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Or wherever you get your podcast coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter forward today and yes. This one will need a disclaimer. I've been watching his sister. We'll get into that. But i the nephew is here with today's prank. Phone call. which got for is nef we got. It just happens sometime days title. Adopt these white keyed b.'s. Okay let's go come on come on everybody. Let's go hello. Hello i'm trying to reach a valerie valerie. valerie listen. My name is key theme from giving you a call I'm sure you're aware that we're coming by tomorrow and We growing first of all i want to say. Thank you for being a part of Of this adoption thing for black history. We really greatly appreciate. Which do we want you to know that we Have you scheduled tomorrow that. We're gonna drop to caucasian kids off At your household and callow you gonna drop them off at my house. Right right Are you familiar with what's going on with colorful now. You're okay let me. Well wait a minute. Hang on your name has been submitted us that you are volunteering to take into carcasonne kids here during black history month and you're gonna teach them as much as you can about black history for week. They're going to be with you for seven days. How many rooms do you have in your apartment so we can make sure that the kids have adequate space. Can you tell me who submit my name. can you tell me Do you guys have a back door. So that you know there's an as an access I'm sorry where are you from again. I am calling from options. But i don't even know what i do need to know with. The kids have transportation. You have a vehicle. That is definitely your hours. They have transportation. I'm sorry you're asking me know. Who are you again. And money was kadena. I'm calling for without okay and hosts amid my whole submit my information. You have adequate space to accommodate. The children know hosts amid it. My name to say that. I was gonna take too much to more. Do you have adequate space and do you. Are you going to be happening enough food to you. Know for the for the kids. Because i have three children are trying to feed these three over here and no. I don't have enough food to feed to my children. Now you're calling me and hobos guys you my information i'm gonna ask you another time. How many bedrooms do you have in your apartment units. We can make sure that the kids are accommodated Properly now ring any kids to my house. i don't. I don't care know what color they are. And what you need submitted my information to you. Okay man let me ask you something. How long have you. How long have you been on your job. Okay what the well. Now your name has been committed non interesting tokyo about. Why can't i do not know no member don't when i saw that's okay. I don't have time. I like you pay. You can drop in what you know. What happened to him. Mother coming right when you drop them out there when you come back to him next week. Okay have you The somebody that has submitted your name that you don't mind volunteering to take you can take him to the post a minute my name to. I don't need ten hours a day. Take to whoever amiss. Obviously ma'am i work for the agency. Ma'am i'm i'm here to try and get these kids a great place to get educated and no thank you and take them to their on. I'm taking care. I'll tell you that i. I don't know exactly who submitted you name. All i know is that they said that you would be good as far as taking care of children in about black hist them. I don't you know. Like i said i'm working here. Adoptions and. I'm glad you watch for and i watch our day teaching about black history. Okay is is it a problem into more trouble than two caucasian children who probably don't know as much about black history beginning of our ten day i've got i'm trying to feed own. What are you what you take them. Children's have told you to bring him to make a doughnut. I'm not at liberty to give out the names of who exactly submitted your name. I might have liked sta. Bring some to get his white house tells you that that's what i don't have good names in front of me. I don't bring these kids tonight. i'd like. I said i don't know who told me that. All i know is scheduled to drop them off at ten o'clock tomorrow morning We'll kind of that when you come back together. I didn't sign up for the kids. Gimme the night by the person who tell you to bring me that. I do have the name in front of me. And actually i'm not at liberty to let you know who submitted your name all were to drive to kick off at ten o'clock tomorrow been asking. Can you sign me up the blame to. Why can't i don't even have a problem with the keita's bill right. They could be mexican asian. That's not the point you go into a name. I don't know that now you got to get you. Might they the mile ma'am. I'm scheduled to bring those kids over there at ten o'clock in the morning okay. Oh that's all you bring. Here's demise. I don't even care if they just ring komo kids to my house. Kyrie kyrie in the morning. This valerie okay. I have one more thing. I need to tell you about tomorrow. You listening. are you listening. You decide this his nephew tommy from the speed hobby morning show. You just got pranked by your coworker. Name the key. is you valerie. I got one more thing as you. What is what is the bad is and i'm talking about the ban. This radio show in the land. This team come on a few sun. King appeared as it hit spanning. I don't need to know how we know that has three kids already knew she made by. That's what we do know who mogo break. It may stupid. I got something new yacht here. I'm calling all singles. Finals choirs karaoke. Amateurs we want to hear. Your rendition of trump is gone record your own one minute version and posted a video to social media with the hashtag hashtag. Trump is going challenge. You might just win a chance to go live with me nephew. Tommy on instagram us. Our melody you'll own words be creative and have fun. We will announce the winner and go live on inauguration night. Pay fifth gone challenge. You can murder that hit for sure. Oh i see this. So i just wanna know you to get some of not right all right fun to do something fun what we need now. Some fun to do That window man. You really do you clean it wendy. You're looking at it. We gotta go thank you coming up next. I've been watching his sister strawberry letter up next. You're listening to morning show. Hey i'm gabby. I'm taylor i'm nika and we're the host of a new podcast called k. Don gals were just three flirty gals talking about all the fun and flirty ways that people expire like how three people died because of poodle. Basically this podcast is kind of like sex in the city. If they only talked about dead people join us as we laugh but mostly crime in the face of death. So listen to cadaveric house. New episodes out on wednesdays. Listen to cadaver gals on iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast my name is jamie loftus. And i'm here to tell you about my new show. Lalita podcast lolita. By vladimir nabokov is one of the most controversial works of all time and our culture is done. Its protagonist a huge disservice over the years. I've spent the last few months getting to the bottom of how america turn this young girl into sex simple and what that says about us. New episodes drop weekly on mondays. Listened to lead a podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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