Steve hey welcome to the project. It's a podcast that rebels in sports and whatever i'm steve worn and that sleepy over there jim jerome jerome today on the show. We're going to talk to philadelphia. Flyers captain closure ru about his summer and a new baby due any second and we'll talk about his expectations for for the new flyer season on the topic of expectations. We're gonna talk about what people think. Colin white will do an ottawa they seize now that he's all signed up and a very wealthy man for six more four years. This is episode one of three of the project presented by our friends at jimmy k ford all insurance ontario and rb computing and the reason nice jimmy sleepy because it's seven thirty his time taking us back to the old days. We were doing the t._s._n. Morning show at like five thirty in the morning are things thanks james. You know steve. I <hes> things are fine. Steven how are you. I'm great yup good. When i think back steve <hes> i think yesterday was something like national radio day or something because i saw a bunch of a bunch of stuff saying it's national radio day. That's why i think it was <hes>. It was just steve. I think back to those days the beyond air adviser. I don't know how i got through that steve and i thought for second yeah i do. You were late every second day again. I think we've talked about this in previous episodes but it was described to me as by our boss as a great bit always found that fascinating i went in at had called into the office on the guy. Was this thing where you're where you're sort of pretending drunk and really hung over all the time and late and stuff like that. That's a great bit. Keep doing that okay. So did you recover from yesterday. Because what you did yesterday was interesting. You decided to put it out on twitter a you're in a ah sort of an abusive situation in your brain and he decided that you'd put a photo of yourself out on twitter. Okay let me have it no holding back in a big sign reading roast me and he took a selfie and everybody pretty much went to town on you. I recovered emotionally from all that well. I'll tell you what steve okay. I've <hes> you know for years and years <hes> i i'd love i'd love canadians. I love canadian humor because it's self deprecating stuff where we just. We just kill each other. I've always always enjoyed that. I particularly enjoyed making it. My mantra steve one end up doing gigs and stuff and i don't feel bad steve about the stuff. I've said about people okay. I don't feel bad for one freaking second. Okay i challenge. I challenge anyone steve on on on my twitter <hes>. What is it yeah right right now. It's it should be lying face down down crying. His should be my twitter handle okay. It should be should be like. I don't wanna live anymore. That's what my twitter randall should be. Some people lead with their chin. That was just like that's a whole other level that you took it to where there you want to hear some of the feedback since we last spoke yeah for sure my my favorite my favorite one is sean williams pug mccollum <hes> and you've taken some pretty hard runs sean on in the past and his comment about your photo was when jungle goes camping the bears hide their food in the trees which i think you took a shot at him with the same line <hes> somewhere along the way that's true. He said that was always his favorite line. I love sean. He was always a big listener to the show and yeah he always told me that sel to their lots of references to relic from the beachcombers galloway walter walter prager <hes> lever seventeenth so this is what letting yourself go looks like the matrix with kind of a weird one <hes> i'd roast i do but i've heard that could negatively impact the unborn child in your womb yeah what the hell was. I didn't think i took a fat pitcher steve. I i got a little fat you know and maybe also shot at your manhood is well in that one yeah yeah yeah. It must be love. The love love the strategic placement of the foam blocking your chins a jungle iron your shirt and your face. I got jordan leg rights after friends matthew. Athey perry really went off the rails. Your shirt is more wrinkled than your twig and berries okay. How do they know that. I guess ho- hockey lobster was. I don't know what's seen on time with my wrinkled twig and berries. Are you really ball jim. Irs is your neck just blowing a bubble boy okay. That's that's you do it. I think it just goes on some of the way i'm i'm surpri- we have a really good listener base and i'm really excited about the number of people who are checking us out but i'm also a little concerned about about <hes> some of the listeners with some of the stuff. They're happy to just throw out there and just absolutely annihilate like i say steve. That's the last time that's that's the last time ever apologizing for carbon. Someone up never again paranoia. Though well these guys anyway take run to them next time to put their picture up yeah exactly okay so <hes> we've also got a thing here <hes> and this is a from our old co host stuntman stu ladies ladies and gentlemen and he put a today that i found interesting. There's a whole list of nineteen eighties movies and i was shocked at how much which of my life i've wasted like he put out a list and it's <hes> voicing satan. It's a list of thirty six eighties movies. How many have you seen and it was very troubling to me that i'd seen thirty four and a gummy to breaking that down like and these are like teenage years right where you can do anything sure your job. You're not like you know if no responsibilities. You're physically fit all that well i i. I've seen thirty four of them. I said to myself. I've wasted my life effectively. If you have an eighties movie like what would you say would be in the top five. Give me the give me oreo. Whatever just give randomly give me five and i'll see if i was a real movie guy or not kale. Give it to you in groups of six and you can react to one okay say get <hes> pretty in pink the breakfast club the gooney short-circuit weird science. It's never saw the goni never shows short-circuit never saw the signs. Some scientists <unk> it easy for you to say the laws. The lost boys better off dead trading places gremlins and e t this will surprise you <hes> <hes> i've only seen i've only seen the lost boys never saw grants. I've never seen a t really yeah. I never did that. One yeah and it's all over netflix again. Gremlins never saw a whatever you said <hes> ep something else when i saw lost boys that's where their van pires or something. Is this correct donald. Sutherland's boy a keefer another piece of trivia kiefer sutherland. I played golf off with him in victoria just a wisp of a thing just he's. He's one of these very small while the shortest guys i've ever scene nice guy. It was a two three day event in victoria right. I've mentioned this before with the court. Brothers had a tournament where they raised a million bucks in a five year olds first time i've ever seen this to raise a bunch of money to build a wing onto the hospital twelve verbs sixteen bedroom wing to house people homelessness and mental illness and and they did it in three years they raised all the money they need so the only have it three years which was kind of cool steve because because a lot of charities keep going back to the well so <hes> anyway kiefer sutherland was one of the one of the celebs and they had a they had adam unbelievable amount of them and because ross played in l._a. He lives in victoria. The thompson family who we all worked for steve is the rich. I think the richest family in canada on the global mail bell globe and a million other things so they gave him this plane to fly down <hes> empty and pick up a bunch of slips. I saw a bunch of game like kid rock. <hes> pamela anderson kiefer sutherland couple of guys from the eagles chad krueger michael boob lados was jam-packed impact anyway. I play the game of golf with with kiefer sutherland. He was terrific. He was unbelievable with the crowd. However steve for a small guy he can pack a punch man. We're in a in a bar that night and they kind of had it roped off and and you know after about half an hour that got that that got thrown down and everyone's just mauling sutherland coming in to say hello and stuff like that and he was super nice super considerate and he was he kind of innocent league gave a girl a peck on the cheek you know she she wanted up kissing all this the stuff and he was he was obliged and as he did that someone someone sleekly steve took a picture of him and he on the flash went off and they were doing it quietly because it said no pictures and he saw it steve and in one foul swoop steve he let go of the girl stop doug air stepped onto a coffee table like a little low low table that was around around these coaches and fluid the guy like a lemur jumping from branch to branch yeah full on grabbed the guy by the ad had you know sort of threw aside. He's only he's only five six. Maybe and grabbed the camera through it on the ground. It crushed it and started screaming at the guy you know. I've been more cooperative than anybody out here. I posed for pictures and and doing everything and hugging people and and you know you gotta take it too far. You piece of shit you know just hammered into the point. Where is it keeps kief. Let's walk it off. You know we went outside and had a little stroll so anyway. I like the guy great guy. He's a great guy so so when you say pack a punch you didn't actually punch the guy though way they would've he would have but they stepped in right. You know the steps including myself. I got in there in sort of held them away with with with one finger and that's a different time now obviously the <hes>. It seemed more intrusive back then right when you're this is before cell phone cameras cameras right back then it seemed like a bigger deal to take someone's photo at a bad time. There'd be nothing you can do about it now. Jeeze you can't hear phones going off that is going all all the time and <hes> different days yep and you can catch people you know in sorta mid move when they're doing something innocent and it looks like they're you're gonna grab a girl sorta deal right and it's like no no. He's reaching for his drink. Their you know reaching for the girl so all right. Let's launching jay today. We've got <hes> of course the big news on our last episode was calling white re-signing with the ottawa senators and we came up with a simple pole today. How many points will the newly designed call in white get with ascend's now that he's resigned thirty five to forty five points forty five to fifty five fifty five to sixty five or sixty five or over only one percent said over sixty five points and about half the crowd thinks it's going to be a pretty modest scoring season for calling white at forty five to fifty five points fifty two percent leading the way there and got a bit of feedback on it as well well rb computing. Our sponsor of the chimes in not enough is their answer her <hes> fake bobby duff writes the tony kornheiser theory that someone's got a score for that team gary t rights. He's got a nose for the net. He's a good skater and we'll get lots of power playtime with brady ca chuck peer rights. I'm not sure he'll really light it up. All that much i said forty five to fifty five because he's he's capable player and needs a number one center ahead of him to kind of draw away the coverage a few outliers on yesterday's poll as to what people thought of of the colon white signing sends office ralph good member of the show rights is the start of some stability. Let's see if we can continue on this trend sends fans would certainly appreciate it and again today from our members only hotline to see the member starting to use the hotline samore. Tony zane is encouraged by signing a warranty great show regarding regarding colin white signing. I think that's a first piece of good news. That's come along in a while so i'm grateful for that. <hes> however until they get chabad into a new deal i won't be renewing by. I season tickets that being said once they do get those two guys signed. I think it probably be a good omen as far as getting chuck signed up long-term so get chabad lot done. I renew my season tickets. Love to hear what you think about that. All right. Thank you tony. I think a lot of people feel that way so many people in fact like tony love the team the ready ready to throw a bunch of money at it. They just want to know that the guy who owns the team is gonna throw some of his money added as well and that is not remotely unreasonable <hes> wanna thank tony for using the members members only hotline and if you'd like to become a member and used the hotline yourself checkout steve w project dot com click on the members tab and <hes> yeah lots of other benefits as is well on speaking of ripping on teams. You know i've been a little tough on the on the sense daily got nothing and people. This is the the biggest thing to happen since they stopped playing last year and since the head coaching hiring i'd say yeah the head coaching and and but you know what steve it really takes. I mean a perfect world. You want youth to to rebuild and you want experience experience on the same team to help the youth <hes> you got the veteran presence blah blah blah guys who've been there before all that stuff although all those cliches but it really takes everything to go your way to not only make the playoffs <hes> i mean you don't need a hundred percent percent everything to drop in your direction but you sure need a ton you know not to mention to get through a round not to mention to get to the final and then win the stanley only cup so many things have to align you know and the other one's steve is luck you you gotta have a bunch of luck and peop- people i forget that you know we're talking to the other day about our that that show we did on the kids. You know that that god you panic about kids with all the stuff. They're faced with these days but but but both of us agreed a bunch of it. Is you know. Please help me god you know i hope i hope they're okay. You know and <hes> look at vegas. Steve look at vegas no one no one predicted that one. Do you have to go back that far. I mean look at the two number one seeds and they were number one seeds by a long shot in tampa bay in calgary and they were gone quickly in the first round. Tampa swept ridiculous like you know. I think you're right. There's some luck that goes with it. Officiating you get the bad call here and there or a coach that has your number <hes> that <hes> just figures out a way to play you. That really eliya takes away kind of your fire. That's the basics of hockey. It's it's almost not fair. Even that you you bust your ass <music> you work so hard you put on skill on display for months and months and the regular season to dominate. You're the best teams and then when you come down to what you know ten to fourteen day window where you you suddenly have a you're on your heels for a minute and then it's over. I think the english in terms of fairness english premier league has it right. They play a regular season the winner at the end of that whoever's got the most points at the end there your champion. There are no the playoffs but it's certainly not the most exciting way to do it. It just died. There's a there's a real randomness. That's crept in now that anybody can win. As long as you get into the playoffs anyway well before we get too far away from the poll on remind people that is brought to you by rb computing we certainly had some bad storms over the course of the summer and they can wreak havoc on your computers electronics so recall rb computing today and they'll make sure your computers electronics are protected for a limited time. Get a twenty percent discount on all services for listeners who come in and mentioned they heard the add on on the project rb computing dot com one oh six men in place in bells corners of course our show would not be possible with jim kaye ford or ford employee. Pricing pricing is back for a limited time. You pay for employees paying select new vehicles. Now's the time of the best election day the fortieth year on ford employee pricing in the new ad home test drive have now on a gym k ford you drive in orleans or jim kaye ford dot com also got all insurance ontario on board as our good friends. Don't waste time shopping around for insurance on your own just text all insurance ontario there at six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight. They'll hook you up with the best insurance rates every every time. They've got your back visit all in dot c._a. Or text them six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance ontario your modern boutique broker now if you've picked up a newspaper and auto over the last few days you'll know the annual sun scramble is on. It's a big event for club e._g. And i'm with jamie ryan and andy ra- mahaffy from club e. g. along with philadelphia flyer captured closure ru who will talk to in just a moment. This is city championship week. It is a great week and a very fun event. I always take part in the media event of this always oblast so <hes> okay we'll go to andy. I and maybe and you could tell us a little bit about how the week is going. The week is going <unk> extremely well. <hes> we started on monday mannerly <hes> and did last seven days all the way to championship sunday at eagle creek. It's been a lot of fun so far early mornings a lot of work but like i said we're having fun along the way <hes> some good golf a lot of grinding from a lot of great teams so it's a lot of excitement this week. What's it's the feedback you get from golfers why this tournament is generally so successful and why why guys seemed to like it too main answers to that. I think the way that the tournament setup it makes the golfers feel like they're in a professional. Environment is not often you get the b._c. Golfers out there to play in an environment like this so you know there's something on the line they like competing and they're going first city championship titles so that's exciting and the format is a two percents scramble so it takes takes a little bit of pressure off so you're a bit more comfortable there. Obviously you're having a lot of fun with a partner. Usually a teammate is a good friend or a or a father or brother so <hes> you know when they get out there. There's opportunities to have a lot of strategy and i think that <hes> all leads to a great a great tournament. Jamie ryan <hes>. Let's <hes>. Let's get your vibe on <hes> on how this week has gone so far. It's been wonderful. The weather's been great. We had a couple clouds ed's role by but most of all we got sunshine and great weather and but a thousand golfers playing with us all in all the categories so it's been great how many two years now this is year fifteen while so how has it grown from day one to where we are now first year we just wanted to have a tournament tournament and we did an open division and a senior division all at eagle creek and then slowly we just introduced new divisions and now we have a division division for those issues over one hundred and they love it and it's a lot of those guys you know it's the first time competing so it's a new experience for them and a lot of them actually slee move up from <hes> dita see the next year but we need a lot of the new golfers joining the division because that's really the most fun good stuff so maybe <hes> a word on how you include made nato today. Claude is an amazing competitor. He's very intense and he hits the driver a very long way so <hes> <hes> this tournament a lot of it comes down to putting so we had a lot of fifteen footers that would just weren't dropping and we back birdies on the back and we are pretty pumped about that we thought are we gonna bring it home but unfortunately back-to-back bogeys right after that so we did not make the cut but we just love competing and love the rush of this unscramble title so with that let us bring on clo- drew one of the finest talk you players and all the national hockey league captain of the philadelphia flyers and more importantly jamie's partner today so maybe i share with us the kind of day it was. I know it probably wasn't the number you wanted to go. Yeah we started pretty slow and and now we're a little frustrate out. Starwood can make any pot so <hes> obviously when you <hes> your download try to catch up and then we had a few birdies on the back back to get us back in it and then we're just forcing a little too much and we're <hes> got to bogus aw little frustrating but the n._f._c. We're here to compete and have fun so it was it was good. Do you wanna win. Here is badly almost as you want to win in the n._h._l. And that's actually a problem. I still haven't instead word to my partner yet. <hes> not mad at him but i'm just mad at this situation and when we <hes> every year we try to climb and make it to the final round and we can't. We can't get there but i mean. I guess it's like hockey if you don't if you don't practice you get good and mystic to hockey. I think think for for this year. Tell us about your summer. How are things going good. I gotta little baby boy coming up in the next next few weeks here and so <hes> that's very exciting and a lot of good things happen with the flyers so the summer's been good <hes> enjoying i during the weather's that's been actually not too bad in ottawa this <hes> this summer and but like i said i'm very excited for everything going here so this is your first child right that is correct rest assured it won't change your life a bit so don't worry about that. What about preparations for it has been crazy busy. Yeah i mean anytime you have your first shali. You wanna make sure you're you're prepared. You know what you're doing but as much as you study and read books in videos you won't really know until you get it so that's what i was told in <hes> but you know we're we feel like we're prepared or ready to <hes> to bring another member through our family and it's definitely something. I'm very very special in something very excited that we're the next few weeks. It's gonna be a life changing nice. We're joined by philadelphia flyers captain claude. Maybe you tell us <hes> because you and i had many conversations in past summers working out with tony greco. You've been on the radio show before maybe share with us how the training is gone this year. Yeah ah tony tony do he's. He's someone that works hard and he'll find a way to get the extra step this summer. We've been i mean. I can't really compare it to your summers because every summer we go hard but you know we. We tried to get stronger faster every year. We find other ways to to to get that done and i'm very satisfied as how the train has been the summer. You always come back to ottawa every year. You've got home and philadelphia but you're also call auto home. What is it about auto. I mean you did a good chunky growing up here obviously but <hes> always come back to ottawa. Maybe share with us. Why you love coming back home i moved to when i was fourteen so i have a lot of <hes> <hes> close friends a lot of family members in ottawa also and my wife's from ottawa and it's just you know off season. You wanna go somewhere where you feel comfortable and feel comfortable here so every summer. There's been great sometimes too long of a summer but <hes> you know it's. It's always fun to come back for the anxious to get back on the ice. Yeah like i said the summers being a little too long. You gotta make a little playoff push air to to shore this summer a little bit now last season. We've gone through this sort of back and forth thing with the flyers where it's been missed the playoffs. Make the playoffs miss. The playoffs classmates plassnik player and it's been back and forth like that. Maybe a share with us what your excitement level is for the new season. You've got a new head coach some new bodies as well. Maybe talk a little bit if you could about what what you like about the team this year to two years ago. We made the playoffs in <hes> we <hes> we fell short and i but we have we had a good team in last year was kind of a roller coaster. Are we <hes> we ended up having a new coach new g._m. <hes> some new players new faces and it was kind of a roller coaster year and got to happen really quick quick so <hes> but you know what this show in new coach new g._m. We have some new some new faces with brown and niskanen hayes. Can you guys coming in that have experienced. We feel like we have a more <hes> more veteran team an older team that <hes> know what they want and how we wanna play so it's <hes>. It's something like you said every year. It's been up and down and and i feel like this l. o. Vigna's here quite a bit in the summer whereas well. I wonder if you had a chance to sit down with him and talk to him and get a sense of what he's all about. Yeah we ended up having a little dinner a supposed to be only an hour ended up being two and a half hours and we just chat about the team the organization what kind of team we want and you know he. He's a he's a coach really well prepared and just just listening to him. Talk about hockey. It's he's a coach. That's been around for for a while and you. He understands the game very well. So just i want meeting that i had one. I'm really got got me excited to to be able to work with them. You've got one of the youngest starting goalies in all all the n._h._l. In carter t just turned twenty one. I think about ten days ago <hes> maybe share with us where you're at with keep saying share. I don't know why i keep saying shared jamie cher with us. What do you think of carter heart and mean. He is such a good goal tender and he's so young. What are your expectations for him this year yeah so let me share a little you know he's last year. He came and i think we broke. We ate goalies playing for us so so <hes> when he came up i think it was after christmas and he came in and kinda. Kinda take took over and he played a lot of games for us. We had a lot of injuries for goalies and what he came in. He kinda relaxed everything. He did a great job in that he made us feel comfortable and for twenty year old to come in and make everybody else feel comfortable. You don't see that often so it's something we're really excited about having a young goaltender like that you know he's young but he doesn't. He doesn't act or play young so he's very mature kid and he's got his head is when <hes> when the puck drops. He's ready to go he. He knows what he has to do. You focus on themselves often. You can't ask for anything else. Good stuff plo jerus- joining us from the philadelphia flyers. I was just a couple more. I was noticing today claude that they're only seven guys in the league have been a captain of their team longer than you have. Do you like that role. Aw and how would you describe yourself in that rule. Yeah i love the role you know to be able to <hes> to be the captain of n._h._l. And i shall team. It's it's a great honor. I don't think we've had the success that we we think we we should have but you know i'm thirty. One people might might say. I'm getting a little older but i don't. I don't feel older so you know. I have a lot of years here to to kind of prove that maybe i can show a little bit more as a leader but the age of hockey <hes>. It's not really one guy that leads. It's it's four or five guys on the team. That's on the same page and and being able to lead a team together and your voices is stronger like that and i think i have. I have some good assistance in doesn't really have to to be an assistant captain. It could be a veteran. That's been through a lot and being able to communicate and so we make sure we communicate together and it's not it it's all about we'll just one guy on a team. It's about four or five guys being able to to be on the same page and share the message fish with the guys on the team he had such great bounceback year two years ago and honestly i should have been right there in the hart trophy discussion over one hundred points after having mm stats wise anyway not your normal numbers so you have over one hundred points in the eighty five points this past season so yeah as an observer. You look like you're right there at aged thirty one looking like the same player. You always have been i wonder have you given any thought visions to how long you see yourself playing this game. Uh since i turned thirty a lot of people ask me that question is how many years you left before and <hes> you know the only answer i got. I gotta go one year time. I'm and i'm gonna play as long as i can. I love the game. I love being a part of a group franchises like the flyers and i'm gonna play as long as i can dan. I'm going to play till they tell me. I'm not good enough so the only thing i can do is summers like this the the summer just make sure i prepare myself the best i can. I'm sure when camp starts. I'm in good shape and i think if i can do that. I can play for a long time so you see guys playing until they're forty forty. One obviously obviously the percentage of that is not high but that's my goal right now closed really a treat to talk to you best of luck in the coming season and thanks for joining us on the podcast cast tobacco as a good look player macaroni rape. Thanks once again to close up. The philadelphia flyers next to catch up with cloud and best of luck to everybody at the ottawa. I son scramble as we continue along here with the s. w._p. Podcast presented by all insurance ontario rb computing and jim kaye ford award steve. I love every morning i still with my ego and my narcissism stephen control when i hear you read ah i hear you read the gym. I oh when you first started. I always think it's about me and then it's it's jim cape. 'cause 'cause the ad the ad that you read or or or whipping off the top of your head or whatever it's all good. Is you know the show wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for jim kane. I was gonna jump in there. You know we always hundred children well. Thanks jim okay good. You're we're a bottomless pit when it comes to attention and praise. Aren't you terrible. It's absolutely terrible awful. I'm wondering if this call in white thing just to finish up up with it does anything to the r f market <hes> because it's been stuck the r._f._a. Market in the league right now. It's like it needs a big can of w._d. W._d. forty to get it unstuck the mitch martyr thing most people think is what has it stuck and everybody else is figuring okay. Marnie has got the most opportunity to get the biggest deal because he's in toronto where you've got some comparables who are crazy good in two virus and in austin matthews so so in that case mourners situation where he can truly argue that i need to be paid like those guys and he'll probably get the biggest contract and that will also leave as a domino effect comparables for guys like matthew joke in calgary still no deal vancouver's brooke besser still no deal mingo rant and in colorado same thing brain point with tampa cow connor and patrick line with winnipeg and it's generally thought that martyr is going to be the guy that sets it's the market but we're getting awfully late in the game here where we're starting to think about okay. Is this guy gonna go over and play in europe and wait for his contract or is he going to cold out or whatever because i bet you all these other guys aren't real jacked about the idea at least not all of them about maybe holding through training camp yeah. It's it all in a perfect world. Steve all the names would be you know you do all your negotiations. Somehow try not let it out okay and then they would all have to be released the same day you know what i mean. You're right in a in a perfect world but as a fan right it certainly is shitty taste in in your mouth. You signed the guy you know. Get them. Get them out there. But that's reality that's reality in in hockey. There is an old senate who did get a new deal yesterday. Just a one year contract act and <hes> derek carr played for the ottawa senators for a couple years was quite good here and <hes> he a one year deal with the new york islanders thirty two years of age and his stats were not good fourteen goals nine assists in seventy games last season bouncing around with pittsburgh florida and colorado and he's a good example aw of one of the finest arts there is when it comes to being a g._m. In sports and that's realizing when it's time them to turn the page on a player. It's the hardest thing i think there is to do you can get a guy who's still in his prime but maybe not left much juice left in the a tank and you trade him while he's still popular and still good. That's i think the hardest thing for any g._m. Do and the sends deserve a lot of credit for for trading away brisard when they did because not only did. They get some good stuff for them. I mean brassard has done nothing really since he left ottawa and the sends ended up with a first rounder which they spun into jacob bernard docker and they also have maybe a goalie of the future. They picked up who was a former m._v._p. At the world juniors in <hes> philip gustafsen soon those are two pretty nice assets to give up for brisard. Who's now signing one year contracts for almost rookie elbow yup. I mean people have to get their head around. I'm steve that everyone is overpaid a lot of people's reaction all the time when someone holds out or they're they're <hes>. They're dragging their feet. They're using this deal where they can wait to get you know this case of marta that you just showed you know most people's reactions my god you know how or if i had that kind of money bubba well. The reality is it's all big money. But what was the story the other day steve. I liked it where there was a g._m. I am <hes> who bunch of success last year. Whichever team it was and <hes> everyone assumed they would just re-sign the guy yeah that was that was don waddell l. and <hes> he's the general manager of the carolina hurricanes and tom donahue the owner of the hurricanes. He's got his own way of doing things. He's a little like eugene melnyk that way like i'm not going to be a you know lemmings to the see here. I'm going to financially operate this team. The way i feel like it should be financially. Operated and melniks is a bit like that as well and he basically said the guy well <hes>. If you think you can get more feel free to shop the market look around and i into sort of wild actually interviewed. The guy billy garin by the way was hired as the wild g._m. Yesterday but in the case of dell. I guess it didn't pan out there and he ends up back with carolina caroline. I don't know if it's a tail between his legs scenario. I would say the don waddell had zero stock this time last year and carolina went and hired him and it worked out great is he <hes> took over for ron francis and the carolina hurricanes had their best season in about a decade and you thought it would have been an automatic but it really wasn't because as a tom dunton and the way he does things but they eventually got to deal done yeah. I liked that. You don't see it very often. Gotta make a deal. We gotta make a deal you know. Aren't you gonna resign me. I'm really i was really good. Well we might we might do honestly think it's probably smart play. Tom dunn dunn substance dumb stuff. I would say you know dumping hundreds of millions of dollars in the american alliance of football that would be among the dumb things he's done. Maybe took it at a tax. Write off. I have no idea but here yeah he recognized. There was no market for dawa because he so recently was seen as someone who's on nobody's radar. He got him signed him and he had a great year good for him but i still don't think there was very much of a market for them around the n._h._l. The guys getting on in years <hes> and he was thought of as the guy that was the the atlanta thrashers g._m. And of course we all know they didn't do very much as an n._h._l. Franchise i so i think it's probably a smart play but the point i'm getting out with derek persad though is is that it's such a difficult thing and it's a it's the basics of business. It's a tough thing for gm's to sell high because when the guy's a and when the stock is high on a guy whether it's a player or coach. Everybody loves them and it's an unpopular thing to do when you sell high but it's something you gotta do. If you want to be successful yeah you know some people fall into the <hes> the the myth steve that <hes> you know it's tough for teams to make money you know in the n._h._l. So you know they they begin to feel sorry. Every once in a while for the club saying oh my god you know the salaries they gotta pay and and the league minimum is gone away up and <hes> you know you gotta spend so much money are guys you know and people are like by hate on a sheltie you know and and and some of that can happen in smaller markets but i always use the example <hes> and apparently they're the most successful sports franchise of all time uh-huh and i i. I don't know what it's like over in europe with somebody soccer team the new york yankees is who i'm referring to talk about what the most successful franchise and and people are saying. Oh my god you know there. I remember when they're saying their their team. Salary was seventy million or something. You know route not not not too long ago. What is it now two hundred two hundred million and how frequently do this. You know well. Something like this is years ago to study the media rights to broadcast yucky games. <hes> george steinbrenner was around. I'm sure it's still sane was was something that they got something like a hundred and fifty million a year you know for for broadcast rights for the yankees the merchandise sales you you know. How many times have you seen someone wearing and why hat you know the yankees hot. It's through the roof. It's absolutely astronomical. Well you know the amount of dough before before they've even sold a ticket steve that amount of dough that they have coming in and i remember alex rodriguez when he was. You're looking at re-signing uniquely. He said that's fine but i want a piece of the action. I wanna piece of the merch sales when he he may have got it he may not. I forget so you don't need to have a tag day as my father used to say. You don't need me vo whatever that means. I have no idea but you don't need to feel feel. Sorry for you know a lot of professional sports franchise. They make a lot of money. They make lots of dome so he is looking at the yes network which is take the yankees network t._v. Network is and <hes> they back in march. They bought back the s. network. <hes> believe from fox back for four billion dollars. That's a lot of money jesus. Yes yes so you know that there's a lot of money changing hands each each and every year probably way way more than what the yankees are paying out in terms of player payroll and but it's crazy yes someone tried ride to corner <hes> wayne gretzky one time when he signed a contract and said you know blah blah blah. Wayne must be happy whatever you know. He played for four teams teams. You know evanston l._a. Saint louis for a minute and then and then he tired retired with the rangers and one of the one of the interviewers that oh my gosh wayne <hes> really at the end of the day. This is a lot of money isn't it will and and wayne said it is it is is but you need to know something. I've made a lot of people a lot more money zipper it. You know i deserve every penny i can get at so and i agree with that. Don't don't blame the player if this guy <hes> negotiates a contract and gets more than you thought the holding out the those <unk> steve just always drove me bananas so certainly annoying when that when that occurs bugs. I think a lot of fans you look at brock besser right now. Who's one of the bright a young talents in the n._h._l. He's in vancouver of course since july first. He's been eligible for contract and holding out his probably the wrong word here used is to be able to hold out in the n._h._l. We actually have a contract and you're looking to renegotiate that to me was a true hold right now blockbuster and all these other are f.a.s.t call him white mitch martin and the like they. They don't have a contract so they can do whatever they want but it's still a bit frustrating when you see the kind of money they're being offered and they're going no that's not quite there rock blockbusters agent with ben hankinson and he's looking for a four year extension at around seven million dollars a year for his client and so oh he's comparing himself to team meyer in san jose and he got a four year twenty four million dollar deal back in july so it's all about the comparables of course and and it's all quite annoying and i wanted to talk a little bit on the annoying front about the most annoying is in n._h._l. History <hes> it was m._s._n. Today they decided they would do a a big pool and they came up with a twenty most annoying players in n._h._l. History and i think i got my top five like who would be off the top of your head the guys that you wanted this fan. You're grinning your teeth and he just wanted to punch that guy in the face. Maybe more than any other player. I'll there was i don't know who i'm talking about. I don't know if i know his name. A new will <hes> <hes> and then later later in life. He was created awareness. <hes> when he's a junior player i was sheldon kennedy. The guy who's first guy guy who stood in front of the goalie to block his view all the time 'cause you're thinking of <hes> sean avery probably yeah okay whoever that do you remember that move we. He just stood in front of the goalie <hes> that was that was pretty annoying. I was found that pretty north of course the guy i would say the guy from boston for recent players. There's <hes> marshawn must be way up. We ask forgot about him. Brad marshall must weigh up on that list yet for sure <hes> but you're right about avery like is not just that that moment boy i mean the way he played the game you such a weasel stick man and some of the crap beat say in public some of it funny but way off side like the sloppy seconds reference reference <hes>. I'm really happy to be back in calgary. I love canada. I just wanted to comment on how to become like a common thing and the n._h._l. For guys nice to fall in love with my sloppy seconds but that's about enjoy the game tonight why just and it was like it was like he's just a stepping up to the microphone was a media scrum and it's like making an announcement like this. You know yeah this this line that he wanted to throw out there find kind of weird that all these guys at their sofa darcy tucker i think would be on mo- sense fans endless. Oh sure sure right rad. Marsh and that's a great one. It's not even on the list. I couldn't believe it. Claude lemieux would be a classic. Yeah clothes clogged dirty clothes dirty yup dale hunter an absolute beauty. I thought you might be all over because he played for a little while. The edmonton oilers probably more time with the philadelphia flyers kenny lensman. Oh sure oh yeah right yeah. I was thinking when i went through the oilers. The guy who jumps <music> out right away but only annoying if you're playing against the others was a s._a._t. Can men were really really annoyed a lot of people when any player he's one of the original showers remember where he would stick to guy like glue and people were totally frustrated. I love shrimp though nobody knew what he was actually saying the counting on almost broke into your dominant kasha eddie i almost i almost did totally anyway. Yeah he was annoying when i think of the of course which i do all the time but are they taken in and hashtag had the same tongue they shared the same tongue yeah bobby witt by uber not gonna teach them one day. All the buffalo rebound on your powell. Marty mcsorley made the list is surprised about that. I thought he was like yeah. Y'all beasley had the infamous donald brashear share incident where he basically decided he's going to play t. ball with the head of donald brashear but beyond that he'd fight for sure but i didn't i never thought of him as anything more than an enforcer no but when you say his name then you say i don't know where that comes to mind right away the up. He's on the list. Oh there's no excuse for the steve moore thing. You've also got a surprise gordie. Howe made it. I know he is mr elbows and everything but i didn't know he was considered that dirty chris chris pronger tie. Domi chris pronger was annoying player while we're talking about annoying dirty all definitely dirty dirty makes you annoying sure sure how ron hextall of course he and billy smith probably the most violent goalies in n._h._l. History matt cook maimed maimed bunch of guys over the years including air carlson. Was that intentional. We'll never know. I'd love to have a conversation. I hope i bump into a golf tournament at some point and and maybe a few drinks into him. Did you do a little step eastep. Little step dancer is that one that one was that accidental <hes> rounding out the list i'll off samuelson eddie shore brian marchment for his kneeing act and dave schultz on there as well so some of the dirtiest guys in h. L. history wreck eh <unk> tuesday your member steve. It was really frightening that people go what is wrong with this guy when they saw what he did. This bad luck in there. I will still maintain my dying day. That was bad luck in there as well. It's dirty violent play but it could easily have been a scenario where you know maybe steve moore lands a different way and <hes> you know he gets pancaked and everything but maybe it's not necessarily as bad as situation. The result is what made it so so terrible. I've seen way in the n._h._l. Them that what was the result seemed to fall on him like underneath his body or something what was yeah i mean he fell on them and then everybody piled on and he's you know it was it just it's just the way the guy lately he punched him in the back back of the head and then sort of pile drove him and i don't think he thought in a million years he do the kind of damage that he actually did but steve moore <hes>. I'm surprised he's like he wasn't more ready for should've known a guy was chasing him and it was almost like he thought that well if i don't make eye contact with the guy's not going to come after me no it doesn't work that way and so he didn't really prepare himself. I'm not blaming the victim here but anyway choosy hits him in the back of the head and then full weight on the back of them and it just everything everything just landed awkwardly at that stage where all kinds of head problems neck problems. The guy was never right again. Never played a single game in the league yeah and then what we started looking into it or listeners did back then because people say what what is wrong with this guy was really the the followed from matt right this guy's insane <unk> and people went way back in his career and started giving examples of what he had done over his whole hockey career <hes> and and one of the crazy things that came out of that was <hes>. Was it a premeditated thing and and everyone said it doesn't look like it's just like you were talking. You know maybe it was in the heat of the moment until people said oh yeah well back in his junior day or or midget tay or something. Maybe maybe even further back. He chased a bus of the opponents team with apparently with his stick and the heel of his stick and smashes ashes on the side of the bus well. It was pulling away. You know it was a very premeditated. Things like obviously a lot of anger was simmering their former sense assistant coach and and head coach briefly mark crawford a lot of people think that <hes> there was a directive potentially from the head coach because the look on mark crawford's face after the incident and right after it like immediately it was like the cat that ate the canary sort of like ha- like it was premeditated though there's no question about that because this was pay-back back for steve moore with little chicken wing through the neutral zone on markus naslund and <hes> law knock naslund goofy for a second and of course the connects were livid about that and brad may talk about it. We talked about okay next time around there was almost a bounty put out on steve moore and so there you may have been a an anger that was simmering there but there was lots of opportunity for toddler tuesday to get his feet under him say whoa whoa whoa simmer down here dude and and <hes> and not do what he did so payback's <hes> what it was all about it was a full case of revenge and <hes> the n._h._l. Has been really. It's been funny because anybody that speaks even remotely in the form of bounty. You know i'm going to get that guy next time or whatever when the public was stuff like that the teams all all over that hey he will because if something happens to that guy in the next game like a steve moore situation whether it's intentional or not then everybody gets litigious yeah dave dave brown who played for the others. I was right up there with all the other fighters of being the toughest guy in the league we sorta he was so tough right and mark messier always said the problem with fighting a guy like that dave brown or dave sumengkar bob probert vert and a member of mess always said the problem with fighting those three guys propert making <hes> dave brown is one punch one punch not only could have put you out for six to eight weeks wchs it might change your whole career. You know those guys were and i remember stu. Grimson was playing couch and of course the great rivalry the calgary and and everyone was anticipating this fight you know liam would love this stuff right because it was good as he called good old fashioned hockey right then and they dropped the gloves before the puck even dropped and <hes> stu grimson sorta held his own with dave brown <hes> which was a surprise students who was very tough to and in fact he got haymakers so much they called him the the grim receiver was his nickname anyway the interview dave brown and after the guy kind of held held his and brownie said i think we play them again in four days right and that's that's stuff i'm talking about. That's right and he wouldn't do that anymore. You know but back in the day <hes> you know we're we're guys fought defended. Their <hes> defended their players. <hes> you know if you if you if you cross checked of forward you know a superstar guy non fighter while you're gonna get your face filled and when you bring that story <hes> about how can change your career completely. If you fight the wrong guy so you've dirk bogarde who's no longer with us inviting fighting ottawa's matt cartner and you know when you have a situation like that now you've got two guys that can change another guy's life because they're so big and so tough and they can absolutely land these haymakers and the last fight dirk bogarde ever got in in his final. The game hasn't n._h._l. Player was with matt carpenter and cartner landed a punch. That was the most flush punch i've ever seen because most of the time you throw a punch. The fish keeps going right. It just keeps going past the jar. Whatever past the guy it was like on the button fist went nowhere and boo guard took the entire blow of that and it wouldn't be that much longer that he was gone from accidental drug and alcohol over overdose while recovering from that concussion and it just like to just to see the kind of damage that these guys were able to inflict a not blaming. I'm not saying cartner did it would that was a that was a long time where boo guard was taking medication was dealing with concussions but that was the toughest guy in the league at that stage that the most feared guy may be in the whole league the bogeyman they called him and you're absolutely right or your or messier was absolutely right that that these kinds of guys get in fights. They're not just <hes> <hes> not not just fighting for their teammates there in a way you know fighting for their lives when they take on these other big time enforcers yeah i i mean what you can look as far only as your backyard there in ottawa and jim kite. Excuse me ottawa guy comes to mind when he played for winnipeg and when you talk to talk to guys or even if you talk to jimmy kite about your role as a hockey player that he had ad. I think the guy has an argument that there's no tougher job back in the back in those days. You know it was just a given just to give who'd <unk> who'd i gotta fight tonight. You know every you know eighty eighty times a year man chances are you're gonna get tapped on the shoulder and say look after this this guy you know tough gig man tough gig and you want so badly to be part of it right lake it. You're in the n._h._l. And you love the guys on the team and you want to be part but you don't want to be excluded. <hes> there's probably a point in your life. Where you're you know one of the best players on your team but now it's just about you fighting and that's that's tough deal but you still you wanna be part of that n._h._l. Lifestyle do anything to stay there. Including you know when the when the coach comes to you and says you know ready to go well not really. I've got a separated shoulder and massive concussion right now. I probably shouldn't well okay. We'll get another guy then to be our enforcer tonight. Yeah guess who's not reporting. There are symptoms accurately and that's why we get into this medication abuse and these sad stories like this. It's definitely <hes> maybe the toughest job in sports sports yeah yeah. No no. I got a feeling steve. You went early in the show. You talked about the most annoying guys in hockey that everyone just wanted to freak and throttle now. I get a feeling steve. I often put myself in a in a position saying well if i if i played that sport you know i was a pro golfer or football player and be if i was a hockey player. I i get the feeling that i would be high on that. List of most annoying is uh-huh yeah. I'd say there's a hell of a chance for sure yeah all right. We got a we had a step away for a moment. I wanna talk about <hes> hawaii for random reason. Oh wait. You're going to hawaii as soon as you're done this show. We'll get to that in just a second. Hey you could shop around for insurance on your own. You could call the big companies and wait on hold forever or you can text the team at all insurance ontario the shop the market for you and hook you up with the best rates every time visit all ends dot c._a. Or tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance ontario. Your modern boutique broker ford employee pricing is back for a limited time at jim kaye ford board. Here's a works. You'll pay with ford employees. Pay on select new vehicles out there. Now is the time of the best selection to get the forty year ion ford employee pricing and let's is not forget the new ad home test drive. What a lovely little combo that is now on jim kaye ford you vill drive in new orleans and the ottawa sun scramble is our region's largest is golf tournament and it is on as we speak right now lasts until the twenty fifth of august and it's a great event and <hes> really urged people to play in it for you're next year and in conjunction with that event. We're pleased to announce free gulf fridays with club e._e._g. Golf it was josh and morgan that one last week and they're often do some golfing and it's time for another draw right now for free golf for two and it's a member only draw so if you wanna be a member with a whole bunch of other benefits as well click click on the link at steve w project dot com michael pearson is our winner of the free gulf well-done michael. Thank you very much be member and we'll be in touch shortly on how to pick up your golf prize you. My friend are going to be doing the next episode from lovely hawaii. Yeah i am steve and you know i gotta tell you this <hes> about this <hes> in our our shokhin from time to be serious and the things we talked talked about and we always come away going yeah. That was pretty good. You know and my ex wife alison is her name. I've been i've been a part for nine years. <hes> yet i remained close. I had to get out of the house steve in illinois. I needed to be booted out which i did <hes> nine and a half years ago <hes> <hes> but i remained. I remain close to the kids. I bought a house around the corner and i remember just telling the kids you know. How do you do this. How do you separate and divorce all oh and <hes> telling the kids. We just had one big house. You know it's just like the other the other side of it was you know three clicks away back in those days but <hes> <hes> you know our our i've remained close to them and and my ex wife allison and seven months ago we were you know have i was over the house sitting around with her and the kids and she dropped the bomb that she had cancer and you remember what i told you that it was us on a little. We innocent regular mammogram to make a long story short. It was a double mastectomy and survived that and in a super nice cool thing <hes> there's a lot of bucket list stuff that she's is looking at now right when when that happens you hear about it all the time and happens you said life's too short you know and so every year she takes takes kids on a trip and invited me to go down to come along on this trip. <hes> you know over to hawaii and i was just i was absolutely floored but <hes> you know oh. She said obviously life is too precious. We got we got three kids that she primarily raised for for many years and and so that's what i'm doing. That's what i'm doing and i don't know why bring it up but but maybe maybe other people out there you know can goliath is a little too short so you know i don't know what to say about that. You know stay close to your loved ones or or whatever because it could sure come out of left field on in a split second you know and so that's where a lot of guys don't get a kind of a chance for a do over right like i know that you'd love in in your hearts to have some things back and do things a little differently and you never will be able to do that but this feels like it's kind of that right. It feels feels like there's a chance to kind of be together as a family for a neat trip like that and i think that's <hes> that's pretty special things so hope you have a great time man thanks brother. The only snag steve is i'm going to i'm ended up in honolulu and they're going to a different place three islands away so i i said okay yeah me man waiting for you. They're so you thought you were close to the family. Homeless this stuff you into this fucking volcano down one okay right. They're hoping i wrap this fucking lay around your throat a bunch talk you little prick up when they throw him with the sharks. There's one right there so many opportunities. I can't believe steve steve. I just did the punching motion while i was doing that. It's radio anyway. We'll have fun man appreciate appreciate it as always end up and your efforts for still we'll make an shogo while you're while you're down there and if you know what i can i can certainly you know massage things and <hes> and figure things out for my if you're if you're tied up. We'll talk to you. Sunday sunday steve from the beautiful island of <hes> sunday. Okay brother take care of a fun goodnight. Everybody will see yellow aloha okay seal executive buyer hello. I don't know i don't miss my plane. I gotta go get pizza steve and.

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