Hour 1: National Championship, College Athletes Paid


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Talking about juju Smith Schuster's and others within the NFL community responding to just that obviously some stuff going on in the NBA the battle for seatings. I don't know if there's ever. Been a time in recent NBA history where actual seedings played such a important and pivotal role to the outlook of some playoff series going on is no question about that. That's something to get into the State Warriors the to renting defending champions played their last regular season game at the oracle last night blowing out the Los Angeles Clippers. That's neither here nor there to clippers in the playoffs. We'll see what they do things could get interested in there. We'll talk about that. Obviously, the brawn James has some things to say over the beat over the weekend about where he stood oh what he's going to be all about. And we'll talk about that as we move forward. Plus some here. Some news percolating in the NBA community. What's going on with Kyrie Irving New York L A etcetera etcetera? So stay tuned for for that bit of noise. And plus I wanna talk a little bit about a column that was written in the new York Daily News yesterday. Sunday's paper by the great great sports columnists. Baseball columnist to be exact the one and only Bill Madden it it. Just doesn't get much better. Ladies and gentlemen, doesn't get much better than reading him since I was a kid guys. Absolutely phenomenal and wrote another exceptional column yesterday about the state of major league baseball as it pertains. Some of these contracts, particularly was anti Bogart's signing a six year one hundred and twenty million dollar deal. House going to be easier for the Yankees to re up DD gregorious in the event that it comes to that Aaron judge in the event that this comes to that. Kyko. Dow's kaikal and others that are still without contracts. Not playing for anybody, which is a shocker that's something. We'll get into as the show progresses today. But the first order of business is to get into what scheduled to take place tonight in Minneapolis, Minnesota at US Bank stadium. It will be Texas. Tech winners winners sixty one fifty one win over Michigan state in the national semifinal. Congratulations to Tom Izzo in Michigan state Spartans by the way for ball in the way that they did prior. To this point. They just ran into a team that has a defense that's capable of putting forth defensive performance the likes of which I have not seen. I'm not gonna lie to you this team. I mean, you can go back to forty minutes of hell, you could go back to the runner rebels. When they wanted to amp up on you Duke when they wanted to amp it up on you. You can go back to know Nolan Richardson's, forty minutes of hell like I said, you can go to Hoya paranoia today's when gene Smith was spearheading John Thompson's defense, and he had Patrick Ewing in the background. Reggie jackson. Michael Jackson or Reggie Williams. I'm sorry. Michael Jackson, Michael Graham, and the crew I mean, but I look at this Texas Tech defense, and I gotta tell you. It's something special. I mean caches westerners undersized. I understand that shot four sixteen from the field. Played forty minutes. Only had one turnover in the elite eight had forty turn. I'm sorry. I had four turnovers in the forty minutes. He. Played Saturday night. Couldn't really do much of anything freshman Aaron Henry famous for is all yelling at him during the NC double A tournament. You know, that's coming and going, you know, mcquaid plan just you know, it's going just twelve points in thirty seven minutes of action. They would only guys that score double figures for Michigan state only four players scored are actually five players scored for Michigan state Xavier Tillman had seven Nick ward had five, but when you look at Texas Tech, and I know they're going up against Virginia squad that some believe we're lucky. But when you look at Texas Tech, I will tell you this. I'm not counting on Jerry Kover having a game. Like he had in the national semifinals Saturday shot three or twelve from the field scored just ten points. Played thirty three minutes. I expect about a game from him. There's a guy that we were talking about projecting him as a potential top five pick role in the upcoming NBA draft. That's what we were talking about when when it came to this guy. Okay. So don't have me sit here believe that he's going to have back to back games where he's impotent offensively in virtually existent for the first thirty five minutes of the game. I don't believe it. I believe that. Jerry covert is going to show up tonight. And he is going to ball out. I think Mooney will join him. He will make some shots. I think Texas Tech again, my win not please don't take my word for it. I mean, my pool is awful now up till the Sweet Sixteen thousand top one percent tile. And then the Sweet Sixteen came and went, and I fell off the map all true. And I think you look at junior, I'm not gonna lie to us strictly emotional decision. As to why haven't picked Virginia at all. And the reason why haven't picked junior because I didn't want to see them. A matter of fact, this matchup tonight. I don't think we'll be good ratings wise. Let me be very clear about that. I don't think too many people are going to clamor to watch this game. You will miss ion Williamson. You will miss ion website. That is somebody that you absolutely positively was rooting for to play until the last possible minute. I had Carolina being Duke for the national title personally. But I'm going to tell you something I wanted Zion. Williamson playing every minute of this NC double A tournament until the NCW tournament came to an end because ladies and gentlemen, he is box office. He is box office. He's a human highlight reel true. But at eight just with his dunks. He could still the ball. He can make a regular power post. Move drop step go into the paint lay it in everything you see this guy do your magnetized by or towards this dude is that special and God. Help anybody if he learned how to use his right hand because let me tell you something he's not as ambidextrous as he could be as of yet and RJ Barrett. That advice goes to you to my God, you need to learn how to use your right hand. Don't be somebody like Clyde Drexler who only used his right in a uses less. Even though he's a hall of Famer don't be somebody like Jalen rose who was primarily a southpaw lefty, we live in a different age at different time with the advancement of analytics technology and everything in between. And you can't be a one armed bandit. And do but so much with the exception of Zion. Williamson who is two hundred eighty plus pounds. So when you to eighty here's what happens people tend to move the hell out of your way. Because they know a Mack truck is coming at them that was in college in in a pros where you going up against grown men. Some of the most of them will move out the way somebody not. And as a result. It might behoove you to add a little versatility the your arsenal and a learner use your right him. Learn go, right. Learn finish. Right. Learn finish richer right hand as opposed to go and left and finished which left all the time. But then Williams is big towns big time, and ain't nobody like that left and this torn amount but covert can bowl. And I think Texas Tech should have an edge. Let me get Virginia and Auber for second. Because it's important that I bring that up. You could save a genius lucked up sixty three sixty two wins over Auburn. But it was a couple of things to take into consideration, ladies agenda. You could say they lucked up because there was a double dribble. That was missed. It should have been called and Kaga fat on a three point shot. That was a foolish play bossa. Mayor doughty you can say all of that. Let me say a couple of things to you number one. You are up for what seventeen seconds left. You were up four with seventeen seconds left. So it's important to point that out that is number one number two. You Samir doughty how God's name. Are you going to sit up there and say, you didn't think he touched guy when when Carl guy launch this three from the left corner? You see Samir dowdy make contact why first of all you jumped into him, and you did touch a when you jumped into him. Secondly, you gave them no place to land. You have to give a shooter a landing spot. You can't low bridge him. You can't come under him like that. They're going to call that foul. That was the right? Call by the official that was the right? Call. I hated the fact that the call was made and that it decided a trip to the national championship game. I hated that. I'm sick for Bruce Pearl who did an outstanding job at Auburn this year. I'm sick with Bruce Pearl. But the reality is that Cole had to be made. That was definitely a foul. There is no question about it. There was a double dribble before that. But that was definitely a foul. And here's why. Virginia won the game as opposed to Auburn losing it laser, gentlemen will point six seconds left. Cow guy, fifteen points five of eleven shooting hit all three of his free throws for the game. He goes to the line. Those are the only three zero free throws. He took. He goes into line with less than one second left in regulation down to and ladies and gentlemen, made all three free throws. And when I say he made all three I mean, he made all three I'm not talking about clanking and bounce it in it touched nothing, but the bottom of the net all three shots. He went out there as my God rest, his wonderful. So the great Stuart Scott used to always say cool is the other side of the pillow walk up to the free throw line with less than one second left and drained all three free throws with these with ease. Ladies and gentlemen. That's winning basketball car guy deserves our respect for that. That that. That's when in basketball right there. Okay. That's winner basketball. There's no denying. That most NBA players in that situation would miss they must at least one probably some to some all three. Kagaku stepped up to the free throw line. Like, it was nobody's business like he was even a be in the bag of cheese girls. And he said let me just give me the ball and finished the job. So as a result, we've got the junior going up against Texas Tech, which has the potential to be one of the ugliest national championship games. We have ever seen laser gender. Do you understand that? There are some people that are predicting both teams score less than fifty points. Do you realize that? There are people predicting that both teams will score less than fifty apiece. You have any idea what kind of awful basketball, how far back in our K, Tom. This has the potential to take us. This has the potential to take us back to DC Smith and this four corners when there was no shot clock where you could spend all day everyday passing the ball and not shooting. This has the potential to be that I'm prayerful that it won't be. But it does have that potential. I'm not looking forward to tonight's national championship game at all. There's nothing about the NAFTA championship game tonight that thrills me. I'm hoping that Cova shows out. I'm hoping that gosh Shota. I'm hoping that both teams score over eighty. I'm hoping to see a shootout I'm hoping to see both teams running a gun. Here's the problem. These are two of the greatest defensive teams in all of college basketball. This specialty is shutting you down. This brusher tea is shutting you down. So I look at it from that perspective. And I say damn it. Oh well. That's the way it goes. And it eight say ESPN it's today. Seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening lobster, Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news on a baseball matter. Just for a distraction fo- for a moment gets a little NBA talk. Bill Madden's column yesterday was highlighting the lower attendance numbers with the Marlins and Derek Jeter. It wasn't simple reason for that. Derek jeeter ain't a mall in Derek Judas. A yankee. South beach, and that Miami area don't give a damn about dairy Geeta all aka about was that he was right down the road and Tampa. So they would get some money from him. Although it wasn't in state income tax because they don't have that in Florida. They'll give a damn about Derek Jeter. We would New York Yankee fans Daja New York Yankee fans, we would. Miami don't care. There's a lot of distractions in south beach. Oh, you ain't got to go down to watch the Marlins. The other thing that Bill Madden pointed to that. I found incredibly intriguing I must confess he was talking about. Bogart's? For the Red Sox, and how you agreed to sixty one hundred twenty million dollar deal. He was speaking about the money. He didn't mention this. But I'm just bringing up some contracts that ain't Bryce Harper Machado or or or Mike trout. I'm bringing up other guys. And you notice that everybody's clamoring for the money right now and people don't wanna go towards free agency. And you wondering why that is. It's because owners in major league baseball. Hey, spend the money the way that they used to. When you look at a guy like Darris, Dallas Kyko. This guy win the Cy Young three years ago. He's without a job. Ladies there's nobody assigned him. Nobody is selling them. You look at it from that perspective of all of us that minute twenty million a year six years one hundred twenty million dollars to stay in Boston. Which is where I wanna be anyway, take that deal. Now. Take that deal right now Hicks with tenure seventy million dollars from the Yankees take that deal right now. Take it right now along with a host of others because this ain't baseball that it used to be where you got strong players union. And free agency is what it's all about and nothing should ever compromise that according to the to the great Marvin Miller. Well, that is changed. And if you're a New York Yankee fan, this is cost for good news. Because suddenly keeping Aaron judge. Should it isn't expected to be that hall? A DD Grigory is when he comes back ain't going to be in a position to command. But so much what bogus getting played? Well, as get what he's getting paid. So this is a good thing. The thing. That's fascinating. And you'll say Stephen, why are you so fascinated by the story? Oh my God. What's the big deal? Here's the big deal. Long long long long long long time ago, stretching in a modern history. Baseball was always considered to be the privileged sport. Apple pie, white picket fences, you know, America's national pastime associated more than any other sport will white privilege is over there was it was a sport. And then you had a strong players union. We're players that new out of standing their ground that looked at the money that owners will make it and they were like now you're gonna take care of us a free agency, you going to take care of us when we become those perspective free ages, and you'll be all these arbitration cases, compromising us and our marketability. Now, we have in that. Times have changed. Coordinator Bill matters column carrying about extra Tom off. And chefs in the kitchen and Sada clubhouses was a priority over dollars and cents. And I was coming back to bite the players in a you know, what? In order to take advantage. I never thought the day will come when I say this. But if you really really think about it. Even though nothing's perfect. And there are things that you wish that the NBA players will have done differently. And of course, the NFL players would have done differently. A legitimate argument could be made that the NBA. What eighty percent black population? And African American president and African American woman as -secutive director, Michelle Roberts. You can make a legitimate argument today. Unlike at any other time in the history of sports. That NBA players actually have the better unions. That was never the case before. Hello, one time hockey was considered better. At one time bay football was considered better. Even when people were complaining about the late. Great, gene Upshaw. The reality is that right now. The NBA union. And how players are taken care of. Seems to be even better than football or baseball. Who would have thought it? Who would it dunk it? Eight say ESPN is editor eight seven to nine three seven seven six. You're listening lobster, Stephen Smith show, ESPN radio ESPN news. I'll get into some NBA stuff. Because I'm here some stuff by kyri in regards to the Knicks and the Lakers that I want to share with you here in the same things about Kevin Durant. You want to stay tuned to what I have to say about that. So stick around touch that. Dial. But before I get into anything I want to get into this one last story about Zion. Williamson and I don't have the score. We in front of me. So I'm just gonna paraphrase for you. And this particular moment in time. Folks are looking into. What went down with Ziya Williamson? Because apparently his mother was a consultant for Nike or she was paid by Nike. This lawyer. And I'll have all the details for you. It was the lawyer that was representing the porn star that allegedly had dalliances with our commander in chief the same lawyer. Is in trouble. Do the allegations that he had some tried to embezzle money from Nike. But I'll have all the details for that to refresh my memory about that once we come back from commercial. Here's the reality of this story what I wanna get into about Zion. There's an uproar because apparently planned at a providence to like, do can, you know, you can make the argument that, you know, Zion, obviously like most marquee players on the collegiate level again taken care of. So ultimately automatically that breeds the conversation of student athletes being paid. And what's the big deal? First of all the rules are broken rules are broken. You never know how that can affect the program. Even I don't see anything like that happening sneaker companies funneling money two programs through a program stuff like that. This is not new to anybody. But I will tell you this. I am sick and tired. I am absolutely positively sick and freaking tired. Of this notion. That equality is is the ROY today is the ruling today that all student athletes should be paid. That is not true. That is not true. Do I think that student athletes should be compensated? Yes. But I keep telling y'all as I've always told you to my career. I am a proud capitalist. That's why I love living in American is the greatest country in the world. I try to be a Russia. I try to Switzerland. I'm not trying to live in a socialist communist a fascist. Nope. I'm a capitalist and damn proud of it. And I am of the belief that if you are billion Williamson, and you are at Duke you deserve to be paid more than the do from North Dakota. Now, if y'all really really think about it if you really really think about who you are. And what you are about as you go into that work. Whereas you get up and you pull yourself out of bed every morning, and you go to work on a mission to succeed. And it'd be great at what you do with the ultimate goal of being compensated fairly for it. Think about this. There are those who deserve more. And there are those who should be happy with what they get. Zeile we've in and the Duke basketball program. Do you really really think that the students that North Dakota deserve to be paid to say or Boise for basketball? If you play in Alabama football, do you really really think that the football team at Saint John's or swimming? They have one deserve to get paid the same amount of money. There are those who should receive a stipend there are those who should be paid more. And then there are those who should be happy with the damn scholarship. They have that's the real world. Let's stop acting like we don't know it. Please. At eight say ESPN innovates, seven two not three seven seven six you. Listen lob to Steven A ESPN radio. ESPN news, by the way, straight talk wireless, nationwide coverage in America's largest and most dependable four G LT networks if you haven't tried the incredible high quality meat from butcher box. You're going to be blown away. 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Live TV plan required. Restrictions apply. Learn more at Hulu dot com. You'll think to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. I need my screen put up here. So I can see these phone calls. You're listening to the Stephen Smith show ESPN radio. ESPN news. Stephen a Smith show is being brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. So make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. Number to call up as always is triple eight say ESPN, it's eight seven to nine three seven seven six. You listening live to the Stephen Smith show ESPN radio. ESPN news waiting for my calls to show up on the screen before. I do that. They are not up there not up on the screen. But before I do any of that. Let me go back to this case involving lawyer, Michael AVI, Nadi, y'all recall, he is the lawyer. That's no for representing stormy Daniels. The porn star who allegedly was involved with. Donald Trump before he was president of the United States of an ATI gained widespread notoriety in the past year for representing her and lawsuits against the president. And his former lawyer Michael Cohen. That's where he gained a lot of his notoriety from he was charged in New York last month for trying to extort millions of dollars from Nike by threatening to take his allegations public. Here's what I think that the part about Michael avocados. It's kind of funny because you don't realize that he's facing extortion charges, and he upped the ante and his few with Nike over the weekend dumping forty one pages of documents, which he claims evidence showing the retailer bribed plays to attend Nike colleges. So you have evidence. So basically, I mean, it it seems more plausible censure throwing them out there and public now that you know, you're facing extortion charges. It seems more obvious that that's exactly what you were trying to do against Nike. I mean it serves to incriminate him frozen. If y'all understand what I'm saying. If you're dumping the pages for public consumption to show that you had evidence about Nike doling out dollars in bribes to folks and lion to the government about it for years as Michael Nadi said if that's what you're saying now publicly. Then what's the chances? Are you said it to them privately and wanted to get some money for them out of it, which would be extortion. Does exactly what extortion to be last. How much yet if there's a different definition for it? Please feel free to educate me you lawsuits all lawyers out there. That's my definition of extortion. Somebody has committed a crime rather than reporting into the thirties, which you decide to do is reach out to them yourself and threaten to take the information either public or to proper law enforcement officials unless they pay you off last time, I checked that's the of extortion. So I'm gonna loss as to how revealing such a thing. He perceives us something that would help him, but he also made allegations against Duke University Zion Williamson, and according to reports basically saying. That a family member the end paid. I'm very of all of a naughty Therese specific made allegations claim his Iowa, it was his mother Sharon Samson received payments from Nike during her son's recruitment. When he was attending high school in South Carolina Williams in place for the Duke, blue, devils, dukes direct of athletics. Kevin white said in a statement that the university is looking into the allegations regarding Williamson and his mother, quote, we are aware of the allegation, and as we would with any compliance matter are looking into it is fully committed to compliance with all NCWA rules and regulations every student athlete at do review to ensure their eligibility with regard to men's basketball, all recruits and their families. Are thoroughly vetted by Duke in collaboration with the AA to the eligibilities centers amateurism certificates process. That's what they said. Here's what Nike said Nike will not respond to the allegations of an individual facing federal charges. Fraud, and extortion and aid and his disgraceful attempts to distract from the athletes on the court at the height of the tournament Nike will continue its cooperation with the government's investigation into grassroots basketball and the related extortion case. Ladies and gentlemen. Worst kept secret in a world. Is that athletes are taken care of on a collegiate level elite athletes why because everybody knows that the NC double A B and the flagrant hypocrites that they are doing very very little to nothing to take care of marquee revenue generating athletes keeping so much of the money for themselves. Everyone knows that you find a way to take these guys. How do you know? I don't know what rules if any specifically were broken or whatever. But this is not a secret. So let's just get our head out of the sand. It just deal with that for what it is. Please. At eight say ESPN that is the number to call up. Let's go to JC alive or Stephen. He was Jason. I'm I'm just calling you day to you know, number one. You hope you've ever a day and night. I really enjoy your comment about you know, how Kyle guy made those free throws. And I'll I'll agree with you an elaborate because what I'm saying here is I have I'm practically blind. I can't see. And so, you know, I listened on the radio to that clip. And I think I listened to it when it was live and. You know, it was just one of those things where when you can't see you hear the crowd. You hear them roaring? And you hear the swish every time he made it. And it's like, I know it's got to be a lot of pressure. He's under to do that. Because obviously the opposing crowd is gonna they're going to do what they can to get him off his game. And he didn't let that happen. So and even the time out after the second free throw ice cold he still ice cold in there. And so, you know, it's it's one of those things that I can't imagine, you know, going going through something like that to make it to a title game. And at worst, you know, best if you miss one, you're going overtime pretty much so on say. Say thanks for thanks for making the comments. So audible and so understand -able by hearing. And that's actually something all of you guys that the ESPN radio from commentators stole that other stuff. That's something. You're all doing really well. And I I encourage you to keep it up. Thank you so much. I appreciate the call. Thank you. Very con- words in your part preciado. Leo, you'll obvious even they talked to me. Hello am. I on. Yes. You are on a lively. Oh, go ahead. I just wanted to ask you what you think about the one and done rule with the NC double A. I think it it's what I want to. Yes. I do. I don't like it. I don't like it. Here's what I believe. I believe a player and see. Here's the problem with your question. Leo, you're asking me about just the NC double A when I'm thinking of all is both the NCWA in the NBA. I believe that any athletes should be allowed to come directly out of high school to the pros. But I also believe that if you come to college you should have to commit to us. Either commit two years or don't come at all in football. They got to commit three. You can't go to the NFL after after after a year or two in college. If I remember correctly, you gotta you gotta serve at least two years three years. You can't play one year and then be eligible for the NFL draft. Can't do it. Samantha game. And I understand that. But what I'm saying to you is it's college basketball and as big time money big time programs. I don't believe don't come at all or come commit two years. That's my belief. Well, personally, I think that without the one that does rules. I in Williamson probably would have been destroyed the NBA. I think that he needed that year that gives his skills better cause you to get a skills better. And he needed that years to be the number one overall pick. But I still believe he would've been he definitely definitely would have been a top ten pick. And I don't believe you would have gotten destroyed. You know, why? Because I think that he has skills comparable to some cats on the NBA, and you know, what they don't have that. He has Leo what two hundred and eighty pounds. With a forty five inch vertical. Leap somebody like, John Moran, and others might have needed that Tom because it is slight frame two hundred and eighty plus pounds with a forty five inch vertical. Leap and you can play. You don't need that. You'll be fine. But I think personally that without that one and done rule. I think I would have been a big performance at the same was back. Then I'm telling you you wrong. That's the most ignorant how Leo now. How do you before I jump while you how old are you? Because you sound young ignorant. How old are you? I'm nineteen. Oh, that's offer. Give you don't worry about your young whippersnapper. You don't know anybody. First of all what the hell are you doing bringing up saying buoy and that happened before you even born? Yeah. Well, I'm gonna say. Leo, leo. Sam buoy being a bus. Sam buoy was drafted in eighty four number two overall bright before Michael Jordan, and you're nineteen. He this happened fifteen years we'll for your birth. And you're speaking intelligently about the stop, Leo. Your dad told you that did your dad or your grandpa, somebody told you that didn't they did they tell you that tell the truth? I was my father. This is Leo you consider yourself, a member of family, brother. You could call back anytime. I'm just saying you're young you're young. And you know, what I forgive you. Because you listen to your dead, and you should listen to your daddy. You should listen to your daddy. So I don't mind that at all. That's okay, Leo. But I'm just telling you no way on earth Zion. We have said would have been a big a bus saying buoy. You can't get that bad. I gotta run appreciate the call eight say ESPN inundates of it's not three seven. This. Stephen lob over the Airways of ESPN radio and ESPN is by the way, if you missed any of my opening segment, go check it out on demand in the Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by the Capital One saver caught or four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent at grocery stores and one percent on all of the purchases. Hey, what's in your wallet? When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast, accelerate your results with sponsor jobs. 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Go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN, NICU lava Stephen that go ahead. What's going on? Stephen. They have got a minute. Go ahead, buddy. Okay. I know several occasions you alluded to tonight's championship game. It's not the matchup that you wanted to see. Hell, no. Well, I'm gonna tell you something I think with the elemental surprise. You know, how sports is you might get a shoot out tonight. Still cool. What you do know? Nick is no disrespect to the teams they're boat elite defensively, but they're so elite defensively that I think they're gonna shut down each other. And we're gonna get an ugly game because of it that is my fear. Yeah. But on top of that like you said, you know, the element of sports. You know, you gotta expect unexpected, please. In most instances, you're right on the money. What what you expected? The fact that the medicine prizes overrated, meaning they don't happen. Nearly as often as people think they do. And that's what I think we can't ignore. But Nick, I gotta run. I appreciate the call. Thank you so much it at eight say ESPN is the number to call it. We don't go to our number two. We're going to get into LeBron. We're gonna get into kyri. We're going to get into Kevin Durant. The list goes on and on. So stick around don't touch that. Dial. Plus some Antonio Brown news as well in the National Football League. I'll tell you it just it never ends. It never ends. Our number two, Stephen A up. Now. That's just a sample of what you hear on the Stephanie swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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