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This is Seth Payne. I played a long time in the NFL. And now, I talk about it three times a week on the deceptively fast podcast. I bring you the biggest football stories in a light hearted, but in-depth manner, but also the world of health and fitness and a bunch of interviews with successful people from all walks of life. You're going to hear from current players and coaches as well as my former teammates and experts from the national media subscribed today. It's the deceptively fast podcast on radio dot com. Becky Lynch joining us in studio wrestlemainia this weekend, MetLife stadium, the first ever women's main event at wrestlemainia the man Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte flare, very exciting to have her. Join us in studio. Becky good morning to join us. Our you. I'm good except I just jammed my finger between the table Jared. This Sunday night. Art. Oh my gosh. No. I've been you must've that was the way it was taken out. I've had two suspensions to arrest to injuries. Call me freaking know at this age, and that'd be taken up by my little finger getting John. We would hate us. They would hate us forever because you are so incredibly popular. And we said we're having you on the show people got very very excited about it. And what I find interesting is Ronda Rousey, she makes this big splash. Everybody thinks that when she joins a WWE that she's going to be the most popular, but couldn't unseat you as the most popular fan sorta dictated like, no, no, no, we we are with the man we are with Becky that's gotta make you feel pretty good that big name superstar. Rhonda Rowzee comes into the mix. You know, you're still the fan. Favourite get well. So she came in and expected to be handed everything expected the red carpet treatment, which she got. Yeah. And then didn't make any efforts to prove herself. And and I've said it before you know, she she's had what the longest run. As raw women's champion. Nobody cares until came around reading. And she quotes her weird long interviews where she has these run on sentences. Nobody understands what you're saying. They're big angry header frowning and scheduling oleander that makes for a main event. No, the Mon makes for the main event. But no, I think I think the fans the fans recognized passion they recognize when somebody cares about this industry that they care about it because that's why they're funds and then Rhonda rosy as they're disrespecting our business while all the while she had previously been crying in her kitchen. How hard it was being in her kitchen because you couldn't make her husband breakfast. I haven't made anybody breakfast. I have made myself breakfast and freakin six years going you just keep talking. I'm just going to listen. You don't look anything like a wrestler? I just wanna say that right now. But I'll tell you what you talk like one. You are Gress if I love that. And I love the fact that you're taking on Ronda Rousey, I think this is I think you're standing your ground. I exactly what you should be doing. Absolutely. Yes. In what she said. Just now is nothing like what you see on Twitter, and you are caught in her up on Twitter at savagely, and she's got no response. Now this thing it's embarrassing. Isn't it kind of is? And I was going to be nice. But now that you've brought this up. It is embarrassing. So it's like really it's one of those bringing a knife to a gunfight thing. I mean, you are destroying her. And then she tries to come back with someone and people are laughing at her comeback. She doesn't even have a knife. She's a spoon. Evans. How this was gonna go this morning. But now I see where we're going where we're headed. I guess we're getting ready for Sunday night arm again. Night. Right. And in watching raw, I do have to say though, as you know, Rhonda's handcuffed, and then you come in. She's a little bit defenseless. There you come in you need. You get kicker in the face while she's handcuffed basically really into. Perfect. Yeah. I guess so, but I mean, he didn't strike me. So she's vulnerable at that point, you know, at the hands tied behind her back here you come flying in and you drop her. I don't care. Like like, I don't want to punch you in the face. And I was being held by backed by the cops. And then if I see an opening, and they can't hold me. No more got to punch your interface. I don't know what it is about you and like Conor McGregor. I mean wanting to punch everybody in the face of being held back by the cops. And all this other stuff, you guys create quite the hysteria. When you're around we share do an Irish, I can cite ting is fighting Irish. What do you think of the jets new green helmets here? I love it. You do. I love this. Yes. He she likes to color. Right. Reminds me of my first I wrestling gear when I when I debut n-next, see we don't need to talk about that too much less said that the better put it reminds me of saying same like, right? Well, I mean in that vein. I mean, you think about this event main eventing wrestlemainia, it's the top of the top. It's dependence thing that you could possibly do how much are you looking back at those times in your your first gear annexed t in the in the journey or you solely. Focused on this particular. Now, you're allowing yourself to to think back and say, wow, this journey has been pretty incredible. I think yeah. I think that's what makes it all the more important. And. I think why it's so necessary. That I'm in there. Made myself in there. But like, I think I think when you look at the trajectory, it was it was looking like it was going to go to to Charlotte flare in Monterey is the possibly the main event of wrestlemainia, right? Charlotte is great as a wrestler, but. And she works hard in that. And she's one of my toughest opponents, but you're still we're not at all standard. We were. We were friends I can't sit under and but but. Put Hugh she was again, just going to be handed this opportunity and Rhonda again just handed this opportunity because of her name that's not what that's not. What sells a fight. That's not what gets people invest people are invested in is a story. And I think. Me winning wrestlemainia and me being able to headline wrestlemainia is just an indication that you do not have to accept what the company wants for you or the placement that they put you in. 'cause I went from the pre show last year to the main event is year on if I can do then. Not anybody can do it. But you know, everybody has the opportunity, but he has the opportunity they have the if if they work hard enough, and I used this as a political campaign any opportunity that I could to get out in front of the people make my state. Stake for for going for wrestlemainia and have the people elect me to the main event they have and you are amazingly popular. But I gotta believe though with Rhonda being a part of something like this. That's good. I mean, it brings headlines and brings a whole maybe another viewing part of the public who appreciate it. What you did before this whole thing. I don't know. Exactly. What the storyline is going to be on Sunday night. But I have a feeling just listening to you. I know how this thing is going to go down the Telehealth. It's going go down. I'm going to be taken to people's Iams. And I'm going to be walking out with two belts Becky to call me. Thank you too. Yeah. And I think there is some as we talk to Becky Lynch the man in studio with us on boomer and geo and the fancy Bs sports network. Wrestlemainia Sunday MetLife stadium of the fact that you know, Ronda Rousey did have success in her other field. And then, of course, vaults the top as we mentioned, Charlotte flare, of course, has a built in sort of way into being popular. And here you are working ground up. I think that's what endeared you the fan. I mean. Mean that ship on your shoulder is what is going to drive you to those two belts. And I think I saw just recently a screen grab where you'll underneath your name. It was Becky Lynch did it on her own. And I think that that really represents who you are. And that's probably what it's going to get you to the top. And then walk out of there with those two balances there is that fuel you as well. Oh, absolutely. I'm fuelled on spite and coffee that that gets me open the morning. I just I like it's nice to prove people. Right. And I've got a lot of fines that wanna prove. Right. But it's a whole other Catliff fish, poof people wrong. And that just drives me and keeps me going. Yes. I can relate to that having walked in here as an intern. I mean, there's some people who have success and other careers and then just jump into a different career. And then there's others that you know, work all the way up bloomer. You know, all I get it. I say this on the Ronda Rousey of the radio station, you're saying. You're saying. He can I could leave you do. That's fine. You can formulate a sentence better than Rhonda rose. There you go. But here for eleven years. I there's something to be said about that. And I was a part of this frigging radio station. Well before this too as well. Right. Yeah. You called in. Yeah. Yeah. I did. Yeah. Exactly. So anyway, I understand what you're coming from those into income fission kinda, you know. And every day is wanted to to. I was once when the competition. Yeah. Just win fight announce that I used to never call in to win tickets. I thought that by used to call into the radio station as a caller and make terrible points. Like our callers do, but I never would call into win a contest I thought that that was impossible to do something. How genes impossible doesn't put. It's not people. You can do. I didn't. I'm just trying to a gift you have any competition. Art. So do you think that in a in a situation like this with all the work that you've done when you walk out there that I mean, do you still get nervous or because you don't seem it? But I can't imagine MetLife stadium with all that's on the line in this pinnacle of your career. How do you think you're gonna feel when you walk into the ring right now, I feel like I'm going to be very focused. Of course. I get nervous. I think that's important because I think it just shows you care, and I have heard people say that once those put it flows wants those fears go then get because just you you don't have that same age anymore. So yeah, I get nervous. But a frigging excited. You know, it's just this is I talk a lot. But a back everything. And so then this is the this is the opportunity to prove that everything that I say is the truth and I'm gonna I'm gonna chase. Rhonda, Rosie O company. We saw what happened when she. Lost a UFC chaser right out of there. So that is an you seen MetLife stadium yet. I saw from the outside. Oh, you did. I did throw faucet. Go right, though. All look it up. Philippine people. Right. How many people you expect eighty thousand eight thousand eighty thousand strong on my mom. My dad are going to be there. Oh, look at that is great. So that is a storyline, obviously. Because Ronda Rousey, apparently is not contracting for anything after this particular match wrestlemainia. So there I mean, there is a chance that you could. Not gonna freak and recently when she knows she's going face to face with the mind kit. He kit. Go silk behind me blind king make breakfast for. Whatever she's talking to. Yeah. I mean, I I can't even imagine you know, if that happens to her in two different sports now, but that obviously is is on the table at this point. So all right for you. You have an idea the way you want it to go. But there's other ways that it could go as well. I mean, you know, maybe, you know, maybe the fans all of a sudden at MetLife stadium. Maybe there's more Ronda Rousey fans that you expected you prepared for all outcome Sierra, you're gonna be all right with every though isn't if the funds boomy, well, I mean any of it happening. Oh, okay. Well, so anything that as in. If if I if I do not, Wayne, right your soul, overly confident do not win. Well, then everything that I've said is a lie. But here's the thing is that I've been beaten more times than I can count combat from every one of them losing isn't what scares me. An thinking that I'm invincible is not where I get my confidence. That's where Rhonda Rosie gets confident. But we see what happens when she's proven wrong. I know I can take a beating. But I know I can come back better than anybody else in this entire industry. Now, this is of course, you'd better not lose. There's obviously landmark groundbreaking whatever word you want to use the first women's made event wrestlemainia is that something that you're thinking about or you know, where we get into the point now because the popularity of women's wrestling in the WWE has reached a point where it's not surprising. I mean, you know, it's. You know, it's almost like when you hear the groundbreaking words and stuff. It's almost like I could see it be taken as as slightly insulting in the fact that like we've been doing this for a long time weaving groundbreaking like, yeah, it's groundbreaking. But at the same time like, you know, we earned this respect, you know, at some point the storylines gotta go away because we're equal and we're even in we're we're taking over. So what what's your take on feel like there's been a few token gestures? And I feel like this isn't one of them. That's what makes me happy. Because this seems like, of course, of course, it's going to be the main event because it's the most until Speights and fight on the card and people are looking forward to it. And that's had long, you know, this this. This fight was supposed to happen back in November. And then it was taken away. And and and then, of course, Charlotte was out of this, whatever. But I feel like it's it's. The way it's supposed to be a no sense being handed. It's not like, oh, you know. I it's on. It's not a further step in in a corporate women's revolution. This is just actually what should be the main events because what the people want because this is what the people want. And this is going to be the much seals is. You're finally finally word the money should be for you guys. Hope so I'll tell you after Sunday. The man Becky Lynch best of luck. It was great meeting. You. It was a thrill for us. And we really really hope for the best not only on Sunday. But for the rest of your career. Thank you. So you could actually do morning radio with all that energy that you have. Right. A great great. You coffee. Hey, what's up? I'm jerry. Oh, hi there. I'm out, and we do a podcast like almost every day. But not quite it's the Alan Jerry post game podcast. We really started to talk about things we didn't get to on the boomer and geo shell but now it's really just us talking about robots rats in New York City and dome people in Florida and porn sites. That do studies and polls. Yes, studies in polls, you can download and subscribe on radio dot com and the new radio dot com app.

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