Be Do Have - EP 306


He you know sometimes you hear things that just below your blows your mind a little bit and I heard something that I really had to stop and think about and I really want to run it by and I want to start this year by asking you all all this question and So I want to know as we begin. Twenty Twenty three twenty two thousand talking the Barbara Walters called twenty twenty twenty crazy twenty twenty. Yeah that'd be right like anyone else's car fly get well. So here's the deal. I have a question I want to ask you something. I heard. I WanNa know if you think this is true or not if it applies to you and I really wanted to bait plus a brand new game today. All right are doing this at the beginning they call it bill boarding the show coming up today coming up today on the streets out with Ross Ross. Pretty question he wasn't all the street dog plus a brand new game. We're GONNA play are you able dropper. We'll find out that much more more coming up straight talk with us and then I play the song understand that a billboard. That's called bill boarding but I can't play the song unless I'm begged for it by CJ EJ and by the way. I didn't write the law. Happy New Year everybody else. Can you please play that song that I love so much to welcome us is it. Okay Oh you wish you know you top love honey now. Ross Matthew the whole job stretch talking sounds plenty sweet to me down Mumbo jumbo twenty nine phenomenal show. We have for you to kick out of Ross nappies honored by that applause. That's true man. Always quick reach around. Thanks seat. Only Boyer back after winning. CONFIGURE COUNTRY CLEVELAND. I don't think so black toilet lifetime. Achievement Award at the two thousand nine hundred nine straight talk. It is one and only Taylor Faber. I'm still on a high I'd love when you are when you are on hiatus from work because it means that when I call and go king coming Pong table she you know she. She just told us she looks around and she says yes shows up. I'm so glad that you did now. Listen I'm teased. Everybody at the beginning of the program about something. I heard this was at Christmas when I was home in Washington and I was with my uncle John and he did you know we were in the kitchen. We were just walking uncle. John's great you know John Locke Eight and he's got this great voice kind of Raspy a little bit but not too late. She's a great voice. You always sounds like an authority figures. He's GonNa listen to him and he's like here. Did you know this. And he said a fact and I said it wasn't a kitchen. Listen and a couple of things one. I thought I love this. I love it you told me to. Does it apply to me three. I have to talk about this on. The podcasts hassle applies to everybody else. What real quick uncle? John said something to me. What do you think you said? Random facts here. It does have something Asian woman in the bed. Does it have something to do with the New York. No it doesn't Ross. Mathews does is it has to do with maybe like a bucket list or like something your your bills. Sure just cut her baynes. Does it have something maybe with Hollywood as whereas robots Earl USA Today. Ah John Asked about a fun fact about food. No Okay Ready. He says he said. Ross I did you know that every human is supposed to poop eighteen inches a day. Hard for those that you're still free said if you you break it up into like you know whatever it is you can do nine inches four inches five inches. Whatever it is you're supposed to poop eighteen inch at least or the average or shack and Mary Lou? Retton no I average human on average. Yeah so raspberry athletes what about Shaq vs webster's Mr Throat. So there's a lot of fiber in weedy hard you're eighteen inches eighteen inches. Now the average person you put it all together the average person is supposed to go eighteen inches a day. Now I want you to think about uh-huh now everybody I want to ask this. Everybody turns and looks. Can I get an Amen Right. Everyone turns and looks has taken in on the FA. No no I didn't. I didn't know a U turn. I should hope so after all. Wake up and look at what you left in the bowl now you think about think about when you go once right now now. Everyone picture how big that is. In your head. On average God no eighteen inches is what this big right. I'm holding up eighteen inches. Sieges this okay. That's ten almost two. CJ's just under two CJ. Okay think I wouldn't mind using now. How many how you WANNA get Blanche up in many times? Are you going in a day. Two two to three. That's really three. I do I go to before I go to the gym easily. I do when I wake up at one right before the then one ranked the gender wise men just all the time give appoint. Yeah but if you and you do your own mouth you'd you'd you look at no not that bowl and then look at the ball within right how if you add it all up. Are you getting eighteen. Yup I aw I can say with certainty really I get to eat without a doubt. I do my daily fourteen. Also the scientists who had to measure out this job. That's where I went on an average day. What's your number? I honestly couldn't tell you I would say about a foot by would brow part about twelve inches. Yeah I don't I never really qualitative and quantitative you'd have to have to have and by the way I've really fiber hardcore Meta right right really. What a difference it's made? What an amazing difference? Well you've always I mean in the past few years you have always been a very clean sweeper tailing checks all my movements you even elevated this. Yes how many times do you go today with the fiber boost. I I mean I don't know if I WANNA say why Brag in Iraq. I would say three I would say three healthy and all chain sweepers. I and I know I hit my eighteen sweepers squatty potty of course sure yeah human eliminate living human being. Of course I do is it Nikki clogged only once like once a day about once a day you put both of us together. I think eighteen may take him so how many times you go a day to half. That means yeah. I not eating dead meat carcass. You guys are kind of whatever. Want any part of you. That strives for more unique. Nope it's top out like have some sort of record broken or something but they know that would be fun contest. Just have to get one more opinion. Matthew you are editor. He's in the back are you. How many times did they hold up? Your fingers are you going or I would say three three and do you get your eighteen inches. Yeah he gets his so maybe commanding. This too is how many times have you took all the eighteen inches around the world. How many times would it reach the moon back elitist? Thank you so much. Thank you for that happy New Year. Everybody well I'll tell you I didn't bring up poop. We know in trouble but I ask ourselves. I want you all to tweet us. How many times do you go in you hitting your eighteen foot? What you get in to hit us up at Hello Ross Pot burn? We're starting the horse. Mickey and I will be gone soon. Started to so so we see it right now. Nikki and I were in Puerto Vallarta as the show's being released. We're down there. I go down Right after new years. Nikki's the same day and we're going to be down there for a bit. I'm Vallarta now. Listen Nikki excited. I can't wait to poop in Mexico. I know certainly get a foot long. They're really this. I got a two bedroom bedroom suite and and And I'm so excited because my friends Scott well who's been on the show before we went to the China to me is staying with me because he stay with me last time we say so I call him and I'm like Hey. Hey you're staying with me. He goes way. I'm what I'm not saying with you. I got my I got my own room. Oh why why why are you laughing over there. CJ GIG lie confirm log in Mexico because because we all get along with everybody usually one afternoon a little tumble. It hasn't happened to downplay that even like the last six trips. I haven't gotten any MONTEZUMA's revenge. Tolerance for Ross. I was okay so let me say this known so I have to like sweet kitchen balcony. Hot Tub UH living room two bedroom two bathroom Acute want and Scott Out. Well he The reason I always get a room because when I had no money it was on the tonight show. We went to New York for the first time and I had zero dollars and he took care of me. Let me sleep in his room. He's such an amazing man. So I said if I ever get money I'm going to take care of you forever so I I do so. I called him to talk it out and he said No. I got my own room. I didn't know and I just I just assumed he knew because anyway it was a homeless community also demanded to Puerto Vallarta By himself early. So that's true. Yeah so so I realized I now have a two bedroom suite. And it's it's just me and Nikki's come. She singing her in place. We've always in the same building all the same whatnot but just me and a sweet. So then I call vaccine and I said Guess what I have a free bedroom in a gorgeous platelet rooftop stunning the best place in Puerto Vallarta Gore just all expenses paid usually to buy a flight and get yourself down there for cheap for cheap right. I found round trip. Four hundred dollar ticket which is not nothing no but for a free Mexican vacation is great and all right fags e tell the the people. I'm not going no backup. Let's back out. I'm in bed it's like eleven. Thirty five I'm dozing you know. I'm watching the late night show by Purple Mattress so cozy my phone rings who the fuck is calling me at eleven thirty five I I pick up I could see Ross look over and I I know I pick it up and he starts talking. There's no hello there's no it was just like okay hip so this is what happened in an extra room and you're going and I'm like what no no no I don't want to go to Puerto Vallarta. I've I've told you one thousand times. Yes I don't want I did say I was very grateful. Thank you for offering in thinking about it. I want to me I want to go back. You know I'm not going there. You WanNa get diarrhea. That's what he's going to own and I go. You know what you could say is thank you so much for the kind offer. I'll think about it. No no no no no no. It was abusive and I call an elder elder abuse kept saying soldier abuse elder abuse. Because you're loaded. I'm still convinced that you were because it was very erratic. It was not online started booking tickets when I was I was saying flat out. No I said let's see what the tickets would cost. No you said I'm booking you can pay me back. I said elder abuse. And that's that's awful. You guys the best offered him a punishment goes like I said. Hey you and spend the weekend Shashank. No I got you. That's a beautiful. Oh sweet in port in Puerto Vallarta on the whole I have to. I was very grateful at the beginning. I said thank you so much for thinking about me. That's really nice. Ross but I don't think I'm GONNA do it. I don't I think I think that's what he said. Let me talk about how you know. Now let me let me. Let's all excited so. Cj everyone here knows fancy. When I called him and said free trip to Puerto Vallarta Vallarta? I wasn't a free trip. It was just a free room. I Apologize. I'm sorry to ask you to tell elven how much a ticket costs around. You WanNA stop in Dallas. I'm not going to attack. I gave you the option to sort of our ever want to fucking go that diarrhea capital of the world. I'll make sure you check out bubbly brunch at the bar every case so when he comes in here here and says to the listeners the trusting listeners when he says them I said Oh Ross. Thank you so much for the offer but I'm going to have to do you think he said that. Oh you think he said is not going to that place. Diarrhea fucked up. That's what you pushed me into is very grateful. I'm saying it. I tried to be nice. I always please do the tragic offered you. Jay helped me please help me somebody. Nicky listen clear of the dynamic here like it's mom dad on the verge of divorced Burns too old. It's exhaust mom. Be Quiet Nikki talking but what I do love is that I think I think you do. Start off in gratitude but each push each other's this buttons and you go from gratitude to anger and like point zero second but the funny thing is is that I will agree. You always always said to me. The vacation is a form of self abuse. It is because you have to come home at the end. It's it is a former. I can promise you. I'll never off. If you anything like this again you'll feel when you don't -cations you don't like oh I find them self abusive because you have to come on. Come home it's a bust your there. Yeah I love it you know and then you gotta go homework. It's a Downer like why torture yourself so then you just want to always stay home. Our Um I think you should go. I think you would have a good time. Of course he would have a good time all their Nikki and are the frisky friscos there. Scott current you have a really great time like I hear what you're saying but I think you have a really great time. Thanks beautiful people. I'm working work from there. I could get automatic skype anywhere in so many straight talkers. We'll be their promised you every time we go straight TALKER EP. Half for my ticket. Oh my mortgage you fuck see. We have not as by the way that what. You're wait let me tell you after. I was assaulted by his naked eye. Far He takes it to so oh then. I was abused by his outlook on life ungrateful. That's really awful. How do you think I feel? Oh so then I called Taylor and I text text today and I said to take because I know she's off right now she's I said you exist exist bags I go by and I'm calling to say what did I say. So you skip parts. I said Oh that's great. Oh that's great awesome. Ah flat out lie. That's not a plan. I was recording conversation. It's in the files I don I sent spousal abuse and you look Justin Bieber. Today is wearing a little blonde wig with the Little Justin Bieber. But so I called tails. fags is what you WANNA free. Room import on my. I can't she can't either way. I have to go back to work. We why it were like that's it. That's the attitude right there. Did you hear him. He mock you go back to work. He does what he does to me having Coming from a conflict I I was deep cut. Wave Way back in fact Z.. Brings up a good point. I was a conflict manager in elementary school. I went to training but the week long adviser with hands holding hands and I would control the recesses S.'s. And I had a clipboard. And if they're fighting over four score Bali go like Whoa. WHOA WHOA WHOA? Hey and I grabbed the ball. What's going on here? Tell me what happened and that would help. Kids solve the problems too. Fancy do think maybe you have the problem and not the conflict manager. It's he's playing reverse psychology. It's psychological. Mind Games Games with me. It's psychological just is it. We need a conflict manager. I think someone here should be a this whole segment called conflict with right and who's wrong. Yeah let me let me plead my case and you can all vote. There's three of us. So the majority opinion voice. So let me tell you this streetwalkers all I did all I did. Let me tell you what I did. I paid for beautiful sweet and when I found out there was an extra space. A Beautiful Room with its own private bathroom. In case someone has the Shit's it's maybe nineteen twenty inches. I don't know but if I said I had the space and what I thought my first thought was. Let me we give it to a friend who has expressed. Every time I go to Puerto Vallarta. Who's he's asking he's going his balls or deep about what we did? What's going on? It's own cuisine of about it. I thought let me give this. They are not. These are not inexpensive rooms. It's a beautiful. It's the most expensive place to stay there but I know I'm in the middle okay. So what I have is what I have. Is this beautiful space. That would be going to waste and I think who could use a life experience and and I thought my friend faxing and I want to give this gift it to him I WANNA do. Is this beautiful serene place I would love to share this experience with a great friend. N- define and you know what I'll do it at no expense to him. I'll take care of it. You just need to get yourself there and you know what it is on just enjoy luxuriate relax work. Forgive me to this. Why fight free three for you? I paid for free and enjoy yourself and what I what I got back was was an assault. While I'm in the middle Ma'am I mean why would you. I don't want to go there. I don't want to get diarrhea. Why would you bug me? I don't want I need to work. You can't work from there. Were question in the middle. No no sorry. You've earned the right now. I'm sorry was part of this effect that he called you to eleven thirty at night. was that part of it absolutely absolutely Tia. Thank you thank you for that up. I kept saying I was dry. Was Half you're lucky. Picked up that damn bone. I wish I wish you wouldn't have. I'm not going to from now on. I blocked your number right. Have you really thought thank you tell you that that's been I kept bringing. The dog is Ross. Matheson longer will tell you this. I'll tell you this. I tried to do something nice and it blew up and I'm sorry. I see the apologized for offering you a free room. I know I didn't think you'd be like coach. No I'm sorry. Excuse for putting you in the wake of having to be invited out of your comfort zone to have a great time and I'm sorry I should've. I should've known better that take that for you. You know next time. I have a dark room here at home. I'll make sure to offer that to you. I I will never offer you a beautiful rooftop room in paradise overlooking the ocean for free. I won't use. Should've I should've gotten me too if if you don't go I'll never come over. I'll never call he threatened. You're leaving all now like yes. Yes you I was just eating grin on your thing. I think that you knew and you called him. I think he knew exactly. We're going to get it not for that. Bottom snapping is four. Yes I promise I swear I do almost think he would curve because I love I love bringing I really only have expressed a bunch of times that we talked about on the show. You uh-huh well thanks. I didn't get the invite. You have expressed a bunch of time. So thanks so I believe what Ross is saying that he that he thought they say straight talk with Russ. You'd think I'd like to spend my this. How what I love to do on a Thursday night? This is is my favorite thing to do. I like to stay up till eleven thirty and then offer people free. Please go day in Mexico when I know they'll say no. That's how that's how I really get my kicks. Get you think you would have a good time. He has a really nice raw like bags. He was GonNa say you knew what he would say like this like that like breakfast not always not all Wayne one time this week. I got your breakfast kissing. You didn't end up going once. Not Oh my God. He doesn't listen. I told him a thousand times. I don't eat breakfast and he's like French does he goes. I'm not going thirty six later. He texts back French. Toast sound good. That is true okay. Cj I I can't come up and then I have. I think I have a good solution at all of you say who was right. Who was wrong? Thank you okay. Do you WANNA go Nikki. Well I just WANNA say having said all of this you're toxic relationship with bras that's abusive elder abuse. spousal abuse all of this stuff. That's going on. I think I really think you should come to Puerto Vallarta I. I think this is a sign. This is a good way to start the New Year out of your comfort zone. I think I usually I really feel like you can't be room room away but I didn't give the room away just not going to give it to you. That's what okay did you really have. You thought about me being there. Did you know I would just want to be in my bedroom and in the bed the whole time I probably I wouldn't I don't drink. I don't do anything beautiful to walk it listen. Jj Approach. No listen to this. It's the beaches the pull. I live by the beach for sixteen years. Yeah I did but I didn't yell at like that. I know but what kind of things that to say. Let's go to walk arrest. I live by the beach for sixteen eighteen year food to smell the music Tanada Tijuana. It's like Puerto Vallarta. There's no oh gosh. Straight talkers made fun of me. They go you know Russell Porta in its Puerto Vallarta port. Ovar I say. Porto it's poured out dicky Puerto. Ted Atalanta Puerto Vallarta Puerto. Here's the deal. It's what is the deal. Happy New Year right. WHO's right? WHO's strong happy New Year? I feel like it would be a big step out of your comfort zone but I think people would have to honor the fact that you need to have you have experience on near Juror. Thank you would do you. That's all I'm asking you for a little bit of that understanding I s social anxiety. I don't WANNA be around. You say if I go I WANNA go on my terms as you said. I don't want to go to that Shit I would've said I WANNA go. On my terms. He would have exploded. Can you imagine he didn't say let me think about. But if I go if I go so I do want to go on my terms. He said I don't want to go to that. Shithole get diarrhea. That's what he said. Well that is the truth so was I was I wrong an in an ideal vocabulary. Okay so maybe I added Shit. It's so hard it's still hard as a child of two. Oh unhappy parents in a marriage. It's really difficult to differentiate. Who's right and wrong? You just see my people pleaser tendencies or leading up a guy talk. Am I right or wrong. This is the most Both of you are right in. Thank you agree. I agree scale like can. Can I tell you really quick. So we'll see what I'm thinking too. Because he has to experience on his own terms fancy moves to a different rhythm to the most of us. And you know we're also and you when I go man you walk all the time everywhere and I don't we don't hang all the time then. Sometimes we like let's go out and let's say Dope Win. What time and I? I think he can have the same schedule. He'll let me ask you. We thank you C. J. CJ when. Kurt what has this has nothing to his experience. There is not the problem his reaction to me inviting him as the issue hit his experience. There is believed through. We did about his fake scenario scenario of him being there if you have a good time in his own space what I'm talking about is there. I'm talking talking to offer to him and he blew up at me but we talked that that is true. No it's not I could see the. What is I know I was so you you offered that room and no it I said let me think about it all you in the morning and I'll look up the information? That's what I look at the information. No because what I love you. He's right he's right. I would have to be on my terms and I know if I went. You'd be come on. Come on come on come on Oh you you call him every patient. Let me put this out there right now. You will never need to worry about that. Aw You let me make a promise to like the promise I made to you when you had that merely against your fucking floor and I said I'd never with your house. Let me make a promise you right now and Ford winning episode. I know if if and when you ever go to Puerto Vallarta I will not step foot in that town. While you're there I never will expedient Puerto Vallarta with you just so crazy a builder like real dark. I'll tell you why because now everyone's so dizzy with you talk you that. No one could see what clearly happened. Argued gaslight your gaslight at U.. ESPN Puerto Vallarta Baby. No no or as they say in Spanish no we'll be right back. You know how much I love being in bed right. I mean it is so important to have a nice bed and to keep it nice. It's like your sanctuary. You know at the end of a long day you know we all work hard. I WANNA crawl into my perfect bed. Yes and you want to look forward to absolutely. And that's why I love Boll and branch sheets. These sheets AIDS are so sought. We talk about mattresses all the time. It's important to spend to to find the right quality of sheets right. 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Talk at fifty dollars off your welcome Back on and off the in writing food. Welcome back to the program. Oh Wow I am so excited did you know I'm excited to have quality time with Nikki. We're having find listed. She's buzzed. You guys there's leave. Sorry we leave on the third of January and then I'm there just for five days Nikki. Yeah a high drunk. I don't drink vodka unless I'm here I'm going into the third and then Tommy and I are staying for some days and then we're going to sell you lead a wonderful. The blowhole is. There's a blowhole oh whole there. You've you've been to the blow home I have but I don't know what you're talking about. You know where the ocean goes up through a cave and it blows blows out but I I. I can't wait to to shove it down your little Caesar all right. Here's the deal. So I have this tour coming Brian. It's called namedrop tour right. We all know about that. And the NAMEDROP Tour namedrop the book go to Hell. Larussa come preordered the book all this so one of the things. We're going to be on the tour. Where is playing a game with the audience? I'm still working that game out and so I wanNA know if you guys are workshop if you guys would help me and then we're gonNA play the name drop game here got it. It's the first time I've never played it so you can help me. Tell me if you think it's fun or not okay. So it's time for the name name name dropped off. Oh my Gosh namedrop namedrop Dr. ooh Drop Open. So here's how this works all right so in the book namedrop. I dropped some names right. Well no it. Name dropping is telling story about CELEB- dropping a celebrity name right. So here's how this is going to work in this. First first round you'll each have ten seconds to drop five names specific category. Do you understand me. Oh my Gosh I'm GONNA keep score over here now. Of course I'm nervous. That's hard core. Hang I'm nervous because I'm so tipsy. Nicky what were you drinking over there. uh-huh Tito's and FRESCA delicious. It is delicious. You're welcome for that okay. Do you understand the rules of the game. Okay wait did you say the rules. Yes yes so you're going to have I'm gonNA give you drop in the first round five celebrity names in a certain category. I'll say named five this kind of celebrity. You'll have ten seconds to do it. Okay okay so you'll name as many as you can in those ten seconds if you can name five you'll stop. Okay the most you can name and around is five got it or maybe maybe it's better because I'm workshop in the game. Just name as many as category. Okay so we know over his Co. it's many as you can in ten seconds. Okay now who wants to go. I take take picture. Okay in ten seconds namedrop as many country singers as you can tell me. Why Net Dolly Parton Buck Owens Oh. It's hard to Blake Shelton to my God. That's hard okay. All right ten seconds you named four countries Matt great though all right Nikki Nikki intense seconds name same as many Oscar winning actresses as you hand versus Toma Meryl Streep Gwyneth Paltrow Tammy Wynette Christian slater in No not when you got three three interest in this game is fun right. It's hard when you're not not going along the Oscar. Winning actress should be Christian. Slater is a man and not an actress to see you know gender limit. EJ Your next. You have ten seconds to name as many male Sitcom Stars as you. Can John Stay most Bill Cosby All three few who are well. You got to isolate Dave Bob Tim Allen. Alan countdown scares excluded from Russia rise. All Right Malone this is yours you have ten seconds name as many male Ol- popstars as you can Justin Bieber. John Legend Kenny loggins. I love Kenny Rogers. Pop Oh d- what's that guy's name the orioles career. No I got four Kenny Rogers. The pop star heated islands in the Stream. Judges do except Kenny Rogers. Now it's like pop star Pop Dark Aqua Tater tot this ten seconds to the name as many male Oscar winners. I'm awful job. Oh God John Travolta got one song the lead with five all right nick. It's your turn. You have three contains lead if you take more than two right I Nikki. I need you to name. I'm as many intense British celebrities as you can do. Ten nine eight allies. You couldn't Mareo Tuck Connor Tyler Mitch. McConnell play that's awful Jim none got it all right so cj your necks. In my head. I could I need you to name As in ten seconds as many actresses over the age of Fifty Helen. Maram Agile no agile said Linda redgrave redgrave redgrave and Meltzer. Okay you got it in just one. Did you say Lynn Redgrave Lynn. Yes okay redgrave raid. Last name is the first six. All right Okay now fantasy you have as many name as many. I forgot to make another category. Can I say this porn stars can can you category. I forgot I made one showed up for tune stars. Okay ready yeah hold on. You have ten seconds seconds to name as many cartoon characters as you can Wilma Flintstone. Scooby Doo Shit. three cartoons. Oh Wow K.. Poker on us not to keep going. Okay well let me deal after rounds with one into fags see seizures in the linguistics See a fancy. Each of five in Nikki has three at heart so now in this last round each answer is worth to you only have five seconds and the categories are even your. You're so mickey. Unfortunately you've been eliminated from this. Oh thank you all right. And there's only one question for each move so today is in the Lee seizures six fantasy and take each have five and each worth two. You'll need a five seconds to to named namedrop as many celebrities as you can. Okay so tater tot you're GONNA go. I Taylor in five seconds name as many celebrities as you can in whose first name starts with the letter. C God Carol channing. Three to A Chris Martin Chris Pine Chris Evans Chris. Now he's got three in. You got three in times it built. ooh ooh okay harder than it sounds okay. CJ in five seconds. Nate namedrop as many reading as you can celebrities liberties who have celebrity fragrances. Jennifer Lopez Sarah Jessica Parker Mo- Jabe lies and Yeah okay well. It's good all right ready so it doesn't even know that Mary J. I made that up. I'm spacey task. What Mary it's just hilarious? Do you know Mary. J. Blige has a fragrance google. She does. She does check with the judges to see if Mary J. Blige we're going to get that answer coming up. She does she does okay. What's it called catering ration- in the dancers range? I think really. It's called high knows it's called a hater great. It's called high note. Okay now it all comes down to this bags. This is your last question. Okay in five seconds. Name is many any films as you can. That won the Oscar for best picture. Oh Shit dances with wolves. Uh All right pop into my head so after the play has a score of seven all right okay as a score of ten and has a score of eleven making her the win the game that one out of drama name I hope people who are listening to the show practice. Yes and I want them to. I want I bet. By the end of the tour. They're are going to be similarly black belt. I hope so. And we're just working the game out now so we're GONNA mattress clean not live for prices a lot of fun a lot of fun. It's hard because when you're here it was a lot of pressure people playing in their cars like they're probably I hope so. We'll see if you were as now all right. Make sure you get your tickets to name drop dropped tour at named Hello Ross Dot Com also do preorder the book We'll see you in thirty cities across the country. If you WANNA see what cities those are makes you go to hell. Ross Dot Com. They're all right. There are going to my social media. 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You know the your your boyfriend or girlfriend you don't feel you don't you're not gonNA listen purpose always special in my heart because what they did for you and always special in my bed because what they do for me. You'RE GONNA love will too right now. Our listeners get a free pillow with the purchase of a mattress. That's in addition into the grapefruits. Good they're offering site-wide. Here's how you get it. Just text straight talk all one word no space straight talk to eight four eight the only way to get this free pillow. So is the text straight. Talk to eight four eight eight eight. Just take out your phone start a new text type. The words straight talk all were no spaces straight talk to eight four eight eight eight message and data rates may apply sleep like Mr Malone music now giving meeting Zayed's panic attacks say as we were at our break dialogue going on in the room with people saying Oh you should you should go go you should. You should really a ear. What a great way to kick off the reach are just go for a recharge your tires just go on if I went would you be? You'd you'd let me do my thing if I just wanted to rest. I want to be alone today. Would you say oh my gosh. My authors been reneged. AAC Book that ticket. They had the phone out. Where's your from? Listen if you right now if you decided that you wanted go I could probably find it in my heart to allow you to stay in my room even after what you put me through. I could do it. Okay if if you allowed me in your room. Would you allow me to do my thing when we're there together even in the same room. Am I ever needy on you. I go I think chill but it's different dynamic with CJ. I think with me you WanNa like push me around. Let me be very clear about this. We does so much rather hang out with. Cj than you. I the I mean I I'm self sufficient. I'll need no. He Wakes yes. Oh early he he'll. He'll be texted me like Oh yeah walk to starbucks twenty miles away to go get coffee I take early and just he's off on his own. Then I walked. You wouldn't league like banging on my door get up. We're going to breakfast breakfast. Yes I but I would expect you saying no I mean listen. Here's the deal if it sounds like I'm pretty awful and that you don't WanNa go off no it sounds like oh Ross. Would you be like yourself so I don't want to subject you to how terrible I am especially in another country. Yeah because it sounds pretty hard for you. So I'm ah going. Listen listen you guys. You can either have this toxic horrible unhealthy dynamic in the estates or you can have them in Puerto Vallarta. So why not have this in Puerto Vallarta within the ocean. And there's fun she's a lush. Yeah she's loaded I am. I don't know I gotta eat some chips chips. You can't drive home. Oh my God man okay well do you think when it comes down to it you just two people trying to get along and live your lives eighteen inches at a time. Oh Oh God okay. This week this I is the first of two thousand twenty. It would be quite a twist to the story. If by the end of this podcast fancy had booked his ticket to Puerto Vallarta. I really think it could be magical. I just feel it you know when you get hits intuitive hits from the other side the drink don't do believe that this could be a really league good trip for you understood. Yeah and I think you should stay in Durham. It's he paints a very whimsical. FREAKY FAGS win. I needed saying whimsical music understood. And No. It's not about about poop bummer. This is from me cracker pants. No cracker nuts. Meli cracker are not straight talk straight. Talk she actually give me one second weather just how she writes shortening. uh-huh certainly play this song. Daddy was winds of It sounds like that ain't that's not whimsical. Oh my God. Don't don't see that her. This is what you're not invited. All right fucking her no. She's don't talk play she let out peop- you hear take all right straight talkers behold my story of the mighty Kief and how a little Pussy Fart pave my way to love. Wow Picture Texas. Two Thousand Twelve doggy style. Position sweaty bodies and a less powerful enough to soak anyone's anyone's pantaloons. For whatever reason the backstreet boys quit playing games with my heart was playing in the background. All this interrupted by a crunchy cooter to instead of the crunchy cooter toot instead of the action stopping. My boyfriend at the time laughed and started singing. CUIV playing games with my heart undecided night game we call name that Cui. We've we replace the words towards and Song titles with the word. Quiff we have Adele's rolling in the que- the BG's NYC Weaver Luck we've by save. Save Save of your fair and many more. This game turned a little shame into a love story The man I we've done is the man I'm Mary Blah. Sex is always best. When you quit real why I can see three flea now got one anything it's going on? We've gone went on Lake win anything by that band. Que- The KOO wee okay. That's good arts are ESP. See all my oh my God. That's wonderful Nikki. Cuiv you've been by or you just want to say. Hey in honor of the lease news McQueen the honor of my birthday I mean in honor of. TJ's birthday. That's coming up. Oh thank you so much for your in honor of Vicky be trending. Now what's trending birthdays birthday is your I love you girl. His birthday is January. That's why I love you Nikki. Thank you so you love just Nikki. She said it well. She didn't just say it. We all did something. Thank all of us up. We actually did come to realize so we all. I know that your birthday is January. Third it's the day I go to Puerto Vallarta. We're not going to be together. I you We got you got lower and balloon. o- and cupcakes too key board. Cj Bernie. I love. y'All everybody happy birthday Earth Day to you. Cj You are loved you are below. I won't see you. Yeah I room. If you okon those stopping go actually. That's my birthday. Wish for you to sign and here to blow out. Your candle is blanche in honor of Nikki. beat trending it is your birthday. I just wanted to say what everyone feels about. You is that you are loved. You are beautiful beautiful. You are strong. You are like a dark chocolate. Shell with an Uzi Center. That's just pure goodness and you are one of my favorite humans in the world so happy happy Thursday. Cj You you are a true friend a delight. And I can really. I mean this when I say it that you always keep it real. I met you just left working with Queen Latifah. uh-huh will only you got all these years we're GONNA if you around a bit tweak you so much thank you so much. Thank you all day. Maybe in Palm Springs. There's a room in Puerto Vallarta talk about this room about at this hotel or you're not going to get in the door for deal. Take one hour. Missile reader reader. Would've thought RUMAS well. She's going to end my career earlier or burgers. Well on that note lets can we create it. Let's listen to just go in real life. The blackness just added to say I went to crystal shine shine and got a couple of gifts for a friend in for Christmas Declare House and goes but I am on the bowl device train. Now what do you got mold. Divide one and that was like descending for and some have and I did that I was like when I went when I when I went into criticizing. Kept doing that I forget people that works on every looking at okay. You can't do that. You got me by. How did you find your piece? I found my peace. It was I looked at a couple and then one I I was like. That's it is beautiful. What did you feel what what made you choose that piece? I just gravitated towards it and I feel it's been for us. Why is it? I can feel it though. I think if I haven't taken like the Energy Oh gee I could fill. It is just like its budget. The the harness. How do I say this You're you're you can't you can't ignore your intuition. Yeah right so I feel like my whole thing right now is be do have and I say that's what I'm living in the new year so I don't like as if I'm like I wanna be a painter I'm GonNa be it and so you got to do the work and I gotTa claim that you know and so what you have to do is like yeah go out and research. Yeah beat the research search my is you know what I mean but you be the new and then you have it. Aw some people work backwards. But it's so crazy but I have my motive. I haven't taken it off like show with it. I I haven't taken this chain off since I've had it. Why is it every time where ono you shouldn't be wearing that? Is there any time. Yes ask your question. There are people who like even Tamra who works there. When she goes picks up motivate she has to grab blogs stones energy because it burns her too hard core? Do you think would you. Would you have Iraq a pair of peace of mind if it's four. Yeah proud of you and welcome served family style and I interrupted really quick because I ah Jong speaking of the crystal. I did go to for an automatic pen. Reading and it was a quickie. It was a beautiful Nikki bequeathed. quickey shut up. Listen facts. It was so good that was such a good reading so if anybody out there is on the fans and wondering if they should it is such a beautiful experience it so in tune and it really helped me get through the weeks of thank you thank you thank you nicky. That's nice last asking to do on this program. The first of twenty twenty final decision. It was my birthday wish. Okay this is okay I appreciate I love you so I can. I have to think about let me think about it. I can't make a decision on it. Be Do have is that it is due beating have but I can't make it assistance to one chance. In fact she come in Mexico fixation tae is on. Her phone rang at four hundred roundtrip. Yes all right. Can you let me just go home process. I'd give me no no because we ended it that night so so like I let it go I ask you about it you did not. I did too when you go home. The river walk cornhole watching porn sorry. Cj Rate's it's going to go up by the time you get home you have to make now you're on the rostering. Listen here's the I'm exhausted. I'm just exhausted from this. A we've intentionally to bring in the new year okay in eighteen inches of big welcome family. What have we done in? What do we have now? Served me to have something we're fighting do do in eighteen shits there we go all right. Listen welcome to to twenty twenty. It's going to be a whole lot more this and and We'll be in Mexico Who knows who will be there But we'll be there Mystery we'll take the room if you WANNA a follower adventures. I'm Haraz Mexico. Nikki Boyer. She'll get Mexico to take time. I'm off from life coaching. Talk it out like coach Dot Com and talk about a life coach. NICK JUNIOR DOT com. She and still do it. She gets to work from Mexico as part of the fun part of it so great about it. Cj It'd be celebrating his birthday you can follow him at Cj life and all social media and if you follow thanks just find a dark room where he'll be sitting alone follow his adventures in that dark room at Malone I've had Outta queasy old review. No the CUIV quit you.

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