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Arcade1Up Is An 80's Blast From The Past


Addition digital sponsored by h New York's ultimate camera authority retro tech is making a comeback company called arcane. One up has made these building yourself home. Arcade cabinets like you'd find at the arcade back in the day seen as senior editor. Bridget. Carey says there are several models featuring arcade, classics like asteroids. Centipede and street fighter. Two. They include the same classic controls and cabinet artwork. Carey says assembly as easy took her about an hour and a half. The units are twenty five percent smaller than the arcade models crawler. It's made of lightly. Would you need to put it on a riser or if you wanna stand, otherwise, you're to sit at a chair with it for arcade? One up started three hundred dollars this digital. I'm Palmer Dane and for more good WCBS, eight eighty dot com and click on the audio section.

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