Episode 197: Cyberpunk 2077


Gamer talk podcast Found hello listeners. Gamers peaks grownups and internet. Welcome back to call drones gamer talk. Podcast talking video games right out of northern arizona. Some worse in washington from the inside of lizzie bar. In night city this is season number two episodes one ninety seven. You're listening to a weekly podcast when we talk about everything anything but mainly video games. I'm your host. Chris and today the full crew is here all right. Let's start the show. It's tar for. What have you been playing. Let's start off this week with john. John what are you drinking. What have you been playing sweet buddy king. Vodka and blackberry sparkling water bubbly bubbly. Yeah one of these things. Oh yeah boublil play. Well it's the why it's not an e-. No vodka come hell. It's smirnoff so it's not tito's but you know what i had heard offers blackberry smirnoff to go to your blackberry is as it's just regular vodka anyway this week. I played halo five with because he really wanted to play. It played a little bit of modern warfare. Multi-player I think i played assassin's creed after the podcast last week. 'cause cyberpunk was out yet and then i went to bed and then i played cyberpunk feel like. That's it sweet all right. We're going to move on down to miguel. Miguel what are you drinking. What have you been playing sweet bud. Drinking monster and i have been played. Aiding cyberpunk twenty seventy seven am. That's it okay. I feel like you've played modern. Wherever i may have played a little bit of warzone value on warzone. A small break from cyberpunk can play a little bit of warzone But gals couple of hours. Maybe nice while. I'm i'm glad everything's back to normal. You're drinking monster so we're good so are gonna move on down the joe joe. What are you drinking. What have you been playing week. Buddy architecture three would. That's all it's left. Oh damn remember. When i bought this bottle so i might kill it. I dunno. I got that much left in the glass so nice i have to go. Do a a scotch run or my brother-in-law gets here Let's see at the end of the podcast last week. like john. I played a little bit of beat it and then got to play cyberpunk and then thanks to you chris. Ni- turned on my oculus quest in fucked around with the our chat and play the new top golf update which is actually not just putting anymore. But it's actually simulating you being at times gulf. So it's the wedge the drivers everything you know with the targets. Yeah we go. is it free. No i would have imagined something like that. Update is free. Ready biden. Talks about pro putter. I think it's like twenty bucks that's twenty bucks and you get that plus plus the driving grain and then they have like Chip pong stugotz like beer pong. But you have to chip it into the cup. They have cornhole like actually you know. Grab the bags and cornhole and then there's like an island game where you have to chip it and get scores and stuff. But they've created multiplayer environment and it's great. I love it. Fantastic is fan fucking tastic. So that's it for me. What about you chris. all right. let's see on my series. X i played some vol. Hala intel cyberpunk came out and i was playing the shit out of twenty seventy seven so enjoying the fuck outta that game. I love it. It's it's fucking awesome Play as the street kid and then Let's see what else i did. Play a little bit of war zone with my friend. Chris for a little bit And then moving onto my switch. I played high warriors age of calamity and animal crossing doing the whole winter season thing. That's going on there and then Switched over to my quest to and i've been playing a shit ton of game so i picked up orbis. Vr emma o. Implying that I played contractors population one and then of course the top golf which is probably my favorite game and what i like about it too is. I've been you can actually go in and share music so you can play music videos and i'm telling you miguel. I played tech nine. I played bone thugs and harmony. I played a lot of cool albums even crazy bone. I tried to look up a bunch of albums that maybe i could trick the system and they don't have it but they do have it like was playing like a full album of stuff while i was playing golf. No top golf. Oh sorry i was. I was my phone. I was looking for questrom quick distracted. You have one in the room. I know it's right here but it's wired opening. No i do right. Yeah rather not for me. You should give them the computer one. They will have a computer that can run it. That's not your problem. And then also i played solaris on the quest to which is the makers of i I contact say makers a firewall zero hour. And it's like it's like halo but in vr. And i'm enjoying the fuck out of it so it's an arena shooter. And that's pretty much me this week. Fucking vr and. I'm enjoying the hell out of my quest all right time for the news. Joe you ready. Yup let's get to it. I'm gonna try and make it quick because we gotta get to the greatest segment in the world. Weekly news keeping us informed and up-to-date in gaming industry So it's all pretty much cyberpunk news except for one So e offers one point two billion for code masters baker of dirt Take to was in the running to buy it but it looks like ea is going to buy it Next is Cyberpunk twenty seventy seven will soon no longer be a dildo paradise so those of us that have played it and have noticed the So many dildos in the in the foreground background everywhere so the reasoning behind it was It's a code and it's their spawning more than they should have so in the coating read from cd project red. Oh my gosh prepared They said that the code that they entered in was for the dildo but they didn't enter the value. They didn't reduce it so they kept high. So normally it's supposed to be like a soda can or a cheeseburger or something like that. But it's actually dildos. So that is is that that number value in the code is higher than everything else. It's supposed to be spotting meal so what you're saying is they. Were trying to fuck winch. The testers and they're like you get lots of dildos forgot to turn it off exactly that's fucking. We forgot to turn this down so future. Updates credit that to kind of go away. Let's see what else they also have a. They already made the money that it costs to make the game. So if anybody's aware just on pre orders alone they made the money back so the eight million preorders so they've already recoup the cost of the make of the game so and it's already beat out a world of warcraft shadowlands for rpm for the fastest selling pc game of all time so it already beat that. So kudos sony is refusing cyberpunk twenty seventy seven refunds. So those of you that don't know cyberpunk or cd project. Red admitted that they didn't invest enough time in the current jin versions of the game. Sorry i forgot the new the new consuls route so yeah last gen so the xbox one the ps four they didn't invest invest enough time into versions they Oh ice cream risky. God dang risky missing out the ice cream. Anyway it's not as grim. It's giorno his roman what you suck on some noodles lebron needles slurping it kicking slurp bernama wet noodles dinner chan's anyway. Cd project red had confirmed. That didn't spend a lot enough time. They didn't invest time in the last gen console or the make the game invested more on the courage. In which is the series exodus. Five so sony is refusing the refunds urging players to wait for the update which should be early twenty twenty one so a lot of people were bitching about playing cyberpunk twenty seventy seven on a ps four and xbox one Because we're so glitchy buggy and all this other bullshit so they were submitting refunds. But sony said timeout. Hold on wait until the update. Twenty twenty one and then submit a refund. But there's a catch if you want your refund even after the update you have to submit a ticket prior to. i think it's the twenty first of december. Which is monday monday. So you've got from now until monday to start your ticket in. I believe it's the help me refund at cd project. Red dot com. So you submit. Get your and get your ticket. Made before the twenty first. So you're eligible if you still don't like it to get your refund money but after that Both xbox and playstation or just for playstation. Both what i'm hearing is xbox not really having that much problems with the refund sony's hold on hold on you know. The xbox has had a refund system recently and already in place. So yeah thank you for reminding me let me write it down. What am i. The folks refund because butter increase. Your butters doesn't have a series x yet But he said that when he first started playing a game he couldn't even get to one mission without crashing and kicking him out of the game. It looks awful. I would yeah i would not i'm i. I don't know if he has a one extra. Not if esser one. The mace models the the fat playstation four and the xbox one with no letters after it's those are the ones that look like shit. I your mind looks okay. Rum glad i actually read all the articles. Pretty much summed up three articles into that one discussion. So that's all. I got the news all right suite. We're gonna move on down to our dates to monarchy buddy. Oh yeah sure. Demonic defeats keeping us on track with what video games are coming out soon. Fahkry it won't scroll. The december kei semper sixteen k and makes gp twenty twenty playstation xbox over i two super league xbox playstation switch in super meat boy forever on the switch on the twenty third in that over to his twenty. That's all we got it. It's the normal end of year holiday. Everything's already come out. Nothing's coming out the week of christmas slash new years. Cool all right. we're going to. We're gonna move on down to the best segment in the world. John are you ready for it. Yes tom ridge. Ladies and gentlemen stepped down all right this week on the more you know. Today i was watching a video on that pulled up on my feet on facebook about the history of the nfl with all the original teams dating back to eighteen something before it became the merged with the afl. Become the what we know. Today is the nfl and it was interesting to see. All of the name changes that happened across the league in their moves and everything. So what i did is i went. I finished watching the video on it a little bit more research to find out what the origins are. Inspirations were for all of the tea maps and found some interesting things. I didn't know so first of all It's the list that i have is in order of the city. They are in currently. Okay so wanna list is the era. Zona cardinals sorry originally established in eighteen. Ninety eight in chicago as the chicago cardinals. Then makes them the oldest team in the nfl and also the least successful. Hey john in nineteen o one chris. O'brien purchased used and faded maroon jerseys from the university of chicago and dubbed the color cardinal red and the nickname stuck as the cardinals. The bird was in nineteen. Forty seven was first featured on the helmet in nineteen. Sixty atlanta falcons. There was a radio station sponsored contest to name. The team ended up with over thirteen hundred votes and five hundred possible names. Names not picked peaches vibrance lancers confederate's firebirds and thrashers. Amit the falcons ended up being chosen. Because it in quotations is a proud and dignified it proud and dignified with great courage and fight is deadly and has great sporting tradition. We go. I should have just called him. The chokers from the start right. Probably baltimore ravens So the baltimore. Ravens came about after the baltimore. Colts moved to indianapolis and then the cleveland browns Suspended football operations in their entire team. Moved to baltimore as a new franchise. So cleveland browns still had held their franchise in cleveland. They just didn't have a team The owner of the baltimore. Ravens originally tried to bow by the name. Colts back from indianapolis but indianapolis at no kept the name. So then there was a contest conducted by the baltimore. Sun and raven was chosen because it is a reference to edgar allan poe's famous poem other contenders. Were marauders american raiders bulldogs mustangs and steamers. I like the raiders. Steamers really railed them getting railed all right next up. Is the buffalo bills Another fan contest in nineteen ninety seven. Renamed the team from the buffalo bisons to the buffalo bills. The name was a reference to buffalo. Bill cody it was selected over other options like bullets nichols and the blue devils nichols buffalo. Blue would have been cool. That sounds like a hockey team though it does it. Pretty sure no red devils. The he's attorney. Okay yeah i was like that. He's never hockey team. Has doubled in the name anyway. Next up The panthers Panthers were named by the son of the owner when they were came expansion team because in quotation its name our family thought signifies what we thought a team should be powerful sleek and straw chicago bears dob originally the dictator staley's they moved to chicago in nineteen twenty one playing their home games at wrigley field. Also home of the chicago cubs in nineteen twenty two. The new owner. George halas changed the name to the bears because of the relationship to the club and he thought the they should be bigger. Can football players are generally bigger than baseball players. So the bears the bears. The bears officially change to the da. Sauber's bears bear stuff Next up cincinnati bengals so there was a football team in cincinnati from nineteen thirty seven and nineteen forty two and so they named the team after the same team of the same name just to own to the original team in cincinnati. They're the most popular fan suggestion for the team was the buckeyes. They didn't choose that. Thank god because of ohio state. Ohio state fan of them anyway. The browns so A this one's kinda fun A fan contest actually chose the browns There's speculation whether it was named after joe louis. The browns bonner bonner right caught the brown bomber. It'll make you stitcher pants anyway or the first coach paul brown so there's debates who the named the team after joe louis or on But paul brown the first coach. Gm vetoed the contest name and chose the panthers only to then be told by a local businessmen that businessmen the rights to the name cleveland panthers so he had to go back to the browns. And there's the cleveland browns for you My all right the cowboys a red noses fun originally going to be called the stairs that for the record their inaugural season they went eleven one. Oh they tied. So the reason that didn't go as steers is the gm decided that having a castrated cattle as a mascot mike subject the team to some ridicule didn't really matter they still get ready to so He then decided he was gonna go with the rangers but settled on cowboys to avoid being confused with the minor league. Baseball team also called the rangers and the texas rangers baseball team not minor league. You said time at the time okay. They they were minor league. They specifically said minor league team of the same name zone. Next is the broncos There was a team contests team name contest was one hundred sixty two enter entries. That name was chosen. There was also a midwest minor league baseball team that played by the broncos back in nineteen twenty. One in the same area should've called a donkey. Dick's that's this one's fun to the lions. The portsmouth spartans moved to detroit in nineteen thirty four and owner. George richards changed the name to the lions to relate the baseball team to the tiger relate to the baseball team the tigers so lions and tigers. I guess but he's also quoted as saying the lion is the monarch of the jungle. We hope to be the monarch of the league. But the record shell. They have zero super bowl appearances so he missed the mark with that name they sure. Did you have zero wins so pipe down i know. Hey we're in the super bowl though. Oh god here we go again. Move on move along sir. I miss bouncer. Was like the finkel and nine hundred argument packers founder orlando's employer the indian packing company sponsored. The team in the name stuck even after the company folded so green bay packers but texans Name comes from the dallas. Texans who were a one on. Hold the phone hold on woman. Originally they were a one season team in the nfl. Nineteen fifty two thousand the last franchise to fold in the nfl. They later returned and then moved to kansas city to become chiefs Then they became an expansion team in two thousand two in houston and that name was chosen. Over the apollo's and stallions stallions cowboys in the stallions from texas steers and the stallions from outer inflections. Here's and quick that or not. There's a quiz. let's see no horns. Pretty much doubt colts originally from baltimore which is known for its history of course breeding. So they named it. The colts at named trench remained with the franchise when it relocated indianapolis in one thousand nine hundred eighty four jaguars. It was a fan contest. Entry and it just so happened that the oldest living jaguar in north america was housed at the jacksonville zoo. At the time. It beat out other options like the sharks and stingrays hubbard like the shorts. The bill jaws the dallas. Texans moved to kansas city in nineteen sixty and became the chiefs chosen to honor the native americans it at once in the air and possibly because it kansas city mayor h. roe bartle was nicknamed the chief though. The chargers contest ended when owner barron hilton opened a letter from gerald courtney submitting the chargers. The story is that after. He opened that what he did not open another letter in the contest. Like fuck imagine. I purposefully if they created a time machine and if i had my delorean i would go back and reread. They're all those letters and make sure that he opens the worst name submission. Letter star's the shirts shorts. Yeah yeah starship tacos. The rams originating in cleveland in nineteen thirty six. The rams rams was chosen because the gm damon buzz wetzel. favorite favorite. Football team was the ford ham. Rams college team and vince lombardi's al-matar the dolphins contests drawing twenty thousand entries with more than six hundred fans suggesting the dolphins marjorie swanson was declared the winner after correctly Addicting tie in a college football game between miami and notre dame as part of the follow-up contest. She credits a magic eight ball with her win one. A lifetime season pass to the dolphins games. Vikings jamba rose says said it represented both an aggressive person with the will to win and the nordic tradition in the north midwest northern midwest. That's why they chose the vikings. That's racist patriots. Originally the boston yanks. James name your team contest in ninety. Four kids yanks the saints chosen by owner. John malcolm it is a nod to the city's jazz heritage and taken from the popular song when the saints go marching. In coincidentally the franchise maybe not coincidentally franchise was awarded on all saints day november first nineteen sixty six so the giants not creative taken from the baseball team at said see. That's what i would have thought that originally thought the cardinals took their name from the saint. Louis cardinal baseball team. But thank you for the clarification. Because now i know that now. Yeah i knew about the marine. The maroon jerseys i read it on a website. Carl's website did you know about the chicago cardinals. Yeah i knew there chicago cardinals. They talked about the history on arizona. Cardinals dot com and they talked about the maroon color and that's how they made it. The the cardinal color stuck with the cardinals so yeah the jets originally named the titans it was changed in nineteen sixty three when the bankrupt team was purchased jets chosen because the team would play. Its home games next to laguardia. Airport other choices were the dodgers major league. Baseball said no can't use that name the gotham hs which they went away from. Because they didn't like the idea of it being shortened to the goths and the their jerseys cream black whatever The boroughs which is supposed to be a play on the word borough. Which is that. You know the boroughs of new york but they said it sounded too much like a believe. It's a spanish word borough which they didn't want people to start calling them the new york jackasses. Right which are now. Jets should have just gone with that. Because that's what they are. Now the raiders. So originally the a name the team contest. Joe hold on joe. Joe you want to hear this one is a good story is it. it is. I think it is. I think it is so there was a name. The contest Team contests and the winning entry was actually the senors and the lady who submitted it went to the bahamas but then the weeks following there was a lot of ridicule and the fans fans claimed that the contest was fixed and then a reporter also noted that there was no they. When they're writing typing. They can't put that little squiggly thing about the end. I don't know what it's called. I don't sorry yes joe. Around what time period was this shit. Do you happen says go. I'm saying that's what it is. She created the senors right. Seeing your the oakland for now because like ninety percent of their fan base are all hispanic but at that time machine when she created that name or she came up with that name. Mostly raider fans were all white senior and the racist because they didn't want on a hispanic name for a predominantly white team. Senor and plus davis said decided with the raiders which was also another finalist in the contest and another option that they had was the lakers. Don't the raiders right philadelphia. Eagles do you know why that shows the eagles because it hurts jalen nineteen nine hundred. Eighty three new owners of the bankrupt. Frank for yellow jets. Yellow to- faulk frankford. Yellow jackets changed their names to the eagles. Which is named for the symbol of the national recovery. Act part of president. Franklin d roosevelt's new deal. There's an eagle on the logo for the recovery act. Meteors steelers rigidly the pirates like the baseball team from nineteen thirty three to nineteen forty owner art rooney held a renamed the team contest in nineteen forty after losing seasons in. Its first seven years. I mean like right. Now they're winning. They're winning in a made up in fantasy league. They're playing teams. Of course they're going to go. They had the record that they have where they live. They have a winning record. That's not arguing whether or not they deserve whether or not they played quality teams like this is coming from the one. That's always like winnings winning. No that's chris anyway. I'll take it w cardinals fan. I'll take a w any chosen because of the steel mills in the area forty niners golden gold rush of nineteen eight. Fuck eighteen forty nine. I wrote nineteen forty nine dumb ass. Eighteen forty nine or deniers didn't read gold one yet. So that's why they still got to do another. Vikings london down with that story yet. Need seahawks name the team contest in nineteen seventy five drew. Twenty thousand submissions with seventeen hundred unique names like the skippers pioneers lumberjacks and seagulls the skippers really glad. They didn't pick the eagles high school. Mascot was the seagulls. And we always got these little skipper. Could you imagine job with seattle. Skippers jersey skippers killing anyway. Fuck you guys team. And miami's franchise in the all. American football conference both used the nickname the nineteen fifties gm. John thompson said our new name suggests of aggressiveness reflects are soaring northwest heritage and belongs to no other major league team seahawks. It's amazing how like their logo is almost you know like native american it They don't want to acknowledge that. It's not as native american as it used to be. That's what i'm saying when it was originally created it was now that changed like a yanked copy and pasted off and fucking totem pole and shit. Yes so it's like could have done a little tip of the hat to that you know. We already has the apple named after the native malay chief the redskins well cheap cert- racist but anyway keep going seattle is named after chief seattle native american chief. And there's a ton of names in washington a really hard to pronounce because their native american origins. I mean like pure walla scam snohomish snohomish snoqualmie so mistrial. I don't think exists anymore. Emerged is on Wtrw yet there. Maybe i don't know how the tribe does not that far away so we're gonna fireworks all right buccaneers. There's a panel of local sports writer and nfl reps through chose buccaneers from list of more than four hundred names. In nineteen. Seventy five was also the popular choice among fans in in the area In a team con name the team contest as it was a nod to the pirates who raided florida's coasts during the seventeenth century i tampa bay goats and over the skip bayless puppy now top. I would pay money for them. Just once during the season. Where the creamsicle uniforms. I wanna see that bitch tom brady. And a creamsicle uniform. They have have yet to do that because they don't do the color rush thing anymore. Move on titans moving to houston from tennessee in nineteen. The oilers changed their named after contest. Which also suggested the tornadoes copperheads south stars and ramblers owner said we wanted a new nickname to reflect strength leadership and other heroic qualities and last and not least. Well maybe not the least washington football team to say it. Have you seen redskins originally. I want to give the house. Tin braves owner. George marshall changed the name to redskins after purchasing. The team is he said it was to honour. Head coach and native. American william henry lone star dietz however there is some question on whether or not the was native american. The redskins kept their name when they relocated to washington dc in nineteen thirty seven fast forward to today. We're no one in washington. Dc is created enough to come up with a new net. See i think. I think the redskins should have been called. The patriots and patriots should have been called chowder or goats chowder outta. I love home chowder. I'm not saying there's nothing wrong with clam chowder. But i think what else in boston do. We care about chatter chatter chatter officers. What burgers walks fix all burgers burgers yet. The bruins should be called the new england. Warburg's Yeah he go with the k. One fitting yeah and that is it for my information in the marino. This week joke. Did i miss answers now. Their son named him owner's son named the panthers did. I miss it was under carolina. Panthers history behind it. It's just it's a. it's a expansion team the son of the owner named it panthers. Because it's in the name family thought signifies what we wanted team. We think a team should be powerful seeking straw copper asleep instruct. That's right okay. I missed the first part. Like yeah. That was the panther the background screeching sound like. Oh my god. It's like a screeching owls. Jesus christ let go go back to let it go back. Turn it off the snowman dammit. Yeah a lot of carrot. Elsa loves you now move along. I'm sorry oh my god next time to are what the fox and i already have one so you guys have any what the fuck this week. Yes and it's time for vote for the week. Joey go for it all right. I remembered him. Because thanks to everyone else. I remembered You know the funny thing on the funny thing is What was the word that you remember. Joe refund the thing the funny thing about you're remembering your what the fuck about a refund is you. Were the one talking about refunds. And thanks for reminding me. Yeah i was talking to yourself so thank you so i was playing like before. All of this bullshit happened with all khawla and with cyberpunk right. I was playing on the switch playing animal. Crossing and shit you know a are switched on the switch. Okay nintendo as we're be as as so after. Jesus christ no. It's sorry i'm not regrets. That whip that asks can fucking muslim anyway. We'll have one daughter in. That already. worries me again. Imagine to jesus. So i stopped playing on the switch into the xbox and was like oh fuck. I have to preorder cyberpunk before. It's too late. So i'm in the store. I'm looking around pat. If you drink. You know what i mean and i'll okay so i'm looking at. Oh cyrus okay. So anyway it ends up highlighting watchdogs ultimate edition in a purchased it after the fact that i had already have the physical copy with the skull collector's edition Already installed an xbox allowed me to buy it. Even though i already have it and it knows that i haven't but you could have exchanged your disc anyway. So yeah. That was the first. What the fuck that fact that. Why do you have to switch ambi a anyway. I was drinking john. S so this was on your switch. No this was on my xbox. Okay so i did. Thank you microsoft. I had to type an explanation. Because i said i already have the physical copy. I'm i tried to date my united. I seriously said. I was under the influence and accidentally pressed watchdogs. Because it was right next to the cyberpunk so you had like watchdogs. Alternate cyberpunk right next to it. And i just was like okay cool. Yeah and i was trying to back out in my mind. I'm like backout back out but it was no purchase purchase and i bought it so hey i told them i said i was playing on the switch. I switched over in gave him this whole story and sure enough microsoft said here. Here's your money back. But that's that was my first book from that was like three weeks ago. Second what the fuck is those of you that saw something. Last week i have high frequency hearing loss. So i now have to wear hearing aids to hear things normally so i hear normal to a certain extent but i can't hear high pitched shit like chris chris kids like yeah yeah no he can. He can leave it in. I can't hear them a like. There is a certain frequency. Like certain beeps that i couldn't hear you know that mosquito thing that you can fuck your phone with the frequencies to see if how high you can hear it app. That's the mosquito noise and it goes like from bates hurts all the way up to you know Like twelve twelve thousand hertz. Or something. I don't know the frequency thing anyway. I can only hear up to like six thousand anything that like if something beeps or there's a high pitch noise book death so that's just from years of compressed air drag racing of concerts shit like that and So yeah. I know have to wear hearing aids when i'm out in public or you know just even at home it helps with watching the tv because there are certain things that when people are talking on the tv. That i can't hear so. Yeah it's kinda cool. Because now. Like i put them on and i shit you not. It's like you know the superhero movies where you have like this and like daredevil has enhanced hearing jesus like clicking the mouse i hear the spring in the mouse so when i click here the whoring click damn borne. Click wold now. Because i have my headset on but like what. I'm typing it. Sounds like miguel normally typing to turn them down but anyway that was just what the fuck. I'm getting old. So i had to put on hearing aids in. I've got him now so The get go on. I have to get hearing check at work every year. We're really high noise environments. We have a mandatory hearing checks every year and i have noticed a slow loss of hearing. It hasn't gotten enough to they. Call it a shift or whatever. I don't know what they call it anyway but it hasn't gone enough to where they're worried about it it. They calling it normal but have noticed for me to like. There's people that i talked to every day. I can't hear them. I'm looking right at him. I can't hear him as whatever the the the way that their voice comes out. I just can't hear it. You have to speak up. I can barely hear you can hear just fine. But right urchin air yeah. It's funny when they map. You're hearing on a chart the hearing dr maps. It kind of goes like goes up. Smooth curve and then down mind goes up to a certain frequency It just drops off so it's really cool. I like them. They when i wear them. It feels like. I'm i'm so used to it now. I don't even have to worry about it. And i can turn them down and turn them up. I have the phone app forum now to where i can set it for like watching tv. For if i'm in large crowd. I can set it for everyday shit and it's really cool. I don't like. I said they're not the ones that go in your ear. They have like this clear tube. That goes around and sits on the back of your ear. Really really nice I don't know. I like it. Because i i don't have to have my. Tv turned all the way up. Now can turn turn it down and still here but like i said the bad things are when i do turn them up. I hear everything. I hear my kids eating. I hear the chewing now a here. My wife chewing and it's just like oh my god was you. Shut up yeah. Can you'd like to swallow your food. Don't even chew it so then. No i don't have a mom right now so does it. Is it because it doesn't fit properly now it's just it. Yeah i would be able to hear everything. Like i shit you. I don't wear them when i sleep. I don't wear them when. I'm doing this Just because i hear like i would hear every single fan. That's in my pc. I could hear it. I could hear the xbox running or the playstation about places. But i could hear the xbox running. Not the i don't hear that because there's no noise but yeah like even when i'm driving and i turn the blinker on. I can hear the relay like click clock. It's just like holy hill. Like i can hear so much now and it did of cause because i was having hearing loss. You've heard a ghost limb syndrome where people that have had their arms cut off. Say oh my arm hurts. But you're not there the it's in the middle of their. The doctor explained that the reason why i was hearing. I was hearing my pulse. My blood pulsing in my ear. And they thought that. I had a brain tumor is now. But they oughta had a aneurysm or tumors to horizon. Shit come to find out. It was muscle memory in my ear. Because i had hearing loss so my ear was saying that. There's something wrong in your head but it wasn't because ever since i've had to hearing aids in that she's gone like i don't hear the pulse in anymore. It's gone so it was kind of crazy when the doctor explained that to. Plus my hearing doctors achieves fan so that helped to that was second third. The fuck Have ronald jones. I'm in the playoffs. Congratulations to me. Semifinals ronald jones. My running back is now on the code list. Fuck fuck. I was hoping he was going to carry me. But not so. Have cam akers. And i just picked up Who's washington's backup not washington the niners. The niners backup to most to most harris is not in a harris fucker. Can you remember what his name is too much to drink anyway. I picked up the backup. Wilson sorry wilson junior jeff wilson junior so i had to pick him up so i've got him stashed right now but i'm debating on whether or not to do three running backs or three receivers so and then my last one. We watched the prom last night on. Likes okay you guys won't know what this is. You won't know what it is. Because it's a musical grownup that means i'm going to be watching it soon. To it's michael keegan key. Meryl streep james corden and a bunch of other people. It's fucking musical but it's about a high school teenager that is lesbian and instead of the school allowing her to go to prom with her lesbian date they cancelled the prom. So it's lgbtq p movie It's a musical session. I watched it And we both had like looked at each other. Like what's the big deal 'cause everybody was raving about well my god. This is so great so great but my what the fuck about this not. Only what the fuck did i watch it. The whole two hours and twelve minutes but what the fuck the critics and everyone else. The cancel culture calling james corden homophobic because he portrayed portrayed. Excuse me a gay broadway actor. But he identifies himself as straight. Personally i don't want watching his performance. I didn't think that it was like over the top. Like men on film over the top like hated at you know he wasn't like that. I think i know gay people like my uncle is gay. And it's like he doesn't act like that So i think james corden did a good job but for the cancel culture to say it's homophobic it's like what the fuck like seriously like. He did a great job portraying a gay person and he didn't do it in a fashion tour was like ow sweetheart. Honey al like robin williams did in the birdcage right. He did not do that so he's homophobic because he's a straight guy playing a gay character. Exactly congratulations you win a prize. Because that is what cancel culture is right now. And i asked jesse i was like so what the focus the opposite of homophobic. What is somebody. That's gay straight character. Oh i looked it up. Thank you wikipedia. Google it's called hetero phobic. So how many hetero phobic actors and actresses are in hollywood because they have yet to come out the closet or they don't want to identify themselves or they do identify themselves as lesbian but they play a street character. It works well cares. I know. I don't care but it's just say you care but who cares cares right like like there was a movie scarlett johansson supposed to be doing a movie about a transgender person. He some she's supposed to be this beautiful scarlett johansson with a penis and cancel. Culture had said cancel culture had said that No so she's not playing that role. We have the epic. We have an epic evolution of beards in our podcast we do. I'm assuming assuming it goes joe. Miguel chris and me. I'm getting there. I'm hoping by the nearest. Forget to christmas age by in two weeks. I'm hoping i'm actually putting oils in my beard. But anyway that's my what the i'm done anybody else with fox. Thanks paul nights to great comment. That is a great comet yet. my what fact Got my Wolverine bunko pop and another damaged fox and they won't makes change it so fuck you walmart Also i am outer space at a space. Oh at its base at selenium space up there on that one for one and room on your loss remorse shells you have anthrax definitely but space. Joe started it. J- just started to always got more to my age. Oh you got this little joe. I can't see them when you're moving. Joe has been opened the box yet. But it's we have opening the box because with it in the box. Sealed sells like seventy fifty to seventy bucks. Get a salad joe. Better i gotta sealed one and that one about to in case i die in case your wife gonna sell it. I know that dude. Hey joe how's your collection looking. Let's your dollar amount. And i did preorder. This is the master chief halo infinite master chief from best buy. It's got the what does it. It's called the hydro deco as toes like jungle. Cammo awesome. hell yeah there. I tried to pre order the Komo of master chief sold out gone the target one. The clear the target clean. Yeah so i have last. I checked with these two phone calls. up sorry if you hear screaming Let's see pleasure screaming ma wrong app. Sorry knows opening my porn. Is this your what the your. Yeah so right now. Ninety six fun. Ko's at fifteen thirty eight fifteen hundred dollars thirty gang. We're getting off topic. Yeah we're on. What the fox. Sorry sorry okay. He started with no room any other any other shows up anyway. Miguel you got any other. The fucks Now i had a cyberpunk win. But i can't remember what it is. Generally that whole game kind of fun. We'll get down to the main topic which is next which is next john. Nope what are you all right. So i i. I send this week guys and I have a what the fuck from a company that we all hate in now a hate it with a passion joe game stop now not ea. But john ames game stop. So here's my fuck for the t shirts. Maybe but here's my what the fuck. So i had called game. Stop for a used game animal crossing for my niece and they pretty much said yeah. We have a copy. We're gonna put it on trade hold for you because i guess they're doing a trade whole thing for covid. Fuck you joe. Stop and so basically the fucking assholes ended up selling the us copy that i had on hold for me. I went to go pick it up. And i showed up and they're like oh this new associate had soldier copier used copy of animal crossing to somebody else and it was this fucking douche bag. That was wearing a scorpion mask as his little covid mask and he was such a fucking dick. So fuck you game stop dude. They're a bunch of assholes but anyways that was my what the fuck it went better. If joe wasn't fucking me up balls talking but anyways we'll move on to our main topic of the week it is cyberpunk twenty seventy seven our first impressions and what we played so whoever wants to start. Go for anybody. I i'm going gonna say this one thing. Okay positive thing or a negative thing. I don't know it depends on how you take it. You're gonna like it leeann. She little bit of hydrate. Oh to that point John and i were talking about it before you guys join the chat and he was curious. What the hype was about an. I told him if the cd project red game that came from the guy who made the witcher three so is that an accurate description of what the hype was in your opinion or is there something else that had. What was your hype. Was that that. Was that why it was so hyped in your opinion yes i thought so but i'm trying to keep my answer's simple because i don't want to drag this too far john john so i remember there being hype and i remember being like cool. This game sounds cool. I don't remember what any of it was though. Td braunau playing it and unlike what was the coolest. What was this game supposed to be so cool now. It is fun. I mean. I'm enjoying it. But i do have some complaints some issues that i've run into with it this joe. It's just going along with the comparison. The santa monica studios that created god of war if they are to release their next title. And it's a platformer or they released their next title and it just doesn't live up to the witcher. You know what i mean like. It doesn't live up to the god of war. That's the problem cd project. Red set the bar so fucking high with the witcher that in order for them to be even better than that is to exceed in. You know but they're not they're not bringing anything new to the table in my opinion and a lotta people right now are saying that cyberpunk twenty seventy seven is better than grand theft auto timeout penalty. Fifteen penalty looks. Later jackson flagged. That's my challenge by challenge to be fair. The which was pretty fucking broken when it was released too so i mean no. I'm not. I'm not so i'm not arguing. That is broken. I mean the witcher three of its overall like overall graphically story combat system rpg elements. It's a great game like nothing we have ever seen before. This is all my opinion. Okay but which are three not wanting to but which you're three is something that we have never seen before in an rpg So that's all. I'm saying about which were three. You can keep on your point. I don't remember my point west. Chris i was gonna say to be fair to grand theft. Datta was fucked up. When i started as well so when it first came out the grand theft auto was pretty fucked up multi-player all that shit was pretty jacked up so but you have to take into consideration. This is right in the middle of transition to the next generation of consoles so i mean the base xbox on bass. Ps four editions are fucked. 'cause you're not going to pay that much attention when you're trying to make him optimize game for the next generation of something from eight years ago so that kind of backfires on like xbox is home entree now like you can play everything on every because it's just gonna fuck with the future of gaming in what's coming later. Joe no i was you. You said you said it cyberpunk seventy cd project. Red should have never considered releasing this on the last gen council it should have been a next gen. Console exclusive because that would have forced people to say. Look you mother fuckers. You wanna play this great game. Get rid of your old shit. let's play. let's move on. Okay obviously the master race would have said okay. I'll spend two thousand dollars on a video card at an offer. And i'll do that clara and just for the chat just for clarity Joe chris and i are playing on series acts in jonah's playing on xbox one x so we don't have the problems. We're just talking discussing the problems. That are evident joe or problems. I are like jackie's chip. It's a gun in his guns like through head. I had a ghost good. I have ghost cigarettes so after somebody smokes a cigarette it reappears. Like in the middle of the screen. Like in the middle of chat. I have i have ghosts. Postpones the map. Also when i look in a mirror. If i'm wearing a hat i am bald. I haven't had like my pizzas. Gone credit changed my pants and my pants were. I've had that happen to kids. Walk in sitting councillor like go. See the gap flopped this ding dong buchan hanging out. I'm like i just wanted to change my pants. I'm not saying come on. I mean to fair. I haven't had any game breaking glitches like that. But they're all just visual t t depots Get every once in a while but nothing. That breaks the game for me. So i haven't had anything that's like crashed my console or anything but i have like four times. Ooh damn just turned it off limiting. Xbox didn't turn off. The game crashed into just went back. My main xbox screen are you on the original or the s x x. okay remember. We gave him an ex. Yeah you're right. You gave me my thoughts game. They have officially played this game longer than i played the witcher bravo bravo on you I mean it's the same game in a different time with guards but and guns but it's finding it. I'm i'm staying engaged. It's not. it's not as overwhelming now. What's the right wording there. It's i find more entertaining than i did. The witcher it keeping my intention a little bit more a whole lot more. There's there's days where. I didn't play video games that day. Which is in stark contrast going from playing mahala five to six hours every day to not playing for a day. 'cause that kept my fucking attention. I love mahala. It was fantastic but going from that to cyberpunk it's not again in you guys aren't really my style game I don't like the go. Explorer shit is much to one of the things that i don't like about. The game is when you look at the mini map yesterday. Oh wait a minute. You just contradicted yourself. You don't like to go explore aspects but you love too much. There's too much there's too much too much now. It didn't maybe the story of way more entertaining to me related orkney. I think. I think the difference is is the fact that ball hala spelled it out for you like a gave you a purpose for the gold. It gave you a purpose for the mystery artifacts and everything like that there was a purpose with cyberpunk like they said in the reviews you could play through the main class twenty to thirty hours and you're done with the game but they don't really give you or show you. What would happen if you were to go through and do the side quests but you kind of have to learn that on your own you're dropped in the night city and you have to learn this shit and do this shit on your own and it's just like Okay while hall was like do all the artifacts possibly get new armor new gear new shit. I understand it. Cyberpunk has the same the same end result. But they don't present it in the same manner that bala did you had a purpose for getting all of the gold. All of the lutes doing all of the raids. There is a purpose because either he wanted to upgrade your camp or you just want to one hundred the game. So john So there was something that i was thinking about the other day The one of the reasons one of the things. I noticed about bala that i have not found in cyberpunk is the holiday really good job. Establishing like a goal in the game. Like i think you kinda just clarified it. But it establishes a goal at the beginning of the game is like hey the beginning of the game. You have this vision where you're going to be a cigarette so your goal now is spoiler. Alert your goal. Now is to play this game and figure out how whether or not you're going to portray him. Or what what you need to do to not be tram as well as like you said upgrade your armor of greater settlement and that kind of stuff so it gives you something to attain to. And it keeps you it establishes A goal from the beginning to to achieve as so far. I haven't figured out. Why a what the what. The goal is in this game. The term remove the chip without dying out. This happened no. I yeah i get. That just happened. But i think i think one follow comes with the historical wait. Yeah it's history so you're trying to you want to be a viking was cyberpunk. It's totally new. it's completely fantasy. And to be honest. I played the witcher three kind of like i've been one of the game like i still haven't played the blood and wind deal see so i skipped a lot of the side missions for the witcher three. I played the main story. I was like i want to know the story. I love the story. Let me get through this game. And i did that so i tried doing that and found out. I wasn't leveled up enough. So i to go do side missions and i said fuck this game right and i and i have a feeling. That's that's cd project bread game so i have a feeling that that the cyberpunk twenty seventy seven is pretty much going to be the same thing and based off of reviews if you don't do the side missions you will lose out on a lot of content and that's to me that's where it's like well fuck like but what do i. What do i get out of the content you know. Am i gonna get a rare weapon or am. I just going to get like a cool interaction. So i don't know it's like for me ball was like cool. I'm playing. i want thors hammer. I need to beat all of the sisters. I need to beat the game. I want excalibur. I have to be all the zealots. I have to get all the tablets. So now i have zell it sell it zealand tomato tomato zealand. It's zealots move on vibrations. Okay especially okay anyway and. I only know kissed knowing that we talked about before that you want to do. The side missions in cyberpunk. So i have been going out of my way not really out of my way. I haven't been focusing on. The main story been going through the go into the journal and finding all the side missions. That don't look like they're gonna kill me and trying to get all of those done before progress the story and then go back after progress. The story i go back to that list and say okay. well now. These are moderate danger and not extremely high going book. My life up. So it's been keeping me entertained I do have some issues though. Can i talk about those. No go for it if we want to. I mean we're talking about so when you open the mini map. When i look at the map it immediately reminds me of a scene from ready player. One when the bad gut nolan nolan when sorrento sorrento when talks when he shows the screen and he says we estimate we can sell up to eighty percent of individuals visual field before inducing seizures. There is so much little dots and shit all over the many map. It's like i don't wanna look at it. It's confusing So that's that's one complaint. It's crashed on me several times. Not a fan of the gun controls. And maybe i'm just too used to call of duty definitely. Yeah for sure. But i don't really like how the gun and the only other ones it's kinda petty but when you call your vehicle to come to you and it stops a half a block down and you have to run to it when you on the corner. You didn't have time with roadsteads did you. You should be used to that shit out running old getting run over by. I haven't had been. I was like okay. But if i was going to stop if i go out in the middle of the street it bucket and hermione motorcycle for sure thank you and then i got hit by another car. Motorcycle puts me into happened to me too. So i mean i do have gripes with the game to go along with that like. I've been traveling fairly fast on the motorcycle. And i hit a car. And it's like he's got magnetic grip in magnetic ass to where he just like sticks to the bike he doesn't fall off. You have to be going very fast to hit a car and finally fly off of it. But i've been driving around the map. Run into her guard. Rail and buck and streetlamp inch it into a wall and it just goes worrying if you hit a vertical pole you launch an air. Like you and yeah. So it's that's there's a lot of bugs in the game. But overall i would say the game i don't know like maybe i haven't optimized my settings the game to me it looks. It looks good but they're oranges. Breathtaking moments in the game where. It's just like wow you know. Like say for instance ball hala. I mean scenic wise hall is beautiful but yes. If you're into a futuristic like new looking out like when you're riding along in the car and see the city's scaping see people reminds me a lot of the matrix You know that scene where the writing in the car and all that bullshit but anyway. It's just. I dunno attempt to me the game just doesn't take my breath away so for me. I'm playing on eighty p tv. So i'm not expecting that at all so that's not something i was like. I'm just assuming. I'm getting the shit. Version your version is better. Be figure you just stop playing valhalla. Which was optimized for the series x whereas cyberpunk is for last gen it is for the one x essentially 'cause it's not optimized yet so one patch comes next year who knows. It may be breathtaking when i was out neha outskirts of the city. Doing one of my missions. I thought it looked really good out there. I mean i'm not blown away by the city. But when i was out in the outskirts i thought it looked really good. I know i mean. I get like when we first when you first jump in I think also. Maybe because i was playing ball khawla away from my experience from cyberpunk because the scenery the third person And like you said. It was optimized for the series x to jump from the third person to first person you know like shooting and then with the acceleration of the horizontal and vertical movement. While you're aiming turn that off. I hated that i hate it. It's just like old that shit off. I hated it. Yeah but i mean. I like the choices in the game. Like the fact that gave me a choice when you're doing the missions for the ncp and they're like apprehend the criminal without killing them. And if you go and just fucking guns blazing like well. We really wish you wouldn't have killed him. But you adam okay cool so it does add a replay element to that. I liked the choice depending on. How your what your play style is whether you're just like muscle big gun. Boom you're dead. No muscle Ever medic muscle whatever or yourself or your technical. You wanna be a hacker wanna like have people's head explode and shit like that you know. I like that element go run. I think it's really easy to forget about a lot of aspects of the game like okay. You're trying to be stealthy. But then he gets seen so then your brain kind of goes like full combat mode. You don't even think about the ability to hack into breach into use those other abilities when you're in a firefight so it's kinda like you switch from what aspect to the game to a completely different one when you can do all at the same time really gets. It's great. i mean overall. I like the whole selection of choice. Whatever you say to your. Mpc's can change the overall like how the mpc's think about you you know it. It changes the whole aspect of the game. Which is awesome. And i love. I love all of that. It's great you can do whatever the fuck you want. And that's amazing. I mean i went and guns blazing. And then i decided to do some stealth hacking as well so i kind of mixed everything as a bunch and it's fun. It reminds me a lot of like if i were to like put in giant mixing. Bowl right I'm gonna. I'm gonna throw some destiny k. Throw in some ghost recon Throw in some Some fuck watch television division watchdogs so basically throwing in some ubisoft okay. Okay throwing in some. Ea as far as like mass effect dragon age. Okay mix it up and thrown overall dash cd project red which are three cool got that oh and just to top it off. You know a little clove of rockstar. Yeah it's a little sh- melting pot melting pot. Sh sh melt a little bit of everything. Yeah meli a sweaty The season twenty balls. Everybody loves me recipe. Yes everybody loves my shorty balls but no it's a good game. i give it a perfect rating. I don't. I'm sorry. I don't well. I feel like it was cyberpunk. I feel like there is a much lower squirrel syndrome than i had with valhalla. The holidays like shiny dots and to john's point. There's so much stuff on the map in cyber punk but is that really true because there was a lot of shit on the map involve hala. I think the only differences in bala. They were just tiny little dots that we need them to what they were. Joe will you knew involve hall. It was either money artifacts mysteries but there are still a lot of a lot of shit still but it was only like gold white or blue and that was it or read for raids on cyberpunk. There's so much more. John yet you got you got ripper. Docs got hookers. You got Plays you can buy food. Cars fast travel they. They're just fucking everywhere. There's so much in been so much in this tiny little area. It's not just on the x and y axis it's also on the z. Access you have shit that's like left right up down but then you have in-and-out literally with a little bit of brain dance brain dance some hot coffee. The joy toys. Joe's talking about drizzly now. He's doing joy toys when we have bought. I'm just never mind. There is a lot of stuff Couple of things that really bug me. the mission. Select if you guys have had this issue be driving to a mission that i picked and then i look and i'm somewhere completely different. It fucking changes. What i selected like mid mission and sends me somewhere else like i'm trying to do a side mission and it changes my way point to a fucking main mission. Joe yeah i one thing the mini map when you're driving and you have a way point to go to map doesn't zoom out when you're going out with my next thing but to go along with that it's like exactly you're on your mission way point you're going to emission and then the the nc pd calls and like. Oh this person right here you have to take him out because you know we need them. Take out like well. I guess we have the option of not answering the phone to be fair. That's going to happen. But you know i don't know but now i've gotten to a point that i've been doing a mission that has multiple objectives and get away point for the first one and it can change on me and then sends me somewhere else but also to joe's point when you're driving also joe's point when you're driving it's like oh well that was my turn. I didn't know because you're constantly like dr map drive map. I miss my turn. Yup that's that was the next thing. I was going to talk about but i did. Have a glitch when i was trying to Apprehend somebody and i was trying to get them alive. So i threw a grenade that was non lethal and it kinda set them on fire and they fell to the ground. They stood back up. They went back to their normal like waiting position. And so i went and beat them with my dildo. What's the dildo weapons. Because i figured that's how you don't kill them right. And they died gil by the dildo. Nice yeah so how do you get a deal to weapon. I know a friend asked me for a friend. You you know that chick that you meet under the bridge. That had forget her name. It's like a corporate chick. john. You've got the dildo weapon right now. I thought you did the size mission ama- corporal. He's like no timeout. Miguel who are you like gator. Okay streak it. Chris streak hit john. Corpo- i did know man so i'm curious how your how chris is different from ours. Because miguel and i are both the street saying. We've done a lot of the same missions. All the missions are basically the same. Chris i'm jo jo. What the same to me. I don't know you want you motherfucker here. Let me take my hat off. Oh hey it's joe. I can see my reflection that a light bulb side jealous. I didn't mean to confuse you. The cardinals no. It's okay so my My game started in the outskirts. Yeah so i. I really that. That's different is it so so you had no. I'm in the city now but as far as like how the game started like i was in in the outskirts and i met jackie and then i went into the city and did like cyber twenty seven like reminded me of saints row when it started doing that shit and it's played like clips of what was going to happen in the game and then it was like you wake up in your apartment don and then it's like okay. Cool what difference. Does it really make about like the nomads. Because i started the nomads out in the outskirts. And i had like nomad gang that i was a part of ripped the patch off in talk to the sheriff sheriff But yeah i talked to and then next thing. i know. I'm talking to jackie in back in the city. So i want to say yeah. It's just dialogue options. That's the only difference based on your faction yet. Because i think. I mean i'm assuming 'cause as being a corporal it gives me the option of like there's a little gorba- logo and the dialogue that attaches with it is the same big restricted and every much. It's i have this like in painted in the paint but you kind of a dick so a lot of times. I don't choose that option but yeah no mad or the corporate guy when you go to tell been hotel yet. Yes the note l. noto now wait what the one on outskirts with the panam now. It's probably the main story. Eyewitness eyewitness the dude getting assassinated at this point right now. I i have johnny silver hand. Okay he's fucking with my head and we're trying. I haven't paid off road. You enter the fancy hotel. I haven't paid off broke so when you go into the fancy hotel the receptionist at the desk i used the corpo- answer subaru tour. Oh okay because. Jackie did all the talking. When i went into the hotel. So that's the difference. Jackie did all the talking. So anyways where we're we're we we're talking about cyberpunk let's it anything and everything i image. Yeah yeah i mean it definitely feels like a cd project red game. It's feels like what you're to me. the deconstruction of items in your inventory is a lot doubled down from witcher. Which would give you like thread and pearls. If you dismantled shell which got you rich real quick. So i was in that. That's not the case. It's just common components rare components So that was a little. It's a good. Let down. Because i want to worry about my shit i did. The i did. The skill where it automatically deconstructs soon. Yeah i did that too now But i mean like gun. Still you have to manually deconstruct those or sewn. That's what i do. I sell the guns in. Do the automatic deconstruct the components at. That's one thing i've run into though is with the guns i do you find yourself using a variety of weapons. Or you're like just keep going back to school finally. I'm going to switch over. But i just so many guns that i've just not used i'm using a variety myself like i keep i keep changing them out. I'm using this technology shotgun which is pretty bad ass and then switching over to my smg and my pistol. Who's switch between those three. I i got that goldwyn latching. What is it the better. I think that's what it's called but it's like a gold plated pistol but it has fire damage okay Destiny nope i basically every time i complete like emission or something i go through my inventory but my highest rated gun. I usually iraq assault rifle. A shotgun pistol. I'd lose a sword. Katana actually picked up the good. So i haven't had a chance to use it yet. Got a purple katina nice but now we were talking about the building. A weapon Yeah there was a chick that i met in an alleyway was mission option and then she called me back later and was like hey come visit me and Yeah that happened and there is just a dildo weapon. That was my price for that for banger. Nice that's awesome fantastic dildos. I like i like the feel the game. I like the futuristic. It's it's something we've never played before. I will give cd project. Read that totally different. It looks totally different. It feels totally different. I mean not. Totally different me rewind. It does feel a lot. there's similarities little tastes like i said the mixing bowl melting sh- melting pot but Yes it does lay runner. If you've ever seen the movie not the new one the original it does give me that by. It does give me like a judge. Dredd five both versions whichever one you watched as. Give me that mega city type of thing I like it. I don't hate it. But i don't think it's the greatest. I think once they get that patch. I think it'll make it just that much more amazing for us series x users right now and also just. I like how the city's so alive. There's so much shit going on that you could. You could get distracted left or right and do whatever the hell you want. Which makes it that much more exciting. Because you don't know what your stories. Your journey is going to go with. Certain missions or side missions. Or whatever you're doing within cyberpunk so it makes it exciting. As far as that goes there is a lot of stuff that it can make it super confusing too so it feels a little overwhelming at times. Oh definitely doesn't hold your hand for any now doesn't at all not at all so i mean you know the overwhelming this is like a little bit overbearing in some parts. And like there's there's so many nooks and crannies within the city so it's crazy joe. Yeah i had just remembered that. You've talked about the nooks and crannies kind of maybe english muffin. But anyway the fact that they threw in mirror's edge as well because there's a lot of first person exploration that we're so used to things being so linear like i have to get up there. Why can't get up there. Have to find a staircase. Wait i can jump on this trash can. I could jump from the trash into the roof from the roof to the close wire and then you know i can wait out mall so the window. Who swept out going from playing screen where you can climb anything. I just assumed that. Climb anything like oh. I can't get up there. There's no stairwell me what i can climb on So they did. Throw that element in which which i did enjoy. I was like okay cool. I can ascend a building or send a few bubbles based off of what i jump on kind of makes you try things that you wouldn't normally try other games so but i do wish i could pull out a shotgun and blasts them bitches in the face that yes. I have especially the kabuki twins when you're doing the fist fighting. Oh there's any dialogue in that one. I later we married a single person. So you mean like one of you takes the head and upper torso near the one time. Hasn't done it. Be what booty duty or something like that. No we get like so. Why don't you monday. Thursday saturday girlfriend or whatever. Yeah so i wanted to seriously like after. They kick mass the first time. Because i'm not a strong character. A mole techy intelligence intelligence So i took out my shotgun and it would not let me blast him in the face. So i was like Knock him for that. Yeah i want it. Because if i could have blasted them in the face and then opened a second set of dialogue like well. You can't do these missions now because you killed the first set of people just like change course which would be cool. That's what i wanted. Heavy is all come across the pervy doctor that spur prostitutes whatever fingers in his bathroom. But no i went back. 'cause he's labeled as a rip doctor right so i went back to try and get mods from him and there was only like two dialogue options than was not for mods so i pulled out my sword and i killed him. They let me kill him. Rats good dependent on the nbc. I remember what the club is Doll club you've been at the club yet. Think so you know the dude and the chick enjoy creek. I don't think i've after. I left that area. I went back to the receptionist employees. My shocking receptionist and this little blue window came up and said if you kill civilians The authorities will be alerted for that. You said you were going to be synchronized. Many times vol hala didn't actually synchronized weird. I mean overall. I'm enjoying it. I've definitely neglected all the little golden try triangle triangle-shaped things that are floating around which i've done one and they are interesting. Interactions like one went to a diner in it was getting held up while i was there and through dialogue options. I mean different outcomes of that. But i anticipate these are just a bunch of different random events throughout the city so i am interested to do more of them because they're very easy to ignore they don't stand out very well especially with the map. Not very zoomed outlet. You're driving around. But there's definitely a lot going on and i can see why people are while i don't see why people are upset because oh this game so short there's really nothing to it but they're just going linear story and not doing all the stuff you're fucking phone is constantly going off with stuff to do. I have a car. I have a car. Here's a car by car. Go to a new area linked up So yeah there's a lot going on. There's a lot of side things. There's side quests there's the main ones which is like three main ones all at once that are going on eastwest. There's the still for hand quest and then there's like. I don't think it's the the other question i don't know like you're trying to clear your name in the murder. Plus you're trying to. I think eventually what we're gonna do is we're gonna find johnny silver hands body and we're going to re-implant chip in his body. I think that's that's how i'm thinking. The the story is going to go so if two years later though. So he's a machine ozzy's all machine like you made in that one mission like. Oh it's so sad that we're all chrome and we used to be just flesh bags or something like that ever. Whatever quests that was this a side quest that he pops up in these like it's not for the crown royal just fucking meet bags but i did follow a mission that was pretty linear and it took me to the boys and i did that whole portion of it and then well if you wanna come with me. I can help eunice like i'll just try trae. Maybe hypothetically who knows nobody knows but the options are will are. You can go see your other options. So i was like me mission where it's at two other stuff because it was about chip removal of see. What else i can do. Because i don't know if. I fully trusted. So i gotta say the this makes me excited for the future of gaming Jusuf went cd project. Red has so they've they've set yet another benchmark which are three set a benchmark. I think god of war beat that okay. Cd or cd project. Red set another benchmark with this game. It makes me excited to see what the new dragon age definitely. The next mass effect is going to set like they have to beat this if they come in below this. It's done so. I'm excited and i mean there's going on that point too is like what about the next grand theft auto six even though it doesn't have to fall into rpg element but just as far as expansive world that they can create. So yeah. it's interesting. I hope grand theft auto can do something new. 'cause i mean judea mine. It has so much content but it's all the same and also grind easy. Yeah i agree for sure. Hopefully they can create something new and something more exciting than what they've already created so it it definitely did set a new benchmark new a new marker for the every other company to reach. So it'll be interesting to see cd project. Red does with the multiplayer supposed to be a multiplayer aspect and he will be in sometime next year. Don't expect early probably second. Third quarter may or porter next year. Yeah didn't they push back because issues. They have because of the issues with the last gen consoles. So i don't know what the multiplayer is. I don't want capture the flag. I don't want battle royal. No i mean i want. I want like granted. Donald style where it's like the four of us are together and we all are like guess what We're gonna go fuck shit up that were gang and there's just so much possibilities within that i mean it's going to be great. I also heard that it's going to be there making it standalone. They want this to be a standalone game versus the cyberpunk single player. They want us to be cyberpunk online standalone versus. What the single player that. We're playing right now. So you know it's going to be interesting. I can't wait to to see what they have in for us. So it'll be cool. Yeah you got anything else to add for cyberpunk before we move on so l. box. It was really rough. I mean they're still aspects at a rough but once for me once i dialed. In those graphical settings might each. Dr fixed the fucking controller inputs. Where you're like turn Much better it took some adjusting on my own part which a lot of people don't do so say if you're hating how feels how it looks. A lot of people aren't used to changing stuff for themselves on their console. So i suggest you go change the settings bring a controller inputs for your visual inputs and just makes it better makes it clear it looked when i put it up. I was just doesn't look that great after changing some stuff. I think it looks much better. Chris yeah. I have to add to that twos. I did change the visuals for me. That i got from you guys is taxed in. It definitely made a huge difference. I was like wow. It looks way better now so definitely mess around with those options because it will look better. I just don't think it's optimized very well in the beginning. I didn't send us john no because he's not on a series. Yeah and i'm using a ten. Eighty p monitor settings refined. He doesn't have to worry about turning off. Hdr changing into your joe. Is it me or is the game. Just naturally dark. I think it's naturally fucking are dark. Hugh great there's there's like. There's some like buildings that you go into like. This is supposed to be this fucking dark in here like we're like watching characters talking. It's a cut scene. Fuck this is dark. I'm like this supposed to be this. Dark side i i. I'm constantly tweaking. I'm not turning way up to where i could see everything but there's times when I'm trying to think of what her name is. There the beedi chick. Judy my beauty. Julie's abu everybody right now. Yeah judy Face and no. It didn't look like text message that you insult god no jacked. But she looked you know. She still looks stunning but it was just really dim dark. So i'm like okay. Maybe the game is just supposed to be dark and dim like this. So i haven't really. I tweaked it when i first started. And i'm happy with the settings as far as like outdoors indoors. It's just like bandits. Dark well and another thing is something that i've seen going around. The internet is based is just flat out broken even if you do change it. So a lot of people are saying turnoff. Hdr on your tv and then play it. And apparently it looks better in the lighting's not crappy at times. I'll just fucking play it like. It is and wait for the three upgrade update. Yeah after i made the changes. I'm fine with it right now for sure. Yeah judy yeah. Yeah judy judy. One thing that i wanted to point out. Is that the motorcycle that you get from. Jackie after your learn motorcycle you get the brand on it says arch which is motorcycle company that keno rave reeves owned so for him. Apparently i wanted to add to that I think that any this game could not have been done without kiana reeves keanu. I think if they had done anyone else or if they would have added anyone else into the game it could have been done without. Kiana reads without his. I don't give a shit about anything. Yeah voice fuck your chip on chip myself. you know. it's just like dat his just his character his persona his personality. It's just like they could not have done this game. It would have been a bland boring game if it was not for canada reeves through the elements. Johnny silver hand throws in the elements. That's perfect at the perfect time to agreed and his prone just fits his character exactly and this is not a character that i personally I i have not seen calories play. He doesn't normally play the asshole. I i did not expect what i got out of johnny silver hands for sure. Yeah that's great i. I won't say that. I think there's a spoiler alert in the further along in the game but yeah i'm hoping that i have morality choices to where i can either join him or fight him at the end. And i don't think jackie's did either. This is my. There's there's nothing we weren't saying spy read wait successful at not saying it about the motorcycle and then here comes joe. Tornado joe fucking smack in the face. Fuck you're not playing the game. You fucking spare parts but spared our long in the game. Fucking spare-parts jesus. Christ that does clearly it does but because they said the nanotechnology in the chip. When you installed it in your neck it helps you keep it keeps you alive. So how come jackson your chip in his neck and he died nanos were inside of him so i think he could possibly be resurrected later on john. Depending on your ship took the chip aisle and gave it to me before he died. But depending on your choice who you sit jackie's body too. I think could affect the outcome of the game. It's fair because just the dump. His body versus sending eggs and not prime. Didn't i send it to victor. Of course because i'm like if anybody's gonna fix them. It's going to be bic right so but it does say that. He had to have died for the chip to start working. Not we'll see. We'll see i will tell for sure because i think it could be written. That is going to be enemy that you end up facing at the end of the game because it creates a moral dilemma. Now could bake wreath. Or he's one of those fucking super soldiers where it's just like be remember you little bitch repu- with my read. They'll do you know whatever could happen has gotten mantis played yet. Nope no haven't nope fun. Neat sounds fun From a rubber ducks. So just keep your eyes out. I want to kadumi code already. I'm tired of like having to grind for money already. Like seriously flock Where's the money cheat at everything. I'm hoping because they did it in the witcher three. I'm hoping that they do a A new game plus with the higher difficulty. But you can play with all of your inaugurals all of all of your weapons at the end of the game three. You could restart the game but you would have all of your abilities all of your skills all of your weapons or armor and start over. So that's what i want ethical. Hell ya. i was hoping the ball hala would allow you to do that but no did you. Hundred percent almost never happens when you do. I know that's what i'm working. That's my rare or a gene. i haven't i haven't hundred percent of the getting there haven't played it since i came up. Have you found any cool wearable items so like for me i have. This has met hood. I i also have like this Samurai mask and it looks like scorpion. So i think that's not the intent but that's how it looks for me because it's yellow and the mask is cadillac golden. So i think that's cool. I have a gas mask on with a bandanna on my head. Ungodly reason the thin piece of cloth on my head is a higher armor level than a full face mask so i have a white bandanna and gas mask on right now senior project. I do like that. You can upgrade your shit if you find something that you like khakis. I have sweet package. She sounds hideous. Yeah so. I'm just gonna go for the state farm. Look cyber state farm. He's a guy so sound hideous bad now. I haven't had any wearables myself. i. I've been in some pretty cool loot drops for weapons and stuff but i haven't found anything wearable wise that i think is bad ass for my for my experience so far john anything for you now know in a tank tops shirts address at one. Point looks like address. It's one of the japanese robes or something dantonio call joke leg address. I will admit that my next character is going to be a transvestite character. I'm going to create a woman character with a penis and they're going to be the corporate and they're going to be all muscle. No no technology. No hacking is just going to be all muscle chick with a penis. And i'm just gonna rape and pillage go. Yeah exactly. And i totally i didn't. I missed the element of the custom custom creation at the beginning. So if you do the presets yeah they give you the preset character which looks like all the all the other characters but if you go to the customs setting you can completely create a new face like i've seen The squidward The manuscript the handsome squidward. I've seen the mean guide old guy with the as. Yeah who's got the bill. Bigger dildo collection monkey wants to know. Well it sounds like a dope weapon. So i guess this me. Miguel varzi aware. I picked one up at fingers place. That's the only as far as i'm aware that only deal. Do i have really. Yeah oh my dill did lose. Spoke like look i killed it. I'm sorry he's out on my did lows. They automatically scrap. So i don't have any he scrapped. The east grabbed his dildos their scrap my did lows script. Sorry they give you common components that you then turned into a gun. Technically muggy says the single guy has the biggest collection surprise. Ask are you playing a chick of course person. There's mir's that's okay. i'm gonna shake hooking up with other chicks. Leave me alone. Yeah doing a little brain. Dance is first person. Can you look down you can't you. Yeah walk around. Shirtless sue the little lightning bolt landing strip. I cannot wait my next character. I swear that'll be fun. It's gonna be a chick with the fillet angie k. Flange falange rena philanthropy instead of e. That's her name rita philology. Nice sweet you guys have any other cyberpunk stuff to talk about. No all right. I'll look at that mission where you get that weapon and also send it to you guys because it's under complete it so okay. Cool nice so we can add to our collection. I'm excited yeah. Yeah well jones gonna need it for his next characters so you can go snack people around with it. I mean if you wanna do that. I'll just play a saints row. Dad's still the weapon. Dildo gun did legit. no debt. rising three wasn't it. No it was a fucking gun that shot dildos early. Hanging out at the puck zombies. That's where i got. The dildo gun actually wasn't saint tra was dead rising. Had the malay. Yeah there was the dildo sabre over. Yeah yeah all right cool. We're going to move onto random. Shit you guys have any rhino shit before we close this shit out just saying before as before i got more pops got a t shirt with the pop in halo. Nice job hops today. Cool the The source wrecks from horizons road on underdo awesome. I was this close to doing the transformers pops this but i didn't show you don't get yelled at. I know i cannot. These are the last pop that i ever actually like this one. Because miguel screw. You're getting a t shirt. So i said to him and i'm like here you go joey school in the dark mauve giddy. And he's like. I can't buy any more props. I'm like just say you're getting a shirt. Joke comes with a t shirt. So i got fucking texture gideon and then i had already reorder this one a long time ago but they finally released it in ship the to me. The cool thing about this one was best. Buy refunding me five bucks at a time. Every week that it was shipped to me. So i ended up only paying maybe eleven. Yeah swear to god like best buy was like you're a refunded five bucks you a refunded five bucks so in this for like eight bucks nice. Oh hell yeah best buy. And it's it's an it's an exclusive so it's only best buy so thank you for that and Yeah i cannot buy any more fun. Clothes until after christmas. On your loophole. What loophole can i find you. Your christmas is next week. Cyberpunk cyberpunk wait till you wait till christmas is over your wife. Probably you some of the shit. You already have. No no because she asked me. What do you want for christmas. Plus our families. Doing this was a secret. Santa but everybody knows who's getting what for each other so it's not really a secret santa game but she's like what are you want and i haven't really asked for fun co pops and it's really hard because she doesn't know which ones i already have. Yes with the exception of the ones that one of our dear friends bought us at the fun coast store. Yeah yeah. I'm not getting any phone calls for christmas. Oh speaking of dear friends go ahead and say that i have your address. This two extras fit me. So nah this will be sent your way. It's an official letter. Kenny wayne flannel. I'll be there in december january workout with kobe. Stuff right but if yeah if you're here cool down if if we can do it it's yours buddy code. Thanks letterkenny red flannel. Did yours at see. All i'm gonna be there from gonna be in arizona from the thirtieth through the sixt. We could something data wednesday totally do something. Hopefully we'll see. Some adams allegedly allegedly by any. Who as far as rando shit. I other than the fun. I don't have anything Go mando. Let's say oh yes You're towers talk risky. A spoiler warning warning comes to start work. I forgot his name. What's his name. The comedian though hilbert bill burr bill. Burr yeah bill burr fantastic jerry. He's amazing rate character and for complete side character there in that episode it was different seeing characters like oh go stormtroopers help them type of thing and then when happened after another great episode there killing it that that freaking show just amazing exciting wars. We watch it. It's fucking great. God we address this. I'm sorry it's already a to our podcast. But disney excited to drop the mic. This week they did. I don't know if you guys are aware of all the star wars stuff all the marble stuff that disney just they just said fuck the world twenty twenty one. Fuck the game awards. Were to lucky. Sony really wasn't anything anyways. Drop the mic. Yeah game awards. Guess what disney said. Yes sir dick gamers. We're going to drop all the shows. You're not going to be playing video games. You're going to be watching all of our star. Wars shit you're gonna be watching all of our marble shit so let suck at hbo. Max in your warner brothers bullshit. What the fuck but anyway. Yeah disney. Congratulations you have just one. Twenty twenty one. Good work at for sure. John for everybody who doesn't know what did disney's do. Disney decided to launch an announce because they had investor meetings They decided to announce that For star wars. There's gonna be ten roughly ten live action slash movies slash animators coming out They also announced. There's going to be ten to eleven live actions slash animated Movies coming out as well so this is so they said star. Wars is coming out with ten marvel's coming out with ten but disney. We're also going to bring you more late year but wait. There's more more my action. Buzz like ear here. You go. yeah that'd be. Don't a thing that's really really think this animated but it's a movie. It's about buzz lightyears life like and actual space ranger. That's who is it though. I'm trying to remember. I don't remember who the monkey monkey monkey is gonna have to Slopes this for us but anyway so the star wars stuff. They're doing they're going to do a soka they're gonna do. The will be one with the movies or series series so the series is a soka. They're gonna live action. They're going to do. Obi wan kanobi which is live action with you and mcgregor and hayden christensen returning as darth vader They're going to do an animated New rangers movie. They're going to do the yeah. They're called like the the new republic rangers or something like that Kinda like with gina. Carano with her character They're doing a rogue squadron which is a film which slated or rumored to be the top gun of scifi of star wars. that's so it's going to be filmed like top gun but it's all wing stuff that's great. They're doing the acolyte Which is suppose rumored it. It's going to be the dark plagued story with impo patine. So how and they're gonna do an art to two story. I think it's like like his complete story. Because that's what people have been asking for is an are two story. That's so cool. I think i'm trying to think what else to soka. Obi wan there's the other one where they're doing short stories from throughout like so many thousand years. Yup so it's kind of like the what if that they're doing in marvel but it star worse I'm trying to think what else i think baba's getting his own Trying to think monkey boosted the bad batches the animated Spinoff from the clone wars mandar and door which. I don't remember what that one was about Yeah the visions is the one landau is getting his own story. The droid story Marble so switching from star wars to marvel. You've got loki. you have a one division. You have winter soldier. Captain america or falcon. You have ant man three coming out. you also have loki levin thunder. I'm sorry thor levin levin thunder my bad That the one where natalie portman become store yes christian christian. Bale has been confirmed as the god killer. I think it's what his name is on monkey. You're gonna have to correct me on that. But he's a he's going to be enemy in sewer eleven thunder so yeah disney by stock now. Pretty much i swear. Twenty twenty one wants the vaccine is spread throughout everybody's vaccinated disneyland stock up. Yeah the roof. Hell yeah speaking of stock joe coast stock. I'm actually loving my a stock more than anything else. I bought my stock. It's like twenty bucks. It's now like one hundred and fifty dollars. Nice smart in in profit so moderna. Thank you for the vaccine. I'm hoping that it all goes well are all. I hope you get the vaccine before too much shit goes down but anyway Monkey said the christian. Bale will be gore. The god butcher. So he's like he's gonna have makeup and and all that cool shit so i am in s- in twenty twenty one brings us cool marvel shit cool star wars shit and aliens. Hey why not. Why not fucking twenty twenty was shit. Twenty twenty one. Bring us the malians as long as we can get some snooze new in addition to that In response to warner brothers saying hey. All our stuff's going to be on. Hbo max disney also said. Hey all our stuff's going to be on disney plus however from what we've already seen with move on for example there was a fucking thirty dollars fee on top of that so i'm not sure how to feel about that part of the announcement of disney saying here stuff on on disney plus Whereas i i'm fine paying fifteen dollars a month for. Hbo to get all these movies. That are going to be day. One or k at home for no additional cost. I still have two years monkey. A monkey said disney plus is going up to eight dollars a month. I still have two years. That i paid for so whatever. But john regan's net flicks is going up. Okay the raising it again. I think it's going from thirteen to fourteen but looking at the price as it costs me. A father of two children a family to go to the theater right that extra cost per movie. Totally worth it that you as a single person. I can understand why it would be considered a rip off But that thirty dollars. I was happily like it. I was like thirty bucks for milan. I will pay thirty bucks. I will pay thirty dollars for a disney plus movie well-directed especially if it's a star wars movie directed by day baloney george lucas and john fabbro. Then you know what you can have my first born child. I don't care. I'm going to watch by tommy. That afterwards shit. Wanna get that staying. I can get all the. I know how you feel about warner brothers. And all that. But you're thinking dc with the whole hbo maxine you. Don't you're also getting matrix for. Yeah so. I will admit that i will be getting. Hbo max. but i will not be getting it until twenty twenty one win matrix four comes out. I the only reas- only looked at all the lineup. That's the only one. I want matrix. Four i don't give a shit about dc. I don't give a shit about anything else on eight on warner but i'm concerned about doon. Doon is jeff star wars was. It's like tech tween. That's it you know. But i just want the matrix four. That's all i want. I will pay for the subscription for. Hbo max just for the matrix for trying to look at what else there. I use ammos as mortal kombat mortal kombat. Joe it's it dude it's gonna be like fucking plane fantasy football. It's going to be a hit or miss. I swear unless they can they have a lot. That's a lot of shit that they have to go through and they have to prove to me that is worth it. Because honestly in my honest opinion i enjoyed the first mortal kombat movie now. The only thing that they're selling on our rating and the fact that they're gonna show fatalities. What are they gonna show that. We haven't seen in saw or hostel or fucking whatever the ally ross movies that are out there you know so i i get i get it. It's gonna be epic but for me it's to ask. I don't know i'm going to. I'm going to have to wait. It's not going to sell me right away but matrix for just saying i guess my whole initial point is i will get. Hbo max to get these movies day. One at no additional charge. Whereas i have disney plus for another two years. But i don't know that. I'll be getting their movies on my account just for me. I'm going to jokes to watch them. If they are thirty bucks a pop and going to go outside movies trade. You joe log into your. Hbo mex- they go. That's true kinda like joe emma bixby. Are max like what we're doing. What do you do voodoo. Who don't even know what's on your joy. I wanna know what's on my voodoo like i don't know what's on says he's blue never log into it. Pitch perfect the whole series nightmare for christmas. La la land anyway shades on. Let's rapid be treated editing. You i'm not gonna do a whole bunch of editing work. They're going to listen to it. How we have it here. So i'm to draw on throws raw dog in this episode but i'm enjoying join my quest. I just got the quest link cable. So i get to experience that i might be getting some other. Vr shit here so exciting stuff. Good episodes cyberpunk is really cool. I'm glad that we're all enjoying it and we're going. We're taking our own with this game. So that's great so anyways. Let's end this episode. This is chris. I'm going to go play. Some oculus amount piece this john and my get on cyberpunk but i'm probably going to go to bed. Go fucking eat. And then i might play warzone today. As joe killed my scotch. So i need to eat something. And then i don't know cyberpunk or fucking top golf prodigy golf on an oculus where you can't see your surroundings. That sounds amazing. Hoping one of my boys walks in. So i can knock him upside the head. Tommy since you're already don't want him fucking off. What are we recording week. Just a question. no actually. we're going to be offered probably next week for sure because it's christmas time we're going to spend it with our families. That's why haven't released last week's episode audio episode release that and then released this one Probably four or five days later after that so people have stuff to listen to. well cheers. Merry christmas to all of our listeners. Monkey risky merry christmas christmas christmas. Yeah merry christmas to you guys do. Here's twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one boy is so i'll be in arizona on the thirtieth which is a wednesday while flying in there on the dirty and i'll be leaving arizona which is a wednesday nice. Hell ya not podcasting next week available the week after it'll be a two week or the week after that we'll do it'll be. We'll do thursday in seventh. We can do it thursday. We can do that so sweet. All guy sounds good. This is chris. I'm out they have. We all saying goodbye audio game on da thing should just go back to tiktok should but then i got to create a profile. Anyway let me look at it for free like they used to create a profile. And then it gives you more content that you like. You actually liked the real instagram. And i have a dominatrix messaging. She's like where do you live. I'm like why that's fucking to larry. Is that at the end of show. That's funny company incidents.

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