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Live from NPR News Janine, herbst president trump says he had to act to sign four. Of Actions Providing economic relief after Congress and the White House couldn't come to an agreement on a new pandemic relief bill today trump signed those documents at his golf club in New Jersey bypassing those lawmakers one suspending some employee payroll tax obligation through the end of the year for those earning less than one hundred thousand dollars and he also signed an order on expanded unemployment benefits. I'm taking action to provide an additional. Or an extra four hundred dollars per week. It expanded benefits for hundred dollars. Okay. With states, many of which are out of money because of pandemic spending picking up twenty, five percent of that cost. But unemployed workers were getting six hundred dollars a week under the old plan and Democrats wanted to continue that ultimately the benefits and relief extended by trump's actions. Today are not a long term substitute for Congressional Action Congress will still need to pass legislation to address the funding and legal challenges. Nearly five million corona virus cases have been confirmed in the US as NPR's being wong reports although the of new cases declined this week issues reporting and testing maybe a reason according to NPR analysis the number of new cases reported has declined speak in thirty three states, but two states with the largest declines have been dealing with around reporting testing in California the state health. Department, says, they found a technical problem which means lobs have been under reporting the number of cases to the state. And in Florida preparations, for hurricane, ISA closed down covid nineteen testing sites in several counties for a few days last week. The US currently accounts for around a quarter of the world's nearly twenty million corona virus cases, and around twenty two percent of deaths. Cove nineteen is projected to become the third leading cause of death in the US last year beating out accidents, strokes, and influenza ping pong NPR news hundreds of British. Healthcare workers rallied more than thirty cities across the UK today mets happen hailed as heroes during the pandemic by the government and the public but they're demanding the government give them a raise. Elliott Hanan has more hundreds of mass wearing protesters marched to Downing Street to demand pay. Raises for medical workers in the country's national health. Service last month the British government announced salary increases for doctors but excluded many frontline medical workers like nurses and hospital porters. The Union representing the public sector workers says, their wages have not kept up with inflation since the conservative government imposed austerity measures in two thousand, ten during the pandemic NHS has been enormously popular with the public prime minister. Boris Johnson credited the service with saving his life earlier this year after he contracted the virus and was hospitalized for a week for NPR news I'm Elliot Hanan in London this is NPR. To US special forces, soldiers have been sentenced to twenty years, Venezuela prison for their part in an alleged attempt to overthrow President Nicholas Maduro. For the former Green Berets Lieutenant Denman Aaron Berry said they were barred from the secret of jailhouse proceedings in what they consider a violation of their constitutional rights to a defence. The former green berets had been paraded on. Venezuelan TV by the government as proof of its belief that the US has set on violently overthrowing Madero the West backs opposition leader one Guido. Will lead by the MLS is back tournament in Orlando and confidence of its corona virus protocols. Major league soccer says, it will resume regular season with teams playing in their home cities as Greg Allen reports. The League's twenty six teams will play eighteen games. It'll begin Wednesday when Dallas FC. Nashville, they're the two teams that were sent home from Florida because of their high number of positive tests cove at Nineteen League Commissioner Don Garber knows that the next stage can potentially backfire in the event were not able to manage the return to play in stadiums. In a way that is safe and healthy. Than, we will have to address it at that time. GARBER says fans will be allowed to attend as long as local health agencies in each respective area will dictate whether or not. It's safe for NPR news I'm Gregg Acklin. And I'm Jeanine herbst and you're listening to NPR news.

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