Hour 3: Mina Kimes


Dude. Your nose is bleeding. Yeah. I think it might still be believing. What happened? I thought I had good seats at a game that was stuck in the four hundred. That was three days ago. They were super high up. I felt like I was somebody Everest look next time. Just go to vivid seats. Tickets are one hundred percent Bendik and you can even see where your seat is before you buy it can't believe I'm going to say this your genius. Well, you welcome. I kind of am we're on the earn ten minutes. Maybe we should get that Kleenex out of your nose. Here. Put it on the poll at lebatardshow please. Did you? No. That riana is wealthier than the onset. Yes. Or no. I mean a kinds you can download and subscribe, the meantime, show podcast, new episode every Wednesday also she's got a live show at the crocodile. If you're in Seattle, July twenty second, they go on sale at one o'clock today tickets to the crocodile dot com. If you want more information, give us more information they go and tell in an hour from now, one PM eastern time and these things will go fast folks. And what is the nature of the of the live show me, what are you doing out there? Well, it's a, a lot of vision of the podcast. So that'd be a lot of talk special celebrity guests tension. We from local squad. But if there are enough, lebatardshow fans, maybe I'll do my own Roy's Rome, like you guys did for very long time the witching hour, perhaps the segment that no one is asking for a no one ever wanted. Come on, so you're thinking about doing. Like a solo performance as the witch that what you're saying. The witch characters very limited. It's kind of terrible. This is this is not an incentive and Roy's realm is not worth a spin off. I don't know that a lot of people and asking for the wish. I know it's the worst character isn't the worst character in the history of the show. I know that saying a lot high BART's largely Stu gods. Michael might be. Before we get to the crocodile in Seattle, and your podcast. Do you take aside in Duke Johnson against Baker Mayfield? I you know, I think that, that is Mike actually thought put it really well, I don't mean they actually might could it really well on Twitter when he said he was a little bit surprised. 'cause, you know, teammates are usually pretty careful about that stuff. Especially when it comes to business Baker does have a tendency to because mine, and say, exactly what he thinks he didn't really come out against Duke, necessarily, but he's made it very clear. He's, he's very tribal in its growth. He's team. I it's like you're with us. You're against us. And I guess, you know, in his view, if dukes manning trait, it's no longer with them. Actually. I did. Yeah. Is there any way outside of injury that the Browns aren't good? I think they're gonna win the division. You know some people are saying, well, the good on paper team. And we seen those teams in the past like the eagles not that long ago, and they don't come together. Coaching there's a lot of big personalities. But part of the reason I think you're going to get it's not just because of all the talent they bro letting. No, not all the talents that they sorry my dog hooping right now. I'm taking a walk, not just the women. So you you just sounded like you're arguing with yourself on the radio and then decided that the Browns were no longer good. But it's just because Lenny was making a brand. My gosh. I kinda tower. You know, you got to take while you're talking with early doing that right now. Just gonna let it go. Yeah. I think. Really don't pick whereas Lenny pooping. I mean. I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna pick it up. But I'm gonna I'm not gonna pick it up while I'm talking about football. I'm gonna wait until after. Brown's good healthy. Yeah. I was gonna say because the coaches good I go, you know, not just bring kitchens back, but adding Todd monkey who I thought was one of the most creative offense coordinators in the league. See, it's a really good staff. What do you make of Todd mcshay being in the running for the debts front office? When do when are we in the writing, I feel like I feel like with one call and get us both jobs for the New York Jets to try God sent taxed on Saturday nights. God sent me a text on Saturday night. I'm going to bed your gaze, about becoming the voice of the jet. Yes. What do you think? I think it's, it's obviously a trend in. We're seeing also, by the way, these Jim firing. Right. Because the Texans came out and fired their jam which took a lot of people by surprise to me. It's about coaches amassing power in both of these cases. So the coaches seem to have run a believe these days. And if you don't want good side, Stu, you might have shot. Amino will Lenny be making an appearance at your live show in Seattle. In some capacity. Yes. But then he doesn't fly very well I don't know if you we've talked about that, but he really doesn't do well on play. He's small enough to fit on a plane, but he chewed his way out of a bag. Last time I brought him on a plane and quavo style. I'm a little bit nervous about trying it again. What? What wait a minute? Why was my running man reference too old but hurt? She just made a total recall referencing. Old. There was a. Remind more people seeing teetotal recalls. What are the raiders doing me? Not. Well. The draft. It was all about taking the classic layers and the proven guys without as much upside. And they went down. They signed kind here. Right. And obviously AB there, too. I actually think they're going to be pretty significantly better especially on offense to the season. You know, they've got a tough schedule, but they're the team, I wouldn't say the Browns, they're the team where it actually might fall apart. What can you tell me about Joe Douglas who was hired as the jets diem? Everybody wants a piece of the eagles. Right. They're seeing right now is one of the best run organization in the league and a lot of has to do with their owner and sort of the culture. He's silicate there. It's very progressive. They care about numbers. They care about doing things in a modern way. So a lot of teams want a piece of that by L accounts. He has a golden reputation. It's not a terribly difficult situation. He's walking into this time of year. So I think the great hire the once contract. Interesting are obvious sorry, the, the lens contract. When's Carson Wentz? I thought it was a great deal end. Sorry. Everything's about money. I thought it was a great deal. You know, it's funny people seem to think it was really risky, because the injury, if you get injured injured at some point, right? It's not like him being healthy for a year guarantees healthy for the rest of career. But doing this they get ahead of every other quarterback contract be back this year. Mahomes, soon to get a contract, you know, bigger than the GDP of Dubai or whatever. So right now, they're getting locking him down at a pretty cheap price, and it's not a lot of guaranteed money you hear the guaranteed dollars. But a lot of injury guarantees are not real. So to me, it made a ton of sense. Again, it goes back to the eagles, being really, really smart and how they do business, again, tickets for Meena kinds live show at the crocodile in Seattle, July twenty second go on sale today. Fifty two minutes you'd go to the crocodile dot com. If you want more information, you can download and subscribe to the meantime, show, podcast, new episodes, every Wednesday I thought that eagles offense of line two years ago was. Among the best I've ever seen. And I thought that the problems Philadelphia had or the regression. They had had everything to do with the regression of that offensive line. What happened there and how do they improve that? How do they get back to two years ago as opposed to last year? Eagles really in the trenches not to be crochet. But you're, you're right. It was actually office defended by the head credible death on both sides. And they had some injuries, right? They should be back to full health actually Peters is coming back. But they went ahead and drafted especial ready in Andre dealer team. Does that you know they're good? Right. When they're not drafting guy, they need. But a guy that they're going to need a year. You know that they're set at the position group. I actually think right now the eagles would be probably I don't know if they're my pick to come out of the NFC, but they're definitely one of the three best me. You know, why is Celeste screaming evidence in the middle of the night multiple times in an episode and does Mary Louise sleep in the room, what's going on there? I don't know. You'd think if you had just been complicit in the murder of someone sun, you wouldn't have them in your house knowing that you're screaming evidence. It doesn't it's really smart show. But it's like a dumb plot device remake did a multiple times. And, and she used the same sort of device, which is what about rape? Who are we murdering? I it's just and you have for those of you do not know Mike is talking about big allies, that Meryl Streep walked into the room twice as main character was having nightmares in which she spoke of some of the evil. They have done what we're talking about, right? I didn't. Thank you. It's obvious we're talking about the Monterey five and big little lies season to kick off last night. You can check me out on big little live. It's a post show after every episode I was glued. Thank you know, which our, unfortunately, on the big little lies show, maybe incentive for some people. There's no, I promise. There is no which ING our on the big little, I show the crocodile in Seattle will have a. Itching, our is going to break out of character. No one's asking for more of the witch from Roy's realm, the, the crocodile dot com where you go, if you want more information, one last question. Mean do you think Bonnie's could snap out of this or is this who she is now? Witches voice the way that you know what? Get out get her out of here right now. Get around here, Senator penalty box goodbye. Get out of here. Time for some ads just hold it. I would anyone go see the winch at the Crockett up. Great job of someone that good job. Never got an answer on Bonnie. Either sue God's here. 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I don't understand. I don't understand drinking this way. Can you guys get me an expert on these matters some sort of expert sit next to these liveth our show with his two guys on ESPN radio stugatz his weekend, survey shins are going to be in about twelve to thirteen minutes? But here is in the world of amateurism. What you can do when you have a great deal. Of financial success. Hugh Culverhouse junior. Pledge to donate twenty six point five million dollars over four years to Alabama. He is the biggest donor the school hats. He also urged businesses and perspective students to boycott the university, and the state over Alabama new abortion law. What do you do do got if you are Alabama in that situation? Hoping for the mystery. Magic crazy gone. It's not popping up right now. I don't have any control over it. Why don't you throw it to Mike throw it to Billy throw it to ROY throw to Chris throw to Allison, what have a phone of friend? What do you wanna do? What would you guys do? And then I'll tell you if what you're thinking is right or wrong. Go ahead, Mike. I really want to hear your thoughts on this. I, I'm just hearing for the first time I'd really prefer the taste makers in this industry days. Tell me what they think. But I'm also hearing it for the first time as well. Meaning if you're all Bama, do you get in you to take that money if you disagree with what he's what do you do? If you're Alabama, you've got your biggest donor rise, urge perspective, students and businesses to boycott both the state, and the university over Alabama's new abortion law, which is a, you know, subject of polarizing controversy throughout the United States that Alabama has gone back to a different time in abortion law. I want to say that the right thing to do was Alabama should stop taking that man's money. But we all know that Alabama is not going to stop taking that man's money. I don't think the university is gonna stop doing it. I just don't. Because the football program is that important to the university, they returned all the money. Wow, wish I knew that in advance, they return all the money with interest and said, get on outta here. Really? That is pretty gangster, and you can do it when you're making plenty of money because they said we do not want. We do not want your twenty one point five million dollar gift. They return the funds. They said it was processed Friday morning, and that they will also return any accrued interest. And I wonder what happens with the next step on that. Oh, and they also took his name off of the law school like they said, not only keep your money here. We don't want your name either. Did I know his stance while taking the money or are they returning the money because there was a lot of blowback for them except well, you're not allowed to criticize them for returning, the money after predicting that they would never return the mole? That was my prediction. I was guessing not allowed to criticize them reacting to blow back when they've already done the thing that is hard to do. I'm not criticizing anyone yet. Perhaps, I will I am simply asking some questions before I criticized because now I am generally interested in. Story. I'm wondering if you have to be kind of. You can't. You can't give him a hard time for noggin involved in these segments. And then snap at him when he's wrong minute, wait a minute. I was I was right, technically, I said, I'd like to think that Alabama would not take the man's money but I predicted what they did to be wrong wonderful. Thank you. Did nothing wrong. I know damn you. Minute snap semi, it's unbelievable. I got to have a conversation with somebody about the things that are happening in the news, you happen to be in the room with me. You watch that tone. I don't understand how this comes back on me where snap at me. Listen, I took I gave you my opinion, Alabama. I would return the money but I'm guessing Alabama didn't return the money because the football program is so important. And then you verify that was wrong. But I didn't nap it. You just simply thought it was felony snap. I thought it was funny for you to say. Got this week and survey ships next donlevatar Louis Riddick every time I see him on television. Looks a little bit sleepy because he has is slowly sucking, all of the energy out of wearing a mass to God's he'd best, looking ball guy in sports. It's Don O riddick's looking. I'm not looking man disputing that. He's good looking, former athlete pardon athletes, included, Jason Taylor. Game over my favorite about Louis Riddick is when he's relaxed. Louis Riddick on buttons. The shirt everybody got a little gold chain underneath. That's what he's Lou Riddick live tar show with a Stu gods on ESPN radio to God's his weekend, observations coming in less than one minute. Kevin Durant is a game time decision today. According to Steve Kerr, I'm reporting based on no information whatsoever that Kevin Durant is playing tonight up Friday. You I mean come on. If he's a game time decision he's playing I mean it kind of has to play. I'm going to I would have backup that report, a guy clay was active and dressed and play game three. Yeah. But there's no tomorrow, my this is winter go home. I mean this is Kevin Durant has to play. He cannot sit there and watch his teammates lose the Toronto as I could be his final game of the Golden State Warriors, you had to come out and try to watching him for an entire series. I guess I just stand Van Gundy shrugged, his shoulders when I asked him last week and said, I expect Kevin Durant to be Kevin Durant, the moment he arrives. I don't know how fair, it is to expect Kevin Durant to bail them out. Like, what are the chances that he has his stamina you can't be playing in the minutes? He was playing before he got hurt. Like you seem what happened to boogie cousins trying to keep up with all of this. He had one good quarter one could game and he's been bad and all the other game. But I think what is saying is, yes, the minutes might be limited. It might be twenty twenty five minutes. But it will be the same Kevin Durant in those twenty minutes. I, I don't know. I'm not I just think it's very hard to recreate the pace of an NBA finals game when you haven't played in a month. Right. And I am. When you've never played in. The finals. And you're likely going to have to face. I Leonard Mon. So wait a minute in your personal record book. He did not play in the Oklahoma City finals either nothing counts. Okay. Nothing counts era. Good. You forgot about Oklahoma City. I really did time now for God's his weekend. He also forgot about his personal record book, evidently. Because nobody's making he was having meetings with publishers ten months ago, I was hearing about the bidding war, and then not getting closer time now for two to share his skin notes. No, one in the media will tell you what happened. But at the my two to get observations. Brought to you by vivid seats needs to a game. Download the vivid seats app and enter promo code chimps at checkout to get ten percent off your first order. Don't buy just any seat. Get a vivid. See. Tiger Phil KEPCO Pebble Beach, Dan, the US open is back surgery Baca is about to get a ring before James harden. Russell westbrook. Add, Kevin Durant dano. We have a game seven, you know what that means? Know what it means to me, it means we have the greatest thing in sports. Game seven Stanley Cup final. The rare win or lose and go home game it upset, Nick nurse can really rock a hat to more horses died at Santa Anita. Let stash this away in the things we need to take a closer look at file really wanted to see Djokovic in the doll in the French Open, final so disappointing Nidal did his part, Novak did not Novak Djokovic more like Novak Joe day you go the choker with three wins. Kevin Durant has a chance to change everything. Brooks, KEPCO finish fiftieth at the Canadian Open twenty shots off the lead. If he Canadian Open was a major. He would've won wanted at this point pretty certain. I could convince. Adam gays to give me a job on his coaching staff, death, taxes and Rasiah Rhonda running his mouth story, but wise demeanor rubbing off, on raptors now, none of them, speak. Can't wait to watch comply, not smile after winning NBA JP jet at finals, MVP when your parents name, you max Muncie. You know what you meant to do. Dan out. Our hitter. You're meant to mash when Raphael, the Dow shows up to the red clay of Roland Garros you know what it means. It means everyone else is playing her second place, allegedly. He's won two championships two finals MVP's three straight finals, and yet, somehow Kevin Durant has harmed his legacy more than he's helped it not as in Bumgarner. Here's an idea. Don't let Muncie hit your pitch to an ocean mad bomb. Now you're just a bum who's mad. If hit a baseball out of a stadium and into a bay wouldn't you take a second or two to enjoy, what, hey Rafa? We get it. You're chiseled. Now. Put your clothes back on. Hey D, if you wanna lesson on how to receive validation as he wrote the book on it Raphael. Doll twelve French Opens Rod, Laver eleven majors, Rafeh, Raphael nadeau, twelve French, Open Bjorn Borg, eleven majors. Rafeh Raphael Miguel twelve French, Open, Jimmy Connors eight majors. Rafeh Raphael adult twelve French, Open history of US, tennis, eleven French Opens Rafeh Raphael. And the Dow twelve French Open TV show, mash, eleven seasons Rafeh, Dan, you know what Tom Cruise would do with Justin Bieber? He'd mopped the floor with them. Sorry. Justed Amata believer. Tom Brady on his Instagram again, sent out a picture of his hand with all six rings on them. Yes rings with an S. He also said his favourite ring will be the next one. I hate him. Oh my God. I hate him dot Frazier last twenty three games three forty six average one thousand twenty six Opie S the Todd father, Patrick McCaw is a win away from becoming the only warrior, the win three straight titles. If the raptors win one more game. Patrick McCall will join Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille, O'Neal as guys who have won three straight NBA titles, Madison. Bumgarner after the game saying a lot of people tell me, let the kids play while not realizing he's twenty nine and Muncie is twenty eight Matt is it guts from in you. The gentlemen who runs the lacrosse program, whom I team bludgeon last season standing on the sideline of one of our games. A game in which he shouldn't have a rooting interest in actively rooting against my girls serve you put the s in class, and the Stu gods is dragging. You got no reason to be there as certainly no reason to be rooting against my girls, you know, it's he was celebrating his team at one, I'm guessing the reasons probably you and your general behavior on the side. Probably may pepperoni topic j with ideas about how to make the jets better collision course a tip of the cat to TLC read two thousand twenty two her giving my team its first loss in over a year after being down seven to well done Dan, you know, my motto, you win with glass. You'll lose with class the little across world, a warning I'm doing an explosive investigative journalism piece that will expose. The politics and Apocrypha, see behind the scam. You liked to call youth lacrosse, it will send shockwaves throughout the sports. You've been warned. I suggest you get your bleeping order. By the way, if it investigative journalism piece is an explosive on not rating. It who am I kidding? I'm not reading it anyway, me, not writing and investigative piece on youth lacrosse, collision course and if I did me not reading my own investigative journalism peas on youth lacrosse, collision course is someone going to take a look at what the hell is going on at Santa Anita. Speaking of health or Dan, those are the weekend observations. I I'm still not sure what happened with the lacrosse investigative pieces it because you lost your going to investigate corruption in youth lacrosse, they're just they're you know, they're picking these national teams and these all. American teams and you have people who are deciding who are running the program, they're picking their own girls, and not picking the right girl the best girls and I've just decided, I'm tired of it the politics policy, and I'm going to expose it, man. I am going to blow this thing wide open. How about that? Break out the red panties. We arrange baby need some help. It doesn't seem like something you would do favoring your own kid. Listen best players, put gamma. Why is it? Why skeptical Billy here, you so full of it, and for days, you've been hearing, there's this ongoing feud, I dunno if you're wear behind the scenes between Allison's niece, who was a lacrosse goalie and his daughter. Now thens niece, won the state championship, and it's through God's been talking ill of her saying how his daughters, so much better lacrosse, and Allison's nieces. And then she went out and she won the state championship. Yells about investigation. His daughter's team is losing. He's saying it's because the other teams are cheating cheating. I tip my cap to the team that beat us a tip of the Cup. It's the they played very, very well, and they're not one of the doing it the right way. But the next thing you did was say that you are going to have an explosive investigation. Just I'm Dan. I'm telling you, that there is such I'm telling a lot of kids are fall through the cracks because certain colleges are only looking at certain programs and they're all tied together, and it's a minor league system, filtering kids into certain colleges and a lot of kids. Fortunately, from Florida are gonna fall through the cracks who are certainly good enough to play any one of these universities and better than many of the players that are going to some of these top colleges that that's so I'm gonna blow the doors on this woman. I really am. It just kind of seems that you're taking the ball and going home because you lost donlevatar got spent the entire break giggling attacks. What is that tech street, this has been the worst our in the last six years? Of the show, and it's not even close to God's, and it's not even over these live at our show with this Stu guys on ESPN radio at lebatardshow, if you want to vote on any of the polls that God's about update from Edmonton Alberta. This comes in where the, the Canadian national anthem tonight will be sung by the fans in the craziest Candida you've ever seen for basketball. Jeff Hendrick rights love how you guys still think a guy who couldn't finish a three on three practice. Three days ago will come in after a month off playing in fifty percent. And help the warriors run the table. I love your doctor diagnosis of fifty percent. Jeff Hendrick after studying all that ails, Kevin Durant calf. How do you feel about the fans singing that national anthem together? That's like that's response. Right thing for Canada. I love the candidates falling in love with basketball. I love the Leonard is immediately going to leave the team after the game never to return. I love that tonight when Toronto wins. Kevin durant. Big smile on his face. It's going to come out and grab the finals MVP trophy in the middle of a roaring Canada. That's what he's just holding up the most valuable player of the fine like gave K D two offered you can come back and play and win the title for the warriors or not play at all when finals MVP which thinking. I think he would choose winning. But losing and winning and playing second. Can win. He's gonna win finals MVP. It's going to be indisputable doesn't even matter when he puts up the games, just as mere presence because he could come back and maybe twenty five minutes in numbers teams, don't come back from this. This is, you know, Avs dead. They're the only when it was shocking, and then took Draymond green being ojected, a lot of different things had to happen in order to make that happen. How about that piece that they added at the deadline Marcus saw every time you wanna pooh-poohed, this NBA trade deadline up championships are made was the piece that they added in the off season with the trait. That's the piece Pat McCaw at lebatardshow, Instagram and Twitter. What do you have to got the Twitter Paul's brought to you by Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club delivers the product, you used a look feel and smell your best right to your door? Plus, with their hands and discount. The more you buy, the more you save go to dollarshaveclub dot com slash Dan. For a special offer again at lebatardshow on Twitter. Is six hundred feet, the longest home run ever hit six hundred feet. Seventy three percent of the audience said, yes. Does Madison Bumgarner sound more like you sells, diabetes medication or he pants for gold. Seventy two percent of the audience said he pants for gold. Are a cove and obey synonymous still not certain. What that means fifty two percent of the audience said, yes, they are, if you say so is max Muncie. A great name for a power hitter, eighty percent of the audience said, yes, it's hard to get better than that. Right. Max muncie. While let's see can we do better than that. Can anyone do better than max? Monthy. I don't know. I don't power hitting like max Muncie. If your name's max Muncie is a kid, you're you're meant to be a power hitter. Butch huskey Babe Ruth Lou. The good one. Yeah. How about stuff that has word play in it, like Ryan Braun, like or anyone named strong know anything in the strong family at lebatardshow, Instagram and Twitter Homer, Bailey. Not bad. Home. He's a pitcher. Homer. Bush crush Davis. Is there such a thing? Chris Davis crush crush. Yeah. What he's hitting home. Run. This is name, actually. Should Kevin Durant win the finals MVP playing no games, sixty nine percent of the audience that, yes, nice trot? Nixon pretty good is era being the face of Sunday night. Baseball on ESPN equivalent to Lance Armstrong, calling the tour to France. Homerun Smith eighty five percent of the audience said, yes, that's a great one. Chris, you did great work. Their home runs mint. Excellent work. Homerun Smith very clever. I've you win. I mean you must've worked for a long time on that workshop around the room waiting all your life for this topic to come up on the radio so that you could come in and really just impress everyone in America with the name home runs, mid, I don't think that's a real person out. What are American basketball fans rooting for tonight? More basketball or a new underdog champion sixty three percent of the audience set a new chip. Whoa, more basketball if the raptors wanted tonight to the Sixers be celebrated as the second best NBA team this season. Cain. The closest they, they were right there were right there to beating the Rafter fifty two percent of the audience said, no. When things break do you prefer to fix them or replace them? Sixty two percent of the audience and replace them. Are you intimidated by a person who comes up to you? It says they have a little something something for you. Fifty six percent of the audience. And yes. The biggest upset hearing it the way that it was said, I want you to imagine me walking up to you and your face in a club. And telling you I have a little something something for you. Over Annunciation both something.

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