The Adventures of a Bike Racer with Roland Sands


Grant and everybody and welcome to another episode of keep bleeding. Thanks again for tuning. In this week I've sat down with my friend in customer so builder Roland Sands Nominal Rolan for about a decade or so but I still got to hear some stories that I'd never heard before so that was pretty cool for me. We talk about his racing career winning the Ama to fifty GP national championship flat track Racing What it's like becoming. Who had I think the designer of the coolest motorcycle jackets out there? The events he's been putting on super who'll gain in the motorcade classic we discussed ego and how it can drive you to success but also make collaborations super hard a broken back story. That just doesn't seem possible. It involves getting arrested and being thrown in jail somehow and as always we talk about the mindset of what it takes to move path and Ford through those setbacks so here we go this. Is Your life ever helped you out or something extremely kind. Have you been recognized with humans are in your life? Want us a message of thanks wall. Supporting a great. 'cause there's a growing movement of people spreading kindness making a positive impact. Julia my buddies over the kind humans movement right now by going to kind humans dot Com. Celebrate the human in your life and hope raise a million dollars for some great causes kind human celebrated humanity by cultivating a community of kindness promoting conscious consumption in always giving back right now. They're building a marketplace. For sustainable socially responsible products we can make our world a kinder place to our day to day purchases and actions. Go check him out kind. Humans DOT COM. Pick up some kindness and pass it on. How long have you been? How long have you been building? Bikes is it. I gue- bill was a bicycle and I was like one of those five years old and so that was literally taken apart team is when I have time relate team. Bmx Bike Patriot put. I put yellow astronauts on am I did a rainbow paint job like a full like rainbow fade paint job top to bottom yellow bags and that was like the star custom career. Is there any your debt? Your Dad he made like aftermarket Harley stuff I v twins and things like that. I guess I'm assuming growing up in that house. You just the idea of like fixing or fixing up. Retreating was probably pretty normal. Yeah for sure I got. I grew up around like crazy stuff like up around dragsters and you know like Bob. Bob Corral bills the jet bike so it was like a jet powered dragster and he also had woke he also had. It was called the kite cycle. And I think it was CR five hundred with a kite connected to do jump this thing and jump like a very long way like a like a dirt bike with wings what are they like a hang glider tested. Yeah basically like basically like you shut looking to pull in the seat of dirt bike with a hang glider choke. Do you think he far times as you would. Yeah but I mean like I remember seeing these bikes in the shop. My Dad used to do some movie bikes to you. He did on Nighthawk. No Way Yeah. That's amazing he built the nine ought to really rolling country full nighthawks which was the original worse meal and the thirteen inch full floating voters. Pm Breaks things when you drive seen that that was that thought being that I was going to build stuff over you like. I'm going to be a writer I wanted to race. You wonder if Drake's yet a lot of a lot more that yeah no. I mean I grew up I grew up going to race allegra going to like a drag boat races or drag. I'll go to HR events on. I go to a flat track events. You know camel camouflage trek series back then. I go to superbike races. We will go see grocery races at Laguna Seca. I grew up around all types and forms of racing and I probably grew up thinking they got wanted to ride in race motocross on. But I wasn't really are really close to any motocross tracks on Hannibal's Chiro Mining Johny Mera and Rick Johnson. Jeff Stanton all those guys on but then I ended up. I think going down the road race out. That's where I ended up wanting to go more than anything else. And you were like your professional racer. You want the two fifty. Am Championships. Are Amy? Okay I don't know enough about it. Longtime Nineteen Ninety eight to two fifty wrong pre-championship which was like motive to today. How many years you do that. Temps tenure what stopped it. Other than what I've heard is that you've been disqualified for being so sketchy on the track. I actually did. I did a written reprimand in I got. I got banned from writing for three months because I crashed three times in one week. End Out at willow and I ended up a SUPERNOVA. People craft on those nights right. It's normal weekends Marquez. The current world championship world champion. He's fresh three times again so I it's not all over. The crash may be for a rookie. Depress Trans one begins might be a little radical but I was just pushing you know like I was. I was indestructible. When I was younger I could just do whatever I mean I could huck myself and I would be okay so in my mind. I'm like will if I can get away with crashing and not destroy my bike to the point where. I can't ride him anymore. Who Cares it by crash heard anybody else not heard anybody else not cuss anybody else? Would crash on the Mike Back Together. Smashed together back on the racetrack. Did you ever have any serious injuries on the crisis? Yeah yeah well definitely broken bones but that was kind of normal beat him break your neck your bat or anything else that you broke your back at his ass crushed. What Chris my t six or will I mean? I still have a compressed six but this is part of life now take to heal from never heals really right. I mean I don't know I felt before you felt like okay. I can start doing things. Well you crushing Vertebrae. And it's not like it. Goes BACK TO NORMAL VERTEBRAE EVER. Adjust kind of crushed. My need is like what was the healing time before. You're like okay. Get back on the bike route. Couple three months like it was the end of the season so I just didn't race anymore at six months. It's so funny because this fog as a lot of people who deal injuries and I love it. My neighbor would broke his back. It would have been a story to tell his whole life and would have been something that altered every decision. He made a forever. Billy's I broke my back. And then you know. His kids would have told stories. Wife would opposable rolling. Bros back and don't you know when you don't ride motorcycle? Yeah we been talking to people who are just. This is what they do. Like brocade was the end of the season. So is fine yet and you think about it anymore. I had the story that goes along with. You have been story though I. Yeah the broken back thing I I did. It wrote America. Which is an amazing track. Super Track in Wisconsin on Sheboygan Wisconsin. It's been there boy in And so that night. I broke my back in morning. Practice on my to fifty in the rain and the wet land gravel pit in the gravel pits at road. America have like big waves in the cars. Okay so I. High cited up to fifty landed neck by on the side of the coli onto the halvard still in road into the grabbed eighty miles an hour and when he hit the gravel. Pit Me and the Bike Endo just shoved my head into the wet gravel lots. Yeah you're lucky. Kill you lucky. And bregman neck. Yeah you know and I remember I got up. I was like dude. I'm pretty twisted this hurts. I can breathe for for a little bit. He took me to the hospital and they're like well. It looks like you're okay and I'm like cool. Go out to the truck. Decide this like all this pressure my back and my team at the time security. Take three of these so I take those and then I was okay. I race race my to fifty six hundred that day with broken-bat broken back in it and I wanted to fifty race in the wet in the rain my six hundred later did so good on six hundred. I was tired sick. Broken-bat going to throw up the whole tunnels writing clearly. You know when you're young. You're you're you're you're you don't think of injuries away. I think now I get are now. I said Okay like myself and I know that's not normal. And then last zander. It was like this. They invited me. Risconsin England insignificant legends. Category entered condescend almost a decade. And I tried to do this one trip and usually I was so set on doing this and I'm like I'm a goal hospital or I'm doing this trip but after the second try I crash actually I. This is my back. Injuries can from last year. I wouldn't as soon as I hit the ground. My old legs went numb second. I was like in my buddy. You got this sounds like Nope I'm done. But but fifteen years earlier I would have been like. Yeah let me say offering to do it now. We've gone who knows what the body been okay with it. Maybe fifteen years ago if I wrote Binoche today. I'm not getting racing later on sitting this yet in the next one and the next year but still might line Intel. He was like at the time was dude. I'm okay. I won the two fifty rates asserted party rating and then there was this bar called simpkins yet. That was the night I got my car stuck in the gravel trap at the race. Track out of the race after the race. Because we're just being idiots and then I got arrested your jail temporarily temporarily roadmap for couple of hours and we pointed you. Know you've found broke back four days later and what caused what caused it. You're like Oh something's wrong. I got off painkillers because I was racing that weekend. So we had A. We had a two day drive. Because we're going from Wisconsin to New Hampshire to allow the New Hampshire. So we had this drive we drove. I was painkillers little time. We got their practice Thursday morning so I stopped taking painkillers Wednesday. Because I want clear my head Sung race get back to business and I woke up in the morning and Move Oh no way you could get out of bed and still as like shit. I gotta go hospital the hospital back when you thought that when that person I've been like oh we'll deal with this or were you like. Oh Shit this. Is it stress out like Oh maybe anymore. No no no not by my mom I call them phone without a broken back to scream at me yelled at me and I think also moms and parents I think broken-bat means different things. Yes right when you say back. You're like Oh my God someone someone detailed you interested in renting you're dead you realize you can spray pieces of it and you're thinking about again and she's a terrible call. Tell you a moment broke my back with no with no other information. I'm now looking fine. She's like when you're fine. I'm like I'm fine. I could walk. I can talk all my limbs work until Leo case. He's like you're not totally okay. You broke your back and I was like I to tell you the truth. I thought when you broke your back it would be a lot worse. I was like it feels to somebody like punch me inside. Like how old are you? That was in two thousand. That doesn't tell me what you saw was two thousand eighteen minus twenty years my ears. Yeah Yeah won the championship. Ninety eight only God twenty eight twenty crazed ready for racing. That's about the agency. Start to figure stuff out unless you're because I didn't start young I didn't I didn't start road race until nineteen so no actually spend twenty five yet from six. When did you quit? I quit in two thousand and one. I quit because because I had other things I wanted to do. You know I just got to the point. I memorized race in two thousand and two. There was a name a national in Fontana and like hometown crowd for me then My friends cannot wash race was cool but I won the race. Like be at the time of Oliver was won't Vasquez into three broad periods. Means IS EVER. Ah beat him. That weekend won the race And it just didn't mean anything to me. I don't know if it was just it been a long time. I've been racing along time. Like he'd ever get sick a winning right but I was just like semi got bored with it. That happens not feeling any of the feeling of writing nor cycle gas. I got bored. The results are Mike Perception of what the results would or were not going to be understand. I mean that's why I stopped one contest. I just didn't I was like I'm here for this reason. If this isn't having the night began to be here do we always fight for this level of newness lights right and then if I think that to be a child and back to like what? My kids are getting to experience. Or what they're experiencing. Now it's like everything new to them is fucking amazing of Radisson. You remember that everything people tell me what you could go back twenty years. Would you say every place on the planet was new? I would want to go back and experienced things brand new again. Yeah I would no knowledge of it. I don't want I need someone like you want to go back and take all the knowledge you have now. It's like no hope non-experts ill yet ruined it yet. You probably be rich. Yeah Yeah you're right basing decisions. Yeah but you wouldn't enjoy life. Would we'll just think about if you had a chunk of money versus gives you know. Take all my delon's fucking burning Mike. Wealth Kids Young. That wasn't thing but it you don't trade it off to be fifteen again and get to experience everything again. That's what life is in a second. If you normal people understand that but I also think that I mean I I love you and I and this is no indication of how tough things were. How hard you work because I. This is doesn't but we've been pretty lucky to have pretty lives that we serve drip. We we've been able to to navigate. We've been the driver seat him. Our own lives from which most tones from a lot of different perspectives. Not just you know it opportunity but also like what we've done with their bodies in the fact that we are still fully functional beings noted many times as I did my head your head. You know all the people that we know that radical shit if it had to know that our brains scrambled my legs and my hands if they don't work as good as the east you but as as people because I mean I I I have so many. We all have injuries It would take to administer straight list all events and I know people look me let. Why would you do that like they look at it? And they're like would never have gone through ever going through. Because I looked at about two thousand ten I had looked into how much time is spent healing. My first big injuries make ninety along the math on that could remember. It was seven and a half years of fifteen exactly half and probably in the next nine years. I'd say there's probably another three or four years from lesson and just like remember. Those aren't played a role. Mangle knows offer two weeks right you know and I think about in about the last twenty since two since ninety five twenty four years I've easily spent twelve ten to twelve thirteen years on a couch healing. Which is crazy but in that I have. I can't imagine trading that for a job right just felt safe and hated yeah. It's so weird to me that the people who don't live that life can't usually get past that idea. You know like that. It's your body's meant to be used right. It's like you said everything still works here. Awesome people. Don't get lucky as us. But I mean gangster dude. I mean there's not going to change for another life I mean now I wouldn't have like I think about like the thing I like. I like doing in going place in doing things that no one else can not necessarily because I had the money to do. It isn't isn't about my pain. Dribble doesn't there's not like there's only one other person I know. That's been upside down above a helicopter with the Blade Travis Pastrana that was decade. After I did or more you know his. The motorcycles have been couch. Look like being a part of these things like thing. It's what I can look at right like. I saw a view that no one else is ever going to see and to me. That's on the untradable. Untradable thing to have. That's that's a trip is. I think that that's that's something that I think. A lot of people strive to do in different ways. I started to do it in different ways now like to bring experienced other people that they haven't had a chance to experience. Chances Awesome you know with our events. I want to do that for other people. Were they get? It's the same thing where the new and experiencing something new and different like you could give the people you can package that and take that in create like an event or experience. I think I have an idea about experience. I think experiences are going to be the way what you pay for soon more. What adult that event? You're talking about the super hooligans. What exactly yes super. Bowl Games is one is one portion of it but the I mean the motivation classic event that we do in October. And what is that? That's a concert in motorcycle. Racing link all types of different like con Moto Activation 's okay on the beach in southern California in Huntington beach which which by the way I get an invite for every time like. Hey you wanna come racing. This and every time I sit there and stared email and I like to. I always go. I'm going to die. I'm going to get really earn. I always see no. I think it has to do with like I've been like I don't WanNa get hurt doing something I shouldn't be doing but the other part is really want to do it but I'm like am I gonNa go let rolling down by being out there jackass. This year. We help with electric bike race. That one that's more my speed and I don't even know that needs this. Super Seventy three. Make these cool. Little Electric Bikes. Their really fond will twenty twenty mile an hour soon slum or slow I mean yeah you have a lot of fun like he can manage. What twenty mile an hour crash it's a manageable and the probably not that heavy no way like you know sixty pounds versus four hundred eighty which is what the Super Bowl. Yeah we keep asking him again. I'm GonNa put you on those. What's email hey? You won't be a part of this flat dude. I would look like one hundred year old mango around the outside trying to not get killed. That's what it would be the eventual doing. They how we've been doing. Oh shoot. It'll be our third year beach. Beaches are first event so three years almost three years. This last one was pretty big. I felt like yeah. We had twenty thousand people a day out so it was. We had social distortion bad religion. Pennywise fear Tesol lineup black rebel. More feel cool the bands. You like grew up on your vent tickets. Yeah like all my friends were like. Dude you tone. This event like all of our favorite he listened to your younger shows. Me Used to go to you know about religion or Gauzy anyways syncing. Asya couldn't make it this year. Not So bummed. I remember what I was. Probably just sit at home gone ice or wrong shit. I pretty that actually Outta town. But he was the remember seen it on social media. What is this shit this is awesome? It's fun it looked massive. It looks like we're tour at its biggest. Looked like France's media absolut absolutely. I mean you throw all that together like we literally built a race track on the sand. That's also we built this huge wooden dance floor and brought clay and put it on the sand. Oh no way. So it's not made out beat the San Nelson's Santrac it's an actual dirt flat track that we built on the stand. That's at environmental pain in the ASS to do. It was but we work with the state like doubted approved state. You know it's like none of endured get on the sand and things like that right now. I needed to end a little bit. Durken's incentives unheard Sandman. There really are but we really kept clean. You really like did a good job of cleaning up the site and take that very seriously because obviously wanna be able to do this stuff again. You know we wanNA take care of the planet twos at the same time. It is happening again this year. What's the deal is October October? Twenty seven twenty same location. Yes but you do other events right and I came to an event in San Francisco out on a dock or yeah you eat a modern day classic. Yeah Cool Yeah. It's fun which I think a little bit different. Yeah we're events in different places like we just did an event in downtown Tulsa in the streets at Tulsa how cool and race through the streets of downtown Tulsa Oklahoma. So that's that's kind of the theory. Is that like rather than throwing races at a race. Track on in the middle of nowhere where no one's GONNA come see. It would building races. You know right in the middle of the city or wherever you live is the sport of that sort of racing is. Dying is a growing fletch. From Clutch Drum considerably are people. I mean the reason I ask is obviously. It's a different set of kids. Are growing up generation. Is it part of their culture is it is it are you seeing a fluctuation of like you know people aren't going to be a kid your kids don't get your license these days so? I don't know how important motorcycles even certainly a group of kids riding flat track. You know learning how to go out and master motorcycle through through flashbacks. Seems so dangerous to me so fun. If that's not what I said. The Fun indeed is are two things that don't They they want has nothing to do with the absolutely canceled out. The does when you're on the bike on the bike like all day to disappears. Yes your favorite and the gravel does the same. It's like why do you do? It's because danger danger because danger. That is true you know. Is there a few things that feel? Like what Dangerfield. And I don't think that most people know dangerfields. I think think they know a dangerous but I don't think they really know dangerous like almost in a car accident. It was dangerous yet. They often something and it was dangerous. Those people who are dangerous situations probably no idea the danger that there may never. Yeah like I was in a bad riptide. Getting pulled him out and I couldn't swim almost round ups a dangerous situation but everybody almost died. Everybody's been in a situation where they're sitting there on their phone or whatever in the car and something happens or something happens that they might not almost almost half feel like the wind blow by you talk about the same is enormous. Spend the money when you almost win the lottery. GonNa be like if you get the five numbers six feel something like Oh my God but nothing really happened to you know you. Sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need something to happen to you to make you realize that shit can't have care how it can make it feel real for minute. You know. Like the most real. Yeah I mean how many times have you said Oh shit almost died and he meant it a lot more than most. I mean this month. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. I've only one time this year right. I had an accident. Skydiving right. I legitimately at the end of it. I was like I could've done. I could have broken minutes. Well I mean I like it because it's usually for the most part one hundred percent impact zero presented so pretty good. They'll walk. What happened was he scared me was. We're actually right now. We're at role in motorcycle. A startup will hear your that. Listen to that DC did not just add that for no. I was doing a Skydive Java commercial and we had to wait three jumps students stuff in the air and I and this is something. I don't have a ton of skydives. Maybe like eight hundred fifty. Maybe which sounds like a lot to somebody but which sounds like a lot like it seems like a lot but think about it if I'm going to eight hundred and fifty I means I'm only skydiving for about a minute per it's eight hundred fifty minutes. You're talking like do not. Oh that's fifteen sixteen hours. It is in. How good would you be right? Mauresmo'S VIEW DENVER. Sixteen hours not very good yet. Ranks. Also the. How good can you get? You can get really good at really good. What what are you trying to? I don't know what are you trying to accomplish? I think you're just on your belly. You can fly it all sorts of different positions yet down on your back standing up being suits sales upside down on your head spinning around up and around and all of it is based on your body positioning and Buick. The relative there right. So there's there's people were good Scott like me. You jumped out of a plane. Bryan. You've been at ten. I'll be very good Scott up to you. Bring the only falling through there and I could fly. You can fly up. You can fly up this conflict down over. Also I'm just changing my body -sition to fall slower than you right so it seems like I'm flying out because slowing down your speeding-up but for some of his events guide our they will fly circles around me and if I need them to be over to you it over to me they can do split set a so. Yeah so it's a really really Could you like fall out of the Sky? And you go fast. We just think about where the only purposes your feet right to the fastest while you're gonNA fall a lot quicker head down the resistance to shoulders top of your head we're GONNA belly. You have his old big thing. Looks a wing right. It's on your back with you faster than on your belt other stink amount like you know like double o seven movies like yeah from their hands down there like tracking your hands. Yeah yes yeah. You're you're going faster than you would so head of doing this job. We had to get an opening and I have hard opening before might be approaching the film even with me level with me and I've got a grandma pilots you throw it and usually when you throw your parachute pilot chute does it inflates. And it's attached to a bridle that comes down to your main your main canopy as it doesn't pull the pin pools that the yeah. The wind catching up with their pools out your candidate and rope. It's usually takes six to ten seconds for your candidate to go from folded up inside your backpack and slowly opens and snivel that slowing down opens up six ten seconds. Meditates you from whatever you're doing one hundred twenty hundred thirty down the like ten or fifteen twenty. Whatever it is you know and so it's not usually super a brace mine opened up half a second rule so when it happened it opened up a base for yes that's a basic but a base rate at terminal velocity. Oh Yeah so like I'm falling faster me would be if you just jumped off like five hundred coverage so my open base. Osama through it. I was a candy was open and I thought I thought someone tracked or hit me. I thought I noticed guy was a bubbly and ready to me. That's helped bad. I get into our accident so going from hundred twenty two like ten miles an hour. Whatever of split-second so my Chin Ida photo phasing my chin hit my chest right and I thought I brought my Chin Jon Allen my neck down so might either next to my whole chain and everything was bruised jolly with Bruce. My chest was bruised. My neck was super sore leg straps when were purple purple line from leg straps and it actually knocked me out so not me out because of just the G. forces it took about like I wanNA say knocked out more. Look a knockout slight days. Right it was going on so it took me about ninety seconds to really thrown under canopy. Drowsy okay I could. I could get my bearings install as flying but I mean we're also ripe National League knocked me out. I could just floated down to lake drought. So it was pretty. It was pretty gnarly when came in Came in sat there because my body shop but people break their necks like that all the break neck loadings out and it was the first. It was the first time and this is like I said I said. I am a mediocre sky. Ever at least that's how I see myself. It was a huge learning experiences. It was the first time that I hadn't considered because it had the things happen. Were of the. I'm in control of that. I made that happen right like I made this happen. Mutter mcdonagh state again But this one I felt was a person who is out of my hands. I actually there was a packer to package. It was clearly a pack. Initially I think based on the way to footage looks Where where my slider was but something. I couldn't control that. It wasn't like I did it and it was my fault because yeah you know and so it was the first time that really scared me of like. Oh these things can happen whether or not those things field dangerous and. That's one of the most dangerous because I felt like I was out of control of it. I I like the danger. I feel like I mean. Yeah I once got experience what is basically as I say. That base jumping Idaho right. I knew that so you. That's the only experience I that's not an experienced life under so you have. No you're no doubt skydiver at you wait and did you do a course or did someone just chuck over bridge was he the guy like how. Guy. So what does he takes a pilot shooting. Hold onto it. You jump the bridge and doesn't pulls the parachute out steered our water and land safely. Yeah Yeah Win because that breaches like four hundred Ninety Vita. They answer for examples. Where twin falls Britain's the only legal based bridge year round in America? So you can't believe they let people do since they do. Every I mean I've been out there a few times and you see people joking with his dad is that his daddy did happen happen so many times. We'll be were there with archery at the time where it was just like the gnarliest line twist we had traveled to a triple flip in like did like an extra half Sheet upside down like a lot of wild wild stuff have what was his four. It was for Adminster Mitral. They're filming for Nigel. So bell calls me up any bill. He's like hey what are you working? And he's like will stay with me must go patient. That's a horrible idea ago and he's I grew up with my mom telling me. Oh just because you're gonNA jump off a bridge the same guess Mahmoud Abbas. Actually that statement came through actually did do that. You know we away. They're like I got there. It was like a then really a rig handed to me as I got out of the car Jew was shoot. Was Sean Chuma road runner runner. He added my buddy So was it gave you the Rick. Rar Game The rig compact the shoot us like I know like I did and like so. What are you doing? It opens up and you grab the handles and you know like what like where. Hannah is their color. The handles can reach up. Grab the handles. Whatever the only handles there. What do you grab the handles like pulling the right? WanNa go ripe on the left and down poll mouth and is like riding the shoot and I was like. Oh Shit this real. This is real. This is happening. They're gonNA let students walk that bridge too when you like. When you're unsure about like it's theory and I had some skydives. No not my first patient but by the time I got to the bridge I got no time but no I had campy experience campaign. That's the big one. I felt like I'd seen it but I had never seen it like up front and personal. I've seen it. I've seen a bunch of Ninjas fight but I just need a win to fight Gopro Gable. Pull on the handles and like so I get up there and you know I have to crawl over the rail. Oh yeah they didn't put a sleeper board crawl over the Braille. The rails tall recycles chest ribbons. Just when you call on your chest hold on. There's not an edge on the edge legitimately on. The rail is probably an inch and a half. Maybe so you turn to your. Your toes are under the rail. And you're looking back into the bridge the other turn around the turn around one hand off turnaround backwards in the heels on this. Hold up hoping you don't slip off. Plus you've got a backpack on so you're not if you can your back against your four push forward yet like you know it's terrifying. Twos the scariest single thing ever done in my entire life. I've had other know the ones where they put like a dining Gorda. Yeah so that was a lot lot safer they put it on top of the real often you as the way to go for people who they had that up earlier but by the time and gotten there. I think they've pulled the diving down so I was like the last one you know everyone had been like charging all day was like this is the last one. If you're GONNA do it. You GotTa do it now. There is no link thinking about it. There was not there was no lesson but I mean you know a lot of situations you get in. And they're like why are they teaching this crop? Could you send it and do it yet? That's literally will happen but it but it was like when I look back at the The numbers for accidents in Beijing. Hoping it was after onto course on animals like fifteen percent fatality rate Dana Score. It's it's literally like It's like a fifteen or a ten shot revolver with one bullet. Yeah that's what it is. It's a ten shot revolver. I don't know what the numbers are. But it's higher than than you want anyone to participate in something with zero up knowledge of a one in nine revolver. Nuts this is. It's like the intelligence scale versus the one ascended scale you know and sometimes the WanNa send it completely always in intelligence and he put it over here to the side in the. Just do the thing because you trust like I trust you now. Just because they don't know they don't want they. Actually one of those guys told me when sometimes you just gotTa let them. Dogs Hunt that talk. Yes he's going to turn around and grab both sides of the bridge facing away. I'm just like a g shaw four did you. Did you go ahead. No I went ahead low when I pulled the shoot or they had love when the when the shoot snapped and boom on headed left in it all on headed left into the wall at this at time. I'm like okay. Just take it easy to reach up. Grab the handles and everybody up above your awry. Turn right the screening at you do. They just reached up and turn right. We the bull that they're using day was no longer there so you were. You're right. Yeah Oh you didn't have. Oh they said land close to that but there was no boat down there now you could drown man and he'll land close to the this is this is this is the whole crew like the thing is with the crew. Upset The rain but he's getting ninety nine point nine nine hundred time is you wouldn't be with them unless you are a person who could be on there. Yes and who could take basic direction and understand what they're getting self interested. He's going to be in a critical situation. You do the right thing. But they also like it's not like they're running around a bunch of people who are UNINTELLIGENT UNSKILLED. No right you know what? I mean like a lot of art skill. Louisa melts transfers into commonsense in his intelligence versus Johnson scale. You know and I did. I really wanted to do this. I don't for whatever reason I don't know why I really wanted to do but it did. And I pulled for breached up and I grabbed the the things whatever you call them the I turn the thing and like literally like did a Little Textbook Right Turn Textbook. Bright Bright turn down in the water and a member of just like the movies. I just pull the handles up and just I just laid in offline and dismayed ended and I was in waist deep water and I just want to the autumn short. No Way and the scariest thing about the whole ordeal was climbing the play. Oh yeah they get completely soaked with twenty pounds of went paracetamol back. Having the scale cliff got. It was a rock climbing last night. Twenty feet risk averse and Rockland. And then there's like another twenty feet of it's kind of a tree and then serve Raka paint on the tree at the ends gnarly. Yeah that you'd never done twenty. You're wet dark. Probably a three or four beers. At that point like it was it was a radical experience. Did it once that I probably wouldn't do. I don't base jump anymore. I don't have a time. They've probably got thirteen to fifteen jones. All bridges. I've got a couple of times on on on some antennas we try to jump with Rohner But after my kid was born yet that I just don't I don't jump anymore lease for this part of my life is a lot Jay. But let's get back off the evacuated areas that might WanNa know or like I want to talk about and it's just obviously rolling and sign you. How long has it been around? Two thousand eight to two thousand six okay over ten years and I feel like if I remember right you. Were the person kind of doing cafe racers of bit like your own way. I would split it. I guess we were situated position like the twin industries. Where having spending money in custom market and there wasn't a lot of notoriety for anything that wasn't a Harley Davidson twin on maybe like Like like street fighters you know there was a street fighter seeing things like that so what we did was we started. Building stuff was kind of in the middle of genre where I was pulling an taking the twins and turning them into more race inspired bites so we're bringing racing to the customer and before. You actually started doing that where you build them for friends. Or how? What sparked like we're GONNA make this a real GOI- shooter. I mean there's all the TV stuff going on so there was all the biker. Build off that Jesse James WORKED IN MY DAD's shop for a couple of years so O.`day used to hang out with your friends back in the day. The nose of Big Jesse James Time. Yeah Yeah when he? When I saw the Jesse's doing what he was doing in Lake Dude. I I know this guy's capable of you know. I know that I can do similar stuff. Go Shit Yeah you know like I had and there was just so much to do in my head. There were so many avenues. We could go there so much. Cool stuff we can do analysts supply of ideas because I was looking at it from the recent perspective as a road racer designing products for twin motorcycles. You know with my dad machine. My Dad owned a company called performance which may cousin partly marts. I was the chief of design. They're so while. I was racing on designing custom motorcycle. Parts for thousand elmore cycles you know race in two hundred fifty pound two stroke road race bike just two completely different ends of the spectrum crashing together in that was how I think we styles essentially and was it. Did you feel like it was a quick hit like? Do you feel like you started this. All of a sudden happening or was there was years of the. Maybe doesn't isn't gonNA work. No I mean a custom bike cited beings you know. There's a reason for us to build stuff because we remarketing through performance machine we did the TV builds. Obviously one of the really cool stuff. So I got the plus the while bikes and set up a couple of crazy projects that we built this the K. R. Five which was a Komodo GP powered custom bike. And that's something that we took to the Grand Prix races in the GP really took interest in it and so it was starting to open people's minds like people saw we're dealing and they thought we could do that to you know we we can do that. Why why are we doing something like that? Why are the only people in the custom game the between guys so I think we helped open people's eyes to what was possible outside the between space where you want to spend time money and energy on a non-party based by that was there for you? What is the average price of a by any hard to say because oxygen all builder different but someone who comes in wanting me necessarily from you but just someone who comes in and wants to build a custom by like this? They're really expensive right. And it's the handwork I. I'm not arguing about more than our but I mean the people coming in by two thousand dollar bikes that right. We've had a couple of bites in that range. Does that baffle your mind? Yeah the disposable income and you wanNA see something Rolling art piece of rolling art. That's been created. I mean we're using every of style manufacturing bring to the tables three d design sola solid modeling doing rapid prototyping where machines of you know were create sheet metal paintwork aluminum stainless steel titanium. You know like every type of Fab and every type of really artistic custom sculptured but it runs and birds and you can go have fun. Do you think people understand that? Don't know anything about the bike with the custom. Bidassoa cost one hundred twenty five grand people like that's dome or that's insane. This dominance but I do they. Do you think people realize on the actual artistry and craftsmanship. That is being made. It would be impossible for you to understand it in. She were there to see it happen every piece right from scratch. Everybody thinks that by tim build like they're built on TV in two weeks. Calls by take on average. I'm going to have isolated year to build but not a year consistently. Well we did. We just built this by McKee Manson. Here's all the money and you had the tire. You're backed up with other orders. What is like a really really nice build? That's a full custody visit with Doesn't really nice stuff for like forty two six K you know. And that's that's a decent budget and we can get so a lot of a lot of work. Done needs diving into the chassis and building. She no foreign body. Were things like that but when you're talking one hundred plus that's when we're like engineering and designing frames and doing an entire body where it's lengthy we're starting with. Just the motor says. Basically is no bike. It's just a complete. We know my rely. Don't have the name we'll take. We'll take the. We'll take off the shirt him for the motor out of it. You know and we'll build complete around that bike. Got Maybe using the electrolytes predom- most the time we do use electronic systems own Able REGISTRATION US. Ports of the parts of the frame built around it. What happened when you when you build a custom bike register? What do they do how they registered the Megan most of the time? We build bikes in already existing system. Okay Okay so whatever it is frame and then they'll completely up to stop frame and still whatever the stop frame still whatever was got it. Yeah when did all the other stuff that role in sands is startled Apparel jackets because when I think of her own sands if something doesn't is an avid motorcycle rider That's what I think of yet. You know beginning. Because I'm I'm probably most likely never going to buy and you'll get accustomed by but when it comes to your storm at these jackets dope and I feel like your jackets when I think of Eden in. I don't really know that much. But what I think of coolmore jackets and I see a Coolmore Zone. Jump on somebody. Eighty five hundred time to Ron Sandelin. By time I'd figure I was just that's awesome. I mean it's the truth. They've they've looked different. You know and they have a different look. They don't feel jackets that you could wear whether you're right or not and that's what I like about. When did that start? When did you realize that that is a huge party visits? We started? Assigning our Pearland is in two thousand eight quickly after pretty quick. Yeah we we always have this idea while we need to make this happen. You know like there was just this space in the market where nobody was building anything so when I buy see space like that. We have an opportunity. We have the people that we can work with. Put a team together. Let's go after that. If no one's doing ammiel the markets there we'd other markets growing. Let's go after it so with our payroll. We did the abuse different materials. We created functional pieces that you could ride a motorcycle in crash in. That would protect you. You know but also didn't look Mica Warsak piece on your Moore's cop like a motorcycle cop like a like You know she guys riding around this fields here yes stuff reflectors in it and then or it's fully branded like road race stuff or or any of that. I always wanted to very subtle very subtle stuff. That wasn't branded stylish. And that was. That's what doesn't offer is this is the apparel market. Is the backbone of today on a daily on a daily motorcycle. Parts still parts yet district parts combined. Nikolov Party a lot of arts for For Harley from the twins do w stuff now you L. Coletta BMW. We're doing Indian parts now. Do Indian collaboration community did you. Kati collaborations also speaking of any jute for Rape Travis. Pastrana last year. Did some call. Evil live yet vegas where he retreated three of even evil jumps and you build that. Indians that right did you go. I did go. Yeah I saw you remember it yet. We hung out the whole night set next who literally sat next to each other for our go by showed up. I didn't really I I I don't I don't I I. It's hard remember because I saw you down floor because you were there. I was there like we had this emotional connection there I could use your essence which switches delicious by. There's only one that really categorize light essence. It's kind of like your hair. It's like the colored gross yes if gross was a color that I don't know if it's actually your your ears like it looks like it looks like a like an hour camouflaging its surroundings. That works that were the great. It's the grave Ray Blonde Brown and reddish rents red and silver tall cinnamon a wise out yet. Otherwise otherwise out. I'll take that you built vows accustomed correct when you build something. That's GonNa do those sort of when you build the bike here and you've got to build a bike that's gonNa jump out referring the long jump. One hundred seventy probably what what goes into that. Is that a different mindset. Different team different team. Now we theorize what we're doing you don't I still. The guys will get together and we talk about how to make a project better How to make better firm believer in the Moorehead's the mayor you know they were able to bring our knowledge together from what all of us. It's my road racing whether it's Cameron's offroad stuff he's done in the desert whether it's errands Bah truck fabrication or whatever. These guys have done in the past when we come together. We talk about our project. We try and take all that knowledge. So we're going to do really try and take the ego out of it. It's a hard thing to do. It's hard thing to do hard hard thing to do but the second you do how much better everything get. Yeah. It's crazy. How much better everything every project? You're part of whatever. The finished product is usually is exponentially. Better when Egos taken up and it's hard to do. It's hard to see them like I big fan of like no. Let's just get to the end product gift idea this year and then I find myself was mighty. I'm protected you now. And it's it's it's like something I'd try and work on the law yet. We all to try and work on it. It's hard not to because you for people like you. Who believe in what they do like. You're not gonna you wouldn't put something out unless you wholeheartedly believed it was the best part you can put out at that moment for. You were capable to do that and not like hey. My Name's on it did credit for it because we worked really hard on it was idea and it was a team yet but still idea mother effort you know. So why do humans have that? It trips me out a lot because I see it a lot. I can see you know. Communication my sister's sister summer and we just argue about funny shit sometimes when we get. We get so hyped on stuff assist though no matter what your still family and I could say anything John saying to me and we can both be like fuck you in the turnaround. Everything's fine ten minutes. Might BE PART OF A. I think there's a part that's like it's part of your identity right like I think about like For me I've been struggling Over the last few years. And it's been lingering because I never quite let it go about my identity as a professional bike rider for so long. Even though I do all these other things I think deep down. I'll always be that person because that's what I was. I was born from once now that it's gone in a nut mike the bike rider. It's a hard weird distinction on who you are right for. You gotTA fight for. But I think that that's what the EGO comes from because I think it's part of your identity your fighting for your identity. I designed this. I made it. This is not just a jack is not just a bike this is me that puts McCain is part of me. It's going out. There won't be able to know or at least I want my team to know and I think the things that are easier to let go the ego about are things that maybe you don't don't care about as much maybe you're not you don't care about him but you're you're okay with them being not fully your thing so. I totally get where you're coming from because I experienced the same thing you know. Throw racing's like I was in this zone where I I felt in my head bashed rotations around role in Sanjay. The guy with this epigraph yes altered but I knew who I was. It was simple. I could be that I. I was comfortable being that. Do you know it might have been reckless at times wild that I was fast announce what that was my identity and you'd be talked about you know what made you stop. And why did you stop? And it was like part of that was me going. I'm not okay without identity. Not Okay like identity doesn't completely defying more completely yet. I sick and I wanted something else I wanted to. I wanted to define myself with something more. Solid or artistically motivated or you want something that can stand the test of time you. WanNa be just in. It always stuck in my head of like. You're only as fast loss rates and people judge you by that we can feel. That was any part of this wanting more control over it. Because it's a racer you look at their race. Their rule certain with their everything in this guy can do whatever I want built accustomed by you the same might last race two thousand to the good of second. I finished second my last national and at the same time I I finished a motorcycle finished. His bike called Mickey Tango like this little named they all got names like little girls dolls. Whiskey tango I like them but like bill despite and people were known. Talk to me about my second place finish the race. You know like everyone's talking about this custom bike and people who hadn't talked to me for really stop by like do you built that built this by and it was the whisperings in the pits of like you've owned built as crazy custom bike. You know what I did. I really built the whole fucking by himself outside of painting. It did all the work on. Do you think that it's funny? Because that is sparked a thought my head. Do you think it's easier for people to recognize hard work and talent when there's a physical physical end piece to recognize where we are at the vitamin. I also just want this entire championships certain. But they're more impressed with this because they can understand it. They don't see the hundreds of hours it took on your own at an empty track racing around corners. Were this. Whoa I can tell this. Is this took a long time. Certainly and that's part of that's part of what makes today more difficult in the Internet agents social media ages because used to build a bike ahead stained power commanded magazine a bike lane your lifespan. These days the two days even that even that's temporary now when people are like telling me to post on instagram like it doesn't matter in three hours because no one's going to think about it ever again. It's all temporary same bikes. We USED TO PUT UP VIDEO. Barclays filling year but video art. Yeah and like you prevent tricks in it and you'd be like all right took them forever cleared out with lasts like a year you can. You can sort of strange career at strength off that video part For a year more. And you were doing this trick. Indicate finally solid when it came out and you have been doing this for a year and that it would take him to learn it now. Kids are so at such an influx of content regular daily. They like see something like. Oh I'M GONNA learn that by noon the next thing among the next thing which is great for evolution and and for the sport to like grow quickly but it has taken it is made things on special you take a guy like. Dewan who doin. Okay skateboard yeah right. And he's like his older guy. You know who's the rodel days yes doin versus? Moat Moon. Handle these battles and like a guy like doin' You watch skateboarding. And he's doing something new and different every day you know when he he came late to the game and social media whatever ending like has took over bill this massive falling and it's based upon him. Just same under do what I do but I do it every day. I'M GONNA keep feeding us a little bit a little bit a little bit bigger because he might go out during the day at five tricks maybe only feed it out so is is that. Is that the new answer. Is that these big grand thins bid grand grandiose artistic elements that take years and years to produce the help that much of that or explain really cool gable everyday. You're there yes you know like the I think the going back in your lab and creating art doesn't have this effect as someone's like I'm out here every day. Doing saying you see me working everyday ton it's like you don't like if you showed up one day and the neighbor had like A. You couldn't see the neighbor's house get a big wall up and for eight months. And then he moved it in his whole landscape beautiful. You'd think well but crazy sick. Let's talk about it for five seconds then but it you saw him everyday working on. It'll be out there again. out there. It's a hard twenty degrees. Today is out there with busting his ass. Yeah it's a windsor different mindset in that that's a funny thing because like the worth of something to you personally. Is that worth something to you is based upon based upon your your working your the effort that you put into it if you just for giving something versus building. It's worth so much more of course of course and so what you're essentially trying to do. Maybe and social media allows you to use it right announcing I do. But if you're able to show that just like you're saying you're able to show what's happening between a cover over the house fifth house you're able to show all those elements and that really carries worth for people released carries the tension ten- attentions warts. Yes Harverson by just said. Hey I out. Fishing stand vermouth. Little my new house I got or by year. He building it. I'm sure if he will be only got done. Maybe a wild dude dude. You really bus can't be good for you greatly since and you know I. It's it's a weird because I traditionally live in the other world gonna Goldman were part of this and I'm going to have this product to show at the end of it. That's going to stand the test of time and ten years from now people will look at it and be like Damn Dude. This is like a chapter of history this chapter the history or not around anymore. Well they can just look at the for instance okay and I look at this a lot because I I probably make more partners. Apple does drilling. Yes okay what does apple do they make my money's? They make computers they but but they have a very select tight knit. Group of things have some some companies that make light one fucking thing and then crush it with making one thing that everyone needs and in the market that one single thing so their marketing budget is all focused on this one thing. Make this thing grade. And they've continued to just make it better and make it better and better and make a great and keep reminding people how great it is your bed. Thank you make this thing. We're going to have this red thing you know. But it's the best thing ever and you're keeping it relevant every day with a new social media video piece harder here than having to have budget stuff. I think it's and I come from the other side so I think it's easier okay by Saint APP. Maybe it's not. I don't know I'm like I am I. It seems harder because you have to continue to keep trying to sell find different ways to sell the same product. But you're like if I have all these brains in hardworking people. Were only working on that you you know you freed up a lot of space in the brain. You still have a lot of space to be able to do that. Where we have fifty products you have to just continue to sell every day and you don't really get to get to make greater needs to make some things great but to focus on one thing. They want the amazing in special great versus focusing on hearted fifty things. You gotTa make good. Good yeah and convince people to buy them that that gets a little harder but and then you get to the point where they these day just become good not great yes or things become you become so used to having you know you need them. That doesn't matter how good the art because you're going to buy a new one anyway. You know what we used to live in a world were you to make this elastic people by this once. It's cost a lot of money and now you're like me. It's crazy to think that almost every human on the planet or a huge percentage walk around with a thousand dollar phone in their pocket young kids. There's two thousand dollar in their pocket. He's been crazy to think about the The level of technology course versus thirty years ago. When you couldn't even build a computer side of this building from the dad the power. The timing of phone David Space. I mean of course sprawl you space it system all you. I know whoever virtual reality but think about your parents begging if you were in the mid nineties early nineties any print secure thousand dollars putting your everyday losing. Your parents have given me that money. There's no way right in two thousand dollars and your your your kids walk around with. It doesn't have a case on it. You'd beat the Living Shit appears. Just it's but kids same thing but kids are the worst thing ever for them to break her Lusophone. If they lose their phone their life their life enter life ends. The Ray they're gonNA they're gonNA sit there and it's literally they don't auditable. It's weird so we were rolling it. Did I always wonder from business? Point of view especially with the company that I I love your company different than I see other. It's like companies. Come as the Halloween great idea. There's solid companies are built on. I think like talent and hard work and are constantly trying to make sure they're they`re. They're being as cool as possible but also doing the right thing for their brand and that's how I see a role Zandt and that's how I see. I see other brands like others trying to do things but when I come in this building series look around with my dude. You have all this stuff. All of it looks so good like when you when you go into the showroom your like even all the product enjoyed every single one looks like it's so much work into it and I'm like Howard air enough hours a year year to be able to make all these products because I idea I've worked enough with design products realize much goes into it and so it's really cool to coming here and see that but also to hear your perspective on how what that takes do what it takes to market these products out of. Care. I like these said that. With a voice. It sounded like you're so over. You have to Care GonNa care I know you do. I mean and and even if it's a force Karen like you don't WanNa carry bend the time you think about it. You go down more like jackets today. Acura muscle different And that's that's a bit of a struggle that I had this because I may have to meetings to focus on creatively. Sometimes I have what I call force creativity because sometimes they don't have a choice. You're Some Husky done so I mean there's times when I lean upon you know the people that I work with very much to like make that happen and other times ages. Let's get creative figured out sometimes. When that happens you start with something? That's something to get something on paper gets going. You know what I mean where you're like. I just can't do it today but like all right. Let's let's make this shit and once we actually see the piece of Shit I've realized Got BETTER WE'RE GONNA make sure it's not a piece of shit you know we're not gonNA put out shit always said that the one thing that we've done with the companies we haven't we haven't had a bomb on anything you know. We haven't made any massive states that have been like fuck Blame young modeling. I don't think we've always fought to try and duke will give you know in when maybe didn't feel as coal we're GonNa try and create something different. You know it's like nothing ever went south too much. You know not not everything. You've done have been winners for sure as a fucking sure below two stuff. They were stinkers. But that's that's the that's what happens when you create product every year since May different places to put your head down and stuff. That isn't winning. You just go use it as fuel to make the next winter. What's next roles because you guys are moving moving building and is I mean? Is there more plans to expand role sands into more avenues? Or is it just more of the same New Place now? I think that we definitely am new ideas. I mean on a moving out with buddy kids again. I know me an Andy Bell. We've been really friends for a long time so I found this building like two and a half years ago. And it's for me. It's a dream buildings building that I always wanted. The style of building always wanted to be in the second airplane hanging because he pitches of aliens. It's it's an incredible building close to my house along each so it's like right in the heart a long beach and he saw is places. Amazing you know and we. We ended up or biking for closing. Tomorrow we're creating space launch footage lot bigger space and essentially get to create a compound a compound of creativity. And you both you got a key. Owns a production company heels proton-pump band? So you guys are all be under the same roof that yet again. We've got like you look at it. Just the functional aspects of our business really complement each other you know. He's fulfilled production where three modeling building designing furniture motorcycles. Automobiles cars no complete lines across the board. We both do and he does real film work. Would you like more senior? Discriminating your homework. It's off the coast. Yeah sh running gun running some. It's really good and talk. If you know like art stuff like you know to do a lot of different aspects and we do it for our business but we also do for other businesses very cool. We'll wrong but one thing that I do want to say is that I've known you for years. Where Super Close? But we've got a family together we've been to Mexico and maybe out to the desert navy. Higher House may trips together. And as much as I'd like but I feel like that's the one thing about everything we do. We all live sort of far art for the daily sort of interactions. But you've always been someone who was when I think about everything that comes out of your mouth other than a few conversations. It's always been really really intelligent. But also Kelly bishop advocates been really really intelligent in a way that is so like a thought out and creative. That's really what I. There's a lot of people that when they start talking. I I really try to stop this and not. Just be and be present. What they're saying but with you is. You're one of the people that I really try to do that. Because I feel every time you You Open your mouth. I either learn something or really entertained by the stupidity. The leave you on those last note. That we do share a very special moment together. We ensure you remember being reminded you of right now but we were at an event for one of our friends who had passed away and we raise money for them. Eric Rohner Trouser straughter. Nitra raising money. We've done done the whole Auctions all the bikes and then they were just making up these silly things to raise money in they were yes a baby so this is something. I felt bad. There's there's more seldom I couldn't afford football for me. Not Hold on. I felt bad because I wanted to contribute to this. You should feel I feel bad for you but we're getting there. I wanted to contribute transplant. Because we're GONNA DO ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BABY BIRD. Four hundred dollars by it. I was like okay. That's like I can do that right. Like whatever it is. I whatever we're GONNA happen. I mean they just had a contest where you could slap travis the chest one hundred bucks. I didn't want to do that when I was looking at McDonald's in volunteer for this but he said in a rock paper scissors bieber McDonald. That is so I raised my hand. Like a dummy and I go up there. Roller also raises hand. Travis was in the snowboarder. I forget who it was but he was the only person that don't know super well right. Everybody Else Travis you and then they explain baby bird to me and I don't drink so I I don't drink wrong and we do rock paper scissors and rolling loses for denotes. He's last in line at that. The efforts of Bella. You thought you wanted like yes I one. No you didn't win. And so then I was next. And then that's nowhere in the Travis. So we go line now and. I'm not really sure what's happening. And then Travis pulls out a huge follow. Vodka ones takes a massive massive sip of it and keeps in his mouth and this is where the baby bird part comes up then the snowboarder next to him crowds down and travis fed the vodka to him like a bird in his mouth. And then I realized I'm watching this happen on my tap near as disgusting and then realize Oh my God. I'm next in line and I felt like I didn't see we're well not that. That should matter but I felt like travelers. I know where he's kind of been rolling. He's been this guy I get down. I crouch down spits it all into my mouth and I was like. Oh this is terrible but then didn't hit me up. Bad was if you didn't terrible but then I realized. Oh my God this is so wonderful because I'm not the last guy an despite this in the rollins mouth all so I feel like I turned and looked at you. And we're both there will tell us were shorter. And so you have to crouch way downs. You're on your knees. Basically and I'm I'm trying not to spill any because uncourteous that's why I turned on your China to laugh know about Hainan trying to spin your mouth so perfectly like you're above new album but an inch above your mouth like just letting it sort of slowly drink in your mouth and then once I got it I went over and I can't get and then the thing is the loser has to swallow so I I just wanted to share the little. I feel like we share a little bit of closeness because I totally forgot about the nose. Kids Yeah I didn't are among forgotten about the rest of the night anyways. Thanks for being your man. Frisia around around.

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