America Isn't Getting It's Grits w/ Pat Brown Part 2


When you this is a stand up New York labs production providing you podcast since two thousand thirteen toil away the hardware you know what L. Ravens imprint? Go and take a break from this nonsense real quick. I thought you meant a real break cookies and I WANNA get into do why is so. I think I found a good thread. Why is so important that we keep accountability accountability and we keep people on task because when I watched that? ANC thing would would mark Zuckerberg. And I watched her ask this man questions and I watched the resistance from him because already. He's answering questions to a woman of color which he's not used to doing nor does he care about. Let's never make no mistake. Just because a man married a woman whose Asiana black whatever don't mean they're not still on behalf on top of this shit and what they think they should be doing as a white man that's number one so he answered these questions. She's absolutely right and what she's asking him and the fact that we have. I have had things taken down from facebook that have have been inspirational things because they deemed to be something that reflect poorly on the white community. You can't even say anything about black lives mattering hardly you can hardly say anything about lifting black people and as much as we've been torn down but you don't think it's important to fact check the people that are putting putting up ads that you are making money off of then. Why are we allowing facebook to be? And why is it a public entity if we're not the public is not involved in how it's going what I'm saying thing is we live in a world where especially in this country where white men get to run reckless abandon. Not every white man has a privilege of doing that but the people who do have the privilege of doing that happened to be white men and we let them sit there and suits. We don't call them thugs. We don't call them murderers and the things that they're doing. What what he is doing is dangerous? He is undermining the governmental system for people who needed people who need help. Let me tell you how fucked up this world is. I'm watching Discovery Channel. Whatever the nature channel whatever it is National Geo- Yes segues impeccable? Nejra that what they call in Najia on TV one today. They said one one in ten students in New York City is homeless. That's over a hundred and fifty thousand kids kids who have no home. Most of them don't know how they're going to get their food yet on Nat Geo. Oh I watched a turtle receiving ultrasound for everyone learn who has a heart and who wants to make this world better and who lives in this country and thrives for excellence. I'm not perfect. I get into fights all the time because you ain't GonNa play me. I'll play you. Maybe you'll get me but I'm GONNA play. We don't play you know but deep down. I'm a good person. No matter where I talk about race I talk about what we talk about. I want everybody to have a good way. I want everybody have a good time. I want people to have peace every even Whitey. Even why my problem with Whitey. When he impedes his little nasty ass on my people and try to fuck us over? Then fuck him going to stand because too many of us sit here and we keep trying to find a way to be peaceful with people who are killing us. I with that shit it but if you want to break bread and be cool and everybody can get a piece of the Pie and Blah Blah. I'm fine with you. I don't I'm not trying to take away from white people you understand. That's it's just it's just a war right now. We are in a war with a valid. We're not in a war because they are warring with us we we are trying to come by and hold hands and meam and complain. It's all you see my segues. Don't make any sense right right. Oh I didn't say say that at all but that's what I'm letting you guys know is we are all on. A Uber. Eats call with America. Oh Oh greer all ubereats call. We all being pushed around calling customer service whereas my how how wide is there a hun- merica is not getting their Goddamn grits. That's the name of the Party. GD In all Laura this call it. America's not grits. You know I am about eighty Americans not grits. So when we I had such a time today I will share. I saw a time when I came in. We didn't start right away. I had. I was so upset I I burst into tears and I realize that the thing that Keith kept me from having the luxury of talking about stuff and not really having to be involved in it is that I had a family that protected me from this stuff in the sand. I my grandmother and my grandfather father and they were You know pastors and they did for the community we got involved got to help you know you always thought that it was going. It'd be better because you have your family here. You have your you know the people take care of you the raise you and then they die and then you're left in this nasty asks world without any positive reinforcement. Some of us that some of us to stand you got to be the light that they were somebody has the is the baton they pass the baton to you you cannot. You are alive for some people if you cannot ten not I have to deal in a stand with this adjustment. What is term of family passing of course or the impeachment of the indefinite right or? It's in it's a minute of my aunt who has special needs my mother. WHO's a senior? My father called me essay. He's talking about some. He got insurance policy. Some will. I'm like maybe I want tiffany amount. I we'll on himself Okay we gotta talk about how he broke it down. I'm not really with the breakdown but I don't want my father take out a will Money money father and they can play that back once he passes. If you pass this before do I don't want any money. I would rather my father be here. I'm not worried about that. I'm not he goes. We have to prepare and this is where we are as that. You're not we're not not babies anymore. Now we have to be that for the people younger than us or will we have children. Now I gotta be. I mean that's the same situation right now I just had to make to A A dental appointment and a And they health appointment for my mother. Who's two thousand miles away? She's in Missouri and she can't and I'm not there. She doesn't have the support system that she needs to get the things that she she She should have. I mean she has insurance and all that but she does not have the faculty or the wherewithal anymore to do the little things I it was such a time. I had to do to to to take time with her just to figure out what her insurance car was. What her dental Car was where it could be. Get where I could find that information from so and making those making that Call for her. I mean she's been having ditto issues in your older person. You you have dental issues and my mother already had a heart attack about four years ago that can in even that can grossly Impair your your Recovery because bacteria gets in your blood system which can go in in impact the heart and she's having memory deficit so it's me and my sister my brother's Not Available In the ways that we know that in the black is hit are black community but anyway And she doesn't want to move and so it's going to be one of those situations where is not gonna be pretty ugly situation but My mother I'm dealing with that and in his so is so heavy is heavy everyday. Yeah the person that gave you life. The person that instructed acted you She's a shell of that. I mean she's not to the point that she's deteriorated to the degree that she doesn't know who she is or whatever but but It just seeing them that they're not able to do things that that make them thrive but You know it's also you dealing when people's Egos and Everyone has it and she wants to stay in her her house because because removing her from her house would mean that she is no longer capable of taking care of herself. And that's a big deal for anyone to make a to say that out loud to make that transition that I am unable to take care of myself. which is you know? Then I think about myself. I don't have any kids. I'm not I I don't have a partner and so I'm taking my mother's thing and I'm thinking to myself. Wow who will take me So I'll take your pet you no. I ain't GonNa have nothing you sit badly. AUBER eats every day. Yes always is an assistant. Where like this Healthcare system. Some doesn't make it easy making. I mean you're talking about this is so sad to me but yeah thank you said it emphatically you got Over a hundred thousand kids. It's homeless and then you know we spent so much silly money on things. We came to spend money on people. That's the most important thing in the world is people is not things when anytime that you are in a situation and you you feel I. Death is at your door. You don't think about things you don't think about the car you've driven you know. Close you've had you think about people that mattered in your life. People that You've had experiences with people that you loved and loved you. Yeah you and so when I think about I've been really Emotional lately but Yes I think about people and that's where I am in my life right now I'm Really trying to do the best. I can in terms of my own health and taking care of my mom is alive. You know I feel like like we end the same Like an insane place because you know also we have the added pressure of like you know being performance to know and that keeps you know. I was telling my father the other day one of my sisters is is on instagram. And you know I really get to connect and see what's going in her life but I don't get a chance I don't speak to her you know we haven't spoken I mean is there some between you guys. Are you just having no we. Just haven't it it just you know. I think we have sisters and I think we already from just sort of being raised. You know I moved to California when I was fifteen no fifteen and a half and I spent a lot of time there and I got involved in stand up and moved to New York and then just life separated and all the stuff I had going on and you I know my parents broke up. They weren't together and you know and I miss that because like together now is the tragedy we wake up every day. Yes still here. I write that with my grandparents while I'm like. Oh my grandmother's I wish you divorce him right right. You know. But that's because my grandfather was a little bossy but she's not that into you derry life life I have I have both my sisters have children you know and I have never met my nieces. Wow you know I'll even though they might full polices. I'm half nieces. I never met you know my nephew does some. I was so consumed with my grandparents once. They started to me you since I've known you know I've had problems with my grandparents declining in health. And you know they on afford fortunately and unfortunately but they made some decisions Assyrians in terms of who they were bringing to their own environment that we had to separate them from and Really helped to work their nerves in their mind wind. I think pushed him into the grave probably sooner than they needed to my grandfather. Private rooms on board avoidable. Yeah Definitely my grandmother had like six mini strokes brain and she just recovered and I just remember sitting there for a whole year just waiting for her to come back and they kept 'cause they said right after she had surgery and they got drain the brain rain blood from her brain that she would be able to recover like there she would you know she never came back and then just you know just dealing with that name and you know it's tough to make decisions as an artist. Sometimes it is you have to choose you. Don't get it to invest so much time in your family and not you know you know what you're doing so I mean I I've been speaking to relative now and hopefully they're are going to becoming for the holidays you know my mother and but I can't even like I no no you know you just don't know but I hope I hope everybody finds a a sense of a community you know like actually that's the biggest thing thank you and that's what I'm looking for right now to a place where I feel comfortable the people around that community that we are doing something to together to build a better place for I'm not talking about the world just for people for right now young I mean if it's even just as small goal is that that people can find comfort right now. Muslims are changing the world. I'm just trying to change. JP people make people's lives a little better right now so I love you people. You'll be fine pat. We love you to everybody here. Loves you you fan favourite. You beat out Seles. The poll is easy to beat out. Something just doesn't I want to be on the Kapiti like don't put me on that day. 'cause Seles has just less voice podcasts. At all things at all costs sometimes sometimes but We she found her leach with me with Our Commentary Ninety Day fiance commentary. It's very yeah we I watch you guys. Yeah we look forward to you coming back I'll do Seles was comfort but territorial. Well it's not about you. They want me to go. I know them back seventy about their relationship. You have your. You have something that you guys is do together and I feel like I was impeding on that now so watching so I don't have a problem with that understand it. Do we have fun. I think it's about things fun like you know we. We went to the WATERPARK gels. We got things me you got you got. I just less immunity community. Wise like I've been trying to make sure that you know like because we're in such a business anyway like sometimes people don't get to associate with each other sometimes sometimes people on different levels There's a lot of competition I admire you so so so much for that I really do. The the waterpark was absolutely great but it was great for the comics that came out and I was like. Oh she she sent it out to everybody in these these people that you're having some of which I hadn't seen in a long time but we all know each other and then the vibe which is so good so it's like the pupil that you do have in your immediate community and and A little far out then that they came together and same with the Queens County Maize May's my God. That was just so fun and something. I didn't expect but also a true true again your your outreach. Each to people in our community comedy community and pulled out people that I hadn't seen him forever and that are as less active than I. Am more active than I am Different clubs they hang out in but it was just a true pleasure to be in that In that community with those folks. Yeah I want to see more of that like we gotta do our part some you know maybe it just takes a little while they we we we. I think we make a good dual in that. Sense that 'cause sometimes I can suggest something and you're like. Yeah let's do it you so gung Ho like nighttime turn do it now. Let's wait right now. Let's call everybody. Everybody people were asleep. Calmed down we can hold his idea. Put a pig in it But I I really do and I I'm happy to go home for Thanksgiving For my mother but Maybe we can plan something for Christmas for sure eggnog something like like that. My my mother and my aunt still talking about going over your house last year and The food you made and You know risky baby. They were killing at brisket. Homicide came on like Blaine played down my who soon as you leave i. Nika Momma is a beggar pleading got a whole house. Full of food summit has some more. I think this has been a great way to end such a you know. We don't have anywhere to other than here. Era where you can see the podcast. We are hopefully you know going to make it a lot better and have more accessibility. Well you're going to for Halloween that's one our favorite. I'm not celebrating his ear but Well if if if Lulu and I don't break up it was you would stop saying stuff like that. I'm just saying like well. You know how to say it out loud even if you feel like sometimes it's not you know the greatest you don't have to say it out loud to me is like a self fulfilling prophecy when you say stuff like that you know. Sometimes you just like you get into this thing with somebody just like you don't want to. I always say because he says some stuff like that Tuesday. You shouldn't talk bad about it but I'm not talking about about it but I don't WanNa put so much ego behind this relationship to act like you say anything you don't have to say the negative parties. RT's yeah but he also posted that breaking up so he you know he did his instagram. He boasted as as of right now. But we're going as Mario Luigi that is such a exelon costume. So I got my costume came in the mail last week. And there's a couple alterations in definitely some spanks. I'm GONNA have to wear but I mean it looks cute cute outfit brick in the wall. Well you you it was it was towed princess met with the mushroom right. That's made me a miss towed. If I get you a costume will you come with us. I don't know my mind you know. I like Halloween. Let's talk about we could go to. Let's stop by Halloween Spirit. Okay guys but you know. I don't like scary. It's scary I I. I know we'll be fun. I was GONNA put some blood and stuff but I don't like a premium always do my face every year but I don't have to Matt. What are you going as hopper from stranger things? Some young people some stranger things to he's going I'm privileged white man you want. I have. I watched the first season. I just have the body type of what of the character hopper. Ah I I actually liked the first the first season. I don't know where the second season went. The third season got a little. Oh like really pro. Capitalism like Communism's the devils like. Okay why are you getting Paul political with this. It was such a It was such a show about kids and their realization to things Biden or whatever and that's the first season and it was so good and they could have recaptured that well. I'm sorry. I know Transylvania anxious three. We're here PAT. And the delay my premier. I did took a two pitches with two. I cons yes. Yeah Eddie Murphy and ICED. I see absolutely. How did you enjoy your like? What's your little not little? But what's your review on the movie. Sure they go. Oh absolutely see the movie the movie is am. I'm and I and I say this with all sincerity. This is one of the best movies I saw this year. It was I. I feel like Wesley Snipes Mar probably will be nominated nominated for something Eddie was going to going to be nominated for something he was both of them were outstanding and this movie but the movie the the subject marriage movies so inspirational it makes you say to yourself if I'm not I'm not doing it. Then it's it's I I I can do a little bit more. I can work a little more. I can think about it in a different way to make my dream come true and this is the inspiration that comes out of that movie. It was so good and and So so my story about Eddie Murphy. So Tracy Morgan who I let be friends with me So he said you want me daddy and I was like of course absolutely he walks me over there and So Eddie is talking to a group of a gag or white women anytime. It's over three white women's a gaggle so A Gaggle of white women and so I didn't want to interrupt him but he was standing with his cousin and so he was about to walk away but his cousin saw this This introduction from tracing so now it's ask our says is okay and I get a pitcher at. He's like yeah sure so he tells Eddie ready to come back the right so we get into pitcher and he said so So you said it's so how do you know Tracy and I said Well we tour together on his tour and he said Oh. That's cool so you're comedian. I was like yeah. I'm I'm a comedian. Says what's your name he said. I said Pat Brown. He's how that's easy to remember. I was like yeah. It's easy to forget. And he started laughing. So I may Eddie Murphy laughs. Eddie Murphy left Proteus see yeah. What a beautiful story? Yeah so it was great but The movies great I saw Spike Lee was there. I saw Gina Gina Carlo. The guy that from Breaking bad the villain. I forget his first name but he was there. I was so many Star heavy in there but it was just a pleasure to be around comics and people that get it and people in this buyers you to you know as a as a comic that does this thing and you seeing that you know you just gotTa put in the work and also it's just enjoyable to see other people doing this thing at a high level inspires you well. What a blessing I was at the premiere of my house and I got to see to roaches walk across a wall but you saw venue for the four times I have to see three young? Ladies and Gentlemen Edmund Pat Brown you guys have enjoyed her for two episodes. We thank you so much for listening. this episode that. You're listening

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