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Ellie Kemper, Kristen Bell, Dr. Jon LaPook


Hi IT'S ELLEN DEGENERES. Welcomed with my podcast. We're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on Today's episode of Ellen on the go Ellie Kemper. The adorable Ellie Kemper is on. She tells a story about Kissing Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe and just didn't feel right. Kristen Bell is on the show today and she talks to kids about where babies come from with the one and only Andy Listener. So that's sort of my expertise so can imagine. No no talk about a fish out of water Dr Jon Lapook from CBS News and CBS. Morning News tells us when Andy can come inside spoiler alert not soon but and give some real useful information that I did not know so I thought he turned out to be not you. Okay Ellen honors an incredible nurse from Florida. Yes who left her family and her job behind to get to New York to be of service at the epicenter of the Corona virus and she is incredible and one last thing we look back at a time a few years back when Ellen toward the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago yes group of kids and it is absolutely holds up. It's really funny. I'm Ed Glavin. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm coming and I'm Andy. Last year host. We shouldn't cut off Kevin Leman out just in time. He did he always right in there. I guess taken away and the host what he won't talk about another step trying but anytime you're ready. Welcome to episode of Andy on the go. I'm your host Sandy. On the go andy on the go. That's yeah that's the new name. Hi Everyone. How's everyone doing? It's another week. Where here in California? We entered what they're calling stage two of reentry and. I'm not really sure what's totally different. Are We in outer space? There's a couple of stores that are I guess opened curbside. I haven't noticed a huge difference. Guys the one thing that I've noticed a trailer opened again. Yeah that's true. I did can go hiking. Yeah and a lot of masks. Everyone is wearing masks and Yeah so that's what's going on here. What Week of quarantine is this for us? Edward Again Kef forty eight. We are sitting here. It feels like eight weeks. Were instructed by Governor Gavin Newsom and I believe Mayor Garcetti Yeah to To shelter at home the week of March fifteenth. And this as if my math correct is fifty beginning may eleventh so minimum four weeks five weeks eight weeks eight weeks. Sorry I believe I believe her. Last Day in. The office was Thursday march twelfth. I'm remembering correctly. I was a communications major. So don't ask me math questions but it does feel like a really long time. Yes it is this and every time I feel like well. It's not going to go much longer. I sometimes feel like it will but I just hope all our listeners are doing everything they can to stay safe. Yup and to know that this too shall pass. Maybe not time we needed to pass or want it to pass but it will pass and this will be known as the quarantine years you naming the era. You're going to name the era. Yeah like a kidney stone this to him hoping it's the quarantine months and not the quarantine year. We're really we're working and we're doing shows and you know life as good as it can be and yet it's it's not the same. It's not as fun. No it's definitely not as fun to do shows without an audience Without all of us seeing each other you know and the whole staff and the crew. And it's definitely not the same but I think we've talked about that on here. And let's talk about some upbeat stuff. Kevin's puppies doing great. Tell us a little dog story. Well it just gave me the update about the worms last week. Yes we did bark. It's almost on q unbelievable. Are they in a circus? Are you kidding them to be show? Biz Dogs Yeah. It seems like it actually really good puppies. That's have destroyed anything. Do they sleep through the night through the night? Now Awesome do not surveys. I sent a picture to Ellen Porsche. Finally Porsche took a crop of pickles. Face said she looks like a horror movie dog pickles. Tickles doesn't deserve that is. It wasn't a great victory pickles. Tickles Tickles Nice? Well Andy literally sounds like he's in the movie the birds he is. Mary telomere good news to six week. Old kittens. Unbelievably joined our house this past week. So we're GONNA foster them for a couple of weeks and we're GONNA stop them. No you have to you have to cost. That's right foster I and you love. Oh my God. There's so much fun and easy maintenance right now I mean. I grew up with cats and kittens. So this feels very reminiscent to me. You ever have the thing where they just WanNa sleep but your kids WanNa keep playing with them it. The rhythm of all of that has been working out very nicely. Where when when the KITTENS WANNA sleep? The kids are ready to take a break and then everybody comes back as soon as the kitties seem to want to wake up again but really really fun you. The two kittens use the same litter rocks. They do. Although I've been advised to maybe get two separate litter boxes for them interesting by home by our dog trainer. Because they're such clean freaks kitties I of course as you guys might imagine. I'm the pooper. Scooper SCOOPS THE POOP. Well Yeah you know. What if you if you do it often? It goes quick. Doug yourself out of a lot in your life. Mary go by. What are we going to do with Mary off? It's not funny but lumine and sunny are both very happy here with us and we are very happy with them. That's awesome. I love those. I love those names to cute. Durable predict cute. Speaking a pretty cute. Can we talk about Alabama for a second out a great segue from cute tally camper? I like it. We've met behind. You could even say thousands of I mean especially you guys on the studio floor every day of celebrities in doing the Ellen show for the pet and we've all been on the ellen show for the past seventeen seasons right there's non more precious than La Kemper magical. You know. She's just awesome wonderful human. She's a wonderful human. She has a great sense of humor. She has she really does have a great sense of humor. She has a real spark about herself. She doesn't take herself too seriously but she also doesn't like make huge fun of herself. She's she is terrific and she is She lives in New York mainly but she's been in Saint Louis Since the quarantine. And she's just very funny about talking about all of that. He told a couple of stories when she was on the show and the one that I would like to throw to first. Yes was the one about her in a movie with Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter Harry. Shoot at Rhinehart the one and only Harry Potter Now the way she told the story you would think that Ellie Kemper was sixty. Daniel Radcliffe was twenty. I believe Ellie Kemper is forty and Daniel Radcliffe is close to thirty. But she thought it was all wrong that he had a make out with her. Well she she had an added element yet. Which was that? She was pregnant. Yes Oh my gosh. The story is so funny particular. Note to the part where he rubs against her baby bomb. Happy Birthday you turn forty last week on in the big four oh we had a blowout bash. We had kate from like across the yard. I didn't do anything too. Spectacular on forty years old. But it's weird. It's a good identity. Low Keeper yes. It's a weird time for people to have birthdays. Because you know my niece just had a birthday and we had to to drive by and throw presence at couldn't even see her. We had to support him but when she got that bump on her yeah she's okay. That's a clip. From the new Kimmy Schmidt netflix special Tell everybody about that. That's a whole different thing than the show at ended. And now you had this very cool. So basically the new. It's an interactive special called kimmy versus Reverend and basically it's a choose your own adventure Type situation where the viewers watching the show and every five minutes or so. You can decide which hack you want her to take just by clicking on your screen and it's very cool because there's basically like there though there's basically I don't even know how many iterations of the show but you get to be in control of what's happening and it's it's really very confusing to film because I kept losing track of where we were in the story. But I'm Beth Daniel Radcliffe. That's the back of his head. Yeah you kissed him. Oh my Gosh I just Multiple Times Ellen. And I felt so bad for him because a I'm three times as old as he is but B. I was pregnant at the time of shooting and I just I felt so bad to kiss this old pregnant lady over and over again and like there was only raised my belly. I was like pay. Also he's a trooper. There's not a lovely very lovely. I'm sure you've met him. He's he's he's a class act. Yes we make out a lot when we're together and it was done. She's just happy and happy to be around. I'm always when she's been at our show when she's hosted our show she's just pure joy just a Joyous Person Yep appreciative full of gratitude. Full of just all the right mixture of stuff. You're looking for a bonus for our listeners. We should at the end of this podcast. Just show the video of the crows when they come to take Andy Away. I honestly have never had an issue with Cros and now maybe I'm dying inside slowly. Also say this is the first time I believe Andy that you have chosen to do the podcast outside or maybe that was a mistake. You you RYAN REPO to an indoor location for the PODCAST Ryan Call. Modo who is on this zoom as we do. This looks concerned. How bad is the Salad with the crows? I mean it sounds like you're hanging out with gross but I mean it's up to you not affecting the great content we're delivering. Maybe maybe come out of the jungle or maybe maybe described the jungle. Yeah I would suggest and if you can get to a place. That's a little quieter as dog barks. I'm alone I got nobody here so you so you're barking. I watch the special of Kimmy Schmidt yet. I was hoping for Wreck. I love recommend I have not seen it. My recommendation is watch it MOCHA. I'll try it. The concept is awesome. I finally got on track with mandate theon sex true he did. I gotTa tell you I was all the way in. Oh instantly I mean. I'm watching the first ten minutes ago watching it with my entire family. Five people and I go to my daughter. It feels like some of these people are just using these people to get into the country and emily all using them to get into the country. I need you to watch nine days before days. Dominant tonight. I'm going to do it tonight. He's gone to Russia four times to me. This Russian woman shows up. Wow you've got to watch going back fifth time in this season. Oh boy poor guy By a bright. That's what comes with it. I guess I don't feel too bad for him. What else do we want to talk about? We could talk about Kristen Bell well. I feel like we're not talking about Kristen. Bell Street such a part of our family the Ellen show. Why would we be talking about her again? What did she do she did our show? That's true and and she's more than and she's launched the new season of MOMS planning. Anybody familiar with the occasional skit on where the two guys play. Don Jr. and Eric Trump. Yeah I feel like I'm in a permanent skit with Andy. Where he's Eric and I'm Don Jr. little little buddy cable buddy while she was on the show Yeah but I forgot what we were. But yes she was on the show during one of our quarantine episodes. I guess they're all quarantine episodes right now and She told a good story about DAX getting injured doing what he considered an essential activity. I don't know that many would consider it an essential activity but he went dirt by gang and injured himself. Let's talk about what happened to DAX. While he went on a an essential off roading trip. Right win the quarantine began and it was by himself but he was off roading in the mountain lions and he's very embarrassed. 'cause the cardinal rule is you don't put your hands on the roll cage outside the car at any time. That's the only chance of injury. And he was sitting on the edge of a cliff and he put his hand up just to look out and the way of his arm tipped his players razor what he was on over. And you don't get injured when you're inside them but I will tell you something. It did crush all the bones in his hands. God all the bones in his hair chatter. Wow and then. Last week he had Seven pins put in last week. One of them started to like eject itself from his cast. And you know Dax Shepard you know not only holds a degree in anthropology but also in dentistry surgery And so he called his doctor and he said Hey. Can I pull this pin out here? Look at it and his doctor was like do it and he pulled it out now. He's a doctor can. Can I ask a spousal? Show sure your husband in quarantine goes off roading. He crushes his hand. Yeah he calls you. He says my hand is smashed from off roading. Do you say Oh baby I am so sorry or do you say of course you? Did you idiot excellent question? First of all he didn't call me. He drove home and the first thing he said when he walked in the door was. I just don't want to be in trouble because I don't like he's never trouble with me. I mean I'll let you know if I'm disappointed in your actions but like I'm not that I'm an adult and he's in. Italy can't get him in trouble but I've got. I'm the same way I approve. Asset on the same way I said. Wow but it's not the smartest move we could have made. The good story always a good story. Kristen always a good story but the dynamic between those two is always enjoyable. Yes I love them. Love them to bet. Yeah but Kristen and Andy also have an ongoing relationship and kristen hosts a show for US called MOMS blaming on which is fantastic highly entertaining. Yup often graphic yeah hiatus for MOMS and yet everybody loves it. Yes and once a season wants a season. Andy Joins Kristen for an episode of MOMS flaming. That would be correct. Yes and it's time it was talking to kids about where babies come from in Christon thought that my expertise would come in handy as she tried to do that. I see I think what she thought. Was that your complete and utter lack of knowledge about anything sexual would be good funny contact anyway. I'm kristen this is my friend. Andy. We're parents so we've made babies right but not together no up together but we've done stuff. How many personal. Chill me and talked about this. How kids you have Andrew? Kids that he knows up right. She's been halley. Have you guys ever thought about? Would you be a parent one day yeah? I don't know you know. Leave your options open. But where does the babies come from parents? Now the map. How does the baby show up? The mummy makes mummy grows it kind of added though comes out of her vagina right. That's not an appropriate. That's how it works. Well you know the thing that's interesting about babies is there is a it all starts. You know what your body's made up of. Have you ever heard of word sell a cell? No it starts with just two cells getting together one from a male and one from a female and that doesn't mean that the baby then ends up with a male and a female could end up with two men or two women but the way it starts is from a male has has a cell and a woman does and the man the male sell. Thank you andy. Well this is very impressive fantastic. I've learned more from you than you've learned from us. That is understandable realistic. And if your parents ask you who taught you about Penis Vagina Kristen Bell who? I'm genuinely concerned. We messed up those kids. You know what everybody needs something to about in therapy. Now you go. I'M GONNA suggest to you that if you choose to listen to the long version. Don't have your kids around not entirely appropriate for four and five year olds. Maybe I'm so glad we had no shots story about Jon Lapook. We've been talking about it behind the scenes about. Could Andy actually go into house and stay six feet away a safe and we're like wait? Why are we talking about this behind the scenes? This should just find out on the air so we got the awesome Dr John poop from. Cbs Ellen zoomed him and asked him several questions in now. We got way more than we bargained for. We thought it was going to be a fine bit. They actually some really amazing advice. Anyone who's figuring out like can I go see him off for Mother's Day. Can we have to dinner? When is it safe and who is a safe to do things I I watch you all the time. I'm very impressed by you. And you can see on the news. People are like they just want to go out and do things and I mean art. Is this really okay? I love that question because we are at an inflection point right now you know. People are getting fed up with staying home and I get it. It's really tough but this is a moment where We really have to think about what safe for everybody. And it's it's time we just have to have faith in science bottom line. When can andy come inside? Because he's been out there since we've been shooting and I'd like to have him come in at some point just to help claim think about this when Andy comes into the house he's bringing with him everybody. He's been in contact with for the last two weeks. So if ten days ago for example he was in contact with somebody who had cova nineteen and didn't realize it because people can walk around a symptomatically no symptoms still shed infect somebody else he could be incubating it themselves so when he came in even though he felt fine he could be shedding. He could be starting to get Cova. Nineteen and it could be a couple of days before he had symptoms so I think the bottom line here As people are looking to open up the country is this one size doesn't fit all so there are certain parts of the country for example Vermont. Montana Alaska where there are relatively few cases and people can start very cautiously thinking about opening up. But I think that's so important. People don't shouldn't be intimidated to go online and literally if you Google wherever you are in the country right now. Google Corona virus. And then the name of your state there will be likely a map that tells you in your neighborhood in your area of the country. What's going on? So the devil's in the details. We have to be really careful to not just open it up all at once but if we open it up all at once and it's the wrong time Ellen. It could take a couple of weeks before we realize it was the wrong time and by that time people out of the hospital and getting sick so long story short. It sounds like I'm not coming in today. Yeah that's what it sounds like. It sounds like you're not coming in today anytime soon. Thanks Ellen Andy. You're still in the yard. The Yard at my my favorite thing. That he said was. This is the time to have faith in science. Yes and I loved. He said that because even I who have been faithfully listening to the scientists and not the politicians for the most part or at least not the politicians who ignore the science. I have to say that I myself am getting antsy and I think I needed to be reminded by a doctor that if we all do this part right the next part will be a lot better for us. I understand the frustration but at the same time We just gotTa hang in there a little bit longer. Slight chance that beaches in California will open this week. We'll see that'd be awesome. Not for sitting not for sitting but for Swimming Yakking running surfing I know and Kevin Kevin had just sent me photos of him. In every season he buys a new group of Speedo was specifically excited Four his American flag one that he got this year man so he's been sending me pictures but I think it it doesn't mean anything to him unless he's wearing it on right exactly just. He loves to wear those in a pair of rollerblades. I would pay money to see a so. Barbara Edwards is a nurse. Yes from Florida. She's got teenage kids. She has a job in Florida and she sees what's happening to New York City which is My hometown Andy's hometown. Ed Ed lived in New York. The reminding ears is it holds a very special place in in his heart through for He. He and his wife Debbie. I've seen home alone. Two Evan enjoys going to Broadway shows. He wants sprained his ankle. Badly in New York City so he also thinks finally of New York City so this nursing in Florida sees what's happening in New York City and says I cannot stand by and watch what's happening there. I have to do something so. She made arrangements for her teenage kids to to stay with their dad and she moved herself up to New York City. Check into a hotel and has been working on the front lines fighting the corona virus. Taking care of New Yorkers. She's got two teenage kids who you know. Teenage kids need a lot of attention but they all thought this was going to be the best thing for the family. It's so that she could help these people and she's just absolutely selfless in in doing this and weighs is one of hundreds of people are on this right. Yeah you know Laundries expensive to do in hotels in New York City. He's been doing her laundry in the sink. So Ellen Center a bunch of stuff gave her some money and really just gave her. Thanks to what this woman has done. When she doesn't need to the she could she could easily justify her need to stay in Florida. Continue doing your job and Florida. Continue taking care of her kids and she thought is needed to do more. So here's Ellen chatting with her. Where are you right now right now? I'm in my hotel room. Which is pretty much where I've been either in this room or in a hospital for the last month so this is your first time in new. York is my first time in New York. I came here to work. I really didn't expect much more than to show up in go in and out of hospital and instead it's just going out onto the streets the the people that will just thank us for being here. I think honestly New York. City's just open their hearts to us so you work twenty four days straight. Washing clothes is in a hotel bathtub. Is that what you're doing? That's what I heard honestly as busy as we've been it's been easier for me to just wash my laundry in the bathtub yet. You do you have to do so. I sent you a care package. It's some wine. It's some chocolate pictures of your kids. There's some ellen so you can wear stuff skip laundry for one day. Thank you thank you so much dorm. You Ellen Well Barbara you one more thing. I thought you could really use. I have some friends at Doug. Green dot who make banking and saving simple. And we're GonNa give you twenty thousand dollars. Well deserved Oh. My Gosh Aren't goodness the mobile bank account from Green Dot. And that is going to you. You're getting twenty thousand dollars for being who you are Barbara Ellen Interest you kind. Well you are in green dot is thank you for everything you do. Yes thank you for everything you do and when this is all over please come to the show. We'll get in touch with you and have you and your kids come to the show and I'd love to meet you in person much ellen you are. I told you you're amazing. Not Saying that you did. But you're amazing. You seems like we're both. I just think that's incredible. It's like to feel that calling and just go. I got got help like I gotTA help. It's just amazing to me. It really blows me away from being honest. Yeah absolutely cab yesterday. Talk about the time. That Ellen took kids on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in another town Ed lived in Chicago Chicago Illinois. Oh Gosh I love this one. I only do. We take kids. We took some of our favorite kids that have been on the show and like science. Somehow Ellen got stuck babysitting them and take them on a field trip. I guess what my favorite's actually one of the first ones that me Jason Lauren. Who are all now had? Riders got together really. Yeah Yeah I'll constant tapis. It was so fun we go to ourselves For a big chunk of it and We've had a lot of fun. Normally in alike we play a lot of games on the shore. Whatever it because of all the shops that make those games being closed thrown back and looked at a lot of tape that we've shot a long time ago your fun to see some of them again. I I'm here at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. It's after hours but hiding in the bathroom for eight hours really pays off kids. Come out this has been great eight hours in that long after all kind of didn't even have to go back and because we were in there. I'm here with a grant and and Allison Cindy and Marsha Stephanie and Henry. I'm not okay. I'm not good with names. So four kids so this will be fun to a very important section. The human body on the outside all of those are very different and then on the inside. We're almost saying we're discussing name. Itami golden cheesy cheesy each other. Yeah and then makes a big. That's a good answer wasn't her case wrong. So as you can imagine it's Allen running around with lots of little kids having hilarity and a lot of that stuff is There are some really funny visual. Gags in that piece really. Ppo so you absolutely have to go to Ellen Tube and look that look up that tape peace and watch it and you'll enjoy it even more promising joy it. I'm so glad we hand one more. What do you got to you got to? I got employees. You gotTA get some people. Come on. Be Honest. You've got nothing could be more important. Guys literally have nothing. I'm rushing to get to know where that sounds like you. That's my. That's the name of Autobiography Roux. To No sorry no worries Edward so we did a thing last week we we thought that would be fun to give all the mothers day gifts away all the stuff that we gave away on the mother's Day show our mother's Day show from Ellen's house to some podcast listeners. And on the next podcast that we do which will be on Thursday. We are going to pick one person who sent a release note to us and their family is going to win all of the stuff that we gave away on the mother's Day show. It's GonNa be really fun so if you submitted you should be listening so subscribed today on apple podcast spotify or wherever. You're listening right now and don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more Ellen Fun. We are out of time for today. Andy has somewhere to go. I can't wait to learn on our next podcast where that was. I'm going aware Mary five Porsche Porsche. Happy Birthday Porsche Porsche. With birthdays in January you think. Do you think she hears it better? When you stick your entire I hope so the core.

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