0.18: Small Block of Cheese Day (The West Wing Weekly Forever)


Before we start one piece of business we want to tell those of you who will be attending our live event in London on December. Eighteenth that at that show we will discuss discuss the episode transition and we will discuss it with our special guest Bradley Whitford. If he can't be there don't worry the episode will come out in just a few weeks. You're listening to the West Wing Weekly. I am Joshua Malina Lina and I appreciate your way and today we have a special episode. We're calling it small block of cheese day that's right not that it's less important or less palpable or or less substantive but it is short but it's short. That's what it is at the time of this recording. We're in the middle of the two thousand Nineteen Radio Topi annual fundraiser. The theme of this. Here's fundraiser is Radio Tokyo forever and more specifically for our show the West Wing weekly forever as we're coming to the end of our podcast. Yeah but as the series we celebrate and discuss each week is evergreen and is forever our podcast will we hope remain accessible on. Stay Evergreen as well so to that end. We're hoping that you will support Radio topiary fundraiser. Because they are the architecture really for the West Wing weeklies existence through Radio Tokyo were able to publish episodes and maintain them have advertising on our show. They're really the support system for our podcast. That's right and they. They've supported us all the way the entire time. They've allowed to make the show that we wanted to make. Yeah there's no incorporate oversight or anything like that that we ever have to deal with. They're just wonderful people who were really supportive of independent creators. And we've talked to them about this end. We're all on the same page. We just want to have our podcast live on and be accessible and be free for anyone who wants to listen to it anytime so before. I even go. Oh any further WANNA point out the link it's radio topiary dot. FM A monthly donation of seven dollars or a thirty five dollar one time donation. You get a special west West Wing weekly crossword. The crossword who's clues revolve around things. West Wing and things West Wing weekly was created by Ritchie and Robin Robin Weintraub celebrated New York Times Crossword Creator. WHO's comments we featured when we were talking about crosswords in welcome to wherever you are? We've I got a big ticket fundraiser. Yes that's right the first person to donate to grand to large as we say in the gambling business. You'll get lunch with me in Rishon. It's quite the commitment right. I was going to have lunch that day. Anyway you might as well be there so we had this idea of wanting to keep the show alive for the future and we thought to go along with this request for you to help support this endeavour we would include semesters that we got from people who pulled a stories about out the podcast having some significance in their life having some connection to an important moment in their life and hearing some of these stories just blew me away. Yeah I completely grabs knocked out by the number of people responded and what they had to say about what the podcast has meant to them. We got an overwhelming number of emails. And please please. If you're negative. Cheese was not selected. Understand that we have read everything that was sent into us. End appreciated them and we were trying to create selection. And if yours wasn't she says it doesn't mean that meant any less to us that's right so without further ado here are few messages from Westwood. Weekly listeners hello I confirm standard. It was the first day I moved into my dorm. In France I was scared out of my mind and in very much out of my comfort zone I had moved to a country whose language I spoke but whose traditions were all mystery. I was there to attend my dream school but was nervous about this whole friends thing. While moving in my neighbor cat came on on over and we started chatting it turned out. She was a Westering Fan and I suggested she listened to the podcast. It turned out not only. was she an avid listener. But also contributes to transcripts the West Wing. Weekly was the first thing we bonded over. I think we talked for an hour. Just about the podcast and the series. After that conversation I felt a little more at home and a little less nervous about those friends situation that awaited me. That was a year ago and now she's my best friend. We still talk about the newest Kosovo's when they come out. Thank you for helping me make a friend and a best one thought. Hi This is Jeff Cohen in New Jersey. I listened to the West Wing weekly every time I had to undergo chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's lymphoma and you guys helped me get through the procedure which wasn't quite the worst of it but but wasn't exactly fun and listening to you and hearing the interviews critiques. The Banter at all helped me distract myself from what I had to endure on those days. I saved episodes when I knew I was going in for Chemo. Just to be ready today. I'm two and a half years removed from Chemo. And I'm in remission and now I wouldn't say the West Wing weekly healed me but it made the time more bearable and that was a lot. I'm missing up a little bit just saying this but all I can offer as sincere. Thanks and I will miss you after the last episode. Thanks my name is Shira. and My mother's name is Lynn. And both the West Wing and the West Wing weekly have provided a great way for my mom and I to bond over the past few years as we lived apart from each other her in Toronto Immune Charlottesville where I was finishing up by PhD in American political history at Uva. Here's my story. My mom was driving me to the airport at the end of one of my visits home now I should mention that. I'm very afraid of flying so for most of the car aride. We sat in that comfortable quiet that occurs between two people who know each other very well as we drove. I censor silently telling me that the flight would be fine that she was sad. I was leaving but happy that I enjoyed my new life and that driving me to the airport was her way of showing that she will always look after me in the big and small ways as parents and children and I was silently telling her that I knew it would be fine but I was still scared that I was sad and happy to leave all at once and that sitting next to her in the car made me feel safe like a kid again but we didn't say those things and before long. We arrived at the airport as a departures curb. We hugged hugged. Said Goodbye still leaving unsaid. All the things we wanted to confess to each other but as I walked away she called my name. I turned around to see her. Give me the signal I returned it a little teary eyed. If walked into the airport feeling calmer in reassured a few weeks later a package arrived on my doorstep. My mom had ordered me the signal shirt. I wear it every time I fly. My name is Kate and I'm from Omaha Nebraska. I moved into a new area and I wanted to meet with my state legislature are. We met up for coffee at a local place and talked about local issues politics and resources. My seven year old daughter noticed a pin on her lapel and asked if it was her senator badge. The senator blushed a little bit and said well actually it's a pin from a show called the West Wing and it says what's next. She seemed a little embarrassed about it. I had just gotten my Francis. Scott key key key chain so I immediately pulled it out and we had a little bit of a Geek moments both gushing about our west wing obsessions on a serious note. Though it was so special to me that my local government representative has felt inspired by the same show. I I love so much from Australia. My daughter was soon a sitter Ye. Twelve exams was very stressed. She has a serious anxiety. Disorder named sign. The word exam will make a retreat into a dark hole. We are trying to come up with another word that we could use that instead of causing stress would be fun playful whimsical. Even I was listening to a podcast and the perfect world. AETNA my head. We're from poofs. That's it was decreed with great amusement that from here on exams and she passed the twelve with flying colors. We almost didn't Josh is GonNa make it through that time and every little contribution was a big help this last week. She finished a whiff in place for a first year at university many. Thanks Hi this. This is crystal Michael Morris. I am currently sitting in a hotel room on my honeymoon in just three short years ago we swapped on each other on. Tinder are very first conversation conversation. He told me that he would love to drink with me but not tonight because he was watching the west wing I immediately replied with. I love the West Wing in. Didn't even question his decision he came back with. Do you know about the podcast. Of course I do. Our dates consisted of West Wing. Weekly Wednesdays we would watch the episode assode listened to the PODCAST and make a meal to complement the episode in for him to keep these dates going. He would low key Brag about meeting Ritchie. That one time this is Katie. The West Wing weekly podcast helped actually saved my life in May of two thousand eighteen. I went to the hospital thinking I had the stomach flu turns out I had three serious medical conditions all at once one of which was being diagnosed type two diabetic in decay. When I went home I was weak and easily worn out but I had to make some serious changes in my life including getting serious about doing more? Exercise is even walking. Just a small amount every day could help save my life and the way I was feeling walking anywhere wore me out so so I made myself a deal. I could only listen to my west wing. Weekly podcast if I was walking every day I had to walk and each week I had to walk for a bit longer and longer and the way I motivated myself was to focus on the show and it worked and because they didn't want to turn off the episode I was listening to I ended up walking longer and longer so with great gratitude to everyone involved with the West Wing weekly podcast. Thank you for everything you've done to help. Save my life hello. My name is clear and I've listened to west wing weekly since the beginning and I sometimes listen in the car. We May. Two youngest kids were otherwise occupied in the back seat or so. I thought then one night saying good night at bedtime. When little like this said Sega night to daddy and they ages two and four said good night daddy and I say goodnight mommy and they say goodnight mommy? There was a pause suddenly followed by good night. Tommy Shlomi and Hysterical giggles now every night ends with good night daddy tonight. Mommy tonight damage. Lami Goodbye to humphries lobby. Maybe that was incredible. Thank you again for everyone who shared but the messages we erred and those we could not. I've got look Richie Tier I know I saw. Are you getting a little over Clemson as we were listening to those I am human. Thank you listeners. For reminding me that I'm human. It's nice to be reminded about how people use Something like a show or a podcast to connect with their lives and with other people in their lives and I just feel really grateful that we got to be that thing for anybody. If if you feel so inclined to help us keep the show alive in the months and years to come please go ahead and make a recurring donation to Radio Topa at radio toby dot. FM and of course remember that in addition to ours radio TOPI UH features. A host of other wonderful podcasts. Check them out so thank you listeners. Thank you Josh. Thanks Zach and Margaret. Thanks especially to radio pay for everything that they've done. Yeah thanks for making the West Wing weekly possible. Okay okay okay. Hey Tommy Tommy suavely.

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