A Warning for the Democrats (Ep 1062)


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Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer Joe. How are you today Dan so for some the truth really hurts and it's a great Monday. You really are like in full talk. Show Kid road the Monday so I had to take jujitsu ground private less around game on Sunday little SORTA cleanup by the buckle on Thursday Thursday night when I got destroyed by a friend of mine in the class that was very upset about that but I feel good now top games a little by can't recommend private lessons enough it. Brazilian Jujitsu was great so good weekend for me. Hope everything's good for your stack Shota. I got another face palm. I agree with Rahm Emanuel on something it hold the presses former chief of staff Rahm. Emanuel actually had a moment of of of brilliants shocking. I agree with him on some Google Google collusion life liberty and Levine. If you saw it last night got that another <hes> trump hate incident rally whatever hoax I need to the bunk. 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You're going down the wrong. Walk path for this brief moment in time. I actually agree with Rahm. Here's what he said this week. We've taken a position so far in the canyons have through the process if you have not about on basically Medicare for all which we're GONNA limit one hundred and fifty million people's healthcare and we're GONNA provide health care for people that just over the border that is an untenable position for the general election is is you know. George just biked around Lake Michigan nearly a thousand miles through Michigan and Wisconsin to really important states. Nobody at a diner ran at me and said take my healthcare way. Nobody this is this is reckless as it relates to and you don't have to take the position to win the primary and you're basically literally hindering during yourself in the general election these he's right. Have you already do disagree with them. Because he was his chief of staff. He's absolutely right in this medicare for all proposal being espoused by many of the top Democrats Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders and others out there who've raised their hand in support Lord of this Disaster Ladies and Gentlemen Political Tactical Debacle of historic proportions now. I'm not a manual fan obviously but he he can be tactically sound when he's not a leadership position himself up for his side for our side which deadly us he was the guy you know. Don't let a crisis go to waist manuals. One of these guys that helped Obama push through some of the most liberal pieces of legislation in American history. The Guy knows what he's doing on his side which which again is very bad for us. He's warning them. This is a bad idea now. I was on Fox and friends this morning for my Monday morning appearance. I always do about six thirty sometimes a little later on Monday morning. I got up this morning early and I saw that was the topic and I was really happy to talk about it. Now I addressed the couple of things I want to address here in a little more detail. Obviously those are a little they call them hits on TV a little shorter. This is my show. I have a little bit more time. Why is this so dangerous for you and everyone out there point number one ladies and gentlemen resources are scarce. We need to all understand this then when it comes to Medicare for all which is basically single payer government run healthcare off care for everyone in this country in lieu of what you have now. All resources are scarce everything. Please tell me a resource. That's not scarce the opposite of scarce show Joe being unlimited correct yes again. I need you to put on the audience. Somebody gets complicated stopped. Unfortunately we have to talk to liberals who were vaccinated against fact something understood. All resources are scarce now. When it comes to medicine and healthcare apps a doctor's time is scarce correct? They work eight. Maybe sixteen hours today. Hospital beds are scarce rooms in hospitals or scares. MRI machines are scarce. None of this is unlimited. Everything water is scarce. It's not unlimited either. Scarce resources can only be allocated one of two ways you can either price them or you can ration of the folks. There is no third way you can price. Those resources gold medical appointments computers others. It doesn't matter iphones you can price them or you can rationale there is no other way to allocate them in other words to distribute those you can distributing distributive based on people who are willing to pay a certain price for them or you can ration them. There is no other way when you wipe out the price signal and use the government to price these things which makes prices irrelevant because you paid in tax dollars to the government. They're just giving money away. When you wipe the price signal that you have to ration your healthcare <hes> there is no other way every single payer system on earth that is implemented this medicare for all which is really medicare for none because it will wipe out Medicare's occurs you know it. Every place on earth has had to implement some form of rationing to try to keep the use of those services down because those services when the government amid government pays for them. Which really means you your tax dollars Joe? WHAT DO PEOPLE DO. They think it's free sure so. They rushed to the hospital when they get the sniffles they pile up in emergency. See Rooms guy gets a little cut on his hand. He winds up going to the emergency room. Instead of just putting some peroxide and neo sporran on kids got an ear infection instead of going to win your doctor are they wind up in the emergency room instead you wind up with dramatic overuse of medical services which correspondingly leads to what rationing I've said services because the government doesn't have enough money and enough of a tax base to pay for everybody to go to the emergency room every time they get the sniffles. It's only happened every every place on earth. It's been tried now. We've discussed that Ad Nauseam on this show repeatedly price it ration it. There's no other way there is no third way government run healthcare Medicare for all whatever you WANNA call it by any euphemism they want to use is a rationing system by default fault now. What's the problem with that. Why am I bring this up now. Emmanuel brought up a very key point there that I think a lot of people missed in that appearance which I brought up this morning but again I repeat here in a little more detail because it's important he says listen. I was biking around Lake Michigan Manual and that cut and he says rahm Emanuel and he says listen. Nobody's is talking to me about hey. I want to get rid of my private. Healthcare free market health care nobody now. Why is that a problem. Why is what do you think get in his head. He is a Liberal Democrat. Strategist gratitude to again when he's not in the leadership possession himself is actually very effective at getting anti liberty stuff push through the Obama Agenda Dote. Dote disrespect back to guys tactics disagree with them but if you disrespect and ignore them that's how they get this stuff past your auto pay attention that guy's knucklehead no he's not. He knows exactly exactly what he's doing. He's sounding the alarm for Democrats because there's a foil effect folks that they don't necessarily have in other single payer countries the National Health Service in the United Kingdom a lot of these single payer health services in Scandinavia and other places joke in Japan and elsewhere a lot of them. They've had them for decades for most of your a little bit older than me not much but for most of your adult life if you've lived in the United Kingdom Joe you have not known own what free market healthcare looks like again. You can just go to the doctor. There's no waiting list. You have not known any different that is not the case here ear. No Emmanuel is warning the Democrats that people here know what it's like to go to the doctor when they want. Is Everything Perfect Heck No. There's a lot of time as a lot of downtime in waiting rooms but generally generally speaking in the United States if you want to go to a doctor are by law. If you want to go to the can't turn you away you can go. Is it perfect. No the system has many flaws a lot of it due to the government medicine matter of fact which pays about forty percent of the healthcare bills but you have this foil effect now you don't have in other single payer countries. They never all they've done is sit on waiting lists. Tito know any different. It's almost like the enemy you know is better than the enemy. You don't know how we can institute the two single single payer in the United States and it would take away the healthcare. You have now people go. I hate to healthcare. I have now where you're GONNA wind up in a government clinic no no. I don't want that you see how it works. In reverse <hes> the United States you will never see this and this is a devastating proposal for the Democrats because even though people in the United States now are not crazy about their healthcare psychologically sociologically. The fear of the unknown is greater than the fear of what they have now because at least what they have now they can deal with them. They've learned to deal with over the years <hes> okay. The reverse is happening in the United Kingdom. They know what they have. Now has problems significant -nificant problems. People Are Dying on waiting lists. Five percent of the United Kingdom doctors admit to knowing patients that have died waiting this those are just the five hundred doctors admit to it forty thousand upwards of forty thousand Canadians a year if not more crossed the border to pay for healthcare here despite getting it quote free in their country and Canada Canada but folks the fear. The unknown is very powerful. Just look at any of these psychology studies they do when you give people the statistical analysis allison. Do you WanNa take this dollar now or do you want to flip a coin and statistically you're almost guaranteed to make a dollar twenty five. No no just give me the dollar now these studies. We used to talk about them on the show all the time. That was my yeah you know area of graduate. I remember we when you look at studies on uncertainty ninety people will pay a premium. They will lose money for uncertainty when you tell them. It's almost the typically guaranteed. If you just flip a coin. You'll make more money bike. Just give me the money now even though they know the data says you will make more if you flip the coin probability wise some could lose of course but the fact that you could lose even if it's a small percentage of people don't want it. That's why this is such a political disaster for the left and that's why honestly folks. I don't see any change around the world with these single payer healthcare systems despite the fact that people know they're being rationed literally many of them to death because they're uncertainty troubles them but Emmanuel smells problems here for them. This guy's tactically smart he gets it. They are in a world of trouble and the trump team needs to leverage at Oh. It's important topic healthcare. We haven't discussed that a lot lately. I wanted to make sure we got to that really really critically important stuff all right. I want to get the story number two because this is this is really a couple of bombshells on life liberty and the Vin last night. <hes> marks marklevinshow evinced terrific show on. Fox Airs at ten PM on Sunday Nights. It's really very good if you haven't checked it out set your DVR but he had a guy last night on a PhD batting guy named Dr Epstein now. We've heard all about you know Russian collusion Russian collusion influence the elect you have any evidence that no we don't have evidence it was of course the biggest hoax of our time was the whole Russian collusion overturned the election on says they bought like what is it for four hundred thousand dollars in social media as it was probably less than that match by the time they were done and the Democrats want you to believe the Russians got. Donald trump elected well. They had this guy on life liberty and last night. I got video from this stunning making some really unbelievable well. I shouldn't say UNBELIEV- I mean they're definitely believable knowing Google but hard to fathom comp- charges about what Google may be doing to influence the election and what they didn't twenty eighteen check out. This brief cut become back. I'll explain how devastating this is going to be now. When you say in twenty twenty they're going to go all out to defeat trump and promote whoever the democrat nominees all out means like right up into election election day pushing these agendas for example if they put on their their site as they did in the past go vote instead of Google right they go vote. What was that twenty sixteen twenty eighteen twenty twenty eighteen. They'd go vote and people were praising them. You know like the League of women vote. Wow look at that. It's a public service. Go vote. You don't think there was a public service at all Y. Oh No I know for sure I actually published an article in which I included all the calculations showing that this was actually just a vote manipulation <hes> and that's something I'm now studying and understanding better <hes> but the point is that <hes> you know that would have let's put it this way. Goule knows full. Oh well that more. Democrats and left leaning people like myself use Google <hes> Van Republicans. Do they know that they know the exact numbers so they know that if they present a go vote prompt they know that's going to have a bigger impact on. Democrats than Republicans and I calculated violated that that one manipulation twenty eighteen gave at least eight hundred thousand more votes to Democrats than to Republicans. It's the turn that in a see here folks Russia. Let's talk about the Russian collusion. The biggest hoax of our times rusted collusion did with the trump team to impact the election this guy this. PhD Who by the way I don't believe is a conservative at all was on. Levin show made the claim did. Did you hear what he just said that the Google go vote was potentially an intentional manipulation knowing that more liberals Burlson Democrats will use Google <hes> wasn't intentional manipulation that could have impacted the decision making of eight hundred thousand Rosen voters. Don't show it was it was the forty dollars by of a facebook AD in eastern the notion Wisconsin that definitely changed the election by the Russians that was it was definitely it. Do you understand eight hundred thousand thousand voters would a different set his remember folks. Keep this in mind. I took this no because I don't want to mess. I don't want to mess up. This is important. The presidential election is not not a national election as many of you are aware of it is a series of fifty different state elections it. The popular vote is irrelevant. You're not elected by the popular vote so the eight hundred thousand may not seem like a big number in an election where one hundred million people turn up vote but it is when you consider the fact that if the trump reelection effort hinges on just a few states Miss Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania Donald Trump won those states some of them by the thousands of votes thousands of those eight hundred thousand if twenty or thirty thousand votes tip Michigan and Wisconsin Ladies and Shannon the path to reelection for Donald trump. Maybe already shut off. What why is this not? How is this not breaking news. That was an amazing using amazing interview. Mark always has a way by the way of finding guests what I like about his show that just a hat tip mark for a minute. I mean obviously full undisclosed marks a friend but I'm not saying this friend at all. <hes> anybody can do an interview with the person of the day whoever the per you know whatever the story of the day is you know the sky rescued this guys does a great and they're good and TV loves them and stuff but to do a forty minute interview. Mark shows an hour commercials. He always finds these guests that aren't necessarily the newsmakers of the day and he makes them the newsmakers of the day. That's an astounding claim Joe. Oh yeah and that Google may be repeating this strategy for for twenty twenty. This could have a severe impact but again they'll be no investigation whatsoever of that none by the media that is the media will avoid that topic and focus instead on the debunk. Russian collusion remember eight hundred thousand thousands a huge number. If ten thousand even five thousand of those are in one of these swing states decided by a couple thousand votes or less google couldn't fact tip the election. How is that not an in kind donation to the Democrat Party. Google should have folks ladies and Gentlemen Google. Stay out of the voting business. Stop manipulating people. Stay out of the voting bit if people google. Where do I vote. That's your job. Your job is not political activism. Your job is to be a search engine. It's not too political. It's not to get involved politically very very very very disturbing stuff. I got pretty stack showed this. I got a debunked this story. It's really has me furious at the trump rallies. I'll get to that in a second. If you heard this one trump rallies they're associated with a increase in hated. Oh I read that I was like I think Palumbo already debunked this on our website but I read that I was Mike now. That sounds like another media story not the story you get what I mean. 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Dan Check your eight minutes. It's borrow up to forty thousand dollars. That's lending club dot com slash. Dan Lending Club dot com slash. Dan Loans made by webbank member. FDIC equal equal housing lender check him out lending club dot com slash. Dan Okay Yeah. You know. It's just kind kind of comical how easy it is to debunk liberal nonsense narratives so let's get a check out this piece by reason magazine in the show notes today. If you WANNA see by the way my full appearance on Fox and friends this morning I have it in the show notes to with Fox News Dot com piece you can check that out but check out this reason dot com piece by Matthew Lilley Brian Weeden September six twenty nine hundred. It's really you know trump. Rallies didn't increase hate crimes by two hundred twenty six percent in fact they didn't have any detectable impact at all okay okay. I see I know I if if you're a regular listener to the show you read so the story that headline just so you know what reasons the bunking is. There was a study if you even want to call him so poorly done the call it a studies an Barrasso study but there was a study that came out when trump hosa rally in a place that quote hate incidents go up up two hundred twenty six percent up dramatically the minute you read this stuff. You should automatically know that this is probably bs but you know rather than just saying it's BS. Let's show you how it's bs so you have the ammunition you need. During this twenty twenty cycle to not only debunked the nonsense but the authors of these peas he's turn it around and make a very interesting counterargument had like to point out I point out the methodology and how stupid this was okay so they collected the data on some of the the the thesis testing the hypothesis the hypothesis trump holds a rally somewhere and hate incidents through the roof racist so the authors authors here they use the data. They collected it the same way they also analyze the effect of Hillary Clinton chose laugh because he's reading ahead analyze the effective active Hillary Clinton's campaign rallies using the identical statistical framework the extensible finding Hillary Clinton rallies contributed to even greater increase in hate incidents. Then trump rallies aw Hillary Clinton rallies ten yards feet first down folks the U. Dub misses. I haven't avenue how this works. I'm going to get deeper into how this works because this happens often and sorry but really I a trying not to like dig libs too much ignorant people accept that on its face that trump hated said obviously racing using the exact same methodology Kaladze where did Hillary Clinton hold a rally in the exact same of Hillary Clinton rallies legislate greater increase in Hankook so she had even bigger racist than you say. Trump is now of course this all silly stupidity what happened what went wrong. I Love Science. Real science not not fake liberal science so what explained explain to you how they do this why it's wrong so you can prevent from falling in the black hole of ignorance that is liberal media nonsense because the liberal media promoted this story read the piece reason season and you'll see how the liberal media ran with the headlines all over trump rallies hate incidents. He's GonNa die. Go near a trump rally. You'll be killed immediately. You're GONNA hate incident. Put up screen shot number two from this piece. This is very telling they're talking about. The results say probably not but talking about Hillary a racist. We'll we'll probably not. Both of these results rely on comparing counties with rallies to other counties without them. Well this produces a glaring problem so stop for a second here so the methodology was so stupid what they did is they said well. Let's just compare a trump rally where it happened to a county where there was no rally says politicians tend to hold political rallies. Joe Not surprising yeah where large number of people live area and in places with more people people. The raw number of crimes is generally mechanically higher shut. I know liberals. This is a shocker for you but we're there are more people oh there's generally more crime where there's no people there's no crime okay. Simply put no one. She's just from the Peace Now. Once you'd be surprised at Orange County California population three point one nine million was home to both more reported hate incidents five and trump rallies to then Orange County Indiana population nineteen thousand eight hundred forty which had zero of each. I know this is hard. I know this is tough for liberals to figure out but but politicians need votes so they go to places and hold rallies where people who can vote actually live where there are large numbers of people it will skew the data on cries because where there's more people there is a tendency to have more crime than where fewer the people now you would think the geniuses in the media that it's funny watching them out and he'll analyze criminal justice data sociological data and socio psychology and sociology studies because they can't even do journalism no less redes- research but how they didn't figure that out in this analysis is so bizarre. This is not a complicated skated confound. I'm going to get the conference is not going to be a science show today. But I you know money. We're going to talk about my educational so we stupid. Let me I'm smart. In experimental psychology was one of my favorite clan. Everybody else hated it. I loved it because it was the rules of conducting experiments generally accept or not just just experimental psychology was more than just about psychology. There are ways you conduct these kinds of experiments and there are ways you don't and you have these things called confounding founding variables that will pollute your data and Joe. One of them is obviously controlling for population size. This is not hard to figure out. This is not complicated complicated. Orange County California with three million people of course is going to have more reported hated said it's Orange County Indiana data with one thousand nine thousand people joe. I'm not mock seriously. You audience loves you and they have not mocking. I'm being sarcastic but not an effort to mock. You know you go to graduate school and study experimental econometrics or right. No you know I didn't do that. You're a smart guy though I know not very smart. I'm not kidding messing. Dude it out of a tough time figuring this out because I get emails from people who loved you. I'm not I'm just trying to show that Joseph's smart guy and if joe is in media which he's not I mean on the journalist side. We do opinion here. Joe Probably would have figured out in a second okay million people yeah. You're probably going to happen before report crimes than nineteen thousand guests. I didn't needed boost bound for that. You know you know it's not hard. It's not complicated to peace goes on because this is important nor or is it sensible to interpret that one of these differences hate crimes is caused by the other political rallies indeed ebbing a simple statistical control for county depopulation to the original analysis 'cause the estimated effective trump rallies on reporting hate incidents to become statistically indistinguishable from zero zero. The study is wrong and yet journalists ran with it anyway of course Canadian because as I just say you with the Google Story and the Russian Russian collusion story and others journalists aren't doing journalism anymore. It's dead. They are telling you a story. Not thus story story a story versus thus story now the narrative. They wanted to tell in a story here. Here is trump's a racist and we're trump talks hate incidents happen. They ran with a study so easily debunked that they were worried about their credibility. They would just worried about parodying the liberal narrative of the day and I thought about one quick example in a move on because I got a couple of things to get to simple simple important show really important stuff today. When you're doing research right you want to eliminate these confounding invariables because you want to isolate the effect of one specific thing right. Let's say trying to think of an easy example smart. Let's say you're doing an experiment on reaction time. You know hit the Buzzer. When you see the light and you don't randomize your subjects into into different groups you pick say a bunch of students. You like you know what just go. We'll get those students from that dorm over there and let's let them do the study versus this dorm over here on reaction time and you find out that one dorm on the college campus interesting reaction time is unbelievably quick versus the other dorm that they're super slow the reaction. I got the button we see in one group is boom and the other group is like they just don't so you come to the conclusion from your study poorly controlled not randomize that clearly the better conditioned athletes are indoor may versus door because their reaction time is better well. Joe Was the problem with that well. The problem is you didn't eliminate the confounding variables that polluted your results and you find out that dorm bead that was allegedly slower. Poor athletes had a massive party the night before on Saturday night. They all woke up intoxicated thing and they were in the same dorm party and of course their reaction times are going to be worth. It doesn't mean they worse athletes. Always always I always look for the confounding variables the polluting variables the variables the variables that pollute your data. This one was so so easy to pick out any journalism one. Oh one student with half a head on their shoulders would have seen immediately the stupidity the study before writing it up but I'm sorry some of the least intelligent people I know are in journalism. I'm sorry I've met a lot of them. I remember telling this Guy Guy at the Washington Post editorial page that the the Reagan and Bush tax cuts didn't lead to a loss of tax revenue. I sent him the tax tables and he still didn't believe me. I'm like you can't read either. You can't process the information first and then I send you. The tax and you can't read a spreadsheet like how dumber you but this is. What's polluting our journalism it really it's embarrassing. It's so bad frustrating just read that data by Gosh and then they'll rip on us. Joe Wright budget on show because purity. It's not frustrate the snot out of me. Just do your job. You don't like trump fine just right up the report and Hey this report is a problem with the report. People make let people make their own judgments. I don't mind you in writing it up but just be honest about it. I would if someone put a report that about <hes> about Obama there was a ten thousand percentage points spike in hate crimes crimes and I saw that the data was polluted by population. I'm not going to humiliate myself and report on that by credibility actually matters unlike you all right moving. Well frustrating folks. Did you get that dough. It made sense right breath speaking of a good night's sleep in a reaction. I did not plan that out helixsleep our final sponsor. They loved to death helixsleep. We have to helixsleep mattresses in our house through that good good. We Love Sleeping Autumn here helixsleep quiz quiz. Why would you need a quiz for mattress. DOCO in a mattress store spent eight hours over the guy who's going to sell you. Some junk not customized so you Helix Helix Sleep Helix H. e. l. i. x has a two minute quiz. 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I had this professor who is so smart and he he would tell you about confounder. You never thought about if you don't when you randomize people and you stick them in different experimental groups those confounding variables in the effects are randomized amongst the experimental. You can attribute the difference in both groups to your statistical manipulation and not pre existing manipulations. That's the whole field experimental psychology and Statistics of course you don't know any of that as they'll sit there and Basha in our show. It's on the Dan Bongino. We're the idiots right sure yeah keeping yeah good job fellas you reported on the study so easily stoop read the reason piece in the show notes. It's so worth your time. Hey One quick request to which trying to get to three hundred thousand on Youtube subscribers as quick as possible. If you wouldn't mind subscriber near Youtube Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino personally really appreciate it. We're at like two seventy now and it's growing really fast. Ask so YouTube dot com slash bongino subscribed. I'd appreciate that okay story number four quattro. Here's a warning for twenty twenty. I've been covering this repeatedly. Do you think the gun control issue and I always use air quotes because gun controls a myth. There's no such thing as gun control. There's only people control guns have never been controlled. You're not going to control troll guns. There are hundreds of millions of firearms around the world. Unfortunately a lot of dangerous people can access to them. You're only question now is. Are you going to defend yourself against those people all with your own firearm or are you going to become a sheep <hes>. There's no other scenario that gun control is a myth. It is a liberal myth. Put out there to make you believe the world will be safer if law-abiding people turn their firearms in while criminals laughed at all of us for turning in our firearms so they can prey on so here's a story by a friend legal insurrection one of the better blogs after by a friend Fuzzy Z. Slippers Paulin left. I don't know fuzzy firstly as it a he or she had no idea but Paul was like fuzzy slippers. We Love Fuzzy slippers. Lee piece legal insurrection being the Shona City Report. Take this seriously gun control measures could reduce trump's base support going into twenty twenty quote data gathered by the President's campaign showed that supporting any gun control measures propose a problem for him politically going into the twenty twenty Twenty Election Season Ladies and gentlemen. Why do I bring this up folks. I bring this up because Paul how many emails we get on this of what Yeah Alex is probably the biggest underestimation Hubert history. She's being generous by saying I have received so many emails from you. I listen. I wondered I saw a couple of misinterpreted mice. I if you listen to the show I am not a supporter of any new gun control meant they. It just don't work. They just don't I'm sorry they just don't they will do nothing to curb illegal gun violence nothing I do not I do not support red flag was. I thought I'd been clear. I only say that because a couple of folks email but they weren't rude or anything but they I think they misinterpreted my position. I'm an avid supporter order. Second Amendment Constitutional carry these gun control measures are a disaster now from the legal insurrection piece. This is a a pleased to the trump admit I. I hope you're listening. This is a theme being covered more recently as reports suggested trump's internal polling is highlighting the danger of proceeding meeting with gun control measures measures. It should be noted that target the law abiding would not stop criminals from committing gun related crimes folks the trump team has to know this the same sentient gun owners out there understand that these new measures being proposed will do absolutely nothing nothing nothing to curb gun violence in this country nothing because criminals don't care folks now the warning for them what issue shoe voters there were very few one issue voters compared to the matter and they matter big time but there are very few with them honestly folks very few people vote on one issue. The economy should basically describe one vote means. That's it that decide your vote your voting on that no matter what yeah shockingly but when you look at the data having run for office three times you analyze stuff in and out there are very very few one issue voters people think they are their vote on the economy. That's not the only reason you're voting. The data doesn't support that but there are one issue voters and two issues basically monopolize space of one issue voters. I hope you get what I'm talking about. Abortion and guts in other words not a lot of people one issue voters on the economy. Not a lot of people are one issue voters on Healthcare Work Determines Ovo Oh vote but when it comes to guns and it comes to abortion there are a lot of people you will win or lose their vote based on what you do on one of those issues please please. I know there are a lot of people in the president's here and I think he's going down the right path with this do not jeopardized by getting involved with this disastrous new set of measures that again will do nothing to curb gun violence in this country. We'll only place obstacles in front of people who want to defend themselves and their family. It will do nothing. There is no evidence whatsoever. Any of these things will work now showing you. How bad of an hi dear this stuff really is I cover. I just touched on this a little bit last week but I didn't get to cover it in detail I wanted to did you see what happened. In San San Francisco just a harp on one of these gun control measures and how poorly thought out this these red flag laws are a disaster these red flat lot flag was or they are in essence. They're protected protection orders. I mean you don't have to be convicted of a crime and they can take your firearms arms away based on someone's accusation. They're called gun violence protection orders. A Red Flag was you may say well. What's the problem with that ladies and Gentlemen. The potential title for abuse is rife as I said last week and I'll just repeat quickly here yes if you implement red flag was. I'm not naive. You will probably stop. Stop some cases of gun violence. You will you mentioned what are you so. Why wouldn't you support them because folks. You could say that about anything well. If we threw out the requirements firemen for search warrants Joe we'd be able to search anyone's house yeah of course you're stopped some you don't so flush liberty down the toilet folks trade liberty for security. You will have neither as great founding fathers said I'm not willing to do that. I'm not willing Lina sacrifice liberty for enhanced sense of fake security. Look at what happened in San Francisco San Francisco. Oh branding the Nra San Francisco politicians see this brief Simmons Fox News San Francisco's branding the NRA as a terrorist organization was was even panned by the Washington Post and the L. A. Times even they said this one too far now just to be clear you want politicians and others like the these absolute lunatics in San Francisco that voted to bake the NRA a terrorist organization. What are the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life. It pains me to repeated. Did you want these same people being able to write Red Flag Laws to confiscate your firearms without ever accusing you of a crime at all ladies and gentlemen I will give you both sides of an argument you. You're very smart. You can figure it out on your honestly again being candid with you. I know a a lot of gun owners and second amendment supporters. Maybe not as strong as I am who don't think red flag. Laws are a bad idea fair enough. I disagree agree. You are engaging in a slippery slope here that will result in the slow evaporation of your ability retain. What's GONNA be next. You're a conservative in San Francisco terrorist organization to and then there's a law if you're deemed a terrorist organisation red flag loss kick in they come to take your farms enjoy. That'll never happen here yeah. We didn't think the FBI would spy a presidential candidate either but that happened to. I'm sorry this is not a good idea idea and to tie this up the trump administration. They need to see this. You need to understand how bad of an idea this and you need you to explain it. There's nothing wrong with giving the public both sides and then telling people why you take the stance against this that you don't tonight it's you. You sound silly. Denying that these red flag wouldn't stop a few they would have no problem saying that but again we are conservatives. Conservatives have to say the famous Thomas Soul Line the greatest economists of our love. Thomas Solid philosopher his book. Visually you're going to change my life okay and then what and then what happens if you implement red flag was oh well the potential for abuse by people in San Francisco. Just don't like you is is enormous. We've already seen it you branded the NRA a domestic terror group. Are you kidding me. Big trouble big the big trouble big warning bad bad idea and ladies and gentlemen. We cannot afford to lose twenty twenty. This will be a disaster. Those one issue voters will turn on this president. They will they their own internal data showing. I think the president's getting some good advice by some on this so I I'm optimistic. I don't WanNa sound like you know Debbie Downer here but that doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about batted and put that warning out there. It's important okay moving on final story of the day but a good one bye resident fact Checker Matt Palumbo. He did a great piece so this is a good one. I was a little skeptical when he proposed this to me till he said what do you think of this story and I was like yeah. Whatever give it a go. This is a great one. It's up at the show notes today again. Dot Com subscribe to our email list. This listen Joe's laugh and of course he's reading ahead youtube dot com you viewers you probably watch it out <hes> up with email. Liam Elise theories right to you back. Does the buck this. Heo See blames one hundred companies for climate change. What's the problem but half of them are government vermin owed by September six twenty nine. This was what I read it. I'm like by I really would he proposed story to pitch it to me as I don't get it now. Oh I got the angle to it where he was going with because it didn't get if he wished would have sent me that headline I would have been golden so here's the genesis of this there was this study and I always have to use again the dreaded air quotes because anytime you hear about it liberal study just like reason dot com you have to look for either the confounding variables or the pollution in this study the dirt in this study that pollutes the evidence so there was this place called the carbon disclosure project right and the carbon disclosure project did this that we can see from the Matt. That's a separate from Matt's peace and the study let it showed this from Matt's peace and I'm quoting another popular variant to the claim basically that these hundred companies that are polluting the world or older are responsible which is really just a rephrasing of it is that one hundred of the largest companies are responsible for seventy one percent of carbon emissions and that's source that data from a two thousand seventeen carbon disclosure project report man. Does that sound serious. The project is tracking emissions by company from Nineteen Eighty eight to two thousand fifteen so again. If if you're a liberal you can stop here because liberals again in the media at telling a story not this story so the narrative the media wants out. There corporations bad very very bad evil awful polluting the earth. We're all GONNA TA and that the biggest one show of course it's not the mom and popsy big corporations. They're the polluters these hundred corporations and by the way that's assuming you think carbon dioxide is a pollutant. It's not global. Warming is a total hoax but assuming even believe that you're the assertion there. Is that just so you understand. The narrative is big companies bad socialism good good so who is promoted this carbon disclosure project and other Liberal Democrats who were out there touting this this these hundred companies are ruining the world. Let's be clear the narrative is that these corporations are bad and that show by implementing bigger government bigger government regulations. Yes bigger government would somehow fix this problem red flag on the field slope review that failed so oh jury field we gotta go under the Hood for review so nice job by resident fact Checker Palumbo match showed us this. This is Great Nice job. This is what his whole book by the way his book the bunk this which you all sent to the bestseller list which just came out a few weeks ago. This is what matchbook is about the bulking. All this nonsense picked up you. It's really against from the peace if they're diving into the carbon disclosure project's out so serious it became evident that our corporate polluters. There's are nowhere near as much of a problem as the government polluters remember. Ao C. wants more government of the top five biggest polluters again. That's assuming co two is pollution. It's not four our government run state owned enterprises with Exxon Mobil in fifth of the top fifty polluters orders which accounts for sixty three percent of global co two emissions twenty six are state-owned enterprises this gets even better so China which is is implementing the socialism model now China Coal tops the list Joe responsible for fourteen percent of all co two emissions on the entire higher point. I thought big government socialism like China was wonderful. Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco is responsible for four point five percent ouch Russia the Democrats best friend Russia's Gazprom three point nine percent and the National Iranian Oil Company. Oh Bob his best friends two point three percent Exxon Mobil all of the largest private pollu- polluted but you get the he's responsible for two percent of the world's emissions folks. It's so easy Z. To debunk this nonsense understand on our principles do not the data tells the exact opposite story than the hapless. AOC THE OC. I mean Joe yes the Queen of the Queen of the cell phone. She sends out this information on her twitter account that it almost always contradicts the point. She's trying to get a cuss. She she stands for bigger government with Bernie Sanders a government takeover. The economy uses a study trying to show how the free market is awful and government has alternatives it is and what the study actually shows is that the government alternatives she wants you to believe is the solution is actually the problem. She's trying to sell if there was ever ever a better example of the broken leg and broken leg fallacy right that is it that the government breaks your leg and introduces more of the same problem that broke the legs solution for the broken leg. Just look it up. You'll see this is the perfect example. AOC AOC private companies bad polluting the actually the top four state owned enterprise not paid no attention to the verdict is in private companies are horrible. She doesn't understand her own data. You know I was on Fox and friends this week and again talking about this it actually excuse me. I was on judge Janine show because she's calling for the impeachment of the President to folks. It's just it's not get it. As I've said repeatedly won a seat in Congress congrats congrats grace. It's hard to do but now you have to actually know stuff and it's evident based on the litany of nonsense emanating from your the absurdities and your twitter feed. You just have no idea what you're talking about. I don't know if people are walking in and tweeting for you in your office. They're asking you to or if you're just sitting there on a Saturday night tweeting yourself but the stuff you're saying is not making the point you think it's making its making the opposite opposite point. This isn't hard all right folks. Thanks again for tuning in tomorrow or sometime this week. I'm not sure I will have a list of books. Book signings folks. I've been getting a lot of emails appreciate that my exonerated my second book on the spy gate scandal about the disastrous smaller probe and how they did this before which I think we're the only ones who are writing about this it's going to be this is going to create some waves in the press. It's coming out September twenty four so we're just a couple of weeks away now we will. I have four book signings. We have book a book review in Huntington New York Vero Beach Book Center. We have the Barnes and noble in Palm Beach Gardens and what was the other one the villages yeah we have one of the villages up in Florida. We will post those times up there. We'll get him out to this week. If any of YOU WANNA come out yeah. I got a couple of emails. People wanted the info. We'll get that on the show so we really appreciate your interest. Thanks for tuning subscribed to your YouTube Channel YouTube dot com slash Bongino and subscribe to our audio show at Apple Apple podcast Google podcasts wherever you get your podcast helps us move up the charts and it's always free. Thanks a lot folks. I'll see you just heard the Dan Bongino socio you can also get dance podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and follow Dan on twitter twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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