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Hello this is Jesse David Fox. I'm senior editor at vulture and host. The podcast good one. A podcast about jokes. It's a podcast about well. Jokes Stephen Sondheim this guy so good at songs should call them Stevenson Guy. That's John Mullany decided not to tell onstage. Wonder why the show's not about jokes like that though. It's about the jokes. The Great Comedians in the world tell on stage and in special in beloved movies and TV shows or in a late night sketch. Every week on good one I sit down with a comedian comedy writer or director one of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. So this is like the premise and then I will go on stage and trying to improvise a punchline and then other times I'll have punch lines. They'll try to improvise a premise. It's honestly really hard. The way I work turns out. Comedians JOKES PRETTY SERIOUSLY. All jokes okay. That's what I do this really nothing else. I care about along the way we talk about. The writing process the best way to shape and mold. A joke is through conversation on stage. I don't sit down with a pen in the head and physically write down. Everything just has not my style. How they feel when they're telling the joke. Those are my favorite moment and common those stories. You tell where the audience is like. Oh Wow are we going down this PAT? How are we? Oh Wow and pushing boundaries people freak out sometimes because like how can you sound like my Bologna when you're a vegetarian? It's all very revealing. What did you learn from this? What was your takeaway? I now think I I'm not. I'm not sure Mar Curtian. Good one from her. In the box media podcast network. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcast APP. You do not use the podcast APP. Oh what a great question David Fox.

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