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I don't know who this is. Who is this? Sounds like a ball. Oh yeah, it gets to Saddam thirty five million dollars last year pit bull. I gotta start singing head. Wrapping something my mother-in-law along those rapper. No, oldest rapper. It was the oldest rapper fifty still wrapping Jay Z's game clubs going to say, Jay z. to sell out one hundred thousand people this weekend at the Rose Bowl twice. He's in mid forties. Yeah, cubes getting close tubes to be closing in on fifth as probably the limit is there like obviously the Rolling Stones still torn can kill rappers and his seventy. I use. I used to three fifty snoop Dogg at eighty years old, limp out of the little Kane. John hasn't been around the long. So our went during that for me, we we don't have the aging rock and roller stage yet in hip hop because it hasn't been around long enough bins, right? Like we'll have the answer in about ten or so years. If you know how like some of these groups like they do these oldies tours like together, if say, like Jay z snoop Dray, like all these guys, they're graybeards, do Houdini Kurtis blow in these guys go on tour. They do. You just go to their show. So first of all, I want to let people know Magic Johnson is going to be on the morning show tomorrow at seven thirty. They're gonna replay the interview at nine thirty. So obviously you want to hear from that match John rob link addressed the media earlier today, but they're going to talk exclusively with the morning show against seven thirty tomorrow, and then they'll replay at nine thirty reminder. We're gonna be talking some dodgers with John Hartung spectrum sports, and that's daughter dodger analyst and about thirty minutes. But talking before Michael, about clay, your son of with the warriors, three time champion, and he is potentially going to be a free agent. Yep. Next off season and to me what makes clay the perfect star compliment to somebody like LeBron is that he doesn't care about credit? Yeah, and he is the rare player of his stature that does not care about the credit game because most of these guys. Do and most of these guys care how much credit they're going to be given, you know how, where are they like from media members from media members? I think community from the culture from everybody. I mean, look at what Kevin Durant has been going through as a two time back to back finals MVP. He clearly feels like he doesn't get enough credit and it bothers him. Yeah, you're right. And then we hear these reports of Jimmy Butler. You know, not wanting to team up with LeBron because he knows he's going to be seen as LeBron's Robin, and it's difficult to find guys, particularly guys who aren't made men who would be willing to cede some of that star power and some of that status to a guy like LeBron. Yeah, I hear what you're saying. That makes a lot of sense. I'm not saying they should care about it. I'm just saying they do. I mean. I mean, obviously Michael Jordan gets most of the credit for the bulls championships, but yet Scottie Pippen is still one of the most respected players in the history of game. James worthy Ozzy magic was the leader. Our team got all the attention most of the credit hint, but had worthy was big game, James, and he's still looked at as a champion and hall of Famer. Right. Sure, sure. But I just think when these guys are writing their own legacies and they don't have titles or they don't, they have seen how Durant's been burned. And these guys have been burned like to sign up to be into that whole the bron- world when he's from a previous generation, I can see how so minute kyri is considered a champion. I mean, even LeBron was the Man Who Wasn't just looked out of some sidekick. They win the one not tied without Kyrie. They wouldn't have won the title without kyri, but I think it's pretty clear that kyri wanted to branch out from that perceived shadow of LeBron not saying he should have wanted to or that you know that he doesn't deserve credit playing devil's advocate here. I'm kyri Irving. I've been told since I was eleven on the truth on the severe. I'm video. Taped at team USA practices talking about playing Kobe, Bryant one on one. You know, I'm the guy on the freshman number one, pick as a freshman, and I was hurt in college. Then LeBron shows up and it's the kid and the kid and the kid had a tough one tonight and they can. I go for forty in game five, I go for I've crossover Steph and hit a three in his mouth to win games. I have movies. I have Nike deal, and I'm still the kid and I still move my whole summer. I still do all because this old man, we saw this in LA in the early two, thousands with Kobe. I mean, look the the teams that won back to back to back two thousand and two thousand two. There is no way they go back to back to back. Unless that guard is Kobe period like you could have subbed in t MAC or Iverson's got to win one though. There was no other wing in the league that you could have subbed in for Kobe. That would have gotten him back to back to back shack was you know, Batman, if Kobe. Was the best Robin, you will ever see. He was one. They were really equally important, but Koby has admitted the perception that it was all shack bothered him. Of course, he got nothing to prove shack one, three finals, MVP's cobaine into anything in those finals. That's what moron say, right. And if you let the now, if you let what more on say dictate your life choices than maybe you're a more onto, right, but the idea that Kobe didn't ball out in the finals because shackling the MVP is insane. I mean, his history going say that I mean steps finals haven't been as amazing as his MVP is it was pretty good the night. I saw him break a record and games you this year. Look at me look at Steph or katie's two time NBA MVP finals. So Andrea Goodall. One to one before that Steph ends of one any, but Steph is still respected as a champion and what a great ever right? That doesn't hurt his image and he's doing fine, but but Steph the one ring before Katie showed up. So in a lot of ways steps credentials were already. Proven swim VP's before he. Nobody expected this from Steph to begin with, like nobody expected Steph expected this from Jimmy Butler. So thirtieth pick in the draft. You want to be a career sixteen and a half point score out to be one of fifteen players in the league, which is, but there's, but there's no, there's nothing tangible. You can put her on top fifteen player. You know, when it comes to like the record books and the way these guys wanna be of Jimmy brothers in the legacy game, I think he's just bored in the mid west. He's friends with Mark Wahlberg and he wants to go to New York. Well, I mean, it is only makes it look his. His list of preferred teams in a lot of ways should be red flag. It should be a red flag. Was those teams? Yeah. I mean, it's it's kind of telling that all the teams that he wants to join are worse than his current one, but they just happen to be in big markets and happen to have max camps. Never never know what they could add, but I'm just saying it's a little bit of a red flag. If I'm one of those teams that way he wants to join teams worse than where he is now Woche bomb. He just added Miami to his list. Kevin. It's like when Dwight Howard was, you know, going out of his way trying to push himself out of Orlando, a good team to join a then New Jersey Nets squad. That was awful. It was he trying to do that? Yes, yes. That's where the Dwight Mayer began was Brooklyn wasn't. I know they were still new jer-. I mean, everyone knew they were going to Brooklyn, but they were a terrible team and it made no sense. I think Dwight didn't even understand why he was working so hard to get out of there who is so. Okay. So the the situation make sense to me for the Lakers. Right? Because he has run its course in New Orleans. They've had several rebuilds. They've had success. They've won a playoff series. He's done his time in New Orleans and AD just to stand up nude from everything we've seen is giving back in that community. No one's going to be burning, Anthony Davis jerseys on bourbon street if he gets traded leaves. Right. Is that it is that the only one? Well, I mean, Yoenis isn't going anywhere. He's locked for long-term key messing up. Those coaches. They've. Had three coaches since we're on this radio show. Yeah. I mean, he's kind of like a small town guy, kind of, you know, contented guy to be up there. It was like, oh my God, they've smoothies Milwaukee is amazing. You know? So I don't think he's gonna look to leave the walkie anytime soon. All right. Who else was the young? Obviously NBA not going anywhere in Philly. Him and Ben Simmons have something good going on there. Poggi we don't know as we're gonna see. We don't know what that looks like. Thirty nine. Yeah, but so you know, I mean, but I don't know these idea that, well, if you build it, they LeBron comes, then everyone's come in. I don't know he's onto something, but I think ultimately, why this is not a disaster because I know there's this huge expectation that the Lakers are going to be landing, some huge free agent this off season if they don't because it's a really small pool of guys to choose from. And I'm not even once. Yeah, my convince is gonna be a lot of movement. I don't think it's a disaster because again, I think the kids are so right on to take a next step. Yeah, the Lakers are even if they don't add another star all star next year, big time, all star top ten player. I think they need young guys are going to improve so much that the legacy will going to be a top fourteen next year anyway, if they don't add it all star, Brandon Ingram is not an all-star after these next two years. He had disappointment. Number two, pick in the draft be an all star by year. Follow right halibut because the voted me make the he's only twenty twenty one, I believe. So he might not make the all star team until he's twenty five because the west has so many players the and so he's going to be in. All star before these Twenty-eight, Brandon Ingram? Yup. Death. Well, what really matters if you are playing in an all star caliber level because like in the west, it's so hard. I mean there there are looking at the read and Michael just said that and you didn't listen to this. Damian lillard. Ear about this as great as limited is he gets on as an alternate sometimes because somebody got hurt, you know, it's not good. I saw the women's anything. Jamal. Magor was an all star. That's right. Yeah. Remember, ROY Hibbert was at all. Remember that there was that one season Toronto, Mike, James averaged twenty points a game. I mean, like I James, that's right. And he got paid paid off that million bucks over six years. Then I live on that. Now if you get the opportunity most of these guys, they can make something happen if there's nobody else there and somebody take either way. I don't think we'd love to add another superstar next year. But if they don't, like you said, I think this team is headed in the right direction anyway. Yeah, I there. There's just these young guys to me, they just really seem ready special lunacy and not Lonzo about heart Kouzmin and Ingram right now seem special. We'll find out about Lonzo, but I feel like those three, especially, I just seem like character guys in special guys and the idea to with with the type of versatility that Ingram wants to bring to his game to be really that type of complete player to learn about being a complete player from one of the most complete players in NBA history. Yes, complete humid's. I really wanna see what that looks like. Lonzo's a pretty special player. You gotta remember ten. Seven, seven lash has rookie Ben. That's not bad, but that's some. That's Jason Kidd numbers when he was a rookie stop. What do you mean stop stops a young kid. He was terrible share. It doesn't count last year. Now also, have you put a four, four and four you to say team as bad killing again, we're talking about playing may and actually, okay. We'll get into this coming up next because I just wrote a piece at the Atlantic and again, their money's worth over getting their money's worth over there in the Atlantic about Lonzo and why his season last year was so difficult to actually evaluate. It was a really weird season roller gross here where he did some stuff that was really good, but also some stuff problematic. Also, we're going to be given out l. AFC tickets and swag in the six o'clock hour for their game, this Saturday against San Jose. So make sure to be listening. Talk about that with Lonzo coming up next. They're doing it again at Harrah's resort casino, southern California. If you want a chance for tonight's day. Harrah's resorts. So Cal with three buddies, five hundred bucks and spending cash and transportation to and from your place. Just text funner to four zero seven zero five texts funner to four zero seven, zero five for chance to win spend a weekend watching college and pro football, all from Harrah's resort. Funner California is where your wildest dreams dream go to visit funner dot com. It's not a word. It's a place, visit funner dot com. One entry per person. Standard text messaging rate will apply. Text. Funner f. u. n. e. r. now two four zero seven zero. Eight accumulates. Keep Ben lines. Michael Thompson in four, George, Donald Sodano show. Before we get to this discussion about Lonzo we need to talk a little bit about the brewing feud between Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler. And now Steven Jackson, who will be a great motivationalists. Stephen Jackie would motivate me to do anything l. e. asked. So Jimmy Butler as we know once out of Minnesota. And there's been a lot of talk that he and Andrew Wiggins do not get along. And as this news broke, the Butler has requested a trade, Nick Wiggins. Andrew Wiggins is brother tweeted out. I believe an Instagram post that said, Hallelujah ended up a church doesn't seem like it. He deleted the tweet temple and then Jimmy Butler ended up Butler ended up onto. We don't do a lot. Hallelujah. You don't do that? No, no. It's more Amen. In the black churches. Wiggins or the Yarmuk on a smile to my face worked for MAURICE Amar, but so Jimmy Butler responded on Instagram doing a story and ended it with Halloween said, keep that same energy, which led to Andrew Wiggins responding after Stephen Jackson had commented about the energy as well. Tweet. Instagram'd s j old dudes stay hate and like he was anything special. I keep that same energy everywhere I go. So that was to Stephen, Jackson. Stephen Jackson went to social media and responded in kind say. Oh. Got allow town the kid, you gotta lie down and all hope. You have a good year. Hope. Someone you can find some hard and find some passion for the game and have a good year. I really wish you the best. Oh, I'm farting. Thank God. I'm happy to see party bomb on. I never been never been that. You know that. I'm from those who I'm cut under the old law. You know what I'm saying? Respected a checking. All that. I'm ahead. Same energy went wherever I go. All that same man make sure you're interested in what you see me bre. I, I'm pretty sure you know why I'm actually rate just focus on finding some hard and having a good year. I wish you the best. You got a outta town. Just find that please don't try to do that. We may bro. You know what I'm saying? Just keep saying, man, I can't you in traffic. One hundred. Traffic. Then I'm not up on all this, the hip hop talk there. He said, he's mean, he basically said that Andrew Wiggins is soft week has no heart and Steven Jackson is not to be messed with. And I think I agree with pretty much most of those things. I wouldn't say I wouldn't go as far as questioning, Andrew, Wiggins is hard. However, I do feel like Steven Jackson is cut from a different cloth. So here's the best part of it. Listen really closely to how it begins. So. That's Stephen, Jackson accent when smoke. Say, what do you say little little one little one little one. Say. Oh. Nice taking a breath. No, no, no. You can see the smoke coming out like he did like coop Cohiba. I do that sometimes beyond Jay did like the weeds smack one more time play that. Okay. So. That sounds like smoking town. The kid, you gotta lie to talent, and I hope you. I love that Stephen Jackson can now live in a world where he can go on the jump in a suit and tie and be on corporate Disney channel and be calling out people against you. Hi, there. Traffic Barkley is the only guy who can do what Charles Barkley does. And Steven Jackson is sort of the only guy like my Tyson actually has reentered the zone where he's reinvented himself. Some houses like cuddly lovable guy, which is really bizarre. When you think of that, the person who is the best of that, I think in all pop culture landscape of making sense in different rooms snoop Dogg. Yes, so I could show up at high times awards. Make sense. Sebok could show up at the NFL hall of fame ceremony because he loves football, makes sense. He does a show with Martha Stewart so somehow makes sense. He could be the Oscars or at NASCAR or at the hip hop awards or wherever snoop dog wants to go. It's a great skill to have. I'm fearful for Andrew Wiggins. Like he's already got a look over shoulder. Now, training, Jimmy Butler went to get some bumper to bumper traffic. Any applesauce. Oh, no. I mean, no. I don't think throat punch out. He won't like jump in the crowd at the palace and try and do anything. You know. You know, you got a lotta talented kid just the way that starts, you know, it's not going to end in a really positive place for Andrew Wiggins. So we were talking about Lonzo before and Ben has been. I wanna say unimpressed by what you've seen Lonzo so far, but you're definitely far from sold and you haven't seen anything special, would that be? I haven't say I haven't seen anything special. I just don't know what's going on out, like kind of having some question marks about so many different things with this young kid. I'm not attacking his character and I just haven't been as impressed as I thought I would be. So he's he's, he's probably the second best rebounding Gardner game behind Russell Westbrook Namie about a rebound guard. I can't think of one. I know you're absolutely right. He does a great job. We bought him out if I was still classy. Man, you should try rebound like we're on. So he he played enough game. He would have finished talk, ten percents, second-best rebounding got he has some of the best vision in a game. I tell clay all the time, say, man, you play along the way he throws the ball. All you got to run the floor. He drops it. They call a drop it in the bucket for guys Kouzmin Ingram to finish at the rim. He's one of the best in the league at that already. He's, he can get you ten points even with that. Funky looking shot. He can get you ten. So he's, he's he's better defensively than anybody that's in passing lanes and creates havoc shots. Yeah. And Ben, I seen him. He's had what? Three or four triple doubles. So I don't know why. I don't know why you dump this kid. Okay. So he doesn't have the pure shooting touch of of Bradley Beal or Klay, or Kevin Durant or Steph, but he can play. Honestly, like when I look at the small sample size and that's what we have, and I know his game comes down to feel and I am a fan of his game. I don't know. There's somebody is not come much basketball. I love so much I watch for you. It's not coming together. I just like he's comfortable in his own skin. I don't feel like he has this -sarily one hundred percent focus on getting better basketball, too many stories of him not wanting to put in the extra work really. Absolutely. And I heard that I think he has trouble finishing around the rim. I know he's. Better. Come on. We'll see about it. I mean, what? What makes Lonzo so interesting. And I think so hard to peg is the things that he does. Well, he often does exceptionally well particularly at his position in this piece that I, that I mentioned that I wrote at the ethnic last year. There were only two rookies who finished top five for assists per game. Rebounds per game, steals per game blocks per game and double doubles. Ben Simmons Lonzo ball. How about that Ben, Ben Lyon, that's impressive, but buck his issues. His issues goring are real real for now. Just just when you're doing it on a bad team, it's just totally different culture. But what he's doing that sort of stuff though is difficult to one team like blocking shots point guard position is difficult to do. I don't care what team that blocking so many shots that I'm like, wow. His block rate was second on the team for anybody who played minutes behind brick Lopez. He was horrible. That's my point. So like quoting all these stats from a horrible team that was. Horrible team though. Actually, five games. They were actually not a horrible team with a lot of injuries that to deal with it could've won forty. They could have been a five hundred team in west with no all stars. That's not easy to do not give them for Don, but they weren't that far from it though. Man. I don't know. I don't know. We saw play every game. He got some impressive games. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I listen. I'm not going to sit here though and say all this kid's spent. We're going to build around him for years. I'm not there yet or you didn't you think the way when you saw Jason Kidd his rookie year? No, you buy nice player. Right and look what he turned out to be. I'm trying to think back to nineteen Ninety-six how I felt. I'm back in ninety six. I was third fourteen. You remember Jason Kidd. Oh. Yes. A three point shooter later in his career, and I understand everything's fluid, and I hope he does get better. And I hope he is a terrific player for years to come. That said, well, we're talking about if they call for Anthony Davis, and they say, you know what? We want Ingram who's on Lonzo what he. What do you know how hard it would as a team employ? Michael, can't talk back. Thinking about that call. Just smiling for this. Boo. All right. Speaking of smiling, that is the dodgers coming off a sweep of the Rockies at dodgers stadium really important series that they needed to win. We're gonna break all that down next with John Hart tongue spectrum sports net dodger analysts, and it came in. That's Ben lines. Michael Thompson, ESPN LA. Michael's already planning on his itinerary for coming. First thing I look when I look at the schedule and the liquor schedule comes on. First thing I was look for as the Miami trip. All we're going to have like a day or two extra day two in Miami, like we had last year or even a day before. But this year we play Orlando and the day before we played the heat. So that means no day off in Miami, which we all on the four s you know, you're gonna get Saturday night in Miami. He'll play their early game in Orlando down. You'll get into around eleven or twelve, which that's time to let me play Sunday on day three o'clock, start on the east coast, six o'clock start Miami, right. So then you'll go, yeah, then you'll go out at night Sunday Night Live. You'll go to live on Sunday night and then you'll go up to Cleveland on Monday. You'll go to the school on Tuesday and you'll play the cows on Wednesday. Oh, so you don't want to stay in Cleveland and Miami on Monday. They don't want to help the kids. I know I like him to south beach. Let's g six and fly to Cleveland. Speaking of somebody who is always here for the kids, John Hartson covers the dodgers four spectrum sports net. How are you? Man? I'm doing great fun time of year, and I'm sure you guys have been noticing spent a lot of fun to watch this dodger baseball team the last few weeks for sure. All year long. I've been saying, where's the magic? Where's the magic baseball? Such a marathon. You need a bubble machine. You need a Hanley. I see you, you need magic, and it's finally come view. Had that similar feeling of what is making the season special. And now it feels like this week run in the last couple of weeks. Have finally been special this summer. That's so true because we've all been saying all the guys that I work with the analysts that I worked with, they said for the last four months or so. This just doesn't really have that special healed. So it doesn't have that factor or something happened after they were swept at home by the St Louis cardinals. And since then on eighteen out of twenty five, they took Ryota four in Arizona to three and coming out, oh three or four Saint Louis sweep them, and it's for medical instance. One walk on William and the first four months. Of the season to have had three last month to have a couple already this month, including the one fifth salient, the other night. And those are the signs that the magic has returned to the dodgers because starting to feel a little bit more like last year for say, why do you think that happened? John. I think if we could put our finger on it, what what they would have lifted switch a lot sooner. I don't really know why. I think they dealt with so many injuries all season long, and it seemed like for me when kenley Jansen a heart scare happened in Colorado, I just felt like, okay, that's going to be really the last just whatever along for this team this year. That's just the way it's going to be. But then once I got kenley back and they were swept by the cardinals, everything just came together and I don't really know why it happened. But for some reason it did happen in this is not the last three weeks or so. Yes, yo- Puig is in a groove like this when he's this hot just seems like he's turned himself into a to Hank Aaron really maze here last couple of weeks when he's that hot, I noticed that like the play, the platoon game, righty lefty. But shit just leave a hitter like that in no matter who is who's on the mound. Yeah. And the guys that I work with no Maher and show, they would like to see, especially the player who's hot, like he'll point has right now and even talk. Peter's been tweeting about really well. They would like to see those guys play more every day, but really, Justin Turner, Manny Machado. And everybody else is basically put tune player on this team right now in large part because they have so much depth and the analyze the numbers Softbank's almost I'll tell you that point does not get left handed pitching all that. Well, he's a reverse with guy and he it's Benham against whiten Anders and show if that's what he did damage on last night. He did it against a right hand or left the slider just up enough for him hit that three run home run, and he pinch hit against a right enter. They didn't go to a left hander in that spot. They went to go hits right handers and Dave Roberts pushed all the right buttons once again last night and and y'all still, we came through them and but yeah, I mean, it would be nice to see somebody's guys get more reps, but then you have other guys like mad campaign and people like that. Who are not playing, and Dave Roberts is kind of in a tough spot because he has so many spires understand, but he's gotta get certain guys. We'll have to keep them once they ran with it the day Roberts at times, but to keep them hot talking with John Hartung spectrum sports. And that's dodger analyst with regards to Yasuko Puig. There's always concern about him and focus and lately he's been on a tear really productive. How significant do you think it is? At least potentially that he's been able to do this during a time? It's been pretty turbulent with his house getting robbed a few different times. Yeah, I think that's been very impressive because a lot of people that it has been reported on, but a lot of people don't realize what he has been dealing with with the house being rather than some other other personal things that he would be going through. But yeah, and he's admitted to he admitted it during spring training that his goal was more focused, and he admitted that in the past has always been focused. But when he is and when he's lot like is at the plate right now, you're seeing kind of lawyer that dodgers have in Iasi hell week, and we've seen it in the past as well, but he's truly special special talent. And that's why the fan love this guy so much because he plays like his hair was on fire all the time. And when he's lacked enemies focused, he's amazing to watch. You know, every every series and every game. Now at this stage of the season is obviously important. I don't wanna look past the San Diego Padres, but I'm going to when you see the Diamondbacks on the schedule, they've had the Gye the dodgers and Diamondbacks have gone on it going at it all year long. What can they do in. That series, you know to to to finally put a nail in the coffin and win this west because that's going to be the series that really determines it. The rest of the way. Yeah, I think so too. That's going to be interesting to see where the Diamondbacks psyche when Gary gets you're on Monday. They have three against the Rockies this week gun in resulted and the Diamondbacks do have their rotational lined up for that series of rank and then Corbin pitching the first two games, but last night. But I'm back pretty much raise the white flag or so when they didn't play Goldschmidt, they didn't play Peralta. They didn't play most of their starting guys and it's kind of a find out, okay, we're giving up, but then the Cup last night ninth and nothing with these mostly backup players. So if they haven't that weekend against Rockies they might be it somewhat whether it's the division race or possibly the wild card race. But if they're out of those past games for some of those players on the Diamondbacks did up or because they have several guys like sprint agent after this year and the dodgers are going to be playing with. Tip on their shoulder, but certainly with a lot of motivation when the west six time is Walker builder, making a case for the number one star on this Team New as or that'd be an insult to kershow. Yeah, I don't think it's an insult everybody respects and knows what Clayton Kershaw has done. And I heard John Smoltz was a hall of fame pitcher, say yesterday on MLB network. In the past pitcher and all the baseball for the last decade. But John Smoltz right now, Walker feel is the best pitch me on this staff, and it's hard to argue with that right now given what wants to be dealing and stuff that he has and knowing that Clayton Kershaw is not quite like I all last year or years past. But at the same time, Clayton Kershaw also being just how good he is now smart, he is being able to adjust on the fly and rolling hor pitches to the side as opposed to always coming inside on right handers. And if he had enough innings to qualify right now, he'd be certainly National League and on average and someone a lot of people are saying, oh, Clayton posts out, not Clayton Kershaw anymore. He's still one of the best pitchers in the National League talking with John Hart, telling spectrum sports net dodger analysts. If we had a situation where Walker bueller ended up the number one in the playoffs, how do you think Kershaw would react to that? Because that's been his gig for quite a while. Yeah, I don't know if the dodgers would even do that to not so much to do with the Clayton Kershaw, but whether they would do that to Walker Miller, I think one hundred could certainly handle it because this is a guy who you know, don't let kind of like the Ono Hirsch is I looked in, don't let the looks full you. This is a guy that has killer mentality when he gets on the mound, has got an incredible amount of confidence, and I know that wouldn't have any problem going to him and it came on or possibly decisive game five or game seven situated if it gets that far, but I just don't know. They would do that. They would probably go with Kershaw in game one. And then you were lined him up in game two. That's my guest. Jean King is the new owner of the dodgers. What's that about. Yeah, I just heard about that today. Myself, heard all the details yet been out and about running around today, but I think it's exciting. I mean, that's a franchise that obviously you guys know what happened, sending Hymie, hurry and Domo preventative Allen's always one. To try to fight social injustice in any way and to having clues in any way as well. And I think Billie Jean King, I didn't know they're still plastic stories today with a huge geyser then here in Los Angeles. So I think it'd be great and I'm looking forward to her talking on Friday tomorrow to share more about this whole experience for the privilege pressures of privilege as Billie Jean King. Say, it's amazing story, amazing career to lead to that. That's awesome. John Hart, Tony covers the dodgers four spectrum sports. Thanks for thanks so much for the time. John appreciate it. I actually I wanna stay on that with Billie Jean King becoming on now, part of the ownership group with the dodgers because it reminds me of a situation that's gotten a lot of ugly headlines in sports right now that I think you look at the dodgers and they may be set up very well to avoid explained with that as an into our to. Billie Jean King is they might think anything's talking about BB king. Look, we're not talking about Mike Trudell. I think most of our listeners are familiar with people before nineteen hundred. Five. I'm going to give them a little bit of credit, but we will explain Billie. Jean King is if you don't know who it is. ESPN LA this. It's the Sodano show. That was easy to say, sit down. I'll show you solo Sadan show Kim. Keep Ben lines. Michael Thompson filling in for George who is now the proud, new father of a little baby. Boy also Matteo Sodano, see Knicks championship and complete. I was son, right? Mike, you gotta son? Yes. I do see changes your life. What about you? Funchess? You gotta son, no kids, no kids, no kids yet don't kill you. You're not a man yet. Then his Matt, Damon, a man. How many times? Zero noble, no kids for daughters. Kobe Bryant. I am an Michael is Kobe Bryant, a man. They need to keep trying. Three, even Kobe after three until you get it right. Well, I guess I'm not going to be a man because I only have one daughter and we are going to have. Nope, not gonna. Have more kids young, Michael. Thank you. Thank you, but I am not that young volume. Oh enough. I am old enough actually to remember who Billie Jean King was. I know little girl prime. Yeah, I love that. You're talking about this as we transition to Billie Jean King, not a man until you have a son, and let's talk about a woman who fought for quality. Always the app. Having a boy, it's because of people like Billie Jean King that I am secure. I understand the way gender role should work. Gender equality should work, and therefore I don't fall prey to the standards set up by Michael Thomson that because I am only the father of a daughter. I have not yet a man, Michael bar mitzvah thirteen. It was settled at that point. I was a man was God's law. All right, man. I went to a bomb it, so it was. That was pretty cool. Well, let's have into one in your career was only invited to one. Yeah, that's the one I went up in Portland and us. Amazing how little twelve year old in recite Hebrew, it's hard. Yeah, I understand. No, I, I actually memorize it. I wrote out a lot of my Hebrew phonetically. English. I work I, I don't know. I have a, hey, do that again. Drop off after I did not like the whole experience. I found it nerve wracking. I didn't like having that many people up there staring at me watching the struggle, those pretty intimidating for twelve year old ago then do that impressed. Yes. Welcome to manage so well because hood exactly go around questioning. So Michael, because you're the only one old enough to really remember talk about the social impact Billie Jean King when not only just the thing with Bobby Riggs, but just her whole career as a tennis player came during the women's movement back there in the sixties, of course, during the civil rights movement to remove trying to get equal rights. So same thing that's happening now was that women joining any rights lease. They got equal rights. So give me started, but. I grew up in the sixties. They got not everything's perfect another you, but they got equal rights laws protecting protect. You know those laws back then careful Dallas. Anyway, continue continue loss of protect with case that we don't have those laws. They got laws with the gender equity and employment stuff's of believe it. It's not like how it wasn't as I keep hearing that stuff and not not even close, but she was a pioneer for women's rights and equality. And she was as important to that movement is Muhammad Ali woods or well, you know, Martin Luther King's king of course in many ways, but she was right up there with everybody else marching and standing up equal rights for everybody, blacks, whites, women, everybody should gays and she, she's, she's wanted all time. Great. American heroes. Yes. She was absent with done, just great tennis player. So curious, like just what her impact now as part owner of the dodgers will be and how she'll put her fingerprints on the organization. I, I don't know. Yeah. I mean, she grew up in Long Beach and she was a huge dodger fan growing up. So this is in some ways for feeling like a childhood dream for I mean, she's obviously great athlete, but she grew up a dodger fan, but what I found at least potentially significant. About Billie Jean King joining the ownership group for the dodgers is seeing what went on with Dallas Mavericks and the report that just came out about just the ugly, ugly atmosphere where sexual harassment sexual assault permeated within that atmosphere. And that happened because even if you believe Mark Cuban that he was genuinely unaware of all of that going on, it happened because he didn't care enough to look into it right. And with somebody like Billie Jean King as part of the ownership group, she is going to be somebody that looks for something like that. She's going to be somebody that will notice when things are off and part of big part of preventing something like that. That happened in Dallas is actually giving a damn and Billie Jean King will. And I think that's great for the dodgers. Not that they have a problem though, but thing just just proactively preventing or just proactively looking to make things better even if they're already good. She, I think she will be helpful as line. It's just got a small. Already, I'm sure share but still help our president. She'll be around a lot. You'll be she'll be she'll be she's going to be taken seriously. I mean everybody in that ownership group probably just wanna be around because he's an idea. Yes, he's a legend. You see what happened to the Dallas Mavericks ever happening in Laker land? No, no, genie's Jeannie. Genie is too conscious of what's going on in in her in organization. Tim Harris, genie's right hand man is they're very cautious about equality about sexual harassment about treating people with respect so that, right. I'll go to limits that would never happen Lakers. No. So if it were to happen, she probably be accountable on some level. Right about her didn't, right? Yeah. So here we are Dallas, Mark, Cuban, and he's he's going to be there opening night and he'll be there throughout the games and needed a ten million dollar check. But I mean, the I, I agree with Stephen that he should have been suspended. Somebody said until Christmas, I thought I think it was. You said it shouldn't. Maybe it was used that. He said. Maybe John Ireland said he should have been suspended till Christmas, just send a message. I think also too, in the case of Mark, Cuban, you wanna talk about doing something that hurts him, Mark, Cuban losing the ability to be front and center in front of a camera as the center of attention. Yeah, that's really that hits gets more than anything in his wallet. Humble him do. Yeah. Because you know, allowing that or being negligent of that going on your company, that is, that is very serious. Let me to me if if you wanna give in a weird way of putting it Mark, Cuban, the benefit of the doubt that he genuinely did not. No, not always. It's still his responsibility to me. It's actually believable that he wouldn't know just because he's been such a self absorbed owner. You know, a Mark Cuban is always been somebody that is very much about that spot lane, and you know, putting himself out there in front of all these different platforms, shark tank, and always being in front of a camera, always seeking attention in a lot of ways where they're getting fined by the league or making ridiculous rules where ESPN gets briefly band. And it speaks to somebody that if. He didn't know about this. It's because we didn't have his eye on the ball or didn't care the care. And that's, you know, it's oftentimes when we're hearing these cases, sadly and sports were men in power are playing well, I didn't know card, and to me, that is just as indicting as the I did know when I covered it up or I because you are a leader of menu of leader of an organization of bins and you don't know what's going on. Anything that happens in an organization that's on you. On your organization, all urban Meyer nonsense. I saw that conversation with Tom Rinaldi. Notice back the time. He did an amazing job. I thought on that, but it was just a complete joke and like sitting there with Mariah who didn't know about the situation having? No, she's no. She rising angel. She's have time for urban Meyer sex scandal stories. So of sexual abuse stories. I think she, she thinks it's horrible. She thinks it's horrible that he still gets the coach as do I wanna see think when you told her that Myers wife knew about the domestic violence because they were all close friends, but yet she did not tell her how she knew that was completed load of guacamole there. I mean, come on. When you saw urban Meyer in that interview with Tom? Rinaldi, what you saw was basically an extension of that original press conference where he clearly doesn't care. I mean the the problem is urban Meyer doesn't really care about the situation. It's not even clear that he actually believes Courtney Smith. I mean, I, it's not entirely clear that he actually believes that all this happened, but even if he did believe it, it's clear. He doesn't think it's that big of a deal. It's not something he considers an urgent matter and he can. He can preach all the respect women culture that he wants and puts it all up on a rule board or whatever. But it's very clear. He doesn't care about the situation as pertains to him and what he didn't do enough getting back to Billie Jean King then like she's always care and she's always showed humanity and compassion, and she'll bring that to the dodgers ownership group. And as I say, that needs more of it, but everybody can use more of that. So why not? It's really, really special that she was a lifelong dodger fan. I had no idea. So congratulated. This is actually where like, you know, diverse. Often gets thrown around, I think too much, and sometimes it gets co opted in different ways positive or negative, but like at its most pure form, diversity is great because it's literally just diverse perspectives. And if you have a company with diverse perspectives, you're going to be a better company because it's just that many group think can be a bad thing. Yeah. Group think creates tunnel vision group groupthink leads to you missing things that are important, and that's where diversity actually matters. It's not about like ticking off boxes or making sure you have like a rainbow coalition of anonymity. It's literally just diversity of perspective and trite. So you gotta go to the black Barbara. Next time you need to haircut, I take care of that in my own mind. Waste of money better. You got a black bar at home. It's called the razor. This myself, man. Yeah, I should hang out there. Just fill this conversation ahead of be the black barbershop, Mike. Anymore because I love my hair. You think my hair cut in the buck. Yeah. So. We're going to have to get a little snook slippers. You can have those little wavy. You know. I got a little wave going right now. George. Hamilton. I wish I George Hamilton's Ted, you look, you look at one of the Kennedy's from the sixties for that. Here's how doesn't look like look at beat up. One of them, candy, brothers and lines lives a very, very charmed life reminder and Kennedy Magic Johnson's going to be on the morning show tomorrow at seven thirty. They're gonna replay that interview at nine thirty tomorrow morning. We are also going to replay our conversation with Lakers GM rob Pelinka at six thirty. I love you guys. You guys are great. You guys are the best keep doing what you do. You're going to be learning not just about the Lakers but about sharks at. That's right. If you missed this, you will learn a lot about sharks and of the deep up next. It's Michael. Camera shot getting all the glory. 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