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Welcome to Made Women


Yeah I'm tail and I'm Chris Kushner. This is our podcast. Made Women Technically Sopranos re-watch. What it's going to be so much more. That's more like a like a re-experience a rehash reconnect remix reflection. A revive a relive rewind. But more like a re late yes. It is a relate why because we're gonNA relate our lives to every little aspect of the Sopranos because God knows there's enough psychology on that show. This is going to be a rebirth. But if we I guess we're GONNA say Rewatch motherfucking backs bitches. We'll explore each episode. You'll get an insider's view an the shit and at the same time you'll be going on a journey with us. Sometimes personal sometimes tragic often dirty and hilarious dirty Chris. We'll be doing the podcast naked and it will be on Youtube or somewhere. Okay Yeah be sure to subscribe and listen for free on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts by phone back.

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