Why Genghis Khan's Great-Great Granddaughter Was Just as Badass


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He's also she's shining up the room here because we're once again in the odds studio Where we sit? It's all together Face to face as opposed to US inside the shipping container and him on the outside of the glass looking in and your soul. That is me not say that. Yeah you're probably right then. I didn't say that. Hey since we're all in here together you guys want arousal was doing hi I will Morally support you okay. Well I'm a little under the weather so I don't Wanna I don't WanNa risk putting you any more at risk than you already are fair. Ben that kind of gives you the advantage. You could just pennies into the ground than coughing our faces and that would weaken us further. You know that's something. People are very interested in seeing not them. They won't be able to see. Yeah but they can at least hear it but future of the mind theater of the dirty minds We do want to add. I would add at least that another neat thing about the studio right right now is that we are surrounded by F- Fan Art made by Aaron Cooper also known as Coop Wearing he's taken in our Powell's Josh and Chuck and a couple of times. Let's See Jonathan Strickland Aka the myself actually and He's put us in these weird movie posts scenarios. Yes there we go yes just like the quiz would say You can also see you can see some of his weird fan art if you WANNA check it out well and one of these is it tribute to the late. Great Terry Jones was really sad to hear of his passing Monty Python Legend Director of My my favorite monty python film the Holy Grail of course And that's one of the ones on the wall. There is Chuck as King Arthur. Josh as I believe Sir that Galaxy Galahad leave and then we've got There's Jonathan in the back and that's you right. Yeah that's me You know what we'll we'll just take a picture of this and we'll post it on our favorite facebook's ridiculous historian wouldn't be theater of the mind I know I know but then they wouldn't maybe they wouldn't be hearing. Meanwhile they're looking at the picture. That's a good point. Most theater the guy like that but the reason I bring up the wrassling is because I've got this personal moral code where I I will not allow anyone to take my fair tiny hand in Mirage Unless they can best me in a in a in a wrestling match And it was weird. Because I've had this all you know all my adult life for you thought it was original original. Thought I thought that was just you know. I've got this code. No you're going to stick to it. Then it turns out you know. We would researching this episode on the great great granddaughter of one Django. Con- you may I know him as Genghis Khan but you may know him wrong. My friends for it has Jenga's like Jenga And his great great granddaughter was named Catoon Cartoon What's four of our real quick? Could you pretty close. I think we if he's mashed both of Var pronunciations together. We would end up with the right one because it feels like it should be three syllables. But it's the way we're pronounced it is to. We don't speak Mongolian please. Be Kind But we're going to go with kitchen. Yeah now I think that's smart also known as Shining Moon. That's right. She was the great great granddaughter. Daughter of James Caan as you said and she was believed to have been born around twelve sixty two Kydoo kite who was a grandson of Oga. DICON Khan and a cousin of Kublai Khan unlike Kubla Khan the guy who founded the Yuan Dynasty and assimilated to Chinese culture. Kydoo said we're going to stay true to our roots. We started this game as nomads. Were going out as nomads. Were keeping that lifestyle Gal and this worked for him. By twelve eighty. He was one of the most powerful authorities in the Mongol Empire and he had a an iron I am grip on his Kaanai and the colonnades like the Mongol Empire was divided into these different Konitz or sections of power is Kublai Kublai Khan the same as Kubla Khan by the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem. It's referenced Yeah I love the idea of a stately pleasure Dome Decree Incre- Sunless Sea in Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately leisure Dome decree where Alf the South. I love the idea of a river named Alf. 'cause I can't I can't not think of you know the puppet cat eating alien Alf Yeah we're we're at. The Sacred River ran through caverns measureless. Too many very very beautiful poem by Coleridge there. But we digress. We pulled some Pretty good background around on the Mongol Empire from ancient origins dot net It was quite the Fragmented Empire And the title title of Great Khan was given to Kublai Khan It makes me think of you know the The death Raqi. In a game of thrones clearly the whole idea of the calls was very much pulled from the cons. You know they were Horse Lords and all of that so vote the song of ice and fire the book series. which game of thrones based is at times a beat for beat reimagining of the war of the roses so a lot of a lot of the appeal of George R. Martin's work comes from the fact that it's so so closely based on real life men's you know I I'm just saying he never said no way? I made that up call. Is You know. That's George thing. He's he's acknowledged. Does that take away the creativity of it for you. We're having no. I don't think so no. I think it strengthens the narrative agreed. so yeah we've got Kublai Khan who is the Great Khan but unfortunately that was more or less a ceremonial title. Because he wasn't particularly successful. This was a time of a very petty and fruitless war against these warring clans A lot of infighting. I guess you could call it right. Yeah absolutely Think of the film The highlander when there can only be one in the eyes of a lot of these rulers can only be one great final boss of the Mongol embar one great Khan and it's very king of the hill esque. Everybody wants that position because of this situation. It's okay for these these people. These rulers to be open been enemies Kydoo clearly opposes Kublai Khan and anyone who supports them and this is the this is the rich fertile all dangerous political soil into which could soon is born. She was brought up like her father in that old school nomadic way of life she had fourteen older brothers and as she and her siblings grew up they were taught the traditional feats of the the empire of this culture archery horse riding shooting bow and Arrow from the back of a horse and of course wrestling could soon was very good at all these things and some historians even said that she was the favourite kid because she was also very smart she was tactician partition and the rumor is that her father would bypass or fourteen brothers. And come up to me and say you know okay. Well what do you think. What do you think we should do? We should we ride in on horses. That's what we usually do. We usually do the horse thing and then she would be like. I think that's smart. Let's stick with a horse thing that I really really quickly quickly backtrack her great great grandfather. WHO's not gonNA figure as much into this obviously because that's generations past Jenkins Khan he's known for kind of uniting these warring in clans was a big part of what he did and now that has all kind of fallen by the wayside right and they've become fragmented again which is interesting because he was he led with such an iron. I that he was able to kind of pull a lot of these warring clans together and now they have kind of broken apart again yes for the just for the sense of the Empire here Jang Khan was born in eleven sixty two and he passed away in twelve twenty seven and Catoon was born in twelve sixty so this is after he has passed a but people alive still remember him as the great uniter. What important thing catoon? It's tempting. Maybe to think she was exceptional or You know the word that were around the West as a tomboy but we have to remember that given the nature of the society there was some gender equality. When it came to horsemanship women would ride horses just as well as the dudes and everybody everybody at least had some proficiency with a bow and Arrow? That's right if I'm not mistaken even back in Genesis Day There were female warriors. It was kind kind of A bit of an equal playing field at least on the battlefield As far as gender was concerned. Isn't that right More so than one would see in western Europe. I just remember being kind of amazed by that or surprised by that fact because you think of Gingas. Kahn is being this Iron fisted super macho kind of You know the dictator almost but He really did kind of see. The big picture in terms of everyone has something to contribute at least when it comes to fighting right right. He was there's still a real pill as as it would say in Tennessee but he was a pillow about different things. We also have another famous figure. Who shows up who a little bit closer to the story than than good old Jenga's which is what they probably called him? Good Old Jhangvi. And that is this the dumbest way I thought. Thought of introducing this. I I hope you play along with it. And that character is Marco Polo. You tell because I'm closer to the microfiche out of water is that what does that what happens then. Is that when you get out of the pool and Ashtrays sneak out of the pool. Okay what are the actual rules of Marco Polo so Marco Marco Polo blindfolded into pool. Game Well it depends on how much you trust the Your playmates there. If you don't trust them the wraps around their head but otherwise supposed to keep their eyes closed. They're wandering around the pool. And they go Marco when they say Marco people were hiding from them have to say Polo and then you write us a simple simple as that. I use the ECHO location. Well there's some of the rules. There's fish out of water if they do that. Then the if they catch you getting out of the water than your automatically Marco for that in your stoned unto death basically right. You had a more intense pool culture than I did. We usually just switched sides at that point. Yeah I grew up in a weird Mennonite Colt really. It sounds like you grew up in a fundamentalist sect somewhere in Kandahar and stoning people to death. You know it takes all kinds and Ed's Marco Polo was just the kind of guy for this story. You know he's the famous Venetian traveller. There's lots of stuff about him. That's kind of Embellished say confederated. There's actually a Netflix series about him. That I've heard good things about did you see I did I did I am because of some of the research in fiction Jn do outside of the works of I. I really enjoy studying the story of Eurasia and Central Asian those explorations so pull games aside Marco Polo Actually is the main source That we have main primary source that we have on Catoon because he In his travels encountered her and wrote and was quite taken by her and I believe she actually features pretty prominently into the Netflix series. But he wrote this about her wish we found on ancient origins dot net. He referred to her as quote so well made in all her limbs and and so tall and strongly built that she might almost be taken for a giant tests and that she was so strong that there was no young man in the whole kingdom kingdom. Who could overcome her but she vanquishes them? All this episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by office. Office Depot Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size. I speak to this personally as a college student when I was a business. The size of one Office Depot provides twenty four seven tech. 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She regularly charged headfirst into enemy lines to to make a dash the host of the enemy and sees some man. They're out as deftly as a hawk pounces on a bird and carry them to her father. This is interesting because ause it almost sounds like some kind of brutal bloodthirsty game of fetch. You know what I mean. I'm not saying that she was a dog or trained or anything. But that's interesting that she would just run in snatch someone off a horse and then take him back to dad. How strong do you have to be to do that? Quite right right I would say yeah for sure. That's that's definitely I mean. She was a force to be reckoned with for sure but there was. There was one battle that she was very against. And that was one of the oldest battles of the Human Species Romance Exactly Ryan Mary my now I loved. What do you think about married with children manage you enjoy? It made me uncomfortable as a child did did I. I was afraid I was afraid that if I watched too much of it it would like affect my real life and I might end up like like al or bud working at a shoe store where there's nothing wrong around working at a shoe store now but he it was specifically. He was very entranced by women's feet. There was a lot of weird fetishism in that show. If I'm not mistaken. I think think I was watching it too. Young an age really understand. It was pretty Raunchy like he had to look at a particular magazine before he got amorous with his wife. uh-huh yeah I always thought was really hot. Smoke show. I really thought about what's that actor's name who also does the voice of The character on Futurama trauma with the with the one I Leela Katie Seagal. Yes huge huge crush on Peggy Bundy more so even than Kelly and applegate applegate. Yeah but they were all good actors. They were what happened to the guy who played Bud Non Whole Lot. What was his name David Faustino? That's right wow you you like the show more than I did quite enjoy the show But no KUN did not Lake Mary was she'll drink did not exist. She had like marriage as an institution. Unlike marriage. An institution so she was trying to set herself up for failure. Essentially right she rigged the game. She had that same code owed that I claimed to have had for so long that she would only marry the man who could best her in wrestling which she was known to be an expert at and also How emasculating was that have been at the time right well? How difficult unfair to women or were the marriages ridges of the time? Oh no question about it but what I'm saying is what man would be willing to like. Submit himself to that kind of humiliation. Maybe you know 'cause he's like if he if he wins then he looks like a big jerk who's like quote unquote beating up a girl right and if he loses then he's been defeated by a woman you know and And that would probably not sit well with his reputation will keep in mind too that the idea of marriage for romantic purpose is is is a relatively recent notion. In our species in civilization many of these dudes doubtlessly did not were not particularly attracted. You too could tune you know. They as the ROM COM say. They didn't love her for her marriages. Were these diplomatic deals like any other Any any other geopolitical arrangement. The fathers chose the husband based on how it would unite or divide a tribe. How would help the balance of power and the woman in the marriage has just the one husband? Here's why it stinks to be a woman in these marriages because the men on the other side of the marriage bed have as many wives lives as they want and they also have a Harem of women. They sleep with that. They don't marry so they have like this. POKEMON GOTTA collect them all approach right so they can have their cake and eat it too which is just cartoon initially unfair a women. I completely agree with you. There been so what's the point right. What's the point of marriage as an institution Not only did she not want to be you. You know the shadow of a man I think. Probably part of her saw that inequality in saw that disconnected and was like. I don't want any part of that. I should have have the same choice as any man I should be able to stand on my own. Two feet I can best demand in wrestling. I can fight alongside men on horseback shooting my bows. It was an arrows Why should I allow myself to be the Chattel of some dumb man right so Kydoo says your when you're a woman now girl boom boom? You're really saying your heart out today. Then I always it is is working well so you know just we can't because apparently We can't play actual salts in their entirety but that would make the episodes along too so so yes Kydoo says you're coming of age. I need to marry you off. Catoon and she says look. I know we're both very into our Our culture or nomadic lifestyle and they get that you feel. This is the right moment in my life to get married and that this will help our our clans greater under age. But I don't really want to do it so I will get married on one condition right. I think you can guess what it is. You know we've been talking and by this whole time The condition that she be bested by said man said sewer In combat hand hand to hand Wrestling right so if any man wins then she becomes his wife but what happens if the man loses he doesn't get killed stoned to death. No you're very pro stoning to death man. Have you ever seen happen. It's not pretty Justin Marco Polo Wasn't that bad but it was a tremendous financial blow if they were If they were defeated wrestling they would have to give catoon. June one hundred horses. Is that like the name of their currency or the physical horses yet. A hundred actual horses. Yeah no word. On the quality of the horses versus they had to be stallions or if it was okay for them to be fouls whatever would like Asher. She wouldn't accept like some sickly horses. I don't know that's the thing about one hundred horses at once. She kind of threat them in. If you're unethical the same way that people like will use a roll of twenty dollar bills but the inside is just one dollars ban. You've done this before I have no. I'm a straight shooter in the criminal underworld when it comes to horse-trading at least yeah when it comes over straight which might be legal or not horse-trading a horse racing and betting might be legal in Georgia's that true yeah has nothing to do with anything And isn't it kind of an inherently a little bit of uh it's very problematic enterprise yeah so Back to the historical horses. Let's hop on our historical horses. Here could soon has a lot of people come. Try to wrestler right. Of course she does which is which goes completely against what I thought would happen because again I would think who would who would want to submit themselves to this but I guess they were less concerned about being beaten and they were pretty sure that they would reign supreme almost like a reverse kind of glass slipper situation right right absolutely and this adds up pretty quickly could soon reportedly gains over ten thousand horses from these wrestling matches if you do the math one hundred per loss to ten thousand that means she wrestled and beat more than one hundred dudes? That's legendary man. That's crazy. Wow they're professional wrestlers who haven't beat more than a hundred people that's true that's true. I don't know that there are more than one hundred professional wrestlers flers in the WWe cannon. Surely He thinks Oh God. Have you looked up there wicky in the eighties. They had some well. I mean at one time. Oh Oh at one time. Yeah I don't know I think overall yes and it was the wrong word We discussed that in the last clearly a little foggy and went cannon means. There's a fantastic fantastic line that really Sets the tone for all this. So let's let's she gained ten thousand horses defeated more than one hundred suitors In a book called that she caused a riot About a catoon Hannah jewel described the scene as such the Mongolian ongoing and steps in the geographical steps Were littered with the debris of shattered. Male Egos I liked that imagery And Gosh you can't you can't you can't not root for catoon in this whole situation right. I mean these guys were cocky. They came along along thinking they were just GonNa Walk Away with the The keys to the Kingdom Aka cartoons hand in marriage. Let's not forget she's a princess. This is a big deal to to be her suitor. You would be in line for the throne or you know a very high position of power One one particularly cocky suitor up the ante significantly in bet a thousand horses on one of these wrestling matches and you know tunes parents. Parents supposedly like the guy and we're really hoping that they'd They'd workouts So they actually asked Catoon to please darling daughter throw the match. I can't believe again this also kind of speaks to the relative progressiveness of this culture right like you know. They're allowing this to go down there. They're not just saying no. You've got to marry whoever we say. They have agreed to her Her you know Caveats here I mean maybe she was a bruiser with her parents to this. Is the this the thing right. She listens picture her with her hand. Dan steeples baby. A little finger stapled rather may be Monte burned style going As their parents are telling her all this stuff and then she goes okay. I've listened to your advice taking her counsel so she goes into the ring and then as Marco Polo says she throws him right valiantly on the palace pavement takes the one thousand horses and Kydoo. Here's a little conflicted. Because he's like he's supposed to get married but also horses our money money and we are rolling in the Horse poop today. Like in a good way We have this wealth. We have this status people respect us and eventually he gods the point where he just started saying you know what her fourteen brothers are. Okay but my daughter Catoon deserves to be the next con more than any it dude in Mongolia. He didn't say dude he said man. Of course you know besides I think there's plenty of obvious reasons why tune would not have wanted to be tied down to a man. We talk about that culture of the concubine in the Harem situation and the fact that women who were marry were at that point Sort of sub sub citizens right. They were really just the property of their husbands. She wanted better than that for herself. I think that's clear just from the way she carried herself and you you know how important that warrior lifestyle was to her. So it's entirely possible. That was the main reason why she didn't want to marry also some speculation that she could've been gay and that was something that was not acceptable and that she would not have been able to openly discuss So she you know created this whole situation situation with the wrestling so that she would never have to be married but My money is on. Just her being strong willed individualistic human person. Then who did not want to give all that up because of course with marriage comes you know babies and pregnancy and A pregnant woman isn't going to be able to You know leap into battle right. That's that's not something that will be on the table and then she'll be fussed over and she didn't want to be fussed over. She wanted to be completely independent. Ever been knocked down. You know suffered a setback. Fired left out it happens. It happens happened Mike. Bloomberg middle class kid worked his way through college. Got A job started a family boom fired at thirty nine. What did Mike do or a lot of us do? We've got backup dove back in. He had an idea design a new computer able to quench data and process information in a unique way he built it he sold it. He built Bill Moore. He sold more. He built a team he built a company created. Twenty thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael Douglas. I've played the president and movies. This is real world. This is our World Mike Bloomberg has what it takes to win tonight. The country find some common ground between Democrats Macbeth. Republicans and lead the way a leadership might get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president so there are a couple of rumors here now. We're leaving the sunny. Well lit land of historical fact act and we're entering The overcast region of historical speculation. There are differing accounts of why could could tune was not into the idea of marriage and some of them involve the idea of romantic relationships with family members. There's one rumor says that she was in love with one of her first cousins and she was unable to marry this individual. The thing about that. Is You know a AH romantic relationship with first cousin. At that time throughout the world would not be particularly unusual so there would have been some other intervening reason agreed more about that one on History Collection Dot Co.. There's also this is like the Mongol Empire version of TMZ level news please. He's treated as such We found this article on all. That's interesting dot com. That says she decided to get married. Because rumors were spreading that she was having and incestuous affair with her own father and that she chose to marry a man without wrestling him because she wanted to save her father's reputation reputation. Yeah that's a lot That's where you know the the duty and honor and obligation stuff kicks into high gear another historian of Rashad Alden says that it's it's a little bit more of a happy ending that she did actually finally fall in romantic. I love and married a ruler. A ruler in the Mongol Empire based in Persia named Gazon. These I. I don't know man. The last one we we heard was that she married a prisoner who tried and failed to kill her father. I mean I guess she maybe would have respected the The audacity canal and the plucky missile at all right She seems like it has a very interesting code. Let the wedding dinner so weird. Really Awkward Really Awkward. Tried tried and failed like you. You you know you pass the plate of meat or whatever to your father in law and he's like Ju poison it and you go i. Ah That's funny bed bus job. Oh busting your horse jobs but again. She's such a unique person with such a individualistic perspective. I could see how yes you would respect somebody who would have the again the audacity to go after her father. She has scruples aplenty. Not The currency exactly. We do know that eventually she did. She did get marriage to take a husband but she was never defeated as a wrestler Then that was universally acknowledged throughout the lands when catoon is in her early forties. Her father's ailing Kydoo is dying his surrounded by his children. His multiple wives lives on his literal deathbed. He says I regret never appointing Catoon as the leader of our clan. She's not it just the strongest But she's also very well respected by the soldiers. She is by far and away streets ahead the best leader. You're we could have had and that's on me. Why didn't he do it then he could have done? It couldn't have done that with his dying. Breath appointed her con- well. It would've been breaking Mongolian traditions to name her I have a female con And everybody is aware of of his personal beliefs but they're also aware of the traditional stuff. This point you know. She's forty one years old. She's got years of experience People in the army really really respect her and they're also kind of terrified of her because again she can ride a horse into battle literally snatched someone off the Horse just like a hawk picking coming up a little rodent and then bring it back wherever she pleases. She is a be a but Despite her father's wishes she's not allowed to be Akon because her fourteen brothers that we mentioned put a lot of pressure. Oh Yeah I- effort with a fourteen brothers. They wouldn't have that. This feels like a real life fairy tale. There's a weird test to marry the princess. There's an egregious number of siblings that's right And so there's even some speculation that in her brothers had planned to have her killed because the rules of the WHO ascends to be the Great Khan Do not revolve entirely around gender or around the lineage You know age rather There specifically about who's the strongest. So they knew that she was the strongest and they were worried that she would would overtake them And therefore supposedly you know patch some kind of plot to have her killed but that's not really proven it's just something that we've seen floating around here and there there. Oh yeah the idea that. Maybe they had her killed or poisoned corrects. And a lot of this is is attributed to the fact that when Kublai Khan took over control of of the empire he actually used a lot of the stories of Continue as propaganda. They were much exaggerated and kind of twisted to serve his purposes. And it wasn't until we started seeing those Marco Polo accounts Come up the people really started to hear the Truth About Catoon Gene Story and you might say what a what a neat fascinating story. Thanks so much better knowing Casey for For Clue me in but we have one and last twist for you This might surprise some people. It might be Well known fact to some of our fellow listeners. Already but the story of Catoon and Maybe a family story that is personal to you and you didn't know it because you see catoon was far from being the only descendant of Jangle con in fact y chromosome data and research. That came out a number of years ago. I think Proves that about point. Five percent of the male population relation of the world is somehow descended from John. GASCON Jhangvi was busy. Boy I mean you know it's it's interesting though when you think of it like even for the three of us in this room this might be a family story for one of us. I'll wait wait not you because we know your DNA that's right you're your Scandinavia. Pretty exclusively Scandinavian. Yeah that's right which is pretty cool right sparkly eyes sparkling ice got M- read my redness sadness in my beard and all that stuff I'm cool with it was just a little underwhelming. I guess you know MY ANCESTRY DOT COM results. You wanted to twist. I wanted to twist you what it's like an unmarked helicopter land in your backyard and some guy get out of the helicopter come up and say come with us. You are the chosen. I was kind of hoping twenty. The three of me only exist to find to find me. Exactly a here's the child. I still have. I still have not taken any data eight. I know you guys are to do so I don't know why I don't care. I guess it has no sense of self preservation Lou. People like to learn about themselves mixture. Sure Casey did you ever take a DNA test. I have not no. I'm still entertaining the fantasy of DNA not ending up in a database somewhere else fantasy. Yeah that's a good word. Nice story Thank you so much to everyone for tuning in thanks of course to Gabe. Thanks thanks to Christopher. I feel like we're almost on a first name basis now as an audience with these guys Of course Alex composed our bang and track the big time. Thanks to Alex Thanks to Eve's checkout her show this day in history class and You know slight. Thanks thanks to Jonathan strict on the. DVD's you check him out in his human form on a show called tech stuff That exists out there in the world as well as when he materializes in in our studio to wreak havoc on our mental health. I feel like we knew so this troop before he hops in so real quick where facebook were an instagram. We're on twitter We we may or may not push the picture from this studio on our facebook page as the honest. We're not going to. I might have you are you Casey. Wow how is it real cold fine all right well. We're going to do it anyway. Forward to the future of fitness on ridiculous historians you can also find us as individuals vigils on the social media. Yeah you can find exquisitely on instagram. I am at how. Now Noah Brown I add at Ben Bullen on Instagram Stay tuned of going to do some weird crazy things and I am Ben Bullet on twitter where you can see my overwhelmingly positive opinion of people's pets. We'll see an excellent for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by office. Depot Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and and they have a wide range of services they can provide twenty four seven tech support. Print your marketing materials and even help you design your office with variety of furniture solutions. They also we'll have all the supplies. 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