Which bridges need to be fixed first?


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So the next time a g. m. e. situation presents itself you're ready to play visit dummies dot com slash marketplace to grab your copy and get started on your investment journey today. You know a bridge that you want fixed. But how do you prioritize a whole country. I'm david brancaccio. Let's update the closely. Watched vote for or against a union at an amazon warehouse in alabama. The news agency. Reuters is reporting that roughly five hundred ballots admitted may well have been challenged marketplaces or abuses monitoring this. When it comes to organize. This is a really important election. Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the country and this alabama facility could become the online retailers. I organize workplace in the united states. The national labor relations board and el arbi has more than a thousand ballots left to count and the retail wholesale and department store. Union is asking the nlrb to look at amazon's conduct during the election conduct. In what way well. There claims amazon held mandatory meetings to discourage workers from voting for unionization and that it improperly pushed the us postal service to install a mailbox at the facility amazon has said the mailbox was installed to make voting easy. The challenged ballots are being examined for tampering eligibility and other issues. The vote counting is such a resume today. Any idea where things stand with only about half the votes counted. It's still too early to determine what may happen. It's the same as watching any other election results. Come in you can talk all about what the early returns mean. but it isn't over until every vote is counted. Erica thank you as we over the last week. Let's rest on a call. Let's call it a disconnect or a paradox. The surprisingly strong hiring report from one week ago covering march versus this week's numbers on people drawing unemployment when you factor in the expanded pool of people eligible for unemployment benefits during pandemic this includes part timers self employed people in gig economy workers. The number is stubbornly high on fridays. We check in. With christopher lowe the chief economist. Fhm financial in new york. When you add all the numbers up there are still seventeen. And a half million people receiving unemployment benefit and just to put that into perspective at the peak of the great recession back in two thousand nine. The top number receiving benefits was seven million so more than twice that still collecting unemployment. So last friday's strong seeming employment report. We shouldn't get too carried away. Well that's right and it's really important to understand the employment report doesn't capture everybody. It misses particularly people who were working in the lowest paid industries because many of those are in fact falling under the self employment or part-time categories. And it's clear there are millions and millions of people still out of work until we can fully reopen the economy. We need to worry about that. They need to be taken care of curse low chief economist. Fhm financial thank you so much. Thank you david. The new york. London air route is one of the busiest in the world and with vaccinations well underway. Many americans might be thinking about vacations over there but the british government today said not so fast my marketplace colleague. The bbc's victoria. Craig has more from london. May seventeenth is the earliest possible date. International travel will resume here in britain but even if travelers are allowed in and out a number of restrictions will still remain in place. I a traffic light system will categorize countries based on risk but an official list hasn't yet been released second all passengers. Even in green listed nations will be required to take a pcr corona virus test before they travel and once they arrive. Those costs as much as one hundred sixty dollars each in. It's a price tag. The travel industry says is too high. Here's johan lundgren. The boss of british discount carrier. Easyjet the consequences. Of course that this outs cost and it risks reverse the clock. We're flying as being for wealthy people who just can afford to paint this to that. Uk transport secretary grant shop says he wants to lower the cost and has vowed to work with private companies who make the tests to make them more affordable if they don't he threatened to drop them from britain's recommended supplier list in london. I'm the bbc's victoria craig. For marketplace this marketplace podcast is supported by spoke yo fortune five hundred executives and top leaders use boko to supercharge their personal and professional lives with big data now marketplace listeners can to find insights on people that traditional search engines. Can't give you develop new business. Socialize smarter and research. New contacts with data driven decision making visit spoke yo dot com slash podcast to get over thirty five percent off of the premium. People incites sweet up your game with big data up your game with spoke. Oh we have. Seen the biden. administration's infrastructure plan and the sales campaign has begun. There's so much there. Including hardening and greening the energy grid and the plan calls for fixing twenty thousand miles of roads and ten thousand bridges. President biden said last week list include the ten most economically significant bridges in the country in need of reconstruction. Now you may have some guesses on this but so far. The crucial bridges have not been named marketplace's matt levin has been poking around when president biden made his big speech last week in pittsburgh he meet this top ten list. Sound pretty urgent. Ten was economically significant bridge with more commerce. Going to cross that need to be replaced so Which are the ten bridges. I should avoid. I would it be hard pressed to find temperatures. I would have probably fifty one hundred finalists right. Oh perfect marie lehmann with the american society of civil engineers. According to their infrastructure report card about forty six thousand bridges across the country are in bad shape. They're part of a national traffic jam. The cost the us tens of billions in lost productivity each year but the bridge is most likely to make the list the most poor condition the most amount of traffic the heaviest truck volumes on it. And then it's critical for interstate traffic if you're listening in southwest ohio or northern kentucky and tuned into the local news lately you're probably nodding your head eagerly right. Now you normally take the brent spence bridge to get to work you have to find an alternate route starting tonight half of the lanes. We'll be closed both top and bottom good times. The brent spence bridge spans the ohio river connecting kentucky and cincinnati. It was declared functionally obsolete in the nineties. Paul lewis with the center for transportation in washington. Dc think-tank he says. The brent spence occupies a special place among the constituents of senate minority leader mitch mcconnell just like the bad bridges on i ninety five in pennsylvania matter a lot democratic senator bob casey's voters perhaps that's why they didn't name which of the ten bridges are are actually going in there because it's not just a decision making process from a need standpoint but there's also a political component to that includes environmental politics. The president also wants to go big on electric vehicles again re leeman with the american society of civil engineers or we get into electric vehicles and storage. They're heavier if you do that on the truck. It's a lot heavier. So you gotta think about all those things as you move forward because when you build a bridge you wanted to be there. Fifty to one hundred years you can add something called flash to concrete to make it stronger in withstand all those e v trucks the only problem flashes a byproduct of burning coal. Good times in sacramento. I'm matt levin for marketplace are executive producers nicole childers or digital producers. Alex schroeder engineers. Brian allison and jc bold. It's the morning report from apm american public media.

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