Cool FAB-Racing 2018 - Round 8 - Tattershall Sunday Afternoon Races


Place is cool. Bracing, British minibreaks championship facial salaries to be big. Good afternoon. Welcome to cool fan racing. This is cool, five racing radio around as of the two thousand eighteen championship. This is the final set of races for two thousand eighteen. We already underway fall outs into the mini GP, seventy race hair on motorsport dot radio on the cool bracing websites and social media. Thank you for just joining us after the lunch break. We're having a great battle wherever Belfort at the moment leading this many GP seventy as to find a one of the season two point, seven seconds ahead of Baillie Stewart Campbell while Seapower no rice out the exhaust by Obeidi Campbell challenging into ternan is a long run that takes you on the start line on as he heads just behind. He's gonna go side-by-side Beatty Stuart Campbell, enter number one, cameras, balance the position into the corner, nor quite he gets on the brakes. Econ. Stopping in time remains and place. This halfway stage getting overhaul in this race, five laps. Now we're on even open eighty. Stuart Campbell Vaasie Panama, no, in maller Vince Martin fifth-place ahead of our be only just eighty thousand second volley Walker, Thomas Gomez, Sean able and Taylor loans. Somewhat Lee, Holly Howard's enjoyed round the top team. Oh, and melon had been in that Basle before position. However, he has just broken in those laws few laps gaining over second to been smart behind his just coming under increasing pressure. Now from Harrison. Crosby Molly will that battle. Fifth really looks to be hotting up during this mid stage of the race. Meanwhile Sipe by side into China. One again, Rossy PanAm going for a look at the inside trying to get past Bailey's, Dirk Campbell. He's in third place at the moment he wants second econ point to it though, on the transition from left to right. It turns two and three seabound leads to ready lineup, something else up. Foreign cornering needs to go for move down the street and. Block pass very short Campbell at term on. It's not ready many places around the other policy circuit, he can do it. So we'll see him at the moment. Little bit stuck for things to be able to do Evan, both with just claiming the traffic as I come to the phone, and I've Ivan bell for this blind where they gonna be a hat. Trick of wins for him became only all those by shirt. Campbell Rossi Palam no change in the top three tell you what, whether is change though fifth-place Harrison Crosby has got ahead of fin small, but I don't think Finn is going to let that go easily is fighting back and going into the first time Venice going around the outside. It looks like Crosby do defensive line, but it's no use. And I think Ben has got him bit of twitch. Put east through Vince smart back end steps out him. Now he's lucky to the in lucky to hold onto that position. Harrison Cosby will not wanna. Let him have that Finn small had a first podium back at Gleneagles. He'll be hoping to. We won't began on the Ponant ABM where. He hoping to finish this season on the high place. We'll do just as not big passable containing himself. Then it sounds in Cosby. Then only walk, Thomas kermit's, Taylor, Lawrence, the back of that group. Just it's a big one as I come across align. Evan Belford is still leading the baby shirt Campbell under pressure still from AUSSIE both of those trying to take that second place. Still trying for second base, three seconds between res leader, Evan Belford Beatty straight Campbell in second place. Going through the left right left happens. All very tight stuff is difficult to make a move there. Not impossible. Rarely got to structure or very brave on the brakes. Both of which can be quite difficult at the best times. Harrison, close defending only workers Thomas during the company. They trying to go side-by-side entertains phone and five couldn't make his steak but Finn small behind another ride avai briefly trying to get past the 'nother item in this race. Does get three with. I cost to good precious seconds. As you say that other right now is just coming on the back of Crosby and it's the backmarker I'm back could definitely be crucial in the battle for as we come across the light wealthy still leads. But this side by side with the runs down into the first time. And I think Thomas Gomez will try and take advantage of that. I think it's just about all the holding onto seventh, but it's so close in that battle early Walker doing more in Easter in the moment of Thomas Gomez at the moment. But there's not long left in this race in small broking Claire in that group, he's alone in fifth bases. All of our Harrison cost me now and sick Grassi PanAm is still unbathed shirt Campbell's case through the neck and neck down the straight, no move this summer. Evan Belford three point, eight seconds lead. He has his lap on lap quicker than the two behind him. So Evan for gotten no worries. At the moment, he is often running at the front is huge battle for. Second place, two and a half lout sick through turns full regain our battle for second place. Babies at Campbell poach on point one months, who was the gap over the line. Last time between the vied is in second and third place. They gave it a good go. He's getting very close as Rossy Banham. He's following Emmys following his following econ, quite standard side, a make decisive move. He might well leave it to the last few labs. We all ask you laps, two nights left to go, which will separate ever bovid and this race victory Rossi Burnham survivors left inside trying to go the other way around the Cup. I on the content. He gives it a go, Rossi PanAm can't cry, make his, he's grip, but he hasn't got enough. These look it. I think he's rehearse in four that last lap or else wants to show Gumbel too much before the final circulation of this one kilometer cost touch ashore behind them falls by his own Mela. He's very lonely ride. The big battle is for sick by smart. In sync byte Harrison closely is all Walker, Thomas Gomez, and then tell you the Lawrence company. So it's a big puzzle there in that group as they come through. Now, Finn smart is in the complex faith is lost lap time at the front ever Belford as leading. He is leading Bailey shirt Campbell, the maintenance second place, but the through turn number long than thirteen miles of us. He banner has a bit of squirm on the exit, and this is really shaping up to be a decisive. You corners the red by number thirty, waiting for that ever lucid move all out of Lucy mistake from babies. Campbell who is one many times in the coup fabricating paddocks, but it is a bit of a Latigo is all that separates Evan Belford from race, fixing and second base by two quasi van. I'm gonna go, look. He can't quite do it though. I haven't Belford lane in at the moment. He still got all done in tested. He's got one Hornets ago. Evan Belford takes away Bailey shirt. Campbell is going to be second. And third Rossi balance gets it him on the lawn. Couldn't quite do it. Fourth is going to be mala no questions about that big, very good rods him faith is going to be thin smart. The question is going to be six. The moments harassing really Walker has not yet found a way through coming through to the line comes from smart. That's Harrison. Charles bay will be six summer folly. Wall Kasama Stomas eight. And we are expecting a Lawrence to the next one as Paxil down, failed shoulder to shoulder a cost salon Necker next saffron Wally. Did she get Sean able? No, she didn't miss that. Fifty five thousands of a second half close to you. Holly Harris cost, Joe Farragut in the teeth, water rice. That was a fantastic race to end the mini g. p. seventeen championship season in two thousand eighteen lettuce reminiscent with the highlights from that third and final. Ace of the week can Novell strategic Mazda clause from our two people on the podium being Evan, Evan failed for the course was the race winner. But then we'll see and played Easter. Campbell had some frontier scrubs for second. Third, also that brilliant race including ours Cosby who defended tacitly throughout the entire twelve lap encounter man doing their way through middle potion of the second. It's an incredibly ties twisty, complex really can nail it. But you can also make a pretty poor job always vase winner, though Evan Beaufort now to every single up and the best a forty six point zero one zero that was his. That was the best as anyone really pushed through the very end. So thank you very much full joining us Ed own the Kufa racing websites, own motorsport, dot radio, and on social media. Thank you for joining us live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen coup fat racing British many. Championship money's Dhamma alongside Kika, Charles and corna Jackson, please do leave your us know who you're supporting in these final races of the season. He wants to do really well in these races coming up next able be the forty pros goodwill lineup with Mason foster and Sullivan Mounsey on the front row with great Johnny gone s and Clayton Edmonds on road to lonely. Harrison, lucre Hopkins on three ahead of Ethan sparks, Harrison, McKay Choi, Jeffrey and Jamie woodcock. Then we have Jada how Taylor's to Campbell, Gregg, Marshall, Keaton pain and Jacob Stevenson. That's how the great is gonna line up. Well, they make their way on to the grid Kona Jackson. This is the final round of the championship, how much she think these young writers want to go out with a really fantastic rice as you as you say done, this will certainly be all nothing drivers on their bikes. Mason foster will certainly be hoping for another strong. Zolt here at tattoo show, but have some strong writers further back as well with the likes of Clayton Edmonds who performed spectacularly on stay with his defensive maneuvers, wow, spectacular defensive maneuvers being hats by many of our Vitus hair in paddock, but we get ready for the start. Then the third and final time this weekend. And the final time in twenty eight teen. Thank you for joining us. You're listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen co Fabri seeing British many championships, live on motorsport, don't radio on the cool bracing websites and on social media, the lodge was moved to the signs off the grades. Has we already four? The foresee pros race, three. Staal I'm Marshall. Snidey back to the physician degree. White goes up between Donald as well as he could starts boy off by Mason foster and Sullivan Mounsey a bit creeping as they make their way into tone for the first time. Sullivan mount Detroit's go in for the race lead, but as they make their way through turns two and three for the first time out of eight, it's all action start through the first corner, cleanly Manzi lead into turmoil, didn't lead out threat because that honor goes to Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, garlicy late anyone sign of this year wherever tree hasn't won yet this weekend, they want to win now. So Johnny Ghana's leads this race make some foster your champion. AC forty for this year is second thirty seven Mounsey, but I think that Foucault, you'll eat him for light. That's Johnny. Don is at the moment under pressure from good rival Mason foster. They come down towards the far corner, flat-out through now, crossed the line down the stripe. Great, run on Johnny garnish. What area as stability that you needs. Not. They started Don whole done John Foster Mounsey Edmonds Harris, Ethan, sparks, Luke Hopkins McKay tighter, strict. Jamie would cook top ten. I'll tell you what the move that foster made into turn. One did compromise slightly out of corner in Mounsey has taken full advantage of that. His all over the back of him. And as a result, we really do have that breakway three in the lead now with clay's headman just falling slightly back Gonesse foster Mounsey as been like that for the entire season in one way or another. Those three are the cream of this icy forty pro failed. They have got massive futures ahead of, but right now out on track, Johnny garner winning at the moment. He takes very defensive line down into the phone corner that sacrifice his exit because, hey, comes poster, neck and neck down the stripe, fucking wave it in the biking area thousand make some foster get the job done this time. Now he doesn't just sit back one more time. Sullivan Mountainair starting zoo, become a slightly detached that lead in Johnny Don push it on. Futons to Mason foster tries to carry a to speed through three and four wasn't able to do so and make a move on darnest who's still your sleep? Don't turn five. It was a late ledge going through turn three and four, how to vary late surge of grip and speed, but couldn't initially make it soon. The end site that means joining gone. S your race leader, how was only eighty three thousands of a second coming over the line. But as challenging Mason, foster going to war sa- final few corners lining up for a movie on a yellow flag on the ice at turn seven, eight to that man's always sided out seven. Well, as we continue on with the racy side by side for the vase, the this time Mason foster is through it was fifty three, thousands of a second going on the inside over the start finish line. He is through now Mason foster leads this race ahead of Johnny Gonesse. Sullivan Mounsey white is way back up into third place. An interval contention for second places while sir three Airbus over the race lead stale, but Mason foster actually starting to make a little bit of. A gap Mason foster now? Willie Claire off, we thought he would yesterday. Did we thought he would any as will he do it again here, yellow flag still out just been taken actually fall who Stearns at the side of the circuit little bit winded by ease Pinocchio. Ron made some fosters head down. Now boss stop it three Mason foster forty nine point seven on that last lap free, five inheriting place onto the Clayton. It's walls Ronnie Harris who is really pulled away. Now they saw to pull away from Luca Hopkins in fit. This really spread out. Further backwards is really just the top three, the close battle on track right now. Rony harasses other brilliant second after this year, he was kind of floating out in the first off. These ready come to our tension in a second off, runny harassed star for the future. Not number sixty six. We know what famous Grazer is at that before, Tom Sykes non other than the actual two-point champion. And as we gins anyone in this race, it is on that full the moments and Mason false leading four tenths for second ahead of joining gun as Sullivan Mounsey as having time at the moment going schools. Number one. Turnham award not place enough to make a move in China moment. He's very quick in the BAAs dime. Action changes mainly tends to for the infield section. They both so tit for tat rarely, but making no way through tournament three hours of a mountain. He's got a great run trying to get second place, just passing another vitamin this race, and as they continue into tens four and five, this does continue Mason foster with the foster stop footsie nine point seven, seven zero, good. Couple of tents, put. Johnny s. five times a heads of Ghana's Mounsey only house Luca Hopkins, Ethan, sparks house, McKay Taylor Stewart, Campbell, Gregg, Marshall. Jamie will call last year top ten at the half way stage took about Ronnie Harris. No, having too much pressure. Well, in that loss lot Luca hall concert office. Second out of these under a second behind now, honestly, battle for fourth is long from over the battle for the lead is also starting to look a little bit over because Mason foster, he's doing just what he needs to do just with a champion. Dow's Greeley here's ride in very, very well. He's leading this race. Second-place, Johnny, Donna, still Solomon round little bit detached. Now in third, those three have been so good this year wanna joy to watch as Ben Mason foster second after the seasons faultless almost. He has really got the hammer down. It looks like he's another win coming from today. I'm well as Luca Hopkins challenging for full place out in the moments point, four, five, five behind money, how is making now way down through turns eight or nine last really increasing that pretzel Monte highest one side. Good. As always you say, ready? Come along in the last half of this season. Ballplayers place could be just war. Baluch hopkins's even close adding up to time one face enough to make a move, not quite but really, really now conning on the pressure Sullivan Mounsey so fast in straight line. And he's so could on the brakes. I saw then he might just have a late lunch. Jumping of Johnny gone is down at term one, but really Sullivan Mounsey doing a grand job down that front straight. He as any lie as well. So palace away ratio in east favor over Johnny Don running a laughing a bit ago. I should point out further down the field. We all saw a few more battles about open now, seeing Gregg, Marshall lead Jada Hal Jada, how who's just taken tenth from Jamie woodcock and Kate, Kate, and pay. Those four are really going to these lost two laps, Gregg. Marshall, of course, coming up into the icy forty pros this year has been a regular in the comedy box. Joining us for interviews and just general Coventry's been brilliant. All the rod is up this year from the AC forty pros, and I'm sure they'll come again later on today, but out front Mason foster. I think he's just dumb enough. There's no way to Johnny honesty's close enough at the moment half up to go in the midfield section. Coming up into mall, turn six. Now Mason foster negotiates it safely. Donegal has got the better and the beating. Aww, Sullivan Mounsey coming after seven now shabas to eight then into turned nine hooky round long long, and the show bust Mason foster is gonna. Do a hat trick here. Walling unbelievable achievement Mason foster tixx away joining gun is second Sullivan Mounsey completes, hey, season with another podium one, two and three. Just like they are championship. False place comes to Luca Hopkins. So forty one Luca Hawkins dot the better Ronnie Harrison held it as well. So brilliant stuff there. Eastern sparks should be six hair becomes the number sixty. Two sparked through. He comes McKay. He's on cost for seventh place, but no doubt your race when Mason foster ahead of Johnny Gonesse and Sullivan Mounsey not round off what has got severe one of the best seasons of forty, four races sometime in until five racing championships championship. The AC. Forty pros Mason foster your twenty eighteen champion as winner. All this race only nine times. Second joining gone SO championship rivals for so long really went to the now on. I did do it front SaaS victory for Mesa, Johnny Sullivan Mounsey your podium, Nico, Imani Harris ahead of Ethan sparks, Howard MCI Taylor Stewart, Campbell, Gregg, Marshall in Jada how the top ten, Jamie woodcock Kiesel pain, Jacob Stevenson, unin Clayton Edmonds, only competing one lap. The race start then was a good stop by everyone is when the real Basle full of ice lead starts termer really close between Johnny guys Mason foster Johnny Ghana's initially getting good one Sullivan Mounsey Hollis, faster of time itself as well. But it's Mason foster doing what he does best just going in Pinson diving the inside. No one's going to China. Jim from that position, took the race win off the bye cannot move well. Me be celebrated over the winter head over to motorsport dot radio and onto the coal fab racing website way. You can catch up on all of the two thousand eighteen action. Thank you very much for joining us on might dot radio onto the Fabrizi website and on social media, live coverage of round seven and Deidra nights of the thousand and eighteen cool vibe racing British many by champagne ship. One force here. Moto teams had out on to second. Now, thank you very much. Also believing oil comments will read out, fueled rage, Sean McConnell, Wybrow Brown, Harvey Claridge Jesusa lineup on the front row, the grid, some clouds show Medica yesterday's when some causing whisker on VO two ahead of Phoenix hand Jamie king championship leader, but hobby clients, Evaline, challenging. This is one way going to be following closely for championship pursue with Scotty, sin. Blake, an so Henny mitch's and Fraser connects only top five rows. Simon Claus is in eleven at adjacent pew with Adam. Sweeney honesty meal connects an iron aglow in. Let's hope sixteen we do have five or six more inches and we did yesterday for today's races, so we will bring you an everyone is qualified over the course of the day, and as vita is just getting themselves into the correct order. Of course, it can take a little house in. Onto the vice order for way your qualified and well listening to live coverage on radio. This is cool. Fabry's radio, plenty of action still to come here from Tuchel in Lincolnshire. The son is really shining now upon the grade for the payback on forty and Moto team riders. Everyone just getting yourselves into the Kovac's possessions. Seesaw marshals just making no way to make sure everyone is in the correct position. I leave star two bills. The trepidation is as. And they says, live coverage, own motorsport radio on the cool fabric, seeing website as well round to the championship for the final time. Eight thousand eighteen whereabouts ago motoracing with the pinpoint one forty Emoto teams that green flag goes up. Ako sound very quickly as well. Going into turn one for the first time out at twelve Avon's gonna make their way through term one cleanly bit of Tapie only making up a few people making a lot of context running onto the grass fast time. That's not I to lots but three turns two and three everyone seems just about made it through, but the bus over the race lead various on Harvey Claridge's Leded, Jay king going into second and our easy xactly what t- needs to do now, put the flag out now j. McCain colts on to his pip crown. That is exactly why an we cannot be lower than second if Harvey clever twins, right? So Claridge Jamie king and third place, his arm clouds. So everyone else just coming. Does all bunched up time. We can really say how old plan now think shown Whitaker is in four Runako salon now. So on Claridge second-place base, Jamie king, sir, by some clouds fall. Stone, which a bit vice really turns bright stop faded turn as well. So vide- tan grades saw because I in a half seconds in the late ahead, a Jamie Kenya just needs to say that I've got my points on my despoil ADA predictions. One of the things we what says, sign up to, and Jamie king and say, can place and went on Costa hold onto his championship from last year. Some clouds said, haddish shown west caffeine. Expand fit mass cook. Great starts into sixth place phrase, Bernie ho carrying Henry, jeez, Simon cows, Asia tilt, ten Khanna Jackson. As you say, it's been a determined fightback from Jamie king list round Claridge has been on fire throughout Saturday and coming into Sunday and leading by the gap does king needed this result. And it's a result. He might just keep as he's under threat now from Mexico, impasse by master contracts, backs, cook has done throw. Now, the interesting thing here is Mexico was much quicker than hobby Claridge in the first part of this, right? So Jamie king. At the moment would lose his championship by one point is what it comes down to. So if max cook can get ahead of Harvey Claridge, then all of a sudden j. king can breathe a little bit easier of gunnison mega impressed beside clams I'm class tastic weekend near it. Touched show fantastic weekend for some clouds, winner in race on this weekend and his father. Simon winning in the motor team Israel, happy Saturday, full the clouds. Finally, a hobby. Climate was three point, four seconds ahead of mice, Kirk, Harvey clash over the line. So to Moscow new, his lap and two point eight seconds. So the gap is close game. Jamie king, bake cultivating pace, but shown Whitaker's pass. I'm house before place. Chummy ship permeates permutations is must cooking get past. It stay that really will. Jamie Kennedy gets position. Some classes just retaken shown whiskey down at term on so growed good. Move from Sam clubs. The price off was. Bold undrivable made him at made his presence spelt on shown witchcraft to pick her up at no antidote Simon clouds fights as way through the fail to think he has gone saves. He go ahead of Jason periods. Go on into other Moto team zits the thirty seven. We haven't got that on our time on. Claridge still max cook as they all failed their way through this rights max cook. Has he done anything to give Harvey clarity gap as one point, eight. As you say about the motor team battled, it's a real good effort from Simon Clough's again to lead, but a special mention to price akin out as an amazing start for him, pushed him all the way into the top ten and, oh, he has just had Bernie hook appears to be separating the two. No, he was just behind Simon cows and almost that motor team lead sarin clouds there in seventh place. So he's got work to do from that. And he always already the Mercer team champion. So no need to worry for him who's done Hayes work for this year out front avocado Trump's about this time as two point two. So it's gone up a little bit for some point. Nine for Claridge all forty. Eight point three, four max cook so is not what Jamie king needed to say. Really max has gotten to yet chasing after her after her be Claridge on the fatso still raging resign show-me consignment clouds that. Place over. Oh, and at the moment now running more or less line stand through turns two and three Radi hustling vice left to eyesight or side granny, using energy these pit bikes before the gresh, and you need to really write them well, doing fantastic job site, Barbara, Harvey Claridge with on lap five of the moment eighty go and it still in the leader, had a mouse cook, bring. Matt's got to put the real effort now to start closing in Harvey cloudy, joy with over the line, Tom boy, full. So max cook was foul eight tenths quick at that time because. Leisurely, come down seven to go max, cook, wins this, this championship. He's going to Jamie king. If he doesn't get past AVI coverage, this championship is going to Harvey Claridge. That's is what it is. Now, fishery now they're in the midfield over Trump to get. Let's see how that affects them. Probably average looking all. He's been held up by one team bikes turned seven. He's got firm now Mexico. He's next up next cookhouse to take voice avai sive action as well avoids collisions, but marks cookies row, right on the back of Harvey covered. Shoot a final corner cornerman across the line. I tell you if nights cook does win this, it would be an amazing achievement for the rider who I swear. I swear Jamie kingwood by Madrid afterwards because that would be an amazing achievements environment drink enough to be a kind of because Mexico is an eighteen yet. So I'm gonna be in trouble, had them cook, only inches that coming through in fall. So so close max to go the long way, round count, see who was the seventeen and that was Sweeny. So Adam Seraing them in a mobile chicane from expert to average. Join the I've Anita food after turn seven hour eighties game on championship patio in round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool Fabri sing British many by championship live on motorsport radio and on the cool Fabrizio website. Harvey Clarence leads this motor surveys in the by footsie Emoto teammates the final one of the season mass coke, seven tenths of a second behind at the moment that gap absent flows, but they've got five laps in which can decide the championship if months Coco's add of Claridge than Rb Claridge will not be the champion. Then no detail headaches returns falling five eighty five, not a festive time. It happens might cook mice, Kurt, thinks about tying the inside count, make the move out in the moment through left right and left the eight sites infield section. I'm Macy's. Harvey Claridge has got to really challenging. I always go my side by side. The allegations by Moscow desperate to take the race lead trying to go around the outside. He's gonna get the Cup coming into the final Kona. This could be crucial for the championship three. The final corner combined with a vice in line I saw line is a main Nana made position. I still ahead but only just it's two tenths of a second entertain. One reform after Harvey coach can nor put a wheel. Wrong pressure is on Claridge. Now he has got to deliver this. The tunnel afford to allow max coke to take him. He's gonna get straight back there. The autobahn. The autobahn overlook type. Jamie king is still there in third Feis fault. A Sam class is shown which cacique three turn turns bows all the way down. This failed with the big on. He's at the front today championship. This is Paul jump ship glory until you watch for though feel it's done and the Basle behind him as least six writers all intense facile than to six place. And it's going to the why. There's even Simon cows in the moti by still in with the PB with a p. bikes, unbelievable effort from him Sarma clouds. It's been mixed up there with a mold. Yes, service. Well, harassment will house this weekend. Harvey Claridge leading this race, max cook, pig, stiff down the inside at turn. Free couldn't quite get it done. Didn't quite such it out. Well, enough food turn three. Then. Now, side-by-side dance turn. Five Claridge holds on max cook once who is gonna take base Mark good. They this. We have got two and a half laps to decide the entire series air. The payback one forties have really come alive in this race today. Right? Straight. I didn't expect Jamie kings. We so far up fantasy other Beverly lanzi. I answer today coming through the final cornerback Marcus ity can do without that really how be fired. You're still leading to to go head Amax cook as debts on from x. cook to pinch this while we got a virus don't just on the finish line. The number, it's Wednesay, wider Kasey that is at a moment is placed on solar just going Yanni flanks up. I came. It was a brief into instead of title challenge Harvey Claridge through turn four at the moment into the infield complex. Once again, it was point four, zero. Four got note found coming through those corners, but as extending only slightly max cook, lost the and narrow Elda I do not know he's pushing on. There is absolutely no way he's doing his RV average a favor hair Mexico wants to win this right now that trapping we've thought kilometer and a little bit more ago and not as if max cook gets. Mind, Nick trafficking may roads by two, Jamie kings championship. So here she's looking on the inside. China get thirty trafficky hasn't done so dies boat, max, cook, right back into play that coming through turn to eight just one pig pig traffic jam Harvey. Claridge max hookah, stayed together. Max cooked lifting out the back now because this is incredible. Now we've every guy Mexico select side. Go to on the inside Harvey Claridge. Right. Aries. Max backs, hookah safe, Jamie kings charge. Dodd turned seven right now, gloves off backs took is only in Saudi quite get thrown Vikash, which turned nine with don't go along max, cook, charting the drive. He's not talking to do it. Carvey Claridge is going to pay the pay on forty champion. Cost allied AVI, Claridge's done what he needed to do. Max cook. Second place, third place. Jaime king will come across the line. He will not know that he is just been fought. It really off the chance to champion was only eight points. Harvey Claridge needed to go nine points more than Jamie king. He scores twenty five. Jamie king comes home at this heart and second disheartened. Third to be second overall, his payback one forty crown has been pinched from Sam. Vows just holds on the fork vice head Sean, Elliott, lachey six. We should get signing clouds gives us away as he fires on by Felix eight, nine, Bernie hook. Jayson Pugh completes the top ten. We have a new payback, one forty champion in the most dramatic of ways. Harvey Claridge on believable scenes here. Well, cone site, we Jason Pugh nearly put it a stray. Matt's Kirk managed to get through on that final it only for the briefest of moments, but the restart then finally starts vase for the final full Moto team race. All of this season. It was AVI clergy, a great starts Mets, Kirk sauce. Further back did manage. She gets really, you're not race, but couldn't initially get past hobby. Courage worked so hard over the cost of so did Jamie king, but it was not to be on forty feet and at the very last race with half a lap to go. That rarely must be a singing Phoenix. But Jaime king is a real grave item. We'll be back next season for more fantastic action. Ninety eight for the pit by one four. Not I'm motor teams, but will that means there's more fantastic action to come from finals day, hey, round. Eight of the two thousand eighteen Kufr bracing, British many championships. You're listening live on motorsport dot radio on the cool five racing websites and on social media. Thank you very much. You're tuning in to live coverage hair from Tuchel in Lincolnshire. Got a handful of harmful of few races still go thank you view comments. You weed out a few of them in just a few moments time up. Next will be the junior LC faulty elites. Well, one surprise. Eddie case Goeman returning to the fold for one nice only, but it was a manual Brinson and Evan Belford who starts on the front of the greats with Ryan Hitchcock and Mason foster on vote to grow three is Joe fire. Again, Sullivan Mounsey. We're just Bannister, Johnny, Aluko Hopkins, and Bailey's jury. Campbell saw seeing in. Top-ten, James, Kirk, and Choi, Jeffrey lining up back all the field, but as they make their way through and round onto the grits is going to be a fascinating race to understand weather a minute. Brinson will finally gets another one. Have it cooled, five all if Evan bell fit can take some more success from the Lincolnshire sec. It only time will tell, but the junior LC foresee elites are primes only create ready for a race starts in just I'm moments time. As divided, make that way. Then sue, the fronts of the grits real missing want us to from the frontier rose. What's your problem. As we get many, then full of ace starts and they looked towards degreen fact the final time in two thousand eighteen junior Elsie full elites, see the green flag. They are racing on. We get on new. I to all its term won't for the first time. This is a nine lap race on a good staff on the front ri- it's very good. Soften the manual Brinton into second place. Initially, coin close to, obviously Sullivan Mounsey is trying to give it a go as well. Started sick. The made some decent progress. Two front runners really doing very well. Indeed, Ryan Hitchcock in later they stand the manual Brinson in second, Johnny Arniston, fourth keister Gorman already from the back of the good case. Goldman is flying through the field like a hot NAS, do butter. He's slice way through turn, seven short bursts up towards turn eight and nine, Ron Hitchcock is man to reach at the moment. No, Ryan Hitchcock gave it a good start contracts in your thoughts as you say Hitchcock was really on the fly may one of the best. As all old way around the outside of turn one to just pay the lead. But as we come now into the second lap, it's so close between the front four runners and it's almost file five line to line as we go through into the second. And third term complex left right such a quick complex. So many might is in one pack. It's fantastic racing. We have here cool bracing, vine Hitchcock, go see and saw line to defend, but he isn't because Emmanuel brings now into the lead of this race. Four place almost changed their Sullivan Mounsey staying in third place defending in case you Gorman something here very often going always on the attacker fun sassy grind champion this season, but incident funnel, two corners off this lap and mine age. Coke may be trying to size money Brinson up heading over the line again, so long down to number one. So I buy side between Brinson h called Hitchcock only sideline minute Brinson covers selling the late third place or Sullivan Mounsey joining Gonesse. The place chaser Gorman in fourth Atla moment, son of a fed Hitchcock into the lead and that was on the exit on morning. Just go bad drive out of that first time non-eu Brinson Hitchcock he's back in backing late Hitchcock second Hitchcock lead in the manual Brinson second. Excuse me. Thirty Johnny. Gone forty. Sullivan is fourth as case. Goldman fifty. Sullivan six is Mason foster. We'll get it right a minute. As we continue. Many Brinson leads born. It's called still in second place. Ryan Hancock had a fantastic season so far. Brinton is still defending and time. Second place when I moved to down on going to search already. Casey Goeman doesn't take much does it. He's out enough of all day Sperry. Bashing nonsense he's not used to is in the lead their case, yo Gorman fry enough in the lead of this roast vine Hitchcock Bevan. Second third is Johnny garnish mega impressed, but Johnny gone. We've seen him have good opening few laps, but looks like he's in this for the long haul. Now he wants a podium in junior c, full deletes. I say this will it a lap ago at about this corner from from Gonul who got a great run out to ten, six to jump up into third and Anna's. Dan said, he just got the drive out to turn eight onto turn nine and straight three pass, Ryan Hitchcock. He looks like he's going to hold to it as well. Casey, comedy, star break, clairon. Cocky, second coming through the song finish every now, Mitch, second under attack from Sony darnest bolster the inside downing to turn on Johnny garnish. Does he gets it done on the brakes? He tries. He fails. He's out wide now not give someone Manziel bail the name ever in duck Shen to that pass these time. I thought something around he was going to take the Mickey out the pair of then, but he wasn't able to do so. So tesa Goldman still ahead of Ryan Hitchcock and then is Johnny. Ghani's force Salvin Mounsey fifth place, manual Brinton. He was ago. He wasn't eating echo, giving it a good run so far. We've only got ten minutes in this race in the moment, but often all in fluid in this Bruni Bresso at the head of the field vine hits coke. Second, Johnny garner said, I had a Sullivan Mounsey minute Brinson a Mason Fuster in Najib's Bannister also not say far away either, say the majority of the race on involved possible Gorman Gonesse hates coking. Ted Sullivan mountain full. He's not. He's in. Third now goes. Up the inside at turn one great old one through the final corner as vita stops on the left. Just exiting tournament one. It could be James Kirk, and they often okay. They just the pike tippy technical issue again. But now Sullivan Mounsey in therapy. Golden case Golan loses the front end very unkind juristic. But this means that Johnny Gunness leads this race, but case O'Gorman when he's had his mishaps house, HUD them, nobody Allston admittedly, but he has been able to come back from them and Gonesse Willie succumbs to the pressure of leading this race. I'll tell you police do not rule out case here. Going on is still five laps this race to go. And he got that lead within four laps of the start. Remember unease rod on the back of this tale already. So got more artist to pasta. These guys are going very, very fast, either up to speed leading the Merman Johnny. Is it be a brilliant right to sign of his campaign thousand eighteen where the win in junior Elsie faulty elites willy do it. We don't show Solomon mount. He's right there as well is really anyone's race case Goldman. Looking on the inside thing, that's just Panasonic parks underneath a brilliant move there. So where we crushed a leper go. He makes up for it with a pass on. These way back to all the funds of this, the number seventy fluorescent, yellow number seven, as more white backup does into six bikes. Now, Johnny gone is in Sullivan. Mounsey go head-to-head through this final corner out onto the very, very fast, straight hair down. Sullen amount. Don't good. Top-end spe. Does he move down the inside and make you work? He tries an almost tax. Johnny gone is on the, but darnest gets away with it. They don't need to rush. They still got two and two thirds of lap in which to make the move. But gone leads Mounsey by just Unna two tenths of a second vine hates coke in place of money. Brinson Mason foster v Gorman in sick at the moment. No, he's not. He's paused Mason foster so into fifth place, still make him positions all the time case go and just banish him involved in that as well. Luke Hopkins enjoy fabric of the other. One is in this raised nine hundred so far, but with two laps to go into finals, who corners and Johnny Gonesse sill in. A pound seats at the moment. Sullivan Maoz desperate for another rates, victory anchored role get it is not enough for only time that all setting up for the final hour. I tell you, quickest, that lost lot, though. Casey, oh, Ogle gone after his awful off two laps ago. He is straight back on the pace and straight back on the back pack of this leading pack. He's just the back of fifth now, but he's really hounding the back of a manual Brinton leading Johnny Ghani spill chatter going on down there at number five. He was bouncing in front end didn't agree stable. Then Solomon Mounties join along upper move. Those of just split that pack. This thought thing to stretch clear. Mounsey they are the ones going away. Ryan inch coke doesn't look like he's the pace. I must say fourth Pisces case third by Senate. Okay. So going right. Okay. Now here is your challenge case Gorman Kanye closed down one point, three seconds in one lap race to last lap. Now start a phone account down because he's gone as he's Mounsey through turns two and three. He's closing his closing inching ever closer Sullivan mousy so confident in fast flakes at turned two and three into the infield for the final time as well. Jonah's has to maintain off, allows weather advantage, but Sullivan mouse. He's got great traction into tone five com mak- move, but he's being closed, closing being real in by case Goeman third-place he doesn't want their place. So he wants these race win. He's right on the biker them up towards turn. Nine caso Gorman's good on the exit on his right with the has Johnny gone is what it takes. Hold on case Goldman isn't going to be Johnny cease gonna win one in law. Johny Sweden's Judy Elsie Baltia late Sullivan Mountie second case, Goldman fast, a slap on the last lap two tenths of a second, a blanket finish in the top three. But Johnny gone is finally wins a junior c forty elites rights and massive. Congratulations and from everyone tracks the big crowd here today fourth-place Hitchcock manual Brinton is in fifth by six for Mason. Foster Josh van is the Luke Hopkins, Joe Farag finishes, James Cook intense, but did not finish the rights. So James, Kirk, I'm, we'll be looking forward to having more of that in the next is he's in as a bit donor going on. Johnny Ghana's during a big old will spin just an interested of product celebrating in front of the great crowd hair touches, oh, the final junior c. full. She'll eat race of the season, a win a bit like this moving away. Way full. The first time it was a great starts by manual Brinson, but Ryan age Kalkin even better starts over the line for the first few times up the inside they full so so close in order to get these positions. But in the end they would go the way. Well, they win the why not case Goeman because Keijo Gama gonna grace then fooling in dramatic style, and he's done a few times been able to come back from it and still onto the podium. Thirty seven. Thousands of a second is the next is was the gap between the three of them, but is Ryan grants. He decides to stop from pole position in the senior mini motos next race hair. Round eight of the two thousand eighteen Koufax racing British mini by championship. British mini bikes championship facial partner series, two Bs. And then to the grade for the senior mini might CEOs bay provided us through some of them best action all season from the adults racing. Vying grants will start from pole position willed on by the fine club for one final time. NC thousand and eighteen just bear Kim lining up alongside on the front. Right? All the great Richard Williams ions, Chris yeoman's on, votes to a heads. Ahead of Simon Huntingford Bennett's with Bernie hook and Matt Burke in on the final all the good are eight starts is of course Benny hook using Andy Weeden Yvo by cushier explained to us just before lunch, how wonderful the pike cross really proud into fantastic anyone this morning butts. This is another one of our championship Brussels. And they make. And as they make their way into the grid. Now amu- pets get underway with vase star. The senior mini motos live on sports radio and on the cool five raising website the final round, all the senior mini motos gets no as a fantastic start for my book in putting himself into full place already on the back row of the grid as they make their way through turns one and see for the first time wasn't such a great start for vying grants, but it was Richard Holmes Williams leading raise out the moments and well, he leads by twenty four points needs. One point in the championship and in the moment would get more than us over in groves which I'm LIAM's laid in Warren gone is your championship battle. Of course, Richard, I'm always day and f, and then Warren gone could win and not would be able to to is at the moment don't time. Going up inside of him. Now they're gonna touch. Scholley, Matt Burke, almost getting involved as well, but Ryan gone falsely crashing his way through into the lead and take that position back rich. Into the company now. So. He may be your championship elect. You'll champion elect is not every down he's gone down is definitely not Evans a all his own way, but he's back up on the bike. He's back into the race. What did you say? Fifty seconds ago he could in fate, they could be back backup though. He's in eighth place still because enough for the tar. All the championship unless he does something else berry, just stop talking Kiko Charles because he's going to come into doing on he'll fly into the coma in come punch. Us still leads Paul now, that's all I'm saying. Ryan can't leads this race might not a fantastic stars into second place in a lap and a half. Now, all my challenging the race lead over the line. Once again, Brian grants as gone Irael pressure from behind my back. Any second place, Bernie hook on EBay by doing rarely one inside animosity, Glossop Chris yeoman's just Birkin. Simon? Huntingford. Top seven. Richard Williams a little further behind as you say, Matt Burke in is just chasing down Ryan now. But of course grant knows more than ever that this victory is absolutely vice over his championship, no matter what happens with him. Say he needs that win on no matter what Birkin can do. It will be about the race results. It's essential gong car win this championship unless he does. His part, which is a win at the moment is doing just that. But Richard, I'm Williams is in place now that's not enough for the championship to go the way of wrong Blondie be seven point show. It's all done yet. My Ryan grant still as Matt Burke in third place as Bernie hope for the right day. Rice funding them Missouri mind of van Ford and Chris yeoman's in faith. Go down to term one wrong grounds still in the lead of this rice from Birkin as you say, setting the foster. So it's you that three was Matt Burke, Greg, Vaughn outside one. Gonna take an as soon as I carrying into ten number three, but the transition has such a fantastic slingshot gun out to turn to took. The lead then is we take him almost is going to lose out to Ernie hook. He's got the fastest lap on that, not slightly modified. Bike is a full way pass for the race, lead massing cross up on the back of this as well. As you say, four, five battle for the Lido hook really on momentum now is about to say, was set in the false. Lamb I rider under the fifty second Mark, and he is the one to watch coming over the line. Now they are on fire. The drawing Dr late in the way from my Birkin is burning hope still would a five stop device downing to turn Matt Burke and all stations on normal vying ground leading. Matt Burke. He got good runs through there, but he didn't quite get it done suits. The long left under before the Ryan did flick suits aren't inform Birkin cuts the inside, but doesn't quite get it done. Ryan grant still leading. They rice from Birkin ni-nice Bernie hook then is Martin Glossop in full vices. I look down on the time just double check that one battle. They as full. Why scrap ball, delete fifth-place as Josh Burke and then enrich Williams is seventh keeping himself out any trouble for now back mile Kosabe we could do without as they come through to find a point of Ryan ground leads. As you say with homes Williams, he is slowly workings way back up the order up at the front, Bernie hook on the move. I just trying to get the move into turn one. I don't think he's done it. He's run slightly wide and will stick in third place. Just behind Matt Burke, definitely alert on, I think, barring Glossop Ganilau impatient and as well. Everyone just use all that corner, speed online, gone downing to turn five now Ryan gone holding on four now. Yeah, couldn't get much Koshi gone gas cigarette paper between the front and rear wheels of first second. Third, as they come down parenting Hoke dive bums, Matt Burke, and that's at turn. Seven beautiful little move their block pass. And that means running hook as in second place, no way through from Birkin to retaliate. Narrates all full believe Ryan Grahn verse as the restaurant. Plenty hoax. Boy, Gundy Weeden Ziv radio working well, Bernie Huggies looking tools inside going up the inside potentially turned on. They stay liner STAN. He thinks Ryan grown covers the time side leaves at a bit loose site by site Brady hook into the lead with a great move inside. But then my Birkin also choice the inside loses out full places that both to also side by side at the same corner. And in all of this Bernie hook does some out just manage to hold on the lead second-place divine on third-placed perky Marsin Glossop almost got two places out today couldn't get any further ground. He's trying to go inside at Turnham seven that isn't working. Meanwhile, Richard update. He's now into fifth place ahead of Chris wins, whatever grant does this knocking me enough to win the championship? It is going to go the way of Richard Williams or three laps left on as it stands. Downwind Grahn retakes lead and takes it down into turn. One hundred Bernie hook gets stopped very, very well as well. Look into covered the speed food turn to why we so strong. He's outside in that time. No matter. Third, fourth price for Glossop water. This as absolute thriller here, Ryan grunt blocking off burning hook down into turn five. And that gives Matt berka, Charles. They come together over grass doing the strimmer nab was that the was Bernie because I come through wave of apology. I hope it was anyway for Matt Burke into Bernie hope. Absolutely phenomenal writes in and that's just giving gone the half a second he needed. I should say, do not rule out Bernie hook, though the grip he has through turn to three is phenomenal. And I think the grip he has on his bike in general. His bed is better than the rest of the run. As we do have a pitcher, I believe that might be Elliott lodge, but up of the front is still Ryan grant leading thing. Elegy still lane writes, John. Camping is one of them down the back end of the grit aids away unserviced on Martin Glossop. Saimaa grocer was now going to our thing not second-place. He's gone through into second place. So mind not wasting time here. Mark Burke in back down to fourth third place now is Bernie hook, but still leading his Ryan grunt. He hasn't been affected until now. Right war going on. I was gonna, say, get defended because by gossip about so few for lunch, then down at turn. Number seven, turn them a seven. This is about to start. The final lap in this lip stream is going to be a long audit on down the back straight rowing. Over the line still voted over the line is side Bernie hook with the fastest lap. He's into second place at a moment only just still retains going into turn them one. So it might not be the best who for the race lead anymore. He is closing up through Ryan Grahn though through turn to three turned three, marching gloss stuck in Matt Burke in down to fourth place, but it is for the later moment, Ryan grant is just about holding on a labor, maybe going to be coming from Bernie hook, desperate for the vase, lead up the inside coming into turn six, Carl, make it work wrong, gone leading, Bernie hoax. Second mind, Matt Burke came forth. We're going to be one of these four and that's an absolute catastrophe happened. Where on the final lap in through the corner of this championship now Ryan grown, he's going to, he's going to try and take this way and it looks like he's got it done Ryan grant types. The way. Second third is marching awesome for his first. We are white with place richer tones Williams. He's. Going to be jumping. Each is William once twice. He's doing a wonderful A-league down in to the final corner, Richard. I'm Williams as the champion. Lofty made him, he made his all white put any in. It was good enough sick price does to Chris yeoman seventy. Simon Huntingford. An Elliott lodge already costs down in a Josh Birkin was David Tyree. So homes Williams issue or champion and Ryan gone wins. I think we had this earlier probably the best senior mini moats race over the air. There's been some great senior mini-motu races as well pilot, saying all this race, the thin and final over the weekend for the scene. Immortals was a great style. Then phone line grants, Mitch at Williamsville, getting involved in term on throughout the course otherwise, Perkin OSA Hannigan me, but then Mitch Williams down controversially annotate. Continuing to this day school calls on championship fakes a had a great whenever it's a great life for the race lead three full Pike's radio, getting stuck in. The course of the race, three wine at some points, rarely envious on nervous of some of these points nonetheless, say Ryan, gone wins the race, but Richard Williams wins the championship and it's the AC forty rookies now who come in with that fantastic race Kiko Johnson with the grits Samuel Munson. The Powell hound of this championship is on pole position thing is he's six pole of the air. Here's been absolutely phenomenal. Dhruv and dry is in second Fleiss Vernon where it's he is the fourth Charlie Huntingford fork Brady day in fit. He'll look in Sarnoff this year with a very, very good result sick place for all e Horner only seems some William Harris's eight Archie gives nine hundred McCartney completes in your top ten like Wilson, eleven. I had max where it c- Harry Payne inserting place ahead. All Eddie Jones. Luke feature there in fifteenth. Joshua William to nuke Scofield round out the entire grid. That seventeen riders is eight laps, each lobbies kilometer, an eight kilometer race. We are going to be in some fireworks. And of course we have the small matter second place in this championship to deal with mobile cover. That's in just a few moments. Your listening to live coverage of round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool racing British many bike championship. This is the final round of the season. We've got full Macy's Goto end the Twenty-eight teen cool five racing season life from Tosto ending. Thank you for all of your comments on social media's great to see her your supporting over the course of this race we can. We do hope do join us again next season for the next set. All fantastic championships twenty nineteen set to be bigger and better than ever Burks the determination on these young light as these are good. Some of the stars of the future. And of course we are the fish upon a series to be SP and will on the votes Motoji pay. So the vied is just making show they are all the engines or make sure they're reading up ready for the race starts marshals just helping to make sure everyone starts currently might be Henry McCartney though with a slight issue, marshalls are happy that the engines ready marrying SCO, look towards the green flag. Then. And it's not as they marshalls moved from the sites of the circuits. And it's not when the green flag goes up. It's when it goes down. Whereabouts go racing, mea, see forty rookies. Moves about websit down. We get on the way with this racist good stars. They make their way enter Turner one for the first time out of eight who's gonna be some uments and guess who good starts on the front row with grid a few following an, it's two ideas for the person in the race lead. Everyone else seems to be content squabbling for third place at the moment, won't us getting away with a slight technical problem, but a great scrap, the very front of the failed Munsan verses women pray said, excuse me, flashbacks to the race to earlier today with these guys Ruben break really on the attack now with Munson, and I think he'll be determined this time to actually get the better of him as we go to the run to turn eight. It does look like Bray does seem the more steady on his bike group embrace. He's in the running for second place in this championship. If he wins, then all Horner has three fifth place or lower four Ruben break to be second only Hornets just to confirm has been a top four. So what Ruben bright dozen new will be there in the second place in runners up position. But Reuben, Bryce Samuel Montanelli HANA, Warwick Brady and Charlie homes in the top five. A great run. Scifi even pray often does get a good start, but as they continue on with this race, so far, three tenths of a second between Bray on Munson they make their way end city failed for the second time out of eight. They're challenging very closely. Group embrace has had some great success in the states of this season. Samuel Munson Pinkett from the get-go few little niggles in the Henry Makoni was the original real dominance force in this championship, but then carried on, of course, leading this race. However, Horner is chasing them down. He is pulled away from the pack behind on as Brian Munson squabble themselves over the front of the grid. It's interesting to see just how much on a coup coats. However, I do eat my words in that Casey house lost time in not laugh two seconds actually to move in Bray up fronts on e will need to pull back if he is to reclaim second in the championship. They call the old just doing what. Chinese students contact with some your months in the ribbon Bri Munton jarred Gernany outside of Leuven, bright, wasn't able to do say so room and Brian still your race leader only just though I say that because Munton hasn't quite gone just yet. Munton is still trying to go outside again months. I'll tell you what he's going along around installed having to. I've worked with him about that. Fairly late on the brakes. Gonna say, Munson. Make me look on the battle for fourth is just as intense Warrick Brady Coney leads a pack of four with Charlie hunting, Henry McCartney and Finn and wearing all battling for that position that is also very close behind three more riders chasing them down. It could be very tense in the closing laps, as we look away from the vessel, I room bright as a leader. They snail still mass Samuel months and second. But with a the fastest for the race that has come on their first clean lap. So still fab, very close, nothing between all the holiday. We needs to do having a lonely race racing, third alone, race in third, he's good enough for runner up overall only Horner as you mentioned there place. Just staying right needs to peace, six seconds behind Samuel Munson, but fall seconds add of Warwick Brady as gots Hammy McCartney for companies well, as Charlie hunting and Finn in, whereas he that really starting to pose in now may be. Really enjoyable wants to watch. He used to be full for the time he did if you put your minds by kicker three ounce ago, but then as a championship started comes close by so really close in as well. But that's not to say the entertainment still is in that because they've out search a great season. All of them on that for now Ron about half distance on. It's all my office. Second team, Brian Munson, Munson discount, throw on Ruben, bright outset, turn fray and fall. So Samuel Munson. Now he's cleared track. Will he be able to pull away? We shall see there in the infield turn six. We're gonna ride down on the farside course. He's guy, yellow flags. Why? Even as at turn nine, the Exeter nine Samuel Munson aids or even at the moment, not all day all the home. His second place in the championship Holo whole good. So that is good for only horn remains in third party. Me thinking about it too much until the checkered flag foes for Samuel and really doesn't joy. I'm good victory at the moment. Does this. Young looking forward to him coming back next season. Have the cool fabrics. I'm going down. Goodness me is systematic circumstances. He's gone down. We will give up comedy, curses, warm day icon actually, say when, but Samuel Munson is gone down just as you were saying, Don about them, look in Pantene wins lately and looking good. He's been great to watch. Samuel Munson goes and drops. Unbelievable. I've been quite innocent this weekend. Long. We've had mostly Connor to deal with my fashion output. As we continue in this race is Ruben play leading from only Horner and Charlie Huntingford movement Bray. We'll get increased bumper points, I suppose, for being in the lead as opposed to second. And third, as you say, pray will be all about taking as many points, z Cantu horn. But that incident into the first corner Braehead got the run on months and and he did look likely to take the position or at least challenge him into the. I don't know if Munson was unsighted or whether they make contact with hard to see from this angle, but Munson was down e backup unease running around. Now back in the midfield at the lower end of the top ten. And it's been Bray, ten seconds ahead of all your no finds asked got so far. Johnny hunting in third had of hamming mcconnahey and Samuel moments, and to fight is the on this season. They've had some brilliant scraps over the season, and this is learning to be yet another one of them, but there's not an awful long time in this race left ago, two and a half laps to even brain leading, but can single Munson law, many points back Charlie hunting foot in third place, water, good, right. That is yet again, outta podium yesterday in rights, warnings on cost. Another one hand, he's in very, very well. He's miles clear Levy on fourth place. At the moment, looks to me like Kenya, McCartney Samuel months, and John get round him fourth and fifth, SMU months, Eze Cetinje science on potential Poggioli. I don't think he's done quite close enough. Put onto put jumping around with joy, opposite outcome position, Saudis si- well, Charlie buried himself under the Fareed under the screen to do. Anthony, we've got to the guy. Remember leads twelve seconds that gap. They're increasing it by seconds, allowed thought. He's a very large amounts to increase it even in the AC forty rookies only on a second ahead of Charlie Huntingford McCartney's now only three tenths ahead among San, but we got Blake Wilson, wallet Brady only seems fin and wearing William. Harry's talked ten on that sorta geigo sick through two tenths of a by about a second or nice turning out to be a real fantastic Paso right at the end of this as you as you say that battle in the midfield has been developing all race, and I don't think it'll stop until the finish, but we all coming up to the end. Now on Ruben Bray has just dominated this end of the race. Rueben Brian has been absolutely superb here today yet. Again, another way obey for young Ruben bri- he as one of the youngest as well. Ease one of the youngest immunised classy Acteal hopefully will be around for next year. He'd be such a shame not to have him back. He's going to be a future storm. I'm sure just as he Samuel Munson, but Reuben break turn, seven. We're on the last lap. Sir, that out to turn eight. The flick left now into the right hook, you background to the to the end of this lap the foreign rice. When the faulty rookies jumping ship Ruben, bright takes victory here at such a show. Second-place. We'll be only Horner not just on the road, but also in the championship. Third place should be Charlie Huntingford. We're waiting on him to come through. I can see non going mad only horn of his second jolly hunting for this. He gonna come through, yes as third place and not up DM. So Charlie hunting Sykes. Owed much to the delight of dot Samuel Munson as four ahead of heading Madani Blake, Wilson, radiology, SIMS, Fain Anwar itsy and William Harris, your top ten. But you final AC forty rookies win all the. We of the weekend of the day of the entire cool five thousand eighteen year in this class. Ruben Bri all the hold on a second. Charlie hunting a well earned. A hard earned and much deserve said what a great result they're full. They've been pray. A great win has shame. Samuel Munson was only in full place in the end was dead on cost for the victory right in the middle until I open my mouth. Unfortunately, we've been brave the winter ahead of all you Horner and Charlie Huntingford nine is your podium Samuel Munson in full place and none of bad way to end your tied to winning campaign Henry McCartney in fifth place. Another great was old for Henry, and then we are just moments away from the mini. GP fifties round eight of the two thousand eighteen cool Fabri seeing British many pike championships. The original and best British championships will mini bikes. This is cool racing. Right? So the mini g. p. fifty heads to the circuit Khanna Jackson has decorate indeed is Ron Hitchcock on pole position. He'll be opening for better luck this race off after almost taking the win loss. Timeout. Eddie O'Shea in second place. Harrison Harrison Crosby will be third head of Mason Johnson. Then Dylan mala Emmanuel Brenton Lucas frown on Ali Walker, rounding out the top ten is called paying an Alfie Davidson behind them. Allesandro Valente. Harrison, MAC, Harrison, medico, James Cook, Josh Bannister Taylor Stewart, Campbell near the back with Thomas Gomez covering Soulet and then jellyfish. So a good, good debt. And we wait then for the starts well, laps border side who wins final race of the two thousand eighteen mini GP fifty championship. Mistake make that way on city grid, the Rev start to build listening to live coverage around eight of the two thousand eighteen coup five racing British when he championships own motorsport dot radio only cool, five racing websites. Annals -ocial media. Thank you very much. Joining us about head frontiers, gracing foam, the mini GP fifties day, make day way down to ten one. For the first time, then out of twelve is a good start from wine, hedge coke in the lead of this radio into second place. Their place is the number looks like it's one of the malaise number thirty one Mellon into place full place at the moment. Very close while Lucas Brown getting involved with us, then Mason Jones's stolen ov- Eddie making a position on the number sixty nine Lance. As well that continues on in this race and on his house and Cosby. He's been losing losing to position losing three position losing more because he's been overtaken barley Walker and a whole host, rather wide is one that can please it just about to come over the line and your res later is going to be over the line. Now Ryan heads called point one, seven, seven ahead of Eddie O'Shea Dila Mana. Lucas, Brian Mason. Johnson roster, talked five cave. Your is on the way they sees exactly what they didn't raise. One didn't push to the does. It was right there towards the end money needed to be an initiative right at the death. So another good rice in prospect. Eddie shi'as come at live so much in the second off the season kinda white to see our performance that share all ready, but Ryan Hancock, Khalid in Idaho shy, Dylan. Meta Lucas brownie full racing Johnson faith on the podium in fall, of course as well. So keep your eyes in top five. Now is firmly on the south five at the moment, joy, Spanish during sake, holding off only Walker on the last line may want to change over the course of the last a head coach side by side with an through even before turn them on shakes, takes the race, lead ahead of iron-heads coke Diller Mana now sizing up Ryan heads, colts second-place finish pretty well. Actually put my knees brag on one surveys lead back coming into turn, three hundred survey. Quick complex into time for defending well, rarely complaints pike, very well con- Eddie confident very confident. You don't necessarily need to defend the to aggressively as just about holding the line properly as you say is really grip of the of the bike now, but Hitchcock is all over the back of him. He is making fun efforts into the back all the leads. A, however, in fourth place, Lucas Brown. It's just falling away slightly with Mason Johnson who recently set the faucets lap chasing him down. Of the front low. It's three, the lead into turn one, but Eddie O'Shea Keats it on this with Hitchcock hounding him on on the back idea, shaded, hedge coke second, it was closed app at Diller. Mela looks. ARCHE could be the move for in shaker in this group. Hey, Arthington Mel is on for a very good result here yet to win this year. I think he could do it today. If he keeps Bri. He's in the mix. He was in the mixing rice one as well. So dinner Mel is a good turn of the Mela family. I enough on testing me. Inhale, Taisho signing off the season, very, very well in Dade runs of it. Why that I had a ton seven up towards tonight and nine still leading down towards the final corner. This is the most important corn on the whole tribe because you've got a good run out of that down the straight, very, very important. You only late raking move. Then think about doing he not this time, not able to quite get the move salted food turned to still on Hitchcock. Dinna Melissa Lucas brownies. False makes Johnson has a look inside at turn. Three call three. He's in fifth, sixth place to me, Josh Bannister. Nara is a good start. Just Bannister came from fourteenth on the grid. Can you believe he's already in six price? Seventh-place. I think that belongs to only walk. As you say. But while you're saying that the battle for second heated up, it was a move by Hitchcock into what was turned four, but he didn't quite get the drive off the corner and Mela is all over the back of him as both of the now come on the home straight Mela has the advantage inside one, Shirley, he can outbreak him. No taste coke. Keeps the position what a breaking maneuver from his cock. There. Delight break his, he's all about being late on the brakes, but you kind lose momentum because if you to on the brakes, you may as well just not bother at all a manual down in what nine places to stop. It just shows the pace. We are gonna have a big big group in the comet by a pound three seconds here. Absolutely head to tail of the battle will. Fourth is becoming the bathroom for the lead. John Bannister has just taken these packed behind him and because he's just holding up Ryan Hitchcock and Dylan ever-so-slightly. It is allowed Bannister Brown Walker central to all this battled for the lead. Now for night seconds walls, the gap back to maneuver Winston as now just four seconds are manual Brinton. It's still flying and he's just on a not stop larusso Kim yards on the menu seminar together. There's plenty of time left in this rice just yet plenty of time as well. Heredia shake to lose the league because right Hitchcock he's all over the back of him. Dylan Mela inferred by just banister in fourth crite ride from Chuck Spanish to who would have seen this coming from where all so far back on the good downing full team twice. Well, making players at the moment. Any Ochej sill leads this race points to three. One was the gap coming over the line. The last time they're about to start the half distance, complete their seek racing the moments and say, well, maybe completed now point four, seven ahead of Ryan hates Dylan man of about half a second mind as well. But now they've got a few of the vied is in this race against time with just in front of them, and they gotta have to what they away around can be when trouble sausage do a whole lot of time and just get stuck buying them at turn. Number three into turn four Novon down to the first hairpin. Eddie shea does hold onto the, but it's been hard, Ryan edge coke right on the buy dinner. Mala also used it to great advantage. Crucially, Josh Bannister has also followed them through so now can join parts of this. Train as well as only Walker, the be into up to put its helps closing just a little Lucas brand on the cross staff as he was coming out so seven. That's how far why eagle pushed because of the traffic Siva cross the line as a bit of a gap. This time over on Hitchcock just banish. The fourth is aren't down into term on, yes, it does all the Walker fit. So go breakaway group of five now, sick by Salukis Brown makes seven tile tonight in the manual tonight in ninth. So pigeon's progress has been halted just because of the traffic had together around so annoying for Princeton, but we've got a good top quality group, five ane our sites have marshalls running down the term on as happened down that, no, yet I flag it seems that a moment. So its own fighters, small debut that had come up. One of the that seems to be fine at, say, half a second Claire, remind heads, coke dilemma, Thad added your Spanish. There. Then it's walk at Brown Johnson pain and drinks in Alfie Davidson intent moment across being eleventh with Jane's twelve thirteen for Thomas game as fourteen for McKay and ten and fifteen. Ben, Johnny Taylor. Stewart Campbell on a lot town at the moment, but eight owning on good second. Second-place is a little bit more consistent with Hitchcock with places. The one that's really being full John Bannister in the critical final step on the podium but goes really quite wide. Indeed. Any loses facts to Dylan mandate. Seems like you managed to get quite a good style. Style Mason Johnson's gone down, lost the fun at turn five, so bikes. Tile kicks as well. Anger l. pit mice come on. They will is he doing picks visor up on lucky for Mason Johnson Marshall's running back at the front. Now Eddie. Oh, Shays gap as coming down just banisters Darren, second-place believable, John honest enough to keep funds still company fourteenth on the great up to second. If he wins, they dot the best race win in this class all yet. Josh Bannister has sites on the lead if he can do. He surely will marries come so far back to where we needs to be Josh Bannister looking for that win at your shade out to prevented say, I believe that was as a result of Kalkin mellow fighting down to fifth Mela downs of fourth is not been a good second half of the race for those suit as only woke up to third behind Bannister be interesting to see whether all know at year. Go response should just banish the go through the coming down through the final corner. Now cross the line. Petiot just banish the for company hair in the bike area for time. One who's gonna shade tips in IOT war kade'er still in third by stock Spanish. The still ride very, very well. In second Iranians anyone's rights to the lab and a bit to go go, you say it's anyone's raise is a very head of any as as determined as ever to take another vase. Victory, only Walker inter-plays challenging for second place with just bonus takes whatever Josh can only walk if things he can do better coming into the infield that through the infield full the ultimate time in this race. But the number one, one, four as in position won't leading this. Race won't left to go through the punishment cornerman about to cross the line and say, has got one more lap to record yet. Another victory in the mini DP fifties, just today with a great run in last night, they were just one, ten, separated in terms. Walk voted Termine for that final step on the podium MRIs going to be where the real pass. Okay. Comes into Eddie O'Shea leading Spanish the now that west left, this turned five. That's an opportunity, but I don't think just this stuff today that that's a hairpin everyday. Now leading just banish the holy war because they're waiting to pick up the pieces should be any left for western sakes as another opportunity gone downing turned seventy very one line to hear Eddie. I'm Shay I think's enough aim hadn't. Joe Spanish is gonna take massive, run out duties, loss corner to Pinole corner of the year for this class. Just furnaces, close knit, closing Eddie O'Shea. Eddie. Oh, got. I think that coming to just banish the doctor, the. How close was not. Gets it, Josh banish, the second, the best second. I think we have ever seen. I only walk at the Dylan Mela is for a manual Brinson fights back to faith with the fastest lap of the race. Rhine Hitchcock should be six, seven, pecan pie. James Polk will be in eighth place. Nine for Harrison. Cosby Alfie Davidson around the top ten. What a win that kid has come on full in the second offer this campaign pilots on of the mini g. p. fifty as the final vase. All the season mini g. p. fifties and really has come into his own is key. Joel suggest that I'm a woman for vita really grown in stature over the last few race meetings. Another great victory throughout to the tiny starting with the starts, of course, really looked tools, the line. It was a great start from lionhead coke and Ryan has once again doing a fantastic job, get into the lead of the race. Wow, it's pretty good for say, battle very hard to try and get into Laden, defended it with everything that he could really want to have that race victory on. So winner ahead of just Bannister only Walker than in third place de lamelo manual Brinton with the forest is not in fifth place, his coke pain cook Crosby Davidson, not final top ten for them of the season. Thomas Gomez Mason Johnson house, McKay Lucas Brown bench only fifteen coming soul. I'm Taylor Stewart, Campbell roundout s- the seventeen strong order. And as you can see a few more guests can join. Every hiring the guests established as you say, Kiko Charles, I think we all know who this young man is by this point. Hello Sullivan Mounsey. Hi guys. So how is your race meeting on. I spend amazing just come in here to fab. I just wanted to come and say, thank you so much for commentating this year. Thank you very much, but you've been providing the great racing we've been talking about. So really we need to thank you. I'm raid because if it wasn't for my mom and dad and my sponsors, I done it without them very, very true. Forget that bit. Well, big, very big thing. He's hold of the parents because the amount of effort time I put in so we can all go racing very quickly Inigo then to the starts of the Xtreme two hundred, we will come out to yourself and don't you will you can come and join us in the combs you bought so ons about this race with so charleena's bits and Richard Williams that she fun very with the grades, Brandon Powell, a Martin Glossop are unavo- to any at tufted Felix hand, Harvey climate, and then it's Armstrong ice bonds and joshing nave out the top ten with Cowan Wybrow just what Louis Alex fella. And then Blake told me, Jaime king. I'm Blake. On is the full grits and now to get racing, we look towards the green flag then as twelve laps, we have in store for the fine on exchange two hundred of the season. This is going to be I real powerhouse live on multiple radio on the co, five racing websites and on social media. We are underway with the extreme hundreds into Taiwan for the first time as a good stop by charleena's bits. He couldn't really put anything else. Rich Williams in second place at the moment is ain't make day ways. Three turns two and three for the first time out of twelve Brennan pay will. They will definitely want to go out with good results so far holding on roundabout full place out the moments. He's in fourth, he was forties. Now, faith often comes to insert by small and loss of now. He will be looking to try and get back on that po- Jim Williams giving chase down the first right, the die. We John Nesbitt rich rich times Williams went down, so we'll do the same again today. I do not know, but across the line, let's take him sue for the first time. Charlie, that's been aged third by so for the line to meet online gloss over his any. A tough to dishonor tips into Tomas o. and the toughen has got third place, Martin Glossop, fourth, Brandon Powell. The yellow Powell is in fifth place, six place as care Armstrong. Someone's gone. The show cut route there at well, not really its own one. They took the shortcut up country position. It looks as the problem with the fight, but Reuter is okay. All that storage is his pride, but talking to prod product fat, brilliant results this weekend, especially for you, Johnny yard, a great win in junior Elsie, full early fail. Is because I heard a lo- bikes behind me. I'm good. How does it fail in the icy Baltic rose with partly when Mason as well in the trumps not gone your weight, but you know, it's been a good year for race wins. McCullough Reginald immaterial, no way back home. I want to know what attempted chip because in the rookies Owen to shine Kerner school chat in pros, broke my arm and they Sierra, we'll call to recall annoying the hopefully next year I can win the championship. You'll be back as fighting fitter than ever note the keep everything all the bones and all the right places. Just coming to the end of this lap head charleena's a stilling rich time. Sullivan news in genealogy, full chilling race union, Johnny, gone on the last lap. Trying to keep up with. Johnny. My bike started to slow down Qassam reason. Not exactly sure. Vic celebration was in coming out of the corners botches it would normally. So just to try and keep up the Johnny. I get the sick position, but I'm kinda quite gutted still because if I was if I kept top redraw, if I be Johnny, I will. I, I've row in out c.. That's how stuff goes sometimes rayson as they say what your favorite moment of the year. Good back on inside two thousand eighteen season. What race or what moment would you wanna relive that's quite hog probably. When you said the move of this season when round the outside and Mason game free the that Kuna that invest then at Robert, the first time I got paid Manella see. Lots to choose former. Suppose was you so successful about you? Joanie? What would you choose your number one moment? Mine was the last race when I came I because I've never won liquid go race because I've never really had a with bike. But last year, gee, why I was doing okay on my ankle by I was going to get. I ruled on the last lap last corner, a high side dead ally tip. L. i. tip 'em Bailey. He crashed just off to the line. So I kinda him of crashed off the line and yet that then my quite gift for. Cool, but my best is when I came, I in the liquid just then he's still making good memories even now just back to the racing action, eight laps to go and charleena's base still your race leader ahead of Richard Holmes Williams and Elliott. After in third quite spaced out ready is a little bit about going on between care Armstrong and Brandon peril. Alex Bella is up into some place. Mind glosses still holding a very, very good fourth position now, turning attention to next year lots what you're gonna be doing Sullivan. I wanted to do rookies again this year, but people just get this so light. It's just really hard to keep up. So I had to just go pros this this year. Cynic Shelby doing LC again then I'll be Steinem j. bikes. Fifty bucks. I might few seventy rounds. Kaz Kazama Levin turn into neck. I'm basically I should be at this stage which Casey's. Been writing by petits threes now is quite hog joining what we do for next year. The same as southern sung going to be doing forty on the fifties. So be in defense. The urged you going to finish next year on softened. I'd say me Kazaam tool than you reach your Federal's yet. I can. Correct. Back to the race that should six to go. Charleena's is still your race leader ahead of rich Williams on Elliott. After inferred mice, Martin fourth place at the moment, long scare. Alex someway to narrate vice good result from him. Nine. And then Josh, what Lee intent and then hates. Bonds has been difficult for you guys. This shit doing more than one class because you've got liquid Kohl's the ACA. Echoed. How's it been? It's been easy that does no real at up needed. Kiss I'm quite to annoy action to conduct some people acquire smokers, Johnny. He's so it's really hard. The made to keep up his. He's is event like a bit like Mason say they get more accelerated, immortal speed. So after push after my dad makes me feel like I have to push doubled the hardness to keep up the is that south things goes on in it, may it well me in the future too. So when I be people my way I can try same hardness. The Laura joining. What did I ask you Sullivan Ramadan? Was it actually. We. Losses. Really go to give questions quite easy. Doesn't mean one session says no big rush kind of about the money because next year the need to save some money to get an house. Just yours. You mom and dad aren't going to be living. Me ma-ma was this stuff. I bet you wish Joe nation. W round every night. He never mind. Concert, go three laps to go then all this extreme hundred rice not much left in terms of time on this on this whole series. The sun is setting on fire engines in the nineteen charleena's still lead in very, very well ahead of rich times Williams. It's been difficult weather. This weekend. We preferred Wetzel dry because we know you go well in the wet Sullivan. The dry, which are that out. I done the wet. Is is really groupie groupie what s loopy. Because last year I remember I every time I went through, I went through one of the coolness. I've crash six times and there was a lapse in the qualifying. So I knew I have my hats, take it easy. This grit circus number being the wet in dry goods is probably my favorite second. The dry, but in the way is procedure because that was the best ever. You did very well at any with proper monsoon over that WalMart, you Johnny dry. Is that because I'm ready slow on the to another big people. They find it easier because the hang on. The the read Lord. Get the win in the west. So yeah, solo all isn't it. You'll both doing well in the draw. You're both very successful. We're on the last half charleena's bit. Just coming down into turn seven, four. The final time. This has been a fantastic year four charleena's up towards turn nine. He comes, he'll skirts on the power. Now down towards turn, ten wheeling all the way. Charleena's bay has done again, another wind family checkered. Flag flies, four spot, super spot. I think that's gonna have to start all him now course the line as Williams. He takes second base Nellie after the hard earned and well-deserved Martin Glossop will be four ahead of random peril way expect to see the Powell across the line soon. No, he doesn't care Armstong on the line from Brandon bell said, I do Brandon mood on a whole loaded good tonight. Care Armstrong in the sauk five. I seen him all year, so good race. Handshake between Armstrong and Powell seven. His weight and Alex Bella is eight, nine, five Claridge ten for Joe shortly and no Ashburn shortly, the free lapse of that writes think's gonna win. The saw does lights and then lots. That's. The Nick Williams things because they were there just a ways on top. Good answer. Johnny. Any of the psychos names. Yeah, McWilliams for. Clever people along Saudis, nicer view will let you get off. You got any event ceremony nights today and give you all your walls out and whatnot. So let you crack on. Thanks for joining our. Yeah, I just wanna say thank you so much for commentating induna mazing trouble my races. No problem. You give us a good action. Johnny. Thank you as well. Thank you doing commentator races problem. Thank you. Very, no worries. You're welcome. Anytime. Time to hide on then the last race of five thousand eighteen coming up in just a moment. The fish upon series to the BS. This is cool fabric, sing. The original and best British championships. Mini bikes, cool fabric saying. This is it. Then the final as of two thousand eighteen. This is the third and final many f- on psycho vase of the weekend. Cool says, we'll start from pole position. Make Williams double as men ahead. This recon stars alongside on the front row of the grid Makelele and Richard Davies on votes to with Adrian m.'s. Simon Evison taking the third row, the grids, some clowns Jason, green streets, John husker Scott jets and Russ Morgan Jude's. Take up the eleven's spot on the grades remain. Get Russ Morgan, always out there. On what he has is good to see. Morgan saw Kelly how technically she's early on in the day, so wasn't able to finish the second race butts. We get ready then this is live coverage of the twenty thousand cool bracing. British minibar championships finalize is now the last Ray two thousand eighteen the many side. 'cause head into two one for the first time out of sakes in what you believe there is? No, there's a problem make Williams. He's going slowly out to turn. Number two is a problem McWilliams. The same as launched you all went wrong in the last race of last year as well. That was our McWilliams. I'm glad I stop cookie. Is your place. Heads back to the product and on into the complex. For the first time, it means Jack Wolters leads this raise. Adrian is the owner, the person to win a race, amiss. Kaseke this season that may well change during the course of this race. They make their way down to wolves the for the finish on for the first time. Mick Williams will not be leading when Jack holds is who leads, oh, hell to play in second place. It's agent ams, not quite as I quit actually is actually Davies. The one marked Parker nominee wise is actually Richard Davies in second place. In a moment. I'm more troubles for the number one. One one. Not as whereas Morgan. You said it don't want nothing. Again. You've done a Jinxiang Charles down where it started earlier today. We, we remounting they know his owning achieve one of the greatest characters in the product PA out front nevermore know that we all right son. Well, it's a shame that full. Wome one of us and we don't deny and other people's tribulations and troubles butts. They get and set about fixing, but the race Passover, the race ladies on Weiner, saying that many psychos too often, I'm afraid butts Turk halters over the line leading the second place. It's Ritchie Davies Makelele looking to violet inside line the vine side at term one couldn't make it through. So Portas Atta Davies lead, then it is Simon Labelson in fifth by Asian in fourth, Jason Greenstreet sick that John husker simul in some clouds adage on Oscar for those of you listening online on trek sought, we have a special guest in the house. Who are you. Hello. My name is Luke Hawkins, ten year old, an for north Yorkshire. Told you from north taught Wagoner. Joe human Nasio yet been confirmed a fifth in the championship in the how's as going for? You been good yet? Yeah, I'm it's been a great year for me. It's been a great year for me seen is the second highest rookie of the, which is. He he goes, yeah. Good. I d ever read. Do you find that good in the wet, or would you prefer to have done it in the drawer. Am I do very like the what. The way your door yesterday fun visit. Good fun. What do you think at attach any came on last year? So we've been three times once last year twice this. She's been contract for you? Actually, my favorite won't and one of my favorite circuits on the calendar us. Good. What sports? These favorite circuit. There is an actually win. It's just how you're doing that we can from Sarka. Good. We know. Always know when you're out, you're always in the top five top six. You've been ready to consistently share what the next steps moving forward. And next year will do see. Juicy, junior, Elsie, faulty elite, and we've also got a valet. In between in which immature and minimal New Mexico. And then we're going over to Holland today. Stop were Dr. You have to learn another language. Double Dutch one taught on the activity, Minneapolis, we'll get back to you. Lou Jack colts. He's leading by nine tenths of a second from mink Lee now on not. I'm not sure how this on you want to be. Very close out at the moment. Just getting past the traffic. He is not done yet. Coming through the final corner they are now, we're gonna stop that pinola Jack holtz's lead in McClay. The gap is up to a second now, but not a second is really too much of on this circuit visiting so quickly running quite deep causes through turn number one. Now leaky say, yeah, you be racing in Hong next year. You all in in south Southall say cool Lincolnshire twins with our part of the world's one, the tussle second so much. But what will of you enjoy about being in the cool paddock? What really attracts you to being here. There is also goo competition in in the. And also, and also also really light fly commission against befriends of looking forward. Coming back and racing them make sure I bet. That's good fun. Where'd you see yourself going? If used to locate a championship taking his time. Take time, would you like to embrace equality? I'm sure every raido wants to emergency fair for basically we'll see where we get our house. Play Ovalles as they say on the last lap Jack call to his lead in McLean still trying. Very, very difficult that's really judge is going to be, I think, is going to be down turn five. Would you ever go? Psychos one day LUKA. I have been Volva to fall. Am I being one Archer. Don't advice well, yet maybe you see in the future, then maybe back and go for her in the last call, really dos. Coupling owners to sunny setting on cool five racing. The British minibreaks jump ship in two thousand eighteen is not going to be Mick Williams win across the line. Jack Coulter's takes the final checkered flag off the air in the Minia onside 'cause ahead of Mickley in second place. Richard Davies should be third. We are waiting to come across long. Richard Davies gets third, massive back from his passenger Asia, EMS. Should be four. We just the way for him to come across the line as fifth-place will Jason Greenstreet hopefully with a passenger. This time he loves his passenger early on in the warm up lap for race to coming down across the line. He is now he's faith. Six Davidson Davidson been oppo. Jim initiate don't forget is not been so the case this week and some clauses e seventy as head of Scott Jerry and that as eight as far as and is a concern from John husky who now comes across the line. And that is a full racing action in two thousand eighteen Kufai fabrics. Two thousand eighteen eighties done. Indus- it. Oh my because we have a huge cave of rod as the door for. Come on. Luca bene- Fleischer thank you for being there. Well, thank thanks. Wants to go. I go on and we'll get you. In other words, you will kill me with. We'll be made Giles time. We all with Owen mellow. This timed on this. Yes. Oh yes. Yes. Both ones earlier. So do apologize for but great to have you back. Great value as well. Yeah, I got a bit held up on the first corner by Harrison, and then a few Lapsley are gone, and it was just mainly about trying to close the gap but must give you some real confidence looking to next year. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm doing next. Yes, still. So what would you like to do? Either the pit bikes free Embiid be the full three or the standard star standard. Okay. Okay. Do you think that'd be good careerstep moving forward? Yeah, I'm fingered help is just putting on a foster by the feel of graduate. You brother dill using good as you know. I would say the same about you from the okay brotherly rivalry. Then what do you think Dylan will do next think you'll be good? Would you know what he's doing next year? Well, he's doing the seventy next year and hopefully he'll do good. Hopefully challenge. The people that will lower down this year and the Trump injure purchase edgy show this weekend. Good. One of my favorite trucks, it's really good truck, bologna, race early. I think he was forced. You didn't really have much to do how did you find them kind of when you've just go get your head down and and the circuit to concentrate on closing the gap as Mosey close the fast times you pulling in? Yeah, that's true. You, you've podium this year. Venenum a couple two podiums been about did I know round except that missed out on to raise cliff. Pigeon? 'cause I crushed end and. Hit Manco that was at time one when it with the tire wall. I think I seem to remember senior upside down, but never mind the all, hey, now will fix up all the bones in place. Dylan. Thanks join as again, did it on. Yeah. Thanks joining us again. Come on those up. Next Jimmy park. Come on. Eating before we stop. So Jimmy park, let's from your perspective or minus why he's ask you if you still eat. Not. Genita- season. You don't seem a few months. You'll forget by that. So so bringing us back through on a great rivalry hit started Kika Giles already. But how has your weekend been? Have you been finding the rest of the season? Good, really? Yeah, it's been a me Stoff the around of a thing. Three. I'm not sure. A thing we do next season. Well, during the whole next Asian, I think west classes are going to be in miniature pay fifty fifty and have enjoyed the race. You've actually been this year. Even joined it then really some good results qualified quite well. You've always been on the fringe. The top ten. Was the Glenn goes, you're a good me in there. Yeah. Yeah. See, I'm all not bad. You give me all these grief. What's the? What, what what did you see self going? Say, like five, ten years. What do you think the plan is to carry on doing this or. Twenty. Want to do Korea, would you wanna do something else's crayon box. ROY box of anything. Anything all star, Joe plot, love football racing. What? What? Kickstart. It was just like watching a video. I don't know. Actually, it was just. I just want to ride nice. Let told how old are you now as well? Got like quite a few years yet to building and become. Not better, but become get more experienced, do more rounds to be a full fixture, jump ship company, not good. That's good. If we got next. That's. Over. Giovanni, thank you. Join. Well, we have cue in. Have to start with up to start charging next time. If we go here Johnson Johnson, they just started tip off in that race, but you're the podium earlier on. So it's been a good day really? Isn't. It got second of rouse. My subsidy find in your in the mini g. p. fifties aren't as it been this year, been challenging, been difficult. They've been really good. What's it? Has it been been fun and challenging. Sometimes we'll spend your favorite round if you could look back in the one moment. Probably this round da show. In October was around at tie Shirley. My was it good or. Yeah, it was. All right. Member teams. But not makes too. Qualified false. Nice. Jovanu tightrope. Take my job of me. Jimmy, how you. Amazing results the what's your plan for next year Mason quickly. You want to do the seventies. And just to seventy. Yeah, maybe the one to five. Okay. That's interest in mice. Nostra view. Hey, you wanna pass over to the next radio. I'm not sure my right now. Hey. Fin it. Right. Okay. So you want to race. Thank you. Thank you. Strikes came from. Really. Good. Have you felt like you've kind of become Rawda since thank you been top five. Top? Six. All all the way through now. So it's been good, really baron race. You've got a brother as well max, who's better you say that you've what? What's your plan for next year? You're going to move up to the pros or fifties on pros, fifties, and pros and what what's made you come into cool Grayson. What's the attraction? So nature terms. True phone. Okay, that's good. Now old I as well. See years left immerse or somebody you want to be. If you could choose lie in say ten years. And I wouldn't try and make too much or. Okay, that's good. People have sit from this Donnie and Scott Reddin. They all come from lots of pedigree, voyeur what you wanna do like next year? Where do you wanna finish the champion? Todd, five, five. Sounds good to me. Finnan. Thank you very much and I'll take off yet and then you can shake my. No. Who's next. But them on you take that Nazi Mark. Fine. And what class you in. I'm going to tell us. And is Trump. I don't include. How's your year been? 'cause you think top five top six oval AC forty crows. Spotted in for the top four. This weekend. I have been busted him for the top three before to pay Glennon goals and can not. News in the fiber overall in the championship, you'll top six. He'll talk six. Oh, how's that been like this weekend? Boy, like confirming good pedigree, good jump ship rosel. Well, it better than I did last year. I was in the top ten last year. So I've done a lot better my ride into blue due out the whole season, and I've come from fourteen place up to four. So it's been a big improvement from this year to next year. Winning races also planned for next year, just carrying on. I'm gonna do the Duni release on the match fifty s. Okay. That's interesting. How good is preparing you and. Is it a good training ground competitive and all that? Yeah. Would you wanna be anywhere else? Like, where do you want to be after? Cool. Jonah goi- like British championships? Yeah, the versus telling Kappen other an on tomato juice pay. Hopefully that's the route you wanna go all the big stars GP broddrick when. By the time you get that you'll be racing against Marcus, hopefully in the same paddock as Marcus, I'd be good. Thanks for your time Ronnie. I'll take that for you. And then I'll say that nice thrive. You nicer y'all to come and joining us. Now, the guest here. Harrison. I was McKay. Right. Okay. How's your year you've been hearing more or less around the thing? I, in fact, if no, if you been doing. Every year now feel what you've come on and improve water. What's your favorite track. I think. Oh, yeah, I love is quite like that was just because it's faster dot the the downhill. Okay. Let's get on call good in the car around that. Dan, less than say, good is a word I wouldn't describe how is how is this she been for? What would be your hall of two thousand eighteen. Last round. I came six. And I think it was a seven. That's not bad, then it's good results. Considering how competitive evidence, what you say something next year. Maybe seventeen fifties early. Some fifty. Or not really. Old as well. You've got quite a few years yet to build in. We always male young you guys are on memoir doing. It's not gonna football round, someone vassal something causing trouble. But what if I saw you as you wanna be in ten years time, I would you. Where would you think to be. Maybe BSP. Burji pay what team if you choose one big team emerge EP two out for what we dream. Honda on the same rights out Marcus directly as good as. Maybe not. So yes, we know that you would've wanted. Title on this morning. Nice boy. Get lynched. Arison lovely to have you here all the best and all that advocate trip home and whatnot. Thank you very much. Right. We'll Jackson back into the fold on this Jackson. Children in various directions. Well, that's been a fascinating I think, is brilliant that we get the vibe is actually coming into our chat with us. Normally over the season when we've had varieties can meet talk to us. We normally being told, you didn't say my name or he said this is. I mean, I is true generally. That's what happens, but it's best if you tell us, but nonetheless it's great to have the young riders in telling us about our business because apartment I wanna say the word, the phrase humanizes them because it calls me all humans, but it's great to get to know the names and the faces behind the names. We say in the country and the voices timid miss while we. Yeah, absolutely. Especially likes of Sullivan. Mounsey. Johnny gardens have been regulars in this comic books all year. Been brilliant company. Of course, I must have thank you to both of them for coming and making our jobs a little bit more different. And you know, not easier, not harder, but it's just nicer. Fresh faces is review. Contracts and website editor sport, radio. That will. Have you, hey, with this, but it's, it's fascinating. Isn't there? So young. I mean, Kiko says he doesn't Moi's doing is I was probably reading a magazine about, he's not as less says. He was only nine or ten years ago for all three of us. So sorry, we weren't going that Cisco again, but I think I was reading a magazine at ten is what were you doing? Oh, well. Something just as simple as mentioned a few times I've, I've been around the block with four wheels with karting and our remember going around these circuits going round all of this experience with a young paddock. And it was such an exciting experience for a lot of drivers and to see it all here with new generation with the next young kids coming through, and it's great to see that grassroots motorsports still alive, still kicking. And as ky-ko's mentioned so much this weekend, the success rate of Kufa raising go into SP and other types of racing. It's such a phenomenal. Story to hear because it just shows how much after you in the work and dedication, how much these riders can really get far in their career. It's not just as well. It's the fact of how connected we are to the picture gypsum way. The riders want to be, you know, it's not hard work for them to get there. It's not what it is hard, what, but it's not coming out for completely different system having to move border eight. We now have implies the structure in place in this country to to produce onto the national and world levels we have already is eight Donnie. Ken Scott read in onto the level. You've got. Luke mossy the right. I've been here done that and now in British soup, which he pain, it's just an amazing feeling instead of having something that so disconnected not very integrated, it's hard work. It makes everyone's life easy, and it really brings it back to the coal facts of do some of you want to do as a kid. If you can do if you can afford to do it, do it and see where it takes for the lights of Brad device, giving him a whole career now and what I love about co founded how that works. It is the the young kids can actually race against these older races. I know we have the senior motocross, but to have the ability to race against people, many as older than self with many years, more experience and to get that level of knowledge, I think is always valuable. I talk about my time in car racing, but I've always valued at about, say the Formula Ford championships, where the young drivers can come in and compete against experienced drivers and heya with the coup fab raising. It's just the same with the mix up with the mix of experience on the grass, ROY. Level three more. Well, you know, what is the end? The two thousand eighteen? I'm very sad because you have some fantastic action. Go one more guest. You wanna come in. No, we're being. A day in the headlights death. So maybe not. But it's been fantastic to have to have everyone coming in talking to us because eighth grade and I want to take just a few moments to they massively big thank you to all of the marshalls, all of the medics, all of the race organizers. And the parents, of course, over the course of the season because simply without without them without their hard work going through tireless hours, we've had very long days, Eric call family days in the horrible wet conditions say, gee, why red lodge when we had the blistering heat followed by the hollow boo vein more or less. At the same time, we've had truly missed conditions over the course of the season just wanted, say, a big, thank you to all of you because of the hard work we could simply could not go motoracing guy. So a really big. Thank you, a big. Thank you cost to the case family on race control again for all of the hard work as well because we can. We can organize meeting without those guys and goes, it takes a lot to do all the time. Keeping does. She do all the scheduling organizing making sure everything's all the out. It's been a, it's been a great partnership ever since they've stepped in. I think two years ago, three years ago, they know, you know, it's been a fantastic, fantastic experience. And now official partner saves bear spe on the roads motor GP. It doesn't get any better. Eight. Just what isn't as an amazing things we out of two thousand eighteen has been fantastic. Thank you. Ed you chaining in and full of your comments on the streams over the course of the season. If you want to catch up on what happened exclusively live in every single race in two thousand and eighteen head over to motorsport dot radio and onto the coal fab racing website way can catch up with all of the audio steams form two thousand eighteen at over to social media. You'll be able to find all of our visual radio streams route. Two thousand eighteen. I think from Kiko Joe's and Jackson, thank famous twenty me over two thousand eighteen you, especially this weekending key. Over the course of the. Wasp's posing everything little problem or this season off drug. But you know what? We love the sport would not be the same without the eccentrics in. I massive thank you to ever over tuning in. Thank you for everyone's help. We look forward to seeing you in two thousand nine hundred ninety two all again. We don't know where the calendar is yet, but as soon as its head over to the call fab racing, Facebook page and social media find out all about the details next year and you can head over to the core fab raising website because that's all the information on how you can sign up getting with the racing, join us beer, a marshal or any other way you wanna get involved. Come and join us is free to spectate. It'd be great to have you here and don't forget. We're gonna keep mentioned the sport wards sport world dot com. December the ninth nominating now over multiple awards, so calm and on motorsport dot radio, slash awards, best young rider year best finding Asian campaign, the press charity campaign the there's all sorts of. The ambassador Fisher the year, no matter whoever you want. We wanna see lows of call fat people in the snow missions, and of course be on some of the night. So stay tuned for that. But thank you very much for joining us in two thousand eighteen. I've been Dammar and until next time skip by for me. Bracy British mini bikes championship facial partner series to the BS.

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