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This is the daily Tech News for Friday December. Eighteenth two thousand nine in Oakland California. Yeah I'm seeing that's Tom Merritt and from San Francisco California I'm Sarah Lane and from the offices downtown San Francisco. I'm Roger Chang for Google. Wants to buy YELP. y'All this seems like it might be a smart acquisition Google neighborhood where Google ask people people to put. QR codes on their windows is already out there. So why wouldn't Google let yelled get in on that. Action will not let them get them in on that action by buying them. Yeah I I know that Google is certainly interested in this market. I think yelp made. What was the last number about? Three hundred million Atlanta's last year and even if Google wants to build its own yelp competitor. The fact that yelp already has of this data makes a lot of sense now I'm here in up to five hundred million dollars for this deal which would be pretty high so obviously google values helps data quite a bit. I guess with techcrunch saying thirty million dollars revenue. Google probably feels like it's decent bet. Google has a lot of cash. I think the thing that that concerns me is how big do we want Google to be. It's it's been interesting to watch the the company move beyond search a lot of that's been really fun like g mail but now we're hearing rumors about Google making a net book. We have the next one. Maui yelp I mean where does it end. Yeah that's very good question. I'm a yoke user. I enjoy YELP. I even enjoy the people who complain on Yelp regularly fun of it and I would be interesting to see what yelp would be bundled into Google. Does it stay as a standalone alone service does it get wiped out completely and and it turns into. I don't know a bunch of Google search results. It's hard to say. Well you know it's interesting say search results. Let's because I'm wondering if you searched for anything like a store or restaurant or or any kind of entertainment do you automatically get a yelp review at the top off of your list or near the top of your list. Basically what they WANNA do with places in Google neighborhood so yeah of course you would that that that seems to make sense they would just kind of inc the other question is would it still be called yelp or would it be called places where would they merge it into an existing product. Yeah I don't know the brand is pretty strong but Google has has a history of of wanting to change names of companies that it acquires. They'll try to harmonize the YELP. For example. I have a Yelp Academy for Jamila cat. Do you think they'll try to harmonize those to be worthy become under. You're going to be logging in into a separate. You know. I mean when Yahoo buy stuff. You generally see the Yahoo log in become the the way you log in I. I would assume that that's what Google would do as well The other question is are they actually going to get it. We all thought they were going to get Lala. And that didn't happen They they've did by add bob which is just imposed again making them bigger and bigger in the advertising business as well so the the interesting to watch micro blogging site. Twitter got hacked by a group of protesters calling themselves the Iranian the cyber army twitter went off line. For more than an hour overnight visitors were redirected to a page Declaring this site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army and the United States thinks They control and manage Internet access. But they don't. That was the message. This is a group of hackers whether they're actually for from around Iran or not Kinda doesn't matter to me it points out that. DNS DNS needs to be implemented we need better DNA security. Because that's how they replace this. They didn't they didn't hack into twitter. They hijacked the domain. Yeah I saw the fail will last night I thought well it's just you know too many people on twitter same old same but this is this is interesting understand twitter getting hacked because of course it's so popular right now. Of course this is going to be a target for for lots of folks. Are we going to see more of these types of things. Can the company company clamp down on something like this before it really gets out of Control and somebody does get into twitter itself. I don't think there's any evidence. The twitter is vulnerable. I mean the the only the only vulnerabilities you hear about like Rick Sanchez. Getting hacked our are phishing attacks where you trick someone into giving you access so so. I feel like twitter is pretty safe. it's only a couple years old right so it's probably not one hundred percent bulletproof approved but this being a DNS hijack makes me much more concerned about the DNS infrastructure. Then it has matured about twitter. I'm I'm not not so much a concern. But more of a a a an academic pondering lake does this. Does this imply that twitter is becoming big enough even high profile enough for people to kind of see it as a A target in order to carry a message or some sort of politicization of of the media minority too. Because you know I guess it has such a huge reach Even from a couple of years ago. Hey twitter's made it. Is that what you're saying I mean does that is that that was really arrived. It's important I don't have to explain to people why why they might WANNA use twitter. You can just say look. It's important enough for hacker. Grabs hijackers domain name. Are you going to see environmentalist. China hang their digital version of like a protest banner offer bridge on Yeah well yeah I mean. I'm still trying to explain to my family. And my non technical friends what twitter is and how it works and how. It's not just about what I had for lunch. Although it is a lot of that but But yeah this definitely he points to people who have access to these kinds of tools and want to make mischief if not worse are starting to see twitter As a place that enough people have gathered and have information and things to say and other people be listening to that information that that that it sounded it seems like the company. Better get it together soon. Who else has to get it together? buggy software the the national vulnerability database has issued their list of the buggy software in the land based on reported vulnerabilities and the winner for the second year in a row is fire Fox. Hundred to bugs up from ninety last year are any surprised. Well yet yeah okay hold on discloses all of them. So exactly exactly doesn't mean it's the buggy ascent means. It's it's parents about what's going on. I you know that's great. I still use chrome because every time I launch fire Fox my eh. CPO and my little laptop starts to overheat and either the fans and all the way up. Yeah well good luck with those secret bugs. That Google isn't reporting you for you to bugs up from ninety last year a thick we can all agree though that adobe reader deserves to take second place beating up Microsoft's this this year as a fox reader user myself I say who ever would use adobe reader exactly is just by vector vector for disease. I've never seen another application. So bloated that offered such a small set of features well and and apparently very insecure. Yeah and this. This is from a not open piece of software. And before you apple people get too smug apple quicktime took third place quicktime quicktime. I remember that time is the days of your. It was remember we used to use it all the time at a state where we were learning how to desktop video. Edit still going strong yeah yeah. It's I never use it the use it for but But it's I think I commend fire Fox for because again like you said Thomas Open source worse and so that's just the way these things go. If there's a vulnerability well you hear about it on Firefox. So I think that more companies who aren't we clearly nearly are not going to disclose everybody that they find internally right And and very rarely even congratulate somebody. Maybe an outside researcher who who has has found something that that the company then patches and we all move on. That doesn't really happen all that often. You don't really hear about what's going on internally internally and how things are getting fixed so I wish more companies act the way. Fox's if you're wondering where Internet explorer and chrome are on this list. They're not on it because users of their software have patches installed automatically. So that's something I'd like to see. Come to fire Fox to be. Honest is is automatic updates and and A shout out to the folks at skype. y'All who I am and aim. None of them are on the list this year. Although all three were on last uh-huh cheer. Yeah well yeah who I am. I don't use it. I'm an aim user. Definitely Nice skype every so often It kind of to talk to friends and family who are who are overseas. But but yeah if I'm on I would like it to be as as strong as possible. Excuse Jillian and trillion is on this list. So maybe I should switch to the actual clients trillion when I was still using a PC. But now that I've switched over to it to Mac. Os Idiom yeah yeah it's adm because of Domenico and thank you to Gamespot for forcing forcing me to move over to aim. Because that's what the company's yeah. I think I was. What was I on? I think we mostly are using aim. People are kind of all over the place it seen it though. y'All who instant messenger was the big tech. TV One remember. Hey Blu Ray disc association TA TION has released. It's finalized Three D. specs this morning Lining what you can expect out of Three d BLU Ray next year. Is the future full. Ten Eighty P resolution backward compatibility for both three D Blu Ray players and three d Blu Ray discs and the use of the new NBC Kodak which is an extension of the existing? ABC Three D. and the PS three is not only going to support Three d gaming by twenty eleven but it will also support three d blu Ray replay back that that machine is amazing. Can do anything. Blu Rays play games. Well I mean I think the. Ps Three he probably is the Best Blu Ray player you can buy if you can tell. It's not the cheapest one right but definitely not the cheapest but but certainly you know the fact that the PS three is is going to is in the SPEC for this I think is is certainly positive. I mean even according to Robert Harris. It's still considered the kind of Benchmark smark that's the one you benchmark against terms of BLU ray performance. Now I've been saying for a long time that I feel like streaming is going to make the blue ray battle irrelevant and I feel like I'm being proven wrong more and more. So Do we feel like three D.. Is Going to make BLU ray more popular. Is it going to you know Because that's something that's going to be really the hard to deliver over streaming. Is that going to be the thing that that keeps Blu Ray in the game I want to say so but at the same time as someone who has to aware prescription eyewear those those classes. I mean just to get ones that fit my face and over my glasses. Well still haven't found that that magic one and you know I. I don't know why I just think that having to wear an extra pair of glasses over my glasses I love three but I don't know I still find it to be. It gives me a little bit of motion sickness. I don't wear glasses but I feel for you roger because who would wear glasses glasses and you need you need your actual glasses asses where you know. You can't see anyway. I don't know I I know that. Three D. over streaming is that that's that's a pipe dream at least right now but I am not so crazy about physical media. I know that they're the blue raid loyal faithful people out there. I know and you can't beat those specs specs in terms of quality video quality. The Three D. stuff I don't know I don't know it's seems seems like passing fad. I duNno I I go down to best buy and I I see them with all the new Three D. capable. TV's all lined up near the front little signs telling you what an amazing well again capable though but how much content is actually going to be in three d to The point where you buy three to capable TV and feel like you paid more. We're for good reason threes. Just GonNa come with every TV. Though so at some point people are just going to get used to it being in there whether they buy the TV to have three D it just will be. They're good bellwether as always see what kinds of creation hardware you can like in other words video cameras editing software and stuff like that you'd beginning to see a lot of kind of Pro Sumer level Three d video cameras so be. It tells me that someone thinks that three D he is here to stay. Well yeah the people who are making all that three D. F.. I mean you know hey bing and get sued bing information information design in Saint Louis. Missouri has sued Microsoft Corp for Trademark Infringement in the Saint Louis City Circuit Court asserting unfair competition trademark infringement and tortuous interference. It's a small privately. Held Information Graphics. Multimedia Design Company but they claim that Microsoft's Microsoft's use of bing is is causing. Yeah now being information design has been around since two thousand. I believe it's been pretty New Year's big couple years and let's be honest. There is no way that Microsoft did not realize that being information design existed. It just doesn't think that being information designed was big enough to be able to fight it. This is Microsoft. We're talking about so whether or not the company I. Oh I don't know I mean I don't know what happened with Microsoft but I'm going to bet that they were like act. Let them take us to court. We'll just settle an and continue on our way. Kevin cuts a spokesman for Microsoft. Told the Saint Louis Business Journal we do not believe. There's any confusion in the marketplace and I have to have to tend to agree. I don't think anyone is going to being the search it well. I don't think anyone's going to bring the search but I don't think anyone's going to the big the search engine and and saying wait a minute. I'm going to get all of my graphic and multimedia design in the Saint Louis area done at the search engine. Yeah Yeah I mean. I don't think that that's the confusion that the company is claiming though right. I don't know maybe maybe maybe you're maybe you're searching on Google for an alternative browser and you type in well now realistically. I don't think this is about about people can feel seeing the being there being services by the editor to convince a judge right. Oh I totally aware of that. So they must have. They have enough of a case that they can get a judge to at least admit the case to court which then might make Microsoft Christoph give them a settlement and pay them off to go away but I imagine Microsoft is probably not going to want to set that precedent so I would expect that they'll get the money out of Microsoft but they certainly got some press is out of it right yeah they probably would get further. If Bing wasn't early a word that people use you know it's being I mean that that is not I don't know if uh even a real word but it's not like Bing Cherries something that was made up or spelled weird. Then they'd really have a case is is it named after a guy named begging the the graphic design company on me. I thought I barons me on the Cross Lewis. Yeah it'd be changed their name another company that crosby. No you're not going to give up. They WANNA fight this. To the to the somehow bears fruit Asia call themselves selves blinking information designed because we make great graphics so you remember a couple of years ago when we talked about the Netflix data set that they put out with a non amazed information. And we've talked about the fact that that anonymity had been broken mostly mostly because you can take things like zip code birthday gender and there it's been shown that there's a chance for for you to figure out who someone is even no. It doesn't have their name on it. In fact the famous thing was a blockbuster data set revealing an eighty seven percent. Chance that a person could be uniquely identify just from Zip Code Birthday Gender Well an end closet. Lesbian mother is suing net flicks. Alleging the movie rental company made it possible for for her to be outed when it disclosed insufficiently anonymous information about a half a million of their customers as part of that one million dollar net flicks prize. Now and GNAT is because of her viewing habits and she obviously has gone through some hardships because of this nat- was what Netflix was was allowing people to see well was allowing you to see viewing habits of anonymous users. Just right she's saying saying that you can look at the data that they put in this data set and figure out it's her and figure out that she's a lesbian. But how can they do that with the view in her. Viewing history is anonymous Te. Well the viewing history being a bunch of movies that are generally loved by lesbians. Beans would be the way to tell that the user lesbian zip code maybe she lives in a very sparsely populated zip code birth if if there's a birth date or gender that that's it is I mean again. This is going back to that blockbuster. Data you don't need that much information to start ruling Out Possibilities and narrowing down to get an eighty seven percent chance that you can save yup pretty sure I know who that is. This is well you know the the this particular case aside. It sets a very dangerous tone for all sorts of things people being able to find other people on social networks without them actually being friends or I don't know you know advertisers being able to sue target people based on very simple. What we think is think of this very simple information like my gender my zipcode? Maybe you know a couple of things that I might have clicked on in the past and you can find me kind of thing. I don't really know what it means but I don't like the sound of it. Yeah and so the. The lawsuit is being led by Joseph Molly who recently it reached a multimillion dollar settlement with facebook over its beacon program which was sharing users blockbuster rentals so the the question is whether Netflix should have known their data set would have anonymity but it sounds like she's got a high-quality lawyer to fight in her side? You can buy the Esquire magazine on your phone now. This is a little okay so up right right yeah I didn't. I didn't get an iphone right away. I waited about a year but I have one now and I. Hey don't know I mean they're so small. I don't want to read a magazine on my iphone that that just sounds like it's going to hurt my head i. I think it's interesting that esquire is trying to push back on this whole fudd about the magazine Industry the street going away because everybody has gone digital but is the iphone really the answer to this. I don't think so either. So it's two ninety nine to get the APP and that gets hugh whatever the current issue is and then through purchases on the iphone. You can buy future issues so it's not like you're like having to buy a new APP every month right and you know it does some fun stuff makes it easy to scroll through different articles you look visual or textual indicators. But I'm with you. I actually do read comics and books on my phone but I prefer to read them on my kindle. I prefer to read the comics. At least the books I prefer for the Connex. It's more of a matter of convenience versus preference right. It's the fact that I can do. It means I'll read a comic that I might not bother to to go out and get otherwise but that I would buy a magazine now for a magazine I just go to the web right and yet the form the factor would just have to be much bigger. You'd have to have something that is I don't know for me. I read plenty of magazines on on the web. But the desktop monitors you know. Would it make on a kindle or a or a tablet. Oh Yeah I love reading newspapers on the kindle. That's what that's one of. The things I loved about. The original kindle is is I I can read you know the the Oakland Tribune on it. So yeah I'm I'm install a blackberry. So yeah I mean my my opinion is a two way here. I mean it's it seems like a fun. Experiment by Esquire esquire somebody conference room was like. Let's let's get crazy here. Let's just you know we're going to get a lot of attention in because they're not the first magazine to try to do this. The first publication but it is esquire and it when you look at the numbers you think okay well if somebody was very compelled old to consume squire on their iphone. The pricing is not unreasonable. But I just I don't know how many other magazines might follow suits. I don't see it. Yeah I think I need a little more than three and a half four inches of display space and at that point. I'm just GONNA use my my laptop I I. I don't mind reading reading an article in in a web browser on the iphone but I'm not paying for that right now and I can save that and look at it on my desk on my laptop up later if I want. I don't know about that Reuters saying that the Pentagon has closed a security breach. That would would have allowed insurgents to hack into data feeds from drone aircraft They provide real time video of war zones at this is after a report in the Wall Street journals showing Shiite fire fighters in Iraq using software to intercept the video feeds and let the Monitor. US military operation so it was being being exploited great now we gotta deal with drones getting breached. What's next it's so the eye Sarah but Sarah we don't have to deal with them being breached anymore? They fixed it. Well that's good but I thought that their response was the little flippant like this is an old story. We fixed that a long time ago. Okay well there was an issue in the beginning and what kind of information do people have now about the military in in in highly covert situations. And you know it's interesting as part of this is because the feet dart encrypted because they didn't didn't expect anyone to be looking and things yes. This is one of the. This is one of those times where people just kind of assumed a certain level. All of sophistication that people wouldn't have to be able to hack it but you know what that was maybe eight years ago and technology progressed and it's gotten cheaper for a lot of cheap enough for a lot of people to make it Were accepted a lot more people. Yeah I mean you're not going to expect the. US military to come out and announce without without provocation vulnerability because that's announcing to the enemy that they can hijack your stuff so you're just don't say anything about it at all. The only the fact that the Wall Street Journal brought to light is why the military is even responding to it. And I do want to make clear that. This wasn't an instance of someone controlling doing the job but rather taking the video information that flows back and just siphoning it worth anything anymore because because conditions change well and as drones continued to not only be. You know the H- something that consumers are interested in but obviously Defense Departments. We're interested in okay. Well this particular drone security breach has been fixed. If we believe. That's true great. We can all move on. Are they going to use is the drone going to be using the same software is going to be the same company making all the same drones for the military going forward. It seems like we're going to get more and more competition from various companies especially those who have contracts with the US government. And I certainly hope that. The future drones are lot safer. All right here's a way to make some movie folks. I said movie but I meant money but it's money with the movie producer from Uruguay. Made a science fiction. Film on Youtube ended up with a ton of emails and a film deal of Sam. Raimi's ghost house worth three hundred million dollars. Dang panic attack attack was uploaded on Thursday by Monday. Hollywood studios were all over Alvarez Alvarez to develop and director film based on one of his ideas is a pretty cool little clipper he he did a majority of not all the animation himself. And it's pretty cool like if you wanna see something attacked the capital of or. We're glad that that would be. I mean this is going to end up. Being the way movies are made at Kentucky. Tell this already I is this. Is this the new real instead instead of having. This is like my demo reel. I'm just going to blurt it out there on something. Yeah this is the beauty of youtube well and it just goes to show you who is. Oh you know who is watching. Youtube will clearly Hollywood studios and people who want to to partner with extremely smart people. Who aren't already in the industry or at least are are are less visible in the industry Alvarez he got enough attention that it's kind of like youtube can be a place where you you can get a job if you get enough attention. I mean it's it's that's he got lucky search online. You put your talent there and everyone can see it. It's interesting because Back back in the late. Ninety S. Remember the nineties It was often said that a lot of producers would go to Comic Book Fairs and other events in order to see if they could find signed any kind of story worth translating or adapting for the larger screen and this might be just the next logical step where people are going to youtube and sing. I'm like hey who has a really cool Sifi aliens. This is the thing about youtube at democratizing content creation. And that's why you're seeing so many people flooding into it and this sort of thing is going to happen more often. We're going to see more people using it and uploading lots of different kinds of of stories. There it's really really fun to watch. I think it's Sorry Roger I I also I feel like most serious creators use DEMILLE SO I. I wonder why Youtube was chosen in this situation. Maybe he's just the platform. He likes better but Vinnie. is well known for kind of those kind of flashy reels tape. I think though like the for the professional presentation but they also are uploading their content to YouTube. Amount is on yeah. Yeah Hey speaking of eyeballs. We want your eyeballs to participate in our forum and your fingers to submit stories and and talk about them there and you can also do it in our chat room as well and we love getting your email. Let's check out the mailbag angry. Andy that's what he calls himself says for years. Now I've heard you explain. That only punishes the honest customers will today. I was such an honest customer for the last time I went to see Avatar at my local cineplex saw huge crowds in the lobby. I knew something was up. That theater manager explained that the premiere screening of the Three d version could not commence. They'd been waiting for the digital key to arrive. Let's go to decrypt the film. It should have arrived by email from Fox over four hours earlier but it had not. Apparently this was a problem for every movie theater in Germany and probably we every cinema in Europe that wanted to show the film that day the two diversion not affected by the way. Andy says I gather fifty percent of all the perplexed. The visitors had no idea what kind of key he was talking about. The definitely one hundred percent. We're pissed and had no understanding why they made it all the way. An efforts come to the movie movie theater owned only to be told. Sorry we don't want your money Andy says back in Andy says the sixteenth of December two thousand and two thousand nine. That was the day he went to see Avatar was supposed to be the day. I saw a masterpiece turned out to be the day. I swear to never set foot in a movie theater again. Screw you Fox and happy happy downloading. Gee It's almost like they punished an honest customer and turn them into a dishonest customer as a result anger yeah You know we talked about chrome Os and whether it could get in trouble in the e U Because it's only a browser and of course Microsoft is being required appeared to provide that browser ballot in the in the EU We had one person ask why. It's okay for apple to only have its own browsers safari on the IPHONE and But then we had hoyle in both Recommend a couple of points that differentiates chrome Os from Microsoft Windows Windows runs. Proprietary Ahah Terry closed source code whereas chrome Os can be built and customized from open source code from Chromium S A competing browser vendor is free to put their own browser in the place of the chrome browser and reused the existing colonel and underlying code within the restrictions of the license the Microsoft Windows. Os is itself a platform for running applications by contrast the chrome browser is the sole APP. That runs on chrome. Os and the chrome browser is the platform not the operating system that was pretty. Well explained to thank you for that. Yeah thanks Thanks everybody for writing in and thanks to everybody who supports us. We love doing this a show if we're lucky we'll be doing this in another five years. Oh my gosh I hope so. You can support us directly on pay pal by going to the address daily tech new show dot com slash rush supports and please. Peru's are fine selection of stuff at Daily News show dot com slash store our email addresses feedback at daily Tech News. Show DOT com. If you WANNA join win a sliding connections strong enough anyway. Live Monday to Friday at four thirty. PM Eastern that's twenty one thirty ut and you can find out more at Daily News show dot com slash live the next time. This show is part of the broadband network get more at frog pants. Dot Com Arman Club always enjoyed this broader.

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