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Refrigerator Diaries Episode 37


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW DOT I cast detroit dot com for information. I'll ride ride. Welcome to refrigerator diaries. Hashtag what's Your R D. Keeping the people engage. I'm here with CO hosts Chris Connections and was good so tonight we have a very very special guest here. Every time I see this brother the first thing out of my mouth is Kinman. Please raise a glass and As as I understand that that's part of the tribute behind it there. There's a lot more to this brother. as well in addition to being a founder of I'm okay also founder of the Trinity Film Festival. We've got Proprietor here of the Michigan region of one of the new tap chop with skis in America. Or is it the top and is the fastest growing whiskey in American history. So there's absolutely tap a houses looking lanese please people's website and they got a war after awards. I'm looking is double. Go Double Go. Yes platinum the medal. Cindy double goes again pests. American whiskey best-in-class. So with all that being said I'm very excited to try tried is a good deal. Good deal as many more than that but I'm so let's talk a little bit lengthy I was looking through. This is GonNa take way too long. So kearlier When we had the bottle dropped off all I got a picture of the bottle and a picture of the the The display here is nested. This picture right here man. Yeah I can buy the bottle nowhere. Yeah I knew shot me the picture back man. I'm just I think the myself like it has to be gone because you know restaurant world you follow this unclaimed just sitting there and I moved by this man must be. Are I think that but it happens that I'm glad you got it got it. We have the bottle here now and We we are going to give this a try. One of our managers stashed away. She she knew ahead of time So as I as I get these Port if you want to do with the please please describe describe what we got here. We uncle nears eighteen fifty six hundred reprove the premium whisky Steel in Tennessee Shelbyville Tennessee and Give me one second. I WANNA waste none of this and it's it is absolutely the fastest growing whiskey in American history. To taste is absolutely great. It is it is Zeh smooth smooth as a smooth smooth taste one hundred proof so raise a glass to the Komo. Please raise a glass acid Tennessee. Whiskey the godfather of Tennessee whiskey. Here every cheers in. I promise every single time I'm doing this. I'm GONNA find a creative way to say your name Ellen. I've made it my mission Ellen's creative no no it is definitely some looking at this. Bother with significant about the year. Eighteen fifty six eighteen fifty six was the end of slavery. I believe it is. Yeah that was most desdemona significant Reason for the numbers don't quote. Oh me I'm not absolutely sure but I believe that's what that is history on the bottle to absolutely in the eighteen eighty four which I don't have with us at assigned by all his descendants at one point at some point in science his descendants and also also if you don't mind me saying that And this brand is just not about whisky is if you're if you can prove that you're descended Uncle Uncle Nathan Green. You have four radicalize. Yeah he's eleven. Eleven descends in college right now as a foundation set up the whole night so his family is true family. So so we're going to get a little bit more into that when we come back from the break here but Why don't you tell us a little bit about All the other things you do. You're I'm okay and every day. I'm okay okay buddy. I'm magnificent magnificent. I was is looking on this like this. So transcending of religion transcending race you know beyond all the demographic is changing absolutely a message behind it. How did uh-huh true story? This is true. So make sure My daughter who was eight now I've been designing shirts for like twenty something years but this specific time in our lives it was just me and and my daughter and she was three and we were watching Shrek for thousand time. You Know Shrek the third and I had already designed Zayn straight across on my strength on my screen and it is it just sat there for like two months and the specific day. She was a enter chair and she fell out her chair. And she says Daddy I'm okay and it just clicked for some reason. Just click right there. I go to degree murder. Letters around tilted K. put exclamation point underneath and people looked at that experts. What is that? And so that's exclamation point holding up the letters you know. That's that's that's what that means I'm case like I am. I'm okay for real period. Nothing can stop me as one of those things. That's that's heavy man heavy heavy. I didn't even know what it was until I until I started walking around around with it and to people start sharing those those stories though about farm suicidal stories to you know parents in and other things you know you speak to the to absolutely absolutely I you know I took. I took a role to just just sharing and going in and talking to schools. It wasn't just people in general just having that conversation even even on the street you know just made sense. It made sense that you're exactly what you tell yourself every day if you decide decided to yourself every day okay then that's be you know whole families in the community. Yes absolutely absolutely show Marshal Montgomery favorites. My Wife So and you also do the Trinity Film Festival yes here. Here's here's it's all things all this. Come together this film fashion music so it all works together. The I'm okay Kinda 'cause we do. We Produce Indirect Ville. Also we also Kerr Rate Film Festival Fourteenth Year in a game. That's eight twenty eight twenty twenty twenty this here. Twenty Twenty Twenty eight twenty twenty twenty but yeah. We cultivate Dole's films and we we screen over sixty. He's seventy screens the screens a year. If the sixty s when you when you first start doing an undertaking that did you. Did you know how how to coordinate seventy different screen. Because it's all like different building you know. I took what I learned when I was a kid. He as a DJ a young that was a DJ. I just saw people do these things I will go into work for guy. Mr Little he was a famous hairstyles. Crystals and I remember. He added us to his list and I watched how they set up things or I try to fool. People came in and watch how the people with the curtains and setting up the tables eh that behind the scenes work heavy and I just learned. Okay this what it takes to get this set up now. People don't see this part. Usually this is the finished product. One thing with him to a lot that goes oh man yes see. My wife is an amazing zien person. She can watch the film we over three hundred films submissions. She watches film without the volume. And tell me everything. That's going on this outdoor. She's Eh she's like my Jesse. I'm just telling you right. That's true but so I think for it's easier and simple because we love to do it. It's not something we wake up up in Laogai go do this no we wake up. Let's go do this. You know like we watch. We literally watched three hundred films and six months and then we have to determine which films in the festival yes yes. Don't ask me why I remember films from ten years ago having a conversation now remember something. That's my film home didn't happen for real. That was from a film that that's the kind of thing that happens. And then you you have to have a team. You have to have a team whose all going in that same direction you know but at the at the end of the day we make these decisions hard decisions to make 'cause amazing people from all over the world we get films from India China Japan Russia everywhere. So it's one of those things is heavy. I love it though I love that too. You etel film. I love phone. Grew up always watching it. So my wife she's She's a film director she has she had a film and they. BFF To down sixteen came in third place. Had Three thousand people watching me when I was like wife boss boss man I was like wow we talking. Ab F F so American Black Film Festival right so when we come back we're GONNA get into how you got involved with uncle nearest. We're going to get get into why we see the uncle near all the festivals when we come back on our refrigerator diaries all right. Welcome back to refrigerated refigerated diaries. If you missed us for the first half we have here. the liquor uncle nearest whiskey and and are a wonderful Rep Lazar. Hey Hey hey. Hey I don't I adore with. I'm okay with Trinity Film Festival with Uncle. Uncle nearest represent here with Rice sector. Yep Yep so earlier we had touched a little bit on your background but not so my. So let's let's get into a little bit about that and it's go. Oh you WANNA start it. We only started. Give me some that. Go with well where we left off off. What brought like how how uncle near start man? It's it's an unbelievable story but true My brother's been musicals and longtime. He saw a friend end of his with the you know with the bottle and on instagram. I don't usually go tos rows. I'd like to go to the to the source so I mean you can't I can't go. Oh that's my friend. I don't do that so I waited in. I looked up to company Saudi background so that it was brand new kind of deal. So it wasn't in Michigan okay. So I did my research one o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday accord the office I think one of the as VP's answered the phone. I I said Hey. This Lazar from Detroit's Turning International Film Festival. Wouldn't it be great to have you. Wouldn't it be great to have uncle nears premium whisky. He had the twelfth anniversary of twelve. Anyway anniversary of Film Festival and she said absolutely she said absolutely simeon email address. I shot her. Are you know what we were and three weeks later and she said well. We're not in Michigan. I saw what you need to get in Michigan and we fanatical some things and next thing I know hitting come in the mail and hey you know what you you can do the things that you WanNa do you just have to do. He's got after doing. There's no no fear there's no fear and asks me. I'm not really asking questions I'm just kind of making that offer Almost like a what he say. You can't refuse kind of deal because it's going to benefit is all benefits. I'm always about the network so so we got hit when he got here Shut up shop Promo for a Promo video. SHEPPER MARSHA WPRO most everybody that that I network with Promo It became a part of our festival for that year. And then they they sponsored several other events September October November November. I got a phone call from the VPN. It was like she was like. How can we strengthen this relationship and I said come see me and he came to see? Is it true story and we sat down now. We had a conversation and The beauty of is they they let me operate the way operate you know. I don't I don't have a restriction I don't have a certain kind of I don't have a script and they let me do me. Let me be the city that I am. Let me feed though city the way I know how to figure city. So so that's the beauty of it and it's a it's a partnership is beautiful partnership you know and I love it a married to it. I again magazines. Board and Whiskey is legacy. We're part of his legacy everybody covering Becomes a part of his legacy all right so I mean the phrases I was taking on house reflecting on it actually so One one thing. I am curious about right is when you know you come in you start off with. Can you please glassy and talked about how that's tribute and I and a testament ammash to the to just the hard work in individuals you know every day and the legacy of Of the actions that we do absolutely absolutely you'll put the seeds in and watch them grow. That's right The so is that also the better is there you. That's me all day. I like to plant seeds. I like I like the water. The grass grass to be green. And I like to do it by myself because I don't have to. You know bring food to the table. We all eat you you know. I don't eat meat but I got me for somebody on his. Somebody eat lamb. Somebody beeps somebody is share share. I'm a sheriff words. Conversation Energy is all about energy for me. If I feel your energy we can work together. I'll need to know your entire background. Let's work from right here right now. It's bill something like that because a lot of people get to carve up into this and get to Carter into that and thinking about. Can we just working working made money. This is this work. Let's build a building that's built an empire you know We've always had this thing always been this guy this is not for TV radio. Instagram faced of. Always been this guy. Since since I was nineteen in the backyard talking to my little brother by building businesses at that time he was sixteen when a backyard having five our conversations always been this guy ironically and we share this with John. The reason I became an entrepreneur entrepreneur. I was thirteen and no idea. What the Word Entrepreneur? Minute I just liked the fancy word at the time. 'cause right it sounds way better than a businessman or per owner right. I was watching sixty minutes. It was just cool dude on sixty minutes Italian look do had his flash schone RAY STAYING WITH DONALD TRUMP I looked at donald trump. He was on the cover of Entrepreneur Entrepreneur magazine so I got the subscription to entrepreneur magazine. I didn't know it cost. Because in that era you didn't have to pay for the magazines. Descriptions what my mother can let me know that costs money figured tash you know. By the time the bill came. I went through twelve twelve books. I was already preparing myself for the future. You you know kind of deal. So that's starting sharpen the still Essen de as in de so so. That's that's where it all began. I mean I can go into Trinity how we got together with twenty and it was one of those things where Every day became a kind of like a a a speaker for trinity because it builds the minds and bills bills the creativity and builds the confidence. That's every day I'm okay is for. That's why it's included food festival. Man be either so thinking about suicide college days doing this type of work. It seems like it would be like during job all these liquor craziest part. He's all day. How does thank all the time? Especially when you got just showing up like like that you got. You can't his all right I tend to get to be responsible because you got to be responsible. Yeah there's also We do taste install three or four times a week You know and We go into spaces in place and we tell this story and we share this whiskey shots and then cocktails i. We have good times so I get a chance again. I get a chance to do this at least three or four times a week. during the evening doing the damn. I'm making phone calls. I'm taking care of all three of these businesses simultaneously because like I said they are walking worked together so it's not really a difficult job. You know separating it work on trying to raise the Empire yes yes it is yes it is I mean again but I can't. I would never say I can do this by myself. No no not at all not at all for what it makes. No sense was always. I don't want to stay on top of the hill by myself. It's not fun. I Talk Doc. The people I love people that would be fun for me at the same time I'm a little bit similar. Although I felt like I do get antisocial. You GotTa have your team because if you don't have your team with it then at the end of the day of someone's most like yeah. This doesn't even feel like it's worth at times but I mean I think for me for me I I'm energy like I'm molly you only go if you're in. My energy is a reason for that is the reason is because we get like energy If you got negative energy I'm too high for you anyway. You can't reach me if you're negative NGOs negative I'm too high You know by the time you get to me you disappear That's true story on the other. Other side sticking elevator denim plane and then keep moving keep trying by the time you get to me you gone and you find you find the kind of difficult though right now. It's Kinda like sell liquor cause I don't know it's cold. Wait what did he say. Funny Weird you guys have a busy with what he's saying the seasons one. It's a frank frank say American gangster this yourself this seller self go into the store are going to tell the truth are bringing you the truth. I go into a store on or restaurant I sent him to your story. I sit down said two glasses former almost shot Let me tell you a story. That's how it goes year round. It can happen at any moment. We're can happen downstairs working working. Get it Oh my goodness all over Michigan right now the nearest place from here right now where we sit in his birt's in eastern market for has liquor store in all three of his restaurants. The culture soon have that young village sure agree. o- starters Trust the whiskey. I'm just giving you the whiskey parlor granite city Is there Do you have like a a map like a heat map where you can find on our website if you go to uncle nears dot dot com punching your go to locations punching your Zip Code. Everything that's near you will come on. I like that. Yeah official As we got full seasons at the restaurant so every day oh man I can't way for him village to come through. I mean we don't do. We'll have a good time. We have a good time man village. And congratulations on that too. Oh for sure. Thank you so much snaps. The hard hard work. It's not an easy if it's easy we all have a lot of people. Don't know the restaurant where it's hard work I can imagine. I don't want that job. I I commend you for which I do not want that. I'm not good at that too west bids and I'm GONNA eat in the food though man you can cook in talk about segues the conversation what what do you do it. So she said did you get into cooking as My wife will tell you I can cook my wife was. She's supposed to tell you that right but my wife would tell you I can cook. I used to cook from you know started out cooking a little bit but I'm not I'm not you know I love to cook. Greens in Montaigne. Greens are my thing. I will say that you're primarily plant based Yes yes Oh yeah but Greens are my thing outside of that outside of that it is the president. Look good on the plate now barbecue no not at any Any potlucks that you're GONNA be coming up you know we can roll up all you Yeah yeah absolutely. Yeah absolutely on the twentieth. We had a black bottom village is is a friend of Mine Joe. Lee Smith As a house Is a house. Business House Joey been in a game a long time. He's worked for Motown He owns tunder. The probably he is an absolute pillar. When I say for guys like us this guy got he got templates for us as he's willing to share them he's willing to shares is experience his his everything this type of guy this guy? He's a true. I mean He. Black bottom village is on West Grand Boulevard. Okay so so. We're doing something on the twentieth okay. Twenty December does not soon. Yeah please please. They're uninformed share out share which bottom but we'll share it at a it's a great thing masterclass doubt about that we. We actually had a filmmaker here to also his name. Name is Qassem Besir he did a film with a car. Boy Girl Dream destined Muslim He's great he's Great. He got cub ways B. O.. Shows coming out so we work we work with working. So what do you. What's your favorite food? Drink pair. How the no leave salad and limit in What is my favorite? What is it gingy? Okay is I again. This will not even a game through story. I know leave salad agenda-heavy that's why I put some whiskey sometimes because it goes great with entity okay. I'll go near Whiskey near his uncle. Uncle Nears oncle near Ginger local near Tony. So you know it's not just with respect. Respect inspect all right I feel like with me. I just lake when this is a nice barbecue. A Nice Fat Burger Sit back you can get like a Abreu kind of would you get used to be years ago. Delahunt that's popular right now. Heavy properly happening right now as somebody told me kind of winning. They're looking for coronas they didn't have the modell's yeah that's right. I've been hearing a lot about that one time sometimes. Yeah not real real though What would you say your perfect evening? A with a bottle of uncle nearest in a quiet time with the movie with my wife. let me just we. We watch movies all the time. But she's like romantic movies. Please you know we get to pick him apart and change the script as we watch him you know sedan relaxed and all that stuff. I get that I'll say I'll get. That often is really late at night. But it's it's a beautiful moment. I get a chance to Refresh and relaxed. 'cause we we're so in tune with each other is great. I can't it's undeniable by you. Know I mean that. Like that's a hell of a reboot got me thinking about it right now assiduously. So yeah that's That's part of the story man. You know I hope we are. I hope that We can continue this conversation on twenty. You know we got A. We got a lot of stuff coming up I. We had granted city third. I do want to make sure go for everybody listening audience. I WanNa hear you guys. His favorite uncle near story three okay. What was your favorite thing to do when you cracking? Open the bottle of uncle nears send it to us. Email village that young village And we're GONNA say whoever has the best story about Atlanta nears some ACU just paramedics. Don't come with a t shirt to to And you can come to any real. You'll be our guest at any event. That's following that. So okay it's do all the all. The events are going to be posted. Guess posts on my instagram. At least I mean Lazar Lazar uncle nears at Lazar uncle areas so all events are posted on there. And we're going let We're GONNA have to win a known inside the either the newsletter. Maybe next week on refrigerator died. You guys stay tuned love note. We definitely so we got a tradition here where we ask you best food experience and your worst food experience since your enter liquor and you're the main man affect offense nearest. We can add drink experiences to that too. Okay okay. I think my worst drink. Experience aints was primarily when I was in my twenties that I can use that right and go back there for it was with It was with the What is that what I thought I was cool to? Would've vodka Tanger Tanger Tanqueray Tanqueray. Oh my God that was horrible Corporate Ame Guy but anyway my best experience of course. Obviously I was GONNA say uncle but but is the true. I made his drink for twenty people in my friends in colleagues over the over a we had the renaissance building. I made a drink. It was honey and lemon juice and ginger phenomenal. He loved it so that was the best experience. Japan was great. So I'll make definitely yeah to get it over there okay. Yes yes absolutely for sure for sure. The screens I'm coming for grazing. We often I'll say that I'm probably not hot. Not Hot hot with a excellent. I mean I can say that because that's all I've got all the working out. Well we'll be able to see all of the events on instagram. Run up is one more time for us at Lazar jonquil nearest. We've got the next Trinity Film Fest. Eighty twenty twenty twenty. Yes twenty twenty twenty. Yeah Eh and if you send us your best uncle near story not only you're GONNA get a t shirt it'd be a special guest to all those events that are posted on instagram. And you get a bottle of uncle nearest indeed. That's right that's correct so good food good liquor great combination. Make sure you guys pick up a bottle of Uncle Nursing Euro one hundred proof uncle nears nineteen eighty five eight hundred fifty six eighteen fifty six. I obviously carry as the great uncle. Eighteen fifty fifty six premium whisky. Don't even say whiskey. Just say uncle nearest hate. Is they come down to the restaurant. Get A hot bowl. And don't forget to check out young village products and hear this on refrigerated. Diaries thank you so much for coming on the show. We appreciate you so rather show I appreciate you. And if you guys is want to see more make sure you tune in on the newsletter coming out on the sixteenth.

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