Episode 9: Quentin Tarantino Part 2


We're back with part two of Quentin Tarantino and five things with Lynn. Hershberg as I said in part one Quentin is one of my closest friends which means that he has a lot to say. He's always very interesting and today's episode picks up where we left off. It's not exactly your usual five things. He really only did three things but with Quentin you. Just listen to anything. Asked say Do Westerns okay. So let's do one thing so let's talk about let's make did you have to have two incidents in your life. We've done person place thing after due to incidents. So why don't we do the incident or the event being being when reservoir dogs was at Sundance. Well going to sundance with reservoir dogs because that was zero to fifty kind of moment. Yeah well it was like Were you nervous. Well one just getting a sundance was was was was a big deal because I remember there was like another friend of both selling making my editor and Dean Parasol. Her husband's also filmmaker. They had another friend of theirs. WHO had made an independent film and we were both trying to get accepted at Sundance that year and and there was like a lot of movies that came out that year? That didn't get accepted to sundance that year. That actually did really okay. Well like Nick Gomez Laws of gravity got refused by Sundance. And because of what had happened with sex lies and tape. If you didn't get accepted at sundance it seemed like Like it was the end of the world. Your only chance of really breaking out would be go go to sundance how that actually changed and partly changed. Because of that year after that year they started coming up with slam dance because there were like. Hey look at all these really terrific. The big movies that made a made a mark that year but couldn't even couldn't get played at Sundance Right. Videotape was the year before to a couple of years. Before you about three I I think yeah I think it was ninety. Okay maybe been eighty nine but I think it was ninety. I'm sure you're actually. I remember in ninety two are sound the people were doing our sound with you know. They're big movie. That year was Kafka. Oh yeah he was this follow up because because sex lies and videotape. was there a little. Okay well we'll work on this little little small film and then became big and so now there they were putting the entire company behind his followers should work out and I was I. Was there small movie movie that year than they did. I would reservoir dogs so the thing is we get we go to Sundance and it was a dream come true in every way one on to actually be a filmmaker to actually. I have a finished film and I have a film that I'm happy with and I feel that I'm proud of and then I get to go to You know that whole year going on the Film Festival circuit was was a blast. So you'll be to go to sundance was play the Egyptian uh-huh yeah eventually played too small theaters before that and then the big Hollywood screening Egyptian which was on the second week but the thing about it though was it ended up being. It was exciting because of the whole life experience. If at all was very exciting but the other thing that was really incredibly exciting. That was like the way alternative Music Outta Seattle was about to explode and maybe it was in the process of exploding. The films that played at Sundance that year were to start an explosion of American independent cinema. That would last for the Knicks. Six six years I would be on the Film Festival Circuit and talk to different critics from different countries and I was okay. So what is the most exciting cinema going on right now and you ask me at that time just a little bit. Before it had been Hong Kong would have been the place that that was the most exciting in the late eighties early nineties and they were like no. It was Hong Kong now. It's American independent cinema and it was because because you know basically for the next twelve twelve months. All those films have played a sundance. They went all around the world. The strictly ballroom this one and then they little by little filtered out out started getting any started playing in the independent theaters and started you know and these directors the Hal Hartley's and everybody started like really having their critical fans and having their your fans and we're going to the next one was and then they were immediately booked all being Toronto and this and that and And and some of those guys. They were accumulating leading a nice little Group of movies that it was exciting. It was exciting. It was interesting and it became a genuine business where you would talk to like saying they like A theater owner guy like who used to run the Dobie in Austin Texas he existed from independent films and they were earth thing. People people saw trainspotting. Yeah Yeah people saw these movies they were they were it was a bit like being rockstar. People people young people in College. We're following them. And all of a sudden now it wasn't music performers that they had on their wall all it was like the poster from the independent movie that they liked might be goldfish. It might be trainspotting. It might be pulp fiction and might be a headshot poster reservoir dogs could be El Mariachi or it could be Antonio Banderas from a DESPERADO. But it was. It was some of those guys. Beat Jay and silent Bob. I had the reservoir dogs poster on my wall and you told me it was a fake. It it's not licensed but I never had a problem with those guys. I didn't need that money much rather than make me a pop cultural the poster poster. Yeah I have the original section posted with her the paperback book. Well I sold out of Miramax Miramax. Yeah Yeah I have it in Cork Board. I think it was in the lobby like on an easel. Picked it out. Ah I never told anyone that. But that's the truth. I took it. Walk town fuck you keeping you have plenty more are those with that. Game I'm the pulp fiction groupie. I absolutely absolutely you. You you definitely earned the right. None of us were super aware of that back then but that was was kind of the way it was and I started going on the Film Festival circuit and started. Seeing these people at more places became a weird kind of community entity well for I mean I actually. I was a little naive. I mean there was a thing where I thought that you know for the next thirty years. Me and Allison Anders. Nick Gomez amidst all be making movies together. And you know we'll be watching each other's cuts and this and then the other end Tony Raisin L. The rest of them and and yeah and the reality is they all did pretty good but they weren't able to forge a theatrical movie career for thirty years right it's hard it's very hard. That's why when people say like that. I'm going to quit after thirty years. That's a long. That's a long career. A lot of people don't make well they don't want you to quit. That's why they don't want you to ever quit I. Unfortunately I'm in that so was it. Did you have fun when during reservoir dogs at Sundance Dance. Was it a fun event or was it just sort of overwhelming. No it was a blast. I I had. I had a fantastic time. I was really taken seriously. We have you have the the film played great. It was one of the film played great. I met seemed like I met all of Hollywood which was very very exciting. Yeah I was one of the boys so that's always nice. Great you felt like you were part of a community which is always nice. I absolutely felt like I was part of the community but also frankly I feel it was one. I felt like I was part of a independent film community but I also felt like I was part of Hollywood because is by that point in time. It's been about a year and a half that I'd been doing stuff in Hollywood both making reservoir dogs and like you know all the agents read it. That's how everyone one knew who I was. Right is when the agents got the scripts to submit their actors right. I had this I have somewhere. Somebody's in the script for pulp fiction. US have both fiction but the person I think your systems have made the script and forgot to take off the page. There was going out to the actors in mind and I always treasure that page because so many people all different part of the thing. I wanted those part part of the thing about it wasn't so much. These are the people who want the parts part. The thing that one of the things that Mike Simpson told me he goes okay. So here's the deal you give them your wish list of things you want are the things that are are important to you and then once they sign off on that then that's it right. Yeah there's nothing there's nothing they can say they they've they've they've looked at your terms they've and they've agreed right right so it was like if you WanNa think about certain actors put them all there. It wasn't necessarily that I I was thinking. Oh Hey this person is the perfect person to play pumpkin versus honey. Bunny it was the idea of coming up with about six or seven names for everybody right and and then and have them sign off right on all those different between this group of actors. I could actually put together fiction right right well. It was less trying to narrow it. All those definitely thought about it but it was more about creating a nice pool of actors to choose from that. I wouldn't have to go back and get permission. I see well I love this. I went ballistic list so then you came back and did you think did you. You did your world tour. So let's do the second incident and I know what I want. I want to get off this movie making okay so what I thought well incident second event. Okay uh-huh okay so look. This is a book I wanted to. Because I've been thinking about stuff like this. I wanted to okay so the second second event that I wanted to go through is me going to the movies. Nineteen seventy-nine excellent. Because I think think I probably saw more movies to send the John Lewis the screen world so every movie. Every movie that was released in America in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. I love this is in that book for foreign the studio features eighty. It's always always confusing. It's always like they always say eighty when they mean seventy nine. I see okay so they make this book is the cause of seventy nine hundred. Nineteen seventy I love of this. WHO's John Willis? He's The guy who has done screen world. He started screen world. I think in sixty six sixty six sixty eight. Oh and love this. Okay go ahead okay. So nineteen seventy nine. So that's like I think I'm sixteen now seventy nine. It's an interesting year because you know I'm kind kind of A. I'm that I actually being officially a teenager. I'm officially I. I think I think when the year starts. I'm not yeah I think in-school but I'm going to quit school during that year and I'm already working with a community theater group so actually acting in a Mac actually acting in plays and and then working as a assistant stage manager on this production and acting in this production and hanging around adult fifteen or sixteen. But I'm pretending to be eighteen or nineteen eighteen. Okay so they think I'm older than I am and I'm hanging around a Shitload of theater adults. I mean they're all just butcher bakers and candlestick maker doing community theatre. But say they take they take your fucking seriously and my taste is getting more refined. This is also the year I start the not only as a revival cinema. That's close enough in time because I was kind of question the South Bay area so I read about all these movies playing at the in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills at the royal and the Music Hall Theatres. I can't go see them but finally there was a place called the cinema and Hermosa Beach. That actually was starting to show. They would have Lena where where mel double features and they'd show Laurentien Alien Wife Mistress and Z channel. Then to the area I see so the Laura Antonelli Antonelli thing you're you're no jack of La was like no one else knew Laura Antonelli but Z channel. Okay so I I can literally go through this and so the whole point is I will say every movie that I saw in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and and the point being is I saw at the theater when it came out in this year. Not that I saw later. Now that I saw it later on Zee on TV or I watched it on video later I saw editor Revival House. I had to in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine. I went to the movies and paid and saw it. Okay Okay so first film here is a Disney movie a But I want to be young. Adult movies called takedown wrestling movie about a college wrestler. Then Lorenzo Lamas was was Edward Herman was the teacher. Flounder Stephen I from animal houses in it. Maureen McCormick is the girl in it but the whole thing was about Lorenzo Lamas and this is the rocky guy who was the young wrestler It was okay I again. I was really interesting any movie that had a young guy who is like the could be the start. He could be me. I always imagined I've always that dude. Imagine me watching learn and take down. Imagine that's me there was actually. It was an Italian guy later in the movie that is I wanted to know I'd be more that all right hardcore four I saw hardcore when it came out all right so I did Allama Mall Theater. Everyone the rejected the ending when the girl went home with them all right and they literally bullshit I. I did see boulevard nights but I didn't see it in seventy nine I saw at at the Carson twin cinema as a lower. No no no no no no I thought I thought I saw on the hood. I saw at the Hawthorns six boulevard nights. That was pretty boring. They got the low rider culture and it got it got it got the culture and the clothing right on but it was a very cadets. TV Movie Kinda Story. Buck Rogers in the twenty fifth century. I saw that a couple times. I saw that Gerard. Thought he was really quite good in the movie and it it was actually kind of and it was actually kind of interesting because it was like a star wars came out in nineteen seventy seven and it became the sensation and so they needed a science fiction movie right away and and but as they were big so so for a year. They're waiting for another science fiction movie. They're gonNA make them so they're all going to come out at the end of seventy nine but they had done and Buck Rogers in the twenty fifth century for television and they could get it out sooner so this was the first one out of the gate I kind of liked to did we like it. Yeah it was fun yeah it. There's a phone when I even watch the series for a little bit. Okay I normal rate so norma Rae at the theater did you like it. Yeah I saw it a couple times. Yeah imagined I was going the wrong Lee mineral a little young for the Ron Liebman magic over one of the the older version of that guy. I don't I don't break. I like Eric Roberts. All right I'll be Ron Liebman type. You could be the union activist. Name was a big Fan of us on a couple of times. I've seen it a couple times sense. This is a fast break with Gabe. Kaplan yes right. The basketball movie apparently every time they show it on. ESPN and always just kills really to this day. It's like the ducks ducks also in the same vein of the young guy. Making a movie especially at leg in this supposed to be Italian. Kind of Shit was voices with Michael Irving. She's a girl the kid from the from the wrong side of the tracks that helps you become a dancer and kill reviewed that but I think no she didn't she did she. Did she know she a. She likes on King. Yeah she put down nose. Used to make fun of Amy Irving at this time. She changed her tune with gentle but she really made fun of her a lot in for the competition did she make funding funding for in the DEPALMA. The one where she's with Andrew Stevens whatever that's called with twins no she. She doesn't talk about He. Mirroring that much in the in the fury review or Andrew Stevens for that matter. Okay Okay China Syndrome. So not only do I see China's syndrome. I remember I snuck into that theater because it was a multiplex and they had load seating and I snuck in so I snuck in so I came in I saw the ending I that whole ending with Wolf Grimly Arizo. I saw the Big Climax Sarah and I saw the whole theater of be affected by the climate. Then I stayed to see the rest of the thing but that was a big innings. One question before I forget. Is there any major like ten Poli kind of movie like Star Wars. You didn't see or didn't see until much later. I there might thank you. Jim Miss you know like the Matrix or something. No of course I saw like well. No there's a lot of stuff now all right. That doesn't count now. I've never seen the Harry Potter movie. I right I saw the first avengers when I saw the the second one. But I saw captain America's civil war award which is like an adventure movie. Yeah definitely. There's there's all kinds of stuff like that. I've never seen a hurt locker locker. I've never seen a not hurt locker. I've in her locker. The Hunger Games. I never saw that because I love battle royale so much. I'm just offended. That goes to these saluting quicker. Okay so oh boyfriend by Paul schrader Talia Shire. I saw that not only. Did I see the movie version of Bell Jar. I actually wrote a review for it for a singles magazine and then actually gave wrote reviews. It would give you the press screening tickets so I wrote two reviews. I wrote the review for the Bell Jar. Sixteen sixteen. Yeah yeah a revote a review for the Bell Jar. Would you get me writing review of Belgium with no concept of book whatsoever. Just only there's only the movie Azazel was directed by Larry Peers. The Guy who did the other side of the mountain and started Marilyn Hassett. Okay I I liked it. It's very good. I don't know I would. I liked it then hair all right which I thought the Cinerama Dome home when it came out I thought was I. I think is kind of a travesty now but people loved it when it came. I loved it back then I would. I cried to let the sunshine but Burgers burgers grave and everything and Roger Ebert pick to this movie. CBS favorite movie of the year. Now I think it's lame I agree. It was all right and it does not hold up. But there's a reason but there's also a real reason why doesn't why to me it doesn't work and part of the big reason why it doesn't work is he's actually. He gives a good performance in the movie. Maybe it's the casting of of John Savage as Claude Ra. So when they cast him as Claude. He can't can't do the songs that's not what he's there for well. Claude has as many songs as Burger right and the movie so when they they they pretty much neutered to a non character who only has authenticity going for him because he does look a little Oklahoma all right so so so they neuter Claude and they make Burger way too. Big Now. Burger has clawed saw. He has Burger Song Claude Song and it just froze it completely really off the character. Claude needs to be important character as Burger right. I think it has other problems to a lot of things a lot out of a dozen work beverly Dangelo. Yeah but even like the whole thing. I remembered the three sixty of ren woods singing. Aquarius being great. But he doesn't even when you watch it again it's like he keeps cutting into his. He doesn't really let the shot really developed. The way needs to develop okay same Love at first bite George Hamilton Manhattan Woody Allen following up any hall and in this huge big incredible credible way eight year a film that I saw four times. Because I know this next one little romance Diane Lane Yeah Completely. I completely identified with the French kid. You would be good as a French kid. I wouldn't have been known to all right. I wouldn't be good in that role. Oh but identified with the French kid. I actually identified with A. He was watching Burt Reynolds movies. And and the staying and he's watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and he's watching hustle with Catherine Deneuve. And so I was just really taken again with that with that whole story. Yeah yeah very taken with Diane Lane and also like the little kid knew about movies. He knew he knew that like her. His his MOM's director lover was a bad director. Oh He's a director. Everybody hates them. There's only one trick Peres match the remake of hurricane asylum. When my mom MIA Farrow Ferro in Dayton caney was the name of the island boy in it never saw but yet I knew that that's pathetic? I think The Champ John Boy. I saw shredder. Little Ricky shredders saw that last embrace. Jonathan Demme's hitchcock doc in thriller that he did with a Roy. Scheider Janet Margolin. I liked it a lot I it was it was a little a little dry then and it's still drying now. Frankly but I kind of like it. It's an interest it's got an interesting spice story but it has a big climax. That's very very exciting at the at Niagara Falls. Did you take notes on an you. Just remember them all that well exactly alien we. We asked the events of the year yes absolutely one of the events of the year holds up to this day as as well if not I think of the movie so far. Alright think alien in Manhattan like the other two so far escape from Alcatraz which was too dry for me back I love I love it I love it now I wrote I wrote a review on the new beverly website that I'm real proud of anything but I love it now but it was too dry for me back then. It's really good though a movie movie that actually holds up even better. I like it more now than I did. Then was Richard Lester Butch Cassidy and the Sundance early years. We showed it at the new beverly a little bit ago. Go at play. Plays really great tax. And they're great together. They're great together and there's even like sequences you can tell that. Were like leftover from Bill. Goldman's original script left that he couldn't stick in. I'd heard that he put a couple of sequences and you watch them if you can tell exactly but they are too. I think Tom Barringer was most gorgeous person he was was great. That was that was that was a great time for him and Richard Lester and Richard Lester was doing great stuff at that point in time one of the big hits of the year which I never quite understood there was one of those movies. That was a huge hit. It was funny. I don't think I thought it was quite. It's funny as everybody else did. Though was the in laws I never saw it. Yeah I definitely saw the in laws. It was funny and I liked it but it was. I darken Peter Peter Falk and it was a smash hit. It was one of the big hits of the year. And he's a spy or something. Yeah uh-huh yeah the in laws of their daughter. Sir Albert Brooks the main event with Barbara Barbara and Ryan. O.`Neil the muppet movie. So that North Dallas Forty fucking loved it North Dallas Forty when it came out and I thought I thought we know what the Hell's forty maybe. Maybe maybe this is true. I thought that was so adult. No me too. That was that was when I was like. He's he can't get out of bed. He the girl sleeping. I mean it was very they know Dr Wakes up the first images in waking up with the with the blood on the pillow from from the bleeding nose. First thing he does light up a join yeah or a feels all the aches and pains and his bodies out of the mind Mendon Shit and I think he does have sex with the guy's wife and she's he's kind of exotic normal like football player kind of way and then you end. The humor was so profane. Yeah and so here is one thousand. Nine hundred. Eighty nine would have been my favorite movie of the year rocky to okay one rocky to more than rocky one. Who's the opponent and Rock Creek again? It's big it's their big rematch and there also was this aspect aspect because after rocky stallone. His followups didn't do well in the press. Made a big big deal about that. About how fist flopped opt and in paradise alley was a flop. I didn't know what I saw. I saw free time that but they we're really taking him taking the press machine that made him the Cinderella boy was now rolling over on. They go out. We can't really. Oh well he can only play this stupid box. It's all you can do. And and he's completely flopped out and he's and he's a real loud mouth and his press S. interviews and so then he comes out with rocky to and now he's directed rocky so rocky to kind of has to work or he has a b a semester. Come lately and that's a smash. It's a terrific movie actually betters others on the aspects of rocky and he is beyond charming and the film. It was like you know after all the whole so the whole semester. Salone the celebrity it kind of got put through the ringer right to a giant degree but to see him play the rocky character again. It actually reminded you why you like rocky so much in the first place and and like the first rocky movie is more of a character study this is more of a personality polity expansion right but it works completely as a personality expansion and he kind of has the audience audience in the palm of his hand. That was one of the reasons decide that it was like. I was so happy for him that he pulled it off. And and I the movie meant a lot not to me and it was again was inspirational. Start trying to give shape after you see the movie. 'cause I'd open them montage moments but there are also even was just the idea that still kind of redeemed himself and he ends up telling his story are because it's like he kinda shows is what it's like to be a star and then kind of become a bit of a laughingstock like the rocky character does and then he has to kind of come back so in his own way. Actually it tells the story even a little bit more personally and rocky to than he did in rocky one but then the other thing that I'm also kind of gene splicing about was after. I've seen the movie times was effected had on audiences they really loved rocky. They wanted the best forum. And and there's this one moment almoner it might just be a mistake of montage or something but you know part of the thing in the movie is he has a spending spree. That happens at the beginning of the film. Revise is the necklace and he buys jackets and he buys all this shit and one of the things he buys is a Transam with the big Gold Eagle on it and then now he starts losing all of his money he starts trying to get rid of everything. And he's trying to sell Paulie the Transam and and then he then he does then the things get lifted up and he's going to fight Apollo creed starts one of their montages and things are going good. His wife was in a coma. She's out of the coma now and she says I just want you to do one thing for me with that win. Mickey what are you waiting for. It starts to gonNA fly now on. Taj is done that and so he starts off by just doing his job so he runs out of his his is Philadelphia tenement. And you see the Transam Arcton the back now. Couldn't just be a mixup of editing. That like by the time emme he put that in there. It was meant to be foreseen before he sold the car but it's after he sells the car polly and the and the audience is so rooting rooting for him. He's got the car back. Things are going good for him. He got the car back and that was running going good. How many times did you see it? Six seven in the first engagement alone. Yeah Franklin Jealous Dracula deer which I actually Still like breaking away. which was a big film that year? Who A I don't think it holds up I do? I recently actually holds up pretty well the enemy though Hor which has a couple of times even though I didn't care for the wonders unders which I loved that about six times to this day whenever I find myself in a bad neighborhood territory the marlins as the folk singer girl more American graffiti. I never saw. It was a very good job. Okay apocalypse now which was to me rocky was my personal favorite movie but apocalypse now was the movie of the year right as far as I was concerned and I took the bus to Hollywood to see it at the Cinerama Dome and got the program that they gave out and I still have the life magazine. Brando on the cover was into into everything about apocalypse. Now I've been reading about it for years. Couldn't wait to see that that's one that I imagine being one of the guys on the boat and of course you could have been any of them. I would have wanted to be frederic forrest character. Of course well Frederic Forrest is good but you could also been WHO's the surfer? Nah I'm not going to beat it over. Sam Bottoms Serve Robert Young's movie rich kids which I thought Sneak preview back on the East F. Sneak previews remember that. Of course I saw. I saw raiders of the lost Ark at a sneak preview. Don't you see it with. I was by itself. It was like there was a thing sneak preview picture and we went when back then normally. A sneak preview was attached to another movie. So it's like Oh so you're gonna see this thing but if you stay. I think there was an ad in the times and in times and I knew enough to know that something about it was like I didn't know Harrison Ford really but I wanted to see it. We'll rich kids. Were sort of like the Ardy New York version of a little romance home. I see also a when it came out a Concord Airport Nineteen seventy-nine. I've seen that. Recently it was on do the Retro Channel or whatever the one the one that I like the one that I've actually seen a few times that I really like is airport. Seventy seven. The one with Jack Lemmon is the good. Yeah it's a pretty good burt Lancaster's kind of funny because it's so antiquated exact us but I do love it on the airplane. They all like in. Once upon a time in Hollywood everyone dresses up to fly. They do and justice for all with. I think it's three times just for the ending alone. How how big Richard Gere Fan? You were the APP was falling all those guys and now the thing is I knew I could never play. Which Gere's here's character but there is his buddy in the movie chick venire for two seconds? Had A little moment. 'cause he played Mar of the leather man in thank God. It's Friday how he was kind of guy and thank God. It's Friday. This was his follow up movie. It was the woman in Yanks At least I barker. Oh okay as she later. Did Editors Way cutters cutter's way is a good movie. Maybe not I feel. That was a big thing at the time. meteoroid meteoroid theater when it came out with Nelly would and Sean Connery When a stranger calls I saw that when it came out ten I saw that when it came no ten was that year black stallion? I saw that when it came out. Movie called Avalanche Express with Robert. Sean Lee Marvin Robert Shaw's last movie. I saw that when it came out starting getting over with Burt Reynolds. I saw that when it came out. I've never seen it can't experience. Oh Yeah No. It's terrific Yeah James L. Brooks James. It's his first. It's the beginning of James Brooks because this is first script where it's like okay. What he would do as other things is there right and starting you know like New Orleans scripts are there before even she started directing Fisher I didn't see the fish that saved Pittsburgh when it came out but I did see Stanley Kramer's movie. The runner stumbles symbols with Dick Van. Dyke and Kathleen Quinlan were there a priest and a nun. Phone love realized controversial K.. Didn't see the the Saw The rose with Bat yes. Great Santa I didn't see it in seventy nine. It didn't started playing again. Big Time in the in in one thousand nine hundred eighty so this was this engagement screen so I didn't see the Great Santini. I did see one thousand nine. Forty one couldn't wait to see nine hundred forty one went to disagree with everybody. I loved it. I read the paperback novelization. The Bob Gale wrote how realize how much they could out of the movie and I went into this and again I was one of the ones where I took the bus from the South Bay to see making forty one at the center of a Dome Dome being there. I saw that I didn't quite appreciate it. I liked it but I didn't quite appreciate Star Trek the motion picture which talk myself into liking all right and I talked to myself on the liking. Even though I didn't really quite like it then I saw it again and I didn't quite like it then. I saw it again ten years later and I didn't quite like it but then I saw it two years ago and I showed it to Danielle on my wife and she had never seen any star trek movies and she liked it and finally sing it a fourth time completely taking taking in what. It's not. I finally could see it for what it was. I can't appreciate it also. It was just kind of fun about saying William Shatner starring the literally at that time the most expensive movie the and who's the villain it doesn't really have a villain. Yeah it doesn't have a problem a black hole which had Robert Forster and I saw that that I saw this now now. It's now all the big science fiction extravaganzas. They've been making for a year. Now they're all coming out at the end of the jerk. I naturally so that a couple of times all that jazz not only do I see all that jazz when it came out playing on one of the few theaters in the South Bay the UA Turin's that was a standalone theater. Most of them were multiplexes. Two other ones in the South Bay and but one of the They usually played the big epic movies like an apocalypse clips. Now or a close encounters star wars would play there but the U. E. Torrance managed. I have managed to have really wonderful experiences. I remember like like even seeing Annie Hall there on a Sunday so new Willey on movie didn't know anything about it just I was fourteen eighteen fourteen. Yeah I just because it came at the year before. Yeah Yeah and so I. I just looked in the newspaper. It was playing at a three thirty. You show on a Sunday. I didn't even tell my mom what I was doing. I just hopped on the bike. Rode out there and saw any hall and little little. Did I know I'm seeing a real piece of cinema art. That my twelve or thirteen year old brain's not really kind of it's equipped equipped to handle it but it's handling it. It's a thing right. I've seen thank right and you knew it and the thing. That's even hard for critics. It's time to to to decipher right. I mean some people thought it was a joke machine because they couldn't see the depth and signed it. Wasn't that a while. My mind was blown but but I had seen something. That wasn't wasn't bananas and take the money or take the money and run. And so I I remember. I rode my bicycle home. So I've just seen Annie Hall and it's left it leaves you kind of melancholy kind of wistful feeling and I'm I'm having melancholy wistful fillings about something. I've never lived and I ride the bike home and I just kind of go in my room and I remember blind down on the bed and thinking about what it was that I saw. Wow that's so nice one of my favorite movie memories of coming home from Sunday afternoon. It's still daylight outside. My mom didn't even know I went to the movies you know and I'm just kind of having this private moment with any hall and I ended up having a similar thing with all that jazz however the thing that I remember about all that jazz by this point in time I'm lying about my age and I'm working at the pussycat theater right. I remember this so I'm working on a porno theater. I'm sixteen years old saying I'm I'm eighteen and I'm working at the pussycat theater and I just get off work and I go and see and I. It was Friday today and I just got paid Friday night and just got paid and I go see all that jazz and while I'm in the theatre. Blue is my paycheck. Yeah it was that I was the Trappist disaster and I still like the movie so much I was still happy. Even with a design a tragedy a a disaster disaster disaster and I still love the movie. I still thought it was terrific. I didn't really get all that jazz when I saw it as a kid to be honest I I I like it. I love it now but at the time I found it like she's death I don't know the whole thing was a little actually got that. It's I think I got everything I needed to get and I didn't I didn't I didn't bother me. Yeah I saw Richard. Richard Leicester's Cuba when it came out can do much for me. the electric horseman which was really good. At the time I saw chapter to which I didn't didn't care for when it came out and now comes down to the more exploitation. He kind of things I think independent movies I circle of iron. which was David Carey? Movie is is based on the Bruce Lee. Scream played the silent flute. Obviously Richard Pryor Live in concert. I saw this Shixiang classic movie. Bermuda triangle did like Noah's Ark didn't back So the warriors when that i-it's hi it's absolutely did I say I'm a big Fan of this movie. We recently at the new. Beverly and I've actually I actually. I'll tell the story to people from time to time. It's interesting enough. It's almost a better story until the movie was the movie. The promise by Gil cates. The Guy did the directed Academy Awards all the time. A phoebe cates his father author. Shyam Potok what is it not the promised by Shyam Potok. No no no. No it's a real fun seventies tearjerker. It's Steven cones and Kathleen Quinlan. And the whole idea. Is They're young lovers and they're going to get married and and Stephen Collins rich whereas a big company Big Real estate firm and his mom is beatrice straight. And she's she she's the monarch that The Patriarch runs everything. And he wants to marry this girl out of College Kathleen Quinlan and the and the mother like doesn't She's not good enough for you. You can get somebody else that Kinda Shit and screw you old lady. I'm GonNa marry her right now and so they go to get married and it's a rainy night in the car. Crashes Interfaces destroyed absolutely destroyed so the mom comes down to the hospital the sun's GonNa be. Okay he was thrown from the car. He's just out of it right now but he's going to be fine but the woman tire face just been destroyed so the mother goes to the girl and says look I will pay for you to have a new face and I will fix your face up and everything but you can never see my son again will what does he have to say. Well when I told them about your your face is destroyed. You know he wants out of the situation and he doesn't know anything about this so she thinks that the sun through her over so she accepts her deal and then when the sun comes to the mother tells the son that she died so the woman gets a new face now she looks like Kathleen Quinlan when she becomes a famous photographer. Well The sun goes out and now he's not married to her he commits to a being a big businessman and he finds her photography and he wants to. It's going to build a big series of banks and he'd like to use her photographs photographs as the way to advertise the bank in an artistic way so and so he goes to see her and he doesn't recognize her. She looks different now. She who knows who he is and she thinks she threw him over. So he's giving. She's giving him a hard hard time through the whole thing and he has no idea why he's giving her a hard time and he keeps pursuing her and keeps pursuing her and she keeps giving him a hard time then they start liking each other and then she reminded again about what she thinks he did and the whole thing ends up is early on in the film and the opening credits you see them going through some fair and Santa Cruz or something and and and she buys a piece of shit beating necklace from Emma. You have some hippie vendor and so they're up in Santa Cruz and they're looking over the lake. The lake it's the ocean. They're looking at the ocean on the rocks and it's all pretty and she lifts up a rock and she takes the beats and says these represent our love and at some point twenty years from now or thirty years from. Now we'll come up and we'll open this rock. I can well look at these beads. And they'll think about you know the love that we share with each other right now puts the rocky top of it so now they. They seem like they're going to get together but she he still doesn't know the story and and she thinks she has. She knows the wrong story and then finally she has a big explosion. She tells them the F. O. and and now she just has to eradicate the whole thing so she hops in a car and she's GonNa Drive to Santa Cruz to find. This is going to find the rock. And she's GonNa take the beat is gonNA throw him in the ocean and then the good rinse the bad rubbish enough of this ethin- guy and so he goes to boyfriend and he's like why don't you leave her a little. Look what is everyone talking to you about. And then the boyfriend finally tells him the story and so now he's going to the Rock and say and so she's driving with her driving all night and now at sunrise and she parked the car and she climbs up the hill and the music going big and then she gets to the Rock and she opens up the rock. And there's nothing there and then we hear Stephen Collins say be looking for these turns around and he's holding the Shitty beach afraid I can't I can't give you these beads very important to me. They're very meaningful to me to the person that I love more than anybody else in the world. I bought them for her and see I was told she died and so to me. These beads are are more important than life themselves so if he wanted to destroy them. I'm afraid I can't let you. Because they mean that much to me it and then everyone cried. Melissa Manchester's things that theme song for the promise. I said at the time I always great et got the worst review of the year in Los Angeles Times. I think I think it was like. Oh my God. People are laughing at the movie. This is so corny. I really liked a tear. Jerkers back that and so I read that hct review and saw the ten thirty show the Friday it opened at the ball. I was telling me cry and like I say you don't have to. I actually liked telling the story that actually reduces down all right. It actually has a nice effect. That story getting great getting through this. I almost feel like I saw the movie. That's that's why my version it has the benefit of being short phantasm which all my friends loved. And I didn't care for that much star crash which was an Italian billion star wars. Rip Off all right and these played theatrically and they all play at the only. I'm not naming him if I didn't see him at the theaters then did it. Does the half of those. I didn't know my be pictures. California dreaming a which was a beach movie directed by John Hancock. The Guy who was fired from jaws to you and which also starred Desk Christopher it was his second that year he did Both a breaking away and California dreaming so recently recently. It's not bad at one of the best movies dawn of the dead of course Interesting absolutely it's not good headbutt. Donald is very good. But a post apocalyptic movie directed by Richard Competent. The Guy who did Making county line called ravages that had a Richard Richard Harrison it. I also saw a cheerleader comedy called. Hots and H. T. S.. Anybody anybody duty was in that. Actually Malibu high which actually Malibu High Melba high was that it was a creditor national movie and was actually pretty terrific griffin started this girl named Joe Lansing that. She's one of the fines of seventies exploitation movie. She did one movie and then she disappeared. Just this one and remember when Kevin Thomas reviewed actually kind of made it a a bears up a bears this kind of comparison. He compared it at the time to honeymoon killers. Now it's a cheap ass thirteen day crown international movie shot at a a some South Bay high school. But it's about a girl who's she's kind of obsessed with this guy this kid at the school and I. She starts blackmailing her. She starts having sex with their teachers and blackmailing him to get better grades. Well that works uh-huh and always works and then she then she starts becoming a prostitute through this pimp guy but as opposed to something like angel. She doesn't kind of go through degradation. She kinda controls everything but Dan she actually is about that. She figures is out a way that she can kill a couple of She can kill a couple of people and get their money and so she does that and and all of it is kind of because of this like little scumbag that she likes to kind of center on the road to degradation a little bit until eventually she's GonNa get even on him. Wow and it's kind of good. It's it's a pretty good movie and she's really kind of terrific in the film. Okay wrapping this up also from current International Van Nuys Boulevard which I saw and Don deluise. `As directory all debut. Movie called hot stuff with him. and Suzanne pless Shannon Jerry Reed will be called hometown USA. Hey which was a America Rafidi kind of thing that Max Baer did Chuck Norris's second movie force of one. Yeah which had. Also Ron Ron. O.`Neil include Gallagher in it the Bruce Lee they kind of put together from the Bruce Lee movie game of death calling camp in that one camp camp night wing Arthur. Hiller movie about bats killer bats the prophecy John Frankenheimer's bear horror movie ecology. The movie that has this wild crazy baronet I would tell you Sharon Robert Foxworth Again only picking stuff I saw the villain. How Needham's Adams movie with Kirk? Douglas Margarethen Arnold Schwarzenegger Oh what actually when the Frisco kid which is horrible Robert Hall second the last movie with gene wilder and Harrison Ford. But a terrific movie and I actually think the best screenplay of a written for an exploitation movie the movie The lady in red the Pamela Sue Martin and written by John Sales and I think it's the best that movie could be remade now Jennifer the Lawrence and the and the and the legal and would be fantastic and David a russell could do it and he wouldn't change a word of he shouldn't change a word of the script it should be done like once upon a time in America or something and they had two weeks to shoot and they and Martin had a big moment as she was a little. It's a classic and it's it's it's it's I think it's the best explanation script of all the movies ever made. Connect Martin where she gets pregnant or something. There was another movie was well well. She didn't good stuff. Yeah Yeah Rock and roll. It was the year rock and roll high school. Wow I saw that. And that was a big. Yeah America Thon when John Ritter or the Neal Israel movie wasn't that good and to give us a crappy sexploitation movie called Swat me which was awful Swat at swap meet swap. Meet okay seven. Not The David fincher movie but the Williams Smith movie which actually it's a Andy sedaris movie and it. Looks like an indies. Adair's movie but I was happy to see William Smith was the star of it. Sammy stops the world. which was Sammy? Davis is live videotaped version of him doing and production adoption of stop the world. I want to get off. It was done by the same people that did the Richard Pryor live in concert like the magic. You're watching a shot on videotape. Tape live production of Sammy Davis Junior. Doing Stop the world. I WANNA get off. Did you like it. No I thought it was ripped off. skate town. USA which was the second roller disco movie and in has a which I saw three to four times at the theaters and it was unwatchable. Had All these horrible comedians like Gary Mule deer and and Vic Dunlop not funny and crazy like Dave Mason sections. Where with the movie just stops us? Dave Mason Boring estimates sings a song but but it has an Apache dance disco roller skating Apache dance between Patrick swayze before he became famous in the bad Guy Patrick swayze and his dance partner where they do to a disco version of under my thumb. Wow and it's an amazing sequence. We're three to four you you. I literally watched it four times just to see that. Dance sequence on roller skates on rollerskates. A Jaguar lives which which Stars kickboxing star. Joe Louis getting done the in here. roller boogie. which was the other roller? Disco move with Linda Blair. A movie called Scavenger Hunt which was done by Michael SCHOLTZ AGO did Cooley high that's sort of like a sort of like a big movie. COOL TERRIFIC WANNA be. It's a mad mad world Leeann. Is it Kennedy's penitentiary. Okay so that is and I'll do real quickly. That's the American ship foreign which will be a little easier. Because I wasn't going to that many foreign movies at that time but I saw wife Mistress Marcello the Laura Antonelli Maranhao I saw the innocent with Giancarlo Jeannine Lawrence and I saw the great train robbery with down. Yeah with a less than down. Sean Connery Michael Crichton movie saw and loved the silent partner with Elliott Gould. ooh and Christopher plummer just say something about Laura Antonelli for do we actually think she could act. I think really well all right. Not only that how I made a point of how well she could act because She was she was kind of known as a wet dream queen. Yeah that's part of the thing was because wife mistress and divine nymph like literally played for six months at eleven theaters and it was like and it was six months of like just that wife mistress ad in the newspaper and there was star Disea- channel and there was even but but she was no. She was driving people to the Linley theaters. Man She was a draw and all of for old movie started getting released a year. Like how funny can sex be and all these other way a mistress was was being release. She was she was. She's not only that there was actually a fame. They pretty big in Italy or just in America she was. She was very big in Italy but she just she became an arthouse Queen Queen Anne and so like that movie and Oliver Old Movies and some of those weird sex comedies. She did this all started getting released because it just her name alone. A high heels with a clause show Bro and the question and also they at one point in Los Angeles Times they had still of her from wife mistress which discerning negligee Lang on Shalon I remember it was a long legs and by that point in time you were older though wife mistress had been played for six months straight so it was like wife mistress has lakes six big month in Los Angeles Angeles not too so that when it came out licotta Foale saw that brought the house down to see look default one thousand nine hundred ninety eight when it came out on a Saturday night and a jam packed theater. You never heard hilarity like the last twenty minutes of that job. I mean it just brought the house down. I have often meant when I saw. The Mike Nichols version. I cracked up. Oh I just re watch that about two years ago at home alone with it will not home alone with a buddy and we were surprised at how much we were laughing. We thought it was. I mean what's his name. Hank Hanover Street. Which I'm always a big fan of them? Big Peter Timespan anyways meatballs which I saw at a sneak preview mentioned that the Bill Murray at one of the Los Translation parties I go. I saw meatballs up the sneak preview on the Friday then they had a big stick previewing. I remember that Friday was a big day for me. And and Didn't see moon raker dizzy. Moon Moon Record. Why not were you in an anti bond? No I really like the the spy who loved me but moon raker just seems Stupid to me. It just seems stupid. Have you seen it since not never seen record. See there we go. That's the one that's one of the ones I missed for sure. Life O'Brien Brian. All Right which I thought was hysterical. When it came out sauce soldier of orange all right it was a little over my head but that was one of the ones when I was able to start racing foreign films that the code that was that was one of the porn films of the year? Actually that was a soldier of Orange freaked me out as a child because I had never seen a naked man. Yeah when you saw soldier of Orange. She's naked and I was like. What is that really like kind of freaked out by soldier born time after time which where he like you know with the girl? Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. There's a whole thing. Remember time after time McDowell time travel movie it was terrific love and bullets which was Charles Bronson movies. Movies has a really good cast actually Luna which I didn't care for it didn't understand the best one. Yeah I never thought about it. Read the Pauline Kale L. Review the Europeans which board me And I did not see the divine then. I've seen it since I Russia printed since really good Canadian film I really like running them with Michael Douglas Douglas Quadrophenia was another one at that time Michael Douglas movie called Adam at six. Am Six sixteen. I like that I like that too. I think that's a a good movie star. Yeah I think so too and I liked him in that period and particularly I think it was a good period months. Low budget stuff I saw at the theater is beyond the door part. Two which was Mario Baba's last movie receive a theatrical engagement. Also noticed unsee font though or also known as shock. Oh at least in America's B. A. B. Beyond the door part to winter kills which I'm a big fan of to this day love winter. Kill Love that movie. That was appalling. Kale review that I read and then felt I had to kill us. Terrific also saw. The kids are alright who movie. That was the documentary. Actually rock and roll high. School was a sneak preview with the reg with a regular movie. Kids are all right so I actually came for the last forty five minutes. It kids are all white to see rock and roll highschool deba CRONENBURG's the brood. Every so that's why I think it's the best movie along with the fly city on fire the Hong Kong one but a Canadian disaster movie that had a very newman from a vanishing point. And and let's Uh the shape of things to come. which was a Canadian version of that? That book done trying to make it a star wars as possible with Jack Palance and Carol Linley The Australian film by Patrick by Richard Franklin home a fan about Patrick Shame of the jungle which was an interesting x rated animated film. A that had. That's done really really. Gross and very very national lampoon the script by Michael O'Donoghue and we called a shame of the jungle. Shame Johnny Weissmuller. The third is the data. Shame but also Bill Murray does voices in John. Belushi does voices in Illinois. Does waste get released. Yeah I was there at the theaters I saw the fifth musketeer which was a pretty good version of a man in the iron mask. No it's not Michael. York is a Abo- Bridges and Sylvia. kristel I missed it I thought it was Michael York. If he's in the three musketeers kind. Yeah okay sorry and and I think we're getting to the very end of the year. I can't pick that because I didn't see at the theaters. Oh this I did see it. The theaters all right. The last one is a bruce lie. Moot movie called the Tattoo Connection. And how was it. Which is it's not bruce? Lie It's Jim Kelly hey what are you. That was my nineteen seventy nine and were you did you. Did you find yourself loving movies. Even more after the end did that year. Well yeah the the other here that I thought the movies along with seventy nine thousand nine hundred eighty and not only joan another day the another but you also have to think that the other movie this year because actually it was released for one week and seventy eight to qualify for the Oscars but the other film. This year was deer. Hunter really played in nineteen seventy nine. It just pay for one week and seventy eight to qualify for the cat. Did you wait no. I couldn't wouldn't go that week That we played in West because I was just too far away but yes so if you were to ask me that I think well I didn't have to choose because I was always able to say the deer Hunter One thousand nine hundred ninety eight move even though officially it was nineteen seventy nine all right but if I had to choose deer hunter would have been the movie that would have in the movie of the year for me rocky to would have been the movie that I enjoyed. The most deerhunter was the one that I had the most intense relationship intense relationship wave and really holds up. Yeah absolutely does even though I even though I one hundred more I would have still chosen apocalypse now. Okay just stop apocalypse. Now as a more grander statement. And the more grander adventure and filmmaking. Even though you liked your hundred deer hundred I think I to me. I think again I didn't have to do it. He's like keep putting it in. Nineteen seventy eight because they worked at a wormhole for me to do that with so I never had. I never had to make the match up in a one on one competition but I actually think when I think when I saw deer oh I thought it was the best movie ever made. That was the best movie I've ever seen and I saw like I saw like six times during its during nineteen seventy nine. Did you ever do the thing which I I did with deerhunter where I watched. I sat there just watched it again. You can't do that anymore. which is really sad? Yeah these big gaps. Yeah I know I was always I if I could just got to. The Russian roulette seen. Yeah exactly but look I pay for that fucking wedding a million times. When he's not that that's the part I always like? I mean it's all the fall of Saigon stuff that I don't care about so much but he's incredible when he comes back to narrow to the end part is amazing. There's something so broken about him but I mean I actually think so beautiful but I actually think that maybe there were walking his there there were there were. There were exciting scenes than there were thrilling scenes and they were good action scenes whether it be jaws or and there were emotional scenes in movies whether it be the end of close encounters serves or or you know the the prom sequencing carry. There's all kinds of scenes that affected me in a big way but there was nothing like the Russian Roulette Sane right all right that I'd ever seen before where I was in that room and like I saw all the movies six times in a three hour movie. Six Times in the theater one was engulfed with the characters and hanging out with all their tomfoolery during into deer. Hunting cabin yeah. They're singing along singing in the bar and getting Dr Love when they say yeah but having he said all of that it was that sequence in the In the prison camp that just blew me away. I had never been a been put in a sequence like that before and again impaling cow where it was like you know she actually thought a lot of the movie was Bs and even made a point about the idea that like well. You know. Everyone's saying this guy is so great and the only thing he's done is he's moving well basically he's just made the big three hour very pretentious cleese movie. It's very similar to that. But she goes. However it's got the Russian roulette saying and it's just the greatest pieces of cinema that has ever been directed that has ever been acted that has ever been edited? There's been sounded. I mean everything about out that sequence is just one of the is just is just everything you go to movies for right. Have you seen it recently. I saw it about four years ago. Well I've seen it before that because after Cimino die we had a little retrospect and so I saw his kind of goddaughter when saw together but both the more meaningful screening is. I'd saw three years earlier. You're at Terry's festival in a lien on his little. Here's the movie festival. Leon and Camino was there for a retrospect and then he introduced a screening of The deer hunter and the Museum of we're at the thing together and so we went and watched watch the together and that was the time where I hadn't seen it in about a decade. I definitely had seen it since. I've been a filmmaker and I was already thinking about the hateful eight So I was watching how he shot the weather and I was really taking taking a taking that in and how we got the missed you for all the deer hunter scenes when they're in the mountains and stuff and so I started like hitting hitting him. What questions about thinking? Wow you gotta get this place set up you gotTa have three places you can drop trigger on if you need to like. Maybe this doesn't get snow and you have to be able to compete with. This place gets too much now. You'RE GONNA be able to compete for their. You have to have three places you could. You could pick up the production and go to if you need to if you really if you're really going to be that serious about shooting the weather then that's what you're doing. You're shooting the weather right. You GotTa do what it takes returns to the weather and you've got to do what it takes for me to whether you're building it around the weather and I remember asking him about we're talking about the movie and here's the thing. Michael Cimino didn't talk about the deer. Hunter you made you know. I don't talk that much about poke fishing because different wants me to. And he didn't make a point about not talking about the dinner but he was there for the a whole week so we've got to get pretty familiar with each other. We everyone kind of AIDS at the same diner every restaurant every day. So you really get you. Have you have lunch with everybody and almost almost dinner with them every night. Kind of really get to know everyone right so like now. You're GonNa this movie together and then we'll be together so you really start really breaking down that whole being a guest at film festival the way the way when I was more open was like when I used to go from. Yeah and so after he he he doesn't watch the screening of the one hundred but he's at the big dinner they have afterwards so now I'm just peppering with questions and he's answering the questions I can ask him anything about the deer hunter. I want And he'll give me the answer a told me a story about. He had his cut of the movie and then universal universal get their cut. which like you know reduce the the the wedding sequence by lot? Just you know butto movie down to a more manageable blink. So probably think about like ninety minutes but say less than two hours and then there's his version which I'm imagining is like. You know two thirty or two forty years and and so he hated their cut but that was their right to do their cut. He had his so they were GonNa do with thing where they were gonNA show his Co. and they're ever filmed got on the better score from the audience would be the cut that goes out at the theater so he screens his Co. screens and it gets it gets a good Gets a good rating when it comes to would you recommend it so it it gets a Good rating so now. They're showing the other and he's in the projection booth. What's going on and and it was a real weird jerry rig thing that they did because I don't think it was even on reveals time so it's like the actual film film is threaded through the projector and it's going to another projector at the exact same time? I don't remember what the deal was but it was a situation where it's not just. Attached is to two reels. It's attached to the project is attached to the real. The real is going to the projector and snakes out along the floor of the projection. The boot to a to a platter system but they're not connected so the film is actually. It's not going to work running across the keeping all moving but the film was actually running just above the floor. Wow to the real to the wet real coming straight out of the lab. And he's sitting on a chair and he sees the film going by his feet. And this is the cut I and this is a universal to our version another movie and he's looking at the film and he's looking up the film and he stepped up and it gets all jammed up the projector and everything shuts down and so they all get sucked up the lights come up for a little bit and they will give us a second. We have to fix it and then they fix it and they get a back up again but because of the break aac in the thing and because there was a problem because the lights went up and everything like that it got a lower score fantastic and his version tastic. But that wasn't the deal you got the better score. So he went he cheated. That's such a great story and then the other story he told me but what wasn't a story it wasn't a story. It was an interesting an interesting observation from him after deer hunter. If you read the Book Final Cut. He wanted to do. fountainhead right. I know and and any wanted eastwood the play the architect. Fountainhead and he said Eastwood came damn close to doing it and he said the only reason you didn't do it. It is because Gary Cooper had played the part before he didn't want to work and he did and he didn't want to be always felt they'd been associated. Gary Cooper said. You WanNa play a rule that Gary Cooper played right and Michael was still to this day it was like Oh I came so close to making the perfect found because I had the perfect guy and it would have been amazing but then I ask for project though I asked him about and talking about deer hunter one of the things I realized watching deer hunter. I guess it's six years ago now. Maybe less watching being an that screening. I realized that I didn't really understand the movie. Back in seventy nine. When I sought six times I understand I understood the bigness of the movie? Right I understood the EPA quality of it but I didn't really get get what it's about and watching it that time all of a sudden I really saw was about and then I brought it up to Michael and he said and then he backed up. Yeah this is exactly what it's about it's not about the Vietnam War. It's about a town in Pennsylvania that is tied to this old world. Russian Catholic tradition. I mean one of the things is strange about the movie is is the entire wedding ceremony the entire pomp and circumstance of all the old ladies in the town and all the young men and all the young ladies ladies at the wedding. They all serve a function. It's not just the normal best man and bridesmaid function that it all has something to do with this. Russian Catholic a tradition. That goes back like a hundred years. Goes back way beyond America right and and like everybody. Everybody in the town is part of this. Russian Catholic tradition and we don't even know what they're doing now half the time we watch and do we just know that they know what they're doing right. They all Kinda speak Russian. A little bit you know that the parents all speak Russian and then the kids all have an understanding of Russian to some degree. And it's about this town in Pennsylvania which might as well be town in Russia. which might that has little to no connection with the wider American world other than their jukebox? Right or their television satellite. Maybe neither radio right and their life. The idea is to make their life the way it's been for the last hundred hundred years. Yes now as the sixties going on little by little by little outside forces are imposing themselves on the pop culture way in a cultural way to some degree but for the most part even the young MC are still holding onto an old line right an old an old way of being and and they're supposed to stay and they're absolutely say you're not supposed to leave and then a cataclysmic. A clinic event happens to three of the young men and how it changes them forever and it changes the people that they know in the town forever and the people and then when you see them there little group at the end of the movie there are completely changed changed and devastated people. Yes it's true and it has nothing to do with the Vietnam War it's simply a cataclysmic event. Absolutely and I don't think I understood that at all in Nineteen seventy-nine. Did you know I saw it as damage to the individuals. I didn't get the town. I did not get the town. I'm Martin mostly saw to me. It was what war does to you. Yeah that's what I thought but I did not. I did not make AAC any bigger deal than if the three guys. We're in Tennessee. Moonshine and I thought that the I mean honestly felt similar similar. I think to you that the I'd never seen anything like the Russian releasing I had never i. I felt so devastated by Ed like in this kind of profound. It wasn't even like a movie. I was living in this thing but frankly I'd never seen walking in Annie Hall. Yeah I had never seen the just kind of jokey Tomfoolery of the Camaraderie. Yeah that the guys had during their entire deer hunt during the night afterwards after the wedding. And everything where it's like it's not played like a movie it's real life and and it's really a funny lady real life and those guys are really funny and their lottery together and their bullshit together. They're really funny. And there's also this feeling of dread Constant dread with the Blah Blah with the wine on the. Yeah on the drinking. The movie breaks down what you would expect for a movie be because I mean the wedding saying you might as well be at the wedding right all right and then you might as well have gone hunting with them right and then you're thrown into that. Pow Camp exactly and then you might as well be in the POW camp exactly. Yeah and also. They're acting as saying just so. Yeah it's Deniro. Now we got a game. I mean it's just I the greatest film-acting ever I mean it's it's really something and then you know and so great to see him. I'm in the Irishman. I won't tell you anything but it's what you used to say. That Deniro movie wasn't Evatt. Feels more like oh I believe it. And Pacino yeah mostly tie believe in the movie is. Here's the thing though is so I remember asking Michael. I go because you know. He was from Pennsylvania Coal Mining town. I ask Michael Cimino I go to Michael. What live Charles Bronson had played Michael in deer hunter? was he up for you know something. Yeah I can imagine made his call her. Yeah he made he you know. He made his career with Eastwood Thunderball And which McCullough Walter Hill made his career With Charles Bronson. Yeah he wrote. He wrote hard times. Jan Michael Vincent Larry Gordon. Since it's Charles Bronson runs yeah sure great and even and actually at the same at a different festival but the festival Walter Hill was there and they were having a montage of some of his movies and they showed Charles Bronson from hard time they go. Wow you charlie hadn't said yesterday I mean none of those movies might have happened right. I mean it all came down Charles Bronson Charlie Bronson saying yes to me as a first time director and then I mean if he had said no none of those other movies ever ever happen. I mean he actually was the guy that put me there and so I ask so. I'm interested in. I just throwing out so I go. Well what about Charles Bronson playing Michael. And that's Michael. Is the name of the character. Robert Deniro plays and he was out of it. We was adamant about two things adamant about no that wasn't right but then adamant for me to understand why it was like no no no no no no Charles would be all wrong from Michael. You'll be all wrong. Michael has to be a king among men. Michael has to be a king and Deniro and that rented Tuxedo. Oh driving that shitty ass coupe. Deville he's a king among his peers. Right he's he's he's beyond. He's from another time. He's from another world when he stuck in this world and in a straight you in a weird way the tragedy of the war opens him up. It gets him out out of this town. He is not he should not be of this town. He is a cane right. He shouldn't be of lusting after his best friend during his best friends Wipe it works at the grocery store should be with somebody grander. Yeah these guys and when he comes it comes back and when it comes back. It's it's not the same he he's not the same and there's no way he's going to stay spend any more time there after the after they get through singing. God bless America but he made a point. 'cause that's why Bronson wouldn't be right because I don't see him as a king among men but I really respect Charles Bronson. I really respect suspect a man. I respect the mattress Bronson was I respect that Charles Brown. I respect what he became. I respect where he came from respect that he worked the coal mines and respect that he came up the way he did as an actor. And so I so even though. I don't think it's right from Michael. I know why you're saying that why you're saying that you're right be wrong. So that's good but I think people also forget how beautiful Robert Deniro was so clear you something so unique about well there was also for that matter was also I actually have actually have a memory. That was really amazing. Was Back on the Mike. Douglas Show would do this Mike. Douglas did a show where it was like. The whole show was New York New York. Now all right yeah. So it's like a Liza Minnelli is co hosting it and she comes out so she started off. She's thinks the world goes round. Then they start then they talk with Mike for Awhile her in Liza then then they bring crazy and he comes out and he talks about the movie and they show behind the scenes crap and everything and Mary Kay place comes out and she's a little haggard on the Mary Hartman. She's moving so that she talks for a little bit then Diana Abbott Rubber Dinners comes out and saying honeysuckle rose from the movie and then she goes and joins them on the couch and they're talking and then go so you're married to bobby right. And she goes. Yeah you know goes where's bobby now. Because Robert Darren doesn't do each just backstage. She's watching me and they get Robert Deniro to come out. And so Robert De Niro. He's making deer hunter so he's in his beard and so Robert Deniro in his one hundred. Beer your comes out on the Mike. Douglas Show to thing for New York New York. And he's he's as Laurie anything he's learned out and he sits down and that's what I'm doing a movie right now so doing something right now. Is that what the what the beards about. Yeah Yeah I'm doing right now. Yeah it's called Darren I'm working with a lot of really really actors guild get actors and I respect. Oh well I cou a sticky John Savage in these people that might have a Michael Douglas's great. Yeah and then Mike Douglas and and then not Michael Douglas Douglas. And then the whole episode ends with Liza Minnelli Doing Big New York New York the end of the episode uh-huh and you're like this is the great it was really now is just amazing to imagine due to remember seeing Robert Deniro. While he was making Darren are having being an iconic walk out with the beard and being shy and being really shy. Yeah it was like looking at the looking very beautiful all right. I think we're done. We can talk all day. So thank you so much Quentin. It's always always wonderful speaking with you and I can't wait to do another podcast with you and maybe we'll get to the second two questions. Thank you for listening to season one of five things with Lynn Hershberg. Make sure to subscribe so you can be the first to hear season two. We're going to continue to have great talent awesome. TV people some surprises and some legends. That I can't wait for you to hear. This is the end of the first season. And there's some people I really would like to thank especially especially first of all Schon Assadi and Michael Beckford. Who have done a brilliant job creating this podcast with me? I'd also like to thank ceremony. Says says and the team that W magazine and I'd also like to extend a special. Thank you to Robert Shore. The roads such a brilliant theme song and as always I send my thanks to Sora ooh La La la La

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