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Here you know us but anyway I want you to do that. It's hugely appreciated. And if you haven't already go and subscribe to our channel on Youtube Chad Prater you'll find it. It's easy I'm everywhere folks. We got to jam packed. Show for you today. I'm excited to welcome a couple of guests on tonight's episode. We're going to be talking to the CO host of Fox and Friends Times bestselling author and good friend of the show. Brian kilmeade about his new book. Sam Houston and the Alamo avengers comes out tomorrow in Paperback version. And it's got some extras in there. You don't WanNa Miss Especially if you're a Texan this is Texas history from a real true storytelling narrative perspective. That you do not want to miss out on We're going to talk to him a little bit. How the folks at Fox News are handling the pandemic? What's life like in New York City? The idea of new normal for life after covert but first we're going to talk about the true implications of covert nineteen because yes we realize that thousands of people have died across the nation. And we've talked about that. Many many episodes we've talked about the physical aspects of it and the numbers behind it. We've had medical doctors in here to discuss it. But I WANNA talk to you today. And we've got a guest who's going to talk to you about the spiritual. The mental impact of this huge change in our society self-isolation depression increase in substance. And spousal abuse. We'RE GONNA be talking to my friend. Brad huxtable today to discuss the laws of his twelve year old son as a result of the social isolation mandated by the onslaught of this corona virus in share a story on how we can help each other through the unseen pandemic of Mental Health. So it's going to be eye opening and it could be. 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Your values supports. Your constitution puts people for profits. Switching is easy and keep your plan. You can keep your phone number. You keep your phone. You can buy new and if you want. But Hey right. Now they're gonNA make it easy for you when your family joins us. Freedom Loving Group of Americans. They're going to waive your activation plus send you a free gift with offer code chat so call nine seven two Patriot or go to patriot. Mobile DOT COM slash Chad. To get your customize family planned today starting at just twenty five dollars nine seven two Patriot or patriot. Mobile DOT com slash chat? We'll be right back Welcome back we've talked about this whole corona virus and Kovic thing from every single angle. We've poked fun at the situations. We've laughed at it culturally. We've been serious about it. We know that it's a real thing we've had doctors on the show I there's so many different angles and at this point it's been around long enough that it's affected everybody in some way shape or form that you're being inconvenienced by having to wear a mask or you're having to stay home. Because of an underlying condition or various things are happening in in regards to people. You might know people who have it people who know people who have I is this just. It's a crazy thing that we did not expect ever be apart of and this is something that's going to go down in history as a once in a lifetime not once in a century type of event Who knows there? Nobody really knows but we do know that. It's affecting people and some more than others and today I want to welcome onto the show. A Guy that maybe you've seen on social media You've heard his story if you haven't then you're in for Something really really eye-opening heart-wrenching and this is this is one of those angles about corona virus. That I don't hear anybody really truly talking about it and Brad joining us via video here Brad. Thanks for coming on the show man you guys first of all how. How are where are you today? Thanks for having me. I'm in my parents house in Grammar Texas Just we're we're from Alito originally but I'm just just Yesterday just to the south of Lido in remember yen for those of you don't know Lido is just west of Fort Worth Texas. A lot of folks that's Dallas. It's not I just I just like your background. They're making mad with the With the animals in the fish and all that stuff. My kind of place Brad you guys kind of been through the ringer here lately. Not Kinda you certainly have In what I would consider to be the parents a parent's worst nightmare and you did a video that said my son died because of corona virus. But not because of what you think how do you? How did you summarize that what how how what happened? Yeah put the video out and I and I knew the title would be a little bit controversial but but but I believe it you know when we started the lockdowns months ago we sort of went to this defacto martial law And and what we learned is that the impact of that is not just the actual virus which is horrendous and people are dying but there's a much broader impact You could call it collateral damage or whatever you WANNA call it to all sorts of situations than I I suffered a an absolute tragedy of my side was twelve years old. Took his own life And it was a combination has said because corona virus or Cova because Tribute part of it. There's a whole host of reasons but part of it to the social isolation which is not normal not part of the human condition and we can talk about the reason. There was a lot. There's a lot of reasons but I know that must have been in school. You know he'd be alive today That that I can guarantee you. And how was your son? He's older three days before his thirteenth birthday and and took his life. What the trigger was he broke? His monitor arms computer again been playing for nine lot and second time. He broke bitten couple months. Like I used to play Super Mario Zelda Mike Tyson Punch out or anything but you know controllers that we trunk somehow. He did that got mad and broke his monitor in not understanding. The finality not not not understanding. The permanence We don't even. We don't know all the details magazine somewhat of an accident where we don't know for sure but but they did something on that got himself in a situation couldn't get out of and had to bury him just after after his birthday while. Well obviously we are certainly sorry to hear that that's a tragedy and as a parent. I can't imagine a worst nightmare in that situation and I don't think that people truly understand the implications that this has on so many people in it affects people so differently. You know what I have said. In recent days is we can look at the physical aspects of something like a Corona Virus. And say okay. People are getting this virus and they're getting sick and it's affecting their you know creates an inflammation that physically does this to their lungs or that to another part of the respiratory system but we haven't done is taken a look at the spiritual implications and impact. We haven't looked at the mental impact. Your video your circumstance really opened my eyes to see that because we're seeing people who who now are seeing an increase in domestic violence in suicide in abuse. We're seeing it in things as simple although they're very complex when you get down to it in obesity and alcoholism people who have been sober are now going back because they don't know what to do with themselves frustration plus they're losing businesses. They're losing relationships Opportunities are going away. There are certain jobs that are out there that will never come back This isn't something that's going to be fixed in months. This is something in years and you talk about something. Where here you have your young son twelve years old thirteen years old I in just a matter of days and he's trying to cope with a situation that obviously he doesn't he doesn't understand. I'm forty seven years old and Brad I don't understand it right And and so you look at these things and you try to say. What can we do after going through what you've been through? Have you gotten to a point yet where you can put that into a or processed at where you can look at it and say other people? This is what you need to be aware of science. You need to look for or this is what you need to do. Math where we're on two weeks into this thing. Yeah three weeks. Still Fresh I'm I'm not an expert by any means Obviously we made some mistakes or would be sitting here talking. But what what I have learned on what I believe is that mental health is a is already already was a pandemic and this `isolation The virus has created Nami I'm Chad I'm not kidding you. I'm getting hundreds if not thousands of messages. It's not just tons of message people saying there. Sorry don't get me wrong about that. I'm talking about the messages from the sixteen year. Old Boy who sleep about taking his life by messages from someone who went to high school with you set their daughter Dad if another. She was a cutter depress you. I'm talking about the people who have lost their twelve year old. Thirteen year old to suicide in the last month. A is being blown if you look at the. Cdc does seventeen which has been that one of the second leading cause of death for ten to fourteen suicide ear in fourteen. Fifteen to twenty four. It's suicide in twenty five to thirty four. It's suicide and so we have A. We have a real challenge in in so what. So what does solutions to your to your larger question amount. I have all the answers but I do know this. Technology is advancing faster than our can keep up with in the tech world I started a company called tree back in the day so I was loose. Oldness this movement I. I can't even keep up with what's happening on tick talk in all the sort of stuff in parents. I just think there's a lot of don't understand what the ramifications of leading your kid get on fortnight for hours at a time. Let your kid be on. What brought the other problem was in internationalization? That was the cute with your friends. I mean facetime. Tick Tock as night this. This is how these kids interact. But we don't. We don't know the long term ramifications on on social emotional development and so I think the first step is just have conversations as conversations matter. Sit Down and talks. People have showed showed kids my video which is very very blonde and very emotional. Gut wrenching subset. That may be good for your family. But but but if not just talking is sort of step one Because that sort of leads the path of understanding listening in different go get help Russell Helper or go get tools to help solve. Hang right there. Brad I WANNA come back. We're going to take a quick break. we're sitting now hanging out with Brad constable Incredible viral video. That's out there Talking about his son died from corona virus. But he but the virus isn't what killed him And I got a couple of important point some questions. I want to ask you some more things because you never know situation like this. How lives you could be saving Brad through this message? Thank you for the vulnerability in the bonus to to to do this. We're GONNA come back in a second but hey while you're spinning at home folks. Don't think about your future do something about it. It's a great opportunity to get a degree from Ashford University. He can help you have a brighter future. 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Five years ago I sat in a car in rental car actually in Lexington Kentucky and I made a video that talked about my own battles with things like depression and what. I did personally to try to help myself. Because let's face it. There was a point in time in my life where I felt like everything was futile. Because of that I've gotten a lot of messages over the years from people who are struggling with the with the concept of suicide. Some people have attempted suicide a lot of the stories. I've told have been have been widely known so you never know by telling your story what is going to help save a life and some thankful the Brad huxtable is willing to be so vulnerable and bold to talk about this. This is a fresh fresh wound and our heart certainly goes out to him and his family in the loss of Sun and Brad. You said we ended on that last segment. Talking about one of the things is communication. I could not agree more with you on that but you don't you don't feel like your son was necessarily going through a type of depression right. It was just this isolation that you felt like. He didn't quite know how to cope with this right. That would be fair. I mean what what's scary about? How my son Obviously someone is having deep depression in. They're they're they're clearly someone that needs mental health. That seems like to me a easier diagnosis. What was scared my son. I think not uncommon across. Kids of his age is there. Wasn't there wasn't a lot of signs on this issue was played sports on this. A kid who was well known well. I can his in his in his school. I'm all of his friends parents. They're all their phones. There was zero indication. All they talked about on their phones with my son was four nine girls. It sounds that sounds like a twelve year old. Thirteen year old boy. There wasn't a lot of wasn't signs. I mean he was. He was a little bit impulsive. An aggressive kind like me but how was to in so the scary part about this. Is that there. There is such a thing as learn as impulsive suicide. Combine that with a gaming culture of of of not against Game Monsignor Trauma trying to Saint Gaming is bad but but something about. That's different about how we're developing our kids that that that's a challenge. Look we went to church owner church because of the virus. He played sports in running out like he should have been because of the virus. We didn't go. We didn't go. The extra fell football games Season tickets that we had to meet him going to for the gate. 'cause the virus the outlets became limited combined that with this is my own steak and I've got a manufacturing company that does electric motors we had Which part of that to? Pp Me Ings. Working almost twenty four seven trying to save lives there and so just it was just it was just a bad deal and And I'm not even sure he totally wanted to do. In fact on I would be willing to bet shifted Freeman later cooled off. He would WANNA be. Who WOULD WANT TO DO. It was a church and what worries me is the Mount of people across the country. It's this is. This is not abnormal. This every kid of that age group is Kinda doing in acting like if it could happen to me manic. It happened anybody. That's what that's what that's what I'm trying. I want to go out and solve we if it's alright chat Purely Yeah we've a website called Hayden's Corner Dot Org which actually believe it or not vander. Holyfield'S WANNA came up with it He who's business partner in hole in another company And he told me he is the four time heavyweight champion of the world in Hayden Corner. Something like that yeah. So we're we want to solve social emotional development for kids K. through twelve hacking. Give them better tools. But also how can we do gaming responsibly? In a way that doesn't have a culture of anger and I've got some ideas for Hayden's law I've been trying to give these lawmakers. What's this what's blows my mind got forty million views and I can't get one lawmaker to call me back. Obama Guy who's semi well known in Fort Worth? I know I've done big stuff across the country. I mean there's some there's some smart things can do as a country. I'm not for government regulation. I'm I'm a libertarian. man. There's some smart things that I think that society's gotTa do to properly make sure this next generation give the tools that we have. We got From halls values that they're not getting the curse society. Yeah well I can tell you from the perspective of the Chad. Their show. We can one hundred percent. Tell you that we're in Hayden's corner and maybe we can help that in terms of You know politicians and folks who have some pull Getting a response there I'll be sending text messages today. As a matter of fact some folks of because again this is as raw as it gets. This is not opportunistic. This not something where you had a good ideal one day and said let's start this foundation. This is real. This is two weeks of this of of a pure nightmarish. Hell that that no parent ever wants to deal with and so I think this is important thing and I want to encourage people to get involved in whatever ways they can't if anybody could spend a day and I'm with you Brad. If anybody can spend a day in my inbox because of me putting the message is out there that I have talking about suicide talking about depression. Various issues And just mental health in general it would. It would frighten most people because of the stuff I get and that's why I always encourage people say don't send me the message. Don't send Brad the message. You GotTa Talk to God you gotTa Talk to your counselor. You GotTa Call. Talk to your doctor. We're we're not the people licensed to help you to that. And what works for me. Ain't GonNa work for you most likely. But but you you. Maybe you're not dealing with anything. It's just circumstantial in in the way that it was with with Hayden which is such a sad deal because I think I think Brad we all want to be able to just pinpoint and say this is what went wrong. But that's impossible because you can't do that with the human mind. You can't do that. Nobody knows exactly in that moment. What Hayden was going through? And that's that's what makes it hard because we can't wrap that up and put a bow on it. I'll tell you Chad. The weird part about it was thirty. I my dad was over. There was a beautiful sunny day. We spent hours attain return on water. Well around a leader. We don't have water systems. We memorial went down repaired. It he went up to his room. My Dad left my my wife left with with our oldest daughter. Go pick up a friend. I went to call. The name is right above me. My Office Ron Office in my eight year old daughter came down and told me he had hung himself. I ran upstairs and I don't miss him about five minutes or minute but it was it was it was close. Man Laugh is precious student In what I saw what I went through. I don't want anybody anybody man. How about worst enemy? I don't wish that on somebody To see their child in the way I song and and and and I I can't do anything but In my life everybody mourns grades ways and she's born in a different way but for me. I gotta I gotTa go six people as fast as possible and I think if there's any any Silver lining in this. Maybe hey wasn't my kid. Maybe you guys kid here on a mission. Now in part of his army and I've been telling people when his eyes closed my eyes open and a guy can go station. People We're GONNA make a documentary There's already talk about a movie on your list teams fast but I'm I'm a CEO. Kind of guy see problem go fix a problem sprint too fast. But we have this a They're not talking about it on. Tv At all their estimating seventy five thousand people are GonNa die in the near term from suicide drug overdose Things like that as a bunch of the pandemic. That doesn't even count. The Hard Texan aren't being checked on the cancer patients. That aren't getting screened. I mean a the I'm only two political but my worry is. We've taken one group suffering and just applied it to a different group right and so that that there's there's a lot of conversation you'd be having a lot these we've gotta fix for before this next one hits and hopefully it is a century. Maybe it's every decade thing. I I don't know Brad. Our prayers are with you If I were with you and I will be soon. I would violate the six foot distance thing and I'd hug your neck whether you wanted it or not. God bless you man. And there's there's no words there really aren't let's. Let's make a difference together. I I'm telling you I'M IN HAYDEN'S CORNER WE'RE GONNA FLASH UP THE WEBSITE here want people to support what's going on and and and you know whatever platform we've got it. It's yours so you know I wanna be a part of this because it's it's such a Volna like I said in powerful testimony and you're still going through the God bless you man. Thanks for coming on the show buddy. Hey folks technologies improved on just about everything phones car shopping. You know mattresses. Unfortunately they pretty much been the same. Since the invention of sleep you deserve better. I deserve better. I made a change with my mattress. Vialli with the mattress I got. It's the evolution of mattresses called Purple. The secret to purple is the Purple Grid Patterned Patented Comfort Technology that instantly adapts to your body's natural shape and sleep style The purpose is that for. It's it's for every body to get comfortable. That's the beauty of the purple mattress. 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You're going get one hundred fifty bucks off of the Purple Mattress when you order fifteen hundred dollars more purple dot com slash. Watch Chad Promo Code. Watch Chad one hundred and fifty dollars off any mattress order. Fifteen hundred dollars or more terms apply. We'll be right back Hey welcome back. Everybody on this week's report excited to welcome host of Fox and friends in the Brian Kilmeade show. Brian kilmeade himself. Brian thanks for hanging out with us for a few minutes. May congratulations on the new. Release of the paperback thanks. I appreciate the time I will. I'm jealous of your studio. And you look. We what we've started calling ourselves around here blaze studios is we are the expendable essentials like. They'll still let us come in because they don't care if something happens to us right so we're one of the few that still comes into the studio you got you guys have kind of been bouncing around. How how's that been going for? You guys there in New York trying to get. The show's done no complaints. You just said you know what it's like is it's hard to you. You can't really interrupt each other. Israel different delays. So if someone says something brilliant or bad you can't use kind weight because they're a second ahead or a second behind you say it and they'll start talking then they'll stop then you go and we've all seen that so it's taken away a lot of this whole thing but we're better than ninety nine point nine percent of the population on never complain with the quality of the show. I think suppers because he Canadian that that real dynamic the back and forth yeah we have on the count. Well watching you guys and listening to you as well. You're every morning you're doing a great job with it. In spite of the circumstances I tell you people don't realize when you're having a conversation. It's not like a Sitcom where somebody finishes talking in. The next person starts talking talk over each other. That's how people have conversations so this has been a challenge for everybody. But how are you guys doing health wise and sanity wise in New York right now? Well a couple of things. None of us are saying works to our advantage that we have a low standard healthwise. I failed the immunity test so I have not had it yet to to my family will positive for it. You don't remember their names more into myself but that I got tested has tested negative. You Know Fox is not really been overrun with it. They've been unbelievably cautious in. I think judicious now did it. They didn't they just immediately. Fanned set up home studios a local studios and wanted to continue. I want to send an example separate us within the studio then they said you know what I don't risk just separate so I think there's only a few people coming into the studio right now but I think that's got gotta change soon and then there's GonNa be no hair makeup and things like that but everything's changed. I mean how many people are investing in AD dollars. Now how many people have our product and needs publicity even if you have great ratings the our product that needs the platform affects salespeople. Except if you're in Fox sports what are you doing nothing? What have you on? Espn YOU. You're not doing or another bump. Guess why you salary still getting paid. And they're still. You paid money for leaks. That's not ERIN NASCAR is coming up. There's going to be no fan. So is just a challenge after challenge after challenge. It's amazing everything's linked. Yeah we're GONNA talk about the book here in just a second. I'm really excited about this. But let me let me. Just ask you first of all. 'cause you raise a good question. People keep throwing around terms like new normal. Does that strike you as weird odd is it is it. I find it just. I don't like it this whole new concept. That's caving. My thing is we understand the virus. We went to school on it. We understand they don't know everything about it and do not sit us at home anymore. I entered the disciplines out. We understand the risks. We understand WHO's mostly arrest? Protect the most vulnerable absolutely underlying conditions will take care of it. He shouldn't be penalized but I wanted. I wanted to do the things that are necessary to get back in that building. They get to get tested. A regular basis. Make sure no one susceptible That doesn't have to be. I want to go to a restaurant if it's a third full fine and if you WANNA ship if you own a restaurant. I think you should have a chance to save your livelihood. I don't think you should watch it. Dine in with die in the vine and wither. I think enough. These governors are being punitive in many cases by now looking at what they're doing now Mike stakes. No maybe one portion of your state's not ready but the rest might be Gaddi statehouse drive around humane street. See what these people need. You'll be surprised how conscientious they are about their business. Their sport store. They're being tackle shop there dealership. They want people coming back filling. Say there's going to be a cell free market way of regulating and I think we should have the shot to to survive right now of sitting on the sidewalk. I these pictures of Manhattan and this really crazy. I remember one of the times when I was in the city a couple of years ago. My wife and I were walking down the street. We looked across. Who we were just down going downhill from Avenue of the Americas there and I know you bundled up in the In your overcoat there and you're fighting a win in the crowds and moving through and then you see that you know. Here's the hustle and bustle over there. And now it's just empty streets It's really kind of eerie to see that. Not You know for me from pictures and video of this thing. It's it's crazy deal. Yeah I want in last Monday at the re o'clock then win last Thursday at one o'clock and I will not get in a car in Manhattan and try to get a long island after one o'clock one thirty because you just sit. Traffic is a forty five minute ride. That takes two and a half hours so I'm ozone mass transportation and to get around the city. Nobody has a car. I'm sure you're aware of that because the parking so much better off on subways so to go in there. Three o'clock one o'clock NC. No traffic at all is stunning into with every day. There's no traffic is annoying as it is. That means there's no deliveries those food purchases. There's no selling it. There's nobody in Jim. There's nobody in a building. There's there are people bailing on their rents because they don't WanNa live there anymore. I look around and I and I feel the pain of the emptiness feel the solidness of the moment and I just wonder. How much is preventable? Yeah well these are historical days and you're a historian that last time I was up there. I just picked up the hard copy of the Andrew Jackson miracle of New Orleans. You signed it for me. And one thing she said was keep history alive and You know this is a historic moment. We're living and this is one of those things that historians GonNa look back on and say. This was a time in America. Nothing else was like it. We'll see how that comes out but the book It's been out for a little while the heart. The soft back that the paperback comes out. Tomorrow Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers. I see you wearing your American flag. Texas Flag Pin. God bless you man. That's the beauty of Texas. We're already social distance because we got such a big state here right. I mean it's just so funny too is that you know people what makes Texas Texas. Well you just saw the salon owner. Yeah SLAUGHTERING GOES. Wait a second. This is I'm going to fall in the Rose Bowl in the rules. It's wins me by my distance. The people that work for me. I'm fight and that's really what I found out this story for the longest time as New Yorker lived in La for a while. Everyone has their own history. Virginia's own history. Obviously Boston has theirs but in but then whenever a country country sorry I just thought well. That's the story. Then when I realized Americans fought it to degree they did when I realized Americans went there and organized into three. It was when I realized it was actually in Louisiana purchase guys like Thomas Jefferson. Andrew Jackson was swearing. Us Back vitals. Sam Houston was it and it was kind of traded off of Florida by the Spanish. You end up losing control of it anywhere where realize they were fighting for liberty which sixty years earlier we will fighting against another mighty power against. I realized people can resonate with the story. They also know America be the same place without Texas and almost didn't happen and to see this. Guy Volve Sam Houston who drank too much. You Show lack of discipline. Kind of a lazy kid would go to school and ended up having this living with the Cherokee Indians being first American Indian advocate and then fighting heroically fearlessly and he should have died in the war. Eighteen twelve were I open and then to watch him grow with the tutelage of another famous American Andrew Jackson and then to see him again in America's history. The perfect man at the perfect time is in the perfect place from Eisenhower to Washington. We see it over and over again. And that's who Sam Houston was at thirty. You would have been the right guy at twenty minute right guy. But after his life experiences governor of Tennessee as a as a military officer and as a warfighter he was the guy would they with a reputation to get people's attention he was probably the only got. It coulda pulled off what he did. Yeah I being in Texas now twenty years. I you know I'm a transplant. I'm I'm what would have been taxation right. I here's I've been here twenty years. I love this state I love. This place The center of the universe to me I. I've been immersed myself in the culture and the history of it and and so many times people will tell you this. So we'd rather be Texans than Americans right and then you have folks who say Well unless you were born here you're not truly a Texan. History was built on men who were not from Texas originally Virginia Kentucky. Tennessee these places and knots the store your telic and they chose to go and they said a miracle was not new enough. It was had open enough. It was too cliquey too expensive or running from the law running from a bad marriage. I just wanted to. I lost everything. Some of the smartest people that were just going bankrupt. You know. Washington Jefferson Madison. They all die with no money. Jackson ended up with money in the Andes started with nothing and Sam Houston. Saint thing got it all lost it all got it all lost it all and of these men and women go. You know what we gotta go. Where do you go gotta go Texas go out West to go to Texas and go there and again? The American ingenuity took an area that could not develop under anybody else but Americans found a way depending on each other only up into the bargain and it was like a American all start. They will fiercely independent infrastructure promises. No social security a 401K. They went down there with the hope and promise of something. Better no guarantees now which brings me to. Today no guarantees they would Gerona. Virus is not going to hit us. Now there's a very small chance it'll kill us but saying home and not fighting. We'll destroy ups and Texans one. It was an opportunity and all Americans want now for the most part. I hope is that chance to be successful again because the world cannot survive. If we dipped down what I ended at the end of what I think you might appreciate. I start the war. Eighteen twelve breed to the Texas revolution. But end of the civil war. Which you might know that Sam. Houston was governor. Wanted no part of it. He knew hundreds of thousands with die and we can confederacy with loose and he said stay out the outvoted them so he goes. I quit and he left. Lincoln tried to bring him back in. And that's what I added to the epilogue which you don't know about which all your only in the paperback. Yeah well folks need to get the paper back and I'll tell you if you if you love history and you love storytelling Brian. Kilmeade is the best there is at it and I find myself reading books. Brian basically in two sittings. You know I mean. They're really good and hot but I WANNA I wanNA know what your interpretation if you look at that history and now if you come out and say Hey America needs get back to work. People need to get back to these opportunities. They have and people people come out and they say on social media in various places. You just want people to die. You're not willing to you. Just want people to die what happened to that bravado that courage that ability to go out and say. I'm willing to take a stand for what's right in spite of the cost. I have labs in theories. I have not been out usually as you have. You know I go to all these cities I do it on the weekends and I really get an idea what the American people think. I see so many people but now I'm not really seeing people but I don't think it's hard to appreciate something you've always had. You've always had protects jobs infrastructure. It always had a family for the most part or some type of societal Net and I'm saying you know a lot of countries have more than us in a lot of people complain about that but if you had to fight for freedom you appreciate it more. If you know you lost you lost. You have nowhere to live. You'RE GONNA fight to the debts. Andrew Jackson talks about fighting. He was going to fight the British right up the Mississippi because we had nowhere else to go so in in Texas like okay. It's kind of bad I'm going to go to Texas. I don't like in the northeast. I'M GONNA go out West Midwest but after one hundred two hundred plus years we are the number one economic and military power the world. How can we not get saw first-generation generation multimillionaires going to raise kids in luxury? It's not the kids fault. They don't know what it was like living in a one room apartment. Did you grew up with your parents? So I think we've got to rediscover some toughness and I think the president it's dangerous has to almost say that and of course they're gonNA come back and say seventy thousand or dead dare you. While it's ninety nine point six percent chance you're going to survive. Here is the downside. Economic Ruin is going to bring physical and mental destruction to the family. We see the alcohol drug abuse it domestic abuse going through the roof and the world is not a safe place without a strong America. If I could ask a bunch of guys and women took make thirty five thousand dollars a year and take out Afghanistan and Iraq and the al-Qaeda presence in North Africa and bin Laden in Pakistan. Can we do? Can we go out there? Just make our Deli successful. We can we get sick sporting good. Can I get my job at Dick's sporting goods as a manager? Can I get that back? You know can. I weren't put arrows on the four to tell US everywhere to walk up again at the pharmacy of short. I'm not asking you to go invade another country. I'm asking you to reclaim your livelihood and make it so great that people want to come and see you and if you want them call me the enemy of the people I I just think I want to support the people that want to support their families. There it is Brian Kilmeade the host of Fox and Fresno so the Brian Kilmeade show. You can get where podcasts are offered you know get it on Siriusxm Sam Houston and the Alamo vendors us the book I want people to go get it. Get the get the paperback it's thanks. Hardback doesn't have so. I want to encourage you to go get it Bryan. Thanks for hanging out with us today. Man thanks great job stay. Safe Take Care. God bless you Sam Houston and the Alamo avengers. Don't just get that get all Brian. Kilmeade S- books If you are a fan of history and you really want it from a true historical narrative storytelling perspective. That brings these people to life. Get the books Thanks for telling thanks to him for coming on the show today and I wanna say we appreciate you guys. There are those of you who are out there who support us all night. You come to us and you are truly a part of what we do this this craziness that's gone on in our world. It's affected everybody in a different way Some of US have gone through it and it's made us a little more depressed. I in some ways drawn US closer together. I don't know what you're dealing with but I do know Like Brad said. Get the help that you need. If you're truly dealing with don't allow temporary to affect you permanently. The idea of suicide is a reality. It's more than just an idea. It's not a theory called. The suicide hotline. Talked to someone who can truly help. You know that we're praying for you know that we are here in terms of the support that we bring you every day on the show and we hope we encourage you and give you a reason to smile and laugh and just know that we love you guys. We really do and we appreciate the love that you give us. We don't want to see anybody. Anybody lost to this thing in any way shape or form go to watch Chad DOT com. Hopefully one day. We'll be able to get back out on the road and come see and also go to blaze. Tv DOT COM slash Chad. You can get thirty dollars off right now we love. Y'All God bless talk to you soon bye.

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