Late Night in Santa Barbara!


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We are excited about this new podcast it take everything from the pop culture to post baby sex surviving family family vacations introducing pasture family infertility and even dealing with your in laws so if you're only motherhood at checkout scary Mommy's speaks download and subscribe apple podcasts spotify or wherever ever you listen to your favorite podcasts scary mommy speaks what do idea do heart inc.. I got the make spady famous again podcast that is really frigging late. We are so sorry. It's been a pretty crazy week that you met late at night that we're doing it. Shut the door at thing. That's right to add and it's nice like why are we can give microphones if we have the ocean banging in the bag I I can't even breathe. I got I thought garnered is fell out of a bed and was screaming and it was the stupid expedient going off of broken toilet who knew of toilet could even scream. I had had no idea Santa Barbara where we used to live for six and a half seven years is definitely a I'm not a morning commute by cast because whispering go to bed A._S._M.. M._R. vodkas his can't we get her up and I forgot the monitor sold us be running back so we decided late last night this morning that we are coming because fencers mom broker leg and we we're able to come up earlier this week because we were working and filming and a bunch of stuff and then <hes> Spencer's older sister as here and then she left today so we came up today to <hes> see her yeah. It's been a really crazy to type of wine is this this is really expensive. It's one hundred sixty dollar wyant. That's a huge splurge whereas she likes to see it needs out more okay. He's more air. I'll be drinking extra cash time. I have everyone our so yeah. This is a week leg podcast. You're going to be one hour is turn up the best thing about my mom. Breaking her lay was positive out of all this is if we didn't you have to come see her. Heidi would not have had her first Margarita in at least three years since the last time shed a Margarita at this restaurant when she was trying to get a buzz on before she eh go into the mother daughter experiment with her mom and she was terrified. <hes> ended up drinking lying half because you bought a very expensive. There's I understand illogic euro an accountant ear businesswoman and you bought the most expensive ballot Akilah like in the world and you're gonNA take it into the house of you and then on the car ride there. You have the most expensive ball in the world to kill. You've already had some Margaritas. It makes sensory out a couple of low saves. It's all the way from Santa Barbara Pasadena Pasadena and I were getting along at the time and I had the call that she was going to be there and I knew it was going to be a showdown and I was like Oh man I love you natalie. Thank God we made us getting on Oh. After merged Jabu talked a smack on twitter vote surgery on third she did oh yeah. She's a being funny funny to make people's surgeries. She probably be our friends now a so yeah that's the last time I drink Margarita and I vowed it off and I was throwing up all night gusting and probably consider my life so and we've tried since I've tried sense and I almost like I gag reflex each time but today I oh my God is toilet all night on my toilet. That is screeching here Orlov off yeah maybe UNHOOK. It definitely shut the door checking on governor. Oh my gosh there's a toilet that is screeching right next. We're GONNA sleeping not even a doorway. Oh my gosh that's not good that will wake me up on a even. I'm awake all night so I tried almost a week of known apps with Governor because I thought hey maybe he'll sleep at night if he's so fricking exhausted nope didn't really work either then I descended up with a really tired baby more stressful trying to keep Obama Abbas like sure whatever you WanNa do. It's very challenging say I know but I'm desperate and I had <hes> my friend Ashleigh Willard to send me a little <hes> thing about healthy Melatonin that can help baby sleep with them. My doctor actor said the children ought to be three years old. Try that so he's a year way from that but we took a little road trip up here today which ended up being really fun. We took the B._M._W.. X. Seven I ever B._M._W.. X. Seven th spence run up another baby. Can I call my allergies and ask her what she wouldn't give a heads of. There's a Freddie Krueger toilet that makes scary. Screaming is is they will give you a heart attack and I call her. Ah I would've gone google the year at <hes> yes shadow B._M._w.. Hashtag B._M._W.. Partner now the podcast knows not yet yeah this podcast kit again so differently life is so funny 'cause we're supposed to podcast after the episode and we'll be so turn up right now of a two thousand champagne but what happened that night I had a meltdown of from. I'm not the premier night. Oh my God you did. Heidi ruined our one yes you did. It was the Pratt frikkie daddy crystals episode. We spent so much party than waiting to watch on T._V.. And Heidi decides I have a governor no sleep. Turn freaking one meltdowns of the century crying. I I have a horrible Bob. What did I do raw say Yo? We at least you this after we see our services a d._V._d.. We've been doing this now for twenty one months. I feel like we can pick tomorrow night on Tuesday night so yes. That's why we in podcasts. There's not a choice and you have a mouse Diana. It clearly saw you couldn't turn it all down and it wasn't this felt out of the century. I had been trying for a few days to have no not with gunners so I am extra tired up all night. I haven't had my own apps in a long time. I'm dealing with Gunnar by myself or not myself but I get an abbey and a lot for a few emma single mother and archery. I should do podcasts single mothers go. No I mean you know I didn't have abby there didn't have a break it and leave Steve Yeah I was exhausted and then he woke up an hour after putting him down and I was so discouraged because I've been trying this new tactic was so beyond aired and yeah I cry entertain that if we're not recording out of all this conversations not when we guess full disclosure that I really stress about my talking to this person for no reason if highly things I'm not trying to you know Jack <music>. I'm looking for your ad in memorize them. I give them with fell shadow Kaitlyn Bristowe no she definitely memories rashy such a superstar podcast or but speaking of <hes>. We were supposed to podcast with her she was going to come. The house was all set up for Thursday night for her podcasts off the bye. Maybe it would have been her otherwise the drinking one that maybe she was going to have us on that and she got deathly six like had doctors come in Mexico Geico and I'm thinking you drink the water as as it never drink the water bub-bubba and no but she ate salads the whole time and they she thinks they wash the cells with some don't have salads in Mexico. I said what was she lena. In Haiti frigging tacos and Guacamole and Tequila in Mexico sal is us when you don't go to these influence or houses for photo ops. I just realized listening you talk is how thankful I am that we have as podcast because one day when this living on the beach in Costa Rica and I'm over reading. I'm just GonNa play back these memories because it made me think of that book you do and night when you asked me my brain definitely doesn't work what it is cute today and I'm like and you're writing notes like that. We're GonNa read then twenty years no anything of that so we should really always also put our conor notes in the podcast so we actually can listen to that great idea the cutest gutter note today. Oh first of all this was such a hard day for governor. He is the best trooper I look outside and he's going. Oh ooh. I'm like Oh my gosh did he step on A. B.. He was like pointing to his foot. I look around the bees crawling away a checkout his fee. I cannot see anywhere. I thought I was allergic when I was a little to be so I've been so terrified for him to be stung. Stung by BIEB turns out I was and so he's looking around his pointing to us when he's like ow. Oh you know an Dan I look all I don't see it. I come back like minute later and it was wedged in between his toes where I couldn't even see it. He was such sure where he didn't even cry. It was just point is going how so so cute and then I put on ugly dolls four hundred distracting so they could ice his foot. <hes> put it in cold water so if anyone gets feasting for them or kids or anything they say immediately Lee Soak your foot in cold water and so it got a little other piece of the Stinger out too but he is such a trooper. Thank God he's not allergic and then he had another today we got to the beach. We only stayed here for like ten minutes. That's because we are trying to get up to Spencer's mom and so he's running into the water. He loves the water so much. There's dogs round. He's like chasing the dog right on the water's edge and it gets dizzy like if you've ever looked down on the waves crashing it gets kinda busy with the sand end Boeing. He got dizzy. He fell flat on his face in his whole side into the water. It was like washing over him. He didn't even cry he got up and just started like look a shock on his face and they need to start running like Spencer. How ridiculous has that had? His foot is definitely school and he's so much tougher than me. He got year jeans. Is I cry for everything and year on they cry of the sleep. Turn didn't work. You're definitely stronger yeah. The people are going to have to listen to this. Turn up because this is the hardest it's ever been for me to be quiet but I don't get up because we don't have another day to podcast <hes> yeah back to what was saying this podcast asses so different than it would have been and it's timing is everything and as such a real thing when you you know and it's part of the game sometimes I need then everybody else events in public forum but just when you're emotional and people are saying saying things it's just so not true on shows and then yellow Pie gas right after it's so hard not to just go one hundred percent in but it's been a week Kinda calmed down and we'll have gone on other podcasts tried gas invented shut out the gang forgot already do that so on the lady gang podcasts I talked about how Brandon who has been on our podcast was so great the <hes> but I talked about on the podcast that he told me that brody told him that he's never let a talk to me. `Do never who knows because pretty so mad at Brandon ever defended mean even talk to me 'cause Brody Bra branded on the show from Malibu Blah Blah Blah so brandon obviously kept talking to me but then as I wonder how long this last because once he realizes that he has to see Brody Malibu which is a small town all all the time. I have the same conversation like I'll probably switch. It didn't take more than three days until he goes on a different podcast and caused me crybaby and other things just not acceptable also obviously I blocked him on social media because I don't have time energy well. He quoted that himself on that episode he is like if you're not for me on my team and Blah Blah iron have time for you when he was referring arena brody and he said on the show why you shouldn't be talking brody because Oh so that's why I'm not yeah it's like well. Listen your vote because you do like I don't have time for people like that. I don't actioning it but it was disappointing was because this is a big champion for him but a lot of people deemed may they did not like him on our podcast and they came up very cocky and just like arrogant and bow sided get a lot night defended a lot of those people that the Yang along and people say that like it's in the real world twenty three whatever it is not young. You'RE GONNA military eighteen six nine hundred saying twenty three days. There's no excuses yeah and he says he grew up so fast and no not giving ages like oh well. We were pretty wild at twenty two twenty dollars. Excuse no wasn't it excuse but I can also drinking red wine and Margaret or who is dead sober I if you're gonNA dog some smack at least tell me some drinks and Spencer also said he hates the whole cast and Anita update that I don't hate Jason Waller Ashley Ashley Waller Frankie and Jen but I dream a Duh said in that in on the Pug us that from that interview I so that I- uttering yeah but I think consider sure that I was talking about the original now I just forgot. I blacked out. I got so excited I think I'd forest shots espresso and full disclosure. Jason Ashley went on Hey podcast that actually made me on follow both of them them so hates a strong but I'm kinda like if you even acknowledged people that are out to get me. I make a point of be up in everyone's information so that I know that I never put myself where I'm you know and I make a point to like. Oh this person will be here. Is this cool if I am so hyper sensitive which other people aren't and they just let their publicist book them for things have expectations on other people. Were GonNA partners this whole bottle away not I may exhausted you slept on. Oh I know is the reason I don't need to work out anymore is because I don't know cow till it's the snack bar that Baloch's fat when you eat it minus cows thirty bar subscription is awesome. It's perfect one month's supply for your busy schedule. I know I'm really busy and when I need something on the go I take it as where you order now go to mighty scout L. DOT com and use code Spidey at checkout. 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SPIDEY INS but those are new Paris platoon me new the world is changing at a rate like never before so why isn't education strayer university is revolutionizing in higher education to help you finish your degree. We make transferring credits simple create binge worthy course content that keep you engaged and design A._i.. Powered tools to help you graduate welcome to the future of Education Strayer University University out with the old school. Spare University is certified to operate by chef guys healthy night from the lady gang podcast. If you're into getting a very daffy sexual beautiful inspiring funny oftentimes embarrassing Ainhoa podcast in your repertoire lady gang has one and please rate interview us on Apple podcast. Hi Kathy make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the A._P.. News minute. It's just so funny that we were living in this house for six and a half seven years. I thought the hills goals was done forever. I thought that life was so far behind us. We would leave this house once a year to do a show to go to big brother or like go on on a mission and then we would come back and rest up and we'd have to like take a year weird like rearrest out because psychologically and everything in those shows are so crazy and then we would just yeah relax and now we are fully backing out filming nails again with our son like it's definitely is such a crazy different frequency. I mean in Santa Barbara. Everything's calm and slow and Scott. I think like even talk to move faster. We have like Mackenzie coming through moves million miles an hour. We have so many employees that we're dealing and getting tired. You just real tag. Is that what that is very accurate inhaler what happened. It's the prayers answered since the hills are back in your back in L._A.. And careful Hewish for the wind. I don't think I ever pray for anything where I didn't get to watch all my movies in shows and nap flakes like that is such a weird thing. I watched a movie every night. We'll life and now all I watch touches curious George over kidding me. I watched every single reality show. There was a watched dance. MOMS I worked out for two hours and watch then I would clean the house we would have wind sitting here every night and watching reality T._v.. And commenting on everything I haven't watched all my reality shows in two and a half however many years I can maybe watch half of one week or like one a week. It's very different slid glitch in the Matrix speaking of hiding I went and saw the Matrix one and thirty five millimeter in in the theater night for ten seconds. At least we got to see him become the one so we were going to go on and put these two months ago literally. I've been planning this for by four months yep so I was putting Gunnar in bed and I couldn't text him and I said I'm going to take an uber because I had like glassman half and I'm like I'm not GonNa get a d._U._i.. And so as I can't drive and he is like well. What are you going to do and I was like? I didn't think he'd left or anything like one minute later. I come on like hey. I'M GONNA take a new breeze hardy left. I'm like what do you meaning. It's just been like thirty seconds just put going into. How do you even move that fast like what the Frick I was going to take an uber down then he comes up to the house? It's already fifteen minutes in and we're like let's just go make some money so we went up to Pratt Daddy headquarters and there and then we went to Morpheus at the very end when he was in use call morpheus. Let's see I didn't get the whole movie no meal but I was because is what is what he has. We haven't seen that movie about Oh. My Gosh well on a very positive with everything so insane going on. We had our record breaking Preti Times almost three. I mean we had three days or better than months effort like it's a miracle so thank you everyone of the listeners. If you're one of those people that supported we've had employee's. They've chosen to work from like nine A._M.. Some of them till eleven PM. We have employees working twenty four. I screen shots just to like shedding. Now that is Carlo. Hello Carla McKinsey editing in post uploading photos at four A._M.. Three am so they go for all night long to like four A._M.. For thirty and then they sleep till like eleven eleven thirty how many hours that's a shift so they're on the night shift and then they come in at that time and they ran. It's in it like six times latest like eight and then she works now till eleven and I I mean. I don't know everyone telling everyone I'm like. I don't want anyone to burn out like everyone needs to take a day off. Everyone needs to make sure they're getting lunch breaks and like brakes and everything everyone's a cow. We're good. It's fine fine like I know you'll have to do that so I'm trying to force Mackenzie Day off. I don't think she's had a day off in like mindset aren't even how long is the hardest worker. Everyone's the hardest worker you know so we so funny as like a movie scene said take a day off they they often these chill out and I was thinking there myself was far as I'm out here praying and hustling these are never going to chill out there about to get grease years now. We've hired like three new employees couple full-time couple part time and the crazy days it's crazy we have a squad to Abbey's now all the stress and with everything. Everybody works so well together. There's no drama my everyone has the best attitudes and then we bring in champagne or whatever it just celebrate and it's so fun to have people that you love and not respect you want the best for issues like what we have going on is so awesome right now such such a blessing so <hes> and the best material I mean right bracelets. We've been doing photo shoots each week with Abbey's boyfriend Alex who is a huge photographer. We almost bought a bill. Were in this week and then I was like why why are we spend all this money on billboard when predatory is on television. Why don't we wait at the billboard in Hollywood when the show's not on so we're literally about to shoot Heidi Monday naked naked U._n._c. that she's naked should be in a bathtub of crystals shoutout Taylor swift and when she was in diamond so would have been different and we obviously would have said thank you for the Info Tae but <music>? I'm not ready to be naked on sunset. I've not prepared for this too much. Let's not do this then. She's like what about just like me Wayne Necklace I this I can crystal our civilian without saying thank baroness so glad you're not in marketing P._R.. For fulfill that's what I wanted wanted the photo that's up on my g with the purple is it looks like we're selling Kylie highly. I get billboard. A minutes looks amazing. I G I may that they we're coming up. What's we are now? Are you talking about. What's coming up? I have to record quarrymen country song. I have take oreos number that is more like a feature on his song. That's too much his voice in my opinion they you'd have to sing the whole thing and have him. Maybe seeing the because right now that sounds like think I couldn't listen to that too many times because yeah he's a great country but we're trying to market hyphen so you need to do his versus and he needs to do the because right. Now you're featuring on his son. Ask him to write me a news on that song as you gotTa hit coming on T._V.. That's a funds on guitar own by a bomb making smart as well versed. We have shoot forget that Heidi is working with a songwriter that wrote freaking body language F._M.. BOGART him and I've been messaging. It is cracking her bad massaging her breasts. I don't know what she's doing. Um these YOU CISCO's. Dreams backwards sore fired yeah. I'm so we're staying here on a hotel because it's so nostalgic being back in this house and it's really fun to be here so I'm excited. Dispenser Not WanNa come up yesterday tape because <hes> it was all to fasting crazy and we thought that she had other help but then it didn't so it worked out that we ended up coming which has used to be coming home this morning issues messaging us last night like I'm leaving at night eight so that she also hard to decide because to visit my mom in the hospital or I mean the original reality show is back and and streaming now only basic watch men's fight even he was again is brought to you by M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch so that was what was keeping me Kinda Hanoi. Do we leave or do we just M._T._V.'s real world. Atlanta is the next true story. A seven strangers picked live in house and have their hookups screw ups apologies fights tears voices and lives streamed exclusively on facebook watch. It's the return of the first unscripted show and T._v.. History that tackled gender race AIDS Taboos Life Addiction can action acceptance and reality and it's being reinvented my favorite show I love this show so much much to love it. I watched almost every single season. I and I love the challenge and everything like that. M._T._V.'s real world Atlanta is an all new reality experience with content dropping daily and new episodes every Thursday find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real will again in facebook like on the facebook watch icon and searched the real world on Watch M._T._v.'s the real World Anna streaming out only on facebook watch. I love this show I mean this is the ultimate reality show. This is where everything has come from <hes> <hes> I was Gonna say that's the one thing I just wish the hills of moreover with the real world like kids with the hills. You can these liars if you're not. They're getting confronted or like I'm hearing lies is coming down right now. That are like people are trying to make the narrative and it's like. I'm not GonNa sit back and let lies like we got paid so much on their first hills that any care what people were saying on the show I would did not play along with things in the press out apologize for things at in do Blah Blah. Blah has paid so much like this is a miracle anything like now especially selling crystals summer twenty dollars right take a lot of twenty dollars to make over one hundred thousand dollars and we're getting hundred thousand or checks every week for different things every and now I know for grinding and all the work energy to sell a twenty dollar item really I'm. I'm glad I ate s-h-i-t and played along like my dad used to say to me when I'd be like they're making this up and that and I understand what he was saying back in the day when he'd be like that's how much of the opinion you again say why go work on a Saturday for sixty dollar two teeth cleaning whatever and he kept saying that I was like and I'm worrying about what people are saying about me on the Internet but now they don't pay me like that anymore so if they try to go at lies is in spin things on me and put other people's like storylines and be like Oh Spencer made that a specially our will air out everything and so that's it. I'm just I'm not playing. It's Amman a reality ability show. Everything needs to be Real M._S._i.. Back that right now real he started spinning things and trying to change stories in adding scenes or something like that Daddy I mean you've come so far someone to want to reenact that and become like the new Lauren is not happen you know like the new breakout star whatever and you can't their other people under the thus for your own situations so yeah and you're a father and you're a hardworking businessman in your great energy grew and you've overcome so much to be where you are. It's not someone can't drag on on 'em as and here's is reality in ten weeks once the shows during I might say everything on the podcast but I'm GonNa play on Renou with everyone just so we can get caught up on UH storyline 'cause obviously they're out yeah. Even how it plays Santa matter whether there's so much several WanNa talk about in a week's that in just after we've got to watch everything play out in a let the shows were head of where the audiences and they're still editing and putting and you're really together so I can't wait to be able to as we have to talk in each week. which is an interesting way to yet? You guys get it. We can't talk about the future because it hasn't aired yet for you guys but it has for US itself. Oh funny how much has changed from the end of filming. which was the surveys December until now so new show ever since season three how everybody left like voters right to now? It's just it's a cloud. The press tour changed a free but photos in everything right before the press tour. It's like what press is crazy and attention and here's the one thing that I am so thankful Info for selling this to maybe my chiropractor show Dr Murray Slash Therapist last spring. A white coat listens very serious as various things every now and then about what I'm talking about and he listens what I was saying is. I'm just so thankful for Pratt Daddy dot com during the hills because it takes ninety nine point nine percent of my brain and if I focused on like fame and like that hustle in doing media and story lines and getting more fame you will lose your EFI mind as other people. I'm witnessing in the whole game not just on the cast but thankfully when you're literally worrying about packaging and material and raw material in quantity and employees and their schedules and I have two worlds every now and then the common like oh come to your A._D._r.. Tesla's and I'm like what and then I go into my on my God. It's like jumping in frigging portal and appearing another dimension because it's my real brain is like success of the business having the number one crystal business in the history of the world have the best crystals not keeping all the crystals which was a big moment. I saw a lot of my personal collection because we have no crystals for sale thankfully high high class problem but so that's just what I'm so thankful because I would be on another planet going after people just but I don't care that much care enough. I care when I'm asked and you've done it and that's what happened. The first time is all your focus a lot of it was on fame and success in because we thought that could be business yeah the business so thankfully wrong. You do have this thriving business and your father Ennio so much other stuff going on now sorry to interrupt being a follower turns me up even more so that that's actually because down like there's there's just say that makes it even more intensive English. It's just the business stressing me out. Now like show stuff is about was just shows and being dad like disrespecting me how D- But son was what what else is happen. There's so much happened a week. I keep saying this podcast anything for a second unease you notes up but every day we kept on going into the studio like Oh podcast today and then just and it's one of our last weeks of filming so that's coming together. I think that's going to have to be the difference if there is a season two of the hills is the ninety nine percent of our filming is going to have to be related to our crystal business because we can't separate from it like we had separate way too much for filming the first round and now we have to be at the business every day like we are both at the office every every day. We have to be there so we can't let that take away from our business well tomorrow. We're going to take her to the beach again in the morning which will be really fun. There's an awesome zoo here Santa Barbara such a good had family place a few come here. I highly recommend the zoo. There's like a little train goes round. You can feed the giraffes. The beaches great carpenter is really cute. You can get some ice cream and stuff like that state streets really fine and it's definitely a really fun place to come in vacation if anyone's thinking about it and no this is not whenever but yeah we have a lot going on. We are I ever Pratt. Daddy look book photo shoot coming up. Were flying a model and from out of town. It's going to be at our friend Katie's house thanks Katie. I don't know if he listen to this or not. She's a fake van fake fan though ah she posted a video on i._G._A.. Of Her on the cameras says I clearly like the the brand he can listen to podcasts I ever or not i. I know longtime offer club appearances like whoa feeling again this girl so see how that comes together which is really funny and fun. No that's terrifying actually I this is to be such a bad idea now. We're thinking about this one case. Maybe we won't remember. How are you into being a club? Where's GONNA GONNA be well? That sounds like my mom or we have abby or you state. They're random glove buyers veers. No Syria kidnapped. No eight have security. Joe's coming with me. I think big JOE's letting anyone get by him. One of my favorite things that happens is when any Siesta key cast members facetime Thomas which is mostly big Joe Julia in Kelsey Verbs Madison their last time. I didn't see medicine so sorry I just got a notification and this person ru what about Blah Blah Blah's new song Blah Blah Blah the name of it. Obviously we know this person Canary back Blah Blah. Blah doesn't care about what I listened to like forget Charlotte Lawrence D._M.'s me back. Thanks me tells member like I WanNa right back she. She actually cares about fever fascinating. I am so I love myself. I really do because I don't do any of this type of Blah Blah Blah behavioral. Their people are losing him Internet. Come on get it together. Play whatever music I way you don't D._M.. me saying to play somebody. Else's music. Sorry side no problem notifications but I gotTa make sure every lot of businesses happen. These days my heart pounding my way way to which Coffee Heidi says I sleep but I don't feel like I sleep anymore. I used to have under erupted sleep now. I'm getting pointed at on. She's telling me to get things. Do things go check on this recall upstairs bill this up close the door open that door double-arm the alarm. Did you arm the alarm. Let that dog out you stopped. I get a journal so every time I'm I'm not sleeping. I can read a no time we have you ever sign it because she's like okay in the morning when you're yelling at me when I had a diet face. Why are you tired which you're tired her? You snoring. Maybe always joking hugh. Don't let me read your throat. Why doubt here's my favorite? I can't know the bad bad I can't move. If I move he wakes I know I can't sleep because she is the lightest wherever if when hits face she's up and so I- sleeping enters but ninety eighty percent of the night. What are you talking there four in the morning you guys are in and out you play? This is the last two days I usually saying there and oh my God he's been in our bed. Let's Smith's Colorado. Whatever all I'm saying this me sleeping all night in compared to you? Yes I don't sleep. Even I can't even compare you <music> a you. Don't sleep and saying you don't have good sleep. I'm just saying well rested. That's good I've been up for ten seconds and I hi like just WanNa roll here saying I will say the second get richer. We're getting a mansion and we're getting the living frigging nanny just for the morning into they can play Legos is up or the Nice Kid living nanny and guest house earn the Nannies quarters or the assistant house. WHATEVER WE'RE GONNA call as we're getting someone in the morning so we can just being told Tan? Kristin Cavallari says get a night nurse Oda do that whole thing but the niners will get Kinda beat that maybe if he doesn't listen let me and there is no it wouldn't even happen. Some kids joking thought. Where are these heroes to set a station number you? Can they start tonight. They have been Santa Barbara Nine one one nine one night nanny a hotline. It's intense then I keep seeing China does his parents with two three poor kids and I'm like I really start thinking they're aliens right. You're not human out you may see you got gills or something from waterworld or we just shot again. He's angel he could be more from what I've heard. He seems more challenging case of child seem special special my prayers such high energy like he's not. It doesn't cry a lot you so tough but he doesn't stop for one second like it's crazy. That's why God T._v.. Is Good for him because because it's only thing that sits down even for a few minutes because he's just going and and sorry Keep Your D._M.'s. I WanNa hear the screen time Blah Blah really curious. George is from God ought himself manifested that little monkey from having come up so okay Sara Ura but I just I have to stop you on the dams because this whole teach we had a parent M._i._d._e._M.'s appreciate them but just send him to yourself is an are. I don't care about US parents but I do know that when gunnery it's older off where he lives where you live impacts who you become so choose wisely with apartments dot com whether it's Hollywood New York or Kresa Byu Colorado apartments dot com has the most listings for apartments townhomes condos and houses to choose from live where and how you one with apartments dot com go to the site and check out their customs search tools few have pets. I want an easy commute to work. They can help you find what you want with apartments dot com. What you see is what you rent? Your time is valuable. That's why they combed through their listings to make sure all the information information is verified and up to date they make home hunting a breeze visit apartments dot com to find your perfect place apartments dot com change. Your apartment changed the world and change danger life L. apartments dot com because sometimes they dislike to look just to see what's going on in different places and locations. I actually was looking for a cast mate for season is in to go willing if we get it 'cause. She's going to need an apartment because yeah her living arrangement is probably going to be changing just saying spoiler as Taylor would say that push call those breadcrumbs or cookies by the way something we should discuss. Am I gonNA add somebody we're in is not for discussion so many said they'd die stopped doing it. He said I can't play liquid. She made me dear every morning drinking my espresso because Taylor doesn't own that master and I should play one of her new sons but it's an energy any any that frequency up play one of her new songs double as much okay. Oh I did watch. Some of the bachelor got up. I binged watch like two episodes in Rome and I'm loving the season. I think Hannah is so cute and funny. I ah loving the finalists that she has. I'm so glad that she's choosing Luke Win. All the guys are hating on him and not wanting him. It's like well. Maybe they're the most threatened by him who knows but Peter's really nice to in his family so I have yeah no idea who she's GonNa choose but it's really good. I think it's one of the best seasons I don't know she's just really like fun and likable and it's good. It's really good as gone during solid pitch. That's not an ad faithfully. It's a little bit caught up in southern charm and what I love about that show is there's drama but it's funny like they have funny moments in there. It's like an upbeat show like she's got deals interest on our the marlins album on itunes obviously they should check that out but I love that show that's a nowhere and more of a dark drama uh-huh. Nobody knows because I personally like that. Even house was crazy drama but it's funny too so maybe there's no one on the couch is funny except you but you're funny on it. Yes you're testimonials are really funny. Make things honey. I the hills anytime sponsors on on this thing we it's I only see means they see you and and then I'll see gun. That's everything else aside in static but you know who I would like to get on the hills is KANU S and Donald Trump because if you saw them tweeting together about getting another rapper ASEP rocky out of jail in Sweden for you know some bogus charge that would make you laugh as hard as it did I today. How do we have our president message? tweeting took another rapper Kim Kardashian re tweeting about getting another rapper out of a Swedish prisons. This planet is just getting very funny speaking of this planet Atlantic getting funny and made me think of Aliens Shutout. Tom Cruise that the trailer for top gun just dropped and I think Tom Cruise when my fear of you will ever I no way he's he's able to recruit price so many scientologists because of IRA to go your Tom Cruise talk and he was like come with me every like where we go at tall. I know you love Tom. Cruise teasing. We both love Tom Cruise. Well I think ever since he gave that shout to Spencer Give Heidi that dream wedding come on spence already say anyway so star he is he really everything is so good. We're GONNA rewatch. Do you watch tropic thunder and watch him play less Grossman and Diz dance player that we're GonNa Watch Jerry Maguire Shawnee. I know me so many vitamin through to a jobs. I haven't had a broom. Somebody's I do you remember me. I used to work at the blockbuster in Santa Monica. I'm like yeah. was there every single night for twenty years. That's so fine that we used to have movie night like that was such a fun thing to go and pick out the movie and get your candy. They're almost like a many movie theater so crazy. The new generation won't ever have that experience yeah but you can watch more movies by not having to leave the house. I don't know that it was like finding that it made stakes. Did you get the movie back at you. Get remember when you step to rewind is paid. Oh my gosh ours always said P kind rewind Ryan said we we will charge you as rate charged me. That's <hes>. Can you believe that of course again is so I I never I very rarely left movie unwound returned it <hes> you're also you throw away your popcorn and near candy and you drink in with eater. I didn't know that was very betty. Throws away their own popcorn. I honestly thought the I I was taking away people's jobs because if there was nothing to clean after a movie than the management would look to somebody that has one of those frigging this is real a navy like we don't need three people clues ear would which is keep joey or Joe and in the fire the other two people because everyone thinks their stuff. You just made this up. That's a lazy way too. It's not a restaurant. They don't come in and sweep it away. These hardworking people have to pick pickup soda. I take full L. on this one because until I met you that just blew my mind now I know other trash cans as you exit like one hundred of them everywhere. Where are you like? Triple sure everyone knows is put on the flip side. You also cut every line for movie which to me was embarrassing and just aligns me to say each had okay tattletale shut pass to write concern yourself. Not who is this girl. I'm dating. She cuts the Lens thing wrong knows amazing what we wouldn't have made it saved a lot. There was an out out there were like one empty line and one big wine and it's like well. They're accepting tickets at anyways. It was wrong okay. What else have you done wrong? Oh you know what Spencer's there's gotTa be Spencer's done. What have we done on this week so fake Redo more today than we used to do in a year in Santa Barbara? I'm not getting late and I'm not kidding so but it's such a blessing. Not I just make still listening this tax okay. I'm going to go to bed here. <hes> no. I'm enjoying for Christmas. This fireplace just wants me to have Christmas. This reminds reminds me of what I would add the fireplace on and watching my holiday movies yes so much stop. That's why I didn't WANNA come here and want to amend zone. I can't get back in this frequency <music> now but we had to come here so tonight. This really happened because to podcast you need this. Oh my God in this thing called Zoom that has two mikes using when when we got to Santa Barbara we packed zoom. There is no S._D.. Card like you've used for digital camera to record it so like okay when we goes in my mom at the hospital we will then and go to the apple store because we also didn't bring a card reader for the laptop to upload it to a dropbox to send Steve. It's put on itunes or whatever so we go to that will start pulling front. I had he jumps out. She's in run in the list. Everything's guys is blocking at the door did not know or you're knocking. The newest locked locked guys looking at me. Help closing ninety you tell them that I said No. It's eight and I was like well so yo uh-huh he's like look novel Dot Com. Tom And it was eight two or eight zero three in Alabama. I'm like pleasers a few other people in there and he was like no. They're all getting stuff fixed. Our cash districts are completely closed and it quickly opened my phone and like shove the court. I'm like look court lights up here in this crazy lady who look sleep-deprived or like insane right now like it's from job. Please al get fired if I don't that guy said on that dish network but he's like okay. It's just one quarter as an S._P._D._C. Key q-q we don't sell. I Show S._T.. Card for anyway. I see S._B._C. Four three two. I don't forget just exit to me. This is too much is you can't get it right this so I go in. They don't have the card they just have the reader to walk away so we get the reader and then we go to say the zooms batteries are dead so okay we batteries and hope C._V._S. has card saint go into C._B._S.. Bs and I get the batteries but then all the cards say like S._D.. Five four three H. S. three five four ball-by-ball. I'm like this is way too confusing so facetime. Spencer Gutter Stirs Hysterically Screaming. Just do it by somehow get photos. I chose photos so I go. There is telling all ready the one thing that made it all good is next door to the C._V._S. in Carbonari a California little caesars pizza is it was called is glowing forgive forgive visa side and I was like governor the hot and ready extra boasts best is pizzas right there with extra cheese and the most pepperoni all at the nation's best price just got way cheesier this year and if you're thinking that we stuff the Chris Oh boy did we stuff the crust. There's three feet of cheese and that Chris before cooking. The Hoekstra most best is stuffed crust pepperoni pizza for only nine dollars. Dollars now there's even more to love about little CAESARS Camman and pick up the extra mos best is stuffed crust pepperoni pizza today order it on their APP only nine dollars and only participating little caesars locations Gatien's plus tax for applicable at looked claim of extra cheese and most pepperoni all at the nation's best price is based on comparison of the following pizzas for the top four National Pizza Jade's little caesars extra most pestis pizza and the other three pizza chains large round standard menu one topping pepperoni pizza sold at every day menu prices look so if you're ever in carpentry you can be happy as governor was when he size favor pizza. It's literally in the corner little caesars Next C._V._S. is that casillas pass for nine dollars good that hard time so eating. They just had smoothie ready for the best part of the story. I didn't know which car we need either. Thank God I learned longtime ago. I should know no. I didn't know it said that there's different different things assessed. No hiding computers will so I bought all the ones we got here. He kept trying to try and hopefully this one is working and career podcasting his his despite I guess and then we'll have to do things can U._S.. Coming in that email we keep on which day you lock in and P two hours to get the variables. I don't even get to go potty anymore. guttered as bay on the door. It's so cute how much he was you. Gunnar doesn't want me in the room or anywhere with them. It's like just Spencer and Garner and I don't understand because oftentimes I'll be gone and then he's like more clingy dispenser and then when there is more clingy dispenser so so issues spent surveys but we're both there in Colorado. He became clinging to me so I'm like we've got a Colorado. That's probably what it is that by with. Maybe 'cause you so much happier in Colorado came on me taken happy everywhere. There's nowhere Colorado ever forgiven fly around just tried to your have your everywhere. I'm happy every I can't even compare dri look at that he got her. That's my point cleaners when he does better so much. They're Nice as you have better energy that I have enough he wants to be with you know you're trying to figure out the difference between why it'd anymore attached <unk>. Maybe they're both there with him like net neither of us left him. You know so maybe we were both there. He has more of an option to be with me but then when we separate humans with you all night long though so I feel I feel like he sees me for the church. That's not like shutting me a rooms. It's so funny he'll go gaping. Shutting rooms is playing games with you. I think he's being funny. Not Me gets upset like when you're not playing this game you know because he doesn't want me Vera I disagree. I the he doesn't like kicks me off the bet in many ways for you to do your pop out the door game so you sabotaged yourself. Sometimes he gets upset amount of bet. It's not like tell tell the second you stand up and gone then he's screaming. Mama Mama not measure trying to climb outside agree with you if he when you gotta bend when behind the door if he then let me re dam and cuddle with me I agree with you but now he cries hysterically and then when you putty smiles and less than just likes guiding you see kind of grand scale so we've decided title we're going to go to Costa Rica with governor loves monkeys so much and we have a photo of a monkey we took when we <hes> went to Costa Rica and he every time he points out at East carrying this photo around with this monkey curium yeah he he put baby doll on top of I recommend for boys girls any kids to get them a baby doll. It's so sweet even if they just carry a little bit like gives them. That nurturing is really sweet <hes> sky my little brother had a baby doll when he was younger and <hes> I got the idea when I was talking to Ashley while about how much Delilah loves her baby doll knows I. Why don't I have one for gun her? There's no reason I should not one for gunner and it's so curious. It's just like a little stuffed animal so anyways. If you don't have a baby doll I recommend getting that but he put his baby doll on top of the monkey photo was carrying it around everywhere and <hes> yeah so we I can't wait for him to see a real monkey so we're going to get convention <hes> Four Seasons guile Costa Rica instagram whereas running that if you since podcast you need it the enemy back because I'm influenced we need our old rates from back. When we were famous <hes> Allston call me back the Biltmore for seasons? Why seasoning surplus her name? Emily was there less new less something that's in my nose right. Yeah Yeah let me again. How can you have a job like at least they don't know what your allergy? She just couldn't missed filming for M._T._v.. The Hills Jonas set that up see if that type of stuff when Oser name Emily Plowshare built Mars Barra. I think you've reminded me. These people that are don't return phone calls common. That's your job your marketing you have almost I mean you've administered dropping numbers for like you're poor <hes> Bill Maher versus what millions nappies millions that's that's of Europe ready. Eh Indian respond to somebody wanted <hes> literally promote your business for millions of us. I'll be like maybe you're not ready job. Speaking of snapchat my thumb hurts so bad from snapchat and from using my phone's pointer nobody run-up to publish so hard Oh cal pups because then I hold it like this instead of wrapping my thumb. That's what is I keep meaning because you're pushing the circle to are now no because when you have it this way every now at the new pop or or making Predator pup Stugotz yeah she just be like a criminal on the back ordering them right now on the we should put an actual crystal on legacy fate has to be something fly all right well. I WANNA get going to bed here because it's really it's eleven thirty or later and I'm going to be up a lot with governor so I need to get going here and we have to wake up early and go see your mom and the hospital again. Why did you say early the physical therapy? She's a busy up earlier than five am tomorrow. I'm saying really because who knows what gunners going to get up uh-huh so are getting up earlier than him. No you're like praying to guy you can pretend that he's asleep for our five yeah. Sometimes I have luck rocking. I'm unusually up with Governor in the morning for about an hour or two before Spencer wakes up because he starts. You're still imbed you make me and stares at seven. I've been rocking on our our rather rock in bed for eight hours in bed. I wish he laid CODA with straight up. I would love to sleep those two hours straight and then get out. I'm much I dislike to embed I could be I would love to be my ideal the deal this is what would happen Lago GonNa do it but at eight o'clock at night sleep the twelve hours like normal kids and then I would love to be up with actually I couldn't even get a bit six with I would love to be up in the morning. I'm missing those mornings. It's really hard. This is best time of day. I WanNa be there with him. I'M GONNA try not to cry right now but I'm I missing the mornings. I don't want to have to sleep. I'm just so desperate and so our now I know what that's one of his bass hours and a half and when his imagination is working. Can you just woke up and he's so fresh and there's so much fun exciting things to do and you know it's like I. I want to be there for that magical time for him the morning it's really hard that I won't complain about it anymore. So painful a an honored and blessed I watch the sunrays of him yeah. It's been a lot for meat at even. Ask you to get up but I'm just so desperate for even a little more sleep at this point but it's hard to be Zombie. Yeah I love every second of it. You know I love this age of being with him and then why these sleepers when people say oh perfect sliver. I'm like wow what if I I don't know just four in that way right lady Gaga. She's not listening girl. Come on. You know you're listening. She's at the bank counting money where she's at. I don't WanNa talk to you especially like no computer in front of us. We have to microphones with bill wires you ever seen in feel like it looks like the Matrix bugs that like come in the ships and a little metal thing in between that they're attached to and so it's really like censored service sitting on the couch log onto the couch. spady couch is how to spend time now the cups the row they love to those all kinds of walkie talkie well made it. I'm so happy to be here right now. I really WANNA come an ALUMNA. I know tour panels Kinda teas. My safe felt so safe and relaxed here and now feel like came in the Tasmanian devils grasp spending around with him redid cartoon Wiley Coyote running really fast. That's a lot more intense. It's so easy to be like more spiritual and Zen here because I've had a hard time in like I feel less spiritual and I feel further away from God and the reason I feel that way I because I don't have as much time to spend with God widely used to pray and read my Bible at least an hour every day that listen to like I'd watch Joyce Meyer at least once a day like that was just so much more on it and I'm so busy that haven't had time to be that way and we're in a really hard industry where are people are talking smack about you and attacking you and wanting drama with you on camera and wanting to get press off of saying negative things and so you're I'm torn with not lashing out back but wanting to be able to stand up for myself and going back and forth of what's right and what's being goo Christian and a good mom and it's just been like a wad of vicious a lot of intensity. I'm like Oh we used to just sit here and this notion of like thank you God. It's like it's just so is just so different and it's like but that's where I'm supposed to be right now and I trained here to be this and I feel like we're mental live here for so long to rest up and to be able to go back and fight the good fight I know it's not my fight that it is God's guidance not necessarily against flesh and blood and there's a lot of different factors and energies and things going on so it's like all right. I just can't fight this battle on my own. You know I got a turn it over to God and figure out what to do but it's <hes> yeah it's like being in that desert in the Bible for years and then having to go into the Promised Land and fight the fight for the the land but it's all worth in the end and great that definitely in like battle mode all I knows I can't feed how many birds anymore that's not true. You've just got to see you them all day long. You're back your arena. That's more than most people get in their whole lives at the Mall Bay what shifted and then I just went outside. They're all stars and I used to say Gotcha Machine Eastern. I'd say she didn't Sur- instantly and there was salivas. I guide eight Jack. Take what to okay. I'm twisted my neck alive then I tell myself I you know what hi this is an infant universe multi-diverse whatever he could be stuck in Traffic Hershey. You're our guy once identified today and <hes> yeah is that was hard for me. They Israel's see them so easy. She I stood up there that numbers or is all jacked up. Take a sage <unk>. I love you. demeter like sage is in from God. God made the fricking Sage God made fire. God made things that can burn. I'm dot waving the sage in go insane gene devil of this setting positive intentions like if you're all now god also didn't make judge or medicine like you take medicine like yeah. We'll God didn't make any back crystals to the brain to make that to help people so it's like well. If you're going out route you could just die from common core data without also when did earth become like everyone message. Everyone so crowded never message somebody. I don't even know relate. Hey you know he shouldn't have. You're kidding banana market. What's you shouldn't have Internet access? You shouldn't have WIFI somebody. Take your data plan from you. Thank you for listening. I'm sorry so quiet power the miracle dollars leave and might be a nice change for people because it has been so intense. Maybe we just need. Are we lost. Originally our listeners call him coming. I'm sorry it's been a so bad. I'll feel we have people literally every day. Ideas of yours trying to take us down sabotages when life is so funny because the last savviest nobody cared about anything to do with us nothing. Will we said anything who said or wanted anything from US expected anything like Oh. This TV in cloud and money are so wow well God bless you all thanks for listening CHECKOUT PRATT DADDY CRYSTALS DOT COM lots of new awesome stuff up there already for this because the lady lady game they say bullied me but they pressured me to do a Code Promo Code secret one for the Lady Yang so if you listen to this before Tuesday let's Today's they said tomorrow's twentieth you too. I just before Tuesday today's July nineteenth math math in school ianna calculator or not. We don't really do codes where you don't even have enough product because they pressured premier as outnumber at Three Power Women Code. What's the code twenty percent twenty twenty five so use the Code Lady Yang or Lady twenty-five one of the two definitely works for twenty if I percents of prayed dot com just until Tuesday because they've had it? Don't we come sorry I was pressured has scared there in Ted's it was in their studio. Do they locked me and thank you and please. He's rate nice lovely comment and a five star very helpful steep last they love the world is changing at a rate like never before so why isn't education strayer university is revolutionizing higher education to help you finish your degree we make transferring credits simple create binge worthy course content that keep you engaged and design A._i.. Powered tools to help you graduate graduate. Welcome to the future of Education strayer university out with the old school. Spare University is certified to operate by chef Britain in Iran. I'm Tim McGuire. The NAPI newsmen at British these Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt denounces around seizure of a British oil-tanker in international waters of the straight of or moves. He's completely unacceptable. Freedom of navigation must be maintained hut ads that Britain is not looking looking at military options Iran. Is that a U._S.. Worship destroyed an Iranian drone near the Persian Gulf rainy military claims all of its drones return safely to their bases president trump's response. No we shut it down thousands.

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