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Another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's appreciate it Lisa's purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless services you can reach Lisa at living fearlessly with Lisa Dot com good morning everybody thank you so very much for joining me rejoining me again this lovely terrestrial satellites and the potential for millions of two downloads once again we are joined by yet yep tomorrow Tamra is a relationship communication specialist helping thousands the courage to be vulnerable without attachment by working with them to practice what it takes to be present every experience at the age of three Tamra heard the calling to be of service and regarding the human condition helps her serve clients going through struggles with divorce eating partitions and graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Ny not hypnotherapist C. H. T. and also has served as a Deacon and formation program the shift show podcast conquering anxiety and a youtube channel. I'm with you this is wonderful I mean of course we had some time spent together in terms of service being a huge contributor and being somebody who staunchly wonderful way to start the day for that real many wonderful things so as everybody knows who follows me for which I'm very grateful for this is very the transformative moment that occurred for you at the age of three ooh that's a great holiday times is approaching real quick so this is actually a fun topic for me to discuss my parents Illusion the way we connect in the way we communicate at the angel and figured that was the closest connection to God that I could possibly imagine very shortly after that I was taught a valuable lesson of having a lost voice the voice and feeling disconnected from your body and from being able to the biggest gift we can offer each other and just being there as a witness not telling them beautiful well couple things I want to say to that so first of all the listening audience people want to know the backstory people WanNa know what were some of the struggles all sun wise in you that prevented you from becoming completely dispirited depending some people we know succumb to victimology and other people clearly can distinguish very cool and putting it sexual assault or even just any like severe trauma they do they have I I just had such a passion for spirituality at such I remember feeling dirty and wrong and and commotion when I go there so what I what I do that God would show me and I was very very passionate even at that very young age very assaulted self didn't happen for that long thank God but the reminder and that individual you here's old so that's a long time holding dark secret this but that desperate need for approval in a level where you will minimize before you know it your living a life that's disconnected from yourself and so I really damn or living the best life I could possibly be with integrity and so that minded and shared for the listening audience because when we went back to the top of the hour when I asked you what was but yeah my sexual abuse having started at the age of four you know self as safe as you possibly can knowing that at that point you've not disclosed or people are you were so ahead of your while you were just so light years ahead and while you were such a deep substantial Alpha awareness a mindset it's kind of buzzy buzz worthy and yet is trying to we're already doing that we were already building that infrastructure within ourselves because life well the sexual assault sparked in eating disorder which then sparked dyslexia the gifts are all interwound in that this individual experiences it I would I don't I don't wish that upon people I feel bad for the small child would have turned out to be the m paths to be the nurtures to be the people who can serve other people whether it be for similar experienced experiences let's let's talk about once you're not once you got exceptionally clear about how you other people and being a servant leader so give us give after I came out about the sexual assault of course I had to navigate my dear parents and their did they were it wasn't what how can you help somebody when you don't know right so uh-huh them or not you know a smile on your face can ripple effect somebody into their that was one of those moments where I started really recognize how much is that re- that ripple effect that depth behavior and so then so funny when you go back in time line yet the school is convinced he was add really what was going on is he had food sensitivities focused but he was hyper brilliant like really really smart new things without even ads and I'm like wait a minute you're not going to do blood work or any research it's going to give him medication I was so it just my personal personal experiences but my children how to support them and help with society you know there was all kinds of things that were just like becoming hyper aware of hello introduce things slowly back into the Diet is a painful process working with families who are also experiencing being labeled or INA sipping at school for your child to thrive versus trying to force them to conform and you know like really instigated the integrated nutrition program I started taking that course it started to really huge practice dealing with children and their eating disorders and then slowly started to recognize all the blocks in the certain nutrition sugars and shelf inhibitors and all these things rest out so if the parents had poor communication style the children had control which was very similar to my eating disorder as a child because my sexual assault what's called an eating disorder but then I realized I truly started and that just perpetuating the cycle and of course you know delayed learning because her lack my weaker part of my body at that time was reading skills so dyslexia being very passionate about learning about the brain function of food and the brain and how the brain voice with parents and starting to recognize the collapse between the mother and father and their communication skills lost voice because women are becoming more masculine dominant because of we are really wouldn't under because they see men doing a lot of the same things but I think we've all lost our roles men it became a very huge focus in my practice to help men have a voice in their relationships emotionally articulate their feelings without feeling d-mass colonized and So the voice within you in order to be authentically who you are and stopped wearing masks human being Tamra I just WanNa say you really are you're powerhouse truly an empowered woman that would replicate some of your own individual issues in your allow you to continuously get re triggered when sufficient in some of your emotions people think well you are just an expert and you don't have to is box right and now you're doing voluntarily because this is what you're signing up it is amazing I do celebrate my emotions I there are days where I'm got it yes when we relive the story we stay stuck in the pattern of our ends that's that's not what I'm talking about it's fully embodying this opportunity of saying wow not don't you know take a drink and it's all around I am big advocate of talk therapy all I mean we're here to be here to have that human experience and build our emotional range so to have a joyful life and develop that skill in so yeah I I have this really funny thing that happens I'll cry and then I'll start smiling in the middle of my crying ah we're starting to go through it and so you know I am a big you know we're here to to connect and be of service and if I don't have my emotion let's talk about you know because we understand the relationship in the correlation between That place of self love that frees you up to be in a position to help other you know to what degree if you WANNA like equate it numerically like on a scale of compartmentalization has in fact been a coping mechanism for you I I know degree that you are fully aware of that within your own healing journey in your capacity to yes you have containment I totally agree on the whole point to connect to clarity and recognizing the gifts of your emotions elapse for a little bit here just to release some of the pressure and the tension and then I'll give myself like anything in our lives we have to allow all the things to be balanced and care because we get so deliberately passionate and and in the system and when I hit those moments this is kind of a funny way to say as you never I'm done and for me this shows up mostly with nutrition I'll I'll be flat out honest because of since you know the little so what happens to me is I actually have help me keep myself in check and it's good to have structures and tools in place Fowler on tuition so what I set those schedules I'll say do I really feel hungry service me so I stay in that structure allow myself to feel into I would be interested to know as I'm sure the listening audience would be as well Tamra what are some of the but we also know for you to have gotten to a point where that is true of who you are today owned the mindset and some people could even arguably say hardcore mindset healing path it does become fundamentally all about choices ray is what we're not rightfully everything is a choice every even some of the sexual assault experiences I made that put me into that situation now I'm not saying I deserved it and I'm not saying that you had a alter ego goes and says you know our my punisher I should say is is my mm-hmm it's who we are as part of the human experience and so when I hear nice to see you so I do acknowledge that you know that that pop in it's just you just don't know if you're on on path you just out and you have to know like I am a true believer have feedback that supports our clarity so we almost have to have all ooh thank you okay wow that's story that's an intense belief system okay where you know you you know you shouldn't be doing something so you're gonNA punish yourself it's like you're double parenting internal shame to still exist and I'm not a believer that the egos navigate uncertainty but if you live in the investment of the so when when my mask or my salty belief pops up I'll sit there and go oh wow we all have self defeating thoughts we all have negative chatter things we know we better and that redirect the NFL and really in those moments you know when no it's really about accepting or questioning the internal narrative right exactly and that's holding you back causing play small which is truly what the egos intent is literal but the courageous one comes in and says I recognize the theories here I'm this time you know letting the anxiety takeover and recognizing okay it's not serving L. and again it comes back to it's it's one of two things rides are questioning we don't want so let's let's talk a little bit about your client base let's talk and are under your leadership on the client roster but despite neater of what keeps people stuck were immobilized by fear Tamra is actually very very ourselves we like we will resist like you know when you're in a relationship I angry with you so what do you do usually don't say it right you avoid the conversation you is that you share this in a way that's safe someone actually can then support end I made up that you were angry with me another person could go oh making eye contact with your not present to what you're saying they're distracted so invite someone into the conversation with you before you start talking that gives the other I'll give you my attention giving them an opportunity to be available to you said jumping in starts it doesn't serve because it takes most relationships down a dark path because they always feel let's let's dive into what are you currently actively working on what's upcoming on the horizon all the things yummy thing going on there yes yes yes yes workshop where we get a chance to spend a day together deep diving some of the ethics morals and values both so that when you interact with relationships to others or career or personal fun one day workshop that's again November twenty third here in Phoenix call myself the soul fire igniter so love it the actual workshops getting it's actually going to start in November eighteenth and that one is designed to help you just get a taste of what the program looks like and see if that's something you WanNa you know and it's it's it's an intense program so I want people to be fully invested for themselves so absolutely it's very simply Tamra blankenship dot com so t- am and so for you to be in zone and for you to be constantly consciously and to sustain that what would be some of your daily rituals mantras or proclamations when you say I declare could happen when you say a mantra I feel why do I have a practice every morning that I start with I do every hugh when you present only one challenge are one thing you would like to see different up all night and it's not serving you so that's one of my favorite things to do and in the morning i Journal three into what's going on and if you can unload the the faulty beliefs that the day before you can have more clarity doc or some kind of exploration and really celebrate some of that that as well it's all on the website so fantastic your real deal your sincerity of you so because listening audience or hope that they really got out of this particular interview with your answers hope would resonate with the listening audience in the podcast subscribers Tamra lately it really celebrate the discomfort and recognize that if you are struggling and you need because I do think a lot of the Times people have an agenda especially our family it's sometimes they have an agenda not non agenda like their agenda that's that's my big takeaway be kind loving to yourself in this journey it's a great life absolutely fearlessly but what does that personally mean to you we all hold their own interpretations and understandings for at Hyde just not not play small not be minimized allow yourself beautiful so I wanna put this to. I don't think I've ever asked somebody this question before the hat that you wear currently and for the evolution within your own journey to get to the point of where you are off the three-year-old what would the adult Tamra say to the three-year-old Timur yes well I do my youngest child ever worked with believer nod is five of their journey so I truly believe that being and I'm sure you're proud of all of your clients in their own unique ways for you know what you know and reaffirmed what they have said back to you in terms of testimonial boy there has been many I bet opportunities to support people now I feel courageously brave enough to go ahead and do something I was fearful to do so is later which is such an amazing gift to me to believe divorce can be eradicated dubbing and need need just an opportunity to to get better clarity light and fulfilment because they were so fearful Gosh there's so many I've been in an help him mend broken relationship before he passed without guilt for is to reconnect and and he'll what a gift bill yeah what spaces you WANNA energetically put yourself in and exit departure the ones that even if it's on the periphery of your day to day reality where you might still feel remnants of being feel you know like I think all entrepreneurs struggle with consistency everything is in order and everyone's understood so there's a lot of that I'm seeking out more space but more consistency and more flow it be and so I think that that's a space we all continue to strive to connect awesome family time and all of that so yeah well you know and I mean awesome exactly what I'm speaking about I mean there's always going to be competing priorities want to you know we don't WanNa get complacent we don't WanNa get too occupied with the MINU even to add to that I feel like there's a responsibility to things that I've been asked everyone has service to the forgotten children to you know the hunger of all the people we need to keep that balance for sure absolutely absolutely so I wanna give you the opportunity out to me to actually set up an appointment right away is my website that's Tamra T. meals all kinds of stuff there and also listing advance that are coming up with the eight that passion right now and accelerate that so in the next so the workshops are kind of a fun space and if you can join in on that it'd be great to see and where can people access your podcast for those who want to chime in or or be a perspective guests on I actually shut it down for a while because I was trying to keep the youtube going so you would actually be the being cognizant of time

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