It can turn your life upside down. So how do you deal with a cancer diagnosis? Hello I'm Debbie and welcome to talking cancer. A podcast from Milan. It where we'll be meeting real people to have honest conversations about living with cancer also be meeting McMillan professionals who be sharing advice and information to help anyone living with or affected by cancer to find the best way through in this episode. We're talking cancer with Khloe. Once you hear the word she thinks. This isn't good in twenty seventeen. Khloe Dixon was extremely tired. After the birth of her baby girl I she thought nothing of it but it kept getting worse than I start having these headaches and that was like an elastic band around my head. So then I thought right I better go to the GP blood test revealed. Khloe had chronic myeloid leukemia or C. L. Which is a type of cancer that affects her white blood cells? I'm talking to Khloe about her cancer but particularly her diagnosis. What does it feel like waiting for the news? How do you tell your family? And how does having cancer affect your daily life was horrific? I mean holding my girl and thinking I'm not saying thanks year. Awful plus later in the podcast. I'll be having coffee with Dany. One of Macmillan's fantastic professionals to give her thoughts on what to do when someone says those three fateful words you've got cancer you could actually have a conversation with someone and even if they seem silly questions to you. The professionals at the end of the line will not mind in the least women melon and we're talking cancer lowy. Hello welcome along is lovely to have you with us. Thank she now. I want to try and get snow. Khloe Dixon before your diagnosis okay. And we spent a little bit of time together this morning. Yes go probably kind of some you walk in a nutshell. But that would be presumption. So tell me. Tell me about you as a person in life before this diagnosis Well I'd say I used to be isolated but used to be a very confident individual. Very outgoing love travelling out of time teacher in a primary school. All right what was your specially subject. Art Art Off Fab. Yes so I did not degree alongside teaching happily married to my childhood sweetheart. Are you serious? Yes what is his name Jack? And how old were you when you met him thirty? Are you absolutely go? Oh my goodness I. We went out remove thirteen and then we broke up at fourteen. Do I mean I can't even remember what it did but it must have been bad? He not talked to you a Busta yes possibly and then got back together when I was fifteen and then we broke up a little bit whilst uni but apart from that. Yeah we stayed together and Yeah after married. We bought our own place around. How suiting up author build and we're planning on having a baby which we were lucky enough to construct way and this this family. This picture of was always part of your plan. Did Not look like then in your head. I wanted a big family. I'm one of well. One of seven children actually five from my mom and Dad and then my dad remarried had another two. We've fiercely close all seven of us And I'm very close to my mom as well so I come from a big family. I've got a great group of friends so for me a in a house. It's it's a big family With open doors friends and family members coming all the time. So that's I always wanted to create and that is still. I'm planning on doing but it's just kind of gone. A different route planned Was there a moment that you said okay? Let's let's do this family thing or did he have happened night. My husband said we're not having children too. I turn thirty. He said that from about twenty five when I was ready to have my first child. He's like no. We're GONNA save our own place going to get married and I I respect it. I knew that he wanted to in his career so literally on my thirtieth birthday. I'm thirty no pressure. And he thought it'd take months he'd heard from people's can take months to conceive and we first time is Dr. So you I says don't this dossier birthday baby. Yes no yes. Oh my God literally I'm GonNa fall off my Romani. Yeah incredible and I had an amazing pregnancy to the point where I had to have an skaggs. I had no symptoms whatsoever. No sickness my mom was lying on. This doesn't sound quite right. But she was fine. So this pregnancy is going super. Well yes the plan is is coming together nicely yet. You're ticking off all those things that are on your list. Yes houses ready my nurseries how I wanted to everything was the nursery like creamy pinks. And greys this lovely. So due date due date Darcy arrives done yet because Oh good grief. Yeah not not safe to say on on microphone. Would US towel did you? Were you induced or did it start? Started normally but she was back to back out. Yes I got my first contractual eleven. Pm At night. And I buy my husband I but it was just so slow and then I went into the hospital. Yeah you're five centimeters but but she's not gonNA come for at least another twelve hours and then. I ended up pushing for three hours which was horrific and some damage was done and the recovery. Radi as well. So lots of after care was needed and dossier k absolutely fine gray. She came out like screaming but gorgeous. And yes I'm so thankful that she was she was great. But that's not for me was the star of my journey because the day before I went into Labor. I had my bloodstains. And she do when you know expecting him. And my buds absolutely fine so at some point between having Darcy and nine months down the line when I got diagnosed at some point. My Body created abnormal cell which then multiplied intended to the leukemia which I have How are you feeling in the kind of weeks? Following Darcy's birth was absolutely exhausted but I put everything down to the fact that it was the labor and being a new mom so my anxiety went through the roof. I said to myself you know. It's about beer. I'm a new mom experiencing all these things local this little tiny thing that needs me to after it and and I and I start to have quite a rational anxiety attacks actually. I didn't talk about them which I should've I kind of just swallowed up and carried on and but because of this I didn't sleep so well even when Dossey was sleeping I didn't sleep that well. So the tide got worse and I was a low point I was I loved. I love her life. She's my absolute world and I connected with her. Find so in my head outside a copy post-natal depression because I love. I don't want to be apart from her. It was almost the opposite to what I thought. Post-natal depression was but anything to do with her leaving her alone with With somebody even if my mom mother-in-law whatever it just caused me young's auty check our temperature constantly. I at one stage. I actually went into her bedroom and closed the window. Because I was so frightened that someone would get through that and tak- and it completely irrational but I thought it was just my hormones and it was settled down so I wasn't taking very good care of myself. I lost a lot of weight which I put down to breastfeeding. Yeah of losing the baby weight and And everybody around you at the time was kind of where they were. They trying to reassure you with this normal and don't worry about it. Yeah and they go to have an apology after Darcy and yeah that's great but what they're thinking oh she's crying need to be there or they're not doing this. They're doing this not resting and was at this point anything the you would doing or anybody else was doing making any difference to your levels of exhaustion. And now getting worse okay. I had so much support. My family incredible. My husband is incredible. they was so wonderful It was just something that's going on in my own body and lifted. Now I was sick sick. Yeah so the weight loss of Charlotte loose baby weight but yeah it was my body dealing with this illness and also not taking very good care of myself. So what happens on the day that somebody says it was so I went. You want to go and get checked out so I yeah. The tiredness got worse and worse but then I started having these headaches and it was like an elastic band around my head said like real tension headache and I had it for about five weeks when we daily yet but I just put it down to being exhausted and stressed and I went up. Titians with all you know. Better check it. Stop before I anybody else suggested. I mean always as everybody in this. It's just baby. Yeah go and have a slickest existed and they just put it down to me being tired. And if I'm honest I didn't complain about it very often just kind of. I didn't want to didn't want to be portrayed as a mom that was struggling so I offer bad. I'd wanted this my whole life so thankful that it happened but I didn't WanNA WANNA complain and the auditions start. There might be my eyesight. Yeah absolutely find your eyesight. Wonderful my all got us. I kind of hope and it was. I needed glasses. Because then that would make everything better said then right I better go to the GP and it was actually a supply GDP. It's not one I usually see. Here's fine but he was very much like you know you're a new mom and obviously look exhausted. Yo you say not sleeping well but I would just check your levels. Okay and in a blood test blood test fine. Yeah and so then I get a coup so I do the blood test and cool the next day for my GP okay. Would you mind coming in this morning at for nine o'clock appointment and I thought that doesn't sound good? And what what? What did you think was any things specific that you jump to as an explanation? I thought maybe an iron deficiency got it no. I thought maybe I had a low level of something. I thought. Maybe that's tired but there was nothing in your family all previous experience of your mom. Nothing that would have sparked and allow. We've got no cancer no family. Wow nothing neither side okay so the GP I go into the GP and she. I says how you feeling tired I met the GP still tired and she says you. She did a full body examination before she told me anything and then she said what was that was. That was that feeling around for ever. She wanted to pulses. And that's it. She was okay now. I know more about it. She was feeling my she was examining. My spleen she was twenty eight from my spleen was inflamed but yes she checked my blood pressure and everything else and Mike Lamb's and then you want your own. Jeez okay my husband was home with Darcy. I didn't think it was going to be as severe as it was. So then she said basically your blood test comeback and in your in an average body. You'll want blood council. Your soldiers of your body should be between four thousand and ten thousand genetic. You've got a bad infection or something. It might go up to thirteen in fourteen thousand. You're currently at forty four thousand. I was like okay. I mean I mean. Obviously we couldn't. We can all recognize that. There's a huge difference in number but What does that mean? What point? So you'll given that bit of information. What where's the explanation? That does she sit you down and tell you what is so. I said what what you were you telling me. I don't understand. I understand fighting through fine apart from the headaches and the the tightness and she is like it could be that. This is a wrong wrong. Result your best case scenario the data's wrong yeah okay and the the worst case scenario and she was blood cancer last once. You hit the C word you think. Oh God this isn't good. And is at this point that she called my husband there and then Okay and explained to him what was happening with a an I said. Speech him on the phone or did he know this but he was a high margin. Want him to come with. Everyone had to see me that way so I'll show I wanted to just come calmed down and then drive home. I was fond to say. But at that point she had to call the hematologist explaining what happened. And I ain't gonNA merge the appointment with him at the hospital so I kind of got myself together and I drive time. He bear hugged me and he was confused as I was. If I'm on us because we it was limbaugh we didn't know you've left the G. Pay. With a partial diagnosis is something. That's not really explained to you. Yeah how did you drive home? I find my mom okay. She talked me through You know all the different possibilities it could be and we'll do with it and medicines amazing and she's like my best friend. She's incredible so she called me down From that point onwards my mom an Jack to every appointment with me I mean this is this is when you are your lowest energy wise and you've had no sleep at all and you've got a baby that you love more than anything in the world overwhelmed with emotion. How do you try and cope with that at that? I mean what was going through your mind. I didn't cope with it very well that from seeing the hematologist and having extra test had a biopsy done another blood test them. What what does that? What was what was involved in phone diagnosed? That was horrific Bomar biopsy that very painful. They are yeah. I was told it was GONNA be uncomfortable. Mike Goodness I would have preferred labor. I think again it was pretty awful. What do they do they like? They put some static in my hip to kind of numb the skin. And then they actually put a needle into my bone and extract some of the bone marrow. Yeah it wasn't great but it needs to be done in order to clarify exactly what condition I had. I didn't get the results than there that needs to be sent off. So how long were you so you we've got GP. Then you went straighter hematology next. Eleven days I and I have to praise the chest because they were phenomenal they were they were constant contact they were really reassuring and yeah. I was diagnosed in eleven days but those eleven days for me and my family were the worst. Were talk about with your other half and in those days. Just a well we got it obviously. Is that a good thing. It was for me because actually I when I started googling. What if you're having a bone marrow biopsy done what people looking for so I started seeing limited leukemia? Blood cancer bone cancer. That thing and I started reading up on. All the conditions are naturally to understand kind of chronic illnesses and they acute illnesses and I started thinking right. If I've got one of these things I'm better off having a chronic illness which is slow growing bothering the acute. We kind of got through it in a bubble choice trying to support each other. They were incredible with me. I never saw them emotional. They must have had support elsewhere. And we just bumbled our way through it but it was horrific. I mean hold my and thinking. I'm not saying thanks she. It was just awful. It's so cruel that that this came at a really I mean you would have been would have been emotionally vulnerable anyway. You know and I can't imagine how you must have Farrakhan. It's like you know the the cruelest throats to have such a huge part of news at that particular point. I mean I guess you you. You approached it you google that and you protest it like the way you would your classroom in the morning. Yeah exactly I got straight my head. At this point I actually went back to the GP and a disgust momentum. Health and I said I haven't been coping I should have been more honest about it. this has come as an absolute shock needed help with it and she was so lovely and so understanding and she put me on medication. That was That's helped me with Artie. And once I was on that and nobody got used to it. I was able to process information a little bit better. Any sense is face. I just needed a bit of clearance that have support was that was an element of you being quite frustrated that you had to find out so much yourself. Yeah the problem is. Is that because there's so many different things it could be. The doctors don't want to give too much information to you've beamed organized understand that. They're covering their own backs they don't want to say. Oh it could be this and it could be that because then worry the patient but for me yet that Sashi more concerning because I I was killing myself. Yeah I think I'm going to be dead in next year. So yeah it's it's hard. It's hard for the professionals. Because they they've got to keep things professional yet but extremely hard for patient. Who's waiting for a diagnosis? I knew something was coming because the bloods had come back but I should say I had a second line to check whether the data had been wrong and it wasn't a new. My body was fighting. Something I just didn't I walk. And then and then you get the results from the bone marrow biopsy back yet what have you got? I have got. Cml which is chronic myeloid leukemia. So I went to the the diagnosis appointment with my mom. And My My husband and actually it's strange to say about Iras. She relieved when I was given the diagnosis because I knew that it was going to say a slow growing. I knew that there was medication. I could take that would mean that my life would be Hopefully this no more life able to live a normal life. Well a new normal if you will. I was incredibly thankful. That wasn't more severe than it was so as actually I actually went me. Mama WASN'T GARDEN CENTER. After tha cafes. It was the nearest thing safety. There is around around the clouds and the floors and I had a Gossiper Seco- good just to kind of after eleven days of how it was like right off got. I know I need to do so. I was back in my teacher mood. My ad anti-anxiety tablets. I was like right. That's let's sort this out everything that you've been through is that not knowing bit. The lusty relive all live. That bad yet. That's the worst. That's whenever I talk about it. That's the big emotional about because it's just the uncertainty of it's like living in limbo horrible whereas when I was diagnosed they would finally talk to me about it. They're like this is this is what the stats are. This is the medication that you can take. This is what you need to do and I was like right stuff that you can hang onto. Yes and stuff especially if my husband. He could help me with finally. Here's like right. Okay right these tablets and this appointment we've got coming up and he could take charge as well whereas for him living in. Limburg me so hard. He's he's let me super organized construction manage. He loves to. Oh my gosh yeah. He loves to reject khloe He. So lovely went into paper chase legal somewhere. Bright Pink diary that I could make notes of when I need to take the medication. He bought me a note powder. Pink pen photo for my doctor slept so chiefs. Yeah literally. He had me organized but was him helping in the way that he knew he could was an opportunity through through those eleven days. At hideous part where you you you look at the ripple effects for the rest of your family as well and that must have been hard for you to watch. Yeah it was I mean. They put on a brave face to me. I from what I heard from other members of the family and things that they had like my mom I used my sister and other people are that to get comfort from Yeah because then you feel guilty. You feel guilty that your your causing other people pain which is the reason why. We didn't open up very much when I was struggling with Saudi earlier on. I didn't want didn't want to rely on other people. And and when you get diagnosed as this you you have to rely on others because it is such a huge change your life and yeah you need to embrace the support and love mothers. It's difficult because because it was such an unknown quantity. But would you do anything differently about the way you approached maybe those initial steps go into the GPA. Oh Yeah I would've gone earlier. If I could go back I would have got my anxiety sorted earlier which would have made me think. Think more clearly and then I think I would have thought myself hang on the summit's not quite right I did. I was into this. I got into the habit of ignoring my body which was awful because of that. I left it later than I should have. I mean I had had x five or six week a long time. Yeah it is. Intense denied daily headaches. But even the even the fatigue. I should've I should've gone to the GP About Marty. Got that sorted. They even they may well have even giving me a blood test then just to make sure. Yeah so yeah. I think it's difficult. Isn't it because in one way I guess and we'll talk about this shortly but through treatment and going forwards Darcy. You gorgeous daughter. I guess is a great distraction But but in the early days during during diagnosis difficult to distinguish it so hard to distinguish you know yet. She's she's a fantastic distraction. I'll spend the d'auvergne forget I'm poorly but at the same time. I can't rest when I need to go to law and people have been amazing. You know my family friends and things helping out as one of those things that you just. I'm still proud. I didn't want to rely on them too much. You know and I didn't want to not spend time with her. Yeah because actually if anything it's made me want to spend every minute of every day with her of course so yeah I found a balance. It took a while and the medication helped because once my anxiety kind of leveled hours like a cultural leaving her with people show So Yeah I've found my ballots but it took awhile did you was unofficial moment way. You told Your family or did you let them do that. Work for you know. My mom was very good at this. I wanted to keep a secret memo everybody because I didn't integrate a diagnosis. Have you was our family being so close? They should know that I'm going through this. The the eleven days and may becoming of we knew that something was needed to be diagnosed. Sashi we we told my immediate family. Str- straight away in the eleven days and said they were ready for the dogmas. I I was but yeah when it came to kind of the outside the family and friends to wild to open up. And that's why when I started this blog. Wish let's talk about later. I was very anonymous on that I wanted to do the blog. I wanted to write about it but I didn't. I didn't want to face to it. Yeah I teach thing. I wanted to carry on. Teaching is going to go back into school and be may not be the sick teachers. I didn't want any talk. A few members of staff my head teacher and a couple of the people close to other people knowing I I understand that completely and meanwhile is well I suppose there's a level of expertise about your own condition that you want to achieve so that you can answer questions. Yeah and stop people kind of fake news ing. Yeah exactly I didn't. I didn't WANNA sympathy. That are not really willing for pithy. No didn't want to sort of I want to watch enough island. Yes yes I am watching. I didn't want to talk about it. But she as my Jerry's going on up becoming more vocal about it for the reason that I want to raise awareness. Is that about for you? An element of control about your story. Yeah exactly yeah. I think my journey has been a positive one in the initial stuff was very hard but once I was actually on the medication and the results started coming in. I took control of my life again and I thought you know what I might not be here. Could get hit by bus tumor whether it'd be really after all these could you please let right before you cross the road. Just a live specific. And why am I being shamed at this? Y My hiding behind behind this boundary that I've put up those barrier Well we have a little bit then about how you felt when you were told. Let's talk about where you are now. Okay are we in the alward phase if we saw remission Fay boozman have a t shirt remission? It's really complicated condition. Because it's not it's not officially curable. He we also is more complicated but my levels of reach such a low stage that they classes remission. So if I was discontinued my tablets as I doing McKee. I'm Monarchy Chemotherapy. Type of medication. That's taken orally to continue that my body's meant to Kinda get used to that level of cancer and then the currently doing trials actually in London the after people in remission for a certain amount of years that taking them off the tablets and fifty percent of them are staying in remission so it's almost like dormant united the sales kind of just kind of prologue and increase but fifty percent of the. The cats does start to grow but once that be put back on the medication it goes back down again so it's very responsive to the medication. Refills too yeah. So I'm I'm the lowest stage I can be which is fantastic. I'm in remission. Zero zero point zero zero zero seven. I think I am of the day. Rose thank you. I've worked hard for them. I really have every three months. I think tests. I'll be like come on. Come on you just mentioned briefly as well that the the treatment you get your diagnosis and your straight into treatment. Yes and that's what that was just an old. That's an oral tablets at all four. Make you feel Oh. It was bad initially in his heart as well because fast for them so I do two in the morning and two in the afternoon but I call eight two hours before or one hour after well. How'd you build that into a busy yet? So I take them as soon as I got up so I've already afford to outside. That's just scenario. After and then the afternoon I just. I've just learned to be good yet goods yet. Yeah let me get a snack on a biscuit late afternoon but generally The treatment for you is is being bearable yet. Yeah I mean. Initially it was hard. I felt like I had constant flu. Okay let my limbs AAC. It felt like especially my left arm. It felt like I'd been lying on. Neuner half died. You know when you wake up and it's some kind of floppy and my spleen really hurt almost like I had constant state. Yeah no I heard that you describe this feeling of it being really and it's because it's because my body was getting used to processing this toxic very toxic drug and it all comes down the one thing. I still struggle with this fatigue away from it except for that year. What was the biggest impact that it had on you on a day to day to day? Basis the fatigue. Actually what did you do so I would go to bed. Very early had always nap. We've ASI so she luckily sleep for a couple of thousand the diner. I would assume that she's done. Yeah and and I was able to sleep. I sleep very deeply now which is great and I am not good at eight o'clock. Vatu and I you know wake up at six and I just get my sleep however I couldn't once again family and friends being amazing. What's coming over and playing with it for compromise. If if I'm having some days off got more energy some other days. I'm I'm exhausted so for something like this coming into London which I absolutely love doing and do it again but tomorrow will the next day I know the I will need a restful day. Yes take easy so that I can kind of get g backup so I don't ever do it. It's not being tough few to kind of get to that point where you're going. Khloe tomorrow is going to be arrested it. Is I run on adrenaline. I gotta calm myself down. I've got to be like yeah. That was really fun and I want to show about it. I want to tell some whoever the she just got to take a step back and think right my H- my body's telling me that I'm tired of headaches coming on. I need to rest because I've learned to listen to my body. It's taken awhile. Yeah but I'm back trusting my instincts and listening to what my body's feeling emotionally. Do you think it's changed your perspective about being a parent It's just me Morphou Thankful so thankful that I've got her because the we may not be up to have another one. We'll have to see in the future things crossed and I I'm just it's changed my perspective on life you know. I just don't worry as much I used to worry and stress law about stuff. The yeah out of my control. You know things work that propped up on my social life dramas. I just just don't care anymore. I value the things I love in life and the people I love in life in the rest of our just time for such a massive turnaround from describing that person behind who you know was was so in charge yes to take kind of you know voluntarily letting that go. Yeah Yeah Guy. A Journey going with the flow. Because tomorrow isn't promised so. What's the point in worrying about stuff that really just doesn't matter? Have you ever explained to your two year old It's it's to be on them and really slightly. I hope she doesn't need to know bits inches older Mike Spain because I still have the condition. But I'm hoping it won't have any impact on my life at that point and God forbid any impact on has the you know if I can protect you from it. I will but at the same time. I will educate her on it. Because I think it's important. Cancer is so horrifically common yet. I wanted to people were diagnosed So it's important that she understands that people are poorly. People can get poorly. You no one's invincible. It doesn't doesn't exclude. Anybody can sadly so. I want her to be educated on it and we prepared for things that might come in in the future and but had to know that it's not scary in there is medicine and fantastic people to help and you talk about as well in your blog about being kind to yourself. That is that something. Do you think you'll going to encourage her to definitely yes self. Love is something that I've really learned to do over the last year and a half and I Yeah I try to instill in Hanau and giving her lots of love and kindness and hopefully modeling to her how she should treat other people to an. Yeah and and have that love for herself. You must have found some strength and feedback from yes. Because I think it's important to say that when during those eleven days the doom days I searched the internet not just full stats an HSA news. Etc I look anybody in social media that could give me an insight to living with this condition and I didn't find very much a tool and it's because CMO in my age group is actually quite rare yet. So the reason I started the book was one for self help therapy. I used to ride myself so I wanted to write about my journey but honestly Leandra and to help anybody. That was getting diagnosed. All that was in that limbo land that could hopefully give some insight into what it was like living with this condition. And actually since I've started the bug people have going contact the had private accounts and I'm trying to people in Canada in America that have been been diagnosed and it's amazing. The the support network that social media has created for me. I know that it can get a bad rep social media but for me it's been it's been a huge part much any a huge. Palmar recovery You mentioned bigger family. Yes how does that Pan out? What's the what's that looking like? Well initially my in the ground plan before the big C was the. I'd have my children quite close together. That hasn't worked out so I go boy exactly but now my journey has changed and now I'm in remission which is amazing. Now have a better idea of timings my consultant said I need to stay on the tablets for at least two years of keeping me mission. And then they'll be willing to take me off the TOPIX temporarily to try and see for baby which you'll do about twenty four hours after thing fishing fatility cross and then once I have baby though of she monitored through my pregnancy that there's other medications that can they can put me on that safe but just not ideal if you if you're carrying so they won't stop baby. I'll dock right back on the medication because the constant may have grown during the pregnancy. But I but I think that will probably be where we stop writing another two three years. I just started to think more more. And we'll be very happy with the family of four and looking forward for you and your lovely family. How do you feel about what the future looks like It looks it looks exciting. I want to like I said say yes to any opportunity for me. My family I want I want to be up to travel with my child or children and I want them to be brave and have courage to speak up. That is one of the biggest things I've learned through. This whole thing is to talk whether it's mental health or postnatal illness whatever is talk about it and get support if you needed and I'm going to hopefully instill that much children. It's so lovely speaking to you. We wish you the good future for you and your family. Thank you so much for having a child with us. Thank you Danielle McMillan Professional. Hello Welcome. It's lovely to have you here. Thank you so much for coming in for a couple of NAFTA. So we've we've heard from Khloe. They I think the the thing that we also with always she mentioned the importance of not ignoring your symptoms and going to the GP. That seems so sort of obvious. In retrospect but actually how important is it and you know we're always told by the. Gp's don't come to us if it's just a cold or you're just feeling you know. We are encouraged to serve. Look after ourselves a little bit more and think about it before we go. How do you balance that between the ongoing when you think something is seriously wrong? I think they the thing to note is persistent symptoms. I mean a lot of symptoms for different cancers are the same as other conditions are not cancer but generally. They're not persistent. Guidance is if you have a symptom. That's persistent for a few weeks. Then you need to go. In some of the guidance something that goes on for three weeks or longer is not normal but obviously other types of symptoms The Guidance Kinda says if you've had that symptom for six weeks you need to go and see someone say is difficult but I think my my advice is. There's phone lines that people come ring to get a advice without going to the GP and if they're worrying than they just need to seek help and win expected to know the difference between a headache and a headache. That might be something much much more serious. What what what's the language that we should use? Then if we're phoning up and we're worried. How do we know the difference? Well the thing with ordinary headaches even migraines is they don't last and so if somebody has a headache for a protracted period of time or nothing that they tried to relieve it takes it away then that should trigger really seeking some help and I'm the same I hear is what about those levels of tiredness. That very very common in everybody's symptoms sleeping. You'll normal like the sleeper not feeling refreshed. Yes and and we all feel tired. We all have busy lives sometimes when we feel tied but we know if we go to bed early and have a lazy day we will feel better but if if it's not relieved by that then that's not normal and also if it's it's persistent every day you do seems to take that tiredness away. Then that's kind of a warning sign khloe mentioned as well That she sees. She had linked the discovery of her cancer. To Trauma Lights Hold Breath. She went through and that was her surmising But what do you make of that? So pregnancy and childbirth in itself doesn't cause cancer but some cancers linked to hormones. And so there it certainly possible All those hormones during pregnancy And then the change in that when you have childbirth Trigger how the cells grow if you've got an underlying cancer so whilst it's not calls it can impact on how the cancer's behaving and I guess therefore it being particularly aware of your condition and your state of being how you'll failing postal birth is is is important. You need to look after yourself. Absolutely and is a very difficult time because a lot of people feel awful. Adjust into things after childbirth so yes a tricky one so once she gets to the GP and they've agreed that what you'll displaying is not normal. Who ARRANGES TESTS AND DIAGNOSIS? What happens not GP moment. So I mean if the GP's pretty concerned Shaw then they will fast track for assessment specialist at the hospital but sometimes GP's do a blood test or an x ray just to get some baseline information. I'm at the same time that they do a referral but the kind of the more major tests what we call staging so that's to find out what stage the cancer is generally happens Once somebody's under the care of a specialist team and I. I guess this is a really good time to ask lots of questions about the pro. About what the scan is going to entail is it in. A big at shoob is a blood test. What you know. Those are lots of questions that you can ask them. You know hundreds of different types of cancers and there aren't different tests A cat scan an MRI scan fairly standard for staging so that most people are likely to experience that sort of test but there are different tests for different counters. We I mean Khloe talks in some detail about The bone marrow biopsy which sounded quite uncomfortable. It's interesting because the Information about a punch biopsy or by marrow biopsy by is just taking a little bit of the run and it's You know the punch kind of united in and out here. It's shouldn't be painful but but it's uncomfortable but I suspect that we're all different and you know if clary was anxious that may of increased her heightened nece for pain but I mean. I'm sure it is painful. For some people were different so you come from the GP who suspects would like to know a little bit more to the test staging which kind of heightens the level of seriousness. A little bit more. And then chloe was was really emotional about that eleven days that she had to wait and returning to that described his obviously corporal matic for to even talk about it because it was so awful. How long should you be waiting? And what should people try and remember if they are in that situation that waiting time? Ideally you wanted turned around in a week but we. We often have to warn people that it might be two weeks just because of Pathologists that do that analysis As stretches any other part of the workforce and there are a post. And that's a really sad thing to say. But you have to manage expectation naturally waiting. Those two weeks dot won't change the outlook for the cancer. It's just the emotional impact on the person and so it's about what you can do to help. The person manage that so managing the expectation And trying to plug them in or give them some advice about how they can manage their own anxiety but eleven days is within. What what you would expect. It's not ideal and in that time. How everhart is probably stay off Google. I think it is difficult because some people are automatically and I would be exactly to me to be but I guess one of the positive things is if you Google Things Macmillan cancer support tends to come in the top five hits and so therefore if you go to a reputable site and also the number two hour support line would be on there as well where you would actually reach someone who understands And therefore you could actually have a conversation with someone And even if they seem silly questions to you. The professionals at the end of the line will not mind in the least now khloe is massively upbeat hugely positive character. Absolutely lovely to hang out with and she really preferred to talk about love violent than her cancer. What would you say to somebody who is dreading telling people? She didn't want a kind of a big sort of curtains and music. And tell everybody Moment and I can't imagine many people do. It is very hard because quite draining. 'cause you're not only dealing with your own emotions you'll then having to tell people that mean something to you and then you get their reactions. That is quite a heavy burden. Really when you're going through that period there are ways that you can do. I mean for people that are used to using iphones. There's a recording option on there and we do sometimes see people ask if they can record the consultation. There are a couple of cancer. Apps out there that do that and then allow you to a very securely the recording but really having Saudi House with you. It's what works for you and it's actually okay that you can't do it and you haven't got the emotional strength to do it How quickly do most people start receiving treatment? After they've been diagnosed it depends again on the type of cancer because some cancers like acute blood cancer so someone who's acutely unwell you would need started pretty quickly and they may actually have had everything done and be starting treatment within a week I'm very similar for brain. Cancer is but for other cancers. It's more difficult because the staging tests the more complicated but I would say that within four weeks Somebody would would have gone through the diagnosis and the staging and the treatment plan and be looking towards starting treatment. I'm or at least if it surgery had date for treatment chloe was also very honest about her a mental state after she'd had her baby And and the actually. That was something that was dealt with by her. Gp and gave her the space to be able to approach her treatment. With I think with clear ahead What kind of emotional physical financial support can you expect? And where? Where would you find that so? Jp is a good place to start. They used to Managing all sorts of conditions. Where you know. There's an emotional impact also pain so there's lots of things that GP's are well used to supporting people with and also knowing the local services that they can refer to help somebody manage what they're struggling with but equally the specialist teams would have that knowledge as well. So if you're in an appointment with your consultant or your nurse specialist. You could bring up there as well. They may liaise with your GP to work out the best course of action or they may themselves refer to Ah Service to support you if that's what you need. We in a lot of hospitals or communities we have information and support centers and. They're a good place because they focus on wellbeing and generally lots of those professionals help someone with that fiscal a mental wellbeing kind of interact with the information or support sent to say there are lots of different places. People didn't fail. They wanted to go and have an appointment with the GP or a special team. They could just walk into somewhere like that and explain what. The problem is to An expert information manager. I think something that as well is of an immediate concern. When you know that you're going to be receiving treatment that might knock you out for however long it's GonNa make you feel terrible is the financial impact. Is there information around as well about how you deal with work? How'd you talk to your bosses? How'd you start that conversation about the time off that you will need? I mean certainly McMillan. We've done a lot of that. And we've ensured that a lot of the posts that we fund like nurse special support workers have the information and they know what the local resources are in their area so there is lots out there. There's also lots of information on our website Uneven citizens advice bureaux will be able to give people that sort of advice and support if that's what the nearest local support Dany. You're a minefield of wonderful information. Thank you so very much. Thanks to Khloe again for sharing her story to get more information about what we've talked about in this episode. Then go to our website McMillan Dot Org dot. Uk forward slash talking cancer next time. We're talking treatable. But not curable cancer with Adam. We thought that if I decide in your brain but we find a way is going to have to operate an excellent and then the boy out soon. Yeah I know I was just looking at. She's at radio at Solomon upset nausea when we're talking potential Issues when yeah. Potentially you'll find that episode wherever you? Listen to your podcast. I'm Annabi and talking cancern. Mcmillan podcast

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