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My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical Regionical. Found guilty of paying money to players. Nobody cares. They only care if their school my staff, and I do not offer improper inducements past anger sadness, disgust regular people have Christmas. We have free agency think the plan. Here has always been set themselves up for the summer of twenty nine thousand nine hundred am looking forward to next summer. We live in Texas. But this is our state this place all of us played in the state of South Carolina. Their willingness to give something that was such a horrible tragedy is just unbelievable. What you see change your perception of any sporting event. Get this. Outside the lines on Fagin sitting in for Bob Lee, the NBA in it's infinite storylines is today's big story from studios e the freshest news comes mostly from the court where Steph curry made almost the season's worth of threes and just three quarters. He finished with fifty one points eleven for sixteen from beyond the arc and moved up to fifth on the NBA's all time three pointers list. Oh and the Lakers finally won their first game back. He was LeBron James after the victory. Great to win period. But as feels good for us to know what we've been doing over to training camp means first few games that continue to get better. I think we've got better tonight. And we want to continue that. But then there's this former NBA Commissioner David Stern during an indepth interview with Sports Illustrated attempted to explain what he infamously vetoed. The two thousand eleven trade of Chris Paul from the then New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers, which was orchestrated by current pelicans GM del Dem's stern said New Orleans wasn't getting enough in return, adding quote, del Dem's is a lousy general manager, and none of those players are currently with the team anymore, and he may lose Anthony Davis serves criticism prompted the pelicans to issue a statement. We are very disappointed to read the inappropriate and inaccurate comments from the former NBA Commissioner regarding the New Orleans pelicans organization as the utmost confidence in our general manager del Dem's in this storyline. Dovetails perfectly with another the tantalizing twenty nine thousand nine free agency class, which includes Kevin Durant Kawai Leonard Jimmy Butler, and apparently is impacting how most teams approached the ongoing NBA season. And even though Anthony Davis is a member of the twenty. Twenty two c class. Our very own. Brian winters believes many teams are already scheming on how to trade for the games. Best. Big, man. The future is impacting the now. And we are now joined by that very same. When her senior writer and host of the ESPN podcast. Brian winters in the hoop collective Brian. Those were really strong words from the former Commissioner David Stern about pelicans GM del deaths. Howard Stern's words landing around the NBA today. Well, I miss David Stern. Because started he said this kind of stuff all the time when he was the Commissioner a lot of it was off the record, obviously, the pelicans weren't happy. And I also part of that statement was we're glad to have Adam silver's the Commissioner now a little jab at him the thing about the history of this Kate that I think fans, especially Laker fans will not remember is that when David Stern vetoed that trade. He didn't veto it as the Commissioner of the NBA. He can be vetoed it as at that time, the defacto owner of the New Orleans pelicans at that time the pelicans were owned by the NBA because had essentially gone bankrupt. And we're taking over now whether or not David Stern should have had that role. And there shouldn't have been third party. Who was watching over the team, that's a different discussion. But he obviously made it clear that if he had the team for much longer he might have fired del Dem's seven years ago. But it is a tremendous moment. NBA history of big what if moment and clearly he did. Unlike the job that del Dem's was doing which is why does that trade, and I will say this. The pelicans are phenomenal team. They're undefeated and Dell Dem's still has the job. So I think they'll dumps gets the last laugh on this one. Yeah. And part of his job going forward is going to be dealing with Anthony Davis. But let's for right now put a pin in Dem's and Anthony Davis and talk about the broader free agency issues because you wrote this week about how teams are obsessed with the coming free agency class how is free agency the upcoming looming class actually affecting how teams are going about this season. Kate. So this is really just an offshoot of Kevin Durant going to the warriors in the first place. The league has been sort of in an a by for catered situation realizing the right now, the warriors were head and shoulders above everybody and looking forward and realizing the Kevin Durant may move next year, and that may trigger a massive change in the league and not just Durant. They look out there, and they see Kawai Leonard possibly on the move out of Toronto. And they see. Yes, Anthony Davis. He has two years left on his contract, but he has an extension zone next summer. And if he does not extend there's an expectation the league that the pelicans will have to trade him. And so there are teams out there scheming. How can we maybe get our hands on Anthony Davis? Even though the pelicans are four. No. And even know the raptors look great, and even though Kevin Durant potentially be walking away from three championships. I can tell you by talking with out there to multiple teams not one not two not five. They are really. Skinny excited about the way the league can change hands and twenty nineteen. If for no reason, then the maybe Kevin Durant will leave and change the balance of power away from Golden State. I mean, some of this is the quality of the free agency class with some of it has to be the shifting power structure that the league has gone through over the last five or six years. What exactly is it that's causing teams to really believe that the Lee can change is supposed to just feeling like things might say the same. Well, one of the reasons K is at the big markets are going to be in the game. So you're going to have the Lakers and clippers the Lakers wits. Lebron both having cap space to make bids and right now, the Los Angeles has never been more popular amongst players. You also going to have the Knicks and nets available to make a bids on top players. Now, granted the nets aren't exactly a jug or not. And the Knicks have been terrible free for years. But it's still New York. It's going to be an option then Philadelphia. Still one of the biggest markets going to have the best team. Amongst those teams going to have cap space to add another player. So part of this is it's really desirable markets. No offense to a small market like Indiana. It was going to have a big cap space. There's not going to be a major free agent probably going there. But it's the combination of of big name players the reality that a big name player may leave the best team and the big markets. You put all those together in a season where the warriors look like they're going to win. Again. You have a lot more excitement about the future than the present in NBA general. Manager's offices, right? Brian winters. Thank you very much. And people can check out the podcast the hoops collective, thanks. On Wednesday in New York. A jury delivered guilty verdicts in the FBI is college basketball pay for play case against three men James to enroll code who worked for decent Christian dockets who worked for an NBA agent. The men were found guilty on felony wire fraud charges and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The jury deliberated for nineteen hours over three days. Now, the details of the case can feel dance and hard to process, but the reality is that this verdict strikes at the heart of big time. College basketball, a sample of the allegations that the men conspired to have Adidas pay one hundred thousand dollars to the father of recruit Brian Bowen to influence him to sign with Louisville. They conspired to pay ninety thousand dollars a mother of former Kansas prospect, Billy Preston and twenty thousand to the guardian of current Jayhawk Sylvia to sue. So this is a since been held out of the lineup by Kansas. Coach Bill self pending a review of his eligibility. In fact, if we focus in on the shifting tone at Kansas. We can get a sense of what might be happening behind closed doors at many. Grams across the country. Let's listen to Bill original reaction to the FBI's. College basketball. Pro this is from last year. I don't think our fans at his point time have anything to worry about. I'm much more concerned about our sports. And now here's Bill self just last night. When recruiting perspective student athletes, my staff, and I have not and do not offer improper inducements to them or their families to influence or college decisions. Nor are we aware of any third party involvement to do. So it does bring some closure that you know, as staff, we can certainly. You know, look forward to and prepare our team probably in in as motivated away as we have since I've been at the university of Kansas. Life comes at you fast, and many big time schools have been linked to illicit pay for play schemes, and yet coaches of schools whose names have yet to appear are still downplaying the swirling news such as North Carolina. Coach ROY Williams. This is also from last night to world not familiar with of never talked to shoe company about helping me get a player of never told an agent about helping me to get a player. I've never had a family offer not offer. But asked me for anything that shouldn't be asked for it. And so it is a world. And I don't think that all of college basketball's like that. I think that what's going on. It's very very sad. It's scary as it can possibly be not favor of what's going on. But at the same time does not go on everywhere. I've got some tremendous friends coach. Profession we've had this discussion and more people agreed with me than what's going on in that trial. And the way it goes on everywhere. It does not go on everywhere. So to offer us perspective on all things. College basketball. We are now joined by ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, Jay how does this verdict impact college basketball? Kate. I don't know that it impacts college basketball right now, the curious thing to me is that very few people, especially fans seem to care about this that if an less it is your team, and you will defend your team to the hilt or unless it is a rival team that you can point to and say see, I told you they cheat. The fans don't seem to care the NC. Double A is not doing anything about this. Because they've been asked to stand down in institutions aren't doing anything about it and claiming they were asked to stand down right now, the only people being suspended there's one player Soviet associate Kansas other than that. It's it's business as usual. What is the reaction been like behind closed doors in the college basketball world 'cause you write that the tension of media pressure is not there, but these are possible jail sentences being handed down. Yeah. And there's no question that the three defendants that were convicted on those seven counts of wire fraud and bribery. We'll do some jail time. I think it's an open question as to what the remaining defendants will do even these defendants whether they'll cooperate with the government and give up other people that that have knowledge or were involved in this, including sitting head coaches. That's really the open question is how how much further will the government delve into this because if it just stops here, which is a possibility I don't see anything changing in college sports that look this cheating has been going on forever players have been paid under the table forever. I still don't even the government takes forward, and some coaches topple from this. I don't see it changing in the long term. I think we're going to continue to see this because there's just too much money in the game for business. Not to be conducted earlier this week news came out that new balance would be paying high level prospect areas base. Really a million dollars to be an intern obeys. He's rep by LeBron James agent, Rich Paul and he's going to skip college in work at new balance before he's eligible for the NBA draft. I don't know if you saw this tweet Jay, but stadium basketball analyst, Jeff Goodman. He tweeted a quote from Syracuse coach Jim behind you see that. They're LeBron did nice job helping his client. It is LeBron's client. Right. Lebron re tweets it, he says, oh, they big man now, then Wednesday Rich Paul made an appearance on the jump. And I just went take a listen to this Kobe. I'm actually called me and apologized to me. But interesting, but my response is look again, we're talking about a system here that's been broken for a long time and these kids and the families need option. What was your reaction to seeing this Bazeley news? I'm not surprised that someone took advantage of this kind of option. It is an option, but Kate it's a minor league option and minor leagues is you know, are for the development of talent. College basketball is not a minor league. It is a major league. Minor leagues. Don't make billions of dollars. They don't have multibillion dollar television contracts, and they don't pay their coaches millions upon millions of dollars in the issue really is the economic rights of the players in until that's fixed. We're still going to see players going to college for their brands rather becomes major league rather than than going the minor league route. And we're we're still going to see one and done, and we are still going to see money moving under the table. You just can't it's kind of like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park. Life finds a way and in college sports multibillion dollar business money will find a way it always has always will. But we seeing these small shifts when it comes to the G league announcing that they're gonna pay six. Figure contracts and now this with Baizley, and then of course, the FBI investigation. Do you think that where do we go from here? And do you see any actual significant changes on the horizon? I do I think there are the Allston case is being decided right now by judge. Claudia Wilken in the ninth circuit back could see further movement where players have more control over their economic rights, even Condoleeza Rice and several members of the rice commission said after they did their work that they think that the player should be allowed their name and likeness rights to some degree. That's a lot of movement from some of the rhetoric we've seen from the answer AA over the years. So as the disparity continues to grow between the revenues and in college sports and limiting players to a scholarship only as that gap continues to widen. I mean, it's not even a gap. It's chasm. I think we're still going to see this tension. Does it mean that we're going to have a free market system anytime soon? No, of course, not. But I think I think we're going to continue to see movement toward the players having more economic rights certainly that they do. Now, Jay Bilas. Thank you for your time. And. Coming up six Houston Texans journey to Charleston for a lesson of hope and forgiveness. That's next. If you're a smoker, you know, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes. And e cigs. They just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected but jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette it's vapor product that actually satisfies plus Jewess simple to use. And there's no cigarette. Ash, no lingering odor as a smoker, you expect a certain nicotine experience right jewel delivers give jewelry try chick. O? J U L dot com slash sports. Switch and be satisfied. Yes. You can't do both. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Here's more stuff. That matters. The Minnesota Twins have hired race coach Ruffo belt Delhi to replace Paul Molitor as manager at thirty seven deli who played seven seasons for the raisin Red Sox becomes the youngest manager in the big leagues that leaves three manager jobs available. The Orioles Rangers and Blue Jays the big ten handing out penalties for last week's pre-game dust up between Michigan and Michigan state. The Spartans were fined ten thousand dollars for initiating contact with Michigan players who were on the field the pregame warmups. In addition, head coaches, Mark dantonio Jim Harbaugh were reprimanded by the conference. As was wolverines. Linebacker Devin Bush for defacing the Michigan state logo in the center of the field. In Houston last night. Donovan Mitchell paying tribute by writing more and mccloskey's name on his shoes for the jazz game at Houston. A plus e the twenty one year old university of Utah runner was shot and killed Monday night on campus, the university's athletic teams will also remember mcklusky by wearing special patches and logos in her honor. At times what happens on the football field or even before a game can seem all consuming, and the sport has even started to divide us, but a trip the Houston. Texans shared this summer, six players with owner, Bob McNair, helped bring people together after one of the worst moments in recent US history as Michael Smith tells us in this NFL films and Sunday NFL countdown presentation with the Texans witness and South Carolina. This summer is a lesson of hope and forgiveness for all of us. Thank you so much for being sports. Thank you. Well, when I mentioned it. He said count me. We'll get a count me. And he said let me tell some of the other guys. And so the number expanded. This past summer. Bob McNair and six Houston Texans players mall with ties to South Carolina traveled to Charleston to visit historic mother. Emmanuel church. We live in Texas. But this our state this place all of us played in the so, Ramone. So new he came to the goes came. They were joined they came to support the church congregation and Charleston community. A community that suffered one of the deadliest hate crimes in our nation's history. Your car's council murder and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. On June seventeenth two thousand fifteen nine African American parisioners were murdered during a Wednesday night bible state. But mother Emmanuel this. She is most unspeakable heartbreaking tragedy through tears of grief. Members of the victims. Families showed moments of an amazing grace during the killers bond hearing. Curse. Want the whole team? Kiffin you we have no real. Kids. Good. During the darkest hour, the unconditional love and forgiveness of these family members brought hope and healing to the palmetto state. I heard about it. And so the reaction of the people here. I guess I was stunned their willingness to do something that was such a horrible tragedy is just unbelievable. Mcnair, but university of South Carolina graduate was so moved that he and his wife. Janice quietly paid for the funeral expenses of all nine victims. I didn't know about it. But it doesn't surprise me. Because he is the kind of may is he's a standout gothic, Bob McNair, Jim Neal again. Everything is going around, football and social media. You can easily jump to to say. Well, you know, hey, I sent this. And I did that. But he did. Away until he does and he never most take much credit for. He just does it because he has a generous. He's always been that way. And that speaks volume about him as well. Let me just tell y'all appreciate very much y'all take into time and coming over here. I think that the example it has been set at this church is just such a wonderful example for the whole country. The uniqueness. Of course. If mother manual is the response of the families, as we all know because so many people tuned in thinking that they were to hear this families being outraged and say, how dare you how did you do this or why did he do this? But instead they saw remarkable act of forgiveness and that forgiveness continues to resonate. Been able to forgive a person of what he did in the hurt that he left and this this community in this church is very powerful. If we all can just put our differences aside if from time to time and be there to embrace each other as human beings, I think this world will be such an far better place. I wanted to make sure that the words that were shared mid something that would kind radiate within their spirit that they'd be able to carry. But once again, we were excited for them to be here. And I know the kids had a great time. These people they lost families were broken, and they're still moving on this to find a way to smile. You can tell this family here everyone. So I Susan brothers soon as you walk into his touristy feel the love. This is the big for me. Thirteen years in the NFL. Then a lot been around a lotta people. But. Thanks so much for coming. Did shows you common players. We have just great players. Good experience to have them with us. I think is a very valuable experience for them. Mcnair, a university of South Carolina alum also donated one million dollars to the mother Emmanuel memorial to be built on the church grounds to honor the deceased tonight the first place Texans host the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night football. We'll be right back. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until it? Get there alone. Get there. I'll I really get there. Now, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button? Do what's best button? Do. Believe at Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. After PTI sportscenter at six PM eastern with Kevin and Gandhi and Keith Olbermann, LeBron the Lakers Brown Steelers rivalry less. Preview of game three at sportscenter ESPN and the ESPN app and Saturday on ABC big twelve battle Oklahoma state in Stillwater Cowboys have won their last three against the longhorns. Eight PM eastern on ABC that'll do for outside the lines. I'm Kate Fagin. NFL live is next. Wouldn't tracking the domestic doesn't Bundy you come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to soaks. Due to sudden villa scurry off what's up the fest meeting about the dust bunny? Is that ov- o- they'll not actually sanctioned creatures when they not only saves people money, but ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to Geico is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust is only natural Prentice on the lung doesn't run along.

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