REShow: Rick Fox, Ed Bouchette and Scott Dixon. Hour 3 (09-18-18)


Rich Eisen on demand, your show your schedule, fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. All right. Hour number three of the rich Eisen show is on the air. We just had Willie mcginest in studio our to any helped us interview von Miller. That was a great moment of pass rushers together right here on the program. Scott Dixon. We'll be joining us from the IndyCar series. Our friend from Honda, he'll be joining us calling in towards the end of the show Edwards shed of the Pittsburgh post gazette who is the first to break the fact that ain't Tonio Brown was not at work for the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. Mike Tomlin spoke about it today saying that he couldn't wait to you look forward to meeting one on one with Antonio Brown, who did not according to Tom requested trade. Despite what we saw on Twitter yesterday, there has been an Instagram response by the way, talk about twenty first century stories. There was a Twitter post that got people upset with Antonio Brown in an Instagram response MS agent. We'll get that later on with Chris Brockman with a news update, but I now turn to my right and I find a three time NBA champion who is. Now deep into the league of legends, the most played PC game in the world over one hundred million active players and the league of legends e. sports, fourteen professional leagues worldwide manage wearing the echo FOX gear right now wreck FOX. Yeah. I. Owner of a millennial. Like part Dr bus part like, you know. If I could get a percentage of what Dr has been to the professional ownership world of sports. I, I would be involved with all of this. Well, I just a passionate love for video games to begin with. I mean, I cut my teeth as a competitor playing video games before even found a basketball. So that started their played video games throughout my life, introduce him to my son, how we spent time together. And then he introduced me to a whole world that had started to evolve around the video game industry where developers like riot and legal legends had created leagues where players were actually making a living being professional players. Right? And so I went to a live event in Madison Square Garden about three years ago and took it in an arena tonight played many times before and got the chills and saw the crowd sold out crowd and fell in love with so so many people who haven't been to one of these events or don't know about it. Don't take it seriously right. Okay, because it's video gaming. Right? But I mean, video games when video games are released, it makes more money than movies make an entire year, maybe even all of movies together. So it's a serious big business to say the least. How so how would you get involved as an owner was at somebody who invited you in, or you said I want in is right. The barrier of entry a few years back with a little easier than his today. I mean, franchises today sell for twenty thirty million dollars. I had an opportunity through, like I said, just an experience that I had at Madison Square Garden that led me to go on the journey to find out what it would. It would take to become a league of legends odor, and it was at that time that I bought a slot, like basically buying a expansion team that wasn't doing so well. And I came into that slot and became an owner very quickly. I realized I had to get a coach, get facility players negotiate contracts as you like that? Yeah, it was. It was invigorating. It was overwhelming. Gave me a true sense of what it meant to be an owner in sports twenty to be on the field of plates. Another thing to be to be the behind scenes, helping execute that great graciously and gratefully. I had a lot of partnerships and help in that area. So you know, I'd never run an organization before, so I learned quick on the job but had a lot of help doing okay. Is it difficult handling talent. Yes, it can't be. Especially when you come from up the road here with the Lakers where you know the expectations championship level so you, you leave that arena and you expect to win championships in the new arena. Yeah, and it's not that easy. You know when you talk about the understanding of what this world is and the the importance of how serious it is. It is. It is not only my life as an owner. Yeah, but it's a group of players who I now a steward of their professional career per se. I had a shepherd them through net only becoming pros and learning how to be a pro because it isn't a lot of ways new industry, right? I have to shepherd them into learning how to become champions and that that requires them understanding. Yes, they have talent. Yes, they have the skill and putting in the repetition to develop the the mastery of it. But you know, there's the on field and as the offi. All right. There's the in game and outta game on if you don't understand how to handle your money and understand out of hand. Critics and how to be a good teammate and how to be coach -able, all those things that go with any traditional sports, then you're gonna probably be out of a job, Rick Fox here and the rich Eisen show no names here though. I mean, 'cause you know, having been a player for as long as you were in the association. There's always those teammates are players where an owner ownership just roll their eyes and got to be kidding. I gotta deal with this. What's the craziest story of you having to deal with a gamer? Well, no name, no names. But you know, when you are coming up in the gaming industry, depending on your choice of game, a lot of times you hone those skills in a solo atmosphere, right? Where you hold them as if you were out in a gym shooter shots, get your shots, but then you're part of a team environment. So you have to learn how to interact with other. You're not on your couch basement or anywhere right days with technology today you can play games on your phone on your laptop against anybody anyway, is anywhere in the world. And I think that's what created the accessibility technologies created the growth at such a rapid pace. At a young man, it went from player and became a coach, and he'd never been a coach before. So in all fairness to him, he I've had some great coaches, Dean Smith, Phil Jackson legends of the game. So my expectation level for this young man to evolve into a great coach was the standards were high. Fair at first, but I very quickly learned that he was going to be the coach. I'm you'd him to be. I was going to have to impart some of this coaching wisdom that I've had in my life, this young man. Sure enough. I think I try to get them. They're a little too fast, and it was a little overwhelming for him. And quite frankly, I remember coming in one day and I was looking for him to be in their early coaches getting at six watch film and be ready to go and get the guy's going. And I said, coach at this is, oh, he's, he's, he's not here right now wars yet, and they went to social media and they pulled it up and he was checking in on the ride, and Harry Potter universal. To my godson. He's got a job. He's a coach. What does he do that? Universal? And my friend looked at me and he said not seen big Bill boy, Lancashire Harry's pointing to the ride. You can't blame him and I said, well, okay, I gotta talk to him about this, but he made. He may great strides of the year. It's just, you know, it's getting the understanding of of the seriousness of this, right? I mean, there's the average player in this in this league makes two hundred and thirty three thousand dollars a year with multiple your contracts. So you making a living and you. This responsibilities have come with that. Coaches don't fall too far behind that. And these are young men and women who make up this industry who are learning about, you know, the traditional sport model, but e sports model is a model in its own and if you don't make it to the top, I mean, they said it's one hundred million players, right? There's about a thousand pros globally, and so that's a small percentage. But if you don't make. Just like NBA or Melby an NFL. You can be a coach GM agent journalist, you know, you can cover it all and be part of the world unless you taught her, let's he went four corners on your. Crates rate, stalled delay. Edging skill, Rick Fox here owner of echo FOX in the league of legends, joining us here on the rich Eisen show. Okay, so LeBron coming, here's a no brainer, right? I mean, like he's built for this town at this very moment for this Lakers franchise post, Colby needing to get fannies back in the Magic Johnson shopping for the groceries with rob Pelinka. Right? Per se. It's on paper, right? It's all there, but now it's not on paper. It's actually in that building up the street. He is actually here. I've seen it on social media. There's proof. I'm happy. The town's been waiting for any town would have been waiting for him to show up, but we've, I think we're there with the town. That's right for him. Not only for him to bring his talents and drag a young team and young and maybe players that are still trying to find a consistent home to a level that I think can can be warranted of what Laker fans are used to seeing. And it's gonna take his leadership is gonna take his commitment, but we know that already about him. And I think what's best for him now is that after the game is done for him, he's in the right city based on things he wants to do things he's doing. He's doing it already. I mean, you know, it just seems like every two days as a project being ring. L. entertainment with him and maverick Carter and what they're doing so. So there's that. I mean, how do you think all the young on this roster again, affair with him. I mean, because at once eventually games are gonna have to be played here. Yes, and we're going to have to see this all play outrage on Rondo and having a lawns. Oh, ball competition. It's good. It's healthy, especially when you're young and pushes you. I think sometimes you can get a get a crop of young, really talented players that can found themselves in organization of franchise. Yes. The pressure alone here in l. a.'s great. But they can find themselves maybe with an an an expectation of minutes expectation because they look around and they see the future. But you know, I think some of them have grown, but LeBron is going to provide them an opportune just like Kobe did on his way out. I think to give them a snapshot of the work ethic, he will raise their level of play, but he will demand them that they suit up and show up in work at it at a level, or I'd I'd like to thank you know to certain. And you get -tunities, but then opportunity pass you by if you don't make the most of it. So what do you think Lonzo ball is the real deal? Do you think? Well, I seen a year and I, I like all that is that is there in the talent department. Oh, I know I going on octave going up. It's hard to it's hard to heap. Praise. I come from the airway. You don't really heap praise on rookies. You don't really project out. This is different generation is a lot of expectation and projection of the greatness before it actually arrives. And maybe sometimes it helps with confidence, but in in the area of our young players, I'd like to see them earn that. And I like to see them improve. And that's what the summers for. So no, he had he had some surgery and I know do I doubt that he he's putting in the work? No, because I think when you see LeBron James as a teammate and you see some of the other veterans that are coming in, you understand that you're going to have to earn your minutes regardless of last season while I, here's the issue too. Rick Fox here, the rich Eisen show. There's there's that team up north that just seems to unbeatable. Absolutely unbeatable. How would you deal with that? If you were in the NBA right now, there's another team that maybe you're not on that. Everybody thinks is on beatable and has proven to. As such. How do you do something? Well, you tap into the the fact that every season is a new season which brings a lot of moving pieces they do they do right now. Again, defending champions. Look, strongest can be on the ad because but they are now going to be heading into, I think fifty year if they make it to June and into the finals. I know what how taxing that is. I know how difficult that is now, the roster's deep. So it does give Steve Kerr, the flexibility of, you know, really parsing out those minutes responsibly throughout the season, the skilling talent levels. They're off the chart. So yes, they pose a difficult road to get by them, but it's not insurmountable. It really isn't. You know, some team, we saw it. Houston was doing. Some team will rise to level where they represent a challenge are the Lakers team not right now. Not today, but eighty two games a long way. And I wouldn't bet against LeBron James putting them in a position. And the reason I say that is, I mean, when I saw what he did last year as a leader to that cavalier team that literally blew up their roster in the middle of the season, I thought it was no way they would make it to the finals. And I know Eastern Conference, and you debate the conferences that we couldn't than the Western Conference, but he still was able to. Like a chess master, figure out the pieces he had to work with and get those guys working for each other. And and unfortunately, you know, he didn't have enough there with them and they fell short. But even in falling short, I still saw signs of him continuing to figure out he was his great needs. Great as he's ever been. Yeah. Yeah. And then that that may that is amazing. I mean, I've seen the greats I've played. I'm not. I was Larry bird's rookie Kevin, Mikhail's rookie in the old amp by how? How did that go was amazing. I mean, I, I mean, it was Larry Larry's last year. I mean, had his back and I watched him fight through his back challenges to get to the court every night. The preparation was there, and so I watched on. I gotta look at what it meant to be a pro in the game, and you know, and I spent some time with Mike from college days at Carolina. And so I saw the greats work Koby shack. I saw the greats mature and grow into their excellent. So it's, they're, they're going to get to see it in LeBron. LeBron is one of those guys, you know they can. He can drag. He can drag a group of men who are willing to actually follow. He can drag them to to to really, you know, championship level. I am mandated as this question to wrap up our association chat. Rick is the sports talk, radio, hot-button, subject of Michael, were LeBron who, right? I mean, I, I don't know how you deny either. First of all, it would have been a blessing to see them in the same era, but would also blessing that they we've had what forty years, amazing bass, basketball in between recall being between, you know, and and and shaq'll played to great players. It's hard for me not to not to ignore what I've witnessed LeBron do the last few years when it talks. When you talk about the consistency of of world championship appearances, he's won three. I think it is and maybe you know that the the loss column might stack up in the debate against him at some point. But I think he's going to probably play. Another five, six years. I hope in a Laker uniform, and I think he will start to knock down some of the all time. Great records individually in the game that with coupled with having won championships in MVP's. I don't. I don't know how you deny him as the greatest ever at that point. And I think he's making a great case off the court to to be that embassador going forward throughout the rest of his life and with the team echo FOX. Yeah. As the owner, we've already talked about the interesting personalities as the gamers. If not the coaches, is there a lavar ball in. I was darn, they're closing owner from it. I had to slow down. Yes. I mean, it's the same parents and and and and support staff of girlfriends and wives are much wives quite yet, but girlfriends exist in our game, they are supportive and is passionate about their their players. They give their two cents. Oh, oh, yeah. They, you know. Social media's huge societies. It is. But if you go to LL sports dot com and you wanna find out more about east sports, you'll find that that the world championships start on October first and it is all sensory, South Korea. And so we're excited about that and and it'll be it'll be c- rather talk about that then Lamar ball. Well. We. Has an show. The gamers gamers parents take their children with to get. They go to go to Korea, go to Korea and they travel. The sports is global is really Joe. There's there's this league south has over one hundred professional teams globally. And so you know, sixteen of we'll get to compete for the championship over the next twenty one days starting October first and and they'll be eighty. Eighty million people watching that championship. I'm believe lashed me last year in China, they fill the Olympic stadium. One hundred thousand people watching real. So when you think about that, right, and it is it is not to to compete with traditional sports. I think just has a seated entertainment in sports in general and competitions just a part of the ecosystem. Yeah. Who is the best game or one you're playing? I'm what was it? NBA we played a lot of Madden. Okay. Release ourselves. Yeah. Who was the best at it? Eric and Brian Shaw myself and we all we all kind of played. I don't know if we ever made it through to to who was the best, but guys play a lot more today. I mean, I've I, the Yankees are partners of our organization. I went out to training camp and Aaron judge in in bird, and these guys play play games constantly. They grew up on it so they didn't come out from our air. Right? Which is put down the control and get out of the house. Right. You know, you didn't know as a parent where that with game play lead, right? Barich. If I told you today, legal legends has over eight hundred kids on scholarship at universities, getting an education and some of those players are now playing professionally in our league. Two of them go into the world championships this month, then you realize there's a pass to pro and then you think you suffocate with my son wanted to be a pro. He's not a pro, you know what? He's doing his game designing. So he's a part of the industry in a way that still allows them to be passionate about what he loves. Congrats being owner, the gear that you're earning pretty sweet to cable. I got. Some. Okay. The logo, it's particularly, yeah, it's like it's FOX flames and all that sort of stuff. It looks like it looks weak man. Thanks on that and congrats on your success and in your newest act with the with the league of legends with echo FOX and come back, come back. It's amazing. I appreciate that on the Gulf putting in at least let's go anytime work on your game here. Anytime you by the way it was. I think all the other day on Twitter, it was the forty first anniversary of the Atari joystick coming out love because that's what I'm talking. So that's that's what Tyler. All that. Is that your first era? Yeah, that's Hong Kong by my brother and I, we had to tell a star palm where we would play each other. It was nasty. It was really competitive. You were that right now. So you're saying now can get a scholarship on pong punks. There's one for Paul. Tastic Rick Fox here when we come back Chris Brockman with a news update on what's going on with Pittsburgh as well as Edwards of the Pittsburgh post gazette joining us on all of that front with Scott Dixon from the IndyCar series in our friends at Honda. That's all still to come here on this edition of the rich Eisen show. Everybody's got it to do list, drop off the dry cleaning, pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list. And the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything all you have to do is go to Geico dot com. And in fifteen minutes, you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance, extra money in your pocket. 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Brock, my federal live report rock men with the new when you want a good price when you want to find out what other people paid for the car that you want in your area. When you want to get a VIN number for the car that you have identified go to truecar. It takes all the confusion. It puts your true price right on the table for you to to certify truecard dealer to take all of the eggs. I out of buying a new or used car visit truecar to enjoy more confident car buying experience, Chris, what's over there? Okay. So we know Josh Gordon traded to the New England. Patriots hasn't officially arrived yet lottery action on both sides. I think most of the fans are pretty excited about Josh Gordon showing up for play Rodney vich though. Not among them toll w the the smarting there's guys that fit and guys that don't. There's a certain personality that has to be considered when you play for the patriots. I questioned Josh's love of the game. If you've been suspended so many times or your hamstring doing video for some time. Of endorsement when you've practiced all week, isn't that letting down your teammates? He's not wrong, but guess what? If that's the guy who shows up in the building, then the patriots forfeited fifth, they they blew a second round draft choice on a guy that even bring two week one in Coney last year. Yeah, correct. Okay. They blew the first round draft choice guy that kept for one year. So what's the big deal if you're on a fifth round draft choice dice and if it if he says it's a problem in the locker room and it's something that out of this on green earth that Bill Belichick has a problem handling. They'll cut them. Audio's, honestly, don't. I don't see, but I didn't play for the patriots. We had Willie mcginest here. He didn't say that an hour to, but one play Trump if he's not showing today doesn't have to do. We're not talking about having in week three are we? He better be there by tomorrow. If he's what I'm playing. I can't imagine the patriots. He's going to suit them up and throw them out on the field in week three. Certainly since Willey said now, number two. That that this is a long play getting ready for the middle of the season playoffs when they take on defense, like the one that just came off of losing the ends. It makes sense to me. One player who does still play for the patriots quarterback. Tom Brady, of course, on his weekly Monday night football segment on Westwood One with Jim gray was asked about the Josh Gordon trade eight to make projections expectations. That's not fair, never met, Josh personally, just like I have met some of the guys that have come in the last couple of weeks. So we'll see how goes this week. Hopefully he can work hard with the team. I and end up helping us in any role that he can find himself on the team. I always think trust is whatever receivers out there. You know, you tell them to run a certain around, they run it the way that you talked about it. You know if it's a flip of the coin, fifty fifty. I mean, nobody can really depend on that. Coaches. Don't wanna see that the players don't wanna see that. You want to know that the guys are lining up next to they got their responsibility taken care of and that frees you up to think about what your responsibilities are. But if no, you're worried about this guy that this or that, you know, it just takes away from what you're focused needs to be as an individual. So everybody wants good teammates that can folks on as an individual, what they have. To do in order to help the team. He's fired up. You could hear it. Normally, you could hear sometimes the way he goes back and forth with Jim gray, kind of sounds like question answer. Question answer. He's into it and he's gonna find out. He's got to be excited. I mean to have somebody that that he knows that he could. Defense, fifty fifty all that sort of stuff open, get it again, this is all mood. If Gordon's not ready to play football. But we shall see eventually. They're not gonna throw him out on the Sunday night lights. If he's just showing up in the building on Tuesday afternoon, I really don't think so. I think they could handle the lines without him personally. I think that I would hope so I hope so. Okay. So the big story this morning at bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette camman a couple minutes saying that Tokyo Brown was not Steelers facility yesterday for treatment or film session. Mike Tomlin addressed that this morning. It's been a couple instances. Now we're, you've asked me about Antonio regarding social media like things. I'll address that and address that very directly with them. But I'll leave that between here and I, I'm not gonna utilize this form for employees dressers things. I just don't believe it's appropriate. I think that this form is very professional. One. We got a lot of football things to talk about. No, I'm looking forward to visiting with him today and discussing that and some other things I'm not gonna get into the details of why he was here. What whether he was excused and all of those things. I just assume leave those things in house. I understand. Sometimes you got some negativity, you know, we lost football game. There was some negative exchanges on the sideline to utilize negative experiences and things that occur to educate our team. This point in the journey so becomes a non factors we move forward. That's generally the pro we take in non football related things such as social media, decorum, etc. So hopefully they'll be. The last time I'll be discussing things such as that. He I'm telling you, he's, he's a, he's a perfect guy for this job man, and there's a lot going on. There's a lot in house. I mean, there's a lot in house. Yeah, it's a, if you will full house and house all in house by the way, new Netflix fully now, Giro's and houses. Antonio Brown's agent released a statement that Adam Schefter posted on. Instagram said the tweet yesterday was not in reference to anything other than Tonio responding to a person. He knows it was not directed towards a trade or wanting to be traded. Any idea he was asking for trade is not accurate, and Tony had a personal matter. I talked to the team about it, his issues unrelated to the tweet or his relationship to the team occurring. We can end this right here right now. He said. There you have it or or it's a massive looming situation, Monday night football. It's not like ESPN's not going to ride this thing all day next month. Well, as I can imagine that it's going to be talked about is all day Monday. That's true. There's not one, but two fits magic star to correct. Yes. So Minka Fitzpatrick the dolphins first round draft pick apparently has been going by the nickname fits magic since his high school days, and he actually registered an application for a trademark for fits magic filed with the US patent and trademark office last week make if it's Patrick, did not Ryan Fitzpatrick. The intention is to use fits magic. So merchandise and apparel again for Minka Fitzpatrick, not Ryan Fitzpatrick. Minka Fitzpatrick's role in the filing of the trademark wasn't significant. It's primarily handled by his marketing force. So let me so. I mean, meagreness Patrick. In this right here right now, it's Patrick is his high school days. Let's say let's go freshman year of high school if it's two thousand eighteen. So we're like two thousand eleven joint thousand. Eleven. Okay. This this song, Mike del tufo that song, whatever you what are you doing over there? What are you doing over there? Okay. Tension finger this songwriter was like two thousand right around the same time when he was doing fits magic for the Buffalo Bills signing that huge deal. The bucks play the dolphins this year played, oh my gosh. They do not put a bummer. We could settle it on the field. Oh, thank you. Ed bouchette is on the phone line right now from the Pittsburgh post gazette. How are you add? Great rich thing. Okay. So we heard Mike Tomlin say he's gonna keep things in house, heck of a house that we're keeping things in right now. What what do you know about Antonio Brown's absence in how it might mean for anything? Other than just what he took it for. Well, I think he was very upset on Sunday. I was obvious on the field on the sidelines folded on locker room with his agent then to- drew Rosenhaus and then had that tweet trade me trade me tweet, and then he stayed away. And my said, the wouldn't say whether it was excused or not, which tells everybody wasn't excuse. So. Where we sit until they talk it out and work it out. I can't imagine him sitting them down for a game or anything, though rich that would just make the rest of the team suffer. Yeah. I mean, who is Ryan scar Pino who he was responding to work for the team for all those years? Does he voice anything that might be a legitimate. Belief held within the front offices of the Pittsburgh Steelers that Antonio Brown owes the team and and Ben rumpus. Now, I, I don't think I run as prolific on Twitter now that he's not an employee anymore. He was in the PR office. Good guy, very helpful to us. Then he was there for round five, six years maybe and just decided he was going to go and pursue some other work, and he did. He works. He works for the county here. Okay, Allegheny county. So I'm just saying, why would an Tonio brownfield need to pop back at him? That's what I'm saying is that is something that that he might be touching on that is being played out behind the scenes, Antonio Brown field slighted in any way, shape or form we, I don't think so. We've, we've wondered if Antonio even knows that Ryan doesn't work for the team anymore. Okay. You know, because these guys, you know, they pay attention to some things and not to others. You know, Ryan worked until last summer for the team and he's been gone. Not this past summer year ago is anyway, is there any way that what Antonio Brown may have given voice on the sideline, have anything to do with Levy on bell? Not being there and just being part and parcel of whatever anxiety has been stirred up by the withholding of Levy on services by said, running back my opinion, which I think it's pure selfish on his part that he's not getting statistics is used to. He's only averaging eight point nine catch now whose fault is that throwing the ball, a lot, thirty, three targets in two games. He hasn't, you know, hasn't caught any big ones yet he has. He does at one touchdown against Cleveland, but I, he's done this before as just he seems to be taking an extra step this time. You know, he threw a big fit in Baltimore last year when Ben didn't see him when he was open right somewhere else. Right. I do remember that couple more minutes here that bouchette Pittsburgh post gazette. And what is the latest with the. Steelers Levy on bell at, is there any latest? I mean, what? How? How is how can you tell us? This is playing out right now? Yeah, same old, same old rich. Nobody seems to know. You know what I mean? When his own team they start, he was coming in. They thought they were led to believe he was coming in for the first game, and they never showed you saw their reaction and always seen on my iphone on TMZ because they keep coming up with stuff. Then partying in clubs in south beach, and now he's on a jet ski and south beat so seems to be living in up. Wow ad. I mean, so is there any sense at all of the Steelers making a maneuver to get him in by sweetening, the tender, just that to figure out that to win a Super Bowl this year and to remove all of whatever distraction as decastro called last week, draining to try and remove that themselves, rich, I guarantee you one thing. I don't know what's going to go on with Bill. I guarantee you one thing. The Steelers are not gonna eat the offer. He comes in and plays or doesn't, and that's going to be that. So why they're gonna try them? Why? But why. Because they, that's the way they are. If they sweet the offer for lotteries it would. They don't like setting precedents and that would set a precedent for the next franchise player and it's just not gonna happen. I could tell you it won't happen. So does he come in week eleven based, you say, or does he what? Do you think your Ed that the next up? I again, rich. I don't know. I mean, he's gonna hold up. He's missing eight hundred fifty, six thousand. He's giving up every week until he does and you do the math, ten weeks. And then let's say after ten weeks he does report they can get a roster exemption for two weeks and not pay them for those two weeks. So that'd be another one point. Seven, he'd miss. How is this on the compared to anything you've seen in Pittsburgh at is getting there. You know, we've, I was just trying to put that a lot of stuff. There's a lot of things happen here. There's been Ben Rothlisberger starting to season with a four game suspension by the NFL that was kind of ugly. They started out on four back and thirteen that was that was kind of interesting because the year before they come out of the playoff picture by losing four, their last five. So they had lost eight of the last nine games and Mike Tomlin was on a hot seat. Thanks for the call. Pre she'd have a feeling we're going to be calling you back very soon. Okay, rich, you got to be with you. Got us Ed bouchette fresh off the press conference today with Mike Tomlin from the Pittsburgh post gazette Steelers aren't budget. Lebanon's partying. Antonio Brown is having his agent, calm down post game. And then posting Instagram posts saying there was a personal matter. Everything's being kept in house full in house, coming up with Bob saggy, Dave Kuei Antonio Brown on net flicks right on. KOMO it out stamos part of that to always, of course, Scott, Dixon of the variety is an IndyCar series, and our friend from Honda will be joining us next and we'll set up the rest of the week still to come and revisit. The poll question when we come back football season is here and no one covers football like cast one sports knit. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for me at this point. We also have Jim Harbaugh with attack each day and revenge the jocks with Martellus Bennett. Football's the ultimate soap opera. So download all leash shows in more each week on podcast, sports dot com. Hey, listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast, one dot com. Clicking on the support, this podcast button, and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course supporting now back to the show. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eighty news headlights right after this podcast. There are many guests that we've had that Chris Brockman has changed at tire for, but this is one of them was the only one correct. From the only one number nine car your program number one in your heart from Chip Ganassi racing in the Honda team, Scott Dixon here on the rich Eisen show doing Scott. Fantastic. Thanks of do. Do you remember do you remember Chris Brockman changing your tire, Scott. I mean, I know you're champion right now, and I know you've got a lot of accomplishments in your career, but do you remember when close change your tire? Scott? It was a little while ago. Right? It took like a really long time if only. Yeah, I wasn't that good at it and they were not. That said that. Good. Okay. And you just want the championship in sonoma's. Right? So congratulations to you, Scott, congratulating. It was. It was drifter into the season, but you know, fantastic for the team and, and number five. Sounds good. Sounds in the number four pretty happy with that one. Yeah. And he just needed a cruise to at how differently do you race when you just have to cruise Scott to victory? It wasn't really, you know. Stop and then you know order medically, you know your your mind kicks into. They're gonna go off strategy, Australians, gonna work. You know, they're gonna come back and and swit- strategies with stuff to go and be leading the field. So it at that point you, you know, you start questioning a lot of the decisions that you make a team in strategy and just, you know where it's going to finish up, but luckily enough, we, you know, we kept a pretty cool hits. You know, Rossi you know, fantastic to come back through the field and and you know, get within, you know. So that's shaving cows. But yeah, it worked out very smoothly and not what we kind of expected. Now you wanna have Daria Frankie in terms of most IndyCar series championship since ninety six. It's your your, your fifth in fifteen years, fifteen years ago you on your first, what would the twenty eight team, Scott Dixon until two thousand three champion. Scott Dixon. I don't know. I enjoyed that one pretty good. I think ROY the way the wife on that one pretty well. I don't know. I think you know all of us throughout careers. You know, we learn from many different things, but I think you know those Paramount's in, you know how they change your career and how you change. You know the process of what you do and you know, mistakes meant to happen and and you know, for me, it's definitely helps. So I, I remember those days clearly. It was nice to be a little little carefree back then I feel like the stresses a lot higher now and, and you know the, maybe the, you know, situation of of, you know, we should get it done a lot more often. So I don't know. I finally, there's a lot more pressure these days in the familiar enjoyed of and you're the subject of Universal Pictures doc called born racer coming out on October second DVD and digital download, so that are you a born racer Scott Dixon? So I was I was born, ROY said very much. So it's. Yeah, excited for that. You know, universal offense who pretty much all of last season and you know, we kept it off. Well, I think with hopefully we can add put him in addition with the with the end of this year, but you know, they, they capture of, you know that horrific accident. We have lost that the five hundred, but a lot of behind the scenes access that you need to get to see. You know, for a lot of general people, you know, they almost think that you the cough Truckee to in the case started and away you go. Whereas you know this eighty to one hundred people just behind to cows that that you know make this process happen and the emotions that everybody goes through. So I'm excited for, I think it's a fantastic racing and motor racing world wine in when you went into no Ma. I mean, what a great spot celebrate. Right. Dude. Are you read one white one? Are you? Are you either one of those Scott? Yes, I go. I got for so you know? But no, it's it's, it's fantastic especially for the sponsors and family and partners. You know, it's definitely a great spot. To put on the last of IMP. Unfortunately, it was lost one their number most to to Monterey, you know, for next season you're gonna say koso-. Interesting. But no, you know, it's, it's always been a good, a good quite, you know, didn't get to partake in civic. So. Sit off to New York while you like drinking milk more than anything else. I'm sure Scott, that's the, that's the best thing. Congratulations on winning your fifth and you know, and being part of team. Honda. Thank Scott. Thank you so much. I really appreciate being on thinking, always thanks for coming on Scott. Dixon nine is the Twitter account right there. Do you think him having again, he's only two behind AJ. Foyt. Okay. Do you think him winning his fifth that he appreciated me starting with you? Changing tire for him first, as opposed to his personal accomplish? How couldn't to be honest, is a memorable day for him, his family myself. Are you? Are you just totally screwing it up right there? I did not know what I was doing mazing to mazing, but you got through that day without losing a finger. Great. Show one appreciate it. Thanks for Scott Dixon, Rick Fox, Willie mcginest at bouchette, and also von Miller for calling into the show. Is it still the Pittsburg Steelers winning poll question the winless team that you should be the most concerned about remaining in the national football now up to thirty four percent. One is going on there by the way I have. I don't follow TMZ Ed bouchette does. I mean level is just partying. I mean he had an album release party last night and then was also seen two around on jets. I officially no longer saying into this microphone or anywhere else that Steeler should up his offer. I mean, that's just that is not the way to be dealing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You gotta know you gotta know your audience and I understand that the Steelers have their one way of doing business, and I think they need to be more flexible, but this is I don't know what the answer is here, but that's definitely not. Let him live his best life. Can't wait till the patriots trade for Antonio Brown belt to get them all. They got the muscle right Brian banks in a mall. Now, while we've got great story of Brian banks and Aldous Hodge who formerly Friday night lights who plays him in a movie, they'll be here together and then the writer, Jeff Pearlman, and you on Wednesday show. On this season, cold case files, whoa, close the book on the Golden State killer a serial killer. So prolific investigators, but years thinking he was three different people. Think this offender is most brazen in American history. We'll find cryptic clues business cards diaries into stones whose buffet that left his calling card. She's the cry, get new episodes of cold case files every Tuesday on podcast one. And your favorite podcast app. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. How do you know who's telling the truth? A woman claimed supreme court. Nominee breath Cavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school. He denies it. The Senate Judiciary committee has asked both of them to appear on Monday democrat Kamala. Harris is on that committee. I will. She decide who's telling the truth that's gonna be about listening to what each party has to say, but I believe her she was on CBS this morning, more stranded residents of Wilmington. North Carolina are being rescued as what was hurricane. Florence moves on governor ROY Cooper for many parts of North Carolina. The danger is still immediate floodwaters arising as rivers, quirk crest and they will for days the marvelous MRs Mazel is the first streaming series to win top EMMY. Comedy honors the awards were given out last night game of thrones as best drama. I'm Rita. Oh, lay.

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