europe, offering a small ship experience with the shore excursion included in every port. Learn more at Viking cruises dot com slash drama. Looking to relive the first two seasons of masterpieces, Victoria, get caught up with PBS passport member benefit from your local PBS station to learn more. Visit PBS dot org slash get passport. There are so many amazing scenes this season between you and Kate Fleetwood who plays vio, but my favorite. I think has to be the archery sequence in episode seven how much fun was that to film. It was really fun was an Irish was that the series, you know, you'll shooting so quickly. And then, you know, you begin with all this then because I'm while with Victoria. I'm pretty much kind of in an a lot. We didn't get the prep time. So the two has like you can you can you play out Trie, can you? It's it's completely. We had like very quick training session like just before the scene. So we're both acting like very, cool and collected. But really hours elect going in all sorts of different directions. And by trying to Cope's the reality for that. So acting cool in you'll see hit the bullseye. But really it's like the crew like ducking going a different direction. So it was incredibly fun seem to play. But it's. So rich. It's kind of something quite dangerous and chess game me about it is political scene in a way as announced and I'll Autry scenes, but when you have something to hide behind is kind of destruction technique, you can talk it. It's it scheming gaming kind of politics on the surface. Feo insinuates Victoria might have inherited her grandfather's madness or suffers from mental instability after giving birth. Sophie, mom, that's has been declared her to be insane. Is there a parallel between their struggles? Given that unconventional women are often accused of being insane. Yes. Physcial Victoria's been threatened kind of since young, you know, hopefully, she won't go the way of the mod grandfather something that surrounded Victoria, our whole life. The the you know that because she she would show her emotions, perhaps she could be I think that's why she immediately recognizes with Sophie what's going on. And what's going on very quickly because brilliant line something about you know, when when women get cooled mad when the doing something that's inconvenient. It was very interesting. Victoria, seems keen to push Albert to takeover for Wellington as the commander in chief and give up his. Dreams for this exhibition. What does she? So afraid of when it comes to his plans is it that she's concerned about embarrassment for the family or that. He'll be personally humiliated. Yeah. I think it's puzzling the humiliated, I think she's in full of protection mode. I mean, his Umbrians associate great and of of that time, then to try and imagine. Okay. We're gonna you know, the great exhibition. This is what I want to do his my planet. So kind of beyond comprehension at that time. So he's huge -ly on bishops. I think she just worry to the him where it for him that he would fail somehow embarrassed himself will you know, until until she, you know, very quickly realizes that you know, she believes in him. I think she's in full protection mode. There's a beautiful moment at the great exhibition. When Victorian Albert emerged from the Crystal Palace. Do you see this perhaps Albert's finest moment, it truly is? I mean, you know, his start CHU is now in in Hyde Park. Daisy is described as the Steve Jobs of all time. And you know, he's someone that kind of sees over the horizon, he is mathematical scientific, but a complete dreamer is well in in many ways and someone who strives and strives strives and the most acute amount of detail into everything which I learned just even seeing those born and the way, you know, that house was put together and kind of you know, how Onate and he's kind of truly an autism. And in many ways such an unsung hero. And what he achieved. The grace mission was just I mean so much in Victoria's reign really is is down to Albert on. He's so hugely. I'm bishops. That's what's amazing to me that for all of his ambition. His his line is heartbreaking when he says to her. I want to remember that. I did something right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It is. It really is legacy. And so many ways, you know, she always hunts him on a pedestal. But I mean, his like it's like truly so deserving of being pedestal this moment, and she was causing my angel in diaries my angel album. And she wrote that day that truly, you know, shows often again relationships to the crowds writes about the people in the tasers in their eyes, and what she sore, and how people would chairing responding, and and then she wrote in after the day, the Greg's vision, she said it was a day to live forever. And I just loved that so much I thought it was so romantic, and so moving, and it it truly truly was it really revolutionized at brought so many people together, and the the kind of the advances scientifically manufacturing old across the kind of the globe. It was huge. Charles Dickens wrote about it when he came Florence Nightingale is the I think one of the suggest Allston who went as well. It's really, you know, it's so it's remarkable what he did. And that's actually very out because it's always favorite was there. It's remarkable. But it it truly truly is. So we managed to get that line. Anyway, I think I had line saying the world forget this day. And I said today's please can we out this coming out that one line, and I read an issue. Oh, do it. So this won't be the end of the series. I turned to him. And I say it was a day to live forever to love love exits. What she what she wrote? And I found it so poetic few people have been able to put Victoria in her place as deftly as Lord Palmerston. At the very end of the season. They emerged with a sort of hard one friendship when might say, or at least a mutual respect. How did you view their dynamic over the course of the season? So when you read Victorian diaries, and she looks little Palmerston. She hated him. Hated him. I don't think anyone could infuriate in the way that little Palmerston does. And it's because I think ultimately that quite similar and he's very popular. She feels threatened by competition. But you also he doesn't calling to flatter her in the way the other people have a bit of a lone ranger on. I don't think she likes tool. So you truly she very much disliked him under. I think ultimately as the series goes on they kind of find a bit of mutual respect and kind of become allies. There's a sense between last season in this one that Victoria's being stripped of the relationships and attachments that she has whether it's Lord 'em or Leeson this season. It scared, and then Wellington is the Queen having to rely on herself, more and more. Will. I think is so sad about it actually is. Because she that's life is an I think I what she is such a symbol of endurance. And she remains remains along the way she, of course, close to people, and they leave and she loses them under. I think you for me that kind of really gives the series and gives me the feeling of time is passing and she's getting old, and she's growing and along the way you lose people. And I think I think that's kind of was really really Saad about it is because you following of following her since the age of eighteen and she loses all these people that are incredibly close to her along the way. But yeah, it's kind of ready poignant because I suppose it's kind of a reflection of of life in many ways, and then she grows and she moves into a different phase different Asian, a different suppose. She's growing up all of the time. You know? Like from the moment. She lost touch. The the great exhibition is ultimately is smashing success of equestrian Albert in this moment, finally truly reconciled, they kiss and then Albert collapses falling ground unconscious. How difficult moment was this to shoot to get into that? That mindset that you're finally reconciled, and maybe she's going to lose him. Maybe this is what I suppose shock factor will happen. So quick I love that way you made that sound like she kisses him. And then he collapses deathly kiss. Yeah. I suppose is kind of you know, we leave it mid scene which thinks great kind of cliffhanger for the series. So, you know, there's no time to really take him. What's happening is kind of auto like Shaq on suppose, the shot comes after very much after the calm, the calm of the kind of the that time that they've had together the kind of the build up of the gray expression. And suddenly, it's quiet, and it's calm and the the candles are on down the corridor. And it's back to kind of you know, and then suddenly we get hit by something else. And then we leave the series. So it's a very clever kind of device from daisy perfect that they're sending on the very spot where Victoria proposed to Albert back in season one without you. And did everything I could still Pugh. Majid? Is there a sense that their stories coming full circle here before it all goes horribly wrong? It's kind of always I suppose as the beauty of aging with the character aging with series and taken over so many events and huge vents in Khalife is that you kind of those moments where that, wow that was then and look at us now like, you know, grownup some seven kids, then, you know, but the view is have been nut journey with you as as as you've been on it kind of playing those, you know, really crucial moments in somebody's life, and it's the beauty of returning series. And and getting to kind of go through those milestones yet is definitely something about show. I think is we almost played on the balcony outside. But as she quite a tricky place to shoot and death director wanted somewhere that photographic Klay was beautiful. And then it just felt natural that you know, they wanna down and. The exact spot where he proposed. This is one of those moments where we as of you're no more than Victoria. I mean, we know that Albert's end is coming in a way, the she doesn't how did you read this moment? When you read it in the script is this sort of the beginning of the end, I'm pretty sure Thome find daisy straightaway and asked if he was being killed off. The first question. When I say collapse is like a faint like like, you know, by suppose, the kind of the you know, what we what we would use to. But it is again, it's turning point fischel because I think with Alba the kind of the work that he put into the great exhibition the Grigsby own woods, his health very rapidly went into decline fish oil. I think is oughta exertion an officer, you know, a human walking himself to the ops bone in many ways. So that definitely had an effect and happens very quickly and kind of see that physically and his appearance is a good way to end this series. And I think like we ended the Christmas special with known kids. Grownups now is kind of like, okay, there's the end of this chop to returning the page into another to now between Victoria, and the cry. You've now given birth on screen eight times, how do you get in the right frame of mind for that before shooting a birth scene? I listen to music I own ously. Don't know like is really hard to provide for seen. I mean, I've say makeup teens amazing because knit Collins had makeup design has has had children. She's like his in your remembrance in your buck. But I just think it's such a primal thing. And you know of which seventy videos and things like that. But I just think it's so about adrenaline on the thing with Drennan Lynn is you don't quite what you're gonna do. And because it's just it's pumping in it's in units. So all I tried to do is really build up my adrenaline and kind of I get incredibly notice and kind of hub of caffeine. And then I listened to light really intense music with drums and things like that. And then they say action and just see what happens, but it's kind of it's all about building them adrenaline to me. So what's the ideal birth seem music choice? So embarrassing listen to mum vans. And I don't know why drums in the Bonder. But this is feels there's something sending quite prime Linnet as well by don't if is the beat of the drums and the makes you feel quite alive. Let's say, but yeah, there's something about which really helps some unknown reason. It's all about Marcus Mumford. God. No. Gentleman. Thank you so much. Thank you. Nice to chat. And we are back with daisy Goodwin. Welcome. Hi. Can you explain who? Louis Napoleon is. And why his ascent to power as a self declared emperor? Pose such a threat to Britain. Well, he's the nephew of Napoleon by default, the famous opinion. Hey was Britain's mortal enemy for twenty years. And the fact that he's come to the throne in France is like a very big deal. Because suddenly you've got an Polian almost thrown again. And Francis reassessing itself as a world power on the ways is is an issue for Britain is going to be an enemy was ally. Said those does a real problem here. And I'll of course, wants to have placed ties to Germany, but Palmerston wants to have close to two fronts because his real concern is Russia on he doesn't want Russia France to going up against Britain. So it's all about real politic. Palmerston support for looney. Polio is ultimately his downfall in his role as foreign secretary. Why is this the one scandal that derails him for now because the people see him as being on the side of the tyrant while than on the side of the people because his support for the pain? Seems to be wrong because Louis Napoleon has declared himself. So he's basically supporting tire instead of being on the side of the revolution. Refresh people, and that's what he can't be forgiven full. How concerned was Albert that? The Crystal Palace would be viewed as he says a white elephant very concerned. I mean, right up until the moment that the crystal opened, you know, everybody was predicting it was going to be a disaster Rollet like when the Olympics were in London in two thousand twelve everyone thought he was going to be a disaster. It was any when they started that people realize is going to be the most humongous success. And and it was pretty much the same with the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace has public conveniences which cost. One penny to us is this the origin of the phrase spending a penny. It most certainly is. Was the Crystal Palace in the exhibition ultimately Albert's crowning glory. Yes. I think it probably was. I mean, it was such an extraordinary thing. It was such a visionary thing to do the thing that makes it so amazing is the time of kind of nationalism and insularity, you know, it's global exhibition. You know, it's a he he's the one he says, let's don't make it a domestic thing. That's make it an international thing. That's welcome all the countries in and see the best of what the world has to offer on. It's the first exhibition of its kind of the first time that you know, anyone has seen this stuff in under the same roof like this. You know, incredible innovations like the steam threshing machine, and in the there's a machine addresses, envelopes and typewriters, and when we sort of extraordinary things all in this under one roof. It would have been mined blames. It was like somebody having the internet. You know? I mean, it was it was. Thoughts extraordinarily for the time. I think an amazing number like attent that the population of Britain came to sit. Factor fiction was their plot to make a match between Heidi. And Luna pulling all that is true. But nothing came of it. Yes. I will. I will talk that. Yes. And likewise did birdie actually proposed to Heidi. Five afar. Become among Pov. I couldn't resist. Victorian, Albert or standing upon the same spot where Victoria proposed to Albert when he falls to the ground in this episode. It's eighteen fifty one still ten years off from Albert's death in eighteen sixty one is this the beginning of Albert's declining health or just symptomatic of a general exhaustion. I just wanted to fool shadow. I wanted to hint the coast his great efforts for the gresh, especially huddled him. You know, because everything seems to be wonderful. But actually, I think it did undermine his health and then factor fiction. Did he did he actually lose consciousness and is that based on an actual event? No. But those some evidence that Albert didn't typhus, but she had s- Crohn's disease, which is horrible painful disease. It's quite possible that he quite often faint. So you know, I've used us. This dramatic effect. But I just want to to, you know, play out the the the idea that, you know, everything is is not quite as KYW's. It seems to be daisy Goodwin. Thank you. So very much. Thank you. Jess. Coming up next on masterpiece. It's a romance of an entirely different character. Mrs Wilson tells the true story of actor Ruth Wilson's grandmother who discovers her husband's shocking double life after his death. Exhorted wilson. Yes. He was eighty. No, I'm his wife. Wilson. From. You're right. Oh you. Glad is Wilson. I'm Alex wife. The first episode of MRs Wilson premiers Sunday, March thirty first on PBS and actor an executive producer Ruth Wilson. Will join us here on the podcast to to discuss how it felt to bring her family's secret history to life the way this thing about the whole experience was was play. My grandmother did fill quite out of body inmates because I out control in some of those scenes, this you can see me my next Woody tie on finding hard to breathe, and there's an energy that was going through me that I had no control Ava. Masterpiece studio is hosted by me j sleigh Cobb produced by Nick Anderson, at least by e to our editor. Suzanne Simpson is our executive producer executive producer of masterpiece is Rebecca Eaton. Sponsors for masterpiece on PBS are Viking cruises and the masterpiece trust.

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