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the Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista. As skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for the people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode at so nice to be sharing this time with you once again. I am sitting here today in Midland Texas with my friend Jimmy Butler the VP of Permian for Baker Hughes. Thanks so much for being with US Jamie. I Chris Great to be here. I'm so excited to talk all the fun and exciting changes at Baker and everything that's going on and you just recently had an an exciting trip Italy but before we get into our interview. I WanNa thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and colleagues. We truly have listeners. All over the world even in low France so thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate each and every one of you. I also would like to ask everyone to help our show out by taking a few minutes and leaving a review on itunes. I cannot thank you enough for doing this. We just recently had this fantastic review. They said Christopher's interview style brings out the best in her guests. Listeners brought into a conversation in which guests are allowed to be open about issues important to them professionally and personally krista interviews highlight the dichotomy between the hard scrabble oil business and the generous civically engaged attitude of the people who live in the Permian Basin. Wow thank you so much for those kind words. They didn't leave their names. O You know who you are. Whoever you are thank you so much I really appreciate you. Jamie thanks again for joining us. And congratulations on being nominated one of heart energies twenty-five influential women in energy for twenty twenty. How exciting was that when you found out. Oh just unbelievable. Almost had to pinch myself just wonderful nomination in recognition and even the class of women the other twenty four women in this twenty twenty s class so amazing talented and then even if you look at its third year so this is three years in the making. This has been going on and I looked at last year's twenty five in the year before that and it's just exciting to be in such a class in caliber of these amazing women of really truly. What an honor in that group and well-deserved. I have to say as well. I know that we visited before. But we WANNA get kind of. Everyone caught up with. Maybe they haven't listened to any of our previous podcast but tells a little bit about how you got an oil and gas and how you got here to the Permian all right so it's nineteen years. Though unbelievable. Last time we talked was eighteen years right so I've been in the Permian for about a year and a half now. Anna been with Baker used for nineteen years and nineteen years ago honestly. I just needed a job. So if you hear some of my podcast and speeches for her engagements that's really my story. I just needed a job right and I actually had not graduated from college yet and I was looking and Baker. Us hired me. I mean that is what you know going back in that time. Yeah you looked in the newspaper. It'll be. How did you find out that Baker Hughes was was hiring? Yeah I ran into. Actually my brother was coaching baseball. He was coaching tournament. Baseball and I ran into a leader Baker us and he asked me what I did and I said I was going to college and I was running a book warehouse Solo by myself while going to school and he said well have you thought about doing something different for your work and Baker. Use can help you finish out your degree so out. Yeah absolutely so actually interviewed for the first job. I didn't get it. And then that manager pass my resume onto another manager and said I think she'd be better fit for a role you have. I interviewed for that position. And yeah the rest is history so it was actually an administrative role so I started out at. I guess the bottom grade levels what we call them at Baker US and finished my degree and then I went into finance and then I went into marketing and then I went technology and then I went into supply chain and I finished my masters in supply chain management at Penn state going back and fourteen oversee park over a course of two years and then I went into manufacturing then I went to do field operations and then commercials so it was used doesn't at all crazy nineteen years and so a year and a half ago. I was in what we call our global accounts organization handling three of our largest accounts for Baker US across all product lines and an opportunity came to move to Midland Texas and leader Permian businesses. And I said yes absolutely why not. I mean this is the epicenter of oil and Gas. Right and I love your story. Because I've learned so many things just from hearing you just recap it even that first of all. If I don't succeed try try again right. Didn't get that I. I love for young women to hear that. Because sometimes you get that no one you think okay then this decision for me but you persevered and you were persistent and you kept going and then all these yeses then eventually led you to this. Vp position which is just incredible. Yeah it's amazing definitely when the bus pulls up you know. Don't turn it down so definitely get on the bus but at the same time if the bus doors shut you know. Think about what's that next bus that could pull up in. How can I overcome those challenges? And what can I learn and make myself better so I just think it's limitless possibilities and you just have to look at everything happens for a reason and you know when you fail or you make a mistake? How can you learn from it? And how can you move forward and turn that into an opportunity? Love that new definitely done that and then some let's talk a little bit about this one hundred th anniversary of the Permian which is a huge milestone an incredible to think of can you share what Baker is focusing on in the permian. Now yeah absolutely so we know that the Permian one hundred anniversary is a huge milestone for us. It's really exciting. To look back at the well that put us on the map in Nineteen twenty-three which was Santa Rita It produced for over seven decades. Which to me is like wow. That's amazing that a welcome produced that long but like the Permian Baker US also has over one hundred years of experience so I feel like that's what we bring to the table our legacy and our drive for innovation to the energy industry. You know obviously we bring all of that in a safe manner right. We protect our people the people island location in the environment. But at the same time I feel like a we can bring that expertise and knowledge to the well. Construction side in the production support side to support our customers to draw. Incomplete wells more efficiently. They can flow that I drew car- much sooner and they can also produce it longer and then the last pieces that were really focusing on energy transition and so how can we help our customers with that energy transition through either technology that we have today where they can take that flare gas and turn it into power and also is really to support our customers with our industries energy transition through the technology we have today so for instance how taking that gas and how we can turn it into power with our turbine technology and then any other technology that we can innovate and bring to the table to help. Our customers lower their carbon footprint. That's where we feel like this is going and how we can solve some of these challenges in the Permian but again. I'm going back to that foundation experience with well construction domain knowledge and expertise. We can deliver it and do it safely and efficiently for our customers here in the Permian. Fantastic let's talk a little bit about a conference. You just returned from in Italy yet. Yes how exciting was that very exciting? So acre uses. We have our annual meeting in Florence Italy and this was our twenty annual meeting in. It's always in Florence Italy. And what a fantastic being you to have an annual meeting. We had over seventeen hundred customers from around the world in attendance which is just phenomenal. Yeah it's unbelievable to bring that many customers together. This really isn't a conference where it's Baker used putting on our customers are the ones who are leading the monitoring the panels and we're talking about challenges and opportunities for our industry in this year's theme. We were really focused in on that energy transition and how we're going to come together to solve those challenges for industry which digital to. That was a a big theme as well but at the same time not only do we have those panels. We actually have a solution share so all of our technology is on display many of us that get to go internally you know it would take us probably a whole year to go and tore all the different sites around. Baker used to get that knowledge. That's in our solutions fair. So all of the technology that we have coming out is on display and we actually presented on Permian in Lawrence. Yeah you think it's wild to you. Go all the way to Florence to present Permian and share across the world but our presentation was on remote drilling and how we've been able to gain efficiencies with one of our local customers here through remote drilling and so many customers asking questions while I'm glad you said that I was GONNA ask. What was the number one question that people from around the world were asking you about the perm. Yeah well and that was it. How are you doing this? How are you working with your customer? And our customer actually presented with us so the rest of the customers got to hear our customer and how we worked together to stand up the remote center for them and how we've removed seventy five percent of our people off the field location and how we've been able to gain efficiencies and how we've been able to reduce in bt and they're all sitting together in a remote center so we're bringing their team members are team members and we're sitting off location and were drilling better wheels than we've ever drilled before and a lot of the customers wanted to know. How did we get there? What was the transition and we broke it down into phases and they really really learned from. Okay I can take this and I can implement it in my operation. I Bet I mean that is just incredible for them to hear that firsthand from you from your customer and seeing the fish. Nc because seventy five percent. You said you've taken us off location. That's a huge. When you think of the number wise you'd have some usually here. Ten percent fifteen percent bright seventy five percent. What has been the customer benefit that you've seen from that. So the standardization has been he but obviously safety right. I mean I think that's number. One is were removing people off. Location out of harm's way but the second benefit is the standardization between all of the rigs. That were that were operating. We're able to share lessons. Learned across the RIGS EASILY. Because we're all housed in that same remote center and in collaboration so when we see something going on were right there together and we can figure out. How do we mitigate? How do we overcome the challenge? And then we share that with the POD next door because they set up in pods for the different rigs and then we can have one directional driller looking over multiple rigs not just one rig and so again he can optimize across those rigs as well so one would think you're taking someone off location. How is that going to to work? But what we've seen is surprisingly better performance because we're able to collaborate and standardize across and really using technology to your benefit absolutely. Let's talk a little bit about technology because of there have been so many different cycles in this new energy cycle of course brings more technology and better ways to do things how has this been at the forefront of your transformation at Baker Hughes Aso. I mean obviously. We recently announced that. We're an energy technology company. Which is you catch yourself going when folks ask you about Baker US many of service providers say Oh were oil and gas company. What's really exciting about Baker? Using in our path forward is that were an energy technology company. We are helping our customers solve some of the greatest challenges as we move through this energy transition reduce the carbon footprint in our impact on the environment. And you know I feel like we have that technology in our portfolio. Not just again when we talked about earlier. The wall construction piece in the production piece. But we bring that expertise to utilize the natural gas and other ways and also measure methane. Yeah we have the sensors in the technology through our Avi toss our drones to measure methane emissions. Help our customers figure out where they're leaks are and how to solve those issues so again. It's just having all of that in our portfolio. Not just the wall construction and production. Is I think going to be really key for us as we move forward wonderful you mentioned challenges because I whenever group of people come together we always try to learn from each other right and you mentioned that in Italy. You talked about challenges. What are some of those challenges that you see moving forward in twenty twenty that we could all help each other out with and help overcome those challenges because I think as a business leader as a business owner? We want overcome the challenges that what do you see? Yes I think for the Permian in particular. One of the biggest challenges we're going to have to overcome is the fact of all the gas that were flaring and I. I covered that last year in podcasts. So they get the last number. I looked at was seven hundred. Mcs Per Day that we're flaring people who are not familiar with our industry when they see that or they're flying into the permanent night there's a very negative perception about our industry and to be honest with you. That's waste you know. But in some cases it's it's more efficient for our operators to flare than to use it and so we WANNA be that solution provider in collaborating with our customers to see. How can we take that and use it whether it's for a FRAC as which we talked about last year or is it for actual power and selling back to the grid and when we look at the Permian infrastructure for power there are large gaps in the grid and we can solve those gaps in the grid through utilizing natural? Gas into our turbines improvised infield power for our customers so me I really do. Think the Permian 's biggest challenges the fact that we've got to change that perception that we can show that we are reducing our carbon impact environment and that we are bringing energy to the world you know in a safe efficient manner that's environmental friendly you know and we all need energy right not to solar and wind because those will not tell the gap spoil gases a critical component of how we move forward and providing energy to the world. And I think when you're outside of the oil gas world you just don't realize how much energy use every day. I can't remember which podcast it was interviewing. Someone in they pointed out exactly everything in this room what comes off of energy and I just thought you know when you're not in oil and gas directly say you know when you're growing up you just don't think that way but the older you get the more you learn and the more that you're here's especially in the Permian if you're new to the area you realize just how much the world needs it and to be able to provide that energy to the world. It truly is remarkable. When you think about it is and that's something I feel like we're going to focus on this year for our employee base is to. How can we efficiently used energy? We feel like if it's not a habit at home then it will not be a habit at work now. We do have a lot of that technology already within our facilities of the automatic lights. You know the motion detection lives but again that's not everywhere right so we're really going to campaign and roll out. Term employee base be efficient at home be efficient at work conserve as as best as possible. Sore not impacting the environment and the second pieces. The recycling right recycling difficult to do here midlan and very difficult. It's a challenge if you don't make the effort that's right so simple things like we don't have the recycling pickup at our facilities. But what we're GONNA do in. Some of our offices is volunteer a rotation to take those recycles to the recycle center so in everybody raised their hand. When we came up with that idea. Oh count me in. I'm going to go on that rotation so nice you know. It may be a challenge for us to get some of the things done here to make those changes where were thinking about our environment. But you'd be surprised at how passionate our employee basis to step in and say you know what maybe we don't have that ability to have someone come and pick up. Are you know plastics right? But you know what we sorted out. I will volunteer to take it. So that's how we're going to solve and overcome. But maybe one day. We'll actually have a recycled pickup here. Midland we'll hope. Let's keep pushing for it. We can do it. And you'll kids are so good you know if you get kids going on something so encouraging them at a young age was going to ask you there any other tips that you can do as a family at home you mentioned of course if we go and recycle and drop off the light switch is is there anything else that we can do in our daily lives and get the kids involved because like I said they can be our biggest reminders champions because sometimes if I forget something I'll tell my youngest remind me of that. Yes they're on it. They'll remember in when they know something's important like this. They will encourage the family to do so. Yeah I'm seeing that lease with my children and the younger generation. They are very passionate about the environment they are in so they are kind of that gatekeeper as well recently. Just plastic bottles. How many water bottles do we go through in one of my son said? Why don't we have more water bottles? That are reasonable. And that's what I want to put my y water and but the second piece is also we adopted area here keep Midland beautiful and so getting my boys out there to help with cleanups I think is really important. And what's fun to watch as we go do that? But then they go out and clean up around Lee high school on their own right without being asked and they said well you know we're going to go and we're going to clean up Because this is unacceptable to me. That's just wonderful to see when the kids start caring about the environment as much as we all. Should you know when they started young age? It's just going to get better and better. And as they grow up and it's leading by example right they see me turning off the lights. They see me being conscious of our water usage. Because we know water here in the Permian you know it's not the greatest quality right and so we need to make sure we're conscious of that as well so we all do our part. Yes that's right absolutely. Let's talk a little bit about the ups and downs of the oil and gas businesses. We know we've seen some. Pretty fluctuating lately dislike today? We're below fifty dollars a barrel and so how as a company leader. How do you talk to your employees about that? And how do you? You know not get too worried. I guess I should say when you see the fluctuating price. Yeah I mean I think for us. It's been interesting over the last year to see that. A lot of activity that were seeing whether it's up or down is not based on commodity prices and it's really about our customers producing within cash flow and so really getting our workforce educated around that the ups and now that we're seeing aren't so much to do with the commodity prices. It's more about the health of our customers. The health of our business. And how do we manage through that one of the messages that we continue to you know make sure employee base knows here in the Permian is that we're greatly insulated from a lot of that because we are the epicenter of oil gas when we saw the activity this year in the other basins you know. Come down rapidly. We did see some activity. Come down here in the Permian but not nearly as much as some of the other areas so I think we we mentioned lash permeates the place to be it is and so we really stick to that message with our employee base. We make sure that were being as productive as possible as lean as possible as efficient as possible. So we're not impacted so much. Were more face with some of those up and downs in the business. Because we know we're in oil and gas but one thing I can't say as we have seen it stabilized And I think we're going to start to see more stabilized. Were not predicting some you know. Big crazy boom but it's nice to see kind of destabilization of activities and we're still we're still forecasted to meet our production targets for the Permian Basin so even though we've seen recount come down in commodities. Come DOWN. We still feel like this market is very healthy. And it's going to be a primary focus for us as we move forward and you know were committed to make sure we have all the people the products and services to stay in this market and you help it or get to those us. Production targets of five billion barrels per day fantastic. Yeah I know that mentoring women in the oil and gas businesses important to you. How do you see women progressing in this industry because it seems to me just being here in the Permian over twenty years I have seen more women in oil and gas? And I'm like yes. Go go go. It's exciting. So what would you say to any women that are thinking about going in oil and gas and where do you see them progressing? Yeah we'll one is. Don't be afraid. It's wonderful industry. I've had surrounded myself with just some amazing people have met. Some great friends even had family members work in the industry so one just don't be afraid to enter it and I think we're also making that transition to so you may enter into the oil and gas industry but ten fifteen twenty years you're going to be in the energy industry so I think you have so many different opportunities to move when you enter in. I don't regret coming into oil and gas. It has just been like I said you know. Just a phenomenal experience. One of the with the heart energy award. That was a question that I was asked in for me personally. I grew up with a learning disability. And so I was behind a lot. I couldn't read and couldn't comprehend a lot of. It was a struggle for me and I had to go to special classes all the way up through middle school and I struggled even into high school. I still struggled. I did make honorable but I felt like I had to work five times as hard as everyone else to be able to understand the content that I was being presented. What was my learning style and I really struggled with that but getting into oil and gas allowed me to touch and feel and so I think it's a great opportunity for women to get into an industry where they can get their hands dirty and they're going to be surrounded by people who will help them learn and that was my case and so. I don't think I ever realized that until looking back. And that's when my learning accelerated because now I'm able to be in the field or able to be in a manufacturing plant arm able to look at a financial statement and put it in real world terms and touch and feel it and understand it and that's when I learned that I'm a visual hands on learner. I am not. I'm not a test take. I'm not good at taking tests with you and I think that's a good point to bring up because I think it so often times in school with kids that this is you know and not all school because you know there's some fantastic schools that are teaching to the child and night to the test. But if you are not a test taker and you are a visual learner. And you've got to do it yourself. You know the traditional type schooling might work in that. I was right there with you and struggled in those areas as well. And it's like when you learn. You're learning capability. The Sky's limit. And I think that that's an important point to bring up two young men and women that you're not excelling in this might not be because Oh. I'm just not good at math or I'm just not good at science. It could be the way that you're going about learning and so try different method. I love what you did and you know showing the hard work will definitely pay off. It's just you have to find the way that you work right. Not everybody else spoils. Gas Can really give you that opportunity to like. I said 'cause you'll be surrounded by people who want to show you want to help you in nineteen years. Just some phenomenal mentors coaches people who showed me how to put tools together how to install nozzles how to. Jeddah Bit Your Company. Men who welcomed me out onto their locations who let me climb up and down the rigs asking all kinds of questions and if it weren't for that. I don't know where I would be right now but this industry is very open and they will help you to learn anything all you have to ask the questions. Don't come in and I guess that my last Parkas Spiel earn at all not a nodal. Just come in and ask a lot of questions and no matter. What male female. They will be absolutely thrilled to show you exactly how things are done. I think that is so true in the Permian. Everyone wants to help everyone out. That is one of the beautiful things about Oliver residents. It's not a me me me. It's Oh yeah how can I help you but I also love what you said. Be a learn at all not a note. All speaking of I always love to know what you're reading. So what are you reading these days? So I'm actually reading a book called A. Multipliers. Okay so it acres right now. We're really focusing on growth mindset versus fixed mindset so how can you think about things in a growing mindset versus a fixed mindset the way it's always been done and I looked at growth mindset researched it and I found a book called suppliers. And it's really about how leader helps that environment. How can I facilitate an environment where I am allowing all my people to innovate and create in? Think of big ideas. You know where they're not afraid to take risks and they're not afraid to bring new ideas to the table so creating that atmosphere where you're producing that growth mindset and they're able to almost like a fail fast environment where. I can make a mistake. I can learn from it but there could be a very very big awesome idea. Come out of everything so the book is in really really a good one for me. It kind of plays into my leadership style. So I've enjoyed reading so I recommend any leader to go out or you know anybody who's wanting to learn more about growth mindset and how can you get your organization to multiply that that growth mindset? Great I'm getting get. I love that. Let's talk about what you're looking forward to the most right now and this could be anything just in life. What are you looking forward to next? Ooh What am I looking forward to? Well my oldest one can get his permit next Monday so you get to take one less taxi route off. Yeah Hey hey watch out. Midland. I'm going to have a learner on the road next Monday. So that's exciting really. I think what I'm most excited in. Any of these. What motivates me? It goes right back to the theme throughout our discussion today. Which is where we going as industry How are we going to solve? Some of our greatest challenges in are impacting the environment reduce our carbon footprint in water recycling. I mean these are the things that really motivate me and I'm passionate that keep me going and excited to see you. Think about all the things. We've innovated over the last ten years about all the things that we're going to innovate in the next ten years through as we transition into this new world and we're really thinking about how we're impacting the environment so awesome and finally what do you want your legacy to be in this oil and gas business. I'm here serve so in my nineteen years in if I look fast forward. Ten Years and fifteen twenty years from now that it was really about servant leadership that. I've always been willing to help and serve anybody no matter who you are where you came from. And that's the way I was raised and it's the way that I live life everyday. Is You know who can I help today? I really passionate. You treat everyone as their number one than your business will be number one and the people that are surrounded by you in your life or number one so I think my legacy would be if people look back and go you know. Jamie was a servant leader. She served and help others grow. Because you know I find satisfaction in seeing other people. Succeed so whether it's personally professionally. If someone gets that job that they've been wanting for the last year you know. They set their sights on it. Or maybe it's a car. I don't know maybe something tangible than they set their mind to about a lot of guys want boats or guns whatever. Whatever it is that they've said I want to accomplish whether it's professionally or personally when they're able to you know do that like last year. It was Leeann when he scored that that time basket- basketball game last year. So when you see someone worked so hard and they accomplished their goal. That gives me like gratification. It's just amazing. I think you already living that legacy now. If you asked anybody they would say you do that already. So job well done. Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Today I really have loved learning more and I feel like we could talk another half hour forty five minutes to hours. But we're out of time already. Can you believe it went by that fast now? Is there anything that we didn't get to talk about? I was asked us at the end because I wanna make sure you got to say everything you wanted to say. Is there anything else that you want to share with our listeners? Yeah I think the last thing I'd like to close with is I mean. Obviously we talked about Baker using our new brand that were in energy technology and that we're bringing energy forward what I'd really like to share our values miss what we're going to live and breathe every day with our employee base. Banner customers are forced to core value as grow so we see challenges and opportunity and we learned from that every day the second core value is lead we make event and perform with impact and then the third is collaborate inspire be inclusive and bring out the best in each other and care is the last one do the right thing always for our customers. Our people and the environment. I think these speak to everything I've really covered today. They resonate with me. They resonate with our employees and our customers. And I'm really really excited about how we're going to grow leading collaborate and care and say it sounds like your personal core values as well as your love that. Jamie thanks again. I really appreciate sharing this time with us and of course Baker Hughes everywhere on all the social media platforms. They can go to Lincoln facebook website. If you'd like more information about Baker Hughes absolutely and follow me on Lincoln and you'll get to continue to see our wonderful permian journey here with bakeries wonderful. Thank you Jamie Shade you. It's now time to announce today's community. Mvp and the community. Mvp is night to shine this past weekend. Stonegate church also along with mid cities church. They were one of over seven hundred churches across the country to host an incredible night. It's a night where area adults with special needs. Enjoy a prom night and once they and they did this at stonegate fellowship. They partnered with the Tim. Tibo Foundation to host a night to shine prom and over. Two hundred area dolts. Were there dancing the night away? They were even crowned kings and Queens. And there were so many volunteers and partners. That helped make this amazing night happened. So it's very special. Thank you to all of the volunteers. What a beautiful thing and of course a a special. Thank you to the Tim. Tebow foundation fantastic and that concludes our edition of Permian Perspective. Special thank you to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective Baker Hughes as we mentioned earlier recently launched new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand and has an energy technology company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet. And they're doing that every day right here in the Permian Basin so thanks again for joining us. Remember my mottos dream big believe in yourself and never give up you make it a great day. Hey Everybody Alex era the events on deck for February. We do not have any. Oh Gee happy hours in February but we do have an exciting event coming up in Pittsburgh. This'll be our first happy hour there in March and it will be taking place on March twenty fifth. The location is to be determined so be sure to follow us on facebook linked and or twitter to keep up with those announcements and to purchase tickets the Houston. 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