#790 Ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from Radical Dot Second Corinthians Chapter Five Verse Twenty therefore we are embassador for Christ God making his appeal through us we implore you on behalf of Christ embassy by the ambassador of that country so here's a representative of that country who lives in this the task of calling others imploring others to trust in Jesus n be reconciled to God to receive it so I want to encourage you own a challenge you today implore somebody to be reconciled to God this country and the United States yet he is from another country and he's a representative from that country here in fact when you go representatives of Jesus himself Jesus who is that the right hand of God in Heaven has sent Oh Jesus we are ambassadors for Christ think about an ambassador I was invited recently along with others from our church to an so now we have this picture in Second Corinthians chapter five of us being ambassadors for Christ meaning we are implore You on behalf of Christ this is an ambassador for Christ's does he implores people on behalf of Christ be reconciled to God you and me to represent him wherever we are in this world like that change your perspective on where you are right now do you realize you right where you're serving you are a citizen of a heavenly kingdom and you are a representative final kingdom God help us to be faithful to do our task today make us faithful ambassadors today we pray God you are a representative of King Jesus you represent Jesus and you have been given he is drawing people to relationship with him he's saving people from there said drawing them to forgiveness his saving people from there's right now and he has since you there for a reason you're an ambassador for Christ that God might make his appeal through you what do you mean God might make his appeal God is drawing people to himself this is what he's doing all over the world today God is drawing people to himself send bringing them into relationship with him relationship that will last forever eternal life so this is why Paul says we into an embassy save for example US Embassy around the world I can go in any US embassy when I walk in that embassy I am on of a heavenly king he has sent you to that city where you live he sent you that community he sent you that neighborhood attornal life and become citizens of the heavenly kingdom you get to do that today I get to do that today we get to call people to become citizens of our heavenly kingdom he is censured that office that job he has since you to this or that place today where you will find yourself or were you find yourself American soil like that land belongs the United States that's what an embassy is and the Basser is the one who represents that country there God gives compassion gives us bonus to share the Gospel we pray make your appealed through us today Oh what a thought our work as your ambassadors would be more men and women coming into your kingdom coming to know pray that you'd help us do implore others to urge others to invite others to be reconciled to you today that you make your appeal through us so do it today or God we pray and we pray the fruit of and enjoy you as King God please make us faithful ambassadors for Christ and we pray that you would send out embassador where the Gospel is not yet gone gallery pray for the dare at people in Sudan almost a million of

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