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Welcome to the joys of binge raiding the show for anyone who got to the great book and wanted to read the Nixon stolen. We interview successful series authors and recommend the beast, mystery suspense, historical and romance series. So you'll never be without a book. You can't put down. You find the show notes a free book and lots more information at the joys of binge reading dot com. And now is show. Show any grants. Joe time-line fiction. Always finds Herpin. Heartbreak I- resort. She sees of being inspired by people who overcame adversity to pursue the dreams. It's up and lily learn to Erie early in her own line. Hi, I'm your host Ginny. La and today Lilly talks about how she got started and rising and goods listed as a great opportunity to inter a draw for a signed paperback caught the book the island villa? It's a dramatic tale of true sisters living in a time of fearing betrayal in a villa with walls whisper secrets guaranteed they say to appeal to fans of Kristin Hannah and Victoria has lock you can enter the draw on genie's author Facebook page at JD wheel dot birds. Just search on that or food the show nuts CPA side on the website. The joys have been reading dot com. We will also filed looks to lease books and we've site get to increase in by the end of this paper twenty eight to be in with a chance of winning this fascinating paperback. But now he is lily Hallard have Lilly and welcome to the shar. It's great to have you with. Us service janey sign up to be have now. Okay. S a good storyteller to start at the beginning with the west gonna chime moment. And I wondered if you they was such moment when it was like an opinion, you thought you wanted to write fiction in your life would not be fulfilled. Least you actually manage to do that. And it's so was the catalyst for it quite think, it's quite a strange thing. A very young age. I just suited found in love with books. Head this line in the para secret way, main character. Valerie, she sold fools into the the arms of books away. Some people do with men, and that was that was the story for me. I was always this Rita. And I I didn't win if I made this secret patches myself one day that Sunday, I'll be do this. And I like to think about nine years old faces Ray tried to write something, and it was so bullying, and I was really really diff- stages, and the, you know, you just can't get something right and everything tried for many many years after was just fell socialites of where one to to the clank the books that I've been reading the stories that I have. This choir thing, you need. It said one day, you will rush and. Eventually I grew up in. I at a study journalism. I did that in an wiz rossing of kind. I think it was twenty SR rotting Donal, but it was always quiet than you do yourself, and they might base friend used to own mice, Miami, -tario quite Condie. She went as she told me about the Amazon KP program, and she'd been reading so much of it. And she said look at think, you should just do this. She you can finish one of these books that you've got going and doing an hour today that was not catching this moment. Because this this project that I could do, and I even this cool that co that the nitty in front and so. As faced by day each year at the time, and I took any tie year. Right. December is ageism. Thomas Cole invincible from. And it was just I sort of written it about eight years before that it was disagree really needed another break and assisted to end urine was just such a great moment in refinish them. I didn't actually a blade that went to Amazon quiz. It's still needed work and at got the bag at reverse in the bag, and I really wanted to do this the sort of self editing things for myself Cyrus another story and by the end of that year, we loaded and that became the Cornish Christmas at the time was cool. The call a wizened event, and I really enjoyed that prices research fan, and I was very very fortunate to do it because my m. Mile. Oh, my friends were in, gene. And the media. So one of my designed the cover baseman that. I was speaking about is. It is also food Schnitt that it was quietly. I wouldn't say it's the most polished in that that could have happened because we weren't you know, in the hatchet will. But it was a pretty good fished because I had fish designer you of an absolute thing. So it was it was a lot of fan. But Janet, then you know, this phone call telling me that they such thing is kindle direct publishing that was this catalyst. But I never expected. The holy grams thing to happen and to become my career. So that those folks were under your pin dime of lily Graham with it. Yes, there is to it was at the time. It was cold and invincible semi which was released the fine Nate and innovative of to twenty fourteen was the postcard Ed what into the happening is absolute. Of. Got in touch with with my punishes at the moment and hits into a harbour move. What happens? Head contacted me in seen through the food manuscript, and yeah, then I was offered it in three book deals. Those two books would republish the need and the Nevada was tuned into food legs novel. And yeah, then I finished a foodie new book by the end of twenty sixty with them. Now, you've trusted interesting genres sought for your work. Sudenly later books. They sweet romance shot through with a real seats of Lawson DACA themes, with us v two books all side. Do they have the dockside as well? Yeah. Yeah. Effaced three books that are right. Where we. Commercial women's fiction. So in the UK, they sort of have its holiday themes. So. When you find a lot of books with Christmas in the Steiner spring ads, someway, but I've always loved drama and speaking about. The human emotions tragedies. But exploring all these deeper doc seems inquirer. Hopefully, it always comes out on Helga. So there's few Whistler. Kind of John rebound cited that was about his dog 'cause I was allowed to go. And I didn't have a discussion with my my editon end. So the later books now, so the island Venda end para secret on unusual that they moved historical fiction. Yes. And that's the costs are now going down. So I'm I'm very happy to switch John. And I'm very happy that my readers have been so amazing and have come along for the ride. Great. So it's funny because they kind of divide in the seatings as well because the area books there is that thing about the Karzi Cornish thing. And I realized I started to look that this quite a sub-genre of Cornish romance. I wondered if there was some particular attraction about code will. It wasn't delivered. I mean, I have since seen that this other books. David. But thank you need to come into understand it beautiful. It's coral is just the patient just object by live as just so far. So we've publishes in being in London and events that I each around workers pisses my husband. It's just too far away to be human hours on the train. But it is just this magical place, and it's so wild, and you really get the sense of magic unit. Anything can happen. And. It's just a wonderful place to be and every time ago did new ideas, I think it comes from death. Ni d'amour a her Rebecca and seen as you go that you you really feel this this intense, miss fear. That she described who books, and maybe something back that that I've tapped into would try to tap into the huge shed more. And so you were living in England by the state for raiders joined no you did originally and start set for was this writing journey. You were already based in England that trial the fish defense book yet she via times published book achier, so the Facebooks would have come through. And I was living here and had traveled to crack quite extensively. So the you know, it's based on everybody's been such a negative. You know, watching told on cold Hermelin. Things. Fit. My. Is the second novel yet? And but you said you'll see any more in cold who. Now, this something that's in the past. I know innocent. She why buddy will the next time writing at the moment is given which is the county next. And in the funding would be back in cone will. Yeah, I think it is a lot. There's a big history of UK writers writing about his it's always lax question in they so much to it yet almost becomes deadly sort of Sekine character. Yes. You can you can you know, 'cause he 'cause you remains or you have it diva DACA gercy in his lot of stories down his, well, it's just it's a good playground. I think you're sitting now the bull research folks, as you've mentioned safe in Paris and on the Spanish island of fooling foaming terra. It's did you find that you have slightly different readerships for those from the corners Wednesay, you mentioned earlier that you felt grateful to your readers football news. They came across quite heavily with change in trying to that. Yes. I think like you said my books will probably package as these commercial levels at the haunt another them inside from the Christmas story with who we are an entirely different beast of medico, but until mass. Books would very much along this thing. And I just hadn't read it on myself to to properly go down to medical. So another didn't we're very surprise you kids. I mean, even my face novel. I mean, it's it's about women who uses her paw at Fiji has been on the day, married. He gives kill. It's it's not as lighthearted as you're mean said, yeah, I don't think it was an absolute shock foot that I was nigger down this laundry. But that I'm glad that they were happy to come with ends. Yes. Assad rising winner is of anyone that he to vide- five. Now says you start maturing. And you know, I'm happy that they are going along, which is great Mexi one with this something that you're on experienced its lead you to this world view that to be aware of the sound for the clouds will vice versa too, intense apparent clouds, even sunshine. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think in some ways it's growing up in southern for pets, definitely. United such troubled, but peaceful country, and you do nine to eleven different rain. You have a different outlook on life. And just because there's a lot of crime is a lot of lot of things Dave to get through. And information personal exchanges. Disability. That it managed on will. And so I think yes that sort of thing as well. The does in some way help influencing what you write about United. These always a little bit of of doctors because I do believe that we face adversities and things like that it makes us stronger. And I think the one thing on has toured new five is have the to Rengo denied drains because it's not that this is the worst thing that can happen. But it's just I will not what you know. What I mean? It's it's because. I don't know if it's people don't expect much from you. I'm not been high schooler people who would always congratulate you just for showing up. You spatial because you ain't today. Yeah. I came. Let's rate. So you think I hit this to to to be a little bit more than that end. Yes. You start reading often things team what you can accomplish. In is learning how to do things differently with on time as she put on a watch strength. Will if those things I just translates into at what else could you make having Martine impossible. Let one of those I really wanted to with from high end. So into town Brighton. In those absence. You keep having different goals in dreams and exploited Vokes. So the time is somebody's doing something different. So to act do you mind me asking just in a very practical way? Do you use a keyboard? Have you do taught with one hand or it just seems remarkably brave to choose a job where you need a keyboard? When you live in with that particular challenge. I know my agent auspey. This is you know, what H A D ado ado us. Keyboard m maybe if Iraq I think any sort of millennial if I ride with a bed, just Chris. The. I was a hard thing to point. But racking is. Often take long as it takes the I wanna foster office. But it's it's you know. No, no. Yes. I talked quite quickly take breaks. Yeah. Extra hand, maybe making a bit faucet. At Todd is FOX's I think as it is. So I I would be impressed. You know? You know, my dad is two hands unite. He watches means how do you do? You extra vintage should be available. So that helps explain a lot about the end allying story of the island village, for example. And I don't want to put any spoilers the people who haven't read it. But it is about a giant has to leads his wife a poignant league ac-. Now, I've got a sister nor her loss to husband coming out for years ago. But it still has a very sad journey for her to walk. And as I was reading I was thinking, you know, Julie would love this folk, I'm I'm going to recommend trip because I think she really feel it would really help to to feel what other people share with a wondered if you've got that. So back from brave people that helps them in a strangely comforting way to read a story like that. Yes. I I haven't are being criticized for that. Not just this book. I think I really felt that was my aching win. Cornish Christmas, which? It's about a woman who struggling after the day of a mother, and I had so many women zika right into needed. Tommy that thank just lost in others and head gone through something like this. And I that story was very much inspired by an plan and hit a stage for breast cancer. And I was terrified back using high end. I think that's one of the things that writing allows you to flow, your worst fears, and what you hope would you wish you would happen. If that had to come out and the advent was very much during that sort of story, and I had a head of who had lost her husband. She's become quantity friend and Chaim are quite worried about reading this is not will end in how she receives. And she. Yes, she she said that it was quite quite helpful. She said, what was quite strange is is this house. Don't wanna go away for the but Unity's this moment, which she slaughter speaking to been lot. And he's probably and she's like my God Lilia in mind. It's just a Hanoi that the nibble of exceeding with, but I just read the label crazy, I know I would guard to five Hedegaard forbid as my husband. You know? I'm quite sure it'd be very he's just mad. Look, honestly, I did have very big raitment in my early life alost. Stick son end. I did consciously understand that for a very short time. I did have a crazy hid sort of. You know, I did recognize the thoughts. I was having would logical normal. But I think everybody who has a major bereavement has those times we may NAR that they being a bit crazy. But it's actually quite they're abusive to be like that the. That look by migraine eat, an which was my other humidity went to such a time as well end them. She she said you into this mode where she decided Texas enough of this grade in things, and he went to the boss room minutes shouldn't be funny regress, and will these pull interest. Well, how many do I take because I don't want to end up basil just need to know. How many will do it? So she read to the defined chemists to off and. At by choose. Tell us. And she says you think going to good humus. That she was like, okay, no points moving on. So that is a jewel timelines story. We sort of move on a little from the macabre tropic. That is a jewel timelines story and add like the the. The Paris secret, but foaming Thira is unusual place to sit. I mean, it's not an island neighbor sitting next door to the famous pizza, but it's a wonderful place to to see a story in this. Obviously, a really interesting historical heritage there. I wondered if they were challenges during the research because I guess a lot of the information would have been Spanish, yes. Not the measures in Spanish, Ed. It was really hard. Check. She salute gauging the truth on that story. The miss that. It's rounded. And I was fortunate enough to to gain contact with a few people historians live they add Hedren sick day because I got myself into Sachin medal. It I think it was the most intense research are analyzed ten to point really fell was this this moment at at stumbled across something that was so powerful. And that was the reason I decided to say today, I always wanted to do something Spanish something about the inquisition. But when I came across this little bit of research. About this heated community. I just need a head tried the story. I have a bit of it at Juliann, Kansas, myself and. This sort of story about having given. So a lot another reason in spicy Honey in Israel. These papers the leading employer around to Jenna motive beach in the air in for to a guy hidden much Davies also historian and together with the old papers. Martin reset with me just while was Scoffing in what he lives in Spain. And he's so links. And telling me where to go and check on a lot of help. And I was very Jay. I that. But with a lot of things that I'm trying to get wrong. And you just have to take this fate and his. You know, because you can get lost in a rabbit Warren. Research, and I was terrified about getting grow. So yeah, I'm has engineer office, but did trauma based. Yeah. It was fun to do your read speak Spanish yourself. I often one years finish in Bossia. Did when it was great. But not enough to help be. Lead story. Yeah. Putting to the getting. Tonight wasn't just as ancient world. It was the sole trade, and how that would his nothing so little about all trade connect- Aaron that even. As I was reading such research move out different areas of Spain. And they move prolific roots? Because. Of how things worked out of a lot of that. History was useless erased. Quite said, yes, yes. Not we've make the parasite mature not interested to hear you say about the Jewish lake in your own history because the key character in the Paris secrets Madam Jubeir who searches it here to. That story. Valerie returns to Paris to discover the truth about what happened to her family during World War Two. I if researching that one also presented particular challenges. Yes. That that they did. I it was that was through. Sort of in a way, I'm reading about a about something else and across the story about frogs finally acknowledging its war children. And it was the story about don't get away spoilers. But it's about the children to Nazis, and it. Yes, sir fascinating. And just led me onto difference research off, and the nice thing about this is so much that we do not. And so me. Radio dateable sources that you guys you that it was historic level. But I I try to make sure it was it was a novel fist. You know? The story was more about Valerie's story in the sixties than say the second will. But I just needed to have as many evacuate in place to make this. Legal. It was easy to find that intermission differently than say compared to the inventive. The. Yes. Eighteen hundred. The hats now turning way from the specific books to connect you'll wider career. Will I wonder if this one thing you've done more than any other that you see as being the secret to your success as a writer? Maybe she's keeping going under the Tuncer triumphant some. Yeah. I think I think the ones that I would say is that you just keep going you keep trying. Because. I've been being one of the first novel camps that I tried and I think it goes back to nine year old little girl who wanted to be arrested fish thing. Todd was horrific day was end justifying that eventually you'll get the way the stugotz belief comes from. I think sometimes it's lesion, but you know, you have this idea, and you think okay, we'll I'll come to. It'll it will get subway and. I think that that is. That has been the the recipe for me is just to keep going. So even though I think that a book. There's been one or two as well. Receive not not not in in terms of next of pace. Third novel just didn't sell quite as well as the previous two year. It was just the split. And I think it was just about keeping going into saying Campbell. You know, this is not a guarantee. No, no one. No one knows if they to derail you keep growing who knows on the fourth one the fifth. And I'm so grateful my success nothing. That comments have happened later novels lost to emphasise this the FaceTime. I've had an audiobook deal and to foreign rights deals now. So it's just a pacer very Annette's, sir. It star truths. Keeping. Debut success that you really dream about you. You wanna be successful celebrated copies. It's just about being enjoying the prices and. Yeah. Keeping going way you might get United. If I'd say stopped on the book. I might never have got into a stage of my faced audio deal that Catholics. I was in last secret is. It's so boring. It's just businesses. Sounds great. And actually, I'm sure he wouldn't be surprised that that's what many of the people that I speak to on this podcast side. I wish to do with latching candle beautiful. Talking about life. Can I wonder I a Wicca Hollick? It's sorry had you discipline yourself to switch off unwind. Yeah. I'm not really a conic say I am. I'm a warrior hush. I think the worries always day. I'm actually I'm such a precarious nature. That is my worst fool attain to sprint Cup, spinal. So I enjoy an hate that. I enjoy this because it's just become my prices I love into room, and then I don't do anything else. And so whether that takes. Literally nothing else sometimes it stack hallway the new, you know, house looks like. Actually took. My husband is grumpy because he has got my dog is crosses me because we need him who that target a book done. I don't know how to taste myself. I do not let these people just do one thousand two thousand as the stop. And they do this every day that marathon, I've turned know how do it? I feel that some spatial skill that. I just get. So I'll worry worry worry the deadline is closing credits. An initially flat out all, but that's when it comes a lot. Because it you saw most in this world. It's almost like that Haiti Russia when you you setting exams type fills and in everyone's speaking to you and a nest. I write books, and it's not healthy, Jake. Specimen moving right along. It's cold the joys of binge meeting this podcast. I did onto talking about who did you like read and Benji then you mentioned that need to as one of your classics, but tell us about your reading. Yeah. Now, raiding favorites and is Kate fan accurately United shopping. These of what she thinks she's just phenomenal cake moten while haven't actually made her latest than make his Toyota that's on my wi- to be made Paul and think else. Are we very hectic are earning visual? I will have fish children's allow this year. I read a lot of middle grades which. Which might be surprised I really fancy fiction in the end they have. And just discovered to crime, and although it's Malak, psychological thrillers. So we really enjoyed the novel by Jin Mukasa. It's cool knifing questions which was phenomenal. If I kicked tasted Olympians media's. So if I'm feeding bit sorry for myself in nineteen to link being Harry. But he found Judy quite phase that Kennedy thing than all against new quite hopeful end. Again. I m in a Kentucky find Annette John think, it's it's quite. Lifting. So being quite Weijia. I'd say, yes. Yes. Thomas about your children's. What's it about? Yes. The fish will be again. Using it as well at industry yet think is on the same day. It's the second of may at this year is called star fell. And the Facebook is startled end coke. William awesome. The last day. And it's the story of a little girl. He has the worst magical power in the family, the Las things and no one thinks she's special until loss cheese day missing. Yes. So that's been a lot of it's it's been quite a Willard with with that. And having this Louis to 'em possession on time been writing as Lilly. And now it was head to name and just in connect- nine for people who joined knowledge say my Bill is Dominic Valenti, which is funny because annoyed towns made. And mike. My name was ready. Squashing my has been shame. He's eighty. So that's how I sent me. Go quite the exotic name Johnny thinking. Yes. Just a happy accident. But yeah. To Lilly Graham, and when I launch must've project of actually finishing book getting the in the world, and it was a way to protect myself in case, it was a a horrible. Those agendas are thought will either. And I went to my not at any of they would mean. But if it was a roaring disappointment imagine why my colleague, Josh. Sure that would be done that. But if Iran. Because I was ice you and I use the same federal. So is this year? So is the worst kit, Chico. The quickest Clark's for the individual time to gave the circling back to the beginning. And looking back RV arriving lie at this stage in your career. If you will do it all again, what would you change if anything? I think I would have tried to fund the courage to. She maybe fiction writing from the beginning. I think I don't great being agendas. It will agree told me quashes into salt end. The newsroom stains to cells. It was it was a really good experience as she ends. Tuffah me up a lot beds. I think what I would have stayed is. You know, it's still running. You don't have to wait ten years until you finish awful. I think I would have I was trying to do that at eighty and I would have heard free of nine that use lactating, you would get bitter. But you can't get bit issue. Yes. Yes. Yes. So what is next for lily the writer? What have you gone for this coming year when you look ahead? Yes is not Megyn to a one book a year. She'll with my digital. We used today to a year. But because of my children's not will have head to scale back. So I'm still racking to it's just one is children's in went is. Jedi grad. So that that's going to be quite rigid. Little bit basis of fish units because I'll give it beating room. And so this not will that I'm working on be accident. And it's also sit in the shaken will and do the bits and a group of women friends who live in the division countryside. And yeah, I'm crossing classic drive off. I made a start. The fish draw. But it yeah. We'll be out this activists. I'm quite exact about the one way really excited about you see very kindly that you willing to give away. A paperback copy of the island, fellow to elicit all they need to do is seemed their nine to go into a draw. We'll give those details on the the shar nuts for the episode. That is really very gene resolve you. And you sit you sign it has well, which is even better is that she he might leisured in he semi unity now four interacting with your readers way. It can they find you line? And you know, you can find me on. But website is from the easiest extended. I've got any Graham dot net. On twitter. Which is really Graham, right? And on on Facebook, Justin Graham. And you love to have feedback from your readers by the sound of it, actually he and a Facebook page. I unveil today he becoming in northern just finished a book, and it just gives me so much joy ahead. This one Rita his Kathy Schaeffer, she's in America and. It was actually writing on Bennett was lost year. The winter you don't you just fitting sorry sorry for yourself in Jena hush. She knew but almost every two weeks. She you know, my little cheated. How you doing? You can do this. With just magic because Afridi would be sitting there by computers odd hunt to occur Jesus. And you can do this. So I do not married his end. I really appreciate them. They also kind. I will that the books that are willing to take the time in such nice messages and emails on a very lucky based well, this fabulous lily, really is. We just, you know, reiterate do feel free to into the giveaway for the island the last signed copy and look at speed Mavs talking to you today at really has. Thank you, so miss Jenny. It's wonderful. Bye. Bye. Listening to the Jewish adventure reading podcast. You can find all the details and links for this episode at dub dub, dub dot the joys of binge reading dot com. We'd love to eat your comments and suggestions for who. You'd like us to interview nixed. And if you enjoyed the show take a moment to subscribe on I tunes or a similar provider. So you won't miss out on future guests, thanks for joining us and happy reading. The choice of bench reading podcast is put together with fantastic technical help from Dan, cotton and abra falls. Dan is an experience sound and video engineer whose radiant available to help you with your ex project. C- cannot at D C audio services at g mail dot com. That Steve Daniel CPA, Charlie audio services x g mount dot com or check casher nights. He's fast. He takes pride and getting it. Right. And he's great to work with. Voice was done by Abe reports another gym of sound and screen has twenty years of experience on both sides of the camera slash microphone as a cameraman director. And also as a voice artist and TV presenter, I think you gray. That has voice is both lighthearted and warm. He is super easy to work with no matter what the job you'll find him at a a B aunt point. And shoot dot co dot insead as I say the full details in the show nights on the website. That's it for now. Thanks for listening. Hopefully, see you next week. Bye.

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