430. Natasha Leggero, Kevin Bartelt


Four. It's time for episode four thirty of who charted the show or comedians discuss the top five songs and movies of the week. It is the middle of March. She's your natty legs Natasha zero on your H Cray, Howard Kremer. Hey, howie. They natasha. We just had a funny interaction. We sure did. I said, I love you. Who cares? I'm sure that's a typical response for a comedian. Yup. Yup. And it wasn't actually a response to you saying I love you MI deflecting, and then talking about something else and saying I mean, who cares if we don't do a regular podcast, which we're not. But as comics will do I heard it all in the vacuum. I wanted to hear it. So I'll I was I love you. And who cares? Yeah. I didn't grow up in a very affectionate family. So yes, I suppose I struggle with that about did, you mom share love you. I don't remember. Wow. So that I mean, that's like almost a no she must've though, she says it all the time. If you don't remember. 'cause if you ask me, I would immediately say, yes, interesting. Yeah. I don't I'm sure she did. But I just don't quite honestly, though, I my childhood to blur Boca. I kind of blocked a lot of it out. But I have a child now. And I try to always say, I love you. There you go. That's all you gotta do only because I heard Moshe saying it to her, and I was like, oh that seems normal. We're here with Kevin and Sam. Hey, I mean, you're hearing this two guys, right? I mean, you you should I mean like if if you already have a child by the time, you're noticing like, oh, this one gets here. I love you a lot like that's. Late lesson. I'm saying, yes, exactly. I agree. But it always sometime my last. Congrats. I think you're doing great. And like most like you said he's strong in that area. So he can lead the way in that little area. Exactly. Like, he's like, maybe we shouldn't scream no at the child. And so I'm working on that. But I must I have to say, you know, there's a theory that it's always like people that aren't ready to have kids that have kids. I wanted to wait ten more years. But you know, then I would be like elderly when she was in middle school, right, which I don't know actually sounds, okay. I'll probably have my own life. It would be better might be good for you. But she might want more shrill than you could give. Who knows? But we were I guess we're on this topic of love and feelings and all that because we're fresh from the Brody Stevens memorial. Last night at the comedy store. Thought did a really Adams the Booker at the comedy store, and he planned the whole thing. It was fantastic. Did such a good job. He was very important to him for it to be very memorable. Brody played baseball together in the valley. I didn't know that. I forget the exact connection. Forgive me. But I think that he was on. They were like either on each other's little league team or something like wait for real. They met at the comedy store. They might have. But there's a connection to. Mypillow is a guy that Brody. Oh, right. He's out the funeral at the memorial. Yeah. And his dad spoke to and that's where Brody got so much of this, you know, positive energy, positive push baseball stuff. Yeah. That was so beautiful. I've never really been to you know, I went to Mitzi Shore's memorial the comedy store, and that was like all comedians. So this was really cool to see all these like people from brody's past. And but what was really special about the night to me was seeing the comedians up there being vulnerable? And you know, I think when Mitzi died it was all comedians. But you know, she was she had kind of not been coherent for almost a decade. This was very different. This was very fresh Brody was young people were extremely affected by it. And to see comedians, go up there and talk and be funny. You're one of them. But then also, you know, people were crying, and I never seen that like seeing like. Doc alpha nine is and Jeff Ross and all these comedians who are laughing and crying in this very public way. It was very beautiful. It really was. I believe you can see it on periscope. Yeah. It was all streamed on periscope. You saw it on their Kev. Right. Yeah. I watched this morning. It was incredible. Great. The first one is two and a half hours. And I think the second was two hours. Yeah. So basically the first half if you want to look at it is it opens Zach, and then has a lot of brody's people in his life and a lot of baseball people and of childhood people Howard. You can see Howard made an Howard ears was so beautiful so touching. You made a great connection to Brody being like public enemy. He said he's like Chuck d with all the rules. And then also a clown. Thankfully. That was really brilliant. And that's that's kind of a big leap to take. When you're only talking for a couple of minutes, and you're in the main room at the comedy store memorial allow people weren't talking about it. And I thought that it was also you don't wanna take up too much time. Right. You know, first of all uncomfortable. Right. I mean, I thought about speaking. But I didn't really feel like I had I had two little things. I wanted to say, but they didn't quite I didn't wanna turn it into a speed feel and also burn. I work weren't likes. You know, best friends or anything. There was so much demand for people that wanted to talk that you kind of have to leave it to exactly I actually miss. I was supposed to go up after Esther. But I don't know what it was. I was outside. Oh, yeah. You mentioned something about like following the guy before. I was like you said something like try following that guy. That's I was speaking about I was talking about Brody. You're talking about the guy before you. Who's like a couple of people came up to me. And understood what I was saying. But I was like I don't think that part came out. I was saying I need a new best friend try and follow that guy meeting Brody. I see that makes sense. But so, but it sounded like I was saying like it was so hard to follow the guy before me. But the guy before me who's the guy before me with he was actually a very moving. I don't remember. But. Okay. It was it. Stephen the comedian named Stephen. No see Randolph. Yes. Might I went after maybe he will hear the some of the best stories. I heard well he had some amazing stories about how like Brody always wanted to get laid. But then they'd be at these shows and women would be like throwing themselves at him. And he's like, let's go get burgers with his. And then he made the teenage teenage boy came out to see him at rooster teeth feathers. And he's like, hey, can I come out and hang out with you guys in brody's? Call your mother, the kid called his mom like my mom says it's okay. He's like, okay. So then Stephen Randolph was like. Yeah. Then we had to like go to in and out with this like teenager when like all these. And then Brody later was like how come how come I can never get any action tricks. And he's like these girls were just throwing themselves out you see. But I have about that. Okay. Go ahead. My theory is that Brody might have a very specific type, and those girls might not have been that. That may be I also think it was just his interface. Was so weird that it was just a hard thing. Because like when you have to learn how to talk to girls and stuff it's like, it's a lot to learn right fellows. Maybe not for you that. I just think that his interfaces where because I've seen that too where there's girls after shows and stuff, and he just kind of like, he's more just thinking about set or jokes. Yeah. What about its friend? Did you see his friends speak from Seattle? The guy you what's his name T new Tena? Yes. I did not see him. He talked about how when Brody had hair. He was like a chick magnet and had great game. Wow. Not he's not shy to talk to anybody. So like breaking the ice for sure if this somehow maybe it was part of his mental illness. I don't know that sort of got broken down. And didn't know what I'm still stuck on the fact that it does look like I went up at the comedy store and said I can't follow that. Oh, man makes a lot of sense to. And like what you said people knew it as well. And also everyone appreciated so much like anyone who was willing to go up there and bear. Very Leslie people like you. This is what I wanted to tell you. I think people like you who are really close to Brody, you know, it was much harder for you than like someone who pitched a show with him, not Zac. But like, you know, the producer was there might Gibbons, and he was amazing and hilarious. But he was able to be funny because he wasn't as close as like a lot of the people. So, you know, I think that people like you who were really close to him. And it was great to have that balance. And then have people like my Gibbons who are like able to just like make jokes, and you know, roast them. Yeah. So I think that was very know. Right. You didn't want even be around. And then also I've been so seeped, you know, says it happened that even just hearing the stories of stuff was more. Like, you know, what I'd rather be outside in the air talking to people, and like I was seen you in a while member when we did this with Brody like the socializing in the seeing of people that was the part, I really liked I tell you. I talked to Duncan trussell this morning and. He said talking to you as the highlight of his evening, but also he had to leave after three people. He was like. It was just too heavy for them. But shot out the Dunkin. He's reason who charted. Me him in Brody did Sacramento in I guess two thousand nine or something like that. And Duncan was like, you gotta get a podcast. We're sitting in Poland. Really? Wow. Why? And he's like, oh, you gotta get into Satele. You find your audience, and I'm like, oh, okay. Like, all right. Okay. I guess when I get back to LA. I gotta like thinking about having a podcast. Oh, that's cool. Filed. And then also we went with Brody because Brody, you know, grew up in Sacramento little bit. We went to childhood house. I'll I've heard this story. It's very funny show. I tell it real quick. Yes. Oh my God. You can allow me we pull up in rental car me, Brody and Dunkin and Brody while, you know, this is where I grew up, you know, eight Random House it's a Random House in like twenty years years. So we go up to the he goes up to the door Mehan Dunkin her in the car, he goes up to the door and knocks and nobody comes and then, you know, he keeps knocking some more. Nobody comes from just comes back to the car and he's like. I'm gonna try again, like he's taking it's weird that no one's answering this time. We're not nobody's home and also Brody. This isn't a thing. You do not at all. You know middle of the day goes back. He starts knocking again knock and again. And you know, we're getting impatient. Let's go Brody were cracking jokes. Come on. Let's get out of here. And I think he went back a third time the night. Oh my God. Just ridiculous. So he's not an all the sudden the door flies. As a woman in there, and she's screaming just going nuts. He's going. I used to live here. Also Brody looks like he's like six. Six five like imposing, man. Oh my God. Big guy at your door not backing down. You know, he's probably giving details. You know? Like, he did I can't remember probably like are used to go to elementary school. On matrix. So finally, another neighbor comes out the guy next door, and he comes everything down, and he brings Brody back to the car, and he's like, I don't know what's going on. But that woman has sh- big time mental health issues. So you need to leave her load. And then so yeah, I was I was saying to Duncan it's the house. On superior. It's something house people. Oh my God. But that's so Brody to be like, it's my childhood home. That's want me to stop by a good guy. Yeah. So yeah. Then Johnny Pemberton told the story about that same night at the squat mill thing where we went down to this watering hole, and it was a river and everything and Brody was like putting on goggles. And like I tell this one last week. I know I don't think so anyway, you could just hear like across this whole you could hear Howard watch. And it was like Johnny Pemberton kipps here in Howard watch. And it was Brody trying to get me to watch him as he like, I think he was going under water and swimming against the current like, it was a good workout for. It was it was just like, you know, hipsters everywhere nudists and just Howard watch. So I love that story so much. Yeah. I walked on his back that he made me walk on his back. I know till comedians who got eight eight tattoos last week, who's the I know was it Nick Yussef or he might have gotten into who got him. I don't know if they want me to say really why wait if they're doing a public pro Brody love, some Morgan Murphy. Oh, wow. Cool and Anthony Anthony too. Well. Wow, they expunge Anthony. Got it. Yeah. He had a really big affect Anthony told me this really touching story about like when his show got cancelled. The Justice Nick offensive Brody hit on warm up. And Anthony said like, you know, I was really felt like depressed about it. And Brody would always ever like for like a month after his show is cancelled every time he'd see Anthony was wearing the Justice offensive sweatshirt and telling them how awesome the show was. He was so proud to be a part of it. And Anthony said it like truly lifted his spirits about it. You know, Brody just strutting around always bragging about the show. And you know, that's just the type of person he. And so amazing that he got so good at the audience work because it was like he has his job was to like boost up all of his friends. No, he brought I think he got like started in the world of sports. And yet he brought it to comedy audiences and support of this. But what we all? Yeah. So Jessil neck sitting there at the table with chip and sparky pop. And so when I said that thing about the best friend chip said just on that kid on the army's like ooh, that's gotta hurt. I'm saying. He was my best friend. Anthony's very funny. Why? Yeah. I mean, he was it was odd. Like he just kinda quietly sat there like an audience member of the whole time who Anthony. Yeah. I think that you know, he's had a really hard time with this. And okay. So it was a key was really close to Brody forgetting about everybody else has like. Like, what did you want him to do? Like, it's usually comics will like float around they'll go outside. Joying it, you know, one thing Anthony told me this morning and also I texted with Adam who put it on. And they both alluded to the fact that they feel much better now. No good. So I think that like that sort of purging of emotion, it's necessarily help people. And I think Anthony I saw him too. And I think by taking all of this in, you know, it's it's very therapeutic. And I was gonna say, I guess like people have been rushing the help me, you know, what I mean? But I guess for other people it's not that way. So then what happened last night was really their first time to kind of really come together with everybody. And I felt that way squad Stevens. Yeah. That had the same effect on me. I was you know, you're like I feel better now -absolutely and chatting with people and stuff. Yeah. Well. It was great. I mean. You may tell you my two things I was gonna say I mean, they're not like, I never crafted them into any kind of speech. But they were my two big memories of Brody when he died the two things I was thinking of and one of them is I used to I had this positive thinking like the power positive thinking like pocket book like a little normal appeal. But it wasn't that one. It was something else. But it was small the size of a wallet. And I had it in my purse, and I saw Brodie one night. And he seemed like he was a little agitated, and I was like I've already read this I go here, you take this. Okay. I remember psalm like two months later. He's like Natasha any like pulled it out of his pocket. Like carrying it around. Like, he really like was trying to heart. Yeah. Very earnest in that way. And then the other thing I remember as I told him once it's kind of the same idea, but I had read this cloak. He was complaining he was not complaining. But like sad about his mom. I think there was someone. He was like really worried about his life. And I was like, you know, Brody I heard a quote don't mourn the living, and he was like, whoa. And then every time I saw me be like Natasha don't more in the living living, Larry yell at someone across a comedy. But he was like he was I think he was operating on a pretty high level in some way because definitely was like constantly working on himself constantly, you know, thinking about how to make his life more positive, and and to obviously fight the demons that. Yeah. But it was so good to go there just to see the different generations. And he saw people that I hadn't seen in so long. And then there's the brand new young guys that are more with the t shirts, the whole waitstaff crime and staff was audibly sigh like sobbing in the crowd. So they were like sitting sitting kind of all in one section and certain points. They would just Bill like just crying. And it was like it was pretty powerful. It was I had a to Sklar brother moment backstage. Those guys are like their rhythms. And the way they are is kind of like perfect for sitting Shiva, which is. Yeah. No, the Jewish mourning periods. But it's almost like they always have a rabbi's rhythm and cadence where they're talking to you get they go up. Yes. They did go for part two. Yeah. But, but but I mean, even being back there with them say Brody was so such a guy, you know, that the way talk, and it was it felt very much. Like rabbi Weiner was my on up you call them. Rabbi Weiner that was his last name. We don't wieners. Always try to say their last names liner. I dunno. There was no shame. In rabbi came out, a Catholic priest being called later. Lainer hard criminal. So he must have been cleaned. Father Weiner, bother Weiner. My dad was his accountant, so it would go back into the office and talk taxes. I got to see the inner workings of the temple the temple business. What is the rabbi make probably more than a priest? I was pretty good. It seemed like it was pretty good. He seemed to be, you know, well, because they get to have families and why they have like real lives made to suppress. Yes. A large part of the rabbi's wife and daughters. They're always like kind of well-heeled thick hair right there. Wigs? They'll Halley does it grab. Well, a lot of them if they're there. Religious those the daughters were wicks. I mean, isn't that a thing probably? But yes, making that up. I believe you. Okay. What does her see that orthodox Jews where Wiggs? Well. I mean, they some of those old guys where those seem like they have wigs on Pat. Perez. Those are those are state grow. Those those are the curly cues. Yeah. But the the Whigs apparently come from you're not supposed to covet another woman's hair. So then they put a wig on. Oh. So that gets you around. If you go. She has nice hair. You're not coming in another woman's hair. Exactly. But I have to say that one of the most odious thanks much. According to Shabbat score that hoping not allowed to use what sheen ary so the pay somebody. But also like how unconv- you just can't control yourself around other woman's hair like Warney. Are you the vibe seeing whatever that creates? I'm not into it seems like they're trying to enforce some kind of monogamy or something. I guess I don't know. Yeah. But I mean what I'm talking about frazzled. Well, how are you? I'm physically sure an emotionally spent. So you're physically sore? I was thinking maybe just from being tents that can happen to you. Yes. I think so maybe you need a massage. I do need a massage. That's for sure. Why don't you orchids of Asia's is there? A franchise here is one. Workings of Asia. The patriots owner got caught out get. That's like I was gonna say like I'm very into massage, and I've never heard of orchids of Asia because Jupiter Florida. Florida. I would love to get a massage today. Of course, I've been following up and getting therapists recommendations great so into one yet though. Okay. But that's because I've got in your own time. I got the two recommendations you gotta wonder though, like 'cause I was saying like grief is I can edible right? You don't know when it's going to kick in. If it's going to kick in how hard it's gonna kick it. And so why go I've seen the therapist yet? Do you need to get in there? Quick. I don't know how it works. Well, I think everyone has to you have to do your own. Do it in your own time. You know, like I was talking to Dunkin today because he's had a few people dying his life recently and both of his parents. But he said, you know, people he's like, you just have to know, you're not gonna be okay. And it's like that's a really hard thing for meat understand. Because I always. Well, I wanna fix things or offer solutions good at that. And I like to like or sweep things under the rug or. Someone says I love you. I say who cares I'm serious. And then you try to sweep out the most like a guy because I've learned this lesson being a guy you try to fix it. And that's not what's going on. They just want you to listen, right? That's the hard thing listening. That's why they're good. It is no one like, I don't think anyone goes to therapy unless you have about therapist, and it's like your life slowly starts to get worse. I mean, I think it's the opposite. I think, but you know therapy is a luxury not everyone can afford it. But I will also say if you're out there, and you feel like maybe want someone to talk to like a lot of these people have sliding scales. Look, I'm gonna go in there to pay for the mental health. I'm just wondering about like with grief. Right. Like, you're afraid almost like once you start feeling better. Why should I start talking about it again? I'm like opening it up again, kind of like the or it's like, whatever it's gonna do to me is going to do to me. I don't know. I'm sure the therapist has ways of looking at it that will be beneficial. But yeah, I'm just wondering how it all works because I've. I mean, you guys have heard me talk a lot. I kind of open about some mental issues and stuff, and I feel like I've spent a lifetime talking about it with friends and stuff, then I wonder like how is it different with a therapist, then with say, a friend, you know, therapist, I would hope has more wisdom, and we got smart friends. So that's true. And they know a lot about the situation, whereas the therapist mocking in cold, right? But you can also bring spend a few minutes to go. And what if misset is this guy, and I'm like, you know, paying for this. You know, she's going to figure out my. Out of it. But I will say that, you know, just maybe even the act of talking to someone who has no ties. No, just like even hearing you update someone on your life up until now might cause emotion. And you might also all of a sudden remember something or that triggers something, and you also don't have that feeling of being boring because you don't care you're you're paying for it. You know what I mean? I just started going therapist a few weeks ago. And what I've noticed is like bacon. Also, tell you things that loved ones probably wouldn't feel comfortable saying like, I notice you have this kind of behavior or like, you should work on these things where someone you're close to probably wouldn't want to say that it might be a loaded issue. Yeah. Well, is it helping you? I love it. Yeah. We do. And I've only been white one and a half times the half was like a consultation where they like see if you're a good match. And even that I was like, this is awesome. I could have talked for another hour an a man woman. I think men sometimes are better with women. I agree rose. So it should you should go up sit. I don't know. Actually, I don't think it matters. But the two wrecks I got have been women L interesting. I think you'd be better with a woman. Do I don't know man. We'll go. Hey, stop crying. I mean grinding up my therapist is very unconventional. And I use them more as like a life coach. Yeah. That's what I was looking for as well there strategizing and figuring out how to like sometimes I just wanna talk about like what's the best way to spend my time in order to like be more drilled. That's very indulgent. You know? And obviously people have issues could go in my therapists, a lot four coping things so sehr like this. If something bad happens or something like my dad checkup kind of like my dad is sick. And he's not bad yet. But he will be so I have gone to my therapist just to be like, hey win. This does happen. How do you cope or how now that you know, me and you right? How I work. How do I cope and she'll go when you of a tendency to do this so make so you could go in preliminary now to go, hey, when this grief does it. Say that's level headed and good advice. And I up until this moment had considered you the craziest person. Do. So maybe the his helped. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Because they're in in those times when it does kick in they'll go this is what I'm doing. That thing. This is what she warned me about. And then right? Yeah. Because because like even the fellow that recommended the therapists last night he said it helped him like he's not beeping the horn and traffic anymore. Even though that's not what he went in for. Yeah. It's like you said it's not gonna hurt. So I'll go and do it. Yeah. And see who you like better. I think it's great to try out to people. And then I had another friend say the way, she would pick a therapist issue at go through and see who is like, you know, helping lesbian couples soc because she wanted someone like very open. Right. You know, because you obviously want someone who shares your worldview, you don't want to go into like a Trump supporter situation something so it's like way to figure out like who's going to be someone who's very liberal. And you know, because you end up talking about a lot of stuff, even though they're not technically supposed to be telling you, they're views. It's like. I'm gonna get my money's worth. I'm not letting them stray off topic. I'll play songs play five songs of during the hour. Corralled? How he is. There anything else? You wanna talk about talk about. Dr Ken was was I missed him. He will he was backstage. And. He was just again just so super into the event and just so a few of about Brody and just didn't he come on stage and give him a diagnosis. That's what some really that's all. You didn't watch him on stage. No, I'm just talking about backstage because he know he is a doctor. So we started to talk about the medications and all that kind of stuff. And it's like, you know, it's Dr can you know, so he's just a comedian. You know, an actual doctor though, he was a real doctor and his wife, so doctor what did he have any insight on the medication? Well, that's the thing. It's kind of like if you started talking to Dr drew or Dr Phil like, you would start to go. Hey, like, this guy's a doctor. He's really got knowledge. But this time it's like Dr Ken and he had a drink sand. And it was just it was just weird. It start actually talking about medical stuff with that with them. It's hard to believe he's a doctor. Well, I heard that he actually went onstage in. Gave him a diagnosis. That's but we'll have to watch segment to to find out. But the everybody was so funny. Jeff roster super funny. Jeff incredible open with saying I mean, it was very dark dark. I maybe I shouldn't say you're not gonna let them watch periscope wants to go. But. Just everybody was there a stir. And and so Dave Taylor hadn't seen him in so long. Just a lot of people of Tom sharp. Tom sharply. Tom sharp. He's a funny standup deal. Enjoy it. They had a game show. They used to do. Oh, yeah. What was that? Yeah. It was and Tom Sharpe. It was some kind of challenge. It was a Brody challenge or those really work while like find him on YouTube, those are super funny. Remember that was like Brody was very, you know, he's the first comedian. I ever saw live a new serious. Yes. I forgot to tell you this too. I you know, when I moved to LA, I had a friend who was like you should be a comedian. And I was like what? Ever seen a comedian? Besides like, Rodney Dangerfield or something like, I didn't really know comedians already moved to LA, and I wanted to an actress right, and I had just gone from like New York, and I was an acting conservatory. So I moved here. And then someone's like, yeah. Go to Largo. So I walked in the Largo. I'd never old Largo old art and Brody was onstage. Yelling at people just berating the audience, and I was very confused. And then I went to the Westwood Brusco. To like, go up and Brody was this guy again like? But yeah, he's basically the first comedian I ever saw alive. That's crazy. 'cause you're the first comedian. I think I ever saw live really where connection you see. I think it was great. I loved it. Sure. A positive here. Like if she can do it. I. I to us alive with Steve Martin really you saw him king Tut to her when I was little kids. That's amazing. Who took you to that? Probably one of those people I complain about all the time. Now, my mom, my mom, or it was actually might have been my friend lease. Parents wait. We're kids allowed at a Steve Martin show was he like a clean comedian because you couldn't bring like a seven year old to a Bill Burr show. Well, not even like, he wore the he worthy arrow on his head like kids were real into it. And the dirtiest thing he said was he would play a song and he would start a song. And then he'd just go grandpa badeah rubber. And we thought it was a funny thing we'd ever heard our lives. So if that's the dirtiest he got how old are you? Oh, probably like seven or so. Dow took us to see Monty python live at the city center. So it's like got to see Monty python's whole live sketch show it really influence. That's probably part of the reason why your tracked into comedy, Scott good at it. Maybe it seeped in there. I was with the great southern early age. If I looked out and saw seven year old and my crowd. I'd be very annoyed. Oh, yeah. But I mean, this was like outdoor right? That's before not every comedian said kind thousand times. Yes. Exactly. But I mean, the first one I saw like at a real club was Gilbert Godfrey. Yes. Rascals in New Jersey, the real like you saw Lennon's. Yeah. Monty python? Monty python? Yeah. Wow. Gilbert, walked half the crowd. It was the funniest thing. I've ever seen like he was he there was people just walking out in droves. And everybody else was dying laughing. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was so exciting. What people offended? They just didn't get why it was funny. He's you know, he's doing Gilbert stuff, but it's like the late eighties at a jersey people and like MB so fun to ask them. Unlike him about that. Because he's he's around. He probably felt the way we do when you like the audience like you don't have as good a set as you want to like, I don't know how he thought of it. But right. I was as a kid as a teen. It was also that probably wasn't as singular show. He probably that happened a lot. I'm sure that happened probably happened to another time that very night. Right. But I mean that is kind of cool like, you know, I remember Bobby Lee told me a long time ago. He's like, you're not really successful until people hate you. He's like once people start hating you. Then you kinda know you're making it. Because they know who you are because people are having strong reactions because obviously there's people who are having strong reactions who are hating you. But that means that that intensity is being felt in the opposite way. Right. I mean, unless you're like Gallagher's brother or something everyone hates you. I don't know. It doesn't Gallagher's brother do comedies called Gallagher te'o to you to sue him any like smashes watermelons thing. He just does it in the smaller cities the in like the the secondary cities. Brodie could have like, you know, like Elvis has impersonators. I know you he's he's for a guy who super iconic. He's he's not a hard impression. Easy was doing an amazing Brody Zoar. You yours was hilarious. I could someone made them made the point that people could actually go on the road and just start doing his back. Oh, maybe you said that I don't know. Thing. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, there's just so many. I'm good guy positive energy, positive push. I didn't choose comedy laughter. Chose me. And we laugh. Going to see if there's anything else I wanted to talk about I wrote down things stay with me tasha. Okay. Got it. Go ahead. No. I just I was talking to Dunkin this morning, and he's so inspiring. And he said the good thing about a night like that is it triggers everyone's feelings, and they can have a purge and was a nice way of putting it put. It was good to see him and. Jodi, Rosa was there. Oh, and then they had a intermission they had Brody saver foods. They had subway and Burger King and Starbucks in the belly room. Okay. Eat for the break. First of all. That's when I left because I can't eat those things I can eat to me there. I used to talk him out of eating them. So he was really into Burger King. He would go to the Burger King on sunset and LA brea over there. And I think it's because in and out just would always have that super long line Langas fast, though. But he never went to internet for someone who was always pushing the local local stuff, right? He he would he went to Burger King. He went to Weiner schnitzel. What was his Burger King order? I would maybe onion rings from there. I remember those because I stopped with the meat so long ago side, dull Jim telling me, but I would tell them not to eat the subway. Subways. Disgusting. I once I ordered a chickens subway, and I opened it up and there was like particle board like in. Or like, you know, like a like a white like paper substit- was not real chicken. It's like it must be fabric. It was so disgusting. It was like paper chips subway, and they should all be a dome by the way because they that smell contaminates every other building within five hundred feet. Yeah. Up subway. Well, I had to leave early last night. But I was very impressed. And I think actually will watch part partout on periscope. You will watch it. Yeah. There's a band, right? I saw oh Don won't watch that. Oh, yeah. He was upset and Fred ban was upset. I mean, guys, I'm not used to see emotional Lance banks calling Lance take that now. If he knew I was wearing a red shirt, we wouldn't be he doesn't like red. Yeah. Okay. I don't I'm supposed to Brody was so great. He did so many squat melts. It was great to go to the comedy store and just meet a whole other tribe of people that love them. And then you know, I was talking to Esther. She had a whole thing, bro. Esther like he just had so many pockets of connection, and then his friend, you know, got five World Series rings from being pitchers coach, you know, with the cubs and the Yankees, and I'm talking to his wife outside and Brody had mentioned that he went to their house to eat dinner. You know, you just kinda here that every now, and then and then I'm there's a, you know, a woman there that I never met before. And she's crying about Brody to and all the time she came over and all the stories that they have with them. And it was just it was just constantly on the move and constantly connecting with people. Well, I think one of the coolest things about Brody is that he had like friends who are world class pitchers. And then, you know, huge movie stars. But then also like all he loved all the open Mike offers, and all, you know, he was really comfortable with like every Laszlo person and the staff, and so he was just one of those people, and there's not a lot of people like that. Oh. Visit the improv a few months ago, and you know, listen back give it up for Antonio. You know that old guy Tonioli? He's a waiter. And I love that guy. And it's Brody go and look he's happy. He's working hard. Antonio give it up for my friend Antonio, that's so cool because I always see that guy. And he always makes me happy. And I always say, hi. And he always says, hi Natasha. And I didn't know his name was Antonio. Brodie connection and. So many people are telling me their little connection stories to in fact, Dunkin was telling me about there's this thing with the number thirty nine with okay so site when someone dies they're caught in limbo or something for thirty nine days or something not all people, but some people, and he was talking about thirty nine, and you know, Brody was super into numerology and all that so Kevin when you were at squad Stevens last week that was the only squad melt that didn't have a number because it was squad Stevens, and it would have been squat Mel thirty nine. Wow. So I told Duncan and now it's in the spirit of Dunkin's. You know, stuff that he's into and then also with Brody with the numbers eight one eight all that kind of thing. So I think that's a nice thing to envision too because you mentioned on stage that, you know, sometimes you're like, oh, he's almost like a guardian angel now. And you know, I use him to like he's so. So that thirty nine days like how Dunkin talks about acce- talk to me about that before. Like, that's when you can still like communicate with zero. But I say Sobe thereafter. Okay. Well, I I'm sure you're right. But you know, you not a loving. You don't say love you the people who are alive. So why would? Say I love you to Brody right now. Levy, did it say, I I love you Brody. Good job. Thank you got it. Robin Hood is an investing after that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free. While other brokerages charge up to ten dollars for every trade. Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees. So you can trade stocks and keep all of your profits. Plus there is no account minimum deposit needed to get started. So you can start investing at any level. The simple intuitive design of robinhood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike view, easy to understand charts and Marketa and place a trait in just four taps on your smartphone. 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Commissioning place, though, they're Michigan's coat illinois's colder. It was exciting Scott and cool up where their course, kulak was great and come out and get you was that came out was she was crying seemed like there was some drama was everything. Okay. Oh between me and her are. No. I just wasn't sure. Like, if you couldn't get in or something, oh, there was a little bit of drama just because when I got to the front, I didn't know what the procedure was to get in. And then I ran into people that I wanted to get in so one of those deals, but she was great. You know in the cast of the hangover was there sitting at the table. And you know, Brody is a connection with Bradley Cooper with the Esther. Funny joke about that. She was like when they did their podcast. He'd always like say a call Bradley Cooper right now. She's like, okay. Well, you call him. He's like well. Now right now. I've got Bradley Cooper on speed dial. I jumped out of the Petri dish so many sayings, but it was great to see everybody there and like. Even just people that I didn't even know where fans his or just like, you know, excited by his comedy. So it was really a great night. So I think between that and squat mail and pose the other one I think there was a oh a podcast for the the ATC thing. Shout out to Erica ligne put that together in Carrick and shot out today wrath to it. He he put that whole thing together last night. Okay. So David Adam to that together. Yeah. It was a really beautiful and was great. Oh, and they had the what do you call those things that go around the coffee Cup to keep them from burning your hand, you know, those things that sleeves sleeves. Yeah. Is said Starbucks, but then they had positive push Brody Stevens. They got the way special ones made up. Nice. And we all have our cool pins. Got my shirt, you know, these this shirt is such a slam dunk like this idea, so clean. I'm wearing the Brody Stevens. Enjoy it. Coca Cola shirt? It's just like a perfect one of these kind of shirts where they steal a corporate logo. And I was I just so many times told them just like that you're going to sell ROY like get that you helped him design. He he got these designs made with another guy, but I was just always telling them. Yeah. Like that shirts going to sell also. And then like the buttons and stuff like that button. You're wearing do you have the I had it last night. It's on my cloak. You're like that like he approved that like three days before he passed real. This is like all brand new stuff. And like seeing everybody wearing the shirt and stuff. I just think about like to all the times we talked talked about it and just would have been. Would have been nice. I dunno. It's boom, I sing. But is there is it can people. Still get shirt is still. That's there so available. Okay. And then there's yeah. So yeah. Pick up shirt wear them in brody's memory and wear them with positive energy in mind. There you go. And how can you help chip was there, right? Yeah. So if you didn't get to go, and you weren't in town. That I wasn't sure exactly what it was gonna be. But it was beautiful. Bill Burr was there in the in the in the beginning. I didn't I didn't speak. I don't think I don't think he spoke. But I mean, that's that speaks volumes right there. Everybody loved them. And he congratulations got his picture up in the main hallway there, it's right next to Sandra Bernard right by the main room a big win the big one. So far hand it was wild to be standing there and talking about them, and then just look up and see that picture, and that's the exact kind of thing he would complain about an exact, you know, I think Brody I felt his presence and last night, and I just felt like he would have approved of everything. Sure. Are we gonna do a podcast next week? I'd love to. We gotta get back to the charts at some point. But I gotta say insured, Drake. Can wait. Exactly. Right. And I and I've always not always. But I would say within the last twenty years whenever something bad happens. I don't listen to music because I don't want like when nine eleven happened of that Mary J Blige saw no more drama and lives. Yeah. A site. All anytime ever hear that saw. I think nine eleven so now, so I just like some bad happens. Stay away from using for a while. And then you can come back to it later on is this now, let me ask you this with sad music become fighting to you. I know you don't like Saad music. You just never want to hear it pretty much. I mean, this is sad music to me. This is like when you play said music reminds me of this. So maybe my therapists will help me with that give you some music tips. I'll be there soon. Many great albums. Oh, listen to this hot picks. Have you heard harvest moon by Neil young voting? Get me started on that are paying Howard's, therapists. Honestly, Neil young fun came into my head last night. Now is like thinking of you. And then I was like, oh, I can't even tell them. Now, I'm trying to remember I'll remember later we noted that that he's got three upbeat tracks. Cinnamon, girl and. Southern man or one of those. I get a lot of people sending me very Randy Denton semi another great picture of me and Brodie just all the stuff on social media. I'm now starting to look at because I hadn't looked at any of it. And it's really, yeah. It's heart warming. Well, I think that you know, we're all very lucky to be a part of the comedy community in Los Angeles. And I think it's very strong and shoes sportive, and yeah, I didn't get into comedy thinking, it would be like this emotionally supportive. And also, I think you, and I are at a place to where we've been at it in the same place for like, maybe eighteen years now, I don't know. I started in two thousand two you're probably already already stylish anyways. I haven't started. You know, I think that when I was hearing people tell all these stories last night. It was like, wait. I was there. I was a part of that. Remember that to like it makes you, but it was weird 'cause I didn't feel old. I just felt like very like supported and like I was truly a part of the fabric people. See you. Yeah. And it's very even when you mentioned brew co or something like that. When you move here to town. It's just oh they're having shows over here. Go over here. Now like, yeah. There's people reminiscing about it out like big memorials, and it's just it's hot. But so I guess what growing older is. Yeah. And just, you know, being and I look at some of my friends, you know, like, your even my like, my brother he lives here. But he has nowhere near the circle of friends and people that I have from being a comedian. I'm not saying I would like texts all of these people, you know, but a lot of them. I would I mean I've talked to like nine comedians since I got here this morning. You know what I mean? Like, I live with one I talked to Dunkin talk to you. I talked to Nick food. I talked to Chelsea it's like, it's a very lucky position to be in the really is. And I'm glad that everyone's coming out and supporting you, Howie. Thank you. Yeah. You introduced most a lot of the charts. Brody there though. Yeah. We had him on. What was fifteen times and episode Stephen time run four thirty right now. And he was on episode seven. Wow. Yeah. That's true. Like, even some of the people at squat melt and stuff too. So wouldn't know Brody if if it wasn't for you self including it's just what a what a gift to be able to give. I mean, you know, to me it's like if you don't get Brody, I looked down on you little bit. So the fact that anybody's gonna thank me for Brody invite. Thank you because. I don't look down on people as you know, what I mean he that everybody gets them. So when people get him but special, and I think now everybody will get them. Nick Kroll was airy came straight from the airport. He had luggage. I mean, I think it's also if you if you don't know about Brody like a great thing to watch is the was it on HBO or comedy central. Okay. So comedy central HBO have the show enjoy it. And it was it was expanded for comedy. So, and it's it's have you seen it in credit? It's pretty artistic. Thank you shot. Some of it on my cell phone behind a McDonald's drive through in the really good do know that story. No. So Brody says, you know, let's hang out. I went into the valley. And that's when he was going crazy. And I film them with my phone. He was yelling at me in the back of the McDonald's. I already told this here yet. So this the charter heard this one basically, but that was basically he committed they they the cops they committed like right after that. But it was just like. You know before it was a TV show. It was a real life. Just shit was going now with Brody. And yeah, it is amazing that show came out really good. And it's tough to watch. Now because it is a lot about the mental health issues and stuff. That's true. Real great. But I think that. Yeah. I mean, I I went to the premier and I just remember like thinking. Wow. This is I love Brody. And I love that. And this is like actually great. So it's definitely worth watching. Absolutely. How do you? Remember? The the riot comedy festival. They did for a couple years downtown. Yeah. Do you? Remember you had me record. I think you were hosting. It wasn't who chart eighty was just to stand up show at the smell the little theatre on the end feel like I was maybe there Brody Brody common was like interrupting wrote he was in Iran have all find it. I have a great clip of one him, interrupting you, but interrupting it and doing that helpful Brody thing where you would. Say something and then people would kind of laugh, and he would be like not good enough. Great gonna have this really great clip that I is it audio or audio. Yeah. Somewhere at home of during that show. He's made joke, and then just out of the blue goes you in the back to meet is like in the sound of the inhumane, go what they think it was what is your name? And you can hear me off. Sammy goes sounds great sound levels. Perfect. It was just such a nice thing to do because I wasn't doing anything but monitoring one microphone enough precisely the beauty of him in the positive energy. Two weeks. Oh, that's very that's like genius in a way able to like if you think about it. Like even having a kid like the one thing that you can do in the world is try to make things just more positive from your presence right instead of sucking things and making people feel like shit can actually like just make people feel good. You can like, you know. Energy with your specially throaty taught us anything like that's something to really try to do random acts of kindness. And then the middle of a comedy set. People usually looking to make fun of stuff. He just stops to say great. Sound sounds good? It was funny. And then the the sound guy at the comedy store got up, and he said that Brodie used to involve them in his late night sets. And he said twenty three years, she never he never had a live, Mike. He never had anybody wanting him the talk and be part of the show part of the show. So so beautiful thing. That's amazing. We'll miss them. And you know, it's a big thing to wrap your mind around. It's coming in pieces, and the and that's the way it's going to be for a while. Right. Hey, if we wanna do this next week in tell more stories. Take calls. It will take some calls. Do what you want? I think. So I mean. Have you ever taken calls on this show? But we can because it's not purpose. People Email like little voice messages. We used to plough that show. We did that I should've picked up lances call. Why would you wanna do a Colin show? I I mean, I I was going to do and actually a I mean, I am doing one with Moshe where we answer relationship advice. Right. But it hasn't come out yet. But the calls have been fascinating. Hi, I've been in a long distance relationship for nine years. My name's Howard. I'll hang up and listen. Wow. You are great LaTasha. So few sive. I'm in. I wasn't sure if you're making fun of me MOS making fun of me l k anyway. God bless Steven Brody Stevens and shout outs. All the charter set. Love them. It's gotta be upsetting. Like, the one of the staff was telling me about Kirk FOX who's really good friends with Brody, and like visited him in the hospital when he was in UCLA and all that stuff back when he had his problems. He's been shooting a movie in Australia. So all this went down. And there's nobody around him that even you know knows Brody or whatever. So I thought, wow, that's really tough too. Because like the second has happened. You know, you start visiting friends and groups of friends, and I wonder if this is the first Paris coped memorial. Maybe that really helped write for people. I can tune in. What device did you watch it on? Kef watched it on my laptop. I have like sixty thousand views this morning. Wow. That's great. I wanna I wanna watch part two. Yeah. That's they comedy store tweeted it out. I think so you can find maybe we should re tweet it. We should. Yeah. Shout out to all those guys the of forgotten anybody while Stephen is easy Steve Randolph. Steve simione. There's a bunch of Steve's over there. Stephen buddy, Steven Brody Stevens. They were so cute. His family came up. They go. We knew him as Brody. But apparently, you all new Steven Brody scheme. Because it said SBS on kodia me. And I think it was just like key. When we would ironically, call him that. But you know, everyone called him Brody. There was even people last night that didn't know what his real name was like just just like just what do you think? What's his real name? Steve the what's his real first and last name. Steve stevens. I don't know. What is it? It's got. It's Steven Brody. His last name's Brody. Yes. So why did he put the extra Stevens on? He he was to to be a stage name he wanted to be Brody Stevens instead of Steven Brody. But then I, you know, then he added in the Stephen too. To be funny. Yeah. That's because it's funny. So his name is Steven Brody. His name is Steven Brody. So his mom is MRs Brody. Tonight. Get this wrong. They said, they know miss Brodie. Yes, his mom and his sister Nomo. I don't know that the the the baseball players. Oh, but maybe that's because he they know must Brodin and Brody like that. Right. But you know baseball like don't sports people call you call themselves by their last names or something. But his last name is Rhody. So they would have called him Brody. Right. Which is weird because I would he would always call up and go Kramer, and I'd go Stevens. But it's like you should have called him Brody last name. Juicing this name. Stevens kramer. I could do. Yeah. I got so many phone messages and stuff, but overwhelming tear, you liking the support and love I think anyone who's who's reaching out knows that you might not get back to them gotten back to some some people hit me like four times. And I haven't gotten back. It's great. It's great. The hardest. Have had was the most. When like, I was just the most alone this schedule anything so people reaching out as great and. There you go. So watch the hangover watch the hangover to do date watch Kroll show, watching joy, it cut out of funny. People. And. Did you see Judd posted the clip that deleted scene of him cut out? Oh. Crazy. Oh my God. That's what might give inside might give given said, it's definitely a one sided feud. Here's like Judd had because he would always say is credit cut out a funny people, and he's like, oh, even of Judd new. Clip of him and enjoy it like trying they're trying to get jets reaction. He's like, yeah. I've cut my kids out of movies. And then the Leslie Jones sang on Saturday. Hive shirt back. It said pushing believe. That's cool. Bought a grip on eighty seven. I pulled her hair. Now, she's on she's on Saturday Night Live give it up for Leslie Jones. He would throw that in the end sometimes. So many great jokes such a great presence. And it'll it'll take us more than just this show to do it Justice. So I wanna thank my illustrious guests today, I love her very much. Let's. There's I love you too. Howie. Eddie need a plug. I don't need to plug anything on this show. I don't like to plug positive energy. Okay. There you go. I'll be doing an appearance this weekend. Your house of the you're gonna come meet the baby Saturday. I've met the baby right? I don't think so care fairly. She had an effect on you know, this would be the right time to meet her. Because now she's more like, you know, she's got some like talk about a positive energy, right? Yeah. I'm I'm looking forward to seeing a puppy. There's just a brand new life there. Yeah. I now I kinda get why people start having more really. I don't want more. But I could see like once they grew up in hate you you'd want like another baby. Energy around. Oh interesting or they grow up and start being brats. Or you know what? I mean, all of a sudden like whatever zone. She's in right now is like everything is like this amazing. And then Dunkin was telling me to like a lot of these spiritual people these people who name Corolla baba and like these like. Meditation groups, they're often described as like children, they're like babies with their an adult. Yes. So the Buddha. Exactly. So the baby is like such a healing positive. You know, this like you should connection to something that doesn't know anything negative. They don't know who Trump is. They all they know is like beauty and fun and obviously crop through anything Slovak you for. Baby. They like spaghetti Scotty. Well, that is something I will do to heal. And I will report back to you the charts right here, and what you're plugging going to meet my baby. That's my I gotta take it slow probably for I walk. You know, there's this idea of like not rushing back into your life. And it was like, yeah. I better take it slow before. I look out the window and see what the mole man's doing? I don't know what dog eat dog world of protecting myself from. But anyway, I. I love the guy. And I love that. We get to talk about him and share his memories and his spirit. Thank you for being here. The tash. Oh, thank you for having me. Kevin. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Thank you. Sam. I was gonna say stuff. But then I realized that would open up a whole can of worms, shall we? Thank you so much for being on these programs with us, my and Sam you too as well. Okay. Thank you. And if I want to Email any supportive things they can who charted at your wolf dot com. I think or tweet at us, please negative. No, nothing negative. Yeah. Someone wrote on my Instagram or the other day. I thought you died. I'm just saying it's it's nice to have a place for like positive. I mean, people are so mean on Instagram, you never get anything. I mean, you probably don't I've never looked online comet that one. I wish I would screen shot at I deleted it. That was a good one can handle anything like that stick in my mind. Well, obviously, they didn't think I died. They just like are trying to be hurtful, right? So if you have something positive you like to say sure, the positive share with us. Let them know take a lesson from Brody. All right. And we'll thank you for listening. And we'll see you right back here next week on who. Hi, I'm at best have a new show coming to your will, call my dead wife, the robot car this used to be available only on Stitcher premium. But now you can hear for free on air wolf. Yeah. It's about a character that I play where tester one of those self driving cars when I sign on. I don't realize the artificial intelligent personality. This running the cars operating system was my dad ex wife. Yes. Played by Mary Holland. It's like the film her meets who's afraid of Virginia. Woolf? That's how it was in my head when I wrote it minded wife, the robot cars ten episode improvise series. That's right. I wrote it, but all these amazing voices graciousness Daniel Snyder Betsy star, John Gaber, STAN Lipper met Newell, Lou Wilson. Chad Cardi Mookie Blake walk all their improvising. Off my script or so funny. They played great carrots funny series for free now. Now another genius production. From Brett Morris, the sound design on this this alone should have gotten a Grammy for sure and EMMY and Oscar minded wipe the robot car premiers on air wolf Wednesday March thirteenth, but you can been the whole season now on Stitcher premium by using the promo code robot.

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