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This is mornings with Gail. Fueled BY GREAT WESTERN PETROLEUM. Only thirteen ten. Kfi rethinking the conversation talking about that. A so called rogue Republican This is representative Massey out of Kentucky and this rather antiquated Voice vote okay. Fine steeped in tradition. I get it But worry on both sides of the aisle that basically he could dig deep six the passage of this two trillion dollar corona virus stimulus package Because we're talking about that This verbal exercise. Okay in which those in favor shout. Yay and those opposed Holler. Nee and the loudest side would prevail when he must have a really big mouth if he could beat the rest of thinking about that but as John pointed out via text this morning At three one nine nine six well. Nancy Pelosi is going to hear what Nancy Pelosi wants to hear. Seven eight now thirteen ten. Kfi K. but again it goes to the question if there's just one single solitary vote. Then how can that blow the whole thing up? I mean this on the heels of stunningly horrific job claims numbers unemployment numbers for those job. Claims your we talked about this at a great length yesterday as a jobless claims Well hit record numbers yesterday. Labor Department reporting search to three point. Two eight million shattering The great recession peak of six hundred. Sixty five thousand in March of two thousand nine the all-time mark Of Six hundred ninety five thousand in October one thousand nine hundred eighty two. I thought that all time mark was Way Back when nineteen thirty three if I'm not mistaken When the claims were then seven hundred thousand but well I suppose I will defer well no now now it's CNBC. Now I'M GONNA go with my number but think about this so as they continue to quibble over the stimulus bill. Americans continue to suffer nearly three point. Three million jobless claims filed crossed the country K. over forty five thousand Colorado and filed for unemployment. In the first three days of this week it increased by over seventeen thousand claims from the prior. Week This according to the US Department of Labor and a piece by Derek Draper one out of the center square according to the data Nineteen thousand four hundred twenty nine Colorado ins filed for unemployment in the week that ended march twenty first up from two thousand three hundred and twenty one thousand and the prior week. Think about the numbers okay. And meanwhile it's politics as usual and that absolutely infuriates me. How about you nine? Seven zero three three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten mornings with Gail live local. Fueled by Great Western Petroleum. So you have Representative Ken Bacha. Talked about this. A little bit before the top of the hour pulled this out of Colorado politics piece by Michael Karlic representative Buck wrote of the Senate passed measure. Yeah and there's a whole not a whole lot not to like about it particularly when you kind of get into the weeds a bit and look at the look at the fact that when it comes to unemployment benefits could be argued in many cases that is APP. It's actually subsidizing people to stay home. They'll make more on unemployment than they did for example In their job that thanks to Kovic nineteen is No LONGER IN EXISTENCE. Something to think about but again. I look at the overarching. Good in the hopes that there is a return to normalcy. Sooner rather than later you know president trump talking about the fact Let's see where where are we now? Day Twelve of the fifteen day Social distancing slow the spread flattening the curve. Day Fifteen I believe is Monday so would not be an effect on Tuesday. Of course president trump Saying yeah he wants to put the country back to work by Easter and Dr Anthony fouts. He's saying well. You might want slow your Easter Egg roll. They're just a little bit because I thought he made a very very good point. The government doesn't determine when we lift all of these. Stay at home orders. All of this social distancing when we can get back to some semblance of normalcy no covert nineteen and the spread thereof determines when we can get back to work that meanwhile back saying to Colorado politics the Corona Virus Response Package has special carve outs seventy five million for public broadcasting fifty million for museums and libraries. That's one hundred. Twenty five million dollars for pet projects and set for struggling families and businesses dams are again exploiting a crisis to fund their liberal wishlist. He also said that. The twenty five million dollars for the Kennedy Center for the performing hearts had no place who could disagree with that and if the Kennedy Center for the Performing Heart Arts had any heart had any morals had any values whatsoever they would say no. Thanks thanks but no thanks. Why don't we give that much? Yeah like that's going to happen right. Buck went on to describe a requirement that businesses receiving loans remain neutral in any union organizing efforts as a special carve out For Union bosses. Now after the Senate struggled over the weekend to reach consensus Democrats authored their own proposal. Funny I thought it was Nancy Pelosi and that earned a rather well strident rebuke from lambourn. He wrote seems like the Democrats. See an opportunity in this crisis. Well never ever ever let a good crisis. Go Away Stride. They're not here to help the American people but to hold an emergency relief bill hostage until they get their radical wis list that radical component features he included included fifteen dollar minimum wage. Same Day voter registration and expanded collective bargaining rights. Yeah no shortage of pork here. We are in unprecedented times and not suggesting far. Be It for me that you settle for what's going on in Congress but here's the question with millions of Americans out of work and who knows how long this is going to continue. Do we have any other choice? Nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six while all sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Missing Sports on K. F. K. Enjoy some instant classics with K classics every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten. Kfi K. And Thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM so. The House expected to vote on that two point two trillion dollar corona virus Stimulus package and well one rove Republican Representative Masi Out of Kentucky. Take it down in flames seven. Twenty-three now thirteen ten. Kfi k. a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com mornings Kale fueled by Great Western Petroleum. All right so let's look at the glass half full view work through this bill and I'm sure you have far better things to do these days because it's hundreds of pages but in the middle of the bills hundreds of pages you'll find the details regarding exactly who can expect to receive money if this This I don't even know how to refer to this because I'm so angry at the Congress for stopping at full of things that don't even belong there so if this debacle I would say on one hand of a bill passes but it's also much needed assistance to millions of Americans who are suffering. So let's breakdown. But I digress. Let's break down what you can expect to receive and how much you can expect to receive if indeed this bill passes. I Dunno if you're making a bad on this. What's the over under that? This bill will pass nine seven three five three three eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six all right. So let's start here who is eligible while the bill does make clear that everybody is eligible except for non resident aliens and those who can be used as the basis for deducted for deductions for another person. Senate Finance Committee chairman. Chuck Grassley said Seniors Veterans. The UNEMPLOYED AND LOW INCOME AMERICANS WOULD BE ELIGIBLE TO THE BILL. Taxed indicates that those who received social security can collect checks for those that required to file twenty eighteen or twenty nine hundred tax returns because social security benefits tax returns aren't required aren't required to claim the money. The government can use information from a form essay. Ten Ninety nine social security benefits statement or form are are be ten ninety nine so security equivalent benefit statement with that in mind and you probably already know these numbers but let's run through. How much can you expect to receive if you file your taxes as an individual? You're eligible for payments up to twelve hundred dollars but that decreases for folks who earn more than seventy five thousand dollars a year. The bill says that the payment is reduced by five percent of every dollar above that mark or fifty dollars for every one thousand dollars over seventy five thousand dollars breakout the abacus. What that ultimately means is that for people who make more than seventy five thousand dollars. The payment is less the higher. Their earnings are with it. Being reduced to zero for those who make ninety nine thousand dollars or more couples who file a joint return are eligible for a payment of up to twenty four hundred dollars plus an additional five hundred dollars per child however that amount decreases for couples who earn more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year at the same rate of five percent of every dollar above that mark that translates to less money. The more you make without being reduced to zero for joint filers without kids who earn more than one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars. What about heads of households if you file as a head of household you're eligible for payments of up to twelve hundred dollars but that amount once again is increased by five hundred dollars per child that amount is reduced for people who earn more than one hundred twelve thousand dollars a year and the extent to which is decrease. Of course Depends upon how many children you might have. Our income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nine thousand nine. Don't quote me on this but I think and I have it on fairly good authority because this question. You're probably wondering. Is it grocer just that? I believe it's adjusted income but I'll have to verify that for you. Income is based on people's tax filings for twenty nineteen. But they haven't filed for that year. Then they're filing for twenty. Eighteen actually applies so when and how will the payments be made payments? According to the bill will be made as rapidly as possible. I'm hearing as early as April but all they've got a lot of wiggle room there because once again according to this Bill that spans hundreds of pages. Now they get themselves out yes. The payments will be made as rapidly as possible and no later than December thirty. First of twenty twenty. Too late they will be made via direct deposit to an account that you have authorized for tax refunds or federal payments on or after January. First Twenty. Eighteen notice will be sent to your last known address within fifteen days of payment informing you of the method and the amount of payment a phone number will also be provided so people can call the IRS. In the event you did not receive your stimulus bucks so there you have it the breakdown. Seven twenty nine now. Thirteen ten K F K. A thirteen ten KFI K. A. DOT COM coming up Keith Whiteman Presidential Wealth Management with some tips on what to do if your 401k is down and it well could be. We'll check in with Keith. Wineman presidential wealth management Just about five minutes from now. Thirteen ten K. K. Preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Catch me Dan Patrick. And the DANETTES weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten K F K. Isn't that incredible? How life has changed so tremendously over the past twelve days thing about it. I mean how we're looking at. Stay at home orders worth thinking about. Well what are we going to do to occupy ourselves? Our kids are home distance learning. How are you holding up seriously? Nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text at three one nine nine six. All right Kim crosses piece wanted to get your thoughts on this as well Japanese CDs. I pulled this out of Cbs Denver Channel. Four Dylan. Thomas Corona virus in Colorado this as health officials. Prepare the LARIMER fairgrounds for use as a temporary hospital just in case. Just planning being proactive in their planning procedures. Here's what Dylan. Thomas wrote in an effort to further protect residents in northern Colorado from the spread of cove nineteen health experts and larimer. County are prepared. They're prepared to house sick people at either the Budweiser Events Center or the surrounding facilities on the ranch property. Can you believe we're having these conversations county director of Emergency Management? Laurie Hodges told. Cbs Four is the Dylan Thomas. That one hundred sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population. Who Need to quarantine SCUZ- back to our conversation yesterday far-reaching conversation. You can find it Up On our podcast. Thirteen K of K. A. DOT COM. Just noodle around. You'll find it our conversation With a Greeley Mayor John Gates because it struck me as we were talking about his support that we in Greeley needed to do our parts and Justin adapt and follow governor. Polish says. Stay at home order but it struck me. Well it's a stay at home order. But what about those? That don't have a home and the homeless population throughout. Colorado has been identified as well one of the most critically vulnerable dacoven. Nineteen so again hundred. Sixty beds have been established on the ranch property to house those in the homeless population who need to quarantine. Hodges said the county prepared for time such as covered nineteen Previously and now it was time to move forward with establishing beds for the. Ill Hodges said our job is to always look forward a few steps ahead. We have community spreads so at this point we are looking at the next phase. Your thoughts nine seven three five three thirteen ten eight seven seven three five three thirteen ten and remember this too shall pass best. Unc BEARS TARGET GAME COVERAGE. Lives on thirteen ten. Kfi Thirteen Ten K am thirteen ten KFI KIA DOT com. Sam fifty-seven All sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten. Kfi Hey it's always your turn to comment text KFI K. Eight two three one nine nine six to get involved in the conversation mornings with Gail continues now. Thirteen ten KFI K. C. I put it out into the universe. I was just talking to my husband last night. I went out Thomasson. Snowmass village is doing and here. You Are Thomas Good Morning. That's so sweet of you to think of me initially so Hey Listen you. You've been asking questions about how people are coping with this whole thing and I mean I feel Kinda blessed because I'm a retired school teacher have a pension and I'm kind of enjoying being Being at home and getting things done getting things organized. But I gotTa tell you know. I want your listeners. To to pay attention to this you got to reach out to those who are really struggling right now and get ahead of the curve. Just think a stick a people who Don't have the means you know to to cope with this hairdressers. People people who have a private businesses that are struggling right now? Thomas along those lines. I actually texted my hairdresser yesterday. And said how are you doing now? Yeah because and and who who gives a rat's Patootie on my hair is going to look a month from now I mean. It doesn't matter but also there's elderly people that data are just waiting to hear from you and just write a letter. How what's your last time? You actually sat down and wrote a handwritten letter. Send it to somebody an elderly person. Because they're just they're just they would love to hear from Gold School and let's all take care of one another Thomas snowmass village so great to hear from you be well. Abc News than local news. Coming your way in just a few were also going to check in with Troy Coverdale at eight. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi Greeley Loveland Longmont. It's eight o'clock thirteen ten K. K. Preps RADIO IS NORTHERN. Colorado's home for the past high school coverage.

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