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The Senate chaplain swirling for energy incision throughout the base of spine, to the crown of worth thousands of ancient wisdom as. Mestre to cycle. What are the functions of these energy centers, and cook, these chucked help you unlock your destiny and find your purpose? Welcome to my Senate charts. And now your host a. Didia. Gye kumar. Wasn't action, bribe this age here host and founder of my seven Jucker as the show where we provide you ancient wisdom inspiring stories and action steps that will help you transform your life. So if you are new to our show, than I want to give you a warm warm welcome and assure you, you have arrived and the right spot in factory. I've got a special something for you. Special message for you so without further ado, let us begin. I have a message for you today action, vibe, something that will instill a sense of hope a reminder of the mission that lies for you ahead. But you must trust and believe in this fully to expedience troop our of this message and sometimes it might be difficult to accept, but the truth is where you are right now is exactly where you need to be in your life, just balls on this tart for a few moments because it is hairy, you've gone through a lot in your life so far been through many challenges and difficulties experienced some sadness and cliff some regret and helplessness you faced so many obstacles that you've lost count. But you had to go through on of this to become who you are. Today and to arrive at where you are right now. It couldn't have been any other way. But if you've listened to the signs, close ni then you would know that you are not alone. You never were alone on his journey that have been helpers and guides and spirits that have been by your side, all along beings that have been chosen and nominated to guide you and teach you in this lifetime. Some of them that have been with you all your life by your side, hoping that you would notice the signs waiting for you to realize the synchronicity and making sure that opportunities gum your way. These beings are your ancestors, ascended masters shamans, healers. And sometimes other were. Worldly beings. But every one of them is year to support you and provide you the split you'll support that you will need on this journey of life. And even though you might feel like it's too late like your Gordon opportunity has passed like your too old. Maybe you feel like you're too young or out of shape or unhealthy are maybe, unskilled, or untrained. Or maybe you feel like you don't live in the right city, or don't have the right circumstances. Maybe you feel like you're not in the right country, and that your opportunities are limited or taken. It does not matter. Things can and will change in a matter of moments. Your circumstance can change in the blink of an eye in an instant this is an energetic word that is constantly. Changing and shipping and mooing and nothing is rigid or impossible change is possible. But for that to happen something within you needs to change as well. You need to change the way. You think the way you feel the way you react? And you need to slowly. But surely raise your web rations because once you do your spirit guides will pick up on this. And will send more your way to speed up your transformation. If everything around us is energy than e higher Weybridge Wibran allows for easier transmission of spiritual messages and communications. You action taker inherently a high wave 'rational being for some reason, or to, to some event or due to some experience. You have lost touch with your wife ration-, but remember, it is not too late. In fact, this is the perfect time to take one step towards the brand new multi dimensional year, but it has to begin with you. The initial step must be taken by you over the years and to messages, and emails and reviews. I've learned that I am acting as a conduit for transmitting, the messages that you need to know you could call this divine timing because it's happened so often now that action tribe is saying that they receive just the right nudges just the right messages, just the right signs at the right time. It. Is Noko incidence that you're listening to the shore right now? There are thousands of other shows that you could have possibly listened to many of them have larger studios etter equipment, and literally hundreds of people working with them. But for some reason, you chose to spend your quality time to listen to me on this show, and I believe that it is because you were born to be part of action tribe. You and me. We have a spiritual karmic connection that time Lewis and precious. And when you heard my voice for the first time it immediately brought back, a distant memory, a sense of familiarity, because it is true as tribe before, I record any of my preserves ITN into spirit and my guides and let them guide me. I do not into. Our global consciousness on action, tribe, and chewing into each and every one of you psychically this allows me to be a conduit for passing on the right messages to the right people at the right time. I don't know how this works, but it does spitted has asked me to tell you that the time has come for you to play a larger role in your life. The time has come to rise above your circumstances. It's time to play bigger in life. Let yourself be guided by the faint strings of your spirit team. It's time to look at your challenges and your circumstance in a different light, not as a permanent road block. But life lessons that will make you stronger and wiser and more resilient than it's time to surrender. Because surrender doesn't mean giving up it just means letting off the angst and the stress and the rigidity it you've collected in your shoulders in your body in your energy in anticipation of that one thing it's dime. Action try to let go and relax, your body because from a spiritual standpoint, surrendering is the most powerful thing that you can do right now because as soon as you let go, you will feel much more better, you will feel lighter, you will feel much more assured and relaxed. And this is exactly the state that you need to be in to receive all the goodness. All the abundance that is coming toward you. By surrendering. You're letting the universe. No. It your in alignment with the season -ality of the universe, and that you trust that everything is going to be alright. Once you surrender, then you need to allow for people for things for experiences and synchronicity is and ideas and thoughts and positive emotions to just flood into your life and pride. You all the abundance prosperity greatness, that is destined for you in this lifetime. Because I know that you're really close to it action tribe, but you never really find out until you take the steps that I've told you today and the final step for you action trial is to welcome your spirit guides because they'd been with you all along. But it's now time to let them know that you are all years and that you're ready for the help at all. All levels. So certain silence and made it Dacian and call onto them when you are in difficulty, and unease goal on them and ask them for a message on a sign when you're working on your Chuck Ren's, asked them to help you clear. Balance your energy centers for greater alignment, and clarity when you're writing on your journal Austin to send back messages and ideas from beyond the wheel before going to sleep asked them to come in your dreams in ward of Afam. They choose as where were they choose and give you the next steps that you will need on his magnificent multi dimensional near any ahead. So they will actually try hope you enjoy today's session, if you're going through a difficult and challenging phase and life and you'd like to discover, what might be holding you back energetically than our love to support you amp setting aside sometime this week for a few thirty minute one on one chart clarity calls during this free call you will get an opportunity to openly share your challenges difficulties and obstacles, we will you and me will define your vision and dreams will uncover what exactly is hauling your back energetically. We will analyze your checkered test results and your current jocular life cycle phase based on your birth date. And I will provide you a roadmap of transformation, that would provide you the clarity that you need in terms of what you can focus on next. And what steps you can take net will help you get aligned with your magnet. Isn't destiny. The link you need is my seven jerkers dot com forward slash energy training, mice seven is word. My seven Chuck dot com. Forward slash energy training, wash the video, click the green button, and will connect if you like to support our moment and help us create more episodes than we have a donate button girl. My seven chocolate dot com. Former slice support it's my seven jerkers dot com forward slash support. And if you're on Instagram, then just take a screen shot of yourself. Why listening to this episode tag me at my seven Chaka's that at my seven chocolate, so that we can connect, and I will share story with all our other followers on Instagram. Once again, I hope you enjoy today's session. I really enjoy connecting with you this way. And until next, I'm keep taking action.

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