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Wednesdays with walton on scoops with danny mac dot com a chance as we always do every wednesday to visit with brian walton of the cardinal nation dot com closer look at the minor leagues also. What's happening With the major league club and as always were brought to you by blue tail medical group. Great alternative to surgery before you have surgery. Think blue tail medical group and find out what they offer. The doctors wolf basin crane at blue tail medical group a brian. The cardinals are rolling. And good morning to you. Boy it's your phone to talk about a ten game winning streak twelve the last thirteen. You know it's it's wonderful and the cardinals are playing with the right combination to win that there have many blowouts but they've been consistently scoring enough to win and the pitching has done the job when they need you. Oh and i'm sure you saw this coming. Didn't you know you know again. I have to say colonels odds of. We should playoffs just a couple of weeks ago. Coming into the month was down. The two-three percent nuts and now it's you know above fifty and you know they're. They're the team to beat for that second. Welcome i think is in a four game lead. They have in the wild card this morning. Yeah four-game lead right now. Four and a half over another team phillies and then five over San diego. So i wanted to ask you about jake woodford. Because he's been a different pitcher after that relief appearance that he had Against the brewers then was inserted into the rotation. you saw him in the minor leagues. Was there anything that he was working on specifically or did you see him. Take another step in the minors to allow him to have this success at. He's having right now. I think you know that. Dan we've talked about this before and others have as well of course the analysts that you work with on sports west who are former pitchers. But there's such a fine line between between success and mediocrity in the major leagues and a lot of. It's between the ears having the confidence that my stuff is good enough that i can get these major league hitters out that i don't have to nibble around the edges. I don't have to change what caused me to be successful in. For jake word for it was i think the biggest step for him has the confidence that hey i can go up there. I can stand in against centers in baseball for four or five six innings in. Get them out and that was something that we didn't see before he was a little bit reserved. He's a guy that you know you didn't see was seemed to have maybe had incited but now you know you can just see the confidence when wizards on them. I don't eat. Looks like a different man when i was watching the game last night. And i'm sure. We'll get clarity on dylan carlson later. Today i was thinking about Minor league outfielders and some of the guys at the cardinals have had you know whether it was lane thomas this year just in williams obviously lane no longer in the organization but just in williams maybe some others. Is there anybody out that is re out. There that has stood out for you In the minor leagues that if need be you know you could bring them up Part of the forty man all the different things that go into this but Just kind of thinking outside the box if if anybody comes to mind well there's a couple options dan One year who's a young man who tied for the organization lead with luke and baker twenty six modes this year each primarily a corner infielder. But but he's played a little bit of corner outfield as well. Some left the their rights. You're one yet as at triple a. he's not forty man but you know he's a guy who could come up and be a good bet the other guy maybe it's a little fast but alec burleson was the the young man just drafted from a year ago from east carolina. Who started the season. Peoria moved up springfield now. Moved up to memphis You know it's hitting the ball. Well get twenty. Two home runs that season Across the organization. And it's a little early for burleson but he is a very strong defender a very good rightfielder. And of course we know. That's a possession dylan carlson place. So you know alec burleson might be a guy that you know that i might have to tap on the shoulder if i need it and again. He's only twenty two years old. It's early it's too fast but sometimes injuries come. You know you've got you've got to make some moves. Yeah so one of those guys either. One of those guys could be could be of help. Well the other thing too is in the you know you could put timing edman out there i. I don't want to mess with tommy edmund. In the outfield. I love him where he's at at second base. I don't know if you're robbing peter to pay paul and those kind of things but We'll see how it plays out. Would you agree with you. I think there. Dan you know the question is in what happens. A second base does mac carpenter. Get back in the lineup. Let's let's face it. He's you know he's just not. He's an offensive black hole right now. The other option of course would be to propel young back end and moose over the second but sosas played such good shortstop. You know you like you said you just hate to see yet. Disrupt what they've got working at the middle there right and that's where i'm at with that A lot of the minor leagues are wrapping up right now. How did the cardinals fair this year while the cardinals organization in terms of player development. Of course there's lots of young players who continue to to fill the pipeline. And and you know. Be ready for the next Opportunities in saint louis but it has in terms of lynn loss. Record won loss record The cardinals had the worst record. I'm talking about the. Us based teams the one that finished his finished their schedule. They finished with a collective three ninety. Two winning percentage under four hundred and that was last of all thirty organizations And so you know it was a tough tough season whether from memphis on down None of them finished higher than fifth place in in their respective divisions and. I think you know as we've talked about. Before pitching is the major culprit as not a one of the cardinals. Minor league affiliates Have have eighteen. Era that is under five. So everybody's five five or six in terms of their er as this year and you know you just not gonna win many as when you've got to score seven or eight runs to win every night and that's the situation that the cardinals found himself in in twenty twenty one in in terms of like this playoff format to aaa. What's going on with that. Yeah they're playing to two separate weeks of play games rather than the small six games this week and next and so memphis playing Jacksonville jacksonville this week. And next week though finished the season at home and it's not part of the regular season they call it the final stretch But it's another ten games in which players can get more experience and potentially also a place where a pitchers or players can rehab For the major league club and what. The cardinals did This last week was given. That memphis is going to continue to play and the other teams. Aren't they took a six young men who were at aa springfield and move them up to memphis again you know. Let them get their toe in the water. Get some experts in aaa understand. You know the routines The stadium all of that this season because their players that would likely be at memphis next year and Lucan baker is our number sixteen prospect. As i said before a twenty six home runs led the system. I think eighty-three. Rpi something like that. This year Really nice power. Potential guy but a first base only got yvonne harare. The catcher talked about. He's our number five prospect. He's on the forty man roster. A harare came on very very well. I started off slowly to season but he ended up with seventeen. Home runs this year. Which is i think. Sixth in the system. So you know yvonne. Harare was a guy that You know you wanted to see the offense continue. East continues to get work behind the plate. He's probably not going to be ready right away next year. But he's a guy that they'll wanna get a good season of aaa experience. And then you know he'll probably be the next guy up in the in the catching room Another guy that's A couple of the guys that were called up to memphis thing you'll hand zodda the big tall right that we saw. At the beginning of spring training the cardinals got from the phillies. He basically had a washed out year. I think he's only pitched in like a dozen games this year because of multiple injuries. But he's on the forty man and he's up with memphis and you might be able to help in the relief corps next year and then andre pallone tate. A right hander was drafted again in twenty nineteen who's choosing twenty twenty who Has moved up now his second promotion this year. A right handed starter. Our number twelve prospect. And he'll get a chance with memphis to show what he can do. And you know will wanna get in that in that mix up potentially be a call up to the cardinals next season gotcha arizona fall league. Are you hearing anything about what's going on with that or any potential guys going there. This is really a strange year. Dan for the arizona far league normally by now not only would we have had the schedules out for probably six weeks but we would know the players that are going usually always by labor day. They announced that usually organizations about seven or eight players. And it's a mixed by position because six major league organizations joined together for everyone arizona folly team so they they sit down together and make sure they don't all send catchers or none of them sent catchers for example but basically it's a you know probably three or four four pitchers than infielder outfielder catcher. And maybe one other player but this year we have no idea what the schedule is going to be other than. It's gonna start on october thirteenth. We don't know what players are going and one of the things that came out this last week. I believe baseball. America reported that the Major league baseball has decided that the players that are going to compete in the arizona. Fall league must have proof of vaccination and therefore it's caused some organizations to have to go back and potentially just their list of invitees to the arizona fall league to ensure that you know they have the players are willing to comply with regulations in you know typically the players that go the arizona fall league or those that are getting closer to the major league sometimes guys who were injured during the year. So like a ron stone in memphis for example was out some Julio rodriguez catcher in springfield missing time So there guys that are on the custody they wanna give them a little more experience in the other thing that will see. Is that some players. The organization may be encouraged to play winter ball this year again in the caribbean typically dominican republic venezuela that kind of thing to get some more experience at you know heading into camp in twenty twenty two. Brian wrap it up with this. What are you working on. Cardinal nation dot com wall starting the beginning of next week. We'll be dinar season recaps. We'll go through each of the organization affiliates in detail describe you know how their season with the good and the bad and then After we get through all those teams then we'll loop back around and announce our starting pitchers of the year are relief pitchers of the our players of the year where we go into in-depth stats of all the players on teams and identify. Those that really stood out during the season. And that'll take us well Well probably through almost through the month of october. Yeah i love it when you do those recaps. Hey man thanks. We'll catch up next wednesday. Take care dan. That's brian walden of the cardinal nation dot com brought to you by blue tail medical group.

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