Episode 579 - Steph Davis


It's wednesday the thirty first of march. Twenty twenty one. I'm martin yelling. She's tony rush. This is episode. Five hundred and seventy nine of marathon. Talk this week show. It was the team. Gb tokyo olympic marathon trials in q. Gardens last friday. We hear all about it from andy andrews who was a roving reporter at event only speaks to the women's winner steph davies and Marathon is no more plus. There is a uk review all cross country distances. Holy rashly up to i have been. I've been doing some stuff since we lost. Hold so noise to say he's good. It is good i am. I think just picked up my van before. But i've in possession of my campaign von now Which i'm thoroughly enjoying. And all i know is like is something that we've been talking about for like a year. We never have also. You never need to talk about. It's just stat because they're not cheap or even though we got all sort of knock it was expensive. But you know it's a big thing to do and we already go to college so we sold those 'cause be picked up the cause that we've become a to Family and rita still yeah. Let's just do it because we want to go and do some ventures in this country especially this year is going to be quite limited to got and Said we just We got we saw this when pop up on facebook marketplace anwr goods. So it's so exciting. I love it properly. Like quirky capri anyone. Who's gonna win instagram. We'll see it's very. Would he say as in sort of rustic is not shy with neon lights or anything like that. It wasn't this year. You did send photo you did. And one of the questions was like a front window of course does it have windows. No no the bank awesome but the duals eighteen said all bad. It's actually quite different tools to provide and so low people have come to the beds. The back all bed is at the front so we wind doesn't need the site. Say yeah it's really cool to use it from running events and things like that. Yeah yeah and coming. See as we're gonna rock up outside your house and see your house. Your definitely invent stephanie. For like we can adventures. Like i really liked the idea of being the bracken's or something the night before and then being able to get up early and go out on the hills and stuff so that's what we do and yet disturbance ventures and then as we could up together. Maybe go event to the outs as well I am a name was. I think i did. I did quite one Lousy candidate was twenty twenty miles progressive. Wrong i mean i say progressive. It was progressive in me. I did get faster Another got louis slower because after massive hills get home tonight is try to include that in my smits and says the new. Pb what does that mean is not running. Jim baby oversee suspension. I engage properly into my benching. So i benched Forty five kilos as my one. Max i'm just about take up to seven and a half years is nothing to you martin. Because you don't do anything like this. And i've been rapping full t one and a half. Kino's he fat when my could banning if the ball which twenty heat is so. I'm i'm myself. I don't like any difference. I don't have bake replaying like popeye muscles which a bit obsessive already A just under quite shocked. I mean like i said i'm not going to get any running. Tv's forever so. I need a ps elsewhere. And as jim say i'm really lucky i've able to use a bar and say i'm quite pleased about whilst straightening on trading miles so yeah And the other thing today You've probably all heard. I bet there's a big shoe launch today for acid. Why we're full avenue exciting. I spent my day talking. Teapot up to speech sky. Watch this space. So i think actually angie his talked about the shoe because quite a few of the Athletes tariff is very in the trials. And a couple of the girls say it's the bible to the shame. I should just say that. I should leave it that. I'm sure took more about the show. Later on in shows been been running. Been kind of bat. Running gear actually did a progressive paced. Interesting progressive pays ten mile run. I say aggressive. So what i did was i a goal of. I thought what would stretch me for ten miles at the moment through a seventeen minutes. I reckon so right the average for that seven minute mile. I wonder if i can start off between eight-minute mailing and then run the next mile Seven-minute mailing right and then the next slower than seven minute modeling but not slowing mining downs. Soft yes sir. Alternating service faster than seven minute mining slow than seven-minute mining but not slow than eight minute mining. So it's like a flute section. Do not mean where you do. A bit of an effort. And then he float for mile and a bit of an effort from ireland float on and complete that ten miles with the amol seeing if i could do him teams averaging out yet yes sir if i was going to run a six thirteen in the flex a seven thirty six forty five conducted over seventeen well. It doesn't matter what the difference is. So if i ran a six fifty five you know i just thought i wonder what what what would happen. So that's fine. It's fine now. Which is great. And i finished with seventeen twelve so just outside what thought i might run but yeah right. Gave me a little bit confidence. Actually confidence to push it So that's a chased a couple of segments. That was running faster over in the summer. Missed and by two minutes couple of lot like three three miles. Women's five k. So you know i. I've got some what to do but still enjoying attorney what i'm really enjoying. I am really enjoying the clocks going forward. Isn't it lovely so nice and the sun today. It's just better for rather than running and things like that and those of us. That don't need love the winter which is made So i have never spoken to anyone about the relationship between rhythms and seasonal rhythms and biorhythms. But i'm definitely certain that something around kind of winter the summit shift. The definitely isn't that is actually someone. I wanted to get on the show. Listen to podcast. I've forgotten his name who talked. He's a sleep doctor such thing and actually in the podcast he was saying is it was really interesting. He was saying that we shouldn't ever really in the dark with the morning evening. Because it's just the best time for toll physiologically it's just in time of see that's really impossible for mesa this but it's true for may well there's the day today acadian rhythms that you develop around in light to the most fantastic words ever. I think it's something like zaitsev. keep it is. It's still haven't it's appropriate word. I think it was in certain until have started exploring a little account. Remember even at the moment but like the circadian rhythm that runs you know from day today but also seasonal variations in from winter to spring into summa. And you know. I i started having a little google rand. Wonder says seasonality niro Biology of response to how you feel when you go running. 'cause i always tend to feel much better in the summer During the winter. Of course there's something could winter seasonal affective disorder. Which makes people like me a little bit more grumpy in the winter than in the summer. I really noticed it this year. I've noticed a sees new variation in running. So i thought i wonder if the two related that be an interesting interview day anyway moving over the rest of the show who got lots to talk about. We have running in the mid pack. With in fact. We've got. Angie andrews my co author of running in the pack on the show a little bit later on because she was down on the ground so to speak at this past friday's team. Gb tokyo olympic marathon trials andries. Was there so she's going to bring us the the press story But running the pack is. Thank you very much if you copy. You can get one if you haven't twenty five percent off at bloomsbury dot com foods last mid pack right. Should we talk trials. So do you watch the whole event on friday did today. I did and y- being that. We had tom join us a couple of weeks previously talking about the complications around the streaming and pool. Like little bit of to tom before. We actually get into the show to the racing because when he joined us a few months ago he said i'm going to put this thing on and he did it didn't he actually At least minor he yes he did he pulled it off for for what was a relatively small number of athletes. You know when we see so many big races and things going on the intentions are to you know take entry fees and that and the other for this one. It was smooth fields in both the men's women's with a single intention of running the olympic qualifying time which brilliantly. But chris thompson and steph davies. Date i mean i was. It was fantastic. She because i was watching them on. The treadmill was so inspiring. I missed the walks. 'cause they weren't earlier but i got straight onto the to the maratha. And like you say. I think that being the had been some doubts may be about the cool about You know just the timing of the race excetera but actually looking at looking at the results in king tashi steph davies on the people the race. It seems like it when it was definitely a success and everyone really enjoyed it and some people can't have some phenomenal times especially the women and the men on shore the an ngo tesla bit more nor is it but it was fantastic. Watching the coverage was great. As well was really good to actually be able to see british rama's g king out absolutely ryan in tokyo spoke about this previously on the show. Sometimes that elite domestic top level racing gets lost when the race is consumed by another race. You if you're watching a race within a race whereas we were really able to focus on the brakes race and the top contenders in change. So yeah it made for just before we bring in jian actually may fantastic viewing because laps were taken off. a little. Bit of interest will talk a little bit more. A thomas in steph steph davies run in particular at now but the way for me the absolute highlight there were two but the absolute highlight was tomatoes. Last one hundred meters when you saw him run towards the tape and on his face. Yeah you could just see. It can unique crossed the line just before he got about twenty meters before he crossed the light inside the olympic qualifying time. You know running. I think to ted end what he run to ten african to ten fifty to ten fifty new. I think you choose chicken. Fifty multi seconds. I think inside forty seconds inside the olympic qualifying time just five days after the birth of his son. Theo and just about a month or show three weeks before he turns forty. You could see 'em light shouting and crossing the line an incredible show of emotion and then that was followed up with the second most brilliant thing which is post to. Isn't it enough that it was just amazing to see like. I've lost a love a little bit for elite running to be honest in the last few years and this reignited a passionate. So thanks bedford. Thanks chris thompson. And thanks chris davies and everybody else who who ran but to tell us about it what it was like on the day what we chat to and gender is welcome to the show. Hi there al. Thank you for having me so you were there. You were dine that what was it like. Yeah it was. It was pretty amazing. I think it was Sense of light. this is once in a lifetime. We probably won't say anything like this again. I am particularly on a close coast as it was. It was yeah. It was awesome actually planting to do it. Small intimate yet effect. Yeah it was. I was really impressed with the ami. Mizuno got there. You are everyone who arrived with taken street for covid testing which was done in like a massive building with loads of space and then as soon as he got your thankfully negative test everyone goes straight out on the coast and the way that it was done was that everyone had access all areas and so it automatically everyone was spread out so i went and walked a lot of the cost and i it just kind of yeah just worked in that way because the coast was three thousand meters long as you know so everyone kind of found their little space but it was yet incredibly well organized very very slick organization and joe gonna ask. Should i think we talked a little bit about this yet. About the coal you said that us coast the new those talk about this sort of tacona that it because they changed the course of the last week or so i think slightly shorts and what was that corner night because we didn't really get to see it that much and what did you think of the colds as well. Yeah i mean definitely fast are home. When i arrived. After woke the law. I found him in went. Said hi in. He said i wasn't lying was isolate. Really is a fast call. What was really interesting about. It was resolves you've seen on the television Long straight sections warning was probably felt a little bit downhill the athletes as well very very gradual but yet at the corner that you mentioned came after the long straight. So you'll have seen again on. The television that feed station was was pretty awesome. See how this worn long stretch on the course and we saw that yet. Every athlete had their close sworn in a separate area. Two hundred netball also. There was a new kind of crossover potentially getting thrown butler anything like that. Because they had day person so dora griffiths hoodies girlfriend day. You know people have family. People have called do not job and at the end of that section. That was where the shop is right. Ten k. so so they did the show lack faced Twelve three thousand laps and i went and stood there like probably the first full And so the they were still very kind of impacts at that point in even the packs they were able to make those chains really easily in. Obviously you've seen on the coverage how quickly those packs brew meant that is as soon as the Broken out they had even more space to do it so it was just not a problem. I think in fairness to people who had their worries about until you've seen it. You probably wouldn't understand how well that works and just as as martin's deluca to as well i think because it was such a small field as soon as that saying as soon as those little packs rule can you had people operating in pairs or little pace groups. It was. It was so broken of any way that it it turns just weren't an issue at all. But i'm intensify conditions as well i think it lends itself Wind was a bit of a factor particularly athlete. Two and became adrift of the paxson found themselves. In no man's land addicting. The wind was a bit of a factor for some people put their. You have the flip side of that because it was a loop that on the other side of the coast were incredibly sheltering. The trees as well so of the Anything about the weather. But other than that i think it was it was definitely you know as long as you happy running laps. It was a superb course staff. I mean you'll hear about an interview. She said that she felt conditions. Are pretty good. She did say obviously having t paces with her did really help and then. When josh stepped off she did say she felt a little bit land. I mean she felt strong going around. That i was gonna ask you while as he was so close to the athletes and although we the coverage was amazing which was great but couple of times. We missed the brakes. So the one point assaying to staff that we saw i told my Detach adiel an. It was tomo and ben and they were together and i though perhaps they dropped back to tomo but he'd worked through an old before that dow in our he dropped out way. What were you when you were watching all of this happening with the obvious the people that are struggling it was hard for us to see because of the nature of the coal so we didn't get to see well. I think i think my experience is probably quite similar to yours. Because i missed a few of those things happen in his well just from being the opposite side. Of course i had tried early on to to keep the coverage going listening to reform at the same time and it just became too confusing. But no think answer your question. You could definitely tell struggling. Because i think you feel it when you're close you because you've you can almost see so mosley's especially can see kind of occasional if desperation. I think when are old but it was interesting. Because obviously chris had become detached quite early on and then the next thing i heard was like at adhered fuse. It athletes in manages toll to each other. And saying i think thomas if a surgeon and i'd like try to it's like this ripple goes through because there's so few people there that you you're over here in people's conversations and i'm just kinda thought new year's washington reysen kinda yet. This is exactly what he's gonna do in similarly ask with the with the females. Think that the women's race. I think it was steph. Looked very very comfortable or all the way through really you could save as soon as she got the opportunity to go that she was going to. I think i believe in the in. The technical mainsheet actually asked to go through halfway little bit faster than than a gold. She does send full so enough. Renfrew seventy fi- something as soon as she got the k. And had the definite switch way definitely when the pace is stepping and obviously she suffered down maintained it and it was just you know the same thing happened with chris. It was just a phenomenal thing to watch really really exciting. When chris closed that gap they went away. You know and then. He closed that gap and came back that. But that's an incredible feeling and one the no you don't get very often in racing. He spoke about it afterwards. Was it really obvious. That was a moment like a clearly defining moment in the race. He says in his post race that he learned to race the luke like he said. I learned that. I learned to run the call to learn to run the loop and the pace. The guys were going initially too quick for me so backs. Dang and that such a confident wise strategy particularly for maratha running and one that when it did come back together he clearly just had not only did he pace it really well but he also was really able to deliver. Yeah you're you're right isn't it. Because he's got years and years of experience behind him and he knows knows how to raise. He knows what to do and he was confident the that was what he needs to take racism race and seeing what happened but genuinely i mean i don't know how many people well i know. He certainly didn't think that that was gonna happen of he said in his interviews as well stating he he likes that. How does this happen. And it was so. That was so brilliant about watching it that he's He believed in himself and he pulled her. And i also think will so having his song born on. Monday is probably like recite. Like just gonna to do. This is now or never and i loved about. It was such a brilliant emotional finish to see him talks openly about how he felt. Because he's you know he doesn't know me get emotional. It was not that finish. Was like again because i think that stage Finish probably about ten minutes. We got feedback all the time that used to lead on that colson day. Anything could happen. I mean we seeing people drop now all the time on a lacosse. The i think to mention this in his interview with a smart and he said that on site not. They don't have to wait to bridge to wait to the end. That can just step off whenever and at any stage you know people were pulling out all the time things will happen in you kinda just dead dream a little bit that he is going to clinch it. But it wasn't until an. I watched it back on on the film as well. I think it wasn't until he turned on last long street to the finish line. That was the first time you've actually seen look back. I think he was so focused. On like like for instance. Said i think having this real focused and belief that he just had keep going at our pace and he didn't. He didn't look back once until he was not straight. And i really believe that the position of where the clock was a really believed that he was coming in today and he saw the clock. Amos thought right. I can really start to take this in now. And that's why it had that last glance back for what was what was incredible. I think again the experience of being a finish line on a closed course is you. Don't have the noises crowd and you could hear what he was as as he grabbed a finnish from toma. He's really so emotional. Everything insane and sorted Searching credible thing like a private moment really for for a lot of people to be part of and the sameness steph narrow again. It was amazing. Memory hopefully will get christmas shows took. We've got steph on the show. Talk about her run by another few other you mentioned. Dns actually and the ease with which one could step off the track but they're only twenty finishes on the day if you real notable dns partridge and tom evans. Of course. i'm tom who who'd had too many good fulham. And lily who is really in a would have been really disappointed and actually post race coverage. Something saw twice with tomo. Chris thompson spending what was his moments of you know amazing. Crowning glory he was. Actually you tiffy talking to lily. Partridge obviously we can hear what you're saying. But the cameras on the both and he was clearly saying to her aglietta. Worry your your car or something like that. And then he posted a lovely messages on twitter as well so that when the elite running endurance american community come together like that bow. sorry to not see lilly. Have a good run or tom. Thomas eight to treat hospital void described as An infection in charlotte are also Dna but focusing on the positives mosey edwards. I think you got some nine mini series phenomenal chopped thirteen and a half minutes of her p. b. in case in which there were eleven. Yeah i think one the forty five. Maratha really overlook that v forty five. I was just about ceo. Think everybody's so focused on the fact. Obviously because it was the olympic trials morrison the come themes and qualification windows open as well and so there actually eleven commonwealth games stunned. It's run on friday as well. And i think that's just being completely sidestepped. But again i think to come back to unleash and he. It was a forty five record. He run to seventeen twenty six and was butted when he came over the line for over the last time in math you could hear him say officials forty five. You know it was just like he just couldn't quite believe himself but i'm sure it's interesting that you just said about 'em athletes all coming together to support each other because it was definitely that person when he finished restraint over to ben. Connor assam Josh griffiths was really making time for everyone. While at the same time you know knowing inside that he had this code so that was awesome. And i think definitely Three the pace. Pacemaker is all work together as well as just it was just a really just a really nice things that everyone was really supportive for each other. But yeah the the times. It's amazing my favorite thing at the end. They was like you was saying about. Angie that it was like a bit of a weird thing closed calls and you just running around ugandan so off like a park runs over new and then i loved the end when they awarded them and they have to get on the steps. Just that wasn't a patient is to stand on the steps berlin and the band. I mean he was like london. You could barely move. And he's putting Adver thing out that and he could hardly get out the stats like toldo sprung up you full of the joints of spring. I thought that was really lovely. That was because every everything that conrad she ran really well iran puffing really to do what he needed to do already having the qualifying time just maryland. Yeah so really. Great to see a to olympic qualifying times. I'm not certain around the olympic qualifying window. I think that's closed things year selected. Yeah it's tuesday so steph dave's has got her place but who else is even saying it's still let's still yet to be decided. Yes it's charlotte Trial thinks announced today a soul was really missed. It might be on to your right. Is tuesday today. yeah yeah. I think i'm in the indus going back to again. The things that were achieved this race in natasha courtroom in heartbreaking. She was only four seconds of qualifying time. Not she's she's been second place and it was a pay for her and it was actually welsh national. Recode think of that equity people remind them for those things because obviously she was heartbroken which just missed out a massive debate. You know to unfortunately just miss out but you know again this is a commonwealth games standard. That runs a who official comeback in good form for that next year positive award for her brilliant to speak to on the show. And you thank you so much for going. Dan and representing marathon. Talk q the team. Gb olympic marathon trials for tokyo later on in the always lovely to have you on the show yet thanking for country by in other news this week uk. Athletics announced a review of the cross country consultation. They receive nitty ten thousand survey responses. More than a hundred separate submissions. They say that demonstrates have passionate the athletics community regard cross country response representatives significant level of engagement they say from athletes and clubs and representative of the membership. They've said they've learned a lot through the process. Now here's some of the key things they said. This was mainly a bagged. Should cross country be equal distances for men and women they say. Uk say the survey show. The majority are survey show a majority of respondents showed preference for separate male and st- female to maintain exposure and quality of racing. A mixed race was not majority preference. There was a difference in preference. Wherever of distance between men and women. With the majority of women preferring ak and men seeing ten k. As the optimum racing now while it's more of half the respondents than gardens from national governing bodies is important. There was an even greater preference. The competition provides a local level to determine how best to deliver cross country. So basically what. I think they've done sets up another group to talk about so we had looking it. They've done a petition. Another question now. They've sat up other group to talk about it. Which is mildly disappointing. But at the same time. I understand the importance of the needs of consultation but it really sounds like a concrete decision. Either way around distance wasn't they were not able to reach. There was no immediate decision made over racing distance in gender equality which is what the whole thing was written started. Feel about yes. Welsh insurance coach. Chris jones with Will work with the interim head of endurance rob denmark to create a new endurance subgroup of competition. working group. A subgroup of competition that yes they will. They will have a goal of making enhancement greater investment in cross country and more cohesive community without impacting the integrity of the event that we go getting embroiled in it. That's what's happening. Uk going to talk about it a little bit right security. Maratha only read this on thirty reveiz dot com. No i didn't hear anything about this. I just in china is. That is a shame. And i'm actually surprised because i thought it was quite a big. You know well established race but clearly would you tell license changing times and lack of sponsorship. Its name all. It's a huge race. If you want to know more about it headlong to tony rivers dot com or japan. Running news bret. Lana both do cover the story but the focus. Maratha international open marathon championship will cease to exist after this year's edition ending a runoff ready. Seventy five years. Listen this marathon has been going for seventy five years. It was once the cran jewell of math running. The unofficial will ship says tony. The raceway will strays derek. Late men the first sub two ten in history in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven frank schulte olympic marathon champion thinking eighty four established his math in korea by stringing four titles together and seventy one to seventy four rope de castella the australian join derek clayton as a world record hoda running to right eighteen in one thousand nine hundred eighty one and the late great samuel andrew. I run his math in debt. One his marathon debut in secure data in two thousand and seven a great loss. Really i think Particularly in in a country where the mouth and running is strong path of that culture. And you know. We've recently seen some of the fastest racing in depth and quality of japanese Marathoning etta yet Commemorative is notable. What a shame. So the last one this year shame at she. Lucky enough to catch up with steph early today actually to talk through how race when what preparation was especially with At rules and what her thoughts are going forward for the rest of the year and preparing tapio he. She is so this week show. We have got fresh from her amazing rum last friday. Was it for days on. Seth davis who won the british olympic marathon. Trials loss friday. She crossed the finish line in a pb. Good timing to twenty seven. Sixty a qualifying for ten olympics I'd thanks so much for having me on a so exciting to talk to you and we just had a little bit with shop for start recording. Because i just went to to to find out how how it felt in the day you build up how. It's been since what preparations off. Take your going forward and of obviously the question. Everyone wants no is. How do you do it running sixty to sixty five miles a week. Because that's a big budding question because it seems to decide many miles say refreshing to speak someone. He's not hung up on miles. Who does things cross training strength training cycling and can still bombed the incredible time and amd was making requires. Louis so turco's toolkit streak. Must've we'll talk us through the rice. I mean it was fine. It was really early. The dossier conditions pretty good when they yeah. The conditions were good in the end. I was obsessing like the weather lady and my boyfriend would go bike by. What's the temperature. And i'll just do so. I was doing not for the race. Probably more so because i wanted it to be perfect addictions on friday and it did. Kip saying was going to rain. Side like everything packed my bags be prepared but actually turned out to be a fine. It was quite windy coming up when you just past and we're the finish area. Was that stretch. We kind of we've done. That was a bit windy but psychologically that actually helped a lot. Because for me i was just thinking get past as wendy bit and then you go on the tall and then you had the straight edge coming back down towards the star where the wind was kind of more behind you aminu new corners on that bit so that that felt really really nice mentally The the race a bit and setting buying the pacers also they back a little bit of shelter for us and from that wind but no the conditions on wednesday where were amazing and i keep playing the vase back in my life. I watched that back on on the coverage. But no i just like in. I knew that. I was in a sheet to run. At least one ran in appalachia when around two twenty seven marion two thousand nineteen which was before previously young yet. Yeah so that was twenty seven four t and obviously with you know yourself you've done marathons anything much. Anything can happen during the race. And i didn't want to make who shit too early on i wanted just to sit behind the pacers which were going seventy four minute pace over halfway announced. What did that mean we went through seventy five so were they were perfect and i just sat there felt comfortable. I had a terrible stitch by. And so i was thinking out point. Oh great this is a really good start so at that point. I just made the decision to to say to macos coming round. I didn't want any kind of carb. Drinks switch some name out to water and that that seemed to settle my stomach. Because you know you need the fuel coming in but you want my tummy so upset with let it was. It was fine it was manageable. So yeah and i just sat there with the group for halfway felt quite controlled and then. I don't even really remember a political point in the race. I broke away from the group. I don't even think it wasn't necessarily that. I broke away. I think it was more that we stay with the same Yeah you're just focusing on the back of them and staying there. I'm for while. Beware stressing out chief coverage four five meters behind them. And i think my coaches kept shouting at those pass to push that on and sit in right behind. So i think when i did that seems that got seemed to kind of open and it just went from there will also stage. Was i remember. Because all i was actually running on a treadmill behind watching you on his affect sacred shelter treadmills so i was watching you and for some reason as usually you know the television coverage was going back and forth between men and the women say and then what happened with. The guys overtook you. They locked you for the first time. And you will go in single file which is really gadget. We'll see how that dave said to getting single followed Vegas and then the next minute came back to the pacers. It was josh and the other guy and then it was just. Yeah evan clinton yeah. I'm then like Oh okay so steph and then suddenly it was like you could see there was the long straight and there was no one behind you my goal. I think no. I think at that point when we come into single file. I wasn't front behind the pacers. I think that could be which i was around. Twenty five k. Just way and because he went into that single file line nachos. If you're maybe at the back to surge back to the group does take a lot of thing that could be where it kinda did are i think some smaller groups than formed an between the girls behind but then after that it was just yeah case of of just for me. I just focused on the pacers sticking behind. And i wasn't even really paying attention to my watch too much oversee. I was aware my googling was her talked to the time for me. I didn't wasn't stressing by the time. Because i didn't need to get it but equally i did want to prove that i was still at olympic qualifying. Gene ended up to twenty nine twenty nine or two twenty seven sixteen while iran. I didn't really mind wasn't a goal from every other american. I've done all be all about time of how i split down to my my power. My so i'm really checking in with myself. All the time was. I didn't really have i wasn't doing that. During is a great way to racers and it. Because you're actually well you'll racing but you had the the pace is so talking about that then do you think then because you looked good you looked really comfortable. You didn't stressed any times. And there was an all talk about when the pace is gonna drop the. I pasted opt-out. Then you had josh. Did a really great job. And then he dropped out on the last lap. She had the last parade. You looked really good in control do you think. Do you think you can run foster by the end when i was just setting behind. Joe walsh yet. I wasn't pushing it. I wasn't saying to him like let's get foster here. Let's take a year. i. I think. I think there's more in the tank in troop is operatives and say that gala you'd never know economic dream from my training. I do believe that. I could go quicker than i think. If if there was other girls around me. I would have that competitive nash to really bite official. Whereas when you're sitting behind a male pacer has nothing to do with the race. That i maybe didn't have not like fire. My bailey you said you attorney The lead yet and i was. Don't get me wrong knowing you have. We didn't make me feel like. I bagged already because i had no idea. Actually ho far where they were behind name. That people were seeing had elite. But i didn't know whether that was shaking ninety thousand or whatever and you have no idea of anyone else's feeling behind you. I mean look in conditioning birds. She rallied she did incredible at anyone. Could rally or i could fade A wall all of a sudden and just fade so. I didn't take anything for granted as going arrived. Was just saying to stay. At least where i was not paste and then obviously try to round off a little bit as i was coming through that last lap but it wasn't till the five hundred meters to go that when i saw the the clock. Oh actually i am. I could be on preppy. Be here as well so then you are going to be a small one but it was obviously it was a good sign sparring to watch and say we'll see saito do so well. I mean the way he wanted it to similar so thing and then suddenly it went back to film on him and it was like oh helen ministry. So i if i'm not concentrating. I don't know how i was on a treadmill this week in front of me but something happened and i suck me seventy toes with ben and i thought they dropped back to tomo but it was actually told my thoughts that rally i mean. I was screaming at the screen. It was just phenomenal whole day. I think the coverage was interesting as well because they were obviously saying. Oh he stated is not going to happen for him actively actually he actively made a decision. This is too quick for me too early on on their own race on of those years like so much respects yes years of running a knowing his own pace innings on body. It says well hopefully talking to him later but That's that's being confidence knowing or knowing what during So just so you you've done. This is fantastic. You've got this time. You definitely going to the olympics. Finally that which again is going to be surreal is going to be strange. Olympics isn't it. It's a long time coming. But so what have you got planned what. Let's let's get back a minute. Sorry let's talk about your build up for that because we see it would have been a weird buildup. 'cause like you said you based in london but you weren't based him in training due to that event you didn't get a presumably you can get away. How did coverage impact your training and preparation for trials. So we actually need an early escape from london. Just before christmas We were baton school north. For christmas to be out she went to my other. Half's parents in north yorkshire and then we ended up staying there. I mean we've learnt when we did go away somewhere. Just take everything with us because you never know cool that if you could just be down. So he can. Everybody shoe that i owned am had all the right gear and we went up. North accident ended up staying there and till the week of the race so it was a different training environment to me. North yorkshire beautiful but in finding a flat grinds your speed for things which we did. But we asked back you. Few routes squares in london. I'm just so used to always going to bash park for those. Who don't know it's just under three luke super flats and having my team. They're having a coach there. Every tuesday thursday. Sometimes the weekend will do a sachin. It's just everything sentenced easy. It's just easy convenient At i think in hindsight having the different training was probably a good thing for mentally to also push myself trading on my own. Get used to that because i was aware that trial at some point could be a quiet and lonely race because of the size of the field so i think that actually very preparation for me and my other half. He does am triathlon. So as part about you hurons. He doesn't do the same volume as me. He was able to come in for me for my stations to kind of fishmeal That get me started. And then once. I was in the rhythm of able to to push on. We sell with trainer in the garbage and noble Lent me a treadmill which was great for when the weather was su so nice in love. Soon i felt there and we invested in some weight so we can start the guard basically so we had virtually everything we needed for me. I don't know what people have been talking about the cross training. I actually usually across trading own electrical trainer. When they have to do that. You'll have one at home of the gyms been closed. Didn't have access to that. So just on the turbo and actually dot between october and advil world half toolbox a has an it be injury so tour in december early december. I rose of action for money and that. It injury just really really gold me like. I've never had an injury that bad that for months by did all my training on the table and using swift and honestly like it completely saved me. I was a few of my friends who are into traffic on its side. You'll be fine. You can match running if you're working hard on the bike. I don't get me wrong if you're gonna if you're gonna be using the bike as much running go to use it. Wale make sure tends to do your sessions and the volume about bigger and yes maybe more boring. Compared to running outside on holidays honey you will get like we had an industrial fan even then it was insanely swayze and but it keeps you super super fat. How many were you doing a week of on the topic on the bike is when i was injured i was doing around twelve and fourteen hours on the terrible and i was lucky enough during that period. I was still able to swim as well. So i was doing kind of a swim at the other day as well for me. I'm not spending faster. The pill i just. It's just like a recovery stuff. Yeah yeah and i just find it. Actually this might. Just be in my my. Hey like a placebo effect. But i find it really therapeutic on my muscles. I feel like it makes them relax and so they can get back to the pool now. The is not back into my treating but we recall training. When i'm running out do between five and seven hours a week and a won't do double run days. I'll do a terrible. Or lexical and dana ron or vice versa. So usually on the days have on an interval station out often do at it. Depends where am i and my timetable but allowed to do in the morning or the evening. Thirty minute really really easy cross-strait just to kind of get legs moving on the on the cross training normally or on the bike anything preferably on the cross trainer but with crew vegetable for bestmark built for tubes always on the turbo. Okay and then. I was actually lucky enough as well during this training to get some jim access to middlesbrough and sports village so three supported about the hamstring. Nickel on the bike was aggravating. A little bit. So i get used. The elliptical and an apache unused elliptical. A couple months felt quite hard when back on it. But yes just i find some cross trading a really good way to offload your muscles but ruled. But you're still getting the benefit of impact the impact of running. Just take so much of your muscles takes longer to recover. So if you don't have a and you can put more quality into your running. Did you do use heart rate monitor as well for the staining see i do use a heart monitor yet to especially people will say what setting took the cross trainer on and it really depends on the coast to new using a kalsa. The all vary so much so as trying to be aware of your heart is you can really see that. You're working hard equally. I don't tend to his heart. Rate when i'm doing my running infiltrating speedwork contemporary things like that but i do use it for recovery runs to make sure that they are actually recovery months and on again on the wall street to make sure that the keeping it easy enough or from injured going hard enough so harvey as a good for that as well but yeah i think just and i would encourage people so much. Don't get me wrong. i do still upset over mileage. And when they see other people doing hundred mile weeks of mike oh mother huddle not yet dot. I have done double monday. I haven't done hundred miles. I'm not as quick twenty seven and you won the try. No nine amazing about this. Is why i love and i to sing. This from the rooftops is like everyone. What this is the problem with social media as we look other people. Airing think she doing that. We postal medicines la times and how far we run if you do doing well and on your sales. Yeah yeah and i went back and analyze. You can january to the week the race on my average mileage was an eighty five kilometers. And so most people do. Double that yeah. I know what we will not peaked up. I think two hundred ten was newman acts but again only for one or two weeks. And then i was the name of tapering back down so yet. Don't focus on lyles cross. Training for your recovery stuff is really does. Meat is so much easier. If you are injured then you don't have to readjust your mindset to do something completely different because you've already been doing cross training. You just need to remove the running all our bummed me out rod so you can focus on the cross trading and you know what you're doing such a chore on a complete change to your routine. Did you have to have arrested as a full face. So i didn't and we call the race arrestees in fact the two weeks for the race at two recipes but not typically if i have arrest in but there's always an optional yet archie. Fortunate if i'm absolutely spent than any stake arrestee roth Semi sort of very organic. Yeah okay yeah exactly unequally. I think planning rest sometimes is always the way forward because you don't take it when you need them to have them planned but shuffle them. If you're thinking. I'm like i'm not going to get anything from his workout. They detained rescue. When you need it. Yeah i think i think tapering yes. That's when you definitely need some rest as in because it's interesting importantly if we agree it varies but up in your blocks. Say like i. I work three week of blocking and a week d. load and that's where you do need to delay but if for some reason you just you just need to rest day then. That's when you should take monday for me is usually at a non-impact male. I usually do like no impact on saw one day for. That's okay and then in terms of like the long. I know that you did some really big to reading about some of the stuff. We do coach. You do some As much as you're doing eighty five week with a. That's you're not shirking on the big sessions especially the maratha sessions presumably. So you'll probably doing quite big blocks around marathon. Pays and ten parents be right yet so like through. Mileage was lower. My long run could be like third of my total mileage just from one one day definitely know every weekend because you can't be doing martha piece temples off every time you log run a few of the runs week in some kind of nine paced off and and also feel like progression runs and we. We started like two thirty five pace and see where we can bring it down and but yeah we had some kind of bigger. Bigger stations in their emil ended kind of four weeks before the mark date then started to kind of reduce everything back down again. Yeah i mean that's the thing. I think they'll be people listening saying in and i talked about a lot like the the eighty twenty rule which is a it is a good rule. Eighty percent training is easy. Twenty percent of his higher intensity you can we. Tom cracks on hair while back really interesting conversation about that. So the eighty twenty rule h-how applies especially for sub three hour runners a c. Three marathoners that twenty percent a low training council even close marsden pace as intensity. But when you're running under sub three was not twenty seven that Hawed you know. And i always tell people like that martha piece and training like take with a pinch of salt sometimes because oh athletes. It can be awful. And those by didn't run. My i'm fifteen. I didn't run. The are fifteen pace in my station. Might yet when i trained for a london is to thirty two. I always like to thirty six to four jeep as even because. Yeah you're shattered. Yeah so yeah gonna live forever. And also i think wholesale with eighteen saying but you'll getting a loss of that percentage is cross training that is still aerobic conditioning. Say yeah really interesting Well brilliant. i loved. I again like i said i've got a hold of the podcast. Not it's really interesting. I think people would like to have more rebounding the training to get your time is great. So let's just talk about what's happening next vehicle you mean. Hopefully you'll having a little bit of break and then building for the olympics. Because it's not really that far away. No sue take now in ca two. Maybe three weeks off. See what we can negotiate coach weeks off completely yet and then we'll take a week for public. I mean coincides quite well with the gyms and trying to open the aibo. And because i'll do a lot of cross training on swimming and probably yet to completely all and i am listening to that span into that you have cloning off to three days. Yeah like honestly. I just think it's mad like my body right now. I'm at my legs. Actually feel okey. And i'm just really tired by smoke excitement. Once i've had my wrist m eastern. I can to training see my body responds again. Like as a registered with the rain stays. Adjust thing if we need to and then gradually bill and for the math and on the seventh of august. And we've not got any kind of coupons atoll yet but Look to try and go away to some warm weather training. Which i'm just mad like Because i've never been on training camp all and noisy these evil like like also you. Every time i go in holiday tree by number. I louis for yeah like four weeks To trine so we'll have to look into options for that for some warm weather stuff because america's into a tokyo and it won't be as hot. It was still behold sodas pre prepared for that so that would be that would be exciting and then we'll see. I don't know what races my coach In in the bill. I spoke to him there and we might have trying to attack half to see what's really and because kobe Available but yet. I'm like super excited just to get back running in fact right now i'm i'm uk with the rest but s pulling next weekend. And i'll be like. I just want to go and run funny thing. I always used to take two weeks. Definitely would take the week off and then by the secretary of war just need to confirm or something and then i would really try and be really good and take because like you say it's not just about the toll as a body. It has is the toll on mentally as well and is just been that growing disney. And it's just nice to do things and see what to reset. i say. See the people haven't seen but because of my coaches like you got to do long to any of this because equipment only Well things opening off venue outlay now but then also what's what do you think you can do long time. I mean have you got some real aspirations because you still only thirty. You're really young Young relatively new training. And so we'll have you. Have you got any ideas about what you wanna do can do so. Yeah i think. Definitely i would like to see if i can run faster than what i did it. Q. is day for an aspiration to still work away on not that p. b. i guess for me i'm very realistic. Polling all going to happen in japan am that will be also gonna train really hard. Give it my all but it will be a very different type of race and so then. I probably won't do another marathon this yourself. Bring us to next year. I'm middle kind of another marathon major and maybe in the springtime see again like won't hire responded to recovering after the olympics and also would like to do another half a tank to get loose teams. Don't work a little bit or my speed. And i think there's more there i did a half martha time-trial this just a around the park on i. I would like to that time on on. Paper is but it was bash them iran at my last. Yeah so. I really liked to see if i can put out on paper and and yet do inappropriate racing but Yeah like for me. Because i'm so is only thirty. It's all about the titans next recall with keep again. That's going to be on next year too. So that's definitely a goal to make sculptures teams now and because i've not had a scotland based before so i would love to be able to do that. So of definitely. So many goals to having komo's birmingham so that would be a more sustained and found with you come see does he won't be to do that in japan nothing. Well i mean i'm tight. I think samy people have been inspired by iran. Yours and tom as rawlins's some lovely to see some racing especially in this country i watch it was so sought. Good fun. I absolutely loved it now. I know always ask people what time they'd run a mile in. But we've already honesty that so i'm gonna ask you something completely different on. Can i ask you what is the best piece of running advice. Someone has given me. What is it so assigned sounds really simple but like just focus on yourself you are your you know your body you know your own journey trying not get wrapped up by what everybody else is doing. I be guilty of it myself from the past and i've learned from every martha i've done if i stick to what is done before. Chipping away at making those training stations. That i did for valencia. The chopping away then to meet them her head of this race so just focus on on your own goals and have many goals that reached to the big goal. Because they're just as important as all about journey. Take your time there is. There's no rush so yet. Focus under sail and think of as a journey is no end is a one goal. This but many goals to get their them brilliant. Well we wish you the best of luck in tokyo and we'll follow your journey fully. Instagram comey may be an. That's necessary to find you and best of luck folly. Well thoughts about it. I think is gonna marathon packed sharing for ones exciting to racism. What are you going to be doing for the next. I know it's very exciting. It's like real given me a real renewed energy. You can take them what we should go. Marathon i'm not sure about that study on. What are you holidays. Isn't it easter eggs of his kids. Kids are off. I should be devouring an easter egg size of my headset. Hope we realized you know what really stingy with easter eggs. We don't really do. Easter eggs numb. We get we so much chocolate. Day-to-day it makes any difference. Yeah so It's just consumers in goma so the kids do get against do get chocolate eggs. But i don't succumb to full saving me will be joining these holidays with the kids. I'm doing some digital work with storm break In fact we we're looking to grow digital work and then probably looking for dot net developer so netra connect with me on twitter. ideally what. I was doing hoping to continue to build on my running. And you know what speaker you'll find. You'll van tour earlier. got me thinking. Maybe we'll go away in a van for nine. Iv solid ice. When we are alive. Which i think is after. The twelfth of pro is good. 'cause recording this. We've also just taken off first. Tentative steps have locked and especially great time son. isn't it yeah. I'm actually wear she heading to your way just on sunday today. Because we're going to visit petes mom because you haven't seen a since yeah lost and it's a birthday so we're gonna take the vandana shiva van and and will be compensated at easter. I'm really looking for a identity is going to be sunny as it has been a couple of days but we find at least it went be busy and i'm actually doing a five k. Time tomorrow wiz. A friend of mine. I'm going to be sweat. Acing her to five k. p. b. I really hope so Scout raise the is pretty System to that so yeah. That's what i moved up to fund really good. So that's it for now and we'll see you in two weeks time. Thanks for listening. I'm really mush. He's not in yelling. That was into.

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