Coping with COVID-19: A Tale of Two Hannahs!


What into denic handle is this. Yes Deva capitalizes welcome to coping with Cova. The handle is this not live but really close to live special slash special slash. Our new way of life question. Mark Goodness you know and I keep coming up against this thought so often for me away to unstick myself. If I'm feeling really depressed and stuck is to like leave. The House and see a loved one like a friend and like he do that right now. It's like Boettger by the way is is your beds. Hi You guys coping. Are you guys OK. Please let us know either on patriotic or on twitter. Let us know how you're doing? This can be a really really tough time for your mental and your Physical Health. So we love you. Were thinking of you. Were thinking of your families. Do you know that I have a sixty five? Plus year old loved one. Who Yesterday get this. Hannah went to Costco. Dude the boomers are like I don't know what's wrong with them asking her. They live in fear the way we do. It's like they don't they're like I don't know I had to yell at my mom. I was like the boss. Oh my God. You're digging the bus. My Dad take the bus all the time because he's like public transportation. I'm to helping the Earth and also I love urban knowledge but but yeah I was like no I mean comforts me so much to hear you say that because I thought that my sixty plus sixties plus your loved ones were uniquely. How do I say this death wishy? No they're much. I think there my mom data much more cautious now that you yelled at them as it was appropriate Yes and that the government has mandated that people in their sixties. Stay indoors. Indeed you know what I'm trying not to get all Reiji about the fact that about a month ago maybe five six weeks ago. I was at my sister's house and I was like hey guys with the first day any news about current affairs came out and I was like it's kind of scary right and then both my mom and sister like made fun of me and yelled at me kind of and then also made me cry and now I'm like Oh right okay anyways just scared my cat a good about the process. Those feelings of rage you. Oh you scared your cat. Oh speaking of which. There's good news in this scary time and that today is what we are going to be talking about. We're going to be processing. Our fears processing are worries for a loved ones and discussing the arrival of Hanoch elves. Dini tiny baby kitty. So enjoy Hey ear buds. It's Hannah Hart here deduct you about something that I think is great. Which is our new PODCAST PROVIDER ANCHOR DOT? Fm is he. Anchor is actually making it so much easier for us to make record an upload our podcast that you guys can listen to from anywhere. You listen to your podcasts spotify I tunes judging by the numbers so hey spotify crew. I'm one of those. He he anyway anchor dot. Fm or the anger APP will allow you to record your podcast and upload it right then and there so if you WANNA make a podcast to go for it baby otherwise please continue to enjoy us being able to distribute and make and create and advertise on our podcast so easily all thanks to anchor. I'm recorded this ad to make it shorter than the last time but I guess I just really love it so much anyway. Let's get back to the episode. I have some thoughts that I want to express really fast thought number one. If our parents parents were still alive I feel that we would be closer to them than ever. Because I feel like we'd all be talking about survivalist hoarding and taking things seriously but parents generation. I don't know if it's because they're scared or what they just they're like it'll be what it'll be and I'm like this has to be. This has to be simply because they're too afraid to even process the fact that they're afraid you know I mean I hesitate to make generalizations but I am very Tennessee. I love doing that. I I think as a result of so many people staying home and not buying things and stuff closing the like emotional and mechanical machinery of the United States has been pulled back and where you might have been expecting to see like a nice hardwood floor. It's just a pile of mouldering pigeon shit back and like some angry raccoons. It's so backwards. I mean like okay. I went to okay. Don't get mad at me. I did go to a bakery today. I wash my hands thoroughly but like those people are working getting paid. What eleven dollars an hour? I working for home. Doing nothing like nothing. I mean it's just so revealing. How much like office workers just fucking? Oh sure and I don't understand why everyone's pretending like I mean okay and my job you know work at the university. All the students are no student. No one is on campus. Campus is closed like the call. Classes are moved online for spring quarter. There are no events and yet. And everyone's like okay everyone. Let's all go work from home. Like work on fucking what? Well I think they just need to pay you hanae because it's your livelihood. That's what they're doing. Well that's true. I know I wish I bet. What is we all know? What is cosmetically unfair about? The structure of this country is that some corporations and some business owners won't pay their employees even though they're not working even though they can't work in do their job like Maggie. My little sister works in retail and amazing. This is a small business it's like personally owned etc. It's not a big global store or anything like that and amazingly. They've shut down for the next two weeks and they're paying all their employees that's awesome. Isn't that amazing? And like that's the kind of attitude and responsibility that we need to feel towards each other and like we. We can't get so debilitated by how unfair it is that we're not prompted to action. You know we have to stay motivated to action and like dude dude if Bernie when like if it's going to be the way it looks like it's going to be we're going to have to stay motivated without the the hope of Bernie Sanders being president. I mean all this has done is exactly what you said. It's pulled back the wooden floorboards revealed. What a big functionless pile of shit. Our system is set up as we have no fail safes. We didn't even. I trump closed the pandemic flu department. You know but we're not a news podcast. Okay this is about this stuff. Go listen to the news. That's not us. That's not what we're here to do. We're here to talk about how we're coping with. Kovin and you're right. I could complain about the US government slash capitalism. All Day Long. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about the good things that we still have the the joyous and beautiful things that make life worth living no matter what's going on exactly and fortuitously Hannah Gelb. I believe we have not yet introduced her to our community. But you have a special friend who is going on this. Cova journey with you yes. I adopted two kids and Man Good timing I got on the third. I believe it was very very spontaneously. Not knowing that I would be working from home alone at that time and roommate. Hannah has remained Liz current. Yeah and Oh my goodness it's just been I can't wait to watch your descent into madness. Gelb I mean maybe this is where you start like really painting crazy shit. Oh I hope so because you're just going on and I would like you stop going out. Don't worry buddy big GonNa Jack. Speaking of okay wait for I will I? I will continue talking about my Katie. The WHOLE FIONA. So let me see. I'll cut that part. Tell us tell us the whole story of your kitty baby manifestation. Yes well I was a as you all know. I love cats and just side note just because I have a cat of my own now does not mean I am abandoning my instagram story of a neighborhood kitties that will continue to be updated so my roommates. I was living with a couple. And they wanted to live on their own because they've been together for like four or five years totally understandable And the reason I never had a cat before and they were they were tired of you trying to like crawl into the center of their bed every night. That's right I need a lot of snuggles. I think people really underestimate how much snuggles are needed and for people living alone heterosexual men. All Heterosexual. Men are so low there snuggle quotas quota needed needed snuggle quota. I don't understand how they fucking do it. So anyways one them was is logic to cats so we didn't have a cat and then they moved out with him. I was like okay then led forty eight hours. We've been waiting forty eight hours. I was checking the humane society website. Like eight to ten times every single hour and all the sun's coming out a little bit rainy today but some anyways so so I saw I found a a beautiful kitty that I really liked. She looks amazing. She was like about thirty miles away. Different neighborhoods humane society. But then she was gone so fast so I left again and I saw this beautiful kitty and I was like well. I don't know you know the house is a weird and stuff can be moving in and the newer mids coming and I'm gonNA move around like maybe I should wait until everything's all settled and I was just like you know what fucking no I'm GonNa get Kitty to day. How did you so what made you decide to push past all that hesitation was it like? Oh I don't miss out on this kitty like I missed out on the last kitty I think so. Yeah it was. That was it the feeling of you know. There's never going to be a perfect time to adopt a rescue animal. I'm just GonNa go today I think. So yeah and also just like my you know my part of my DNA helix that just has kitty faces on it. Just this is more. This overrides all like exactly. There's no perfect time. Kiedis needed like food shelter. Kitty that's what's going on food shelter kidding man. Yeah honest I was definitely still scared. Like scared at the shelter. I was scared spending all the money not like on the adoption. But like you know getting all this stuff and the food and and then there was a day after that I was like. Oh my God. What what you're supposed to do. I'm going to have her for the rest of my life. I don't know how anybody has shoulder but that has all faded away and I mean she is just she also so when I went to describe Haiti using yet describe her. Okay and I I will. I will say okay so I went into her little room where she was and she was with this other big tomcat like hiding behind a towel and the. Tom Kept trying walk up to her and she was like but I put my little my hand in next to her little face behind the towel and then she started rubbing it and she started purring and I was like. This is the law And you have been chosen. I was like magic. We'll take this cat. And she was a little shy at first but now she's like really come out of her. Shell and she's Oh my God. She's sleeps with me in my bed and she curled up with me and and and she's got such a woman. Leigh face about it like she's a young cat she's small and she's guys small. She small but her face is so wise. Like when that cat when you take picture. Look let's be honest when we take a picture of Charles's face. It's not like what mysteries lie beyond those I is that a is that a weird doll up it. He's like WanNa Charleston Charleston's face in looks like a state of Yeah no at all times my so cute. I feel like you're beautiful. Kitty baby has just just such a soulful gays does. So what about the naming process? I mean so so here. T- here you are as a single person independent person going forward and taking on a new life into your care and Hannah Ruth Galp I was GonNa say I think responsibility looks good on you buddy thank you so much. I really appreciate. That truly I you know surprised myself a little bit like Oh this is working out just fine. You know it shows that you are fully capable. I look when you have a someone in your. This is by pets and animals are so healing and so important is that this is like literal physical proof and evidence for you yourself to look at it and think. Oh I mean yeah I take care of things. I value. What's important. I do? Prioritize look at this life flourishing under my care I say as I completely ignore you meowing Charles. Okay let's talk about naming. Okay yes well as you all know. I had a long list of names that I think is on twitter. I really liked poppy. But when I took this kitty home she just seemed so a little bit dark and French and mysterious. Oh my God. The French are so dark mysterious. So yeah so. That just didn't really work. And then I was thinking like Morgan. The Fe like the Queen of the fairies but then stick and then I was listening to Fiona Apple in my car and I was like ooh feel fe-. Yeah so my kids name. It's fee Yona. Her phone name is Fiona Apple Cake Fiona Apple cake that just that name just fills me with such joy penetrates me very cold. I'm so happy that you have a companion during this time. Dude you know because video chatting is also really helpful. I did so I had a heart hate talking on the phone. I like talking on the phone to you. You call me and you hear me. You hear what it's like. Would you call me? I'm like what is it. Yes like I gotta go. Yeah because I got A. I'm not a phone. Chatty Cathy. I don't like I like to talk about things on the phone. Chitchat is not really something. It's not a strong suit for me. I love that about you buddy. They don't like the phone like to talk if it's like. Hey if you WANNA call me like hey I've been reflecting and I have something to say I'm like Oh yes I'm here to listen as companion. That's life but I don't know what to do and actually took me laurel learn. I feel because sometimes I o house like that plant that you got and you'd be like the plant is a plant fake. I'm sorry but I've got you know. I have twenty four hours a day in eighteen of them. I need to ruminate. So it's really cutting into my looking staring time. Hi Charles also knew that time. Look at this man boy honey. I'm just trying to podcast there. He's behind me now. That will say to him anyway so I. So what's so funny about this whole thing? Is that the amount of people who are face timing slash video calling me now so I was like. Oh my God. This is the horror of Chitchat. Two Point Oh one. I'm going to do a video call. What is this? But it's actually way better that way. Because then both people are focusing on talking to each other and so dealing really. You can't really multitask you kidding. And looking at each other exactly in dealing with like coping with coded dealing with this I found that like video calls and video conferences. I spoke to three of my siblings today on one giant group Chat Including Maxwell. My nephew and it was lovely dude. You've really inspired me. Because I I think I will Give that a try because I have not. I mean me and my parents are all shying weird as it is. We don't talk on the phone much anywhere but yeah and Oh my goodness okay. Little Sign News. I think I inspired my Mama. Because she got a kitty to be your new kid. He's such a handsome boy. His name is Silky Silky. Oh so she she. I've heard a lot of people right now. During this time are fostering animals because the shelters are going to have to really run down because there's only so many volunteers Cetera So I see these things circulating the Internet Foster Dog Posture Cat. Foster an animal during this time and I just want to put out one word of caution which is if you are someone who is prepared to foster animal. I encourage you to do so for us. Perhaps we could take on a third cat. But we didn't really stock up for three cats we stocked up for two cats. We had entertained the thought of getting fostering dog we thought about it. But what if that dog threw up on something and you don't know how your Kitty's would get along with. It's just a risky time. But if you're if you're capable of I do want to say that fostering and animal is a good way of coping with the loneliness that self quarantine etcetera can cause. But please please please please. Don't just do it because instagram told you. I mean wow I. We could get shirts. That say don't do it. Just because instagram told you and that applies to so many thing it does it re visiting Chernobyl really. What kind of ads are you being? Served actually speaking of ads. We'll be right back. Hey there your buds. Are you tired of having trouble sleeping focusing or relaxing if the answer to this is yes and then check out? Tm soft white noise sleep. Sounds podcast this hour long? Podcast is made to help. You get rid of distractions reduce stress. Relax and a better sleep. You can listen to the sounds of nature white noise relaxing music. And so much more. So make sure you check out. Tm soft white noise sleep. Sounds podcast on spotify or wherever you? Listen to your favorite podcasts. Now let's listen to this podcast Moi to. Hey everybody. It's me Hannah Height here to talk to you about a little thing. I like to call spotify. Or as you've seen on my twitter spooky duty if you guys don't already know I love music I love recommending music and I love spotify. Spotify is where I. Listen to all my favorite podcasts and follow what my friends are listening to plus it incorporates with instagram which is another one of my favorite things. So if you haven't done so already please be sure to download the spotify APP search for analyze on spotify like it favorite it save it or maybe you know. Go listen to other things in your library tab or anything like that. Also make sure you follow US handle. Is this so you don't miss an episode because our episodes are great right just like this one? Let's get back to it and we're back so okay I would. I would like to say these things that I'm making a commitment to do regularly while I'm at home like my commitment to poop every day I mean. Luckily I can literally play my Banjo while working like wild sitting at my laptop so I'm definitely going to be playing Banjo and I'm GonNa Gosh you guys. I realized on like three different Whatever's like profiles or something? I put like to go to paint and draw and I realized I have not painted or drawn literally in like six months man. You know I'm GONNA I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa you something that freed me K. I used to make writing part of my personality being like I like to write immed- liking to write is an aspect of my personality and the more I shared bat and said that the less I did it because I realized that writing for me was it an aspect of my personality. It's a part of my experience of life. Yeah Yeah I like that dude like I like thinking of it as a an experience rather than like a attribute or something and so I feel like for you. It's like playing Banjo Learning Banjo. That's your hobby. That's your that's your public place right but like I feel like if you do like to write and paint and draw. It's good to like have that being your private place to so you're not always feeling like you're failing what your own form of experiencing the world you can't you know what I mean. That kind of pressure right because I feel like because of the Internet because of creativity as commodity out there right now. Anyone who has that kind of way of experiencing the world feels like they have to modify it and put it out there and tell everybody about it continuously continuously and that sucks. I I encourage you to have some private time with your interests or not interest. I encourage you to have some private time with their own experience of the world. Like do it for you man or like not even for you do it with you. I guess what I'm trying to say. Dude I really like that. I mean that's such an important thing to say. Not just for me but literally forever human alive right now is like you can do things and not tell everyone about it. Literally do most of life once you know how many songs I have written lately about my little sad piano deliver. I know but like it's just for me. I sit there and I do some improvisational and nothing. And that's that man and I don't put on my profile like Hannah Hart musical genius like I know I am. I know you are. I know that right but like nobody else needs to know. Although I I am working on a piece now called the other side of this feeling that I don't know if it's I don't know what it's going to be but my I just I keep thinking that thought. I can't wait to get to the other side of this feeling. Oh Yeah Yeah you know. I A speaking of feelings. I'm feeling ely feeling I'm worried about the nation's extroverts me. I feel like it's usually into resume anyone checked on the extra like I feel like it's usually introverts living an extrovert world. And Right. Now it's world. Like what are they? What are they doing? I mean okay. I'll just to be perfectly honest being able to stay at home and not leave and not feel guilty about it. Guiltless in life I have literally ultimate happy stream to be able to stay on feel guilty and I do a little weird thing not because people's lives at risk. This is not like fun fun fun but I but right now we're talking about coping with covert and frankly plus I to me guilt. Free having time to just tend to my household ten to my family tend to my like just tend to my garden. Look man we were over capacity. Americans overwork themselves. We know that we operate at too high a level of production. So the fact that we're slowing down. I think it means we'RE GOING TO BE ULTIMATELY. My hope for this time is that we're slowing down to resume a healthier rate. God Word Snap snap snap like like so like plus one plus honestly my like. This is bad but I feel like what would be. Even worse is if after this things go back to the way they were. Because I don't think it's too. Yeah we can't we can't we can't we can't let go back to the way they were. You know your healthcare wise people people not having the ability to take seat sick. Leave hourly workers having no compensation for time off like we really can't let things go back to the way they currently are. I think I hope that this inspires change I'm a rather I hope that whoever's left on the other side of this are people that are motivated to realize how much of a community we truly are You know right like what's important and what's not even what's important. What like to all those things that were so busy and kind of mindless lead chasing all the time like then don't actually mean anything like I do now. I hear you man I hear you and now. It's a big wakeup call really. It is a big week. We forced slowdown. God Do we do this to me? My Motto Going Into Twenty was taking it. Small taking it slow. It was all about member I was saying like slow baticle. Oh yes oud faulk and power. I make the secret. Can I assume responsibility for this dude? I'm not a religious person but this is taking on divine proportions. Slow Baticle like I am excited to see how much co two emissions dropped to our. I know like the environment is like Oh cool. They're just at their houses that's nice the air. L. A. is so much cleaner. Did you see the waters in Venice? Yes yes I mean. That's another thing that is really good about this. Is it makes you realize like it's not like we have to all go live in caves but just slowing down a little. Bit Big impact. It really does. What makes me excited is that I hope fat people looking to now can see that we can still have the functions and the trappings of the lives that we love. But we don't have to do it at the cost of other human lives. We don't need to have such cheap products in such factory labor and such overconsumption overproduction and even on every scale of the economy people who are flying planes flying in planes to work all the time. It's a huge carbon footprint. I mean I really hope that people take a hard look at where we're at right now and figure out what to take with them as opposed to trying to restart a system that was already broken right and like what is actually necessary. What is actually necessary food and shelter? Kitty Kitty right food. Shelter Kitty Bro. Food Shelter Kitty. Kitty Twenty twenty. I was like before food. Shelter Kitty Twenty twenty. Before we go I would like to give a couple. Patriots shouts to some a couple of doubts and all of our patrons in our great listeners and soldiers eleven justice. Here's know that Hannah Galvani. During this time are working on our doodles our applications so shy be mailed. Don't worry viruses cannot live For more than twenty four hours on top of the surface of things so you are more than welcome to open this mail from us to you. If you haven't checked in on your Patriot account lately make sure you have. And you responded to any questions that have been asked. We are waiting for replies from people requesting doodles and affirmations etc. But just before I started this I here's eleven comments from our wonderful patrons and here. Is Our Patriot Fan Shoutout? Yes okay. Our first patron is Amanda Condon's she says I am writing poetry listening to podcasts and audiobooks drinking lots of tea and taking it one day at a time. It's always good to take it one day at attack I love. I Love Earbud Community Spencer Park shares. That they don't have the luxury of working from home. They have to work around people. Boo with five Os. Yeah Spencer Good. God bless your heart. I hope you stay safe. Yes absolutely next. One is Chris Onus Mus. He said doing pretty well myself. My wife has an extrovert however. And she's having a much more difficult time Yeah checked off the extrovert like thoughts and prayers to all extroverts and those living within course enclosed courts with extroverts because this is unprecedented unprecedented debt. Maybe give them a bobby like one of those kids toys. You knock it over and just goes back up. Amy Says I'm working from home but struggling not to get distracted. My cat insist on crawling all over my computer. I'm constantly hungry. Probably just bored and find myself endlessly scrolling through tick Tock. I feel lucky I have a roommate so I'm not getting too lonely. I need to go grocery shopping but that has always been an anxiety. Juicing thing inducing big even on a good day so for now. I'm living off what I have which is nutritious. But not very yummy amy. I think that you have brain like like ours. Yes and also remember to like we have to remember a lot of people working from home now have not worked from home before. It's not some seamless transition. Like you know there's a learning curve to doing it and having a great space in like maybe you're sharing with people and you don't like I just feel like no no one. None of anyone's employers should be like okay work from home now. Well good continue being a perfect employee and tell everything you're doing. Well everybody needs to be fucking flexible. Okay so go easy on yourself earbud. We truly are all in this together. And I know it's overwhelming to hear about what's going on in other people's lives and while I encourage you to maintain compassion don't fall into compassion fatigue and the only way to keep from falling into compassion. Fatigue is to make sure that you were focusing on what is in your control your household your home and your self so take the time to be selfish because there will come a time to be selfless. You'll want to be prepared for so much electricity in your body that can be expended year now. Yeah no no well. We have expanded our electricity here. if you'd like to support analyze this Go ahead and head do patriotic dot com slash analyzes. If you enjoy listening to this episode give us a like a thumbs up rate review its CETERA. And you can find me on the Internet Harto. Aj RT or Hannity on talk which is one of my favorite twitter at his. Gisele his little and be sure to go to the Podcast twitter At analyze pod As you know I'll be working from home. Which means all basically be on that twitter? So let's chat and talk about stuff Thank you so much for listening guys and only love you. We Love You. We love you. Hey you know what save yourself and each other?

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