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It's the home improvement with John and Dave show brought to you by the Home Depot. More saving more doing home improvement with John. De Answers to all your home improvement questions. Sponsored by Home Depot Lennox charlottecomfortsystems cost heating and cooling and dry pro basement systems on news. Talk Seven ten ninety nine tree. Tell you welcome back. It's our number two. The home improvement show. I'm John Gordon with the Home Depot. I'm Dave Deauville. Thanks for being with us this morning. Where Seven Zero? Four five seven eleven and got a couple of callers in the queue. David let you rocket. I'll do so bear with this because we're We're we're technical difficulties today. So we're trying to keep up Chris's Trying to run the board and it's Antiquated the way. We're doing it but he's getting it done. I just kinda messed up the number so if I told you that you were next you may not be so just hold tight we will get to you. You are next. Just not right next exactly so Right now we're going to bring J. J. J. J. Thanks for waiting. Yes sir. All right now I'm GONNA go in. Replace these folks now. What twenty years ago I started seeing one piece toilets in big box stores very cool looking they are? They're nice and I'm thanking. Can you go wrong with one end? You don't have to worry about SEALED BETWEEN TANKS BOWL. That's right and it's They're they're more sanitarium stable We kind of joke around for people that use the toilet has a library. You can kind of lean back and you don't have to worry about snapping the tank off so if that's important to you but but but really The sanitary in the look are the pride of the two the two biggest things that come to mind. Johnny everything without your. That's it I love him but there there's no but to him well. That was a bad choice of words. Yeah you're good okay. You'll like it. The the only the only downfall to them is they're they`re. They're heavy to install the nice thing about a two piece toilet as you could set the ball air and then and then put the tank on afterwards When I was younger didn't matter too much. It matters a whole lot now so yeah I know they're looking at about eighty pounds As far as the We'll get a little brand specific here and then I'm GonNa let y'all go but The big stores because the one has the brand glacier bay now is is that. Is that a manufacturer or that home. Depot's brands this made by one of the other big. That's that's a it's a home depot. Wh- what we would call a proprietary brand so it's not available anywhere through the Home Depot But it doesn't have to go through all of the rigor we expect those products to to exceed Standards and things. If we're going to put our name on it I would say we get that right. Most of the time and a couple of things I didn't like but But in the case of those toilets If the people who have to Avoid replacing toilets for a living. I think it's a good product. We think it's a good product. And that particular brand gets very high marks from our professionals And for folks who like in multifamily you have thousands of them and don't want to replace him. I'm somebody dangerous. I've used them and they've they've flush Graham they're great it's a it's a good toilet They're just they're just not as Decorative as some other toilets. That's all right but now is it is. It may be man made manufactured by somebody like American. I don't know who. The manufacturer is on a j Mica check But usually yeah home. Depot doesn't have a toilet manufacturing plant somewhere in South Carolina so there there's a manufacturer somewhere that's happened to meet the specs We have this big product lab down in the basement of our office and they test all that stuff so whoever the manufacturer is has to pass the standards got all right bill. Look I appreciate answering all the questions. Do appreciate your call all right. Y'All have good. Thanks have a great day. Okay we lost Beth Beth. Beth call back if you want she. She had a question about when you're new appliances show up in their scratched. You know I'm sure what what do you do? How do you handle that? So you want to call us back. If not send US email and we'll we'll take care of you there Next up is Jim and I think I told Linda she was next. But if JIM JIM WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM L. O. Goes I know you'll discuss this before I got family with. Everybody does twenty so I got a couple of pretty good size from Audio recommend putting in there and one other question. I put a related the same thing. We've got a son. Put me a screen. Ports Mama wounded two years ago now of course that concrete. It's got a hairline crack in. What do I do both so It depends on when you say they're pretty good size. Depends on what you mean in and both with the crack and depth of the crack but we can give you a basic answer and then you can dig a little bit i. It's a to make it for you if it's if it's reasonably wide But not like I don't know say half an inch or or so but deep we would recommend putting a backer rod which is just a little styrofoam looks like a little grey snake and you push it down in so um so you can fill up the holy on this void that goes four inches deep and down into the ground. But we put we would recommend that you put a backer rod in there and push it in there with a blunt object and then come back over the top of it with the self leveling product sealant. We like a product called seek Affleck's S. I K. A. F. L. E. X. It's a it's a petroleum base. So you gotTa have a cleaner and solvent to clean it up and you gotta be careful not to get it on the concrete around the crack or it doesn't come off easily But we like it because it stays resilient as the concrete expands and contracts and so it doesn't break away on you. It has a gray color to it. So it's probably not a perfect match for your driveway. But if if solving the problem with the crack keeping the water out preventing three freeze thaw complexity year after year after year. It's a great product David on the hairline cracks. It works puts us. You gotTA use a crack Chaser to open that up a little bit and yes and get it in right. Yeah they make V-shaped Head that goes on a grinder basically just makes V and concrete to open it up because if it's a hairline crack it's too hard to get the product you'll never get it in and you'll just make a mess. I figured yeah. But you can. Also if you're good with the grinder. You could take a four inch grinder with a diamond blade and you can just followed and chase the crack is what we call it you chase it and follow it in. That will open it up enough but they do make a V. Grind Avi head grinder. Blow up the blade. I'm pretty good with Greiner. It'd be yeah. Oh well free says it's it's less than half riot. You'll be fine and it's it's IT'S A. It's a closed cell foam John. John said Styrofoam but I know he just say you. Don't get confused. Yeah thank you. Because it's it's just phenomenal rigid Rod. Okay Sal thanks for the call. All right we gotta take a quick break. Seven four five seven seven Tamil. Talk when we return to home improvement with John. Dave welcome back. This is home improvement. John Day I'm John Gordon with the Home Depot. I'm Dave Deauville. Several four five seven hundred ten got lines open. This is cracking away. Maybe we don't. He's doing he's getting it done. And I just I'm GonNa give you the order quickest Linda Brooke Ed. And then we got one holding so Hang tight and we'll get to use quick as we can all right so liz up next. Yep Linda how you doing. Are you fine hope you are? We are stellar good. My first question is kind of a quickie. We've got an old rhino composite deck. It's about eighteen years old after pressure. Washington should he seal it composite deck? Yeah I mean I think there's some John I think there's some clear sealers out there that they say you could put on it You know those older ones are made at that would calm. Yeah when you break the surface ya so once the once the top surfaces off of it I think you can apply a sealer. I wouldn't expect a whole bunch from it But but but if you put it on there it probably will be helpful for awhile to help it. Not Get so dirty so quick so so something to think about and you might want to just do a small amount and just do a quick test area to see if even like it great. Thank you the next thing. We just bought a ten foot by ten to Debt Son Sale and the hardware that came with it. The you know they're talking about how much you got. A you know. Fastnet down the hardware that came with it. The screws are only one inch long. We're going to put those two screws. Those that was a bunch of screws. We're GONNA put those two sides into the house What Lee scores a little bit longer than that in that? And it depends on what you're gonNA put it in because if you if you put something that's that's really stout and you put it on the facial board or a corner board. If the wind grabs that sale it could actually rip that whole board off of the House. So this really needs to. It really needs to go into a framing member If you're going to do it so right above a door or above a window normally is a header which is to buy material and it's doubled up so you could put something dependent on what's on the outside of your house. Your brick or siding hater siding so you would go through that so you could put something about three inches long with a with a with a with an I hook. It would probably be better John if they use a welded. Yeah I hook rather than one. That's just closed. But if you get one big enough you it may. It may not tear it open. But you're almost if it was me. I would almost put that. Hook in the wall but I would have a breakaway lake. Something that would that would break in case the wind so that it doesn't do damage to the House and and I I I saw your email and I have had it this week. I was going to answer that but I did want to talk about it on air because that's becoming real popular and you have to be careful about how you hang those things up because the wind as we all know is pretty powerful thing so what you facin that twos is is pretty important right well now on the other two lands. We're GONNA use a one inch poll. It's a real sick heavy poll. It's only one inch though and Two polls And we're only GONNA have. That height is about seven feet on that side Can we just hook those polls to the four by fours of the deck Coming up the deck. It's it's just too far to galway down to the ground and then CNN and all we thought maybe we could look at three or four places on the Four by fours can to afford to hold the debt. Is that the for the for the underneath of the deck. Yeah IT'S IN CONCRETE. You probably can but if those if those The polls are using our hollow. There's a there's a good chance it'll it'll collapse them and fold them over Yes when the wind blows on that thing so you may want to drop something solid down inside of those a piece of rebar or something of course that could be your break away if you if you think about it if it folds US polls over that probably would be better than having it tear something up. So yeah that's true. Okay great thank you for your health. Five three sheets and welcome. Thanks for the call. Y'All have a good day. Thank you Linda. You don't WanNa be scary about that stuff but you know that's all very possible. Yeah no it is because you just created a massive sale and if you take pounds per square inch you know that's make a mess pretty quick. Okay Bruton's next Brooke. How are you welcome to home improvement? John and Dave this. It'd be calling me Sir. Got Question on water heaters. I built my house forty three years ago. Had My plumber put in a rain. Forty Gallon gas water. Heater have city water. We do not have any hard water. I don't think I did any maintenance on that water heater for forty years until one morning woke up. We didn't have hot water plumber that I'm using now put in new rain. Forty Gallon Gas. Water Heater recommended draining the tank once of the year based on my previous rain water heater. That seems a little much overkill and it may be on. It may be on on on city water But there's always the opportunity in and when you say the water's not hard at it is. It's just slightly hard so it takes longer For those minerals to build up but You know that that's what's in the manual and that's why he's telling you that it tells you that in every water heater manual says that you should flush every year. I think you stand point. What do you say I do mine? So yes so us. If you if you've got that scenario the time you probably get in trouble Brookwood be if somebody did maintenance in the line somewhere and some silt or something got in their highly unlikely if you if you had that that fortune Unless something's change radically in the composition of the water rock on with your bad self. Yeah but but he's your plumbers. One hundred percent correct and the manufacturer tells you to do that. Remember the manufacturers telling you do things to prolong the life of it. So you know if you don't do that and it goes out in in your warranty time. They can void your warranty. Because you didn't follow the manufacturer's recommended recommendations there. You go wait. We had the neighbors have Well Water and I WANNA started building. Our they got the city water but then so Then we've had that comfort of having that shirt and they've probably been through two or three cents. Then yeah I know. They've flushed align out one once or twice After they've put the system in but I've been very lucky and fortunate in then. Reims bomber plumbing. Yeah well if you get another one let us know what all right. Thank you for your call. Brooke appreciate it. Okay all right. Let's ED is next At his next. Hey Hey y'all home and premium which on Dave. How are you hello it just on day? Yep It is a I've got two questions. One I think is a simpler We've got a screened in porch which the floor. The floor is all cedar and every couple of years. I go in a light standing and care of sealer on it. Is that something? I hear you guys talk about Cedar. She'll call that something that I would use Cedar Shield for You know you could in there If it's under roof what I find is is is decking that is under roof normally. Does it need the type of maintenance the that the sun exposed deck the needs so I you know? I don't know that I would do if it was my house. I mean I I did what you did. I always always took care of it sealed it but I could go three years on my deck in my screen porch versus the deck. That was outside the had to be done every year right and and it's probably I probably. It's probably been about five years since I've done it and I think the last time I use the cabinet product. So what would you guys recommend I like cabins have great product. I used it often. Okay so just follow the directions in. I think you'll be in good shape. If it says to strip it you need to strip it okay and The other question is we have a sealed crawlspace and The the flooring under the house in the cost base is the relation as traditional Fiberglass insulation which is coming down the places. It's it's it's hanging down and we've been told two different things one we've been told by some folks. Well you don't need we're GONNA have to put you on hold but let us we got. We take a quick break here. If you don't mind okay Folks home approver Jonah Dave We'll be back right after these important messages.

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