Former WWE Superstar Melina Joins the Show


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As in we know Dave these dozen who better to talk about it the Wwe Hall of Famer like Mark. Henry we also get into seth rollins. He'll turn from Monday on Monday night. Raw we get more extorts and how how. `Bout this three time women's champion and two-time divas champion Melina joins us in studio to talk about. NWEA power and NWEA's the pay per view into the fire. Today's edition of the busted open. podcasts we got what we wanted Dave he has turned to the dog side. Come stand beside me. He and I will call you they I I. Aw that's what I wanted all along. I said it Dave months ago. Join the dark side said go go back to hating everybody. That's where his passion is is some people they they thrive goodness. I'M GONNA on a fight. The good fight. I'm going to stand before everybody and I'm gonNA defend pro wrestling. And I'm not GonNa let people like Seth rollins make this business go down but then on the other side of that coin you need somebody that's like you're worthless to me. What do you give live? That makes it positive. Would you give no matter how much I give I can bleed. I could be away from my family. I could beat the best guy in the world twice. And what do you give me back criticism. You tell me. I'm not good enough. You tell me I'm I stumbled on my words you tell. I'm in that I'm not I don't believe you. You don't seem believable. When every pro wrestler strives to put people in suspended believe and everybody pissed on and now all people can do is go? Oh okay maybe he's meant to be the bad guy and I think that's what it is. Dave I think set is meant to be the bad guy and I think you're one hundred percent right and yesterday We were talking about seth. Bullying I am bully said. Are you ready to apologize. And I said I'm not gonNA apologize because there's nothing to apologize for because I don't think seth rollins after Wrestlemainia thirty five was very good good and I'm not talking about in the rain marking none of my complaints about seth rollins ring ever. But you know for a fact that going into wrestlemainia thirty five. I had my doubts about seth being the guy and I think those at those fears were right and and I'm not going to apologize because there's nothing to apologize. College is for because I think what it brought us was white. What you just said is the perfect fit for Seth rollins this character and in this personality fit? Seth rollins like a glove so if it meant like some rocky roads over the last three months to get where we are right now. I'm fine fine with it because it tells the story. Because everything that Seth rollins set in that Promo mark is the absolute truth. Hey I I love this business. I love Monday night raw. IBP Brock Listener twice for you. You know what you did. It appreciate it so now. I'm going to do it for me. Hey that's realism Elizabeth and realism always works in pro wrestling. And it definitely works in the story of South Rollins Day. You're right you didn't have anything to apologize for. You know bullied bully bull is gonNA give you. He wants you to eat crow. He wants you to go back and apologize because because it makes it makes him feel good to twist the screws on you. He likes to prove me wrong. He yes he wants to prove. There's some people that they they they rather have used. You know how you always say our WanNa say this but I told you so yes you do you want to say it you do want to say I told you so and you can throw in a nine ninety boo boo if you WANNA do that too. Because that's exactly what the just the child version of I told you so so you know what. Let bully bully I it listen I I. I'll defend myself if it came to that but I have nothing to defend myself about because I agreed with you that seth did not look comfortable standing there looking for the admiration of the crowd and it coming across as has said this guy. It never seen like that never he. He brought and we were like. Wow I remember this. We did a show the day after some slam in Toronto at the studio there. And you know we said you know we we said wow. Brock is also what he did. Never considered Seth and how he felt about what we were saying. We big brock. Yeah you're right. You're right Braga love. And he got lost he lost and we big him and we didn't big setup we just say. Oh that's that's it. He's he's a hell of a worker but what we started talking about. Manda does brock getting Set over like this mean at Brock. Be in the hall of fame. That's what you said. Yeah that's true so so so now you have Guy Seth rollins come on. TV He gravelled is almost like I say I use the word grovel. He was begging for the crowd to say. Hey look me and you even said it on on a hey guys is me except rollins champ. I I got some Pretzel. Rising in coffee can come to the party. Remember we humbly mocked him. Yeah it was. I actually sat on them. I know you did I said Pepsi and Candy Corn When I say we met US busted open guys. I know and bullied did it too and and I stood there beside him but I said that I didn't like but what I wanted to see was him embrace the hate and now he has and I think we're going to get more than what we won't mm-hmm because by the end of this year does next year SEP and Alepe. LP are going to write a story for the year that we won't forget because him as the bad guy with two guys like them who's GonNa Bounce all three of them around our way. Nobody is going to bounce them around. The only way that those three guys get bounced around is if brock listener says I need help we. Could you even fathom seeing brock listener as for help. No Brock is GONNA take some weapons everybody else own show is gonNA take an l.. Seth is going to be almost unbeatable. eatable with those guys at his side and I'm sitting here is a fan of progressive thinking. Wow who who can we put together. That could rival Seth rollins and AO P. Fico you're hearing catch busted. Is it open live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. XM APP ask. Who Do you think will be on last night's Craig will it be Batista are will be in wwl Or will be somebody to be named later. Well listen if they you get a bigger name than the end up bureau and Batista. This might be wanted. This might be the best hall of fame class of all time In my opinion it should be the N. W. O. The wwe different. Probably a different scenario. I think they'll go with Batista But if it was if it was me choosing it would be the n w well I got some good news and some bad news k the which one you want. I I always liked the bad news first. Okay too bad news. Is You said that you didn't think that Batista deserve to be a first ballot. Even though there's no such thing as I mean I said he's a hall of Famer without a doubt I don't see him as a first ballot hall of Famer. That's the bad news because You have basically condemned yourself because the good news is I talked to Mr Day. Batista and he'll be promoting a movie in January in New York City and said that he would come on his show and we come into studio and he's GonNa kick your F as I feel bad for you because you know I don't I don't know if I'm going to be there to pull him off but I'm thinking now that I may have to fly in just to make sure that you don't get beat up all right so I this is fascinating to me because and listen. Listen I've been getting a lot of social media. You know out of tweets about it as well to me. Batista's a hall of Famer without data doubt. He's a hall of Famer by saying he's a hall of Famer Mark. I'm saying he was great. He excelled what he did. And he's alleged. Can I ask. Can I ask you a question. Go ahead is Matt and Jeff Hardy holidaymakers. They're definitely hall of famers. Yes yeah of course ballot in your book. Yes okay Christian. Is He Hall of fame. Well he's not he's not he's still not an all fame but I believe he should be in the hall of fame hoping this year is his year Christian is a hall of Famer. Yes so why not day but teased multiple time world champion Mark. See this is what Whoa he is a hall of Famer. I'm not questioning the fact that day. Batista Dave Batista is a hall of Famer but you know look I look at it like in the world of the NFL and every Major League Baseball there's your hall of Famer and then there's your first ballot hall of Famer Dave Batista's a hall of fame is a hall of Famer. I'm saying on the air right now. He is great. He excelled in what he did. He's an all to me the first ballot to be a first-ballot balance. All famer you're among the icons of icons to be a I bow hall of Famer. You are the greatest among the great. And I I don't look at the ric flair's that's the stone cold. Steve Austin's those are first ballot hall of famers. I don't put I don't put Dave Batista in the lineage of the flares of of the Hogan's of the Stone Cold Steve Austin's I don't put him in that category but he's still hall of Famer. I'm still saying he's great now if he gets upset at that to the fact that he wants to perform physical violence on me then. That's that's that's apples and oranges man. He still great. He's still a hall of Famer Mark. We put a lot of stock and to what you do After wrestling what you do outside of resum movies television shows those people have done music You know naked nick. Mickey James is a country Western music star. Some people have done modeling. NYAH JAX was a model plus size model like day Batista as a major player in Hollywood. Now big multi million dollar films. One of the largest grossing seen movies. He was featured in of all time long time his the star was just as big in wrestling and a lot of people. There's a lot of fans that don't you know the kids of the world that you know they. They don't know Batista like they know Let's say Seth route his current but he deserves to be mentioned with some of the best wrestlers that ever have did it in my opinion and I also think that his star outside of pro wrestling has magnified the star in wrestling. Was You if you're gonNA tell me that they're also going to factor in what he's done outside the world of pro wrestling. I didn't say factor in as shed a light on. Okay if it all right if you're GONNA be rises to the top. I agree but let me ask you this mark and I think this is probably the more important question does it even matter does whether it at the end of the day. If you're a hall of Famer does it matter. If you're I bow hall of fame or like this is a discussion really really done. In the grand scheme of things it does not matter You know you you go on and you say you know the hall of Fame Eighteen class and you have the outstanding class that it was. Is there a difference between somebody has has a unbelievable career like Hillbilly Jim and Mark Henry. There's no difference. You're both in the hall of fame. Well that's what I mean like. You're at the end of the day. You're hall of Famer. But I look at Mark Henry differently than I do a Hillbilly Jim. That's not taking anything away from Hillbilly Billy Jim here. Here's the perfect example. The nature boy ric flair when in the weekend of his last match. Natch like to me the nature boy. Ric flair is a first ballot hall of Famer. That's a guy like hey as soon as he hangs up his boots. He's going in the hall of fame. Fame the undertaker. Soon as he hangs up his boots and he says I'm done he's a hall of Famer. Okay the Rock Stone Cold Steve. Austin Ho Cogan that those those are the guys that are saying. Hey you know what the day they decide that. They're done the next hall of fame class. They're going in. That's that's a S- it's us. What usages did he retires? That's what I'm saying. He I don't put Batista in the same class as I do. Those iconic names that that I just mentioned that doesn't mean he's not great that doesn't mean he's not a legend but man when I think I bow and I think you go in immediately those at the dame's I think of okay. You know what I'm saying yes is a greatness thing. Mount Rushmore S.. Sousse thing is I get what. You're saying bully. I can't believe that this is going to come out of my mouth award. I don't agree okay. Bullets going to be happy and I can't hate them making them happy love happily. At the end of the day. I looked at the end of the day. But you know we just think about things differently. He's mortgage minuted than I am and I'm not used to not agreeing Iran which you I think that it's important for history's sake of wrestling that you have a Batista who was in a group of faction would ric flair and another great Randy Orton in another great triple h like evolution alone alone. That era in wrestling shit cement his place in hall of fame because they everybody in that group excelled at a high level. And you're you're judged by the company you keep is what I'm saying and triple H and ric flair got dang hard to get hired in that so random Batista. Being branches of the tree is the same tree Dave but that and that's why he's a hall of Famer like triple eight triple h to me is a first ballot hall of Famer. Because you know what I'm saying that's a guy that's a guy like as soon as triple-8 late says I'm done he's he's he he he's all famer to me Batista's a hall of Famer but he's not somebody I say. Hey that's a guy I meant when that guy says he's done he's retired. The next step for him is him getting into the hall of fame. I just to me. That's that's reserved for the icons of the the icon that you're saying that the guys that was the business when you can say man that guy was the Biz. Yes is his right in the hall of fame as yes he was the business. Not that guy. I'm sorry. He's a great great wrestler Hall of Famer and now he's a mainstream superstar. He's not on that list of the the icon of icons. Just not okay now now who can be next then. Well I'll just say this will get there. Okay when you asked me in your original question was who should who should main event this class I think it will be but Batista because he's more than just a pro wrestler as a mainstream superstar four-star. He's part of the Marvel Universe and that's the biggest thing in the world right now is being part of the Marvel Universe but to me it's the NWF because the N. W. Approach the landscape of the business we would not. We would not have had the Monday night. Wars if it wasn't for the N. W. O. O.. You missed the Carta. Oh yes the Henry. What if at Batista's ceremony into the Hall of fame the Guardians of the galaxy came out like that guy and I am in group if group came out? I'm losing my shit. I'm gay right now. I'm losing it quill. Gomorrah Rocket Dave them. You won't lose it. Still think the bulow and wwl would kick the shit at gardens it again. Then more members if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and News News. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash plus did offer available MOCEANU Siriusxm streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required back in the world of wrestling back with the NWEA. It's Melina Melina how. How are you doing good? I'm excited. So what's it like being back back in the world of wrestling being back on TV. What's this experience been for you? It's it's been great because you know I've missed it. A part of me is missed it as much as I wanna saying like new WHO WANNA leave and to start a new life and due to this is a part of my life. It's a part of me so I can't walk away from it but at the same time it's odd because I've been away from it so long that I think like in my mind I think that it could be like riding a bicycle. Just go back into it and be okay. But I'm I'm I'm still. I still need to ease back into it like some things that are well. You know what when it comes to being a heel as as much as I'm good at it it's difficult for me because all this time I got to be me and sharing the world sharing myself in the kindness that I am that I was raised to be with the world that now whenever somebody booze me on a Kia whatever and then when I see little little hands come out and I'm like I can't be mean unhugged to you speaking of love and admiration I am here in on in the streets that you're one of the most well respected Female wrestlers now. Now being that you're back and you can communicate with the future of wrestling Thunder Rosa came on here and talk unbelievably league glowing about you and I sat with Selena dealer Renta who also Spoke so highly of you and said how much of the mentor that you become To the younger women in wrestling Is that a role that you're trying to take on. Is that it. Just you be you and is just happening. If it happens it happens. I'm not gonNA going to try because if a person doesn't see you as a role model then you can't force yourself the be- one and Dan I part of me. My heart aches because I guess maybe because they look like younger than what I am that people think I'm one of them when I'm hanging hanging out with them but the reality is do have life experience. I do have Years of experience in wrestling when it comes to having to go through all these things. NTV experience and I do want to teach that if I can but you can only teach people are willing to listen so the business the Business Akron that you've acquired wired over these years. Is that something that you're willing to share with them. Because a lot of the younger women don't realize that ten years not not five years ago so that the way it is for women in wrestling now did not exist. And you're one of those people that went through the bullshit and yeah I remember watching you work in a time when you were. It was frustrating for you. Working the diva stab because you were arrested and then you had to play a role in you know. I'm sure that that had some affect on you You talk about well. The thing is yes it did when it came to like being wrestler and having to work as a diva it. It hurt me because I wanted to wrestle so badly but then at the same time I actually actually loved it because I had to learn to work with restrictions so when you have restrictions your mind gets more creative and asked to go around all these rules to be able. Oh create when you have no rules. It's easier to work but I love the fact that my brain had to be active with all these restrictions. So I I am grateful for that era because it taught me to be more To embrace my femininity so I used to never put on makeup. I used to never like dress up. I used to be such such a tomboy that wrestling actually taught me to be that like to embrace that side of my mom and my mom was just so happy because my whole entire life. She's wanting to address in dresses. It is and all of this stuff but I never did it but I embraced all the end. That much more I like wrestling taught me so much. We we walked to the ring. A lot ad together you know when when I saw and I was telling Dave and Alex and Gabby earlier that you know whenever you come down to the ring you will walk behind me but then when we got close to the ring you run and you would like jump up on Apron Apron and do a split and I would have to turn my back and walk to the crowd because it was a little bit too close and personal being respectful. Any other any other boys would have been like here. We're only only got called in once and then I had to like go go to the craft from then on all the guys were in the crowd of hey mark generosity you the the reason to that had to be right there like to run in front of you before like there's to not leave that much gap up is because I'd rather be you than everybody else like all the fans and take all the pictures and then I won't see my but on the Internet like trying to think of all of this stuff like you and to me more there's got to be a lot of pressure because you're doing that jumped on the Apron and doing that. That's not that's not got a lot of room to do that. That must have been a lot of pressure to be able to make sure your coordinated correctly that you don't fall you know. I'm lucky the funny thing is is I just posted a tweet or reposted it tweet on on the On twitter this debate of the one time that I fell off the apron. Remember that I did and it was that review to it was I think it was survivor series or something and two thousand dollars. Don't tell them they go back and look it up On out of all the things I have done and everything that's happened in my life lake I do not gain in various I've tripped and fallen like in front of people at Cute guys is where my Oh my God. I'm still trying to flirt with them. Fall down the escalators stuff. Like that happens to me all the time. This just happened to be worldwide but once you go through stuff like that you're like that's the worst that happens. You're lucky and I remember that because if I remember correctly you went back and did it again. They wait a second ring. You went to the ring and then you're like you know what I'm doing and you left the ring and did it again in my right. Yeah that's amazing. It's amazing and it was like everybody hated me for like completely in an end net. One split-second everybody just like. Aw got the fans behind me without you got a little sympathy. Everybody I like sweet and I'm glad you brought up the era. When you're you're a multi champion women's champion be an divas champion and with the way the? WWe Is with their women's division right now in the heights that they're hitting a lot of people kinda sleep on that era that you're a part of but you know when you have mickie James and you have Gail Kim. I mean that was at times it amazing roster when it came to that women's division in wwe but if you think about it like ratings don't lie the ratings were always up so as much as people wanna say like Oh it was a it was a bathroom break in did it. It was was it really. Or is that what you're saying because it was trendy to say you didn't like it like nowadays People Jump On bandwagon when it comes to hating something because everybody else is is doing it. So it's trendy to be upset over something's trendy to be hate something and at that point in time it was trendy to hate the divas and I don't like I don't believe that anybody's GonNa say we had Gail Kim Natalia Beth Michelle McColl Mickey myself and you can't deny that those women had and have half talent. Yup that was something that I I never understood because the people that hated on the divas they they weren't really hating. Lean on you women as the divas. They were hating on the arrest and they were hating on the Jello. They were hating on the mud. Fights and hair pulling the cat scratching and scratching. Because you if you get in a real fight it's not going to be just like moves or anything near real fight. You're you'RE GONNA grab some hair and then you're like do whatever it takes to get at somebody. You could see stuff like where people like. Oh putting my hair in a bun. Because I don't want anybody to grab it you know. Oh that's you know that's when you fight. That really happens so stuff like that. I actually like that bringing are keeping that kind of thing. But I think they just don't like didn't like what diva represented as if We're not being able to showcase arthur schism. Yeah let's go oh into the NWEA because now you are big part of the NWEA. He said you're one of the most hated characters on. NWF power each and every Tuesday at six o five and a big you pay per view coming up this Saturday you can see on TV and you're right back into the action again. Yes so I'm really excited. It's going to be a tag match match. I'm definitely one of the people who are going to go up against Alison K.. And Ashley Vox I've decided for everybody that I am. I'm going to decide who my partner is. I haven't thought of yet which one but I'm GonNa make the choice so we shall see who I picked but between Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle. Oh yeah they have. You made your decision yet. No I'm still thinking about it. Ram Foot and I WANNA be surprised but who is awesome smiles seriousness event. Because I'm I'm not that So because both are extremely talented in Mark said we just had thunder Roseanne. Like you said done Rosa talked about you being such an inspiration but you have to very talented wrestlers to pick from. Yes and then you have to figure out a game plan. How moving forward and all of that once we figure that out? That's how I'm GonNa make my choice ace when it comes to. WHO's GonNa be tagging with me? A little strategy mark you. I made that decision you know. What the strategy thing? And you're just you're limiting your Your possibilities there. You should always have plan A. B. C. D. all the way up to see you never thought out You see value all young women out there in business and guys Have a plan. B and C. Andy don't put all your reason the best you can ever do that. What's it like being a part of the NWEA? Had David Gone. And Billy Corgan live and studio not too long ago and the show is doing extremely well. What's it like being a party to power It's wonderful I really didn't I want. I thought my time was else can no I never WANNA go back into like a TV environment. There there's politics in all this stuff on. I'm getting older and I thought like no. I don't WanNa go through that scenario ever again like I'm done. I had a good run. I have nothing to prove but here. Yeah I did. I represent Latinos like for a person who everybody told me he would never get the title because of my ethnicity and all this stuff. I told that yeah so I got five. Titles I did so much I was part of like I I I quit match for small-scale anywhere match I made history I was able to hold two championships so the divas and the women's wrestled with Women that I grew up watching and I loved admired and respected Worked with Like Eddie Guerrero Rick. Flair Lake Mark Henry like work with so many amazing people. I just looked up to like I had a great career for person who like grew up with to Teenage parents who didn't think that we like we would have much in life. I got to do so much. I never thought possible. What a blessing? I'm grateful for every moment surrounded by people crying when it comes to end of. Ua they told me what was going on. And I saw the people in it and I talked everybody and I watch their product like I went to their show and watch and everybody was. Everybody knows. They're worth nobody's trying to screw each other because everybody doesn't have anything to prove where it comes to stabbing somebody and back to get a spot. They're there here for a reason and everybody's secure with who the are everybody's secure with each other's talents and it's a family. I never thought I'd ever see that where everybody's a family we're here supporting each other and it's not just taught of saying we're actually doing and and mark you know 'cause there was the unfortunate situation with Jim Cornet and the one thing you know that this is a tough band of people is that it's not affecting not only the work put the talent pool that's involved in it and that's really when you have a little a bit of edge. That's when you know that you have a strong team and the strong locker room and I think you know the way that this show and the way that the town pool is bounced back from that and again when down the road you not even remember that data even happened because because it's unfortunate and we we've talked about it at length but like here's here's where the proof is in the pudding. Is this show on Saturday night. And like your match and Nicolau is been an amazing champion going up against James Storm. This is where you're really going to see what this talent pools all about. Yes I'm so excited and also we have Ken Anderson Versus Electric. Like you have to phenomenal phenomenal talkers going at it and it just people like that like there's so much great tell that we've seen in the past a multiple Organizations and to be be able to witness this I'm just like really up close and personal taste and they've already made Sold more pay per views already More than what was was it seventy years nick. Galveston cody Rhodes was the main event. So they've already squashed that record which is amazing and Mark Rock and roll express so you're Nwea tag team champion and you know what like it never like. We always talk about stuff getting old dade need the they never get old like the style of of tag wrestling. I think they help. Oh perfect it and they still out there moving like a young guys and You know you know the history country you know where they've come from and how long they been in the business but if somebody was like looking at their style and says wow I've seen that somewhere else that's because of tag wrestling today. Emulates those guys you get at the see it up close and personal every week. Every brand of wrestling the world of tag wrestling has stolen and and not in in a bad way. But they've emulated them in the business and is a credit to them being a great tag team. Yes and that they're are still going to instill showing the world like what it's supposed to be and how can look like what is supposed to look like. I need you Molina to do me a favor. Ever 'cause there's been a rumor going around about me and I'm wondering if I'm wondering if you could finally squash could you please tell everybody. That's listening in the entire busted open nation that I am not question-mark. Well people think that I am the question mark and if you can get you know I don't know I don't. I don't even know who question mark is so you could be what is correct. Well maybe not does it. I know it's not too now. It was all in that movement. Honestly I think that's like a really really good example of you never know what's going to strike and what's GonNa hit with wrestling fans. I mean I don't think anybody expected like question. Mark to be like the hottest oddest wrestler right now in the NWF but honestly and you know this from your years in and the experience you really never know what's going to hit and strike with wrestling wants wants something which of some people see something and you connect with it. It's in their. It's in your heart forever. You get like you want to continue to follow it and see it so question mark like I think it's like brilliant. It's so brilliant but I just want to see what he does next shows up next to because when I started seeing conventions I was like yes to be everywhere. what do you think about nick. Al This The representative of the end of your thoughts on the Galvez well. I think he's wonderful. Like okay so I I look at him and I don't know whether like to hate him or love him but I do as as a person I think he's amazing so that's why why he is great as a champion my is because the way he carries himself the way carries that title the way he he Russell's and what he believes when it comes to wrestling and then his family and everything like it you know I think I think the world of that man but you know I I guess yes I do have to question how he talks to Camille Commute okay. Camilla's like him sleepily seems to not talk. She's okay with not talking that's not him. I'm glad that you're here to interview Camille because it would be a very good interview Camille. I want to say we have is mister met expressions and she's causing a full face. Let's see does and you know. Why are you laughing compliment? I'm have you had a sneaky. Laugh it's just the way you said. That's aw I'll just phone and then you could see Marx. Probably like let's instagram's Google Tonight Camille where you don't have anywhere to go. I can hang with us a little bit longer. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday today from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. XM APP. Jimmy Cordera hood hit US up again. Jimmy Carter Jimmy and he said to ask humiliaion about abusing the referee at the London and Kendrick Judgment Day. Two thousand six six. You know. I don't remember that was so long ago. Why do we have to bring up old stuff where I believe Eh had now using people now? You're bad you're bad if I don't get hot it it doesn't mean anything it's doesn't count you. Thank you for allowing me power doing after you want me to Karenna do you. You believe Abo- I'm a ref to you know I'm a rough two. Yeah She's license in about twenty five. That's true you must be true and you if I don't let's see it. It doesn't count. That's right Jimmy Coordinator. Hang that attorney. General Jimmy Dean would buy vocals to the rain if there was a hall of fame forever Jimmy Cordeiro to me is a first ballot. All of Famer. Did I do that. Too Jimmy Jimmy Jamie that's why I thought he was standing up for something like no genetic. Jimmy did you get shot or something. What what did you remember what it in? Jim's got a call in now however much much I love you Jimmy. The man that says a lot being back on pay per view because this is is like this is a big deal like you said. The pay per view buys already higher than they've ever had and this is this is pretty big. Obviously busted opens talked a lot about the NWEA power we have James Storm challenging for the NWEA championship coming on with us on Friday. What's it like being back on? Pay Per view. Even though it you're the most hated the person on And it's still you know what I thought it was going to be prepared for the. Hey where I'm like. You knew who have been there done that. Never fix me and then little parts of me is like Oh Ooh they hate me a little too much you get in a car you just laughing but you know what Alina when you first made that appearance and you had a strong debut on. NWEA power like the fancy came from the crowd came from. You came down from the crowd like like its. You did a great job because people automatically want to cheer you so you did a really good job of switching that emotions of that crowd because they're ready to applaud did you. And then by the end of the segment they hate the jets. That's that's an art to be able to do. A part of me thinks it's also because it's a female telling the truth that talks people society still hasn't accepted that yet so they will do that because in reality everything I said was truth. It's true it it was truth and they hate me for it but it's probably mostly because how I say it though it's because of that arrogance but I see it as just confidence. I'm just confident in that in my ability and what I've seen done and what am I gonNA question for you and this is Kinda you know unrelated Have you ever been arrested with court. You know you weren't there for did you. Do you want to raise. I breathed I existed. That's what happened to me. Don't talk about it. I brought it up to the fact that did you see the Tommy. Dreamer Dreamer being the judge and in restless court is on impact wrestling. This was a TV thing. Yeah it was a bad okay. Okay so that was a big hilarious. You gotta sit. I just won't do that for you like in your spare time. You get like it may be Alexander even send you a clip like you've got to see it. It is hilarious. It was Joey Joey Ryan Ryan uses his Huahua Daily so explicit on his show. Now that I am going to be the same anymore when I drive to Wala's ruined it. I mean there's a reason why they're called. Wow I was oh my truck stop stories anyway. Joey ride was wrestler's court so you are in wrestling. You don't have to tell Y I know that's like a a secret thing ended up making everybody sad and staff were you. Were you know. There's a rule about restless court. That's the judge can always be bribed in wrestling. I should have best. Just throw Roy yourself on the mercy of the court by a fifth or of a gallon of Jack Daniels and give it to the judge and say. Hey I'm I'm sorry and that's all you gotta do but everybody denies it and argues the fact and I want a lawyer and all of this bull. Just throw yourself phony mercy to court and keep it moving. I've never been to once. I never I never knew it was like what happened. And then when I realized anything I said didn't really matter I just stayed and cried dry. I I just paid off the judge I I went the Restless Court Mandela. We will late to we. We relate to like three shows like we got we got to we. But you know why why we relate right know why we were late locking out because we were at the gym with the Rock and into Wayne was the latest human being of all. So we mean de lo were got caught up in wash- so like I forget everytime we say we say watch so we got what caught up in the mouthwash we had to pay the like we. Jr Jim Ross. Find us both fifteen hundred dollars a piece. He's yeah we're not and I had. We had to stop by the liquor store because I had council. You know I'm always is going to ask a bunch of questions so I was like look man. I never been residents court. Man Scared to death. Like what do I do and they said listen. The judge can always be bought. That's the way it works. Go to the liquor store. Get a gallon. Whatever they like? Put It on the desk and say I throw myself on the Mercy Corps. And that's what I did and I. We both got off this only fine. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm combusted open from nine A._M.. To noon eastern on Sirius X._M. BY Nation Channel fifty-six busted open podcast.

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