Coming Soon: Do the Thing with Whole30's Melissa Urban


My name is Melissa Hartwig urban. I'm the whole thirty co founder and CEO and today. I wanna tell you about my very first podcast, do the thing my thing is helping people change their health habits and relationship with food. But this isn't a podcast about food through the whole thirty, I've used as a conduit to open the door to other topics addiction and recovery. Entrepreneurship money, relationships and self care. See all of you right now have a thing, maybe it's something you want to start doing going to the gym working through trauma saving money or pursuing a career you love. Maybe it's something you wanna stop doing eating too. Numb your feelings putting up with toxic relationship or comparing yourself on social media. It's the hurdle, you can't clear, the story that won't go away the goal, that's always just out of reach you need it, you want it, but you still aren't doing it. And you don't know why this podcast is about exploring. What's been missing every time you've tried to do the thing together with my guests authors? Doctors, trainers, therapists, and people just like you. We'll help you find your voice take the first step chart, a realistic PA and level up for good. If your ready to overcome negative patterns and empower yourself to finally do the thing, here's your first step. Visit whole thirty dot com slash podcast. Subscribe, yes, I know I'm starting you off with an easy one, but doesn't it feel good to do something will start rolling on April, thirtieth so subscribe, and stay tuned?

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