Merriam Webster's word of the day for up Tober Twentieth. Today's word is visage spelled V. I s. a. g. e. visages, announ that means the face countenance or appearance of a person or sometimes an animal. It can also mean more broadly. Or, appearance here's the word used in a sentence from the Washington Post by Karen. Broyard. But aside from the visage of grumpy cat who may not have been grumpy at all feline faces don't tell us much about how cats feel. The word face may be a pretty generic word, but it has several flown synonyms physiognomy for instance, refers to facial features thought to reveal qualities of temperament or character. I thought I could detect in his physiognomy a mind owning better qualities than his father ever possessed. Emily Bronte writes in weathering heights. Countenance is often used to refer to the face as an indication of mood or emotion as Bram stoker types in. Dracula. Meena. Hard to keep her brave countenance. visage can refer to the face of a person or an animal, and it can also refer to the appearance of non living things as in the dirty visage of the old abandoned factory with your word of the day I'm Peter. Sokolski. Visit Merriam Webster, DOT com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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