Episode 8: Positive Vibes


The Jinyu Hello. Welcome to the fifth pocus Jimmy and Flavia in this week's show we talk about. How important exercises? Especially at times like these. The nutrition we talk about how food shortages Bouche your creativity in life. We took six ways to help you talk behaviorist nutrition. Well here. We are another week in lockdown. Absolutely yes still here just. It's such an odd time but we are making the most of it you know. We're trying to make the best of our way because we the last podcast we did was pretty pretty heavy. I listened to all you know. We were very deep. We were trying to rewrite the world and do all those things but I think ultimately the thing to do at the moment is to remain positive. I know it's a kind of a common saying that's remain positive. But it's a fact and I think with lots of difficulties that people may be having at the moment whether it be through the work or family in lockdown food shortages. All just just various different things you know. We have to try and look at the good things that can come from this whole time. Absolutely I think you know we were saying the other day. We quite lucky here where we are small village. Everybody's been very sensible whistle able to do our dog walk one. Maybe two at the very most Bush if we push but we try to stick to one. I mean we. Normally two three dog walks a day. So obviously that's a bit unfair so we're trying to tell that but everybody is abiding by the rules and and getting on trying to get on his best. I can say is. I've never seen so many people walking outside before we walk a lot. But you know it's amazing you know. These people have never seen walking around. Yeah family's going on walks. I mean we've been here for six years and there are some Celis new faces that have appeared who are subtly doing their power walks. And it's a great thing actually to see that in the sense that you think the importance of exercise it's even being advised by the government even though there is a pandemic the one thing you can do is go out. Exercises walks book was about and is about. You know a whole basis that it's exercise nutrition. Well and you know that that's important. Whatever it doesn't it shouldn't really needs to take a pandemic to realize exactly. Is the key things in life. If you invested it will pay you by and you will hopefully have happy about better life so is actually talking about good things that have a situation like this. He actually looks like maybe lots of people. Out there. Valuing being outdoors valuing the fact that they need to exercise. Yeah you said the whole family is you know. I've seen you know parents with two three kids on bikes. Obviously there's less traffic so it's safer so that's quite nice to see and as I said. Many people doing power walks and jogging. That we've not seen before so that is definitely a positive. I just hope that when this is all obviously over and people are better than the lives that they keep that side of their life up because it is very important very easy to put exercise at the bottom of the list of things that you have to be more people. Busy lives the end of the day. I think what happens? Is that you get up in the morning. You go to work do you start you come by you know the last thing people a lot of people want to do is do any more exercise they feel like maybe they have done their exercise for the day so like you said hopefully through this time they can value it might enjoy it. I mean it doesn't even have to be kind of the exercise may be that you know that we do made the excise SEM FITTERS. You know that is kind of Jiming exercising. It can just be actually moving and getting out outdoors I think will say. I hope that they're valuing being outdoors. Stop so whether you're excising walking running whatever you do walk your dog. We've always very much been pro. That that's part of our life. Sectionals phone we we did. Sem Fit there was a whole section life. Because it's what we wanted to put out there. It's really important to get out into the light into the fresh air. So you know that was well. We've noticed like a mass reduction in noise pollution. Which for me is absolutely incredible. If you can sit there you can peacefully think and you have got lorries and cars and things zooming past. So that's another thing so we're onto another thing which is a positive thing about this whole situation is that that is. It's like every day. We go out the lost damning where we where we live. Sunday afternoon Sunday early evening. Such especially in the summer it would be pretty quiet but every day is pretty. Yeah and there's something quite wonderful about that and someone said the other day so I live in even back in the seventy S. And he's really old fashioned. You know whether it wasn't so much traffic and there wasn't so much noise pollution wasn't only sort of thing. I think you know today. We we live in a very quick world things yesterday and we expect them to be here and now you know communication the way people communicate get information get for me to be and saw of made people against their wishes in a way have to take a step back and listen to me even now. We're in our house but even now you would hear the calls you would here. You know this this time of Day. So there has been a real kind of almost reawakening of of your surroundings. And where you live is it. Sounds you can hear the birds singing obviously spring the birds there so it's lovely to sit in the garden and listen to the birds world on the nose of the traffic. We've seen more light. Bunny rabbits out and about folks is derived appearing catalogue of Kurt so many cats are literally walking down the road and I can see them going. Yeah I like this course. And so he got so we'd never ever encountered My worry for them for the cats. Go back to normal. I think owners need to be very careful because you know they'll will become accustomed to the father. There's not a lot of traffic about and so they are sitting quite happily in the rose on the pavements. And it's very sweet to see that but I do worry about when the traffic comes back. So yeah there's definitely positives so go back to importance of exercise and fitness for people. Are People going out and about? That's right the Miami. Some of you not quite gone off were work from home still needed a motivating about getting up and getting out is really really important. Isn't it to exercise your body every day? Absolutely think the guidelines thirty minutes a day of movement. You've got to get you know the heart pumping you've gotta get the joins move in. You gotta get your ligaments and your muscles moving. You've got a walking is weight bearing exercise you know so even just going for good bruce thirty minute walk every day that. I'm being a lot better than be sitting at home watching TV or on the computer. So you've got little garden if you don't WanNA got backfield worried than even a small garden just walking up and down. You listen to the birds as I said just getting some Russia and as you said weight-bearing especially as we get older really really important because it keeps the bone density high and as we get older. That's what's GonNa degenerate as well as muscles ligaments intended so weight. Bearing exercise is very gate offering this whole time. Oop Go into a bit more during this podcast but you know we should look at this time as being time where we actually find new things maybe revisit things ourselves thing cabal stuff and maybe hopefully when we get through this and get on the other side. We have moved back with us we have. You might backing go. You know what that was crazy time. Lots of really bad stuff happens. Lots of worry lots of anxiety but at the same time I managed to salvage something I wonder. Also you don't a bit more of a spiritual thing. All at my spirituality you know in the universe what you out you get back and I just wanted has as a race. Maybe we all out that that we were getting it was getting too much too fast paced too much going on too much pressure and we were sending that message to the universe to say you know humanity needs to stop. We need to take a chill pill. We need to regroup. We need to go back to basics and so many people were feeling that the universe when they guy this is gonNa feel horrific and horrible but the outcome is actually GonNa be a positive one. Because you're just literally go bang and calm down and take jovial and regroup. So exercise is really important. Obviously nutrition is extremely important is at all times. Okay you know yet. I love food. I've you know Jeff. I love to cook food but I like to cook things not things every so often but the majority of the way. It's it's good healthy food because these are the things that fueling these are things that drive us on in life so at the moment obviously is quite an experience going shopping. I think one time in the week that we both actually go because we live in our only kind of microcosm of a world where we around do our work to our things and you know again. Hopefully you will especially after listening to this. You folks some positive things. You do lots of things to help you through this time. But it's when you go outside the real world and go have to go to a supermarket. You suddenly go right. Yeah there is a similar quote Ryan. Nothing queuing up for a bright alton towers go into science because at the moment is an. It's an interesting one. I mean I. I'm not dual shopping. Generally anyway but I've probably been to the supermarket in the light now more recently more times than having the lawsuit was your shopping of my mom and dad in lockdown but is a pretty surreal. Experience will have to be honest. It's just bring it back to home however again something we make what we keep up majorities on my show. It's quite civilized realized. You know lot. Calmer over the ingredients. That offer is quite interesting. I mean we have a abundances in things the staple things that everyone seems to go forth past arise flower. You know basic things out that and so they've got some interesting brands so you know again you look at this and you kind of think. Well what can I do here? Do I freak out the? I haven't got the things that I'm saying. The ingredients that made me feel safe the rice the pastors all of those things do maybe have a look at what's alternative. I mean it's kind of what we've been saying about food anyway. The healthy swap suicide. If you go for white rice try Kenmore. Try Home your couscous or something like that because the end of the day sister substitute and actually is a healthy Olympics. In a lot of times it can be also a healthier so shoot view so I think now's a good time to actually take that as choosing supermarket. We were there on Monday. And of course usuals were all out but then I walked down the aisle and there was a whole rack of wholemeal whole-wheat discus which is what we have normally. We have only go and try out these new things that we've been saying if they if they I mean we're pretty stocked up for veg- but they haven't got all the vege. Go that ghosts and Tin Veg- you know. Yeah it's not fresh but you know what it's vegetables and it's an it's an asset certain sorts of nutrients get your proteins from beans. Lentils pulses grains presidency. Yeah get a packet of I. You know nuts spring khulumani salads. Bring him on your food. There are lots of ways in which you can. You can actually benefit from having to think out the box. We're great believers in thinking out the box before so now is the time to think out of the box definitely. We Love we love. Tim Sullivan's Tim fish things like that. Now it's give it a go absolutely it? Also you know. There's a lot of parents with kids at home Trying to find things to do so. Try some healthy recipes. Get Ingredients You know if we've got some fantastic recipes also got some really fun healthier snack options energy off and flap jacks and things like that but made with so with dates and nuts and things like that. So it's a great time for kids to maybe learn a little bit how to cook out to healthy no. That's a really great thing for them to be doing rather than just making chocolate cakes. Well the the chocolate cakes of course not everyday chocolate cake but seriously no to go back to your point. Yeah there's a great time he's great to with the family. I mean you know Gallo to stuffing troy something you yes the same thing with exercise. I find you know we say in the gym this morning and he's rid with exercise because a lot of people get a bit kind of the motivation. I the the the most thing that I hear with people is I wanted to just. I need motivation. I I find it difficult to be motivated. You know and I get it. I get it because motivation is linked to endorphins. Linked to the brain is linked to how you mind works. I had this morning and I was in. We were in the gym this morning. Always really good session. And we've back on mixed phase week is awesome and it was great using different tempos in dumbbells and stuff and yeah yeah. She's great but tomorrow if I was too busy and we've got to get in my brain would probably got. She got run. You get a main changes very quickly so I understand. This is the same food as I said. You know you can go. Simple options is almost like comfort food familiarity but think out the box and try new things because it is definitely worth. You had did a good thing. We did what we did a good thing with food in the family. Yes this is a really good tip. I mean I'm sure people have come up with it ready but I'm the youngest of six so we have a what's up group. I'm sure lots of families do to keep in touch especially during these times when obviously Easter. You know we don't see each other and all of this so we set up. What's out good years ago and my brothers suggested that we do food competition so we decided to make to rally which is like a really nice Italian snack. He's like a dry hard bread Round shape that you have is low nibble rarely with an apparent or something and so we decided that we're going to do to rally each family would make the Torelli we will take photographs and then My brother WHO's in Italy. He wasn't doing the the rest of because he he couldn't do. It was going to judge the competition and the winners decide the next food challenge and it was really fun. Everybody did that rally. They set little videos of them. Make the dough and then the the end product is well and then obviously it was judged my mom and dad one of course we are also very tasting and it was just a really nice thing to do because you know gives you something to Jay z somebody to ban to interact with the family. That obviously you know takes your mind the fact that you caught me me up for Easter and things like that and I thought it would be asked to share with with some of you know if you've got what's out groups or facebook or whatever it is All of these ways that we keep in touch with people. It's a really nice and today we did a post maybe last week this way. I CAN'T REMEMBER. It was not that long ago it was six ways to help you remain positive during this time. Yeah and they were like six things that we picked. It would help people who who finding you know lockdown or whatever you WanNa call it difficult and the first on the list apartment stay connected so that is exactly plays into that because it's in in this day and age you know with technology with the way that we interact with all of these things is very easy to stay connected and actually you know you contend to with families and stuff like that maybe you speak on the phone maybe go and see each other as often maybe start trying to maybe gain skype maybe do facetime or whatever you know and use each other that way play games in today. I got an invite to a virtual problem for tell you that a lot of CR- friends go in the living room and chat line or in the pub. I mean this is the least expert never of happened. Nice things never happened. So you stay connected is really important. Do not isolate. Even though we are technically in a self-isolation do not isolate yourself in the world. Use Technology to your advantage in this day and age because it is out there so use it. The second thing on that list was exercise Leach. We've kind of covered. We've we've covered you know there's lots of. We've covered the importance of exercise. There is also obviously lots of tools out there. There's no excuses anymore. I mean aside from sem fear of course which has the systematic exercise program that we've designed and Flavia take three month program plus with a lot of classes that were doing which is a new thing is why there isn't it because you've actually up those classes from one week to three yet we have yet our. Sem FIT on a Tuesday than we do. Our dance hit on a Thursday. And then we've added the Flavio obviously on Saturday. So yeah three crosses from north to do it now to try motivate people to give our members as much as we possibly. Can they get three classes a week? Plus days that we're not doing his AAC do all the work accounts. We've just updated lizzani recipes. I think for them to try as well so yeah just keeping them going really well. There's lows so the point being. There's no excuses at all anyway. Even if you don't do that and you can go outside or you know YouTube. Whatever is it people doing. There's a lot of resource in actual fact it. Actually you know gyms can be intimidating places then gestured in a way which is not necessarily that friendly for most people so this might be the waiting for people to actually work out from Jose. Think about the time it takes you to get to the gym goes to change you room. Get back in the car drive back home. Petro costs in all of these things. You know into our up you could easily add an extra half hour onto your gym session just to get there and back important thing is if you're gonNA be safe be safe. Be Safe because you know one thing about James is that there is. You can be kind of Safeguard the relevant space to do is make sure suitable place and the right precautions and don't do anything too crazy. That's why we always believe in systematic programs where you grow and follow through rather than jumping into a hit workout. If you haven't been to the gym talks next on the list. Eat eating well. We've covered that was well. Yeah going no excuses. You got those three things fitness nutrition and wellbeing these your petrol pumps of life. You keep these top fuel. Then you're going to be a lot happier is like now. You know I think about everything that's going on and that's why we get up good morning. We have good breakfast. We go for war and we do our work out. We'll go to the gym. Or whatever is we do at how we cover those aspects and invariably those three aspects make feel where absolutely you take those away without you go. What would you do most people kind of think about? Why do I feel depressed? Feel this why do I feel that? Well I said work on those fundamental will happen you roof over. Yeah so eating. Well is definitely definitely definitely high on that list and as we've discussed before there's no excuses about eating. Well you know. We tend to now talk about this last night. You know load of really nice vegetables and we get protein. Go with it and we just. It's just the talent is making vegetate. Nice talent are you just gotta every day come up with some different something new but you know you can eat as much vegetables as you should is. You can say like more colorful the plight the better yep absolutely true and cry like creating a painting of nutrition so food food. Food's really important next on this meditate meditation. Now your big believer meditation. We we need to. Just tell me what meditation does view. Though I think it's it's time out for your brain is the simplest way to think about it. So we as we found that we have sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day which is an awful lot and I think some of us are more of big thinkers the nowadays. I think I'm a big thing. In the sense stumm constantly my brain's rattling around probably bit light. You know my mom when you can see her thinking when she's not even talking and I think I'm very similar so what I'm doing whatever I'm doing cleaning the whatever walking about my brain is active and it's definitely thinking but you can't really control the thoughts. Some of them might be good. Thought some of them might be bad sought. Some of them might be negative thoughts and their thoughts in your head once when you head during the your conscience and then they go into the universe and all that stuff say is very difficult to control the thoughts that pop into your head so my way of controlling them is to meditate to focus on the voice. I'm hearing the music to relax. You know calm down my breathing. Control my breathing and for me. It just helps me to go through a period of time whether it's a ten minute meditation. Twenty minutes forty five minutes. I know that for that time I can try my best to try and call my brain down and to try to stop it from thinking all my switch we never can and it always tends to drift away but it's just the way for me to yet to stop thinking and I think it's quite healthy thing it's important you talk go onto the vexing wellbeing state of your mind mental health or those things are becoming much more prevalent now. You know we've been talking about this since we started all of this and you feel it becoming more and more and more especially again now. The situation lots of people are home. Lots of families together. Lots of stuff going on. You know you'll having to deal with scenarios that usually job or whatever took you away from so it's very important because also if you can somehow help yourself then you can be with others around. And if you don't then that's where it goes. Yeah definitely analysts. Meditations personal thing. There's lots of against out there that we research everything works for everybody but you just about finding what works. We learn something new now. This was next on our list of making. You know helping be positive during this time. Learn something new. What can I say we are? We believe in this quiet lot. We we're we're constantly learning new things we go to college. We do this reteach plumbers. Whatever it is this is the perfect time to start something that you've always wanted. Not You know you say learn some new absolutely it is also just giving a guy giving something else ago like I love crafty stuff at the moment we all very busy with FC. I'm fit because we constantly twenty four hours at the moment on doing things for our members and things like that. But you know I. I love to do creative stuff like paintbrush out and do some painting the Wood Wood. Were you know wood carving which did that one day course which? I've really enjoyed And I've bought. I've got little bits of wood I can carve and stuff like that. It sounds silly but to meets a pulse. I'm again. It's a way of my brain down some sure there's also things people think about it and they say well what's the one thing? I've always wanted to have a guy at doing but I've never had enough time to do. I'm never home enough. Just give thing ago now. Youtube is like so many resources out there. You know. You've got courses Youtube online stuff. It's it's kind of. That's the game looking at this period. Let's say we are being asked to work or stay at home mobile home for the next. What however long you know yeah some of US hopefully working for my own doing stuff but you'll also have a lot of time you know do you watch TV. Do you play games. Do you play computer games to read books? Whatever but try and fit in that that time for you whether it's like you said maybe it's not learning something new necessarily. Maybe it's to do that thing that you've always wanted to paint a picture. Yeah Right Ri- short story. Orion whatever is maybe. This is the time to to invest creativity. One time that maybe you've got time to be creative. If your like that you know or read a book maybe someone who's not you know. I'm a huge reader. I've got into reading the older got. But maybe you're somebody like that there's never really got into reading. Never had time to do it. Brita burke learn cooking language now. That's a challenge home all right so the fall of thing on the list was which I think is really really important as having perspective now this will always always help is very difficult. We've been there. We've been through various different things in life where you know there's times when you kind of look in the mirror and go why may now. Why is this happening to me? It's not I'm into them shouting into me. I I've got to do something ballot. Well this may be like one of those rare opportunities actually life where I would say majority of us are dealing with the same thing or a result of the big thing you know whether it be. Were illness change of circumstance. You know what was going to get married to call and get married so many different things where people are having to adapt their lives. It's quite major so this is the one time I suppose to get a perspective of all actually realize that this will we will get through this absolutely. Yeah somehow we will you know everyone. There's a lot of people in the same boat but most importantly you know there's a lot of people in a worse position. Yeah there's a lot of people who are having to deal with at the moment. Whatever you're dealing with someone worse off so it's important to to know that and to believe and it's all about that light at the end of our tunnel that tunnel that light mates fulfil a bit of a distance away but it's there and we will get to it and as I said to us this time fruitfully and trying to learn something and become you know I think what the important thing is at the moment however managed to do that definitely so you have also been doing something with to keep your mind beating and out the box get your mind off with problems are having their. Oh yes yeah I have to say when it was just a spare the moment thing like you said it was one of those things. I have ten minutes to spare and I you know. We're obviously we've kind of reduced dog walks. 'cause we normally do to three walks day easy and we're trying to be sensible and fair and go on one maybe know road walk for the second one. I'm so I remember that we bought probably over a year ago. Some agility equipment for them and then for one reason or another again life takes over we put it in the shed and that was the end of that and it's always been in the back of my head or we must do that musty that we must do that and I thought wow well. This is the perfect time seeing as we're probably not giving them quite as much exercise or walks as we normally day. Pablo specially needs that extra of stimulation seeking get quite tired and bored. Working dog isn't always wants to be doing something. Yeah so he loves his rest but there is a point in the day where he kind of looks at you and goes right. I need to go and do something. Not only physically but with my brain so I thought wow okay you were busy doing. Sem Fit stuff in the office. And I thought well I'm going to build some going to put it together and then you know ten fifty minutes later we're GONNA set up on garden going to be Cross lex. Stone is brilliant of never seen Elo phases so excited like tongues. Hand the side and Obviously get treats and is amazing. You know one of the things that we what was the we've they go in and out with the polls and is incredible really within. This is what this second day. It's been up. I think yeah world champions already world champions in two days is pretty incredible and I was reading on Youtube and stuff used to very gradually and systematically archie for me systematic way of doing it when it came to this was a bit confusing and so I just you know three them in the deep end and I've just come fill out the straight poles yourself in in and out and he says it can take from two weeks to four months for them to to do it literally two days in and that kind of freedom and then I'll do on them right. They only the treats guidance but they're kind of they're doing. It's amazing and it's so satisfying so every day. We are going to be doing some agility with them. Hopefully they'll get foster better and I'll get more myself under control. The hard thing is actually you being control of them much faster than us so they they'll just zoom round but it's actually about you trying to control them you being smarter than they are which is not easy. Watch this space. We will be posting videos of Harley agility is going over the yeah we'll see you know how they do but I was. I'm very impressed. Having gone. And that is the main thing. So that takes us nicely onto our little interview for this week with Joe Cultural of friend dog behaviorist. And she's going to talk to us about the importance of dog nutrition so I think ancestrally dogs have always eaten raw diet so in the natural environment they would hunt and chase prey that kill it that they wouldn't stick it in a pot and cook it or chuck in the microwave. Neater so ancestrally there. The digestive system is developed to digest raw food. But I think the problem is over. You know so many years. We've been brainwashed into thinking. Dogs eat dry food kibble this balanced diet. The problem with dry food is it contains a lot of carbohydrates and it's processed so anything that's processed is not as good as fresh as you guys know so when dogs dry food because it contains contains quite a lot of carbohydrates and additives and preservatives. Dogs don't naturally processed carbohydrates very well and what happens is they get a build up of candied or yeast in their digestive system and that's often A coors or a contributing factor to things like ear infections skin infections allergies upset tummies so the value of raw food is really really important for healing a dog a physical state at talk. Suggestive System Sometimes dogs can eat raw food because the digestive system is just not used to such great food. They've just been street dogs particularly. They've just been used to eating scraps. Everything and anything. Yeah sometimes it can be a real nightmare to try and transition a dog onto raw food but generally speaking. If you're GonNa do it you just want to try one flavor a time if a dog's go after. Geez I'll generally not give them flavors like chicken or beef for Turkey because their grain fed. Farner farmer so you start with a flavor and see my hottest topic he check. Yeah you make sure. It's a nice firm Brown color not soften large quantities of it And you oversee the. They're not being sick on it And that they enjoy it. Yeah and then once you've worked out what flavors they like you have kind of a menu of you'll rule foods that you can give dog But that there will be a lot smaller and firm which means most of what they're eating will be retained by the body for nutrition and health health. You think cable and stuff like makes him a little bit more waiter. I mean it's like humans eating carbs. If we carpenter we put on weight and we feel bloated. It's the same with dogs and you'd notice a huge difference in how a dog looks. How dope behaves you. Know Nutrition is really important when I'm working with dogs with behavior issues because if they're on A DOT that Scott contains carbohydrates is sugar. Then they're going to be hyper. You know the coat is much much shiny when they're a raw diet Smell they just look fantastic fantastic and sometimes you know depends on the dog but some dogs can be tricky to transition onto it but certainly if you're transitioning them just do over a week to two s if you're feeding dry food at the moment you just want to feed them dry food for one meal and then give them rule for the. Rav of the mixing it because they will digest it different rates And then you know once she worked out what flavors they like. Then you've got your menu as I say and it's pretty easy. It's not like ten years ago when I started where I was literally going to the local butchers again bones and rural food now tons of companies algae set some breeds of dogs struggle to eat raw raw feed. So sometimes I'll cook it slightly in the microwave. Just because they're just not used to the texture but once you've done that then they Germany account. Yeah we did. A post on there seem fit last week about the correlation between nutrition and. Welby in massive. Yeah so you something about nutrition and behavioral issues and dogs so there is a huge huge carbohydrates. When we COBB I feel sluggish. We feel tired. We get grouchy. Same thing same thing in dogs massive. Yeah so dire. Is Everything in dogs absolutely. Unfortunately the problem is a lot of vets will advise people not to feed rule. And that's because vets don't necessarily get much nutrition training in vet school when they do get is nutrition trick training given to them by the pharmaceutical companies that produced the kibble the dry food. So they're gonNA get a very kind of one track learning but actually if you research role food and if you think about it you know it's it's logical it makes us then. Yeah I should eat well there you go those Joe all about raw foods now. We've if you've got dogs We have we've been on nor food with them for since they were since we at them. Since you babies I is incredible. It really really does make a difference to their health and Energy Levels. And it's you know it's clean food. Don't get any well. We've not had any problems with it. And I would thoroughly thirty recommends a raw diet and also we do a lot of kind of herbal remedies and potions and powders and put lots of different things natural things into their diet where we can and you know touch wood. They are both very fit and healthy. Yeah they are. They are absolutely not as Joe. Said if you have allergies and skin problems and things like that. They're not ruling is definitely something to try. Joe Has got a youtube video. All about dog nutrition. Which will put on a link under this podcast? She also has a youtube channel with lots of different videos and helpful things. I if you have a dog check it out. You will find it very useful. So we're down to the end of the show message to you this week. I was thinking you know because we are looking on the more positive side of life. What with everything going on. Not this week maybe next year. If you look just give me an idea that I thought well one and we end on some positive affirmations you know affirmations for those of you that know for those. That don't know you know we believe it's important to have these affirmations you know especially like for instance if you get up in the you know the the Saying of the wrong side of the bet. There's a reason for that when people say you've got out the wrong side of the bed or fill out the wrong side of the bed is affirming the fact that you're not going to have a good day. This is simple as that. Now if you got out of bed when I'm going to have a great day maybe it'd be different. So there's what affirmations are so to help with these positive vibes positively. At the moment I put together. Twenty positive affirmations lovling so I think maybe we should read them now quickly before you tell me about affirmations well affirmations a great. They're really good to have lights on your fridge for example and a magnetic or Ron. If you've got a whiteboard you know when you write your shopping list. Just have a couple of them and make them really personalty so we're going to read out twenty all of them will feel natural replied he a bit. You just need a fee that you just read out every so often and it's really good from what I gathered to do it in the morning because like you say sets you up for the day so rather than waking up and thinking maybe things where we've been dreaming about which is not going to set you up for a positive day when you wake up. You're making your coffee. You breakfast toast. Just read a couple of these affirmations and you're able to go in a much smoother smoothie direction were. Let's set off everyone on a smoothie direction by readings malformations so I thought we each got twenty. What you do I said. Okay I'll do the second-set affect I good enough. I am the best version of myself. There is a solution to every problem. I face I am a kind amazing person. I will become leader. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to be me. Challenges helped me grow. Today is going to be awesome. I am strong enough to be confident. I am in control of my own happiness. It's okay not to have the answer to everything I believe in myself I can achieve my dreams and goals. My family and friends love me. Today is going to be a positive day. I can get through anything I will achieve anything I wanted to as long as I put my mind to it. I am proud of myself. I deserve to be happy. See you next time focused Jimmy.

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