World Kidlines with Paxton - 7-8-2020 - Nagaland in India, The Louvre, The Mona Lisa, Mayas


One jar know. My name is Paxton. The World Cup is awesome. I'm here to help you know and care more about the world beyond the USA. Today's date is July 8th. 2020. Our first kid line is covet lockdown inspires gardening in India's nagaland people invest Northeast State needed to grow vegetables because they couldn't get them during the lockdown. Our second cat line is the Louisville Museum in Paris. We open them, but you've got to wear a mask. If you want to see the Mona Lisa. Our third kit line is an underwater cave in Mexico shows see Club. Of the Maria of people that lived a long time ago in Mexico and other countries. It looks like the Maya remaining taking things from the ground twelve thousand years ago hour for the kit line is in Columbia. There are special days at this summer when people can go shopping and not pay taxes taxes are money given to the people who help control the country people are afraid that lots of people shopping Columbia will spread covid-19 faster. Our first headline is a monk from Ethiopia is 114 years old, but he got covid-19 and he lived most people in Ethiopia live until they're about seventy years old song. And our question of the day is what is the most famous painting at the Louvre in Paris? Is it a 350 Blind Mice by John Smith be the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci or see Dracula by Bram Stoker and the answer is be the Mona Lisa by Leonardo. Da Vinci is the most famous painting at the Louvre in Paris. Thanks for listening to world except lines with Paxton there lots more news for kids at little news We're also on YouTube and major podcasting platforms made your sweetness shine and your colors glow sources for today's wage. lines include Al Jazeera CNN Africa news NPR and the BBC

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