Brock Destroys Seth on RAW


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C. as though I could be called collected more goal brock listener surprised us all last night showing up to dismantle seth rollins wins and one of the most brutal beep downs on W._W._e.. TV that we've seen in some time however sets girlfriend Becky Lynn shot this even more and with our actions or lack of as seth was being taken to the ambulance plus gallows and Anderson are your new raw tag team champion adding adding to A._J.. Styles U._S.. Championship the O C holds the goal but the up and coming ricochet seems to be clicking with the fans and could spoil their party comes summer slam all that right now on the bus at open podcast. I was really really confused after the show and over and I think I need a little therapy from you the smaller standing and from the nation and I'm GonNa tell you why let me let me set the table for you. Please and then try try to help me decipher why feel the way I do. When Roy was over? I was like it was okay. I I really it really didn't do anything for me. I'm not saying the show is bad. I was just kind of Ma- about the show and then I went back and I read my notes because I take notes during raw smackdown on the pay per views because I want to be able to come on the show and speak about everything the right way when I went back and looked at my notes. I'm like wow wow I wrote some overwhelming positive things about the show so what I wrote down was really good but then the show was over and I was just like nothing really resonated with me and other than other than the brock stuff well. The brock stuff was fantastic and I think the Seth Brock is going to be a thread Ed throughout this Tuesday edition bus open but I'm a little surprised bully because I actually when that show signed off. I was extremely happy you know because usually usually when I first of all usually that third hour of raw I gotta be honest with you. Especially since we wake up early to do the show bit of a struggle just to stay stay awake for that final hour of Monday night raw and I'm sure there's a lot of people that probably have felt the same way throughout the years and months when it comes to Monday night it raw that was not the case last night they had me from the beginning to the end of that show and I actually am much more pumped for summer slam after after that show last night than I was before Monday night raw I believe that after the after the brock and seth stuff I'm looking forward to that match. Watch I will say after the ricochet stuff. I think ricochet was the biggest winner last night. I think the fans had the most emotional investment and ricocheted than I've ever seen them. Have Them Rick Shane A._J.. Should be great. I'm obviously interested in Becky versus natty but I'm quite confused onto how to react to either one of them so I understand that you're saying you're more pump for summertime but I'm in this weird state of limbo today where I just don't know how I felt about it and hopefully talking about the show today will help me figure something out or maybe you'll see my point of view on a couple of let's break it down and let's start from the end bully and that is why was it really the end because you had the Samoan summit but I think the big story coming out of Monday night raw last last night was brock and Seth rollins. I have said it numerous times on the air. I Love Seth rollins but it just doesn't really do anything for me. As we got closer to summer slam with him being in another match for universal champion brock listener brock listener looked like Broccoli till last night he was a beast and a beatdown on Seth rollins and it got bloody to what did you think of that beat down on seth last night. I thought it was a very well done angle I went on social media last night. Brock was an absolute beast and he was a complete douchebag spag hill vicious and seth was a sympathetic selling baby face and I think the biggest thing for me was Paul Heyman during that segment it started off with Paul Really Enjoying Brock rock annihilating seth and then once Paul realized that seth was bleeding internally and he was spitting up chunks blood. That's when Paul realised oof. Maybe we've gone a little bit too far and now you see concern in the advocate kit. When do we ever see concern from Paul Heyman towards one of brock less Nur's opponents? Never we never do right dave never but we got that last night and then the concern went almost went to the next level where Paul was like okay. This is enough rock. Let's just walk away and even the way he was just kinda standing to the side turning his back to the to the audience. It's kind of whispering and brock's a little bit like a little too much. Let's get the hell out of here. Let's go get a steak and we'll come back next week on raw and see what's going on and then brought it again and you see Haymond begging brock lessner to stop doing what is doing in that moment in time right right there so much of a story is told because when I see Paul Heyman Begging Brock lessner to not inflict more pain on Seth rollins instantly I have sympathy for Seth rollins because I'm realizing wow this must spe- really bad because Paul Heyman thinks you have really bad and pull him as a scumbag and I also feel more hatred you'd towards brock listener because I'm saying to myself hey brock. Even your advocate is saying you're going too far enough's enough walk away so I thought that was tremendous storytelling within the confines of the ring there's a back half to this to this angle that will get to but what did you think about what I said you feel I think you're spot on and and and it encompasses a lot and you said there's there's a lot of side and goes that we're GONNA get to later on in the show for sure but you know what when it comes to brock listener. That's the brock you on a sea is the brock that we saw last night first of all pull you would agree. We're seeing a hell of a lot more of brock than we've seen in the past. This is not the same brock lesson that we're talking about last year. At this time I totally agree brock we get in my opinion the better because he's a megastar and there is nobody else on the roster techy come close to what brock doc listener brings to this product right now zero and then when you talk about the sympathy for Seth rollins how could you not I mean the guy is bleeding internally the lake you said great job by Paul Heyman who is you you saw a side of Paul Heyman that you never ever say because he actually felt bad for Seth rollins enough is enough and then you even get a beat down after that they go to commercial and they're putting him in the ambulance and brock comes out for a second time and gives a beaten on a vicious at five on the stretcher so I mean I mean mission accomplished if you're W._W._e.. You built up brock again and and listen to the days of like brock listener never being on T._v.. And brock listener defending that title at least for now you gotTa throw that out the window because I can tell just from how many times we've seen him now in the past two months that this is the dif- different brock and now brock's on a different level after that beat down on seth and like you said bully sympathy for the face like you should have going into a major pay per view like summer slam mission accomplished and after I had sent out that tweet about the sympathy on seth a couple of people chimed in and they're like yeah but the fans were channing one more time you're going to get that you're gonNA get your spattering of fans that like brock but if you go back and watch the segment but more importantly listened to the segment after brock is done doing the physicality on seth in the ring when Brock lifts up his championship that entire arena was bowing him one hundred percent and that's the that's the last thing that people will remember when it comes to the physicality and in the ring nobody's remembering one more time one one more time the entire arena in unison booing brock leser and here's the thing bully because I went back and watched it when it was over two and you get you it did get like a chant of one more time but right after that 'cause it continued and went on for so long if you look at the audience if you go back and watch it again and look at the fans in the arena. They almost like it was like they couldn't believe what was taking place their jaws dropped. They had their You can get somebody over in an instant and last week we used the example of Shawn Spears and how well of a job a w did with the the code chair shot the J._r.. Sit Down and the RUB from tully and before you know it bang overnight Shawn Spears is is over for how did you feel about Seth rollins last week. I said I I'm not that. I was not excited about him. Facing brock listener again at Summer Slam you you didn't like him in the ring with when he did the what did he do the Miz tv I thought it was. I thought it was a complete flop. You didn't like when he was in the ring with D._X.. And the N. wwl no connection no chemistry. I believe you might have texted me that you weren't feeling this at all and you felt that seth was losing steam. I think you even said that on the show yes. How do you feel about Seth rollins this this week that is a huge swing in the momentum and the direction when it comes to seth rollins now? Is it enough I don't know do does the rest of the fans fans feel that same way. No I'm asking you. I don't care about the rest of okay right now. I'm trying to show you what a difference one week can make and when you do things the right way last tonight that you feel bad for Seth Rollins yes it went on for so long that I did actually feel bad for Seth rollins so the I believe last night that they got got him back on track and sometimes of beat down like that. We'll do it between the between the beat down in the ring the ambulance situation the blood coming out of the month the mouth and damn it. We're not a blood and guts company anyway. We'll talk about that lent. Yes there's no way for you not to feel bad for for seth and I think we're going to feel even worse for Seth in the coming weeks. Likely you're hearing God's busted open live weekdays from nine A._M.. To Twelve P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. Fire Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius X._M.. APP when we talk about Seth in Brock there is another side of the coin so to speak and it's becky lynch biggest problem. I had with that segment last night. Everything was going so well. I'm into it. I'm into the physicality. I Hate Brock. I'm sympathetic towards seth. They're putting seth in the ambulance. I see the ambulance I see Sefton when the ambulance now right before we go in the ambulance does a shot and who do we see in the shot. Dave we see becky lunch and Romans wrote so right there. I'm <music>. I'm told that sets best friend and his girl are watching him. Get loaded in the ambulance now. I I'm saying to myself. They're awfully far away from him. Romans probably getting ready for his summit and Becky was Kinda. Stand to the side but I still saw becky I'm wondering why Becky is rotten not right by seth side one while he's on the Gurney at least watching him get loaded into the ambulance. If one of your loved ones or your wife your boyfriend your husband somebody that you're dating a loved one a cousin aunt or an uncle or maybe just a good friend. Yes is getting loaded into when ambulance. Where do you normally go right next to them right by their side? You're the last person they see the last year before. The ambulance doors closed correct yes and again that take it a step further. If it's if it's a boyfriend or a girlfriend you're probably holding their hand while they're on that stretcher exactly so now I see the doors close no becky but I just saw becky fifteen seconds ago where the the hell is becky. I got some people telling me on social media well. She was in the sharpshooter so she was hurt. No that yes because she was standing there and if she was standing ending there on her own two feet to sharp shoot it didn't do a damn thing so I see Becky Stan than there. She's not there when the ambulance doors close P- now all of a sudden the ambulance goes to leave and the ambulance hits the brakes and there's the beasts standing in front of the ambulance and now we get the aftermath and brock continues to destroy seth which I thought was great another five on the stretcher where air was becky if we take a look at this in in our quote unquote real life and how real people react if they would have just had becky go in the ambulance with seth she didn't have to get in but she should have been the last person person that saw before the doors closed and then becky walks off out of the shot now how I as a viewer when when brock stops the ambulance and continues to destroy seth now in my mind find them like all right well becky thinks he's okay because she thinks the ambulance left or right. That's not the case becky would have sought everything so not only am. I confused as to why she wasn't there for her man when he was getting loaded in the ambulance. I want to know why she wasn't there for her man. When he was is getting his ass annihilated so let me ask you? This dave is Violeta violent woman. No not at all far from it is Violeta a grow physically aggressive. No a sweet lady not harmful bone in her body correct. Yes if you guys were out on the street and two guys jumped you or one guy jumped you. What would violeta she would get in she would get in between it? Try to get in between even the most non-confrontational non-confrontational people in the world will put their body on the line and sacrifice themselves to help a loved one right yes. Did we get that last night at all. Did we get anything close to that last night. Completely the opposite so my question to you is why well I it's. It's a great point and it's one that I feel is going to be talked about a lot on today's show and moving forward because I'll take it to what what I saw last night bully beatdown in the ring from Broccoli and they're like you described so well with Paul Heyman trying Brian Stop telling him in his ear to stop they go to commercial break during that commercial break Becky Lynn sends out a tweet and it's August eleventh. The man is coming to collect Becky Lynch Toronto Canada and I thought this was like wow what what ill-timed ill-timed tweet your boyfriend just got his ass handed damn so I'm looking at that tweet and it's during that commercial break they come back from the commercial break. And what do you see you see. Seth rollins on the Gurney getting pushed and they walk right by Becky Lynch and Becky Lynch is standing there hands on hips not going in and finding out if he's okay not like they cut and she was there and then drifted drifted off she was just standing in the background and I actually ran to my t._v.. And took a picture of it and put it out on twitter. You can see that David Greco one and right now he's in obvious pain just got his ass handed to and she is standing with her hands on her hips. So you see all all that and then go to like what you just talked about fifteen seconds later he's going into an ambulance that get stopped by brock listener listener. She's there 'cause even when the scuffle happens with Roman she you see her scurry to the side but she doesn't run off. She just moves over to the side so she had to have seen what was taking place and mind you even if that scuffle happened and she's like Oh my God. There's danger here sure she's still going to have her eyes on her boyfriend going into that ambulance at the very least six guys eight guys are fighting each other and she decided let me get Outta Dodge Raj over here the very least she would do is go straight toward seth now. I told you a two weeks ago. When becky dropped that line to natty about I'm I'm? I'm good at war but I'm not good at love. I said Aha they're planting the seed right. They're they're telling us that they're getting away from the relationship and we haven't seen the relationship on T._v.. In the past two weeks you know but that's not a re to believe that the relationship has ended. Maybe on screen green. They're not as as together as they were in the weeks leading up but we but we're to know that becky and seth are still together right yeah I mean they they. They haven't said anything otherwise at the very least we know that they care about one another at the very least we know that let's just say they're friendly right now. Now Okay you did not go and stand by the side of your friend boyfriend whatever while he was on the stretcher you you didn't you weren't with him until the moment he got in the ambulance. You had nothing left to do that night. Why weren't you there for him now? Obviously we're not blaming becky you could never put the blame on the talent. This is a creative thing but this is a giant hole in the story and these are things that I have a hard time wrapping my head around all right. Let's let's let's break it down for just a second now the the first thing that grabbed my attention was the tweet. Is there a way to explain that tweet is there could that have been scheduled to. I don't know it just seemed so ill-timed during that commercial break Becky Lynn's sent out that tweet it. Could there be a side of that tweet that I'm not saying thing all I can tell you. Is this in that commercial break right <hes>. Let's just say that Becky was this pie sets side and set said Becky. Don't worry about me. I'm going to be She leaves it. She goes send off a tweet right yeah but the minute they come back on air and I see Becky Lynch standing in the same shot Roman reigns as soon as I see seth rollins best friend and his girlfriend standing there watching him get it loading onto onto a Gurney Bang. You now told me that they were there and that they should be involved. Somehow insets wellbeing. I know why Roman Omen could not be involved and be by his side because he was getting it was getting to a massive scuffle. How come becky didn't go by his side? How come becky didn't help? We'll him to the ambulance. How come becky didn't help pick up the GURNEY? How come becky didn't help put it in and if she didn't do any of that why wasn't she at least standing right there you're so the last person that seth would have saw when the doors closed was becky where the hell was she and and forget about the beatdown afterwards? Why wasn't she covering up seth? There are too many holes in this one for me. Am I looking in this to this too deeply Dave I i. I'm trying to think like again like with the tweak that have been ill time when it comes to becky being back there. Could that have just been a complete cadet. Could it's been a mistake or an error. I don't see how because you're turning on a live camera. I mean I I can't see this any other way because you said they have planted seeds since last pay per view they haven't really dived into this relationship at all. There's actually a lot of people have complained about the fact of this relationship. You know you've seen a side of seth I mean has seth rollins been soft. The last couple of weeks has becky gotten stronger are and more popular over the last weeks last few weeks where seth has gotten softer and more unpopular. I don't know if either one of those things that's happened but from from the minimal amount of on-stream onscreen chemistry that I've seen between Becky and Seth I definitely before Becky wore the pants because of the way she came off she came off as the aggressor in the relationship it oh I think we talked about it. I think you might have even said it. It almost seems like they had emasculated seth for a moment there in his relationship with Becky yeah I mean it's not as bad as Mike Canales analysis but nothing nothing can be but but you know what it just. It's just a little hints where I think for sure. When it comes to Becky Lynch we're seeing a lot of traits of Becky Lynch that we saw way back at the time when we first started seeing the feud with Charlotte and her you know where she was the he'll she was presented as the he'll where we were kind of rejecting it because she was the underdog at that time a lot a lot of those things I think are coming through right now? AS WE'RE GETTING CLOSER TO SUMMER SLAM I'll I'll go with that as long as you're referring to. What what we saw in the ring last night like kick and fit in the balls and jumping natty yeah? I'll follow you on that one. I'll go down that that story line road with you but at the end of the show I can't buy into it because you want me to you now. You want me to hate Becky Lynn's because she wasn't by her man side to me. Neither is no excuse for it zero and maybe you're right dave. Maybe it was a mistake but if it was a mistake they I need to clean it up because it's going to be one of those things that I think I will harp on just like I harp on the tap out a bully. I was just GonNa say that like you say they have to clean this up. Have they cleaned up any of the messes. When it comes to Becky Lynch did they clean up the fact that her tappin out at the royal rumble did they clean up the fact that Ronda rousey shoulder was up at wrestlemainia thirty five? Are they cleaning up this. I just don't know if you don't Oh no Sirius X._M.. Than Listen Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius X._M.. But you don't you can listen outside the the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius X._M.. Outside the car for just one dollar just go to siriusxm dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone own at home and online that Sirius X._M.. Dot Com slash busted offer available to new series exempt streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required every member of the O._C.. Now has a belt when gallows and Anderson won the tag team championships last night. There was one word that came to mind. What's that finally finally that's my rocky imprisoning? That's actually pretty good dude. These guys guys were the Premier Tag team on the planet about four or five years ago when they were doing bullet club in Japan Japan they were. They were bad assets. They were good tag team. Strong tag team came into W._W._e.. And whatever whatever happened happened personally. I'm happy for these guys because I know them and they are good brothers. Real good good dudes professionally. I'm happy for them because I know the tag team that they can be on our very last night in in the W._W._e.. Me and Devan volunteered to have those guys leave US laying because hopefully it would have done something for them w._w._e.. Did Not capitalize on it and now three years later. These guys are the tag team champions. I'm happy to see them get back up where they belonged because they are equality team came with a good finish well. This is actually believe it or not the second time that they've held the tag team titles I and I don't even remember and and you and yeah shooting because there's nothing memorable about it but now that they're with A._J.. Styles and now that they seem like they're building towards something. I'm hoping this time around around bully. It's going to be completely different than what we saw before. I am hopefully optimistic as you are. We really having seen them do anything tremendous with the TAG team championships they have some good t- between the revival the Russo's the new so you know the well the new days basic smackdown between the revival the USOZ and the Oh say they should be able to do some good work with these teams and who knows like the USOZ obviously see. There's some things happening outside the ring and maybe that's why you know they're not building them up right now. I just don't want this to be a holding pattern for the O._C.. I'm hoping open that they're going to do big things now. We've said it before can't be the ball club to club. Believe it or not was more lame than say but it is what it is but I I really think this might be their time to shine. I hope or as much time to shine as the W._W._e.. will allow a tag team to shine these days and you've Said said that before tag teams me nothing I they. They really don't but I'll tell you one thing that tag match last night was absolutely fantastic exciting match. It really really was definitely an exciting match and say we got a lot of exciting wrestling last night. Last night was a great wrestling show whether it was the gauntlet match which was fantastic stick and and you know what Andreotti's Star I mean it's unbelievable what he can do in the ring and seeing him do what he does is other fantastic but that tag match to it was just fantastic. It was good. It was really really good wrestling show last night. Remember how I've said in the past that fans that might be disenfranchised with the W._W._e.. Because of the lack of wrestling they get on raw last night. You got your wrestling back. There was plenty not a of wrestling after that after that opening segment with the twenty four seven championship which I believe lasted like eight minutes from that point point on I think we got a half an hour straight of wrestling odd way by the way on way to start the show us night with that twenty four seven championship. Now I understand everybody's Kinda ended. Did it twenty four seven championship. It's entertaining but from a show like the one we got last night. I thought that was odd way to start. I believe they started that way because they unwanted chaos and confusion on the TV so if you're if you're flipping through the channels you see all these guys out there. You're wondering what all these guys doing out there what's going to happen. I have have to stick around and watch what did they advertise some kind of Mosh pit match Ilia Yeah Bosch pit match. I don't know if that was much much of a mosh pit as it was a dog pile on the rabbit whatever I guess they got what they needed to get and we we've. It's it's unbelievable. We're over an hour to the show we haven't in wished congratulations to the first ever pregnant W._W._e.. Champion Maria canals or they just wish there congratulations God that poor Mike Canales Man my God they say art imitates life. I hope that's that way. I hope that it's not that way once they get home. Here's the thing they're doing a really good job with it. I honestly I'm into it. I WanNa see what happens next I really do Mike and Maria are playing their parts perfectly. She's coming off like you know she reminded me of crew. Ella Deville is that from one hundred and one Dalmatians yeah and I don't know why I should remind she's just between the laugh and the scowls and just the way she's been she just that's who she reminded me of. It might be a horrible horrible comparison comparison to make but that's who she reminded me of but cruella Deville was a massive he'll chew reminded me and my ex wife actually gives me flashbacks and nightmares. Mare's every time I see Maria canals Within twenty four seven champion like Berea Canales well listen. They've already kind of planted the seed that she's going to be in the stirrups. Come this Thursday at her O._B._G._Y._N.. Appointment so they have they have to do a segment like that they and has to they have gone places that I never thought the W._W._e.. Like would you everything you ever think in two thousand nineteen you would hear Maria Canal you know I'm GonNa kick you in the vagina like I seriously they're going. Places is in the story line that you didn't think the W._W._e.. Would go who knows maybe there at the doctor's office next week on pop huge Drake Maverick walks in is the O._B._G._Y._N.. And I mean we talked about it. That's the only character that kind of fits right because he would do anything to get that twenty four seven championship back oh absolutely and just thought of that scene I mean the possibilities are endless. They can really have a lot how to fund with that but back to the original point. I think Mike is playing his part. You know to the I think Maria is doing a really good job with the way she's presenting are extremely he'll ish you know what overbearing just emasculating woman and A. and treating her husband like a complete doormat and they're being handed some difficult material. I mean imagine if you're a husband and wife and you have to you know you gotta come which Egos in the back seat because they're destroying them on T._v.. Likely you're hearing God's busted. Open live weekdays from nine A._M.. To Twelve P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. Channel fifty six four on demand with Sirius X._M.. APP Ricochet at Summer Slam going after that United States state championship now held by A._J.. Style so the O C holds three titles obviously the to tag titles and then you have what you got with the United <unk> states championship held by A._J.. So each member has a title around their waste. You would have to think at summer slim that A._J.. Styles is going to continue to be united state champion or could we see a new champion in Toronto not really sure what we're going to see from A._J.. And Ricochet when it comes to a title switch what I know we will see is a great match. Ricochet was the biggest winner in my eyes last night. I thought he got over tremendously with his in ring. Work cut cut a good little promo afterwards people behind him channing his name thought it was a good night form slow and steady wins the race and he took a step forward last night and you know you mentioned about the reaction from that crowd. There's no doubt the biggest pop last night was four ricochet and ricochet and he and he had a promo no after the match it wasn't the anything to knock you off your feet but again ricochets so damned good in the ring that you know what all that other stuff will happen later but man. I mean he's so overweight that W._W._e.. Universe right now he's over with the moves you gotta get over with your mouth that Promo Promo after the match was put there for a specific reason they wanted the last thing for fans to hear was ricochet speak passionately about his match so which stood out to you the Promo or his entering ability last night is entering ability. That's where they gotta get him up to speed up to par with his speaking. It's got to be able to connect those fans. Obviously he connects in the rings with with his moves. GotTa be able to connect on the microphone phone and then and then ricochet will be on his wife but I thought it was a really strong night for him. Yeah and again that match was great Ramos Diario Bizarro to start <hes> mysterious stereo and Sammy Zane was was really really quick and then Andrade Ramos Stereo you talk about chemistry those to have tremendous chemistry together on driving ray. A mysterious absolutely can't say enough good things about as far as the in ring ability of everybody that was involved last night's Azzaro Ray Sammy <music> Andreotti obviously ricochet great workers very exciting to watch out of all of them. The one that really <unk> has impressed me over the years this Azzaro so Zara is such a stud in the ring. It's not even funny. The thing that impresses me the most is his muscular Taylor Endurance Cicero can go twenty twenty five minutes and still have the strength to do things that would normally be very difficult to do. That's deep into a match. Surra is never going to be on the winning end of a singles a monster singles push but he will always be involved with stuff especially when it comes to helping other guys get over by having quality matches and it's funny because you talk about a guy that they've kind of repackaged I but really hasn't changed. If that makes any sense bizarro he still Zara when he's in the ring but they always seem to kind of try to repackage whether he's with whether he's with shameless that double o seven character that they tried like they try different things but at the end of the day I guess he's almost like Adolf's Alf Ziegler in the fact that he's so damn good at what he does but you can't really picture him winning a major title with the W._W._e.. He's a good hand hand which is great for longevity and making money but it's also kind of the kiss a death when it comes to where you'll ever be positioned on the card I I mean he <music> Suzano to me was his most entertaining when he was with the bar him and shameless had tremendous chemistry. I enjoyed watching and forget about their their entering ability in their work. It was the outfits that they had or the backstage segments that they did sa- Zarro from a personality point of view I believe has taken a step backwards not because of anything that he's done just because the way creative has positioned him and they should be a good wrestler Ashley. That's it yes and and you're right the best work that he's done with the W._w._e.. Characterize a character wise personality wise and again where there we headed creatively creatively. It's definitely his work with a tag team with somebody like shame as I. I actually hope they go back to that. At some point. Shame hasn't been around in the longest time and I don't know why do you. I know you had the injury but I feel that he's back in these cleared so I would think at some point you're going to see shameless but I don't know if they're going to put that team back together again fair enough. I mean the bar working with guys like the <hes> the Viking raiders can be a good hard hitting match. They're already there are younger teams there right now like the Viking raiders that could be able to benefit from work from working with veterans like the Bar Yeah I agree and maybe that's a few that would really be well and again the TAG team division if you're going to do something with it those Zor definitely two teams that you can do something with eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three eight seven seven five ninety three. Let's get back to the nation. Let's go to Ryan in Brooklyn Ryan. Would you want to say about last night's raw. Hey guys morning or afternoon. <hes> you know that beginning if feels like it's it definitely has heyman all over it back in day ninety four ninety five Guido in the ring then all of a sudden pinned ammonium broke out bubba stuttering and dancing then this guy's he's hitting the ring and he's he's. He's killing another guy. Then somebody else comes out you know it's almost that old school feeling and I had a question for Bob. Actually you guys back back day. Education hardees you guys. Is there anybody that you feel that you've seen come along that has been close to those three tag teams in Iraq. Aw what do you mean when you mean the the rivalry amongst the three teams the chemistry that the three teams have had exactly no oh okay you don't feel that there's any three teams that have came along after you guys that could put in that like ladder match or anything like that because I saw a little bit of it with revival last thank and their match <hes> I was just curious if there was anybody close to that in my opinion the chemistry that the hardest Dudley's and edge and Christian had ad was very it's very rare to get two teams. I and I'll kind of just compare it to the rock and roll in the midnight express that's right dave chemistry with those two have two teams with that much chemistry is is a blessing to have three teams with that must chemistry is almost almost unheard of now. There are a lot of teams right now. They're doing well like if I think the Russo's the new day and and give me one other team Dave that you think could have the same type of chemistry because the users in a new day have tremendous chemist. Yes what's the third team to throw in there that can match the chemistry of the chosen the new day. I

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