10. Art History's biggest beefs, conspiracy theories and controversies with Nico Paws.


hello and welcome to the jaws are history podcast podcast which celeb route. All things are to star cold every single day on today's podcast. I have invaded back. Scottish illustrates nicole brooklyn new proposed to do something different one today show. We sat down. We discuss one. Historical beef be disagreement one auto controversy on one zero conspiracy theory which we each and to the other one for the first time. This was a really interesting episode. And i think it just can't assures you the brit of what our are can stretch a particular highlight of maine and conspiracy theories off before we get started. I would just like to see a get once again. The old you in this isn't particularly load. Unfortunately nicole night that record us in the same room have ever think something was wrong with her on dot. She seems to be she seems very far. Do apologize again does not take from all the interesting things discussed so sit back. Relax and let nicole. And i entertain with some our history. Beefs controversies conspiracy theories with the okay. So today nicole. You're coming up with with about a little bit of a different set up today so we're going to be discussing History beef aka disagree news on our history controversy so something within the art world. That's happened that sparked a little bit of debate and attention on finally Most exciting an art historical conspiracy theory. Because you have to love a conspiracy theory and some of them are just hilarious. Okay so nicole. You're gonna kick his off on your coming out me. West quite contain pre are historical beef. I think this is wall. Started this conversation. When i told you here. So between shirt sample at any skipper So sample are excellent ways. Like painting sculpture. Collage always is used for activism. Any discusses mental health journey has years challenges through social class issues. Such as consumerism is advocate for mental health and is even basseterre for mind all right. The charity Has beef is with As mentioned for is a british engine sculptor known for making massive pieces. Such as the beam. One that you've posted before the bike. The farm is yet safari. Dismemberment or something. Like that yeah. scored Being for anyone listening the chicago beaten so or is also called climate gate Amazing so far very reflective whole Taking and sculpture so he's very famous for making king of structures. That will stay where they are. Just beg masterpieces. He's also known for buying the rates for using into block. Okay so what was meant to. Black vans blocked by diversity as a synthetic material resorts named point named six percent of light invasion surface. Okay so the face describe as general the roadrunner any pick up like Becomes a whole to fall into. Yeah it looks like that so literally. Cartoonish really flat and it's the closest thing will ever be able to see to a black hole actually looks like road so an each previews this material for a bunch of work. Because he's obsessed with the voight you have to have an ancient eat applied to the work. He can actually use it so he has also the money behind them Can i can. I ask you why he needs an engineer. Just the way the matija works manipulated the chemicals and stuff okay. That's only use it. So to be honest he dead by the race but it's just he could afford to I runs the engineers behind the material. Where just like it was the cane of opportunity to use it because it was a good way to get there but people were not happy that he owned the rights to this color. Or to the law right. Okay because i believe is like ten thousand pounds. I've seen numbers thrown a by. But when i was looking again can find the numbers okay. So that's like exclusive. He's bought the exclusive rights so case that's color So this is where stir sample comes in so sample refers tanisha Supervillain the art world though he and foretaste decided to make the And he already has a website where he sold pigments is called. Culture hustled. okay. But when he'd haired i guess it was a pain of star with everyone in each compare A certain color. it was really unhelpful. I think there's only one other artist who's done it. And it was with a sheet of blue that the use the law oh and eve claims the international blue and he was an artist again Just exactly what you said. He's known for this very deep royal blue and he uses it within all his works but not just an of paint forum also in its pure pigment as well because his whole idea of using it was to link. Break it free from its traditional constructs of confinement rather off-line some can't believe people think our history as a one carry can't believe that people think our history stuck up so and the gave lanes over the pink. Okay is that unleashed repair can no use it. So few cool on to culture hustles up if you buy any of the ranger just called the colored Color which i think's amazing. It says anti colt notes by adding this product to your cart. You can confirm that your knowledge to per you're in no way affiliated tunisia You're purchasing this eight behalf in each cabrera associated To the base of your knowledge information unbelievers paint will not make its way into the of kaniche compare hashtag. She thoughts Hands on the pincus. Pink a conceit where wayne book sampled that say that he was going to have a lawsuit by because they be as he should of the pincus To challenge the into black he has been made the blackest block block two point. Oh and into the nineteen made flat three point. Zero which reflects nineteen nine percent of reflection in radiation so essentially on par event. Right okay so you can buy bowl one hundred and fifty miles in his fourteen today. Okay so it means. He's opened up to everyone to be And he's always wanted everyone to be able to use the colors that you make Okay but there's this thing where compared to get his hands on some. I go let court battle or something with it as quite an interesting the beef times on the the pink the pink bought. There's other things where each composed of done something in people onto sample ask for hail peninsula. Apple's done stuff to challenge it so there was another one which i just know. I don't have all kind of So won't give references and stuff but is he went to felton extension on where he stays on but then the the late two people that left need them. Yeah so then. They'd contacted sample sample. Had made created this reflective paint right so that they have apparently source. Oh that's amazing. Yeah so i said. I mean the most amazing thing is he has made this amazing range of colors so as a mixture between light pigments natural paints and stuff like that yet. If it just the sites Token ability tea point all he had to stop because of the technique is needed to make the pain overly sweet a hold like independent people able does. It's amazing though blake s a really fun. Interesting thing actually think i'm going to buy the black is black. His weight Beaten by even just face. Supply never say israeli cartoonish and he's done Done like that vein to block on a circle and it does just look like voltron are just throw a Bare black hole died people Thank he's done. Ones that art dance. Nettie pizza blacks a looks like his contiguous will people phone into which is Obviously he's not appear continues void that standard my vote the beef so as an ongoing one. It's one that's never been resolved though and people who make fun of what things look kissed. The being paint beating the pincus pay can. Yeah because i think the respect where he doesn't want people taking pictures with being gay. There was something as something some known since about that but yet it caused Of large of discussion and controversy in the when he when he bought the rights to this color at yet. It's just very interesting. Anyone thinks can own the right to a color exclusively for themselves. I think kevin that's really missing in my opinion while the plane as any. What do we know. I'm sure there are reasons behind and not being an international superstar artists. I'm sure we are mere observers the drama to the drama. Okay right so might be as very art historical. Actually one of our history's most famous italian. Painters code kind of odd you know. Carbajal was active and mozart from recife but is best known for painting in room on. He is famed for his intense unsettling paintings particularly of biblical depictions. So you may know him as there's a really famous of medi-share software Rowing portrait on a green background on. It's just decapitated head of medusa. Anyone that's listening to the podcast. Any images in paintings are reference. We well Instagram's you can find on my instagram. Or you can find them on my website and everything will be linked below enemy. So the beef that i've got is that casual kelt. Amman which. I had absolutely no idea until we started so of research in some of our historical beefs. Which actually if you go just brings up a whole stuff. A boat singers and songwriters. Keep it into here. We go the biggest beef going. Although i think not settled anyway. Caravaggio well-documented that he was very hot blooded on very very passionate and very aggressive. At patterson there's actually records from the police looks in rome. Show that he was in trouble all the time. So there's logs all an one of the accounts. In sixteen four he threw a plate of artichokes are weaker. Face was arrested. Another police log haas hem end. Sixteen five that he also attacked a guard of women guard with students and was imprisoned for a little while buckle free however the beef that we're talking about happened and sixty six and has temper a bit too far. He stopped cold a well known. Roman pen names. Vinicio toma sony and through. That was it was a price on his head and then he had to flee rome and for the remaining years of his life was continuously on of going from place to place ryan to wait a people. Pardon which is basically he'd. He'd appealed to the pope part smarter on the reason he was coach was not Event will maybe some money or it was a prostitute. It was over a game of tennis. I am basically some money had been had been assayed. Anyway it didn't didn't go in. Caravaggio fever and has been has have dealing with roy gillum. Yep mama just killed on all that set. So he spent the rest of his life on the run so of running around all over italy and ended up in malta. Sicily naples however this beef or this mark dr so really really a beef. It's the because the beef caused a martyr so he spent the final years of his life. Moving between naples multi insulate waiting for a people pardons that win the pope of rome forgives you on behalf of because at this time the pope he still is today seen as the living embodiment of gorge on air. However this beef was long continuing because people were out for revenge on the family of the gentleman code a price on. Caravaggio hit which is why he continuously keep moving a right so people find him. So there's a whole controversy over his death nice. Some people say he was code in revenge. Some people say that he annoyed nights when he was in malta and it was the nights that coach him on Historians have said that he actually died of syphilis for. Maybe something like malaria however to Contain his boons where and after extensive dna and carbon dating and other analysis. It was identified. The carbide you might have died from lead poisoning which was an parked lead poisoning because paints used his time contained high amounts of late salts which may also have linked caravaggio to has Boats of madness of madness. And i'm spikes and has behavior so this is why thank perhaps he was about hot tempered because of desolate poisoning however later results show that there may have been some of blunt trauma to spend malcolm For yet but so they seem to think that there was maybe it was bad gangster or to kill him It's not really botched if it worked Let's be honest successful. Assassination will that setsu. So there's still a complete conspiracy theory of how he died. He died very young. He was only in his thirties when he died. He was incredibly famous in rome. He produces these incredible scenes that really affected people because of how realistic but also violent they wear year. But yeah that is a beef. The continued to haunt him I think it's quite interesting that the idea of lead poisoning could have affected his behavior and contributed to not interest them. So that you that as as the beefs abusively. That's the beefs. Okay as well as a beef. You have a controversy for medical baby. So my controversy as guerrilla get us so this is a group of anonymous female access which began in new york in nineteen eighty five. The war and i believe of selective so the develop masks and the create thought-provoking to challenge sexism racism within the. Why don't still the used expert books. Stickers flyers boards just kind of traditional means crow tastes in spread the message of the injustices to the peace. That is our discussing as do women have to be naked to get into the museum and it was made in nineteen eight tonight. So this is a part of the inaugural talk back series. This was challenging the of female and people of color within galleries oceans. I'm dealers Was inspired by the metropolitan museum's clayton and new york the to section action and gathered the information sale so they went rained Participated in the within the six that they had on the poster in that. I'm so the original one because they've updated it twice the still. There is a yellow poster. Bennett has a number Renaissance painting of But the female has a mask on it says. Do women have to be naked to get into the mid museum and then underneath it says less than five percent of ours in the modern Women but eighty five percent. Newts are female. And then it's guerrilla goes conscious of so that's piece was inspired torture too because the public art fund in new york i stained to design a bellport The project projected his denver clean enough message right. Unnecess- the what you're talking about. This is what they produce for this oil yet so they would ask us board okay. The knee went to the may cancel. The pieces gathered. The statistics himself. Made the poster shoot it to the fund and then they said noah mason clean enough which is yellow and black own it pops so they then decided to just thirteen Right okay so the bus face in new york but then the bus company began Day because it is the noble ending the females hunt and it was considered blake offensive. Okay is there anything enter hand. It's a it. Looks like a fat on duster star doesn't look offensive. The top looks agape argument if you are really want to do something you could save fouling but it doesn't right okay. This only thing. I can think is probably a fun. Yeah it looks like a fan but the tofu thin handle with like a circle in the top of you. Really pill straws. you could save that's not what they are. Dying predicts offensive because of boat was on her hand. Roth up okay. i'm will happen. So what happened after that. So the pit. On the buses the buses are dying because it could potentially be seen as offensive so they also because it was a part of that cds the stuck the would they would stick on the museum doors. They made pamphlets which would go into a museum shops and so whenever they would make something it would be challenging a statistic or challenging the lack of female people covered presentation case of sade. So it'd be things like you'd only half the picture of the don't and in the poster so they used affects a law right which is planting jason. An it's just really like surge of newly designed so the one that you always seen half the art world a like a five way card and maybe see like twenty percent israel that messages right occasional the us space to emphasize the message is fading punchy. Heart hatton gets the message. Appoint clearly messages like that. And books and gift shops Museums and stuff like that. They just did everything that the kids to get The also imprinted with thriller faces in manhattan them to people to wear okay to join the protests which was pay on fox but as i said earlier the updated twice okay so the update so the original is nineteen nine nineteen eighteen. Okay thirty five version as listen three percent of Women the three percent or notes which means it's gone down two percent Females overtones five and the yet but they have license to eight thirty while you're doing a great job to the two thousand twelve one is less than four percent of ours in the morning. Arts section of women seventy six of the female soap to take all the away well done and the out the representation by one percent so ghettos was behalf least You aren't and yet. Does it have some credible have haired of the guerrilla goes. But i'll be really honest and say that it's impossible to know like everything about everyone and the art world. Somebody who i was a of this poster on. I was a week their message on their activism. Trying do because they've also been active in london. Well i think they're active in more places than just the states. He started in new york. I know i believe is a global movement. Yeah because they are obviously still crane stuff to this day like the just really typically definitely stepping three books and stuff like that so obviously that is still an issue will lack of diverse Of course is of course and even recently. So we're recording. This is recording us in september. Twenty twenty on there was a recent study done that over one hundred top artists currently working like our of worth purchasing and the markets only two of them are women to only two of the top. One hundred's are women on something at something like eighty five percent Is still the naked woman. Naked women are still this sabine. Meyer yeah i mean. They're like they're a group. I knew off Don't know a horrendous might actually so maybe that would be quick podcast episode to deuce can of look there. There were a bit more detail. Yeah no absolutely because it's an incredibly important message on something. The world still suffers from the complete lack of female representation but of course there's lots of our historians female art historians so event beating the drum for lack of representation within the is agree. Instagram account codes the greek women artists if anyone is interested. I mean fairly certain. If you're listening to this year you're fulla full-bore or keno not history so you may have come across the ethanol. I would highly recommend that you that you follow that Gives you everyday outposts. Allow something about a different female and yeah yes you are so yeah game. You're controversies all right So mine as also quite current one and it's to do with the notorious contemporary artist. Jeff koons now. If you're listening to what. Jeff koons jeff koons kind of the american answer to the british damien hirst so he as well for so he's we were established that i would see the damion is. He's been going a hell of a lot longer but he's known for has representation of poking fun at everyday life using so recognizable objects from the everyday's a law office. Work is based around balloon animals. So you may have seen by balloon dogs or Balloon rabbits but these like highly shiny surfaces these that this is jeff curtains yet. You either love him or hate him. I i quite like him. Business-minded sorts saints anyone. He says jfk just because your needs polygamous. There's he's got like a whole other like back article weird and wonderful things. And he's actually different controversy but he actually replaced The staff and has new york boundary in studio with machinery. So there was a whole thing like that But that's not will bring to the table here. So my controversy is that enthusiasm in sixteen jeff. Koons offered the city of paris. A new sculpture to commemorate the terrorist attacks. Old two thousand fifteen in those who lost their life's which was a hundred and thirty one peres citizens and as a saying of 'wang-koo american comradeship on the lions jiffy approached the city in the january of twenty sixteen and said i would like to gift. You a sculpture. The work code a bouquet of chips and to describe the sculpture Hyper realistic hand. Holding eleven balloon juleps. Cain of like Chai party and you meet a balloon flower on there's an there's only eleven instead of twelve because the messing twelve flavor and the bunch represents the fallen right and those who lost their lives in the attacks. But there's a lot of controversy which The idea of had giving the sculpture to the city of paris. So number one. He was just giving the idea he wasn't giving the four point. Five million dollars what it would cost the city to make and install all. Oh my god what what are known as spot and he couldn't really understand why people were raped by this so it was the american chancellor who who loving in front porch coons Would you do you think bigger idea to make something. He came up with this concept in gifted the idea to paris So that was that was number one and then he also wanted to put it into a square by a museum which is all the boats. French art both contemporary and modern french arts. On the whole of why. That was a controversy was because the whole idea that space is that it should be left. Open four temporary exhibitions as has always been on. It's always. It's normally a space for french artists. Not an american artist and this caused white Cry because we're he had suggested it was stoltze. It would essentially ranger the gallery underneath a completely useless because of how much they would need to reinforce because it's something like thirty or two totten's on would need to reinforce the galaxy so there was. There was a chance that it would convince the galaxy completely useless so a lot of people that worked in the art world. Cain of tagged as a publicity stunt like a product placement for coons in has artwork so basically from the second it was announced names. It was filled with controversy and there was a petition within a few hours that go eat in signature saying do not install this but the issue was. It wasn't the idea the like the idea of but it was all the things that kind of the conditions that came with it on. The professional committee of art galleries in paris released a statement which says the professional committee of art galleries wish to make it known as opposition to the permanent installation of jason sculpture. The key for phillips between the museum of modern art on the city of paris and the palestine tokyo this is not a matter of judging aesthetic qualities or the stability of the sculpture as a whole mitch the victims of the attacks in fronts but the location that was chosen while it is important to pay tribute to the artists for his generosity on attention to the victims of terrorism it is also important that the commemoration of dramatic Finds its police in appropriate in specific contexts. Outside of any location related to artistic manifestations that could weaken or distract from. The memory is juicy of the city of paris to make such a site in collaboration with all the people concerned as well as the artist. We believe that the immediate surroundings of the museum of modern art for the city of paris and the palace. Tokyo much like those was george. Pompidou centre must remain free for those institutions to program depending on current events and should not be subjective to definitive permanent obstruction by nature temporary artistic occupation of these spaces should be entrusted to the creators. Who are in charge of programming them. And it's signed by the president of the The professional committee of art galleries. And i think as the point because another thing that kuhn's didn't do was consult city of powers on where he would like to police. The work was going to ask is. Why would they not someone from friends. Why ask music will that set. And that's another thing is where the another of backhand to controversy surrounding the as why. Why did they know A reason why they said if they wanted to be an apparent possessing such as is the more not for the city of paris. It should have been opened up to a hold of artists on ideas methods. however may have been different if it was a gift are gifted idea but even soul like it needs to be pleased somewhere with with importance in not distract from the meaning of eating exactly exactly satisfy The issues surrounding it so the saga continued for a good couple of years and even without apparent space confirmed. Kittens went ahead and made the work. But it wasn't until two thousand eighteen that it was confirmed the sculpture would be funded using private money through fundraising and a scene. Said that kuhn's The bell when the work went over budget. Okay because it's no easy on no cheap thing to make up at work like this let alone. Install it so a find. It's police quite near to the octa triumph Patas note so yet. It was unveiled on the fourth of tober two thousand and nineteen last year last year. So it's been going on for our law alone. You and it was unveiled. Say the petit police and potus one of the artists large sculptures to date and measures twelve meters high and when it was on viewed qin's wars interviewed. And he said that for him as a new yorker who was living in new york tame of the nine eleven attacks. He remembers greatly the depression that hung over the city and he just felt having expedients. Something honda's as a terrorist attack. He needed and wanted to do something. This is why he gifted the sculpture to the setting So the palestinian paris is outside art archaeology and very close to the trump he has will. so yes. It was unveiled october last year. So very recent thing. And when it was unveiled he also announced that eighty percent of the proceeds from the sailing of the copyright of the work from commercial products. Such is like tote box or postcards. Catholics by the work eighty percent of those proceeds would go to the victims of the attacks on the remaining twenty percent would be used for sculpture maintenance upkeep of the work so i think although it caused quite a controversy it actually i feel. It was handled very early in the beginning. But i actually think having Time for it to come on to for the project to to come into realization Be stowed. I feel that it will continue to do good year. It seems like obviously it may just win something out sadly because obviously it was a really cds based on you. Just don't think he thanked by jovially. He lived through nine eleven new york. He was just maybe taking back to his defense that late. Yeah i was just tonight. Passion while that set and i think it was a grief fail. Globally i mean we all remember where we were during nine eleven and we all remember where we were when these attacks in paris happened. I mean protect We'd assessed sister that loves empire so it was a very of really horrible night for a lot of people on a field. It like you said the heart was there but it just wasn't managed whale bought That he's not taking any profit from. Yeah no absolutely putting the money back into the scope here. I think f completely agree from what was very early handles has actually. It's quite nice. And yes. oh it was unveiled last year and this was complete news to me actually when i was researching concert for Controversies For this for this podcast and there's quite low let's be honest Particularly with everything we wanted the moment with them of gifting or giving pieces in collections. Back to places that were orgin happened stolen. I think this is. This is quite interesting piece. Not too complicated. wants tight. Yeah not think now. By best as the controversy that ended nice. Yeah absolutely so. It's all kind of come up roses no pun intended for the or come up trillo rather space up okay. Fantastic ni- final part of the podcast. Where each bringing a conspiracy theory from the art world. I love lease so if he listened to the podcast previously on. You've listened to ever episode on the mona lisa end and a few conspiracy theories surrounding the painting on. I would highly recommend if you haven't just to go back and less History about painting as incredible. And you you knew. The risks to end celia. Here i interview as just incredible in bringing these facts on fantasies to life is where which is great so i thought end the spirit of conspiracy with the mona lisa. We would continue doing that night. Cynical you have an art world conspiracy theory for me. Yes and on part is you'll pay the bench or they are the most standard. Thanks for for kicking off. So i only discovered this because we were researching can species so you know to stay. Deniger go his studies in the art world and is a grown during petro the supper so i assumed it was going to go into the you know heavy macro lens actually in the painting just kind of taking things from the But i think it's actually being prison. That is true. Meeting might not be a conspiracy. Might just be a cold hard facts. These are true but it starts conspiracy but it has been researched so the last supper. I'm just gonna just gonna button here nicole. Sorry to interrupt you but for anyone that doesn't know at the last supper as a as a huge mutual painting by leonardo da vinci and it's one of his most famous works with the mona lisa and it was painted in the league fifteenth century. I can be found in milan. And it's one of the world's most recognizable paintings a- partly according to the gospel of google venture. Nate was late. The bulk of the rs okay. He did the mona lisa. Which is the most famous painting. The gentleman say paint never goes puna. Lisa yeah the last supper is also bendigo. One of the most famous paintings. I think defensive is the ball all fingers repainting the head. That was beheaded here here. Here's it here farce. People living's wesley on so you're conspiracy theories speaking of music. Well hey i try. I mean above really tie so giovanni money is a computer engineer musician. Okay so he. Obviously people have discussed multiple messages and symbolism within a piece. Okay in the most obvious. Yeah yes so. There's things like in the sky. There's equations zodiacs all that stuff. The less we'll be here forever is top about is one thing but easy for. We'll come back to par seventy five on the last supper. Here's rowdy red wine on the viks. Giovanni was looking at the less up and he knew that within the composition of where they're also were standing in table. It debated harmonica monetarily. Okay so the apostles are the bars so the whole section as five bars right when you look at. But he also saw something that no one else that data out for vigil at the example of heavy debated up. And you can't see at once. Is there okay. I just kind of wish went whom can see my face. Because i'm looking at a full show off the painting now and really i mean you go get him. I think it's amazing. What people can spoil these joints immagination. Continue so he then looked at their hands with the break was placed because symbolically. That's the body of christ okay so. Nfl within the piece. That was assembles christianity. Which i believe is just the bridge but painting become no okay so giovanni composition does peace To vote ami says it sounds like a record is like a same try to emphasize the passion of jesus is the apostle manipulate and then makes the composition. So gonna play it. Okay this is over was on. Echoes into the in discusses. Essentially summarizing lifezette While another part is the debentures Musical genius as well as i cannot pay pay nter. I mean it wouldn't surprise me. I mean he he could literally everything. So that is my conspiracy. heat is essentially defunct. But i'm gonna see my conspiracy as you re bolts. He wrote bulbs will they are. I think it's really interesting. The someone can look a painting on. See the it doesn't make sense if what you're seeing symbolism wise that the you know the hand and the braid which christianity symbols support of christ naturally can become a body of music so just hire he saw is is quite incredible an the also the somebody has gone off and as often like this on composed it but anyway i would love to know what people whom i thank and like i say we will link an image on my instagram page and on my website is because i think this is one you really can have to see it to wrap your head around what you're kind of coming on onto but a really really interesting conspiracy theory that piece i mean there's there's thousands i let you say to the star don brown has been fantastic a weakening like What yeah absolutely in the whole vase. Templar and eliminated and as wrong as rob who you could spend the rest of your life going by thank again. It just kind of shows you the pirate of art really because these things were used as propaganda was a time where the the printing press wasn't really a thing. It wasn't wasn't newspapers there wasn't you know people didn't communicate in the way that we do know year. These were symbols and things that people understood because religion was really so sensual ending their life. An green on basically so very interesting. Welcome thank you get conspiracy theory okay. Mine is a bit more london-based cer- coming back or coming back to london here. You wouldn't tell me you can't tell me the theme even go into details. So i'm fixing to us okay. as a conspiracy theory which surrounds a british painter. Cold walter. Richard seker was done so he's actually quite a famous painter. Active between eighteen sixty and nineteen forty two is known for his verse of dramatic representations in his works on a someone who really loved of mixing with the underworld of society into depicting that within his paintings have however there is an american crime. Novelist code patricia. Cornwell who is convinced convinced. The seker was actually jack the ripper. So this is the conspiracy theory basically. She spent a large her fortune. So she writes. She's a very successful crime novelist. I personally have never heard of but then again though anticipate cranial apartment. She's amassed a fortune of over one hundred million dollars and she actually used to be a more assistant that's will that set. So this is obviously. She seems some stuff. Anyway so patricia cornwell claims to spend whale over three million pounds of her own money attempting to confirm fifty two books on the subject. So in two thousand and seventeen. She spoke to the newspaper. The telegraph saying over the past. Five years i spent thousands of hours as well as a small fortune investigating sicklers art memorabilia and more importantly other original documents evidence on technologies to prove that he Her i've continued walking with top. Scientists are experts siphoned through piles of archival materials utilizing non destructive forensic paper analysis on spatial light resources. The op show is that. I've never been shooter of sicklers goats. I believe he was responsible. For the jack the ripper crimes and other deportees wail which included dismemberment. Cannibalism and mortar children. And in two thousand thirteen. She came to light because she A work of the artist code the camden tight martyrs which the artist painted at nineteen eight which referred to a cds of martyrs. Which happened around camden. So she purchased this one painting which depicts a naked lady on the bait on her. Heinous of turned away from the viewer on the jane smith at the end of the bait. Who has his head is boj seen us on. It's very interesting if you It's very dark. there's nothing there's not a lot of details facially in these figures are just from hesse. Brush stroke technique but she came to light because she was so convinced that this painting contained a hidden message that she destroyed it in order to find it so she ripped apart this painting thinking. That's sackler headed a major confession within the work. Because she's just so convinced that he has jack the ripper essentially she hasn't actually the first person to accuse secular of this crime and he's been linked to mars before but it's usually he actually to mix with gentleman. Cold the gic of clarence. Who was the grandson of queen. Victoria and who had a passion for holding in the east end didn't lifetime with syphilis of the brain on the jacob kearns as at somebody who's also been associated with seker jack the ripper course. This is a conspiracy theory that runs deep in a couple years ago. Someone came out and said she was convinced that Women and you know a man of here but because the trust than i which is quite interesting anyway. So basically what sparked this as the artist name came into frame Claimed that he was the child of the artist and when the painter died or just before the painter died in nineteen four one he can face the crimes to him but this was never confirmed and it was always believed that was childless which is actually why komo believes that he became jack the ripper because his three failed marriages. He was bottling with a six reality. He was childless and a Jack the ripper on Committed these crimes and she seems to think that this series of paintings he did in nineteen eighty around the camden martyrs where really hammered messing to what he did. The martyr's And why she thinks this is because a lot of the works in nestle series are actually very similar to the osce photographs that were taken onto. Who the bodies were found so hard theory behind why he has his persons because they were so accurate These bodies were laid Particularly ones of jack. The ripper famously. Has last victim was found in her flats on he near enough completely recreated itself possession to position so this is why she thinks he is jack the ripper Are really cool here from andrew patrick of the fine art society who apparently Partly sold patricia. Cornwell a couple of paintings. He so he say to your quilting f as is claimed. A painting was cost up. That is very rolled. Everyone knows the stuff is known since he loved these dramatic titles and to play with the idea of menace in richardson who created a large sector exhibition at the royal academy in nineteen ninety two escorted by saying i can't believe she's done at such a rate tearing ozone's monstrously stupid to me as she so obsessed that she doesn't mean the destruction of a painting such by such a very fine artists and to add coincidence to this silly theory even if secular where jotted her. It would not justify doing this. It's like taking a kagyu you. Apart to investigate the stopping he was involved in at smart. He added sigler was interested in music. Hose theatrical and low-life he pleaded with the themes like data on his mentor. He always painted from photographs and he was one of the first artists to do so. And although kara has failed to find any on the lakers help by scotland yard Pretending or claiming to be par to compare two samples taken from secular lasers which she has bought at auction. She still claims that one laser had the same unusual watermark writing paper and believes this as justification enough to continue her close to be john. That secular was jack. The ripper unshaven says f. A jury had seen that been they would have hung him so there you are. And what do you think. For the jack. The ripper thing i honestly after Five hundred people that be connected to. Oh my goodness forever forever being an uninteresting theory that because he was aloof and didn't have any family and but then again it doesn't really explain why it stopped because all the marchers happened in eighteen. Eighty eight while. I remember them saying though was that the martyr's almost kind of search End like Precision that it had to be someone higher up nothing. He wasn't Adult that's by thought it was that. Yeah because i will be wealthy. Thought it might have been physician to the king are vicious squeeze between to royalty because of higher up in the knowledge and stuff like that this is also maybe why she's working with professionals because of high fat lashing Destroying a piece yet. Because i think regardless Contain the secrets of the universe behind There's ways like what did you think destroying people actually pay for that set. That's what i would have done like shouli. She should've Instead of an anybody By destroyed means that she's done so many taste on it but it says here that the theory is that she's completely The work but i think that's just a someone that has money and wants to fishing. Additive is as well if she picks beta that fishes harvick's. Yeah and i'm not obviously there. You see it everywhere when someone believes in a conspiracy the will to the will that set up so that they again another conspiracy that i would love to know what you think at home. nicole thank you so much for coming on the podcast today again and being so wonderful in sharing with me one of your strengths. One of your controversies on an art history conspiracy theory. I'm just something a little different so before you go. Where can people find you. So you can find me Underscore on instagram and safe. My website is www dot com. And i'm also recipient eric with files in k which is a female Recommend checking that he wanted to in place and that's came a free convenient basing me. No thank you for coming back again. i've already asked you previously. Why is art important. So i would like to ask you this time as of the sex. Fax that we've discussed today. What is your favorite out. But i think the last supper one. I think that just because obviously you've seen the films davinci and stuff and i was like. Oh my god. I can't believe this is a thanking. Didn't happen the music yeah. It's like fun although i did like the much Have caravaggio has. He's always leak. So is this is very iconic is. He's honor yet. He's one of these ones where you probably don't know the artist by knee but the second you see him you'll be like always guy. Yeah when you're going into the lead poisoning is not. Maybe why everything was so dark can because he's mental state wasn't in Chick yet was poisoned by lead. So he's you know. Mattis a higher. I i think maine is a toss up between the jeff koons hund- the jack the ripper eighty one. But there's nothing wrong with that. I think i did the best. Now i'll go with that. Wise is funds When you can actually see the composition a just qena to see high definitely everyone thinks and hey everyone can see it because one thing i forgot to mention was someone had saved up. But then the sky rada Today he decided to so sorry about that. But i'll know so qena interest in high someone was inspired The volta yeah. Thanks really kill a low of defense. She stopped his mathematical positionally. Nellie perfect ratio things like that so not every patient we will to think of do says the speidel His verve in months or Nfu place on lavar says broken acknowle squares and circles and carves. but it's ever since late repair gratiot. So what makes conflict compensation okay law individually spark and then a low of artwork lake That japanese painting with the wave. That's the perfect ratio. Ohio case when you will get shelled kasese the wave the blue. You're so even something because appears in nature is okay so is there came a phenomenon that it's just the thing that not respond to positive breaker. So it was a law and hanes and linked grass and grits and inspiration for graphics. Okay yeah interesting. I didn't know that i should use often. That next thing is really interesting. You can break done graphics. Hey credits and lanes and stuff and hey we respond to stop composition like saint our lesson rates interesting. Okay okay great thank you so so much nicole. Hi everyone is ju- here. I'm just currently editing. The podcast and i realized that during my conspiracy theory. I've actually referred to walter ticket as Colder set clara quite a few times. So i'm just jumping in to say. I do apologize Wolter second note set clear and it was a honest mistake. Only human by thought i would just quickly come on and say very sorry case. Anyone had picked up on that. Yes it was walter sick. It not set clear in. Thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed the episode enemy and thank you so much for listening there you have the end of another episode of the joys. Art has podcast. I would just once again like to thank nicole for coming on the podcast and for bringing such entertaining. Conspiracy theories on beefs controversies from within the to discuss thanking and had a lot of researching under korten this particular as we said in the podcast. Any images that we discussed throughout the episodes available to view on my instagram pitch. But you can find an electric blue or you can just. Joe was art history or you can find them on my website which is www dot. Joe is art history dot com addition to mayes of media outlet china. Where you can find us information you can also watch the podcast. My youtube channel. Which is joyce art history on here a very basic video together but whenever we discuss a walk i do the work through the duration of which we're talking fighter so perhaps if you prefer lessening watching things on youtube is just insolvent expand to reach people. Get in touch. I'm scott anything that you heard today. You can email me. Joe's art history at gmo dot com. I would love to hear your thoughts on the oil and a few have any conspiracy theories or our history. Beefs or controversies that you would like to share or perhaps less to cover a different ankle. Joy are slightly to four months. So what we do show finally my name. John mclaughlin is your you're pregnant. Art custodian on look forward to welcoming next time on the jurors art history podcast until then keep learning our new member art as for all.

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