#174 The, Like, Show: Deadass Edition


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Day September nineteenth on NBC. Hey, guys, this is our last episode of the season, but next week we are doing something super exciting. So instead of releasing a new episode at three o'clock in the morning, we are going to be recording a new one and listen, you are going to wanna be a part of this. We know that so many of you are up in the middle of the night going bonkers, and our host Andrea Lenzi is going to stay up with you and answer the phones for you. And all of your fellow sleepless parents who are also going crazy in the middle of the night. It's going to be like a recorded hardy line where callers can have their three AM late night, freak outs together and may be old, feel a little less alone. We are the podcast that is literally there for you in the middle of the night. So this is happening in a week in the wee hours of Tuesday as it becomes Wednesday, you can get all of the information and the phone number to call on our social media account. It's and by subscribing to our newsletter which you can do on our website longest shortest time dotcom. So call in and enjoy today show. What are the teen expressions and words that I need to know what are people saying now, I guess this is just like New York language, but like dead ass dead ass is like an expression of agreement. So use it in context. You're gonna conversation with your friends and you make a point. That's true. Everybody does does. I've also heard that asks us like this one hundred percent. True? Yeah, leave me like facts like, okay, agree with you. Okay. Hey people. This is the longest shortest time. I'm Hillary Frank. I am hosting the show today, and I'm here in our New York studio with three local teenagers and on the show today we're going to be trying thing that I've actually been wanting to do for a few years now, and that is to get teens to give advice to parents. And we asked you our listeners to send us your questions by Email and social media, and just to pick up the phone and give us a call. We have the great Andreas Lenzi in the booth manning the phone lines, call screens, kind of a dream job for me. This is fun. I'm excited to see what the team say and our producer Jackie is sending me notes. Live about messages. We're getting on Facebook and Twitter. I'm so excited to introduce you guys to our panel. We've got three kids here. Quincy Blair sixteen and I live in Harlem New York. And what is something that we should know about you. A photographer director podcast acted to producer in play sports myself. And what qualifies you to give vice come from a low income background? No, that's the hardest background. And I think it's easier to give advice into, you know, the struggles you have to go through. Hi, my name is Bert Lugo. I am sixteen years old and I'm from Bushwick Brooklyn. I come from a Hispanic background. I may deejay and producer and I've been doing gigs lately for the past two, three years. My name is Molly sailor sixteen, I'm from Montclair New Jersey. I'm really interested in lighting design, Iran lights at my school, and I'm looking cheater, like in theater. Yeah, I'm a big social rights activist. I am a big number of the LGBT community, and it's a different point of view. That's very good for teens and kids who are finding themselves in the world full disk. Closure also, I should mention. I know Molly a little bit. Molly is the daughter of the first guest on the longest shortest time and sailor. And when I did that, like almost eight years ago, you were how old eight years ago they'll make me about eight. Yeah, which is the age of my daughter now. That's really weird. Okay. Let's get started with our advice giving. It looks like we have our first caller you guys. Jennifer in Los Angeles. Hi, welcome. You're our first caller in our teens are ready to answer your question. What is it? My husband and I have twin toddlers for two, and we're very terrified about them dating from days. Even though we have years to think about it, I still would love to know a good each dating nowadays and like ground rules for dating Jennifer before they answer. Do you have an age in mind? My husband when I was pregnant, said fourteen, he thought that was totally appropriate. And then they were born and he met them. He was like they can eat when they're in college because now I know who they are and I don't want them beating anyone until they're in college, and he was joking. But I think both of our, we just don't know really high school navy. That's when we started dating, but I don't know what's the difference between fourteen and sixteen right now. I think the aids for dating is sixteen because when you're fourteen year your address to the freshman or. Junior high school, so you're not as mature yet. Again, sixteen years, sophomore new. You actually start filling emotions. Lexi start understanding everything and life and like you had a balance point. I think the best ground rules for dating high school is understanding who the person is a ticket dating allowing them to have freedom, but also giving them like a ground of tummy where you're at or you're going, which plan? I would actually say like thirteen or fourteen would be a good age because relationships like that aren't really ever considered by anyone who had them to be like a real relationship. And it's a good way to get a head start on like emotional maturity and getting kinda feel of how things work as a child. Yeah, I think very, like probably thirteen fourteen, I think is a good age. I just think it's because they're young and if they get their heartbroken or something like that's the thing is a good age for them to learn from those lessons so that when they're older now. Now they know like what not to do or like who today and all that stuff. But I guess ground rules, you definitely need to know who their dating. It's weird for with conversations like that to bring it up. Hey, like are you dating anyone in highschool? Sometimes it's guys have examples of your own parents. Molly do. I was dating someone and I hadn't told my parents yet about like two three days in because I was terrified of that conversation and my mom like in the car, she asked me, she was like, are you dating? And I was like, yeah, please let me tell doubt on my own time. And then she told my dad. That's. But it's like she had that conversation for me. Was that okay? Yeah, it was fine. It was like really relieving that I didn't have to bring it up. Have any of you senior parents take any missteps that you wish they had handled things differently? That'd be a good takeaway for Jennifer coming onto strong about the subject. So my parents I had my first girlfriend m my mom found out she, she wasn't upset. She started asking a lot of questions back and forth, and I just wanted to did they over his better for her acts that I have a girlfriend or walk away rather than keep in tagging me about it. Yeah, I think also like if you get quote unquote caught by your parents dating someone, I don't think parents should be mad. Don't give them like a whole lecture about it. I don't know. I just like for me, I don't really like lectures, especially for those type of topics curia about just inviting them over. For dinner, like all those little things like their dating for week, should I need them right away? How do you navigate. Sort of getting to know that person without feeling so invasive. I think that like telling your child, I want to know who this person is like letting them do on their own time. It really getting a lot of freedom can really like help child talk to their parents more, introduce parents to different parts of their life and like kind of giving them their own time to do it saying like, I want to meet them like, that's something that has to happen. But you get decided when agree when you're comfortable to talk about it, it's the best. The best time usually takes like a couple of months to introduce dispersants appearance. 'cause you comes with the person I, but other than that when stay for comfortable, usually we come to introduce them to the family because they are part of our family somehow. Thank you so much. So I wanna give you guys a question that someone sent in on Facebook. It's comes from Diana. She has a six year old who does not know where babies come from. But there is a girl on the school bus who does so Diana is trying to decide, should I tell her and how you should tell her way? Hold guns x? Six. I learned about stuff for the first time when I was in first grade. And what did you learn? I learned the basics what everything was and like how it happened. Kind of taught me to be comfortable with it over knowing you. You sound like you're like, what? Six. Okay. Tell me about that. I was ten when I learned about it, I didn't learn about from my parents. Sto kids school talked about it. What did the kids at school? Say? I went to high school. Middle school are hung almost from high school is my brother's odor hanging out with his friends. They took about how one of the kids in his class. He finally got some and he's. And he was. Talking about it and I'm, I'm like, what? What is in I go home like mired about this? What is 'cause I'm really curious, and she sat me down and gave me the birds beat just talk, and then I didn't understand that. So then she told me the rivers where you have sperm new, have a, they make that make you for nine months and sit. So I think it became easier when I went home and talked to my mom and she's friend after about it. If you told something when your friends, you feel curious, you don't feel weird about talking about it 'cause you wanna know more about it. So is your advice that Diana should let the kid on the bus spill the beans? Yes. I interesting. Okay. I'll Berta. Oh, I'm I'm kinda middle, but I'm citing a little bit more to like not laying the girl spoiler beans. I remember I was in sixth grade and we were reading a book. Those about like some teenage girl in like high school or something, and they were talking about her like having a period or something. And I actually like the teacher, like what's that? And like everyone like in the classroom was laughing. So I suppose everybody knew what that was except me. So I kind of felt ignorant for a second there. I brung it up to my mom and then you know, we have talked and all that stuff, but like six, I don't know. I think that's a little too young. You know, they should have the talk like twelve arm no-no. Eleven or ten. I would say that having it an earlier age desensitizes you to it. So like when you're a kid and people are like making all the jokes about it, you're like, yeah. Okay. So we have another caller. Ooh. Time we have a leash in Cedar Rapids. Why do. Welcome to the show. Hi, thank you. What is your question? So I'm wondering is if your parents tell you about the dumb or you're sponsoring things that they did at your age. Do you think that would be a deterrent helpful information or possibly a motivation to do all the dumb things that they've done. The things I'm thinking about our drugs drinking unprotected sex and generally unsafe situations, or do you guys just like absolutely not. Wanna know that stuff about your parents? Are you worried about how to make sure that your child is being safe with that stuff? Yeah, I think that's the main thing. 'cause I feel like part of it is sometimes I know that kids will do their, they want to do and part of my motivation, just wanting to impart ways of being safer about it. When I think back about some things that I did, I just think like that was really stupid. I didn't really have anybody to ask what the right thing to do is telling the kids your your stories helpful because like. Again, the same trouble. I'm not trying to be like Mme Taibbi a little bit better, but then also depends on the kid because fans tummy some things, but I wanna do things. They did like enjoy the fund that they had, but then the realize, man, that was hard teenagers. They learned from their mistakes. I think just like if they ask you questions about your Passover you done or if you take the time to tell them kind of warn them and let them know that if they were taking those risks or planning to to just let you know in my experience, like what I see with other people around our age, the most people that I see that go crazy are the ones who kinda get no guidance from the parents. The one whose parents are like, I'm gonna kill you if you do anything, and I never did anything like you have to be like me be like, perfect. I've got friends who like told their parents the first time that they drank and they're like, okay, just don't go to crazy. Like I just want you to be safe. I know you're gonna. Do it. So here's. How you can be safe with it. I also think it kinda shows them that you're human too, like you were a kid too. I mean, the other thing we haven't talked about is like, yeah, everyone makes mistakes and it's possible. You'll tell your kid about your mistakes, and then they'll make completely different ones that you didn't even know where possible. Well, I think in that kind of situation, it is important. Say like it's okay that you made this mistake and I'm here to help you fix your mess. Kind of I'm here with you the whole time. I'm not gonna like abandon you when you're like scared alone in like some strangers, long Alicia has our panel answered your question. Yeah, that's very, very helpful. Coming up more questions for the wise in brave. Molly Alburto and Quincy stick around, say advertisement. Andrea come out of the control room. It's time to talk about sun basket. I love Sundance kit yet. You know what some baskets saved my but the other day because it was back to school night and I had to get out the door and I had not started dinner early enough, but sun basket had a recipe for cod chowder with this like Green Bay. So it was really awesome. 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Slash time. We are back in the studio with our dynamite panel of teens, Albert. Oh, Quincy and Molly. So I have another question for you. All random question. What do you wanna be when you grow up? I wanna be a lighting designer. Tell me about the lighting. Like what? What draws you to that? I like theater a lot. My friend did a personal show that she directed, and she asked me to design the lights for it and like I did it and it just seeing it put together was amazing feeling. And now every time I go see a show every time, like I go see a concert, watch a movie. I like look at the lading. I know exactly what they're doing with this. It's different point of view and completely fell in love with it, Quincy director or lawyer. Ooh. So tell me about that. You're weighing Ainge like directing one of my biggest inspiration despite early. 'cause his documentaries movies. I just find that to be like one of the most fun is jobs in the world because you meet other people. You get to tell them what to do a little bit, but also allowing them have the creativity to do what you wanna do, but you know, being a lawyer like enjoy law and joy arguing. So does dust as part of being in the lawyer. Alberto just being like an overall superstar deejay that travels the world every day travels the world touring and stuff. And you know producing if that doesn't go? Well, probably also like audio engineering during the mixing mastering like what those huge boards and stuff like those in. Just working those. So I feel like it's really clear what we need to do here, which is we need to make a movie. Direct does the sound of course? Yeah. Purses is going to be number one. What's the name of our movie? The longest shortest time. Do we have anyone on the line? Hello. This is Kelsen calling from Salt Lake City. Hey, Kelsey. So my question is, what should parents know about teens social media use? Are you talking about knowing if your teenagers using social media or like how they're behaving a line or both more about like how they're behaving online and maybe how their friends their peers are behaving online, too? Well, for me. Well, for me, like I have my own Instagram account and Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, a lot of social media, but I know my mom follows me on Instagram just solely because I, she wants to make sure I'm not, you know, posting anything inappropriate or something, vulgar, something like that. Are there any mistakes that any of you made on social media that like your parents had to get involved. Issues social media, but it wasn't because something I did it was. 'cause like somebody's reaction to my post knows oppose about civil rights in a pitcher I posted and some of the acted by not the right way of reacting to child potions. So my parents got evolve since they were there and they they. So it happened, it became easier for them to protect me and everything. Your parents talk to you about, like what kinds of photos you, what are what not want to post on your profiles? Yes. So my parents had a talk with me about, like around the time. I started like my, you know, music deejay producer type career, but like they talked to me about like kind of being professional in a way, especially like colleges looking students up if they're applying to like a certain college or something, whatever reputation you have a line, good or bad, it can really impact your future. They always told you don't curse that much online, like be humble like online too. Don't be obsessed with it. Don't show your bad self in a way. You know what I'm saying? Almost every parent I know as worried about their kid and social media, and you guys sound remarkably relax. I think that social media's like super demonized. I've actually never maybe like one person I've seen in issue with on social media, like cyber bullying or something. It's the bad parts of it are super amplified, Kelsey, thanks for calling Jodi in Indianapolis, how you are on the line. Alright, so my son just turned three. When we go out to dinner, I tell the line of whether to give him my phone put on his favorite net flicks town just to keep him from, you know, squirming and and just making a fuss. 'cause it seems like hollering is just not cutting it anymore, and his father does give him his cell phone to watch Netflix. It's starting the transfer over where he doesn't want anything else, but the screen. I'm wondering if I'm doing disturbance to him by allowing him to have that screen time. What do you think a toddler with a phone reminds me of my cat with food. 'cause like my cat will like wake me up like four in the morning, just meowing for food. I just ignore it. Like I say, no, but cats don't the word no, because their cats. But like I do think that it's important to like stay away from screens for awhile because I have screens until I was in sixth, seventh grade that was like the age that I started. And you know, I think I'm doing pretty well with greens. I think he's three. So I don't know. I grew up with technology as it was like getting better and better. Remember my mom like getting iphone for the first time like when it starts to come out and stuff, that's when I got like obsessed. Does anyone have any recommendations of what Jodi can do instead of offering the phone. On like you would actually respond to as a little kid put myself in the shoes of like a three year old. Yes, that's asking you to do. Okay. I know that people will bring small toys with them to restaurants and stuff for their kids to play with because he's a three year old and three year olds are very, like they need something to do at all times. Remember when I was three, this basically like setup by entire life. But I remember getting like a small piano keyboard, and that kept me very entertained, basically my whole life. And I think I know this sounds really corny, but I think music is probably a really good thing that you can do for your child. Get them like a musical toy or something. Not something that's expensive and they could break, but like that could keep them entertained for hours. Who knows? Maybe they have, you know, maybe they'll develop like a love for music. Jodi, it sounds like you and your child's father are in disagreement about how much phone time is. Okay. Is that right? Yeah, I think it's easier for him to just, you know, put an educational game on for him and then go and do his thing. Question for the panel. How important do you think it is for parents to be on the same page when it comes to parenting decisions. Highly important because if one parent says one thing, other parents is another, you're you're in a gray area and you feel like when debt can go mommy one day go, daddy thing is really important where parents always on the same page and being able to compromise what to do it kid because once the kid has agree area, he's gonna take advantage of. She's gonna take advantage of it. I agree. Yeah. It's like you're working as a team to like raise this new person. They can take advantage of a disagreement there discount pick what they want to pick and say, like one of you said it was okay. I did it because like you said, I could you sound like you're speaking from experience? I one hundred percent tell me about what I what's? What's something that you've played your parents on? You know, I'd like ask one of my parents something and they'd be like, I don't know. And then it goes the other one they say yes, and then I do. It will be like, why did you do that? Good. One of you. Well for meals. Like I don't know. I'll always about food lake asked. My mom can have like this candy like this week or like my grandma or like especially my grandma, my gosh, my grandma's always. One hand arms wide open and grandparents are never on the same page, Jody. Am I right about that? Yeah. Yeah. The undo everything. Have we answered your question Jody? Yeah. Yeah. I mean it. It's doable, you know, bring more toys instead of going. The easy route will. Thanks for Cohen. Doty. Thank you so much. You guys. I have another question for y'all. How do you guys feel about not being kids anymore soon? Scary. Woke me up. It feels weird. It's like you're in the middle and your bowels of becoming a young adult, but you're also still kid inside a little bit. I don't know how gonna feel when I'm an adult, probably like more like official. I don't know how that works like. Okay, now you're an adult. So now I can like kinda do things I can finally do on my own. I guess I am terrified of the concept. Tell me my brother and a lot of my friends Aldus graduated. High school. Yeah. So I am seeing it from like an outsider insider point of view because I've been watching all my friends leave for college and like that whole process. I got to like for the first time ever see that process and it's actually terrifying. Even the concept of making my own doctors appointments that's still scares me already. I'd like to go back to like being sick, some girl on the bus exact, and I don't know you would be. The six year old who does. Spill the beans? Yeah, Quincy up. Think it sucks, but it's also a good thing. 'cause I don't want bronze ability than I get more freedom being adult losing curiosity, losing being able to make mistakes it up, really being judged gonna sect because like can't really live life, have the have life live me. See you guys are making the internet. Sound awesome and adult hood, sound awful. I feel like one thing I've noticed about aging is like those videos that are like our Instagram. They're like this person's only like sixteen and it's like a really talented person and like ever see that with eighteen year olds. And I'm like, I'm losing my chance like completely like I'm sixteen. Like after this year, I don't get a chance to be someone to be like, oh my God. She's so young. She's only sixteen. It's leaving have disappointing news for you guys, which is that for grownups I, you know, you don't stop comparing yourself to other people on Instagram. Okay. Andrea waving at me picking up the phone. We've got another caller on the line. She's she's typing something in its. It's something about animals. Okay. We will be back to answer this question and just a minute, and you say advertisements. So you know, I don't think I'm making any news by saying that parenting can be stressful. It can make you have trouble sleeping and it can be hard to figure out how to cope. 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Hey, so my husband and I have a five month old son. We live in a townhouse, somebody really wanna add a pet to our home and for family. We're not sure what type of pets get or what we should need it, and I'd love your any of your ideas. I think you should go with a dog. I think a dog is great pet because they're just full of energy and especially like for your kids who are younger, they're just gonna find love with that dog when they're older, they're gonna look back, you know, and everything. Look at all the good memories they've had with that dog. I personally like golden retrievers are like bigger dogs. So a bird. Oh, you are solidly for a dog. What is this dog's name? This fevers name. If it's a boy, I would name it Jacob, something that Jacob is molly's, brothers name. Popular names, everything's going together. Yeah, either Jake, Jacob, and if it's a girl. Djalo. All right. Quincy are moso dog person. So I rather like a German shepherd or Kogi as a German shepherd name. His boy erects f is a girl Lila because the door will. But Kogi thing I go. Boy's name would be like pumpernickel. Like a girl's name, his passion, fruit at love, these names. I'm also in support of dog. I really like the idea of a pit bull or a beagle. I, I'm also a fruit like pineapple, I think would be an adorable dog name for, you know, either like a pit bull named pineapple, I would love with all my heart Holly disappointing teas that they all pick dogs. No, I'm gonna check my husband right now on run into this UCLA 'cause I I need dog now. That's awesome. How'd he ended Holly have you been sold on any of these names? I mean, I am liking a big dog named pineapple. I think that is the door of I'm loving. So it's sort of a hybrid of. Quincy's idea and Molly idea. Cool. Well, thanks for calling banks. We have a question that came in on Email that is a darker one I want you guys to. I'm ready think on. So this comes from someone in Mary who has a kid who's going into first grade. She knows that his school has lockdown drills and she wants to talk to her kid about why those are happening. So how do you talk about gun violence to a little kid without scaring them? I don't know if that's possible. I think that. I'm scared of them. Most people are. Have you had lockdown drills like issue started school? Yeah, I've been having lockdown drills about second grade. It was really only I've explained to me that we just wanna make sure that if someone comes into the school who shouldn't be here that they can't find us unlike that's how it was always explained to me. And then like finally, after a few years that kind of caught on to being like, you know, if someone's gonna come in with a gun and it's gonna shoot us, it's something to be rid of, and it's not a reality that I ever wanna face and I don't ever wanna make kid face it. I think that explain it to them gently and kinda not being like, well, someone wants to kill you and they're gonna do in school like, that's that's not how you go about, but sing like there's someone might come in and try to hurt you or some of your classmates. And this is just making sure that you're safe over. No. In Quincy. Have you both also had lockdown drills. Along times. Yeah, since you were how old since forget since I can only recall, like starting fifth grade thing is hard to talk about because you don't want to take kids innocence or scarier kitchen appointment every day at a minute, think that they're going to be harmed. But then also like you think about Shantz handy hook, they were young and this happened to them. I think the best way to go about it is, but like Sydney kid down telling you kid is okay, the would isn't degraded place, but you should always fo- safe the midway in this school where you feel like right into happening, step away, hide, Phil, safe on you safely inside the school as Francie place around the school. And would you tell them that that has happened in other schools? It depends how young they are because. I don't know. I think just a general if you wanna talk to your kid about gun violence, like if they're so young, like what three four you might wanna do like we'll Molly will suggesting anything like as they get older, you know, parents should really get into the real details like these things have really happened because like if you expose a child to that, like really young, it could really scare them and is pretty like traumatizing in a way. Yeah, it feels like teens are kind of having a moment now. Right. What was your reaction to seeing the parkland kids? What do you mean? Like seeing them? Like state how they react, seem like the movement that they started. And I was on a part of that movement in my county. My friend likes started the students demand action branch from county, which is like moms demand action. The people who are helping bring the parkland kids around the country, and it's really an amazing thing to watch. Much and be part of. And I've also after being a part of it, seeing that it's all kids. There are very few adults who are part of this movement. Now, it's mostly kids fighting against adults are doing like parkland Mimi angrier because this has been going on for so long in hot come now is becoming a big issue knowing that these students could actually step up on a podium actually stay agreements is without anybody tell them all your kid in lighten the anger because now my voice is being heard, I can go on any platform. I one to next state the true facts about what's going on every other day and every other place, the too violent in at mossy the tablet. Why do you think that adults should listen to teens? We go through these things every day and we know what the problems are. It's just that these politicians and these people in power in thority are not willing to take enough action to like make these things happen, and it's just ridiculous. Like. There's not enough empowerment like fourteen to stand up teams of the ones who are living it and like you gotta listen to what we say because we're the ones who are living and we're the only generation of teens have been like willing to fight it. We are newstand was happening. We're living with does like us telling you about the civil rights movement when new alive through it, you lived through the civil rights movement. We listen to your body so that listen to us about schools shouldn't the mental of violence happening since we're living through it. It's so interesting you guys, you're saying. All of you pretty much adult should listen to us because we have something important to say, but I thought you were going to say they should listen to us because we're almost grownups and we're going to run the world before they know it. And so they should start listening to us. Now I think that kinda shows that we, you have to be an adult to be valid point of view. I have a valid point of view now and you need listen me now. Not just because I'm almost an adult because I am a person with a valid point of view because I am educated on this topic. Quincy. When you were talking about living through the civil rights movement, when you said you, did you mean you in general about adult, or did you mean me and particular general. Who wants to guess my age. The need to is he close. I'm just I'm not saying, oh, we'll tell you, but I want you. I want you all to have your own gas, thirty. Five. I was gonna say like thirty eight because I think I remember when you were thirty two. You probably remember when I'm thirty two but I'm turning forty two next week. Little way young. The teens thing I looked. Validation. I know officially consider you young looking. I don't know. I the. I just one this panel. Congratulations. You can have this trophy. It's a baby. So in conclusion, the internet is great. Parents should respect their kids and talk to them. Everyone should get a dog and we shall make a movie. Yes, yes. Awesome. Well, it has been a pleasure to talk to you. Molly Quincy and Berta. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your advice and your personal experiences. It's been great having you. Thank you. Awesome. Long, short time listeners, it is your turn. Now we want to hear from you. What did you learn from our teams today? What surprised you? We wanna do this format again, and we want to know what questions you have for our teens. Submit them to us at longest shortest time dotcom in the comments for this episode that's episode one, seventy four. Today's show was produced by me, Hillary Frank with Andreas, Lindsey, and Jackie. G-go. Our engineers are Pete carom and Jarrett O'Connell special. Thanks this week to Andy Kristen's who expertly ran the board during our live taping and Taylor McGraw from teens, take charge who connected us with l. Berta in Quincy. They also have a show of their own called the miseducation podcast. Our music is performed by hot moms dot gov, editor support from Peter clowney, and Tony catoon day Ameri baldenon auto Rakim, earthy, and Julia way. We'll be back with a brand new season of episodes starting October. Seventeenth. In the meantime, checkout our archives in Stitcher, apple podcasts, or wherever you're listening right now. And if you've got an idea of something you want to hear us cover in the next season. We want to hear about it. 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