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So Donald Show. ESPN LA. Brian Kevin Eski Ben Lyon excited in part. Because when you follow Steve Mason you get the tall chair. Steve Likes likes to sit up high. And be a bigger and loftier than everyone else. which makes sense you? Also it's very on brand. You're also projecting rather powerfully Intel that the headphones are turned up to Mason volume. So I turned I turned way down. I'm just I'm trying to energy. They say entered. They preach energy here. Yeah Foot like Oh God you. Yeah Steve It is completely deaf So I'm wait taller than you. I feel like like I'm doing an episode. We're like a talk show or like I'm Colin. Coward is one of those. It's one one of those two things so I'm going to fix that during the day. Get the memo of rocking the ski. Because it's Kinda cold out so far. Blood is thinned out here on the West House freezing jacket. I wrote the metro down here. I took a photo and send it to my parents like look. I'm on the train the wintertime. Well it's also too it's like it's cold in the studio it gets really. There's no real good temperature. Control neither blazing hot or freezing cold so I bring I bring a Hoodie when we work in July. I bring a outside even in the plaza. Just now it's it's freezing and I guess that's because there's a clipper game in town and there's just no energy you down there. There's no one there I love. The clipper see like this is. This is funny. Because like the Lakers Lakers lose lose last night in against Orlando One nineteen eighteen heskey magic. They've you know what the magical match if you are someone out there. WHO's like Lakers? They don't have the the tiger they lost to the sub five hundred team the Orlando Magic Orlando's actually the six best team right now. Defensively in the entire league. They've been I think net rating over the the last like five ten twelve games or so some tweeted this out today in the top five. Play today to be in the playoffs. They would and I think they were in the playoffs last year. They were they they. They have played played better than their record. So if you yes. The Lakers finally lost a game to a sub five hundred team but they lost to a a good sub five hundred team and eventually you lose a game to a team that you're not supposed to lose to that happens absolutely incredible that on January fifteenth. We're sitting here saying. Oh Wow. They've only lost one. One game once should have fun and keep in mind folks. They had that's remark. They hadn't lost since Christmas and I understand that was clippers. You know there's these games but like you don't win every game. I I know you sound like an apology and say you know. He can't can't win them all like the guys in the locker room and I really can't win them all which but like you you can't you don't win a nobody. No team has ever eighty to know and the last time the Lakers lost was was Christmas. They've had multiple win streaks four win streaks now of seven games or better it's mid January. They've had four of those don't i. I'm not here for your. How do they give away a game against Orlando hot? Takes Aches up here today because they lost the game tour land. No and I'm saying wow. There are mass they lost it owns Orlando and when Anthony Davis didn't play Anthony. Davis didn't play. Do you have a timetable. He is They did not practice today. He's GonNa have to practice for place. They didn't practice today. They are scheduled to to practice tomorrow before they fly to Houston It would not shock me if that practice was canceled particularly if Anthony. Davis Davis isn't going to participate He I would be surprised if you played Saturday I'd be surprised as well than if he played. They'd Monday again. Because there's if he doesn't play Saturday you need another practice. They got to go to Boston. There's not a practice day in there for him to get on the floor so I think you know. Maybe you're looking at the New New York Games. You know back back in New York on Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday in their practice their if they play right and maybe he can get enough run in shootarounds and this and that healing up but I I'm surprised trip and the right afterwards. There was talk of him not going well but it was a it was a good sign that he went in any way. But I don't understand the point of it. I think to the people doing therapy therapy is for that other than like rub some dirt Donovan Salve. I mean is there a salve for that do people still uses healthier. If you're if you're so I asked you a timetable and we still don't have in your idea but the would you take anything of course if he misses eight games for this. It doesn't really matter especially since the Lakers ardy stole you know the the game in Dallas. Where eighty didn't play in the thunder thunder game where they both didn't play and then they want a couple of like it's okay? The only thing that has maybe worried a little bit about last night. Is Cow Acoustic once again. Yeah we're going to talk about how crews from take a deep inhale there and now in deep exile. I spent a lot of time talking about calm and now we have a lot talk from a fish net shirts. You see the movie meteor man. I did one of these seven people who looks like one of the bad guys in meteor. Man He's He's he's working on personal style. I'm not a huge fan of the hair game. How does last night's performance fit into the personal style Lavar? So I'm I'm much more concerned about the personal style on the floor and he didn't play. Well I know he had seven assists which is nice to see playmaking Kuzma something but like his job is to get out there and put up some buckets and be comfortable in that scoring role and another thing. He has not done that well at four points the other night. I mean that's my my point has I'm not gonNA come in here and nobody should should be like. Oh my God they lost the magic. Because you can't win the same way he goes for thirty something and you go. Oh who's back. He's fine. No nothing is. WHO's your alcs no no and down in the Bronx Ad Round Oklahoma but also institute though? You can't do that. That's not gonNA come up here after the game. I think that's a fair exchange with US Angela. The flip side of that is too. It's like I wrote about this with letting my brother and I talked talked about our podcast which we did. We actually talked about this with the one that came out on Monday. And we've got another one coming out today with Alex Caruso Jumps to fourth and all star voting voting you re recorded emergency podcast It doesn't matter if Kouzmouk scores thirty-six Lebron eighty don't play we all know like in theory. He's a good score. And Yeah you train them to another trade of Sacramento trade him to Orlando Trade them somewhere where you know Minnesota whatever it is could he become a twenty point night guy. I I would. I would count it in the same way that I would say you. Trade Brandon Ingram. Yeah you could become an all star. It doesn't matter what these guys do. Where you trade them? What matters is what can you be here and the evidence right now? Is that Kuzma in this role doesn't work and the problem is yeah you could give him time to figure it out. But he's the only trade ship they have. They played another forty games of this and then he kind of struggles in the playoffs and he's not finishing finishing games. You know fourth quarters. He's on the bench like he was last night. Three telling you know what coaches think a player who's playing and win and Kuzina sat in that fourth quarter. So if if you get another you know forty something games plus the playoffs. And he's not now the he's the only real trade chip they have a now devalued so their long term from considerations here it's not just like instant like panicked reaction trading. cousy gotTa know whether or not you have a a rising asset or depressed asset. And you don't want wanted to be depressed. And it's tough to figure out Brian if he can fit alongside Lebron in a D if eighties not on the floor or if the bras on the floor. Or if when they're both out he goes thirty six. You believe Oh okay. Everything's fine here. You want to see him out there. Playing at a high level with the Lakers Ron. It's guys it's got to be. What does with these guys doesn't matter? It doesn't matter and can you figure that out before the deadline to get something four him or if you can't figure that out by the deadline and you have them in. That's what you're going with towards May and June. Is that what you do what you do. What do you do? That's what we'll ask next Sodano. Show Brian KAMINSKY LIONS FILL IN ESPN LA ESPN LA Branka. Manetzky a not indicates. He Austin and again I know but we did. We did a podcast today. So I'm just used to that intro slide from one thing to another. NFL lived in entire life together. We know yeah he was there. And what's here Steph. Curry and all star votes. Did you miss this. He is soaring up the Western Conference leaderboard among guards like the Eagle that he is now. I remember back in the day when you could punchout all-star votes before they went online. Yes I went with my buddy from high school to. Oh McDonald's and we tried to collect all to vote Bryant Reeves into the All Star game. This is our mission country. I must have punched out like six thousand. I was my favorite thing about going to baseball. Small Games when I was a Kid Punch Punch Punch find a cardinal punt hard on this movement for Brian Reeves. Right didn't make much headway now. It's inspiring that twenty five years later you can make some noise with Caruso in the All star voting. I'm just surprised on the steps of it. All because yes he hasn't played but staff has that that loyal following. And here's the thing it's a these are I think fraught times for our democracy and when you see Alex Carusi when you see America and the world quite frankly. This is a global event. Get together and say. Alex Caruso needs to be higher in the all-star. Let's let's do this. Democracy like it makes me feel better about the World January like he also tells me that people get it. If you're one of these people but the senator the All Star game then you can't have Alex Caruso there we talk about shut up. I hate you. What happens uh-huh if we all really get behind this and it really becomes a movement and he does not only pass Russ and Stein? He's fourth he's forth right now right. What if he's undeniably number one? Great make it go. The the media would see it's only voting's only fifty percent and then the media because we suck wouldn't and let him in the game now this to me is how Yao got in back in the days that Yao will give voted in because there was a right voting floating everything everything Joshua Pachulia rule when Joshua got when warriors fans just for on a whim and like probably hackers figured out how to do it. I wish this recall call. The primaries tried to the primaries I understand like we talk about all star Games like hall of fame and the guys get their bonuses a fine. I guess if if Alex Caruso gets in theoretically deserving what add another player if Alex Caruso got an out of fifteen I don't care we're talking about a game that is is like one hundred eighty eight two hundred eighty three where nobody plays defense until the fourth quarter where they pick teams at center court. It's like it's it's the all all started. It's a it is an exhibition. It is supposed to be fun and if you take this too seriously you suck and you're the problem I think Alex Caruso doesn't WanNa play any I'm sure he doesn't but that's an Alex Russo problem. He might love this. I've he's really uncomfortable. I'm sure he's uncomfortable. But I would imagine on some level he appreciates the love that Laker nation showing him in this part of the process. I think if you actually usually think about it and he had to parade himself out there in Chicago as an all star he would be miserable and mortified upset about but I will say the the it genuinely no. I think you're right and all in all seriousness. By the way the opinion that I'm talking about here is Michael. Thompsons Michael Thompson is the person who says he doesn't shouldn't be there. The sanctity of shut up Michael a national treasure otherwise but desperately wrong on this issue I will say though it is giving people an opportunity when you actually take a look at it Caruso a real basketball player I last week. At least I haven't looked at it this week number one in the NBA and fourth quarter plus minus Caruso. I wouldn't have brought it up otherwise that's but that's speaks volumes. I think to your Kyle Kuzma problem in the last segment. He sat on the Nice Nice win type back in. Because I'd forgotten what we tease. He sat on the bench in the fourth quarter. Last night. CRUSOE's clearly been playing a lot in the fourth quarter not to say that they're the same aim position or the same note or whatever but it shows you caruso down the stretch Vogel knows. He's one of my four. And if eighty and Lebron are healthy then all of a sudden you've got fewer spots for Kouzmin some nights you're gonNA play the big you know if you're GonNa have some you want Dwight on the floor next to you who whoever might be jovial. Very active There's no guarantee that WHO's GonNa play like that was in our head the death lineup. You get out there Lakers have their closing lineup with. AD playing small ball all center. Lebron of power forward Coosa three in whichever Danny Green in whichever guard you you pick. Oh and if it happens to be Caruso 'cause he's turned into this rape player right and I think Rhino Laker like analytics. honks like go back and look at it last year and we're maybe a little skeptical like the Avery Bradley. Signing people like me you go back into like Caruso had a really really positive effects small sample size certain things can't do kind of limited as a player he's bald. You know all of these. You Know Bald White Guy. You know there's all that in there but but he's a really effective player like I get it. You play fourth quarter minutes with Lebron in a D. Your plus minus should be pretty good on a thirty three win team Mo Williams Williams was an all-star ones playing Lebron. But you don't get to be first on that list a without being on the floor and be without making contributions. He's a real player. I thought for a long time he was the equivalent of when you graduate college and your friends. I'll have their first apartment. And they decide to have their twenty two twenty three years old and say let's have a dinner party and they make food and just that actor is the celebration of being like we did this as grown. We made food. You Eat the Burger the salad lettuce a couple of days. It's not good right. I for a long time. I thought Caruso was just like we made ate food. Wow He's an NBA player. He's his great story right. worked his way through all that but now I think he's a little more than that now. He's actually a delicious meal now. He's actually like wow. Maybe maybe you'd have a future in the restaurant business as you figure out your life. Twenty two year old is is that a that goes to the nickname. It's easy he's no longer the Bald Mama. He's now a delicious meal. He he really is Caruso. Does he have enough nutritional value to win a championship of health. No healthy champion. I think I think the guys. He's got a place now where he's going to play in this league for like ten years Corollas legit career so your question in about the best player championship team. Nobody you were worried about the last segment about. What's the long term with coups MMA? Can he fill this roll here to make them a championship team. Maybe I'm not as concerned about that if I have a delicious meal in front of me that that's I agree with you. We'd like the template we didn't do this. We'll do it now. We have to get back to this. Jose altuve stuff. Because it's so much fun if you've been if you if you've been a little short short on the The news today coming out of the Houston Astros cheating scandal. It's gotten really awesome so we'll make sure we get to that Soon but we will solve solve. This Kyle Kuzma problem next. Also want to remind you to be there live at the Great Western Forum. That's right the form on Saturday January. Twenty fifth for Bella Torch Store to thirty eight when Chris cyborg. One of the most successful mixed martial artists in history makes her ballots or debut against Baladora featherweight. Champion Julia Abud get your tickets. Now at ticketmaster Ben Lines. Brian Kamm in inskeep filling in for the Sodano man. That's right Giordano Donald Show. ESPN LA sound of of what the the Houston astras were doing in their dugout. It was bang right but the sound was from my George Sodano early. The Days in Miami like watching the sunrise psychically. He's he's still like turned into like one of the great deejays of South Florida. The right to nightclub in his house opened his house. Do you charge a cover for that. And he's saying all over the World Sugar Free Radio Radio Ronnie Siklie for those of you are not familiar with the Syracuse Center. Who went on to play for? Miami played New Jersey long distinguished career Solid in time in the eighties and nineties. When like big guys playing David Robinson every night and Kareem using real? Deal the real deal. He's now one of the biggest he gets house. deejays in the world. I've seen just chain smoking playing house music like I never saw him in Greece or anywhere. Like that it's only in Miami but yeah I love random like second axe for NBA players. The late great Wayman Tisdale had a great career playing the bass phenomenal. -sition I love second acts for athletes. That are just very different. Feeling he was probably pretty good while he was playing. You don't learn that when you're gonNA become like virtual go on. Yeah you're like every we even probably brought his base with him. Everywhere he went and like everybody L. Lobbies in Milwaukee when the Kings were on East Coast Road trip that women to jail just like held quaysides. They say it's like Milwaukee you find like like this guy plays over. Here's a concert pianist. You forget that sometimes you the just cause they devote their entire lives lives to one sport or like a lot of these guys are really good at every prodigies across everything. I think one of the slept on events of all star weekend that needs better placement and coverage is the talent show Turner. Does it on Saturday afternoon. Even know that was her and her does it on Saturday. A talent show how in show. It's not live live. It's all prerecorded segments that guys do some of them paint others play the piano others play the flute and they do it at Saturday Saturday at like three in the afternoon before all star Saturday night. I think there's needs to be a full on. MBA talent show. I think that should be overtime like instead of instead of actually playing an extra five minutes you have you got like two or three guys on your bench gotta be able to play a little bit but they also have to have like a talent talent. clean-cut Max deal because he can juggle right. Chainsaws beat that if you're a fourteenth guy who can like. I knocked down a three and has an act. Boris diaw could have extended his career with his knowledge of or just like you. The you know the ability to make like foam pictures on top of the army. So yeah I'm I'm all into that idea as a as a way brand Kaminsky Ben Lions filling in for Sodano with baseball. We Are we're we. Let's let's wrap up coups here for a second and then we'll get to cheat because the the Lakers is this. The only thing like we talked about on one of the categories for the mid season checkup was biggest disappointment. And you can come up with like you know avery. Bradley had a rough month. You know Rondo hasn't been great but like what were you expecting out of avery. Bradley and Rajon Rondo. Danny Green's been like okay. Hasn't he's has not been Toronto. Danny Green has been more like the last two or three years in San Antonio Danny Green relationship or understanding of what kind of player Danny Green is blurred. Because he's never average more than eleven points. A game right career. Because he's but he's Sean Forty five percents right but you know him of every May and June from hitting big shots and run game so you think I think maybe he's a little better than the act and he's been a huge reason that the team is a top five team defensively so it's like he's been okay you'd like to see that. Three point percentage above forty and. It's it's a weird like thirty nine. It's a weird thirty nine where he's like six for ten one night and like to for his next eleven and like this is not. Ah The only real disappointment on. This team is calculable like you can't. That's the only one. There's nowhere else to look everybody else's either doing exactly what you would expect them. MM do or you're like Hey Casey p Howard's white how young NBA player. He's loved by the crowd. The crowd owed loves Dwight. Howard think about that so every year you're right every single player office Angeles List? Yes every player on the team has performed as advertised or exceeded except for who's macos walkers and is that a big enough issue of concern or are you sitting here in January just nitpicking. Because they've been fantastic. have far outplayed. Everyone's expectation expectation even people who predicted them to win the championship. They've definitely outplayed expectations. Not that they'd be good eventually but like I thought they'd be good like Kinda rounding into form we'd be sitting here. We're halfway through going all right now. You know the First Fifteen Games twenty games just like everywhere. Lebron goes where it's new. And this is brandon. Eight Miami Online at eight Miami. CLEVELAND STRUGGLED CLEVELAND struggle. Last year. Up until you know right around the the trade the trade deadline. So it's like you sort of expected that it's GonNa take a little while they're not gonNA push to Harvard. You've got to keep lebrons aalto. Took a game. They lost their first game and killed people. Since that. Four game losing streak. They had a four game losing streak. They've lost eight times this year hardest. It's thirty forty. One Games in their four stat makes me say. Oh wow there there's something. Nice is the undefeated in back to backs. Yeah that's great road record. The road record was five times at home last night. First Time they lost to a team under five hundred all of this the discipline seriousness with which they take their games without making it like a grind. You go into the locker room in the locker room every game. It is not an unpleasant locking. The guys like each of the genuinely all this chemistry talk whether it matters that much in the end but I it's you can't quantify but they really do like each other like this is real stuff and so that part of it. It's been a surprise. It's so like this this this kouzmine thing it's also it's significant the only real place internally where you can look for improvement like if he plays like what he's supposed to and they're not bulletproof proof they're not the the warriors with all four their star players. It's not like you can just roll through the playoffs with this group. They've got real vulnerability so that's why people are so concerned concerned about Calculus Melissa in Los Angeles. It's because they're not unbeatable. They're just really really good. They have a formula for success. That's really good. That is provided them a lot of success. Now but you and I and I've talked about this with your brother is formula repeatable and sustainable. It's it's very dependent on Lebron. They are so so dependent on Lebron. Heavy that yes. That'll work. How Weird is at hand that work the whole how weird? It's strange to me at least that the entire NBA BA season comes could very well come down to whether or not the Lakers signed Darren Collison. Who's a good player? There's I mean he's a really legitimate good player. If Darren Darren Collison is in shape. Ready to play. Signs of the Lakers and can contribute something like Darren. Collison does near Dirksen and led the League like two years ago in three point. Forty six and a half percent if he's a solid shooter. Plays decent minutes. The Lakers go from terrible in those five five minutes a game. That Lebron doesn't play in every playoff game to average and that could be the difference between losing the Western Conference. Finals are losing in the finals and winning the whole. But it's really it's really a perfect storm if them signing a player out of retirement it's two of the top five players in the league being out for the season essentially which is wild this off and to their credit and taking advantage of every opportunity in front front of them is the perfect. Is the perfect storm going to sustain their formula for success high. She's I di- Lebron to the wheels fall well long term. You need help but this year. Yeah good So that actually works on a couple levels both the Bang Bang and in law and order news. Dick we'll get a check for that. I believe so. Let's talk so we're all familiar. Oh you're now by now with the the Houston Astros cheating. Sandal I am. There's a new wrinkle to yes that is wrong and Tackler wearable tech. It's gone from a highly just google carefully and not at work. Google Bang videos just saying and then look carefully before you click but you you know you can sort of see what the astros were doing. And how this works and all that kind of stuff in the banging on the trash cans and all that kind of stuff it has now evolved into accusations. 'cause Carlos Beltran left his job at the mets as manager of the mets because he was part of this scandal in Houston They let him go today. New York before he ever managed a game now someone claiming on twitter to be Carlos Beltran's niece says that she has the receipts basically that Jose Jose Altuva and Alex Bregman among others were wearing buzzers under their Jersey so that they would get a signal a buzz for an off speed pitch. No Buzz for fastball. Something like that now Jesse. If I'm understanding correctly that has now been debunked and people think it's a burner account of an actual a a major league baseball players. Yes I believe it was Gary Sheffield Junior. Who came came out and said that we are all getting played that that's some players burner? I don't think anybody really thought that was Carlos Beltran knew how how much we're getting having played. I'm not sure knows that it is Gary Sheffield Sun makes even more fun And now we're at a point now where people are dissecting every rebid if you've watched twittering just search for Jose Altuve it's spot shadows on his Jersey. It's all these other things tim running off-the-field after he hit that home run against the Yankees while his entire team is celebrating. He runs off the field to change in private into his like fancy shirt or whatever it is this is spectacular. What's crazy is in a weird sick twisted demented terrible way? It's exactly what baseball needs right right now to stay relevant here we are championship week in the NFL the NBA season. Today say starts after Christmas and yes. Baseball is the topic of conversation conversation for all the wrong reasons right. However it's making the baseball top of mind? I wish I would normally agree with you. That like it's good good to have people manager. What should the Red Sox to should there be a punishment? What are we doing moving forward collectively the culture? The game the history of the game. The game was. We're talking baseball now. That's true I think I am not one of these people who like Alex would for example. Recently resigned dodgers pitcher. Alex would tweet it Out and he's exactly right. I would rather face a guy on the Roy diest of royds. He didn't use that expression rather face. A steroid guy every time time than somebody who knew what pitch was coming really. Oh is the competitive advantage of there is. It's not even close. It's not comparable because knowing if you knowingly knowing the fastball is coming when you might guess curve balls coming you know asphalt it allows makes more of an advantage. No Pham Quest West Eighty pounds heavier because he stood out a swing. I can still fool you with a pitch now. If I don't fool you that pitch is going to go forty feet farther it it might be. The exit velocity might be a little bit bigger. But if you know what pitch is coming first of all if you don't WanNa you don't WanNa swing it off you go watch the Bang Bang Video. You could say off speed pitch catch. Just let it go. I don't WanNA swing. It ought to be pitch if you know that. The best advantage in baseball is knowing a fastball. is coming the one that isn't going to move so crazy for me. I had no problem with the camera work and the Bang Bang in the stealing of the signs that way. Because I think if you walk out of the clubhouse you are on the field of play so we know now that your be able to video someone from the upper deck right into the DUGOUT. A Fan Fan could do it. The team could do. It doesn't the point of Signs is to convey information in secret. I say this all the time. James Cameron invented language for the movie avatar language obviously curriculum. I believe that The the what's the what's the one that the on the people who speak Klingon there's now. The game of thrones language that Kalisa speak like you learned that on duo lingo. I'm not kidding you can actually learn that stuff. I've covered ten kamikazes. I've met people who are bilingual. Woah languages so if you can handle all of you can't tell the guy to throw a curveball in the seventh inning without it being stolen invents better jets gets that black wearable technology when you're now wearing something on your body let that's buzzing you. That's yeah that's crazy to me that's turn you into a robot. Well it's just it takes the cheating rather I don't agree with you. There are certain things problem with the cameras in the film. The third base. It's called film the Guy in the dugout right and we're conveniently with the only way really to do it fast enough to convey the stuff is to use technology and chief that way and so like the I get you guys WanNa steroids you know I don't. I don't think I'm actually one of these people who don't like I'm and I'm not saying I'm pro like everybody should do it. But I'm just saying like I am less of a moralist about the steroid thing because ultimately I think what it does more more than anything is allows you to play more games. You recover faster. You're able to get back on the field. Hit the ball farther. Whatever this is horrible? It's not a horrible horrible. It's horrible because the problem with steroids is the best players in baseball going to get the best steroids in theory. It's the purest bests scientist. Best actress the best stuff or like the best actors. Get the best steroids right. So it's the kid who sixteen all trying to make his varsity team who's GonNa take steroids royds because he sees his favorite player has not condoning this trickle down effect talk after children on me. Did you just pulled over. Because it's not about the best guys take the stuff and let me know. Six hundred seven. Ten Ben Lines turned to think of the children for his stuff. That's where ions into play. I'm not let's I'd say it's a good idea. I'm just saying for like just looking all. I'm fine with the cheating. Talking about Major League. Baseball in the affected has inside the game. In whatever like I I actually think it's especially when everyone's doing it sort of relatively minimal because it's all relative. This is different. This is like this. This would be like in football the niners this weekend literally no every now because they read the formations would be. Somebody tells them what play is coming like. That's what's happening here. Like they know Aaron Rodgers. Don't worry it's a play fake. It's they're not going to handle all their Jones. It's a play fake Davante Adams going down the seem like that's what this is like. You know the information before it gets the competitive advantage of knowing the pitch if you're the hitter is massive and so that changes the sort of the balance of the fairness of the game in ways that steroids. I don't like it's way worse steroids. You still gotta hit the ball to throw the ball. You're more likely to be able to be on the field do it. And not well eventually unsually breakdown. Yeah but it. Also that fits turns yet turns guys who are on the borderline of playing a dodger stadium or playing in Sioux. It Falls Idaho on fair. It's not right but it's from a competitive more hurts player to player in that thing that you're talking talking about that actually impacts the play of the game if you understand the distinction distinction. I'm making like we're both guys trying to get in. You know triple A.. Trying to get in the league you you take steroids. I don't I'm getting screwed. You're getting an advantage. But then once I got the advantage on in the league now playing alongside the outcome of the game is it might make you blow. The Oakland. A.'s went to three world series in a row in eighty eight eighty nine ninety and they had the lineup of McGuire. Might of maybe might've been some steroids. I will get back to more crime stick on crime crime it happens when locker room MHM celebrations at the national title game. Get a little too zealous. Somebody got somebody has a warrant out for their arrest because of that will tell you it is next brand Chemnitz. He'd been lines filling in for Sodano. ESPN elect yeah. Pick the wrong time. We're taking vitamin chicken. Chicken chicken chicken lot going on with chicken in these days. Brian Wow where where do we begin. I don't think I Osu Ben Franklin. NC Ben lines fill in for Saddam. When you say don't get me started on chicken that sounds to me like you want me to get us? Chicken rant reading. Here's well here's here's here's sort of my take on chicken and it's why I don't WanNa to get started on it. Okay Okay Brian. Hello Second. Here's my take on chicken Might be favorite sentence. Member went Steve Mason. Jason had one of his famous holiday parties every year. There's a theme. Here's your pizza pizza this year for one year. It was chips whereas the Chitter chatter the party. Some taking a piece. I take an uber ride home from the chip party. And we're talking about the party and how many chips there are. Something like that. And the Uber Uber Drivers. I hear you guys talking about chips in this pretty well you did you happen to come from the Steve Mason Chris Party I heard so we're like yeah we we did. And then somehow chicken comes up and my wife talks about where these chickens coming from hormone-free cage free this then this guy was talking. It's kind of like doesn't matter we're chickens and then I got a tweet from the guys uber driver in La. Who's driving me around saying got got BEN LINES IN MY UBER from the Steve Mason Chip Party? Don't get his wife talking about chicken right so I I I'm telling you you don't you don't want us to go down the road talking chicken. Don't there's a lot going on with chicken these days call shanking. Yeah you do need to take i. It's delicious I my chicken. Chicken came from sprouts. That's sprouts check. Good that's a good place to get checked if they had a Bogo logo they they just opened the sprouts right next door houses with like four minute walks. Awesome sprouts. It sprouts on top target on the bottom. Get everything you need America So you know there's more than the the the The lawlessness extends not just from baseball. We'll get back to that Soon because I this hotel to thing is just the greatest Odell Beckham junior after Monday night's national title game has been a bigger story worry than the actual Lsu Tigers who played in this game. It's started with and this was a kind of a thing where they were. E was doing the the the handshake the cash handshake with A few guys on TV Just Jefferson and Johnny Kirkland Lynn. There too wide receivers and Joe Borough got a little handshake and all that and initially LSU was saying that it was novelty money. Fake money money. I don't think anybody L. Beckham Junior's walking around Bourbon Street with fake money. Yeah that I don't think anybody bought it. Turns out Joe Borough confirmed firmed today that it was in fact real money and he got some as he said. I'm not a student athlete anymore. So I can tell the truth. It was real money. This is one of those deals is where I am of two minds on the one hand I kind of don't mind people handing college athletes money after a job. Well done. They don't don't get paid like with the confetti coming down or clearly making a political statement of some kind or social ad these guys are GonNa get bonuses and is that the the the the the kids other than the the swag that comes from the game in a national title ring or whatever it is. They don't get any of that so somebody I don't know how much jober borough there's only limit as to how much you can handshake. Somebody's got big hands. Their point out one hundred dollars bill. It's actually I'm not a big Odell Fan Fan. I kind of felt that I liked seeing him down there doing that. Because it just shines a light on what a broken since the whole NCAA. Okay so that part of it fine. I'm pulled in one direction. The other part of that though is like it's almost for the same reason you're wearing the watch when you go out under the I don't don't like I. There's probably done them. I don't like people who go out of their way to be provocative go out of their way to provoke and get attention and then get get upset when people don't like the provocation Russell. Westbrook is like yes you know. Why don't you guys pay attention to why you always looking at me while you pay because you're constantly gently doing things that scream look at me if you're Odell Beckham Junior Star wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns in Lsu alum? You don't think anybody's GonNa notice you on the field handing money to people. I think he'd be no he knew people. Okay but don't indicate some people would have a problem with it saying it's taking the attention from the players in that moment. I don't care I it's my thing is when these guys can cause with the watch thing for example view Beckham was like why is everybody picking them. It's like because you're wearing like you're going out of your way to make sure everybody knows you're wearing like a fifty thousand dollar watch during warmups like it's obnoxious definitely not fifty thousand or whatever it is or five hundred thousand whatever that watch very expensive watch today. It got even bigger for Odell Beckham junior a warrant orit. Ben Is out for his arrest in New Orleans because videos now service Beckham junior slapping the Turkish of a security guard inside the LSU locker room after the game. And now he's there's a warrant out for Simple battery I believe. Aw Security Guard or police security security security g go to go and you could find is all over the Internet you go and you could defined what happened was the security guy is He's talking to one of the planet on the witch player. It is who is smoking a cigar car and the guys would put that out. You know. It's so God there's there's smoking inside the building right so security guards being a little over zealous you might argue and is like you got to put that out whatever and so. He's talking to this player. Who Know Beckham? Junior comes up behind. The Guy and slaps slaps him on the air. There's nothing it's there's no like. It's not wasn't an accident it was kind of like first of all. I don't know if he realized if it was in the security guard or an actual cop so you can see the look of. I probably shouldn't have done. That shouldn't have done it. And then it's mixed with. Oh wait a minute. I think think that's a security guard and not a calm. And then he kind of looks like he starts making fun of the Dude and and an entitlement mm-hmm and dark energy and it's one also I think Odell had a couple of POPs during the day. I would guess that are receiver when the season's over. He's no longer in the playoffs. They're down in New Orleans. I saw video of him with Carl Malone on the field and he's doing post up moves in bouncing around and jumping around with the mailman. Yeah I'm just like I'm disappointed. People who are saying that Odell should not be held accountable for slapping security guard art. I see why why why did you. It's one of these wizards entitled behavior. It's just so what childish embarrassing okay. Why is one one wise one entitled and on the other? When don't tell me that? What do you mean what? Why is the handling-wise making yourself kind of the center of attention like thing with the handing out the money knowing you're gonNA cause trouble for your university that you supposedly love? Why is that not entitled behavior but slapping the Security Guard is talk about that next? Brian Kaminsky Ben. Lyons E._S._p._N. L._A..

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