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<music> hi. I'm calling your host of the good news podcasts. I'm neil the other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news fun stories auditory delight and sonic joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in chicago. Oh okay so neil you are different and a lot of ways. One of the ways that we're different is on the hair brown hair. You play video games. Okay even in your phone abner board video as a rule well okay. I'll flip that and say that i i've seen you shopping for dresses almost every almost every single time. I've walked up <unk> on you when when we're meeting somewhere you're shopping for dresses. It's true yeah. That's your video. It is it's it's the way i like. It's a waste of my time. Yes i do play video games. I enjoy playing these days yeah. Ah you just can't let's go. I i have been playing solitaire for hours and hours hours a day. I don't think there's anything wrong with it but i really enjoy playing solitaire and i play it. When i have <hes> baby i have a baby a little baby and right now. He takes naps with one of his parents and they they can go to two plus hours have to hang with him for the nap. It's i mean it's a whole thing. I don't wanna get into it. We're we're we're doing. We're doing sleep training training so at night. He's all alone for naps. We just want to ensure that. He's getting some good z's and please listeners. Do not e mail me a bad sleep training. I'm not interested in your opinion. Do baby's gonna do parents are gonna apparent <hes> so when i'm sitting silently one handed in the nursery sitting in the dark in the middle of the day i play solitaire crazy solitaire 'cause do you remember do you remember in windows. The you can play solitaire arguably freecell. There are other solitaire games that i'm just learning about now. Try peaks. What do you mean. Is it solitaire the name of the game. I think it is the name of a game but it's also a family of games so the one you know most classical is solitaire klondike solitaire. I'm getting you're going that way. After those great yeah song tears that i was playing is a classification of games games you play alone solitaire solitaire card game right yeah solid so the ones the ones that i they have access to their like five of them and i have expanded my knowledge of solitaire greatly back the windows ninety five solitaire hook you. I mean the most enjoyment when you can please when you complete a deck. It just felt so. Are you still getting that same same fab -solutely exactly the same feeling when you're done but honestly straight up solitaire you you can get through a game of solitaire pretty pretty quick so freecell. I think is considerably harder. Well try peaks. Really fun tried triplex seven-minute seven-minute dark room with the baby and anything to do. That's all great well then we're in agreement. Okay sorry so that is the video game. I have been spending most time. I'm with but it. It's probably not the answer. You're looking for well. No any answer is fine with me. I i am going to talk about a different video. Game called minecraft love minecraft in graph okay great blatantly one time. Guess what a study out of iowa state university has recently released findings that playing minecraft my actually boost is your creativity and here's the thing i really. I cannot wait to tell you about how they did this study. It is so funny. It's just like are they. Scientists i ant okay so this is that he did was they compared the effect of playing minecraft with or without instruction to watching t._v. or playing every scar game those who were given the freedom to play minecraft without instruction were more creative those who were given the freedom to play minecraft without instruction. They're just been like go play yeah. Here's how they came to that conclusion. So there were three hundred and fifty two participants they were allowed allowed to play forty minutes of minecraft or they watch t._v. The and they were not given any instruction for the minecraft. They were just like here. Go do thing and then after the forty minutes they were asked complete several creative tasks the way that they measured the creative production was they asked each participant to draw creature from a the world that was much different than earth so the more human like the creature that somebody drew the lower scores. It is the best test of grid heavy yes so if someone does a stick like figure with a third arm. They're like zero zero not creative at all. The less human like creatures that were drawn were scored way higher so that brings me so much joy. It's so funny. I it isn't it. Isn't it an entirely subjective. How's that good day to undergraduates in a room i mean i don't know let's get a bunch of kids in here. It's three hundred and fifty two people you'd study and they're like ok guys at the end of this forty minutes. I need you to drag creature and to be clear it's not from earth and it's a non firmer funny and weird. I got you yeah more than anything. I want to see a bunch of zeros. I want to say the least creative creatures nature's and i must be the people who just watched t._v. Western mark. I mean that's what they're that's the high that's their hypothesize. I think the idea <hes> you can be am. I hearing you right that they had increased creativity scores by playing minecraft without instruction yeah so just being allowed to go yeah verses someone who's l- with someone standing over the shoulder saying pick up that would build hold your house or somebody who just watching t._v. Or somebody playing a race card game gotcha. That's so neat. Thank you for sharing that with welcome. <hes> i play minecraft. I wish that i could have given you. I could have asked you to dry creature after one of your solitaire games what came out i mean i think if what have you just drew a as far yeah like a two of hearts. It's i think solitaire only makes me more analytical way less creative. Oh it's all it's all numbers. Especially usually try peaks. I'm gonna keep talking. I mean here's the thing with try. Don't wanna get a card flipped over and from three pyramids of cards cards. You can go one card up or one card down from the face up card. It is so addictive it sounds like gambling ah paying money for their going actually need a couple of bucks. Oh god all right. That's good. Thanks for listening. 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